You can make a romantic diffusion or inhalation with any of the essences featured in the tables above, either on their own or in combination. It is recommended to seek the guidance of a medical practitioner before using any essential oils or absolutes if pregnant, nursing or on medication, for those who have recently undergone surgery, or for those with a pre-existing health condition of any kind. In this video I share my recipe for Fast Millionaire oil. Contrary to the the glamorized portrayals of love potions in Hollywood that bewitch an unwilling lover to become hopelessly (and sometimes dangerously) infatuated with the spell caster, these recipes are used in more passive magic as a tool for attraction. I tried other recipes with specific doses and they never worked well for me, but I tried mixing various proportions until I found what worked for me. How to Diffuse Essential Oils Use on hands, feet, and any rough patches of skin a few times a week. The following table serves as a guide to concoct a potent love potion with the featured essences. The advantage of ointments is that they can always be carried with you without the risk of breaking and spilling bottles of oil or a mix of herbs and resins into your bag. In the guide we are going to be talking about everything essential oils - what they are, how they can help you, ways to use them, PLUS essential oil blend recipes. DIY Inhaler Recipes for Emotional Well-being But the only way to know if it works foryouis to try it. Let's get started! Van Van oil is used in Hoodoo to dress candles, feed mojo bags, and in spiritual washes and baths. Add aloe vera gel and hydrosol and mix. Skin Patch Testing Clary Sage The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. An exotically scented floral beauty with a sweet and resplendent heart, Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil is known for its luscious influence in white floral perfumes and its tethering influence in a wide variety of blends. See full disclaimer. Who knows if you can listen well, they might be the ones to suggest the best recipes for you. . Is it maybe some positivity that would make your life flourish as you've never thought it could? Pages: 40+ (see photo below) Pages: 33 (see photo below) Let's start at the beginning. Place on roller ball and cap, then roll between palms to blend all the ingredients together. Top the jar off with your simple sugar, then seal. What Oils Can I Diffuse? View our complete range of Essential Oils, DIY NATURAL DEODORANTS WITH ESSENTIAL OILS, 16 MUST-TRY SUMMER RECIPES WITH SWEET ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL, 8 ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS TO HARNESS THE ESSENCE OF SPRING SEASON, 12 RECIPES TO SPRING CLEAN YOUR HOME WITH ESSENTIAL OILS, HANDMADE ESSENTIAL OIL GIFT IDEAS FOR MOTHER'S DAY, HANDMADE ESSENTIAL OIL GIFT IDEAS FOR FATHER'S DAY, ESSENTIAL OIL RECIPES FOR STAYING COOL IN THE SUMMER, THE BEST ESSENTIAL OILS FOR SUMMER ROAD TRIPS, Patchouli Essential Oil (Dark) - Verified by ECOCERT / Cosmos Approved, Clary Sage Essential Oil (France) - Verified by ECOCERT / Cosmos Approved, Lavender Essential Oil - 40/42 - Verified by ECOCERT / Cosmos Approved, Lavender Essential Oil (Bulgaria) - Verified by ECOCERT / Cosmos Approved. Hopefully this is obvious. 7. I enjoy using aromatherapy and essential oils every day to keep my family and myself healthy and happy. . Author: Jennifer Lane, It improves mood, transmitting strength and confidence in life. These blends can be sprayed throughout a room and on linens for a lingering kiss of fragrance, or they can be vaporized to facilitate diffusion if desired. After you have added your ingredients, you will need to charge the water. It starts with top notes of apple, luscious peach, and ripe grapefruit that give way to beautiful middle notes of cherry blossom and hydrangea. Help family and friends to experience essential oils too. Please bring to me my most perfect partner. Very gently open the mold and place the bath bomb on a towel to dry overnight. Let the candle wax drip over the lid to add a loving sealant to the spell jar. Alternatively, a combination of citrus essential oils like lemon and grapefruit can create a refreshing, summery scent. Ginger essential oil is a powerful item to bring . Summer is the perfect season to take long road trips and explore new destinations. Diluting Essential Oils It restores balance in relationships when we cannot listen properly. Potential adverse reactions from use of essential oils or absolute oils include headaches or nausea from inhalation, and skin irritation or allergic reaction from topical use. Read more about cinnamon magical properties here. When inhaling essential oils, the molecules travel from the olfactory nerves to the brain, affecting the amygdala, the brain's emotional center. Add essential oils to roller bottle, fill rest of bottle with jojoba oil (leaving room for the roller top). Pour your oil base over the dried herbsalmost all the way to the top of the jar. I was inspired by so many great recipes and tutorials, and this video by Good Earth Spa in particular was incredibly helpful. This oil comes with the added cosmetic benefits of cleansing, moisturizing and balancing oil production when used topically on the skin and hair. For example, a combination of lavender and vanilla essential oils is often used to create a warm, floral scent. $3.95 ($11.97/Fl Oz) Sprinkle mixture over carpet. And uplifted by your grace. Essentail Oils. This particular love oil is loaded with love drawing herbs and oils It includes rose, cherry . Victoria secret love spell essential oil recipe Improve your health. You can leave out the other two if you must, but you'll have a more powerful oil if you can get a hold of all 4 ingredients. You will find a variety of topics, such as emotions, diffuser blends, carrier oils, and DIY recipes for the mind and body. Be well equipped and confident in your essential oil choices with these easy to read Aromatherapy Checklists! Light your candle and seal the jar with pink wax. Love-Spell Lotion. How To Understand A Person Deeply, a tablespoon of corn-starch, potato starch, or tapioca flour, a spoonful of raw sugar (sweet) or brown sugar (punishment or vengeance). Safety tips are included. Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! Fire Flowers: A Wiccan Love Spell. Items Needed for Recipe Making Many religions use anointing oils for various reasons. Love Spell* Fragrance Oil 15764. Leave plenty of room for additional oils. You can make it homemade but it takes 4-6 weeks to infuse. The average cost of living is skyrocketing, we are under. Rosewood 8 Inhaler Blends for Energy We understand that consistent branding for your business is important. Bergamot To charge the Love Me Oil, say this prayer while holding the bottle to your heart. Wear to draw love. Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers The Pro Subscription is $34.99 USD / year. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. Blend them well together and let the mixture sit . Using ingredients chosen for their sacredness to feminine charm and magnetism, these spell oils make a lovely project for beginning a new chapter in your romantic life. DIY Essential Oil Recipes Ultimate Guide - Download/Printable Other love spell recipes using urine used in those periods were, professional spellcasters asked the performer to pour a few quantities of their urine in a glass jar with a small metal object. Combine all of the wet ingredients in a separate container. You may update or cancel your subscription at any time. Your magickal intention is the foundation of any spell. Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha) Traditionally myrrh oil has been used for enhancing spiritual and emotional well-being. Compare NG Loving Spell Type fragrance to VS Love Spell. Place on roller ball and cap, then roll between palms to blend all the ingredients together. Love Spell Essential Oil Recipe. 4 Lavender & Lemongrass Blends Still, ointments remain a convenient way to benefit from the power of the plant when, for example, it is not possible to fumigate with incense. Customizing a blend is super easy! Mix during a waning moon for best result. 13 followers. Everything you need to know about essential oils. From headache pain to sleep issues, many people have reported positive results from essential oils. Phototoxic Essential Oils France 1. Put them in a pan or mild of a desired, store-able shape, and melt it gently. Drop in your rose quartz and add the remaining oils. There is no such thing as vanilla essential oil. Put 3 drops on a cotton ball and place in shoes for luck in love. Getting organized and preparing for Back-to-School can get stressful. That is why it is called an absolute, it has to do with how it is processed. As such, they have acquired a storied history of heartful uses and established a lush legacy in natural perfumery and aromatherapy. Do not spray on skin. Browse our collection to find the best essential oil diffuser for you. They are also natural antiseptics and can help eliminate unwanted bacteria or fungi growth from surfaces. Seductive Ylang-Ylang is traditionally strewn on the beds of newlyweds in Indonesia to enhance their synergistic sensuality. And so much more!! 1200+ Magic Oil Recipes, Oils for Rituals, Anointing, Perfume House Hearth Pagan Witch Magic Wicca Sabbat Spell Love Prosperity Luck Hex thewellreadwitch . Base Always read the health and safety guidelines of each oil even when there is no safety information on individual bottles. Repeat. Essential oils and absolute oils that are known for their historical and cultural associations with love and romance include, among others, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, Clary Sage, and Patchouli. Often used as part of aromatherapy, essential oils are known to promote relaxation, bring peace, and balance emotion in users. Calms and soothes, balances emotions bringing inner harmony. Rose Essential Oil Safety Precautions 5 Peppermint Air Fresheners Here we present you with an easy guide to 9 magical herbs for love. Come To Me oil is used in Hoodoo magic to dress candles, in spiritual baths, and to feed mojo bags. Add your sigil to the jar, folded as small as possible. Author: Jennifer Lane, While Jasmine Absolute is renowned as a universally compatible essence, lending support to other notes for a fuller-bodied fragrance, it is known to blend especially well with Sandalwood and Ylang-Ylang. Liquid castile soap or shower gel base to fill (approx. Hiring a Professional Witch will save you time, money, and frustration! Add any optional add-ins such as citrus zest, flower petals, dried herbs, etc. One of the most common uses is to grease candles for rituals, loading them for a specific purpose as the essence of a chosen herb (or herbs) will increase the power of the candle itself. 1 drop Patchouli. Stress Be Gone Essential Oil Room Spray Recipe. Sandalwood Vanilla - Premium Grade Fragrance Oils - 10ml - Scented Oil. As you blend the oils, visualize your intent, and take in the aroma. The pulse points are places where the blood vessels are closest to the skins surface. Burn in an incense burner or on charcoal, and open a window so some of the smoke travels outside and to the one you desire. If you have ever been around anyone who loves using essential oils, chances are you have heard all the wonderful health and wellness benefits they have experienced from using them. Warning: Do not, under any circumstances, ingest these oils. Blend all parts together, store in a bottle in a dark place until needed. As you can see from the list of ingredients, the lust and attraction from this recipe comes from the jasmine, while the loving aspect comes from the rose. To minimize the risk of such reactions, it is recommended to perform a skin patch test prior to topical use and not to exceed recommended concentrations for aromatherapeutic use. When combined they create a dough-like texture that you can roll and cut. The pulse points are at the inner wrists the inner elbows, behind ear lobes, bottom of throat, and behind knees. You can always top it off later. Watch. Put salt in bowl or bottle. bay laurel, eucalyptus, lavender). Know that this oil is sacred and magical. Finding what works best for YOU and your loved ones is part of the aromatherapy journey! Then, add essential oils and stir or shake to incorporate. Plus get printable DIY Printable Labels. Looking for a natural way to scent your body without harmful chemicals? PLUS MANY MORE RECIPES! Pinterest.