The typical height and weight can vary for each pup making it necessary to get exact recommendations from your vet concerning the ideal weight compared to your Doxies height. If they have just been stripped and plucked, their furnishings may not be as thick and plush. Experienced and reputable Wire-haired Dachshund breeders in Kentucky can be difficult to come across. In preventing these injuries, pet parents can keep the jumping to a minimum using soft stairs or preferably dachshund ramps for getting up and down from furniture or beds. Tags: mini dachshund puppies dachshund dachshund puppies for sale, USA We only breed occasionally from . If you have a great story or experience to share, let us know at These beautiful babies born February 4 both parents full AKC 9 & 11 lb! The family fell in love with wire-haired Dachshunds while living in Germany and decided to breed wire-hairs that conform to breed standards while being capable of the job they were originally bred for. Status: Available. The miniature dachshund is a small hound dog breed from Germany with either a short, wirehaired, or longhaired coat and a long, low body. We live in the gorgeous Suffolk countryside in a small hamlet. A wire-haired Dachshund is most notably the most obstinate of the three varieties taking stubbornness to the next level. She. Check out much more about the wire-haired Dachshund with what weve been able to provide for you. ADN-06749645236. Champdogs. Welcome Guest; Champdogs Home. Red Female AKC, Dachshund Puppy for Sale near Arizona, Prescott Valley, USA. We hope that by checking out our list and following our reputable breeder guide, you find the perfect sweet, goofy wire-haired Dachshund to fit your family. This dog comes in three coat types. An itchy dog is no laughing matter, it could be pests such as fleas or mites or it might be something more sinister like a food allergy or other underlying health problem. Long and lean and ready to add some love to your family. From personal experience, wire-haired doxies are like short-haired and long-haired one; they are food motivated and will work for tasty treats. Talk with your vet if your Doxies skin looks healthy and no flakes can be seen. First, you will fill out a form to ensure you are knowledgeable about the breed, as well as details about the puppy you want. ADN-528221. Sired by the UK's all-time top-producing mini wire sire and out of the 2011 top-producing dam, Wisty was destined for greatness-- and I have been lucky enough to have been along for the ride. All puppies are raised at home to encourage proper socialization. This also means by the time they arrive at their new home, they will be sleeping through the night, walking on the leash, and fully prepared to begin potty training. He may be stubborn, dominant, and a challenge to train. Weve scoured the web to find the best wire-haired Dachshund breeders in the United States and compiled them in a list for you. They are great with kids. Generations of selective breeding have produced the miniature Dachshund we know today. You do not want to strip your wire-haired Dachshund right after a bath, clean hair is harder to grasp and pluck. The wire-haired dachshund seems to know they are special and their adorable eyebrows and beard lend to their uniqueness. You can see their babies at: They do not sell their dogs for breeding, instead offering a Limited Registration with the AKC and a Spay/Neuter Contract. Read more about me and the vision of my blog. Please also look for the complete Dachshund profile to gain more knowledge on this fun breed. PRA or progressive retinal atrophy is another condition that can affect Dachshunds, although it is most prevalent in longhairs. Have experience with smooth, long and wire haired dachshunds, FallingeMrs L Warren You want the finished look to resemble a close-fitting jacket so your wire-haired Doxie looks dapper and clean. All puppies are raised inside their home and socialized from a young age within the home, as well as brought to the public when able. AKC recently visited Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund breeders Travis Wright and Johnny Hagerman of RoundAbout Kennel to chat about their experiences as . A pin-wired Dachshund can come from a wire-haired parent and a short-haired parent. a puppy or addopt dogs via internet. ADN-553806. Valentine Sweethearts, Dachshund Litter of Puppies for Sale near Indiana, WARSAW, USA. I am also a believer that while too much grain in a diet is not good, canines do need at least some grain to create a balanced and nutritious diet. All pups reared at home health checked, ZoltarousZoe Dicker Black dapple female dachshund born 2/11/23 Tarlyn Miniature Dachshunds is focused on raising quality puppies in their family home. 5 Quality health tested home reared puppies to show or pet homes, SadiraMr Andrew Winfrow and Mrs Lynne Mccowliff Dachshunds are a popular breed across the United States and even worldwide. Are wire-haired Dachshunds good pets? While my heart is for the short-haired Dachshunds and I also really like the long-haired Doxies, when I spend time with a wire-haired Dachshund I am in stitches over their comical antics. The wire-haired Dachshund is a unique dog. If your Dachshund is itching their ears or head, check their ears. Many people believe the wire-haired was developed in the United States, but since the Dachshund is from Germany, the general consensus is that the wire-haired is also from Germany. They also have an Adoption/Sale contract that must be signed when picking up the puppy. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()). I like to keep training sessions between 10-15 minutes to start. Make sure you do your research when you are planning to either adopt from a rescue or purchase from a breeder. is the updated version of established in 2000. We have two daughters aged 12 & 13 who also adore the dogs, SandancaMark and Linda Dixon If you are unable to find your Dachshund puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of Dachshund Dogs for Adoption. They also only breed wire-haired doxies instead of mixing long or short-haired with wire-haired to keep their pups as close to the pure wire-haired they encountered in Germany. They are very active and alert, always looking for mischief and thinking of ways to get what they want. Some wire-haired dachshunds do mature more quickly and will get their full coat before two years old. The wire-haired is also the least shedding of the three coat types which is wonderful when you love the Dachshund breed but not the shedding that occurs with them. She will have a red loose USA They are the most outgoing of the three coat types and love getting out and meeting people. Still, this particular type is especially protective and loyal to his family with a bark that means business, the loudest of the three. They are the largest Show Dachshund Kennel in the US but interact and love on all their pups daily. energetic and active, plus protective and loyal. Black and tan dapple female dachshund born 2/11/23 A pin-wired Dachshund can come from a wire-haired parent and a short-haired parent. I usually switch my Dachshunds to a senior diet when they turn 10 years old. Drakesleat Round Robin. They can be stubborn and hard to train without treats and patience. Their website includes links to education on the breed to ensure prospective owners can be as knowledgeable as possible. A full-grown dachshund has the potential for enjoying an exceptionally long, joyful life with the expectation being a span of 12-16 years but with some seeing as long as 20 years or more. Wire-haired Dachshunds love meeting new people and are great little traveling companions. What does Puppy Luv do well according to reviews? The Miniature Dachshund weighs no more than 11 pounds (4.5 kg). Chocolate dapple piebald male dachshund born 1/25/23 You can easily spend 15 to 30 minutes in the morning on a brisk walk or spirited game of fetch and then another 15 to 30 minutes in the evening. Any sort of soft hair in the outercoat, wherever found on the body, especially on the top of the head, is a fault. Madison's show career was cut short due to an injury, but before her retirement from the ring she turned more than a few heads. Read more about our Affiliate Disclosure. You might want to check: Dachshund Weight Chart Growth Curve and Average Weights. AKC recently visited Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund breeders Travis Wright and Johnny Hagerman of RoundAbout Kennel to chat about their experiences as breeders and their love of dogs. She is a graduate of Ashford University where she earned her undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in sociology. You will want to spend at least 30 minutes per day in active play or exercise such as walking or running. Nottingham Nottinghamshire Current Health Tests, Michael Partridge Top 24+ Most Popular Dachshund Mixes Which One Is Right For You? This coat type gives the Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund the look of a terrier. This Premium Listing has a high priority placement,appearing above all basic verified and non-verified ads. They also offer socialization for service dog training as well. All pups are raised in the home with hands-on care to ensure excellent personalities! You will know they need to be stripped when their coat starts looking dull and dry. Spalding Lincolnshire Current Health Tests, I own 5 fabulous Dachshunds with phenomenal pedigrees & a delightful, intelligent & gentle French Bulldog (Gold certificated with The French Bulldog Club of Great Britain). Springdac Nottingham Nottinghamshire 19th December 2022 Parents Health Tested, Ridanflight Remo x Risen Like A Pheonix Now, if youre here, you are probably searching specifically for wire-haired Dachshund puppies and possibly having difficulty finding a breeder in your area. An annual examination by a canine ophthalmologist will be in order if your wire-haired Dachshund has two copies of the gene that causes PRA. Comb their beard and eyebrows a few times a week to keep dirt and debris from collecting. As a Terrier lover who has come to love Dachshunds, I am in love with the Wire-Hair variety! The wire haired dachshund is the only type of dachshund that produces a thick undercoat. It is well-known that the Dachshund hails from Germany and is believed to have originated during the 15th century to hunt badgers. Download for tips on how to be the best dog owner you can be. Lincoln Lincolnshire Current Health Tests, puppies are lovingly bred in our family home, Ilona Baltrusaitiene Posted Breed: Dachshund. How Much Exercise Does a Wire-haired Dachshund Need? Litter of 9. Like the Mini Smooth and Mini Long-haired, the Mini Wire was bred to control rabbits that destroyed German crops. Our dogs love their walks and playing in our garden with our cats. We live in the gorgeous Suffolk countryside in a small hamlet. The wire haired dachshund is the only type of dachshund that produces a thick undercoat. The hot dog food was actually named after the Doxie originally labeled Dachshund sausages since German butchers had the animals as their favorite pets. Customer reviews state Jane, owner of Olde Fashion, shows extreme passion for her pups. Our girls have the coarse wirehair and the Caleb is a soft wirehair. Hathor Farm is a wire-haired Dachshund breeder in Washington state. That means training from a baby with plenty of positive reinforcement to take advantage of the intelligence and avoid the potential for the puppy to give his opinion.. Your wire-haired Dachshund may still be a bit too young to have the fancy furnishings that a mature wire-haired has. I hope the breeder knew what they were doing (didnt look like it) by treating with suitable antibiotics and immediately stripping out the pus-laden milk from the painful, distended teats. Chloe is our coarse wirehaired Doxie female. While the wire-haired is a Doxie, he has the appearance of a terrier and seems to have received a double dose of the trait along with a need to be independent. The wire-haired Dachshund makes a good pet. Our dogs love their walks and playing in our garden with our cats. All puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and vet checked. Red piebald female dachshund born 1/25/23 Find a Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund Breeder, Manitoba and North Western Ontario Dachshund Club. All puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and vet checked. Warrenbrook Barnsley South Yorkshire 20th February 2023 Parents Health Tested, Dereheath Major Tom x Springdac Siren Dancer Bindi. If youre located in the Northwest of the United States and searching for wire-haired dachshund breeders, look no further than Hathor Farm! Their overall body hair will be coarse and not sleek like a shorthair or have a fine fringe like a longhair. if you are looking for a dapper and just a little bit comical, the wire-haired is the dog for you. The Hathor Farm dogs have been known to perform in conformation shows, field trials, obedience, rally, tracking, agility, and Earthdog. You will want to be confident in the breeder or organization where you will be getting your wirehair Dachshund from, they will be a resource for you for the life of your Doxie. I was there the moment whenshe firstopened her eyes, and am pretty sure she did so with a flirtatiouswink. This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Gold Plan, This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Silver Plan, Dachshund Puppy for sale in SEDONA, AZ, USA, Dachshund puppies Miniature dachshund cute mini doxin miniature dachshund puppies indiana Registered Dachshund pups tweenie dachshund puppies, mini dachshund puppies dachshund dachshund puppies for sale, Dachshund Puppy for sale in Phoenix, AZ, USA, Dachshund Puppy for sale in Chino Valley, AZ, USA, Dachshund Puppy for sale in Prescott Valley, AZ, USA, Dachshund Puppy for Sale near Arizona, SEDONA, USA. Date listed: 01/01/2023. The time of the year may also have something to do with the fullness of your wire-haired Doxies beard and eyebrows. This user's identity has not been verified. Its essential as a pet parent to start the training process early with this variety Doxie especially. Remember, there are specialized foods for all life stages and you will want to make sure your Doxie is eating a quality diet to ensure they are getting the proper nutrition. The Dachshunds body shape does not support extra weight well. Dachshunds were bred for hunting, and the coarse, wiry outer coat offers protection against rough terrain. While the wire-haired Dachshund is the least shedding of all three coat types, they do still shed, especially if their coat is not properly maintained. The outer coat of a wire-haired puppy will be rough or coarse and they will have the beginnings of bushy eyebrows and beard. Gleneagle Who's Famous Now, multi- Best in Show and two-time Best of Breed Winner at Westminster Kennel Club. The loose undercoat will come out and any of the dead hairs on the outer coat. You will want to brush your wire-haired Doxie at least two times a week with a bristle brush to loosen and remove any loose hairs. Black and tan female akc, Dachshund Puppy for Sale near Arizona, Chino Valley, USA. Dachshund mix Pima County, Maricopa, AZ ID: 23-01-03-00007 She is a beautiful dog of around 2 years old, affectionate and sociable, she weighs only 9 pounds, she has all her Wonderful all-inclusive and knowledge-packed article! Posted Breed: Dachshund. View this litter and many more Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund puppies at Champdogs. PRA will cause blindness and since all coat types have been interbred, PRA does affect all coat types. Due to their more terrier-type personalities, the wire-haired Dachshund can be a challenge to train. All puppies are raised in the home and socialized with family members of various ages. They have a limited number of litters a year to ensure all puppies get proper care and socialization. Next >> Join Champdogs; Advertise Litter; Add Your Business; . To encourage hunting and tracking traits, Two River begins introducing pups to hunting and tracking from a young age. Dog food that is grain-based or has a lot of grains in the ingredients is not a great choice for your wire-haired Dachshund. information to make the right choice when buying a puppy. Adorable Miniature Dachshund Puppies Ready to go, Dachshund Puppy for Sale near Oklahoma, FOYIL, USA. I have been a preservation breeder of Dachshunds at Classic Kennels since 1996, specializing in miniature short-hair Dachshunds. Nuforest Dachshunds encourages prospective owners to contact them. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2022. AKC is a participant in affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to To be certain at birth if your puppy is wire-haired, both parents need to be wire-haired and not carry genes for the other coat types. Customers have also said the pups have the best personalities so much that they have repeatedly purchased from her. More grooming is required than on a short-haired, Their characteristics (beard and eyebrows) are comical and fun, Can develop a dog smell when not bathed regularly, More barky than the short and long-haired. They require regular exercise to fight a tendency to become overweight. The Miniature Dachshund makes a good watchdog as he can make a surprising amount of noise when barking! ADN-06748848139. Top 11 Best Dachshund Breeders in Wisconsin (WI), Top 10 Best Dachshund Breeders in Pennsylvania (PA), Top 6 Best Dachshund Breeders in Massachusetts (MA), Top 12 Best Dachshund Breeders in New York (NY), Top 6 Best Shih Tzu Breeders in North Carolina (NC), 8-9 inches for standard; 5-6 inches for a miniature, 16-32 inches for standards; 11 pounds and under for miniature. It is a joy to be able to share my passion with others who love and cherish the Dachshund. The wire-haired Dachshund may not be the most stubborn of the coat types, but they definitely will exhibit their stubbornness at the most inopportune times. It takes at least three weeks to determine a soft coat and several weeks to determine a coarse wire coat. 3 black & tan $1000 each.gorgeous dapple $1500.deposit required to hold! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Aside from showing in conformation, I am a preservation breeder dedicated to preserving the breed and furthering health testing to produce genetically clear, beautiful Dachshunds. For those looking to purchase a wire-haired dachshund puppy from a reputable Dachshund Breeder, you can check with the Dachshund Club of America or even the breeder directory on AKCs marketplace website. A Wire-Haired Dachshund is a short-legged, long-bodied dog breed with a coarse, wiry textured coat, bushy eyebrows and beard. Had. I am working hard to produce dogs with azest for life and healthy minds and bodies that allow them to enjoy it. DAYCARE PRICING. She won several group placements in Canada while still a youngster. You can use a steel comb on your dogs furnishings including their beard and eyebrows. Just saying. Norma Rae had me at hello. Tags: Dachshund puppies Miniature dachshund cute mini doxin miniature dachshund puppies indiana Registered Dachshund pups tweenie dachshund puppies. They have been breeding and showing Miniature Dachshunds since 1966. First bred in Germany to hunt badgers, they were also used to hunt in packs to kill wild boar. Not only when they are in her care, but afterward as well, including helping people new to showing dogs get the best quality pup.