I absolutely recommend using an online calculator to calculate your Vertex location (its way too difficult for anyone who isnt an astrologer or mathematician to do by hand, and luckily there are plenty of free calculators online that will calculate your Vertex for you). You can develop a strong financial aptitude, and become quick savvy. On the next page, from the list of hyperlinks that displayed, click Synastry charts at the top. THIS IS NOT ADVISABLE , not only because its essentially stalking with synastry (and transit charts), but also because the birth data is only approximate, and you definitely want an accurate birth time for the Vertex placement thats displayed to be exact. In the composite chart, the Vertex can be strong with those you have a fated connection with, often conjunct a composite planet, angle, or Lunar Nodes. Have you ever heard of the astrology Vertex? You will feel as if you can manipulate the world, but it's the world you cannot control in reality. The Anti-Vertex, on the other hand, is located in the opposite house of the Vertex (the 11 th, 12 th, 1 st, 2 nd, or 3 rd houses), which relate to personal concerns and our private worlds. > Memorize the sign and degree number of your Vertex placement, and use this Astro-Seek calculator to calendar when (+ what) is due to conjunct your Destiny Point! And with my Chiron so close at hand (), wounding and healing would striate my destiny process, which I suppose ultimately happened (which you can read about at the bottom of my post about Black Moon Lilith in synastry ). In that moment, for the first time, Pomona saw him for what he was (not a farmer, or a fisherman), and fell in love. REMEMBER, the Vertex in synastry might illustrate a gravitational pull, or feeling that this person is important to where youre heading in your life, but doesnt necessarily mean that your destined paths will align, only that you are engaging in a fated interaction. Dec 16, 2020 - Astrology Vertex Calculator, Free Online Anti-Vertex Calculation. These columns display the exact degree of your Vertex placement (mine is @ 18 Gemini) along with glyphs symbolizing the aspects formed to your Vertex by Partner Bs planets. To handle this you have to adjust to the differences of the two signs., HINT > This CafeAstrology summarizes the Vertex in the signs, as well as aspects to the Vertex from the planets, and for more summary-descriptions of the Vertex in the signs, compare to this one from Siddhantika! Peek at your Vertex placement (the chart wont display it, so locate it by sign and degree), and see if eclipses have ever factored into your destiny process! But, likewhat if reincarnation is totally for real, and there are all these clues, these consistent little evidences that time and space are illusory, and were basically in a simulacrum where temporal culture is raging out of control, like malware in our human programming, and astrology can help us pinpoint this malware in our inner narrative, and also use the power of analogy, metaphor, and simile to dissect triggers, omens, and other stimuli as they crest upon our consciousness, all so that we might be happier and more effective in our little fate-driven crises, and able to actualize our chart potential? With your astrology Vertex in Pisces, this may show youre fated to become a master of intuition. What was the vibe? , This post shows you how to start reading your natal chart, learn more about reading a transit chart over here, This post shows you how to get one from Astro.com, Visit + use the Cafe Astrology Vertex Calculator, From Siddhantikas article all about the Vertex, This CafeAstrology summarizes the Vertex in the signs, this one from CafeAstrology on the same topic, This post can show you a full out tutorial for scoring and reading transit charts, hit up the Astro-Seek Transit Chart Calculator, Here again is that CafeAstrology article summarizing aspects from the planets to Vertex, a list of which planet(s) rule which zodiac signs, when the Gemini Solar Eclipse struck my Vertex on June 10, 2021, this CafeAstrology article displays and explains all the aspects, this one summarizes aspects to the Vertex from other planets, this Labyrinthos article explains all the planets, we tend to project planets in our Seventh House, Soul Points in Synastry: The Vertex Versus the Nodes, Part Two, Soul Points in Synastry: The Vertex Versus the Nodes, Pt. Note that Capricorn in your 2nd house is just one facet of your natal chart. Eventually, our moment comes due, and our masquerade is not what compels its arrival. ), Now, Google it all out but dont worry, Im gonna link you to hella resources for every sign, house, and type of aspect youll need to look it all up! . Remember that Vertex activations specialize in fated encounters, so for me, the encounter was supposed to be a learning process (Vertex in Gemini ) and rinse-down of my intimacy issues (Vertex in the Eighth House). . Vertex in 6th House and all about its position. These connections might tell you if someone is meant to be in your life, and how they support your ultimate destiny. The whole freaking thing a permanent what if? Is there a planet conjunct or square your Vertex? HERES A SUMMARY OF WHAT ASPECTS TO YOUR VERTEX CAN MEAN. VERTEX IN SAGITTARIUS > Destiny process themes include adventure, gaining full perspective, targeting for joy, and relationships based on pursuing and experiencing the miraculous. Unlike many other astro concepts, the vertex isn't based on a planet or star, but instead an intersection point of two imaginary circles in the 466+ Math Specialists 92% Satisfaction rate . The house positions of the vertex/anti-vertex can offer clues a to where we may experience turning points and, meetings with destiny .The vertex falls usually between the fifth and the eight house, on the western side of the chart, with the anti-vertex 180 degrees opposition. With your astrology Vertex in Capricorn, this may show youre fated to become the one in charge. During this time, youd be living and breathing synchronicity. Just find a way to gain as much scope and leverage of your psyche as you can. To everything turn turn turn there is a season turn turn turn and a tiiime for evvvery purpose under heaven , If you dont feel like reading a chart (), you can find out your Destiny Point placement with the CafeAstrology Vertex calculator! The Inner Wheel, Soul Points in Synastry: The Vertex Versus the Nodes, Part Two. You can save the other connections for a deeper-dive later on (again, heres my synastry tutorial when youre ready ). What were your social media posts? But, until the Vertex is activated, we might not realize how those abilities were meant to parlay into our fate, or what role they would play in our destiny. PERHAPS when the eclipse tripped my Vertex-Chiron (), it also struck the baristas Ascendant (), and my visual hallucination was some kind of projection or psychic insight into his own coinciding transits. Often, the fateful meetings and circumstances of a Vertex activate seem like the answer to our secret prayers (uttered in those teary, dark-night-ish moments), and almost always coincide with major shifts in consciousnessoften shifts in the very matrix of our life. In this lifetime, you cannot let. Vertex 5mg Tablet reduces the symptoms of excessive anxiety and worry that are triggered only at the time of stressful conditions that last for a shorter duration. ? , IN A TRANSIT CHART > You can cast charts for upcoming transits, estimating when (+ where) your Vertex might get tripped. Just enter your birth data, and select a starting year from the dropdown menu, your current location (or the location of where you were when you believe an eclipse struck your chart), then the type of aspect youre interested in (focus on conjunctions, squares, and oppositions). Likeyou might be wishing for skills, talents, or gifts you sense rattling around inside, and also feel you cant access, When the Vertex is activated, that access point is unveiled. What was the vibe of your interaction? , AND, TBH > I was not so far along in my astrology self-study that I actually understood horoscopes and blog posts regarding the impact and consequences of eclipses. With the exception of one whose birth time is uncertain, each of these people were meeting more than one significant other whose Sun was conjunct their natal Vertex. UPDATE: I DID THE CHARTS, IT CHECKS OUT, WTF FOREVER!! . If so, there would be a change in tempo. (*Who was also a barista, is this my pattern?? Who were you with, what was the context? this would mean the anti-vertex is almost always in between the 11th and 2nd houses, all of those houses which are . VERTEX IN SCORPIO > Destiny process themes include depth, intimacy, unwavering commitment, and relationships based on intense shared experiences. 8. If we allow it, if we are ready for it, the anti-Vertex contact can be more powerful than any other contact in the chart comparison. When a transit planet conjuncts your natal Vertex or Anti-Vertex, this can bring energy for something or someone fated. The Inner Wheel, Synastry Q & A: The Vertex. Without documentation (via compulsive journaling and solipsistic quasi-literary projects such as this, hi, hello ), its very difficult to match up circumstances and events to your transit-trigger moments! . The Anti-vertex point in your own chart shows more of YOUR contribution to your life and your fate, in that sense. Aspects describe the relationships between planets, some being softer (sextiles, trines) than others (square, oppositions, conjunctions). WRITE IT OUT > Vertex (any conjunctions?) > This is tricky to find for the Vertex in particular, but you can look up what the planets in synastry mean in general. . Whats useful about this story is how changeability entwines with the ripe moment. Forewarned is forearmed. Aries/Libra could indicate issues between personal will and sharing, where Taurus/Scorpio may be about security versus risk. Often, when any planet, angle, or point of our birth chart is transited, other people will act as avatars for the transiting planet. The square to Taurus for example is Scorpio. , Likeno matter how much you invest into LOA, you might still have to wait out a specific transit, one activating a specific piece of your chart, in order for the destined circumstances to come into play, YAS the Vertex, a.k.a. 90 DEGREE DIAL. REPEATING THIS FOR YOUR ASTROLOGICAL EFFICACY > The Ascendant angle is the starting line of our chart, and demarcates the beginning of the First House of Identity, Appearance, and Persona. , TO INTERPRET YOUR VERTEX, WELL BASICALLY BREAK IT DOWN INTO KEYWORDS, MAD LIBS-STYLE >. , In any case, I super-appreciate all the spooky-cute coincidences* that happened while I was in the cafe trying to extract data, (*ONE MAJ COINCIDENCE > The Vertex / Anti-Vertex comprise the Ascension Axis of our chart and the cafe where mine got eclipse-tripped was called Ascendo! The events and circumstances depend on your chart, and the configuration of transits (or synastry aspects) that helped conspire the trigger moment. ..but they do in many cases, according to most Vertex lore Ive found. HAPPENING. In any case, you might as well keep top-of-mind any planet thats transiting your Vertex sign! [deleted] 2 yr. ago. , HERES MINE WRITTEN OUT > Vertex (conjunct or side-by-side) Chiron in Gemini in the Eighth House. The prime vertical is the circle passing east and west through the zenith and nadir of a location. And Julie Gottmans description of their first meeting (at the Pony Espresso cafe ) totally freaking sounds like a Vertex activation moment! Progressions reveal how your natal chart changes over time. THIRD, BE ADVISED: THE WATCHER HAS COME ONLINE. FOR HIM, THE ECLIPSE BARISTAS CHART the themes of his destiny process involves intensity (Vertex in Scorpio ), but ascending into a vitality-driven work-life rhythm (his sixth house). Vertumnus was a lesser deity of the seasons, known for his ability to transform: he could change from a seed, to a root, to a trunk, a branch, a leaf, and finally, to fruit. ALSO, remember that its not just the planet transiting your Vertex, but the configuration of planets that are also in transit, and how theyre impacting your chart. How did those impressions evolve over time, and due to what circumstances or events? its like when you can feel someone watching you, except that their perspective is part of you. *only me, because the eclipse activated MY Vertex-Chiron (he had no correlating activation ). The west spot is the Vertex while the east spot is the Anti-Vertex. . VERTEX IN VIRGO > Destiny process themes include improvement, utility, ritual, and relationships that help us find our rhythm and honor our personal method. Your words may carry a lot of importance. This can help you become a great idea generator. The Vertex seems to actually have greater importance in relationship astrology and in predictive astrology. You can share this with others, and inspire others with grand tales and gregarious words. , AND THE SAME FOR YOU, if you happen to have Chiron aspecting your Vertex! There are so many other factors to look for in a synastry chart in terms of compatibility (see my synastry post ), and a composite chart is where you would look for the meaning of a relationship. are basically stimuli, or engines. . Its not enough to just be in the same zodiac sign (it must be close!). ). Remember, the Vertex only shows up in the righthand or western side of the chart (the fate hemisphere) in one of houses 5-8. STRAIGHT UP, THO > In general, Chiron and the Eighth House are tricky to characterize. The Vertex, sometimes called counter-Ascendant, is a fictitious point which is at the intersection of two great circles, the Ecliptic and the great vertical circle (Prime Vertical) in the West . The 9th house rules your grandparents, the 5th house rules your children, and the 11th house rules your stepchildren. When activated by transit, progressions, or synastry, the Vertex coincides with major turning points. The 7th house rules your first spouse; the 9th house rules your second; the 11th house rules your third; and keep counting two more houses for each spouse. , VERTEX IN THE HOUSES theres less info about this, and even some terribly wrong info (hint: if summaries include Vertex in the 1st-4th Houses, its garbage ), and the best intel I found was via Kim Falconers Astrology and Aptitude, which also has the full scratch on the Vertex, and every-which-way you can interpret it in the natal chart. The Vertex is called a secondary descendant and usually influences fateful meetings, events and first meetings. The Anti-Vertex, on the other hand, is located in the opposite house of the Vertex (the 11th, 12th, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd houses), which relate to personal concerns and our private worlds. , Ive updated it to include more info about what to do if you think your Vertex has been activated (ew, wth does THAT mean? read to find out! Uranus will bring eureka level flashes of genius, perhaps the arrival of a tool or invention that enables you in some way, while Neptune will bring spiritual awakening, and Pluto will bring a soul-wracking, inside out descent into the deepest caverns of psyche. Astrology Vertex Calculator, Free Online Anti You absolutely need to know your birth time in order to determine your Vertex, as it is just as time-sensitive as the Ascendant. When the Vertex is activated, its like getting a charge, a thunderbolt to your psyche. Note any orange planets hovering by your synastry partners (also orange) Vertex. Succedent houses support the preceding angular houses in the natal chart: the second house of possessions supports the first house of self. . . This timing can be observed in the natal chart as a transit. Okayit might seem a teensy bit complicated, but only for a minute. Hear it in the first 10-15 mins of the interview and if you know of any other stories that sound like the Destiny Point plays a role, hmu! in (the sign) in (the house). So, note any other exact aspects being formed by other planets, which you can spot by clicking the gray tab located over the chart display labelled Aspects Tables, which grids out all the aspects for you. Whether the influence is good depends on the rest of the synastry and natal charts. (HINT: The Vertex placement in a composite chart can also indicate a super fated relationship, learn more here! Fast answers; Mathematics Homework Helper; Ill also provide tips on how to cope and manage a Vertex activation, though I am mos def not an expert, and can possibly only provide hazard signals and warnings! ALSO, this is crucial not everyone wants or cares about synchronicity, about woo things that happen in coincidence with astronomical phenomena that might be interpreted via metaphor, analogy, and symbolism (a.k.a. This follows for all your family members. WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT TRANSITS TO MY ANTI-VERTEX? CONJUNCTIONS TO THE VERTEX OPPOSE THE ANTI-VERTEX > These planets help reveal where you can balance what you have (or know, believe, or do etc.) BUT JUST FYI, I cant locate much literature about the effects of transits to the Anti-Vertex, but from my own inexpert transit tracking, transits to the Anti-Vertex seem to be a peek-a-boo opening to the Vertex, not really coinciding with destined moments, but, FOR INSTANCE, instead of a moment of clarity or hit of awareness (such as with a transit to the Vertex), the effect feels more like realizing the bath water has turned cold, or waking from a micro-nap, and now a different podcast episode is playing from the one youd settled in to listen to, or basically, transits to the Anti-Vertex feel like something on the backend that needs adjusting or re-calibration* (IMHO).