In the film, Audrey, petite and very feminine, unexpectedly turned out to be on the taller side and angular. Flamboyant Gamine makeup focuses all the attention on the eyes. Women of the flamboyant gamine Kibbe body type wear clothing that matches their bodies natural lines and gamine look. However, due to the widespread deficit of perfect clothes, it is worth having one with dominating symmetry. Flamboyant Gamines fundamental straight skirts should be short and slender, with a neat taper at the hemline, either sharply fitted or sculpted. The figures short stature and androgenic shape make Vanessa a prominent representative of the Gamine type. Yin must be reflected in the details decoration or decoration. Consider some celebrities that fall into this category to see how their hairstyles differ. If you are very daring, a theatrical color will work on you-blue-black, fiery red, platinum, etc. Evening separates (blouses, pants, slinky skirts, etc.) Bone Structure: Angular. Shirley Maclaine (Kibbes prime example of the Flamboyant Natural), Ingrid Bergman (re-assigned by Kibbe in 2014). The summary of the wardrobe section is a detailed list of dos and donts that should guide your Flamboyant Gamine style. Because your essence is composed of strong yang with blunt edges, Kibbe refers to your style as Free Spirit Chic. Avoid combining colors to stick to the true flamboyant gamine fashion. In terms of facial bone structure, these women generally have broad jawlines, noses, and cheekbones. Jackets/blazers should be short, and the shoulders should be accentuated by a rigid line or a very clear, sculptural roundness. Just be sure to watch the style of a buckle and make sure it has a more natural feel to it ( not the rhinestone, filagree buckle, ok?). Again, the asymmetry in the waist area, the low waist and the asymmetry of the hem work great on the geometric lines. The Flamboyant Natural should use colors that are bold and vivid, with rich, vibrant tones to them. The cheekbones are well-defined, and the cheeks are sunken if there is no excess weight. Well, this is a great example of that concept. For pants, menswear tailored styles that have a slightly wide silhouette and relaxed construction are perfect for you. Flamboyant Gamine (FG) The flamboyant gamine body type has a mix and match of yin and yang features, but with an overall yang balance. Opt for simple silhouettes that dont have too much frill and dont have stiff tailoring. And these are mysteriously sounding Ethereal (angelic) and Ingenue (youthful innocence). Avoid:Trying to soften the hair with subtle lights or lightening the overall effect. Required fields are marked *. Often square shoulders, palms, and feet appear large for this height (elongated or broad). The jewelry you choose is really the piece de resistance to your look. Got it Now, if all of those words seemed as though I was talking in a foreign language, you should start with the principles behind the Kibbe System, and then complete the type quiz (which I added loads of example pictures to help with!). Short skirts should be straight, narrow, with a clear silhouette, well kept in shape and a little narrower downwards. Asymmetrical hemlines. Below, there are two quite typical Flamboyant Gamine representatives. Angularity and straightness are the characteristics of Yang. The purpose of dressing a Flamboyant Gamine is to follow your own Yin-Yang balance, which is Gamine with a lot of Yang. Welcome! Heh, the whole type makes a lot more sense now. Streaks/highlights (lets call this modern-day bayalage) can give you that natural, sun-kissed glow. Boots work well for your free-spirit chic essence- just make sure they arent overly dressy ( avoid those stiletto pointy ankle boots). Another less typical Flamboyant Gamine is sweet Vanessa Paradis. A Flamboyant Gamine woman will look exceptionally well in the 1920s and 1930s retro style. Kibbe's Flamboyant Gamine Body Type & Clothing K4Fashion Team Debra Winger Footwear Lea Michelle Lisa Minelli Mindy Kailing Nastasia Kinsky Rosa Perez Twiggy Victoria Beckham Winter Zoe Deschanel Movable, dynamic, and a bit bold, the flamboyant Gamine is one of the original 13 Kibbe body types. One of Kibbes body types is the flamboyant gamine. If you like this approach I recommend adding one focal feature to add a bit of oomph to your look. But here, too, there are exceptions. When overweight, it can look chunky and relatively dense. Instead, reach for lightweight or moderate fabrics. Just keep it sophisticated and easy overall. Audrey was quite tall (but not too tall, somewhat slim looking). Can you use lactic acid and niacinamide together? Innately, you are Yang in energy (aggressive and dynamic), Yin in youthfulness . Flamboyant Gamine is a type that makes a playful impression. Shoulder curves that are either sharp extensions or streamlining. Avoid: Symmetrical, tailored jackets, cropped jackets, and flouncy jackets. You want to create a balance between your large, broad areas and your strong vertical line. However, the hairstyle and handline should have more delicate and complex lines. And while slinky dresses arent an overwhelming silhouette for the FN, they work well in a knit fabric like the one above. Styles that are. This site embraces fashion and finding confidence, self-assuredness, and internal beauty through style. The waist is lowered, and bright contrasting belts can be used. Dropped waists continue to work for your here, as they elongate your vertical line. As always, experiment and see what works for you and how your unique style comes out! Tights: You could opt for fun-colored tights or flesh-toned tights. It has a bit more angularity (yang influence) than the pure Natural archetype. First design, inspired by kibbe's flamboyant gamine. Avoid anything too tight; even if you love your skinny jeans, you should consider trying* new silhouettes because they might help you highlight your vertical line and limit your broadness I know, I hate that term too.. Dont go for jeans that are too tight in the hips and waist, there should be some breathing room so they can keep the loose lines of the FN. The accessories give you that free-spirit chic vibe and the main outfit components follow the recommended style lines, but it doesnt read overly boho or casual. Skirts with a bias cut can also be worn if they are quite thin and close to the body. Ultimately, we want to put emphasis on our best features, our long vertical and our strong horizontal shoulders. My quiz results: 8 A, 4 B, 4 C, 1 D, 2 E As mostly in Skeleton/flesh.. and c/b/e in facial. Again, if you are reading this you are probably looking for everyday outfits you can wear as a flamboyant natural, that dont feel too costumey or 80s-inspired. Add in an oversized coat and staple flamboyant natural accessories, you have a winning outfit. Here are some makeup guidelines that should help you: Now, hair types and styles can be hard to apply to every type of flamboyant natural out there. Opt for sweaters that have a strong shoulder line if it doesnt have padding. Your accessories should be bold, oversized, and unique. Sheer fabrics, laces, silks, tulle, thin cottons and linens, and soft yarns will compliment the softness and femininity of a romantic's body. Too romantic hairdos are also not the best options. Incidentally, it is worth mentioning that the 7/8 pants length looks great on almost any, even larger, figure. As with the entire Gamine family, the proportions of Yin and Yang are eclectically mixed here, and in the Flamboyant Gamine, they additionally acquire a slight preponderance towards Yang. For more on flamboyant fashion or other Kibbe body fashion guides, check out other articles on our site! Whatever you decide on, you should stick to it. One thing to try is to have the top and bottom half of your outfit clash. See more ideas about fashion, clothes, outfits. Breaking all the rules is his guideline for building the Flamboyant Gamine style. Monochromatic outfits can work for you, but they can also feel a bit dull. You could opt for a shiny satin or brocade as long as the fabric has some weight. Luxury fashion & independent designers | SSENSE, Jakke double breasted mid length faux fur coat in diagonal stripe | ASOS, Best Street Style: New York Fashion Week Day 5, 2023-2024 , , , Gingham High-Waisted Pants with Tailored Silhouette, Versace Collection Double-Breasted Belted Coat, Yellow, Lisa Perry Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show, Blog Philadelphia's #1 Image Consultant | Best Dressed, 10 Ways To Wear A Denim Jacket - Classy Yet Trendy, Fashion Look Featuring Old Navy Dresses by justposted - ShopStyle. The nose, cheekbones, and chin tend to be wide. The selection of wardrobe, accessories and makeup are discussed here. Avoid: Splashy colored fabrics, dull or muted colors that fall flat, related: how to color block and use color in your style. The flamboyant gamine face shape can be broad or long. Kibbe wants you embrace your combination of yin/yang with extra yang and have a style he refers to as "Sassy Chic". Keep in mind that the strategy must be comprehensive. You can easily incorporate a free-spirit style into your evening wear. They have fleshy faces and thick legs, arms, hips, and waists. Mixing Prints. You may relate to style guidelines from both families, but ultimately you are not an even mix of the two. However, despite this, she fits perfectly into this type. Dramatically vivid (yet soft-edged) prints are your sweet spot. Wow! All you need to consider is accommodating your kibbe width and your vertical line. The shape of the jacket is asymmetrical and irregular. Hats: Floppy, bold oversized hats are fantastic for you. You may also crop your jeans as short as you desire. Ethereal and Ingenue paint female faces, while the body shapes still exhibit features that dominate a given type of beauty. Some of the information below may be outdated. A minor departure from the following characteristics is always conceivable and should not be a cause for concern as long as it does not disrupt the overall balance of yin and yang opposites with extra yang equilibrium. They can even be significantly shortened. Click "Agree" to agree to the use of cookies and to continue browsing this site. The bag must comply with strict geometry rules: clear lines and angles are mandatory. If you have very straight hair with no body a shorter cut might be advisable. Because you have strong horizontal and vertical lines the soft T silhouette will be a go-to shape for you. But now I think boxy might just mean straight horizontal and vertical seams so it looks kind of like a box. Well, what does that actually mean? The Flamboyant Gamine Style (Kibbe Body Type) | InfinitCloset More Stories Kibbe Body Types, Style Analysis Soft Dramatic Style (Kibbe Body Type) Color Analysis 12 Seasons Color Analysis 4 Season Color Analysis Makeup Lists Style Analysis Cookies help us deliver our services. The fact is that each of them has thick, lush hair. Flamboyant Gamine is the result when the mix of features are both yin and yang, but with slightly more yang. Now, if you remember the FN celebrities, there are lots of different ways people can hold their weight and varying degrees of broadness and verticality. Inverted triangle body shape Capsule Wardrobe, Throwing my fashion & color philosophy like confetti ;). Style Inspiration. Feb 19, 2023 - Explore Leighah Roni Beadle-Darcy's board "Flamboyant Gamine" on Pinterest. For example, you can think of Tina Tuners notoriously tousled hair or, When you have a solid understanding of the flamboyant gamine. I love this outfit for a casual weekend outing or a business casual workday. Flamboyant natural styles should be: Boldly unconstructed Flowing fabrics, wide shapes Oversized or irregular geometric shapes Soft edges and seams Lines are sweeping and relaxed Emphasize your strong vertical line and horizontal line Risk-taker, adventurous vibe Sophisticated but approachable Flamboyant Naturals should avoid: Stiff, severe edges I think the general advice still rings true for the FN, but this is where an experienced hairstylist might be able to help. It enhances your looks refinement as well as its wit. To best compliment your figure, you should select clothing with: As you work on perfecting the flamboyant gamine look, check out these flamboyant fashion tips: As its name implies, an A-line skirt resembles the capital letter A. Its fitted at the hips and gradually gets roomier near the hem. In most cases, your motto should be the bolder, the better. Feel free to experiment with intense color combinations. Cutting in layers will add freshness. So a boxy sweater perhaps wouldnt have to be wide and cropped supershort to count as boxy for instance, the red hoodie could be boxy even though its fairly long. When applying makeup, be sure to emphasize the eyes with a pencil, eyeliner, or shadow, creating the effect of smoky eyes. All Rights Reserved. Use details in abundance, in geometric lines and vibrant colors. flamboyant gamine Use details in abundance, in geometric lines and vibrant colors. Its like youre a fancy, free spirit! Definitely not. The shade of lipstick must not be too light or too dark. Taut facial flesh, moderate to full lips, and enormous eyes are also commonplace. The method of highlighting them depends on the facial features and the color type. And I think as long as you have a long vertical line, the padded shoulder in the tee will help you highlight the soft t-silhouette. I think we so often see one-dimensional representations of a type that its good to remember that the possibilities within a set of lines are infinite , Your email address will not be published. The angelic style essence looks best in the colours of the cosmos and mythical places - think purple, sea blue and green, creams, taupes as well as gold and silver etc. Jackets and blazers for Flamboyant Gamines should be. When dyeing their hair, women of strong color types can use bold, contrasting colors (e.g., navy blue or platinum in the case of Winters). Opt for a shadow option instead, Layers helps to give that tousled effect, Face framing layers can help give look, especially if you have finer hair, Wolf cuts or Lions mane haircuts work for you, especially if you have some body to your hair. It is not about retouching (which appears in almost every shot) but about the overall impression created by particular outfits and styling. A broad quality to your bones, wide shoulders, Long arms and legs (helps that vertical elongation), Larger hands and feet that can be narrow if they have the length still. Depending on your preference, the result might be tastefully avant-garde or funky and goofy. In general, the image of a bright gamin should turn out to be bright, intricate, and even a little shocking. While Flamboyant Gamine isn't exactly challenging for casual wear, since as a type, it has low level of formality in general, it still can be a bit intimidating when you look at Pinterest. The Kibbe system is complex, and not without its flaws. However, based on the style lines and shapes for the Flamboyant natural, jeans should follow a similar look. The value in the Kibbe system is looking at your bodys natural lines and essence and finding the clothes that highlight those strengths. He removes the epithet short from the list of features assigned to this type. A lush, curly hairstyle (shorter or longer) is the perfect hairstyle for the Flamboyant Gamine. Sandals are best with very minimal details, simple or bare straps. Angular detail will also be an important part of your . Women with more delicate facial features (influence of the Ethereal or Ingenue element) should avoid any sharp lines close to the face (except for V-necks and FG-type jewelry). It is more like Gamine than Flamboyant Gamine, but thats not all. Soft Gamine Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, And Style, Marilyn Monroe Color, Makeup, Outfits, And Style, Long vertical lines (Flamboyant Gamine often appears taller than it is), Arms and legs long in relation to the body, Palms and feet large in relation to height (thin and long or square), Bust small or medium (depending on the figure). Sculptural high necklines, such as a stand-up collar or regular ones, are suitable, but the shape is desirable asymmetric, pointed and precise. Loose and flowy necklines are best, nothing too fussy. So be sure to compare your shoulder width to other parts of your body, not a different person with broad shoulders. The Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine Bone Structure. The maximum length for this model is in the middle of the knee cap. Remember these are just guidelines so if you find you deviate from these recommendations, it is ok. The appearance of these girls harmoniously blended yin and yang, but the latter manifests itself more. dark academia school brunch classic sophisticated dark academia fall summer winter spring year round under 18 18-24 25-34 35-. more. And their individual balance of yang (sharp, angular) and yin (soft, curved). Yin elements should be introduced and then skillfully composed with Yang. I also realize you talk about overall lines and silhouettes so maybe a vertical break is okay in the top/bottom if the completer cardigan still contributes to overall vertical line. If you dont like the look of both loosely unconstructed pieces on both the top and bottom you can try alternating them. Typical FG Pinterest example No one needs to see that much of my legs! Your email address will not be published. The hem can be of any length but in contrast to the top of the garment (e.g. Avoid: Bodycon skirts like pencil skirts, flouncy skirts, or extremely tailored skirts. Shapes should be chunky, irregular, and have soft edges. She possesses a childlike essence thats daring and bold. Pay special attention to the fabric. Avoid: Fitted blouses, overly ornate blouses, fussy details, or blouses with stiff or constricting necklines. Wow, that was a lot of information to digest. You can try narrow, slinky dresses in substantial fabrics or wide and full dresses that are unconstructed. First and foremost, the kibbe system is full of nuance, and the rules have evolved and changed over the years. Be sure to accentuate your cheeks using blushes. On the other hand, delicate types of beauty (especially Summers) should rather stick to their natural color. David Kibbe recommends relatively short, boyish, and asymmetrical cuts. You want soft, flowing fabrics that hug your body, lengthen your vertical line, and give you a sweeping effect. Must-Have Pastel Clothing Options for Summer. You look great in skintight pants (stirrups, spandex, ribbed, etc.). IS A MULTI-DISCIPLINARY ARTIST currently focused on her Incredible Psychic Meow Tarot deck, Black Catwave project, Protea, and novel, 'Ghosts in Bones.'. Although personally, I think the wide-brim straight hats work as well! The Flamboyant Natural Kibbe body type is characterised by long, wide lines with blunt edges. MY [IDEAL] FLAMBOYANT GAMINE WARDROBE Striped Shirt Camisole Mock-neck Sweater Fitted Turtleneck Band Tee A Short Dress A Jumpsuit Oversized, Quirky Sweater (think 90's Dad) Cropped Cardigan Trousers Cropped, Straight-leg Denim Blazer Combat Boots Chelsea boots Sneakers Trench Coat Wool Coat The silhouette that a flamboyant gamine wears should be tomboyish, fitted, and cropped. seasonal color palette. The Kibbe types have three gamine body types, the gamine, soft gamine and the flamboyant gamine type. Decorations. Excess weight is normally stored from the waist down, with just a few exceptions. It would be interesting to see and hear your thoughts for how to integrate the golden mean into the FN outfits utilizing thirds and not constructing outfits that cut us in half. The Flamboyant Natural has a mainly natural core (which is defined as blunt yang), with dramatic (yang) undertone. The short size is usually very fit. Read on to learn more about this classification and how to use it to up your fashion game. It explains why I love to wrap up in giant cashmere shawls in winter but struggle to look good the other seasons. And the truth is, not all women of this type look like Liza. It can help explain why a certain trend in its original form might not work for you, or why certain silhouettes just dont flatter your shape. A large and rough heel, cone-shaped heel, bright palette, original models with decor, and asymmetrical details will be perfect. They follow the majority of the style lines and nod towards the Free Spirit Chic but have a modern sensibility to them. That paired with some cool boots, and a soft oversized coat is a perfect fall ensemble. You can try animal prints, tropical prints, and anything that has a boho or earthy vibe to it. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The Flamboyant Gamine has a mixture of natural features, typically a more robust build, with wider, straighter arms and long, muscular arms and legs. Avoid heavy or rough fabrics unless theyre a part of jackets. This effect will help to achieve not only a haircut but even a normal oblique parting. As a flamboyant natural, you guessed it, you are in the natural family. Avoid Stiletto pumps, delicate or strappy shoes, shoes with a lot of glitz or trim, and anything overly feminine in style. She often wears fitted clothes with obvious shaping and structuring, round edges, contrasting prints and patterns, and an overall sense of compact but . The below images show a slightly different, less idealized image of Audrey. Haircolor should be distinct and rich, notsoftened. If you decide to color your hair, choose a shade that is clear and vivid. Here are some flamboyant natural outfit ideas that Ive created that dont go strictly hippie or boho. The Flamboyant Gamine icon is Liza Minnelli. The makeup is exactly what a flamboyant natural should do- bold lip, defined cheekbones, and some eye emphasis. Glitzy details like shirring, heaving draping, and applique should be generally avoided or used extremely minimally. So you have strong yang to your body and features, but your body also has blunt edges. My one specific question relates to separates. It is recommended that short people keep vertical lines as long as possible to lengthen the figure optically. For the double-breasted style, its recommended to leave these unbuttoned. The presence of a specific youth of short height marks the female element of Yin. Asymmetrical details such as print, neck, sleeves, and even cut will be very useful. Kibbe recommends using a sultry eye shadow, accentuated cheeks, and a deep lipstick color, and it is recommended to avoid gloss in makeup during the day. Soft Gamine will look very different with a height of 155 cm and a weight of 50 kg than with a height of 170 cm and 70 kg. They can have warm or cool undertones and be either blended or high-contrast. And the trim you lean towards should be bold, oversized, irregular, OR clean and minimal. This color combination will look great and maintain your body types desirable boxy appearance. Therefore, models with an accent on the waist will be perfect. So I would use this as a starting point for your style journey. The contour should be geometric but not rough. You can go for the simple and straight or you can go with the full, sweeping sleeves. I think neutral brown shades that have some contrast to your skin work well for the FN. The Kibbe Flamboyant Gamine elements are the high neckline, sharp edges on the jacket, the mix of colours and textures, and the way that the stripes, waist tie and jacket break up the vertical line. STYLING TIP: Flamboyant Natural doesnt have to be boho and I dont think Kibbe ever promoted it. N. Created by. Feb 1, 2023 - Explore Veronika Simmons's board "Flamboyant gamine" on Pinterest. Korean Serums: 5 Best Serums That Are Worth Trying! Kerastase or Olaplex: What is more effective? Always keep an elongated vertical line with strong shoulders as the foundation of your outfit. Pants legs can and should be shortened to a length of 7/8 (3 to 5 cm above the ankle). It can be a reflection of the times trends, and it can be a personal style preference. At the same time, the influence of androgenic features is more significant. But dont be afraid to expand past it or adjust new styles once you have a good understanding of your natural silhouette and shape. Not long. Emphasize/contour your strong features: strong lips, strong eyes, or strong cheekbones. The more subtle and delicate facial features in each type of beauty are due to two quite enigmatic existing elements. The Flamboyant Gamine woman is generally more strongly built, with broader, straight arms and long, muscular, slightly sinewy arms and legs. Delicately sharp facial contours (nose, jaw, cheekbones). If you opt for extensions, use them to add a little volume, not to become Ariana Grande. In my opinion he means nude colors or colors that are too close to your skin color. In the silhouette of Audrey Hepburn, we do not find the soft, curved lines characteristic of female silhouettes, marked with the yin element. Jacket choose a straight cut, shortened, and with a clear line of shoulders. Kibbe recommends if you are bold, you could try bold, dramatic streaks for a lynx cat look. Animated patterns, as well as extremely creative styling and features that highlight your wit and humour, are wonderful choices. Women with the flamboyant gamine Kibbe body type are broad and angular. This hemline should not fall below the mid-knee. Przechowywanie lub dostp techniczny jest wymagany do tworzenia profili uytkownikw w celu wysyania reklam lub ledzenia uytkownika na stronie internetowej lub na kilku stronach internetowych w podobnych celach marketingowych. Read More: Safari Style Clothing Trends: Let The Journey Begin. Flamboyant Gamines classic style should be relaxed, and you must enter the Yin elements and combine them with the Yang elements. If you mix it up with non-athletic clothing, it will definitely not look like you were too lazy to change after the gym. Linen looks good. Women with a strong, defined beauty: Kelly Osbourne (158 cm, or 52) and Lea Michele (159 cm, or 52-53), present Yin and Yang styles. It also helps them accept and appreciate their bodies for how they are. Sweaters by Flamboyant Gamines should have a well-defined shape and slender knits or be thick and bulky and cropped, body-hugging fashions. If you opt for this style you may want to try a more tonal look with a bright and muted shade of the same color. It is important to strike a balance between outfits and accessories. Draped jersey works for evening wear but it should have minimal detail OR bold, broad details. Your makeup, just like your jewelry, can add the sophistication and elevated style the flamboyant natural needs for balance. Which may be the reason for some of the confusion. Be symmetrical, in body type or facial features. The key points are: keep it soft, but not too subtle or neat, and dont be afraid to add in some dramatic flair for a little bit more edge. And because of that, he suggests taking a more holistic and visual approach to which fabrics work for each type. Medium-density fabrics and lightweight materials are acceptable here. Currently, I work mainly with Ethereal Typology, created by me. Avoid tailoring, sharp seamlines, and stiff fabrics. Excess fabric, oversized silhouettes, soft edges are your sweet spots. Flamboyant Gamine types often show such a combination: large rounded eyes from Yin and a pointed nose from Yang. Nov 30, 2022 - Explore Vicki Conrad Martin's board "Flamboyant Gamine Clothing", followed by 179 people on Pinterest. The most important thing is, first of all, very fitting or tight-fitting cuts of clothes. A dropped or undefined waist, decorative tapes that cut the silhouette, and fringe trims are the perfect suggestions for the Flamboyant Gamine. Keep it extremely roomy with simple details and relaxed construction elements.