One day I just, while running in cruise control, hit the rear brake very mildly. Yes, wire length will not affect the Oil Pressure or Water Temperature readings. you have made a few errors I think. I have PAC-2750/2800BT, can I hook up and control more than one fan or a dual speed fan? At last, a GPS Speed sensor which can be considered something more. The T56 will put out a 17 Pulse per tailshaft revolution analog signal to the '93 ECM. Unfortunately, it would continuously drop the signal out right at 65, which means the speedo would drop down and come back. Both the CRC-1000 and CRC-2000 fit: Route a wire from there to the TACH input on your control box. It is recommended to use the supplied Dakota Digital sensors. Simply add a SEN-15-1 sensor to the GPS-50-2 input and you're done! 350 Engine, 350 Auto Trans. The GPS-50-2measures in at an easy-to-hide size of 4-3/4x 2-3/4x 1, and is completely covered by a two-year warranty. Updating the speed information 10 times per second provides tremendous accuracy, while the integrated omni-directional antenna provides for a wide range of installation flexibility. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Not always. The control module is small and unobtrusive on the dash, and the cruise control works as effectively as any system that comes with a newer vehicle. Dakota Digital offers universal cruise control kits for a variety of street rod, muscle car and classic truck applications! You can find the universal cruise control kit and many other accessories for your car on the Dakota Digital website. Which is not true. The Dakota Digital Accessories app can make installation a breeze! First, mattster03 is using an LS2 and the raw VSS signal, so his wire colors and DD dip switch settings are different. While holding Switch #2, turn the key ON this. My actual car won't have Drive-By-Wire. These will be different for nearly every application, so it is important to follow the instructions carefully with this step. Yes, you will need to add a relay with pin 87A tied to ground. This will ensure that your sender is in constant contact with the water in your cooling system. Follow the instructions and mount control box where you can get at it to make adjustments to the dip switches if needed. 2008-2010 Pontiac G8 GT (verify pedal connector type first) For more information, view the video Fuel Sensor Setup. Dakota Digital, Inc. 4510 W. 61st . Is the brake wire hooked up according to the diagram? It's a local show so I won't need cruise for it anyway. All rights reserved. Because of that, we mounted it behind the speedometer instead, which ended up working out perfectly. Below is a diagram which indicates how these connections will be made. What did the diagnostics show when you tested the system? Copyright Dad and I have been wanting to install cruise control in Carl since our 14-hour road trip driving him home when we first bought him, and now that we were just about to drive twice as long, we thought now would be a good time to do it. This affects the cruise control, so when I would haul our 5th wheel, which is almost always set at 65 on the freeway, the cruise would always drop out, making it very irritating to drive. Even went so far as to send the control box back to them and they tested it and told me there was nothing wrong with it but they did send back a new wiring harness which I did not use. This . Andrew. Installation requires few modifications at all to the vehicle. Offering a user selectable output of 4k, 8k, 16k PPM signals and a selectable signal type of a Sine Wave or Square Wave, the flexibility is endless. The DIM-1 provides rotary control of any backlight intensity, when the headlights are activated. There are many little parts but you'll learn that it is not too difficult to install. While the GPS-50-2is not designed to control a shift computer or shift pattern of the transmission, it is capable of supplying a 54,400 or 128K PPM signal to supply an ECM to ease some of those unique transmission swap situations! If this is your first visit, be sure to No, our instrument systems have built in flash memory, calibration settings will be retained. Is there already a solution for non-DBW stuff out there other than trying to wire in a factory module? We used the provided scotch-locks to access a constant power and the brake light switch for control. For our test vehicle, we chose this six-cylinder, 1966 Plymouth Valiant that we plan on driving until it is ripe for a V8swap. Possibly set all this to a switch, and then setup an indicator of current target idle on the dash. How do I calibrate the speedometer (AUTO CAL)? NEW - Plug and Play Cruise Control kits for LS Drive by Wire - by Dakota Digital It doesn't get much easier to add the cruise control function available to you through your use of a Drive By Wire throttle body! Like always, proper tools, processes, and consumables are recommended to ensure the job is completed as professionally as possible. As far as the direction of the wire, it's currently tied in directly at the cluster plug. The chart below gives a list of the most common senders and will cover most all vehicle applications. Totem, I calculated my ppKm to be roughly 20,600 pulse per kilometer. Here are the issues that I had: I had the exact same symptoms as you have when I first installed the system. Cruise Control Kits. No, not working yet - having a very busy week this week and not able to even look into it yet. 605-332-6513 (request a technician) Soldering and heat shrinking the extension harness is the recommend, if lengthening is required. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Mine is set output 2, OFF/OFF/ON/ON if I remember correctly GTO LS2 though so it might be different My writeup was written for LS1, others have added info for LS2. GSS-2000 Universal Gear Shift Sending Unit Mounting. Here is our complete staging area with all of the goodies that came in our kit. They have a kit from Dakota Digital that allows them to add aftermarket cruise control to the 56 Chevy. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Yes, wire length will not affect the speedometer readings. The most common reasons a Dodge Dakota cruise control isn't working are failed control module, sensor or switch issues, or throttle actuation problems. Dakota Digital, Inc. 4510 W. 61st St. N. Sioux Falls, SD 57107. It's behaviour is very erratic - sometimes it will engage, sometimes not. Did you have any problems making it work? No DIP switches, no guessing, no inaccuracies, period. The Cruise control requires some post-installation setup and configuration, allowing it to perform well in each scenario. Square wave VSS have 3 wires. Bill, thanks for the update. Self-learning calibration makes this system a snap touse, with no DIP switches or charts to follow! Having this in my car makes it a pleasure to drive. Download the Dakota Digital App on your Apple or Android tablet, then take a look at this how-to video: May I shorten the wires from my speed sensor harness? Convert a 16000ppm signal from a Hall Effect VDO signal generator to 8000ppm, 4000ppm, or 2000ppm to run a cruise control or fuel injection computer. When used in conjunction with a Dakota Digital RTX, HDX, VHX or VFD3 Instrument system, a simple connection to the control box addsaccurate Speed information, Compass heading, Altimeter data, and automatic Clock syncing, all with fully automatic calibration! When it comes to buying your kit, there is one specifically designed for electronic speedometers and there is another for cable driven speedometers. Copyright 2022 Holley Performance Products, Inc. All right reserved. Possibly somehow linked to the ECU? The transmission has a 2 wire inductive VSS and I have a VDO electric speedometer that is working perfectly. 2005-2013 Corvette In addition to some of the coolest gauges on the market, theres an entire section dedicated to other features and functions that you might want to check out. I'm not saying your write up isn't correct because it's obviously worked for a lot of people but something else is wrong with my setup. So long as the cruise control module connects between the DBW pedal and the ECU, then the ECU should simply see any output from the CC module as pedal movement. you must follow the thread. Dakota Digital offers three different cruise control options depending on the vehicle. Turn signal switch was faulty, had the exact problem with the last one I purchased last year the labor cost to evaluate the problem was $60 each they werent interested in making any restitution, they never even offered to pay the freight for the returns not impressed with Dakota Digital at all !!!!! Highly advanced electronic and software design allow the GPS-50-2to work unlike anything else, with accelerometers and predictive software to compensate for times when GPS inherently struggles: overpasses, mountains, tunnels, heavy tree cover, large buildings, passing large vehicles, etc. GM Connect & Cruise packages I have LED lights and installed a relay as per the instructions . they can be usefull for some diognostics, first page of the manual. 350 Engine, 350 Auto Trans. I have a HEI Distributor, can I get my Tach signal off of it for my control box? We even used an existing bolt to mount it above the drivers side fender. When Dakota Digital set out to create a GPS receiver, it was never to create just a means of driving a speedometer, but rather to extract as much useful information as possible, making the value of the product unlike anything else available. I've double and triple checked the wires to and from the devices. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. I have a LS3 6.2, 4L65E Transmission, and a Terminator X Max. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. Technical Support: Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (CST) Email Technical Support Motorcycle Automotive Thanks Totem, I was pretty sure it would be sine wave. The engine oil pressure isn't supported on the CAN so I had to wire that gauge separate. What type of switch do you have to control the unit? I just edited my post, so I don't want you to miss this line: what are the red and green status LED's doing? 1996-2023,, Inc. or its affiliates, Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2019. The signal wire will be tapped into so the SGI-5 can read it. I also have to unhook the battery every few days to reset the pcm as my engine starts running like crap and I lose a lot of power on WOT. How do I know what fuel sender I have in my vehicle? The GPS-50-2was completely Designed and Built in the USA, specifically made for the custom automotive market and the unique challenges which exist. Determining a logical mounting location for the servo module can allow for a simpler installation, easier calibration, or future troubleshooting, Johnson said. From Dakota Digital Direct plug-in cruise control for GM LS drive-by-wire engines, the CRC Series plugs directly into your OEM LS throttle pedal for not only simple installation, but reliable operation and connectivity. Also LED tail lights will keep it from engaging but there is a work around using a relay. The Digital Ratio Adapter Controller (DRAC) Processes inputs from the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS), and outputs signals to the Speedometer, Electronic Control Module (ECM), Cruise Control Module and the Rear Wheel Anti-lock Brake (RWAL) Module. We have been driving the Plymouth with the cruise control in it for several weeks now and have nothing but positive feelings about it. Here's a quick test file I whipped up, would work on a Terminator X Max with DBW if you don't need the extra output. #3. We started our install by mounting the speed sensor. Additionally, it should be mounted away from the ignition coil or ignition module to avoid potential interference from the high voltage output they produce. An unanticipated problem was encountered, check back soon and try again. The manuals are available as an Adobe PDF file to view on-line or download and view/print later. Additionally, an output is provided for a cruise-on indicator. I have many PM's telling me that the setup I have written if followed perfectly will work. Ive installed many of these on Gen4's with 6l80's and E38 ECM's. This EROD package uses a E67 ecm, but the main issue is getting the correct speed signal. 0% 10 % of the time it's the Control Module 0% 10 % of the time it's the Sensor 0% 80 % of the time it's the Throttle Common Repairs Throttle Position Sensor Replacement For a Diesel application, you will generally need to purchase a Dakota Digital SGI-100BT, which can be done right from -Scott Johnson, Dakota Digital. For now, its a low-mileage survivor that starts without fail, and could take a trip from Seattle to Los Angeles in a heartbeat. **GPS-50-2 Supersedes the GPS-50-1, GPS-50-2: GPS Speed/ Compass Sender/ BIM Wiring and Setup Manual, Technical Support: Access to the dip switches is simple, and setting the switches based on engine parameters, sensitivity, transmission, and other variables allows the cruise control to function properly. Once the engine is running the, Switch #1 may be released, navigating to the AUTO CAL selection. Generally not. Sometimes after being engaged it will just quit. Come join the discussion about performance, racing, conversions, modifications, troubleshooting and drivetrain. 2010-2015Camaro Share. I'll work on a sample file later in either Terminator X V2 or EFI V6. It looks like the sensor will be a perfect fit, and the threads seem to match up, but that bolt prevents it from fitting straight. Do I need to bleed my cooling system in my car after installing my Temp Sender? Want to use the GPS-50-2 to activate a cruise controI system? ~Follow Ellie~ Instagram: GPS technology offers many benefits in todays world. I'd like to install a Cruise Control unit. Every component you need to install cruise control into your classic car is included with the kit; you won't have to stop working to run out and get wires or connectors, even the instructions are very precise. No DIP switches, no guessing, no inaccuracies, period. TheCRC-1000obtains its information from the included diagnostic connector and throttle pedal connections, allowing an extremely simple installation for drive-by-wire GM CAN busapplications. The CRC-2000 variation features a discrete VSS input (fixed 4,000 PPM, your application may require the use of an SGI-100BTif a 4,000 PPM signal is not present), usable when a diagnostic connector is unavailable. Yes, on one end of the MSD ignition module will be an output marked TACH OUTPUT. Add a second wire from the BAT terminal on the HEI Distributor to a key on switched 12V supply. On VFD and VHX System with the key turned off, press and hold Switch #2. This is a Dakota Digital cruise control system installed with a magnetic pickup on the driveshaft. The DD unit looks identical to the Rostra unit I put in. A forum community dedicated to hot rod owners and enthusiasts. It was relatively easy to set up. Our car has a cable driven speedometer, and we ended up being able to use the in-line speed sensor. With MSD digital modules, the MSD 8920 Adaptor may be required. Read . I thought I should finish this thread off as I have the cruise control working now. Do I need to run a dedicated ground to the control box or gauge from my fuel sender? When routing this harness, take care to isolate this from ignition components or anything which induce electrical noise. George Vondriska and Brent Ackley give a cruise control update overview. The Dakota box should probably be placed between the output of the ECM 4k PPM to convert the signal to you current speedometer requirements. Having a hard time getting the cruise to work. Water Sender (resistive based) Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Street Muscle, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! I'm using the stock type which worked out very well on my steering column which is out of a Camaro. There is also an option for an in-line speed sensor that screws to either your transmission or your speedometer, or a magnetic speed sensor that uses the spinning motion of your driveline to generate the speed signal for the control module. If the cruise control acts directly on the TB, then you will likely have problems? I just picked a random tune file to do it on. The CRC-1000 is ideal for applications using allmatched OEM drivetrain control components. If you don't find what you need, Dakota Digital Technical Support is here to help with your installation questions. My DD is wired up according to the sticky (Pez did all my wiring). Inputs for power, ground, and a connection toyour existing brake light switch are all that is required (along with VSS input on CRC-2000). My module's shot and I'm having a hard time finding a functioning replacement, plus I'm doing an aftermarket steering wheel so I won't have the stock controls anymore. Great news Bill, sounds like a new module or switch is in order. The clock, however, will be reset with each loss of constant power. 85 = ground wire is disconnected or open Never got speedo back. Feel free to review the product knowledgebase, containing a plethora of diagrams and videos to assist in your installation! Thanks for the reply but that post doesn't apply to my situation and I've already looked at it. Top off your coolant and repeat as needed. The FUEL TEST mode found in most Dakota Digital instrument systems can also help to narrow this down. JavaScript is disabled. Yes, just connect your wire up to the SPD SND terminal on the control module. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. This video provides an in-depth look at the backlight brightness options: The HDX and RTX Series can be easily configured for wireless control. MANUALS / SUPPORT; CAREERS; CLEARANCE; FIND A DEALER; SHOP TOUR; CONTACT US; Automotive > Cruise Control. Can I put my gauge cluster into DEMO mode, for display at an event, or testing purposes? Getting the servo chain set up was a bit of a challenge, but we worked out a u-bolt system on a piece of aluminum to grip the carburetor linkage. I swapped gauge clusters and got my odometer back and tach for a day but lost the tach again. I have the same unit in my 38 Chevy. For any BIM-compatible control boxes which contain the 3.5mm headphone jack BIM input, add part number 394193 adaptor harness. No problem! I'm getting zilch. I am getting my car ready for a long road trip. After setting the switches, we found a nice place to mount the servo motor so that it was out of the way and did not require extensive modifications to place. I have a customer with a LSx and Terminator X Max with Drive-By-Wire who has successfully used the Dakota Digital DBW cruise control on his car. Dakota Digital sells a universal aftermarket cruise control kit that is easy to install and can be used on nearly any vehicle. I have a customer with a LSx and Terminator X Max with Drive-By-Wire who has successfully used the Dakota Digital DBW cruise control on his car. The fan controller needs to be mounted inside the cabin of the vehicle, out of the elements. I asked that if he has no solutions that the system be replaced or refunded. When you consider that we had to stop along the way to make sure we got good pictures, you could easily do this in one day or a casual weekend of work. Like many automotive projects, pre-installation planning is key. '49 Ford Coupe - sorry to hear you had these same problems - sure is frustrating, but it is comforting to know the problem is not just me. I had to purchase their SGI 5e module to reduce the ppm being fed to the cruise control module. If performing a SPEED CAL (AUTO CAL) within a VFD3, VHX or RTX System, the Switch #1 must be pressed while starting the engine, allowing entrance into the setup menu. A drive-by-wire (DBW) unit for GM LS engines, a DBW throttle body, and a cruise control system for cable-driven and electronic speedometers. Fuel (resistive based) When used in conjunction with a Dakota Digital RTX, HDX, VHX or VFD3 Instrument system, a simple connection to the control box adds accurate Speed information, Compass heading, Altimeter data, and automatic Clock syncing, all with fully automatic calibration! Thoughts? The new ashtray when we first bought it compared to the original one (left), the new ashtray after we modified it (center), and the control panel installed on the dash (right). Don't know if it will work, but you could try calling Rostra (since that's who makes it for DD) and perhaps their tech department knows more. the guy(s) I talked to with DD didn't seem to know much since it's a name branded product they didn't design or manufacture.. Here is an overview of the process: Cruise Control FAQ's My Cruise Control will not engage, I have LED taillights and your Cruise Control, do I need an extra relay? I have and SGI on the way, I will post a reply here to let everyone know whether it works. -- = shorted sender or signal wire shorted to ground. Cruise Control Accessories. A less-common modern feature to find on a classic car is cruise control. Connect the Black wire to SPD and the White wire to SPD SND on the control module. Some good news - I took a trip to a Cruise Night last night in a town a little over an hour away. Self-learning calibration makes this system a snap to use, with no DIP switches or charts to follow! We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. Compatible Dakota Digital instrument system: RTX, HDX, VHX and VFD3 systems with a black plastic control module. The final product is definitely worth the minimal effort and modification that is required for the simple installation. It will never resume after braking. And then you used the know to offset your idle to cruising RPM and have some sort of gear lockout when the knob is active. Tweet. Direct plug-in cruise control for GM LS drive-by-wire engines, theCRC Series plugs directly into your OEM LS throttle pedal for not only simple installation, but reliable operation and connectivity.