Then later, the richest people in TV, the keys to success and DNCE teams up with Rod Stewart? Today, we remember the late Greg Lake with a shortened mini frenzy. Promote. Weve all had one of those mornings, and well, Mark has had one that just gets better and better. We give you the run down of our California return, Walker's travel experience, being out in the world, and Mark getting to talk face to face to someone besides Lynda. Today we have some tough news to share but we soldier on into All or Nothing Day, what do women really want, the most loved sports figure of all time, and a Cool Stories quick hit. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more on M&L! . Mothers Day Fun Facts and Mothers Day Horoscope cuz hey, thats this Sunday! His last day at KLOS was August 17, 2012. . Also on todays show, On This Day in History, listener comments, and Marks movie recommendation of the season. Liked. Reviews. Weve got all those answers for you plus some Top 10 lists, a Christmas Iddy Biddy Theater featuring the RG, Katie and Bradley, and your Drunk Matt questions get answered by the drinkin man himself. Erstellte Podcasts Von den Medien empfohlen . On this Friday the 13th its feeling quite zombie-esque out there! What Year Is It, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more! Even just hearing some of these clips will have you spooked. About. Walker chimes in on some covers of Missing You during a CSIM, a good reason to get more sleep, men have better sex when its with who, the deadliest jobs in America, and do you live in a happy state (NJ is a very happy state so zip it Mark.) Today on M&L weve got a Roy Rogers Cool Stories, its time to drink pot, why people cheat on business trips, what women are really attracted to in men, and we announce the winner of Marks Pumpkin Challenge 2019. Fireworks, check. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, What Year Is It (with no bets) and more on M&L! Hello February and hello Super Bowl! What happens to all the letters for Santa? Today on M&L Mark gets Lynda in a tizzy about his hair, weve got the scariest movies according to science, at what age do you reach your peak, what would you need to be happy, and some information about the RHOF live stream and how you can ask Mark & Brian a question. For PR Pros Overview; Media Database; Monitoring and Alerts; Pitching; Collaboration; . Skeeters got Comments, On This Day, and more Fun Facts baby! On todays filthy show Mark and Lynda both learn the word polyamorous from Nina Hartleys married sex life, what are women attracted to, what occupation has the most sex, Italys Orgy Island, and what is a MILF according to Wikipedia. Mitglied werden . Joni Mitchell was honored for her legendary musical career with The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize on Wednesday night. Were all about masturbation, working out in the buff, Sex Trends for 2018, and the 10 Secrets of Happy Couples. These will be answered plus so much more, and we call Amy. The Thompsons are ready for the 4th. Comin in hot today with some masturbation tips, fantasies women use when masturbating and things men see that cause them to go rub one out. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter, What Year Is It and more! Forbes called Mark one of "America's Top Venture Investors with the 'Midas Touch'." PRIVACY POLICYCopyright 2023 M&L Studios. Well you asked for it and now you got it, Mark reads from the dictionary on todays show. All that plus, On This Day in History and your boss sucks! Podcasts. I read a newspaper article about your book and gave it a try. Today we have Old Town Road history, the benefits of sex, single, married, kids or no kids whos the happiest, porn stars to break the record, what is your food delivery guy doing to your food, he had how many what, and Those are not mine and I dont know how it got there! Comments with Skeeter, What Year Is It, Cool Stories Quick Hit and more on M&L! 4100. Later, Mark has a list of sexy treats to spice up your holiday season, and we reveal the best part of the day to have sex. All that plus, On This Day in History and how we like our steaks cooked. Mark is a little rusty on how to do his podcast, Lynda tries to save us from Baby Shark, would this cause you to drop your boyfriend, how to test the freshness of your eggs, why did she do it, and the worlds most famous groupie. We recap our "rare" Thanksgiving, some more Producer 101 from Mark and the Saban Show, Top 50 dumbest decisions in music histo. Yes, its a thing. 6,000 likes. Also, On This Day in History, Ideas for sexing up Christmas, and we call Cody Decker for an update on his baseball career. Comments with Skeeter and more on M&L! Listen to MIP | Make It Plain with Rev. Marks eyebrows waxed! On todays episode we hear Elle Kings cover of Khias My Neck, My Back, On This Day In History, Danny voices for Itty-Bitty Theater, and the 7 Texts From Lynda That Sound Dirty. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and much more! Happy New Year!. We need a new game (maybe make Lynda spell stuff,) On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and much more! On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with your girl and much more on M&L! Lifestyle Relationship Comedy Mark Thompson Weve Got Health and Well-Being. A lot going on in the Thompson house, trying to prevent the gym from turning into Jumanji and Walker may need to get a new groomer. What Year Is It, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more! Today on M&L Mark acknowledges his problem of proclaiming people dead, the holiday season is here and weve got the most popular places to hide presents, how much the 12 days of Christmas would cost you in 2021, which astrological sign is most likely to cheat, and a spontaneous call with Amy. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more! This week: The Top 10 Sexiest Songs, Comments with Skeeter, True Confessions. Weve got some fun stories from our trip, Top 10 dog names, a director has been doing the nasty, would you want to know when youre going to die, and sex robots anyone? Were freezing cold and our pipes might be frozen, but the conversation is nice and hot today. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter, and a butt load of Birthday Chickens today on M&L! Weve also got Weird & Wacky News, Itty-Bitty Theater and slang terms for the male genitals to wet your whistle. Skeeters got your comments and Mark calls up David Armstrong to talk about their film, The Assassins Code. What Year Is It, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more today on M&L! So we leave you with the Top 10 Elvis movies, what 3 in 5 women have a problem with, how you can know if a guy has a huge member, and the Mothers Day message. M&L Studios. Have a Happy Mommas Day yall. Just finished reading your book. Whos side are you on, Tom or Peter? You Hate to Hear It, Iddy Biddy Theater, Comments with Skeeter and more today on M&L! The 28-year-old grew up in Brookfield, where his parents still live. Today on M&L its our last show for 2020 and weve got plenty of holiday treats! The Mark and Lynda podcast will . On This Day, Comments with the lovely Skeeter, What Year Is It and more! . . M&L returns with whatever Mark had laying around and we go all the way back to Christmas since thats where we left you! After this past weeks tragedies we attempt to move forward. Today on M&L weve got the best of Car Wash News, the worst TV shows of all time, fantastic food facts, why fewer people are getting married, which car gets most hits on dating sites, and the #1 stress about going out to eat. Skip to main content. Today weve got the Top 5 Commodores and Top 5 Lionel Richie songs, things said to kids by cops and teachers, the drunkest states in the US (Drunk Matt should do a tour,) a girlfriend from Hell, and business is booming for naked cleaning companies. Weve got updates on them, Marks review of the Elvis movie, 4th of July by the numbers, what should you put on a hot dog, and a Cool Stories. Today we learn the RG is a bit telephone challenged as we try and get Donny Osmond on the phone to share a great Birthday video, we recap the now 63 year olds birthday and Thanksgiving with the kids, Cool Stories Quick Hit, Relationship Help, Comments with Skeeter, the return of the Birthday Santa and more on M&L! On todays show we run down the top 10 albums of all time, artists that should be inducted in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and new Bet Ya Didnt Know. Today on M&L we check in with Amy and the launch of her new website, we try and get some trash talk out of Bradley, some more stuff we cant get to due to Marks ranting, and a Cool Stories Frenzy. Also, weve got another cover of Khias My Neck, My Back hit song to share with ya and this one is gold. Today we talk about our 36th Anniversary trip to Destin, Florida and our memories there, then weve got Guilty Pleasures, Melissa McCarthy best movies, Hollywoods highest paid actors and actresses, Men vs Women Jokes, whats in your glove compartment, and whats your favorite french fry. (if thats your thing). We answer these questions plus a listener-sent You Hate To Hear It, Spanish Sex Doll Brothels, and a crazy story of a man caught naked in a tree. Contribute. On todays show: M&L finally tasted a burger from Sonic, Dan Savages advice on gangbanging (the sexual term- not the thug kind) and Nasty the Clown pays us a visit. Next week: Spookiness afoot. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more! And, why does Danny think Celine Dion is full of shit? Journal of Individual Psychology;Winter2007, Vol. Today we start to chip away at Marks backed up topics with the Top 10 happiest states, 40 unknown uses for WD-40, a tribute to Rick Ocasik, and lost Fun Facts from the back of the cabinet. Were all ready for Spring so weve got some Spring Fun Facts! and more on the Sabon Show Early Access. 1 hour 32 minutes Posted Feb 24, 2023 at 10:01 am. Don Goettling, Gino Fronti, Neal Weichel and Mark Thompson from the Mark and Brian show, talk more about Mark and Linda's new podcast and . What Year Is It, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more! Plus, slang terms for Fucking and can Mark correctly choose Lyndas favorite pic? Its Mark and Lynda yall! On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more today on M&L! Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, What Year Is It and more! Top 10 Best Horror Films according to Vudu, Top 10 Best Horror Villains, Top 10 Best and Worst Halloween candies, fun crafts for Halloween, Disney World is haunted, would you spend Halloween night in a graveyard, and Halloween Fun Facts. Then later Katie calls in with her own update on her root canal; did she survive? The 79-year-old singer was honored at the annual event held at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington D.C., with a number of luminaries joining her. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day and much more on M&L! Today the title says it all, we got the latest on Bon Jovis singing, two one hit wonders never heard from again in a Cool Stories, and be sure to tip your plumber. Music. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more on M&L! Merry Christmas all you sexy people! Marks got the phone working! Add to My Queue Download . Happy Holidays!!! Iddy Biddy Theater, On This Day, Cool Stories Quick Hit and Comments with your girl Skeeter, all today on M&L! The Chief Executive Podcast. During the early years of their marriage, Mark became principal at Brunswick North West Primary. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. He also announced that Cool Stories in Music will be . Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, and the Birthday Turkey has begun! Happy Holidays and Have a Wonderful 2017! Today we discover another reason why Mark is a pig, plus listener comments on twice baked potatoes, anal and scotch. All that plus, Mark and Eleni rehearse lines during a pee break and a round of 5 Seconds. Today on M&L who will win the Oscar, the top 5 most sinful states, how much money is life changing for you, the 3 songs that Elvis recorded in Palm Springs and its Lyndas turn with her Top 11 Elvis songs. Lynda Thompson- #MUFON Investigative Researcher/Contactee Discusses Her Experience & Career In #UFOlogy by Total Disclosure: UFOs, Conspiracies & Pop Culture 114 min listen A Halloween Special Edition- #TDP- Marky-Mark Tells His INSANE UFO encounter- UAP report Turned in & More Happy Halloween! On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and much more! Later we assist listener Christy with her relationship questions, and On This Day in History. The Mark & Lynda Podcast. Today, Mark has got a rant, and he invites Cody Decker to join him, so you can forget most of whatever else we had planned. Plus, M&L taste test unique chocolate, the household workout, the celebrities who lost their fortunes, and how dirty are those restaurant lemons? In The World Of Things. He is also a veteran TV news personality, having spend time working in Denver, Los Angeles and New York, with eight years at San Francisco's KRON-TV. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more! And weve got a wonderful Kenny Rogers Frenzy. Beliebte Podcasts Beliebte Shows heute. Today, as we sit here with sore bodies from all this #sheddingforthewedding, weve got a You Hate To Hear It Double Feature, Mark introduces us to The Winchester Mystery House, the Hollywood Reporters 25 Favorite Villains, whats your idea of a perfect day, why John Schneider wants to go to jail, new movies this weekend and guess what she found in her bag of grapes. Its the M&L Christmas Special! All with a not-so-there goatee on Marks face, Its Shark Week and weve got Shark Fun Facts and Jaws Fun Facts, the largest animal to ever exist, are hairy chested men endangered, how to get unwanted guests out of your home, maybe think about looking in your toilet before sitting down, and what you shouldnt do if youre late for a flight. Also, doing it in the car, listener comments, On This Day in History, and whats hidden up what? Today on M&L Walker is going through a 2am playtime phase but thats not slowing us down as we have some news, Mark challenges Matt to join in on the latest fashion trend for men, how much weight did you gain during the lockdown, no more Twitter for Teigen, and we have the perfect song for Greek Independence Day. Today on M&L weve got the negative side of Barney the dinosaur, are you on autopilot, our plans to continue podcasting from California (thats right!) Today on M&L we discuss who initiates most divorces, what states have the highest well being, how often do you wash your hair, the #1 cocktail in most cities, who is Mac Davis to Elvis, and we try to call Elvis old phone. Verwerfen. Thompson announced on his podcast he would be returning to morning radio in Los Angeles and that he would be doing morning drive from his home studio in North Carolina. Home. Weve got the Top 10 male and female dog names, Top 10 coffee drinking countries, a very inspiring story, and Katie reminds us how Lynda likes well, you know. Halloween is around the corner and in celebration Mark reveals his top 10 scary Halloween movies. Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, squeaky toys from Walker, What Year Is It and more! With just two more weeks until Christmas we bring you a Cool Stories White Christmas Controversy, can you hear pumpkin pie in this holiday classic, there is a new and better way to put lights on your tree, and brace yourself, Mark feels the need to give you this mashup of I Wish/Master of Puppets. Congratulations to our amazing 26 finalist artists for our 2023 Unearthed Art Prize. 0:00. The Mark & Lynda Podcast. It's a very friendly spot and these are first-class treats. Mark opens the show with his life threatening experience at the dentist this week, brace yourselves. Get ready to get yo groove on to the 20 Greatest Motown Songs of all time! Mark Thompson. And as the RG says, on this first summer weekend go get hot, get sweaty and get laid! Poor Red has a bit of an accident on our return home, we inform you of the songs you think are Motown but ARE NOT, the history of the middle finger, how long did it take for you to fart around your spouse, and an Alabama joke. CALL IN | 307-222-1899. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more! Available on Google Play Store. She was apart of MUFON Experiencer Resource Team (ERT) member that assists abductees and experiencers. That plus Fashion Trends and a list of mens first names that are likely to have kids this year Matthew? This week: Marks top 10 Halloween movies of all time, a cool clip of Vincent Price recording his part on Michael Jacksons Thriller, and Comments with Skeeter will not be forgotten. The Top 20 best sitcoms of all time, 9 airplanes sold at auction that you could have had, the latest TV Top 10, and Cool Stories for Little Richard and Betty Wright. On This Day, a Cool Stories, Comments with Skeeter and more! Comments with Skeeter, On This Day, What Year Is It and more! Today we discuss the 10 signs youre in a healthy relationship, guys reveal what they love about sex, and the worlds view of American dating. My new favorite place is the Duck Donuts in Virginia Beach I've been visiting lately. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more on M&L! Add to My Podcasts. Happy October! Then later, we play back an interview with Tyler Hilton who just stopped by the studio for a great walk down memory Mark & Brian lane, shared some great stories of his career and we get to hear some of his new album live! Reviews. Today we pay tribute to Elvis on the day he died, do people still take a Summer vacation, what day of the week do we do our best work, who is happier after divorce, whats your favorite sandwich, and weve got the Mark & Brian Miller Beer commercial. On This Day, lots of comments with Skeeter, What Year Is It and more on M&L! Entdecken. Today on M&L are movie theaters a thing of the past, what movie quote do you use all the time, its Black Friday every Friday, and those crazy prop people. On todays show: Masturbation tips for men, Riverside County is looking for snitches, and you wouldnt believe how much R2-D2 sold at auction. Today Marks got a couple of lists, and he actually gets to them! Today on M&L Mark has some rants per usual, Walker is testing his boundaries, weve got the scariest movie of all time, another bad boy women are freaking out over, have you ever quit a job in an unusual way, and the Top 5 driving songs. Episodes. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more on M&L! Then weve got some messed up stories about cheating, why a Bride To Be cancelled her wedding, vending machine meat, the #1 thing done on a date that leads to marriage, and why we cant get pregnant (not us! Cool Stories, On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and much more! Lets do this . A rocky start on the tech side today but here we are! Do you smell that? We also discuss the Von Miller sex tape and share a joke from listener Doug. Lyndas excited for some President Fun Facts, but shes not excited for the You Hate to Hear It Double Feature. Lets hope he makes it from the airport Then we have the remainder of bad cheating stories, Slashs divorce is final, a High School football team did what, whens the best time for certain activities, and do the Lilo! Fathers day is here and were all about dads, but dont call Mark on Sunday because hell be at Five Guys and only cares about his burger and fries. Oscar season is upon us and weve got some interesting facts about Hollywoods biggest night. Happy August! Its December 6th. Weve got lots of show for you today on M&L! Mark LaMarr Thompson (born December 1, 1955) is an American radio personality (disc jockey) and occasional actor, best known for the nationally syndicated Mark & Brian morning show. Its true, people love to watch porn on Christmas day and in case youre wondering where to watch it, weve got you covered with the most popular Santa porn search words. Also, a debate sparks over the Top 10 Burgers in America, Confessions with Monique Anderson and Birthday Chickens are flying out the coop.