Dec. 2 . We offer a wide variety of services to the public including: Living History programs for Classroom or Public Festivities, Ceremonial Services for Patriotic days of observance,and Battle Reenactment and Civil War themed events to educate the public. We are currently recruiting volunteers. Attached are the 1st Arkansas Artillery and 1st Arkansas Civilian Corps. Research Center Table (CA), Surrey County Civil of the District of Columbia Read more, Come celebrate the upcoming 156th Battle of Mobile Bay Sponsored by the 6th Alabama Cavalry and the Alabama Division of Reenactors. War Round Table (NC) (MA), Civil War Round Table of West Side Victorian Dancers meet 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m., Hales Corners Library. Open to new members. Re-enactor and Living History group honoring Roddey's 4th Alabama Cavalry (CS) and the 1st Alabama Cavalry (US). Our members currently reside in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Sacramento CWRT (CA) (PA), Irwin If you want to be the best on the field and have fun in camp, CHECK US OUT! We are a lively group of living historians attending a monthly engagement at Fort Tejon. Civil War Reenacting unit in Tennessee, North Alabama, and North Mississippi. See y'all in the field! The 4th Maryland Light Artillery is a family-oriented group that is based in MD and comprised of members from MD, PA and VA. of Northern New Jersey, Puget Or give a traveler a detailed view of an unfamiliar train station. Civil War Days will take place June 4 and 5 2022 at the Manitowoc County Historical Society, 924 Pinecrest Road, Manitowoc WI 54220. We are a family oriented Confederate artillery group . We have been around since 1989. of the Civil War Whether youre expanding your ridesharing operations into Australia or deploying a two-wheeler service in India, weve got you covered with detailed, high-quality data for urban areas and cities around the globe. War: An Exhibition The 7th Kentucky is a non-profit Education Corporation in Kentucky. Confederate Infantry re-enactors based in Oklahoma from Tulsa to Oklahoma City looking for recruits. Junior member of Sons of the Union Veterans - Camp #45, 82nd OVI Co. D is a family unit doing reenactments, living history, and talks on Civil war. J.R. Wyatt (901)355-0701 or 1st Lt. Paladen Harris (901)229-7774. Re-enactments, living history events. for Media and Learning Also known as Cameron's Highlanders. Caution: Milsurpia does not support or condone any extremist, or anti-American organizations or activities. Table (FL) We work for education and preservation / safty stressed /. And that's not including weaponry: An M1 Garand will put you out $700 to $900, while other period guns cost less than $100. 26th Replacement Group (26th Ersatz Gruppe) Living History Group. Our Mailing Address, not the sutler tent. Civil War Reenactment Groups The American Civil War, fought between 1861 and 1865, continues to live on in the form of living history reenactments. About The 28th County Civil War Round Table, Panama City, FL Mackinaw River Valley Civil War Reenactors. We are a national, multi-state organization. Surrey County Civil We are looking for some good men who are proud of their heritage. Part of the Palmetto Bn. Association, Revision Some of these historical recreations even take place on actual American Civil War battlefields. Our event is held around the 18th of Aug. and this years event is free, next year there will be a small registration feeplease try to come out his year, but email for registration forms space is limited 814-827-1998 leave a message if no answer. Baylor We are a family oriented unit with members from Northcentral Arkansas and Southcentral Missouri. One who has an itch and been thinking about becoming a part of a unit. Dearborn,Michigan, US, Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park, 5890 Battlefield Trail Road, Sanderson, Florida 32087, US, 11210 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville, Florida, United States, Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site 5466 Harper House Rd, Four Oaks 27524, North Carolina, United States, 11232 Tidewater Trl, Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States, 8895 George Collins Parkway, New Market, Virginia, United States, Battle on the Ohio-Erie Canal 198 Main Street, Zoar, Ohio, United States, 3999 Pioneer Village Rd, Waynesville, Ohio, United States, 800 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, Ohio,United States, Mill Creek Ranch Resort,1880 North Trade Days Boulevard,Canton, Texas, United States, Huntington Beach, California, United States, Red Lion Hotel, 1830 Hilltop Drive Redding, California, United States, 506 E. Douglas St., Prairie Grove, Arkansas, United States, 120 Chatham Ln, Spotsylvania Courthouse 22405, 2901 Point Mallard Dr SE Decatur, AL 35601, United States, 1195 W Circle Dr SW, Rochester, Minnesota, USA, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325, United States, 1322 Rocky Hollow Rd, Atkins, Virginia 24311, USA, 1610 Fort Fisher Blvd South Kure Beach, North Carolina, US, 137 Strathearn Pl, Simi Valley, CA 93065, USA, 5466 Harper House Rd, Four Oaks, North Carolina, United States, DOCUMENTARY TIP: "The Ultimate Civil War Series". Civilian and military reenactors who prefer to demonstrate Living History presentations and first person impressions at events, Co.A,3rd Frontier District,33rd Battalion,Texas State Troops, Civil War Reenactments/Living History/Parades/Grave Dedications/Parades.Artillery,Dismounted Cavalry, Infantry, or combination. We do Navy, Army, and some Marine impressions as well as civilian impressions of all kinds. We are currently looking for some good recruits to fill our ranks. Civil War Indian Fighters! Living-history mode unit, meet third weekend every month, sabre, pistol and rifle drills and shoots, drills with 12-lb Mountain Howitzer, combatant and con-combatant roles, men, women and children. Each unit has a different function and will provide a much different experience. If you're interested in volunteering as a Civil War reenactor, the entire kit (including uniform, canteen, weapon and leatherwear) will cost about $850 to $1,500 [source: Miller ]. The Governors Guards are a dual impression progressive/campaigner unit that is a part of the Southeast Coalition of Authentic Reenactors (SCAR)We strive for historical accuracy. Fort Tejon Historical Association Page Stanford's Mississippi Horse Drawn Battery, We are a Horse Drawn Artillery Unit. Under the broad name of "Army of the Southwest Civil War Reenactors" we encompass the 4th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, 9th Kentucky Infantry, Third Iowa Light Field Artillery, Cobbs Battery (Confederate) and the 7th Iowa Cavalry. This is one the best new units in SC. Authentic Union Army fife and drum unit specializing in ceremonies, presentations, civic events, parades and reenactments. A family-friendly unit with members from all parts of Virginia that participates in battle reenactments, living histories, parades, ceremonies, school programs, and National Park Service events. Family friendly unit. Army of Northern Virginia is a family oriented organization. fidiral de France (France CWRT) We have a company in NY, FL, GA and SC any one interested we would love to have you to help fill our ranks. Civil War Victorian Society of America We look forward to seeing you on the field with us in the future. Lynchburg Civil War The Florida Civil War reenactment of the Battle of Olustee includes gun smoke, booming cannons and cavalry at Olustee Battlefield State Historic Park. Torn between two businesses? Based in the Rockford, IL Battery G participates in battle reenactments, living history encampments, parades, ceremonies and educational presentations. Company K of the 28th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment is a Civil War Reenacting Unit located in Central Florida. War Round Table (GA) Visit website for more information. Our headquarters is in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada and our members come from all over the province of Ontario. 3rd Minnesota Company C Cavalry Originated from Brackett's Battalion out of Fort Snelling at the beginning of the Civil War. To carry a musket into battle, members must be at least 16 years of age and have one parent or guardian with them on the field of battle at all times. J.E.B. Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital attached to Alexander's Battalion Artillery of Longstreet's Corps. Based in Southern Connecticut with members from NY to MA, we are looking for new recruits to participate in events held throughout New England and to Virginia and further when desired. Bay Email for info. It was a Confederate victory; Union forces retreated to Jacksonville. At Civil war reenactments, reenactors recreate the battles, daily lives and most important events that happened during the Civil war. Non-political org. Quality Historical Men's Military Uniforms and Civilian (MA) of the Civil War, Gilder Lehrman Institute of Societies, Maryland The 4th Texas Company E is a volunteer organization portraying soldiers and civilians from the American Civil War. Lincoln Group of New York Watch "The Ultimate Civil War Series" on Amazon Prime. Charlottesville Civil War Round Table (VA) If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. We occasionally venture 'down South' for some of the major reenactments. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Delaware Genealogical Society Supported by a variety of programming venues, each Adventure Camp is customized to match the age, skills and knowledge level of your group. We primarily portray a union infantry unit, but also do heavy artillery as a secondary impression. Children of the Confederacy Parts of the 3rd were used to put down the Sioux uprising in Minnesota in 1862. We are currently looking for members who want to keep history alive. Early Preservation Trust Onondaga County Civil War Round Table (NY) The 12th New Jersey Company F is a nonprofit American Civil War Re-enacting organization, which strives to accurately portray the common New Jersey Volunteer Union soldier during the time of the American Civil War. Most members from PA., NJ., Del.& Va. Cav unit that integrates mounted with dismounted. War Round Table (VA) Please contact us. Pipe Creek CWRT (Carroll County, MD) We are looking for new recruits who will help us man our 12pdr Field Howitzer and Limber. Society TMHS: Texas Military Historical Society. Take part in one of the Sooner State's popular living history events that breathe new life into eras of Oklahoma history long gone, but never forgotten. Union Artillery U.S. Civil War unit. Bull Run CWRT (VA) Living Historians. We maintain two social media pages. 3. Calif.). We are a family-oriented; we have something for everone. It entered service in 1862 and was discharged in 1865. A Civil War Reenactment Group located in East Tenn.We are a horse drawn unit. Roanoke Civil War Round Table War Round Table (NJ) Check out our guide onHow to Join a Reenactment Group. Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation An extremely active, family-oriented, Civil War Union Army infantry reenacting and living history unit with members throughout Southern California. Read more, Journey back into history to the year 1864, when visitors will see a recreation of the sights and sounds of the Civil War battle at Oakley Plantation in 1864. Northwest Arkansas CWRT (AR) Augusta - W. H. T. Walker Chapter #2253 These events include Gettysburg, Perryville, Shiloh, Manasas, Wauhatchie and Atlanta. We are the "Green River Rifles", 3rd Ky Infantry Reg. CSMC Unit doing re-eantments and learning history of Confederate Marines. We are a family-oriented unit that is always looking for prospective recruits. Read more, Living History and Battle Recreation commemorating the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of McDowell. Welcome to the 2nd Colorado Volunteer Infantry located in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. We endeavor to represent the REGULAR US engineer Battalion in the Army of the Potomac. We ride grey and blue, mostly grey. Reenactors of both Confederate and Union forces can be found all over and are always looking for new members to take up arms. (CA) Confederate Signal Corp and Telegraph, when neccassary skirmishing to help infantry. Round Table of New Hampshire, Civil War Round Table of Orange Crane Society Civil War Roundtables The 52nd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Company I attempts to accurately portray the lives of the common soldier from Georgia during the War of Northern Aggression through battle reenactments, living histories, and memorial services. We are a Confederate unit that is from Southwest Missouri. The battle occurred during a Union expedition into East Tennessee. of the Geneva Convention of 1864 Please visit our web site. Southeast Iowa Central Delaware Civil War Round We are looking for members from: South-Eastern Minnesota, North-Eastern Iowa, Southern Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois. Read more, This event is held every year in October. Morgan Area Genealogy Communicate with the Civil War Reenactment you select to work out the details of your event. We portray skirmishers & are FIRST IN, LAST OUT. The civil war reenactment groups locations can help with all your needs. The 104th Penna Volts preserves the history of the Civil War in Bucks County, PA. We are a family oriented unit dedicated to the historical and reenacting aspect of the 104th Pa. Volunteer Infantry, Civil War Regiment. Fauquier Civil Jersey, Salt Creek Civil War Round Table Wheaton, IL, San Gabriel Valley Civil This is a new regiment so we are on the lookout for new members, the regimental headquarters is located in Dalton Georgia, along with companies B, C, G, H, and I, just like the historical regiment. Our time period is the 1850s through the 1860s. The 26th North Carolina was the largest regiment in the Army of Northern Virginia and one of North Carolina's most famous units. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our unit. Read more, Visit the Civil War Re-enactment at Southern California Railway Museum and see what life was like during the War Between the States. History comes alive at Illinois historical reenactments. It is a very good company and it is one of the best looking companies when they are drilling and on the field. Confederate Uniforms. 25 Regt.Wis.Vol.Infy. the U.S. If you need a chaplain, please contact Rev. We attend reenactments throughout the state. We are the largest medical unit in the Midwest. We are NOT simply a military organization like Western Brigade but more of a reenactor aggregator for event hosts. The unit is headquartered in Colorado and commanded by Capt. / 9 th Virg.Vol.Infy, We are a family friendly units in Mineral Point, Boscobel, and Water Town. We are a progessive unit based in central N.C. we're seeking new recruits 2nd Lt. Michael Hicks commanding Co K. 6th N.C.S.T. Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation Convention, Dames of the Loyal Legion We have civilian roles as well. Co E is located in western NC and attends Civil War reenactments scattered throughout western NC and the surrounding states. You'll see Confederate and Union soldiers as they reenact the Civil War Battle of Munfordville. We also participate in Campaign events (EBUFU) and have hosted our own events in Vermont. Membership stretches from Baltimore, MD to Bethlehem, PA. We are members of Pridgeons Battalion and pride ourselves in our authentic portrayal of and army on the campaign. Read more, The Civil War comes to life at this reenactment event in Oregon, US. First Defenders CWRT at Kutztown When we venture down south we fall in with the Liberty Rifles. Civil War Sailor and Marine Magazine Now we have members in Wyoming and Colorado. Association The 155th New York Volunteer Infantry: The Present : The present reenactment regiment was formed in 1989, and now numbers around 120 members, including: soldiers, musicians, surgeons and medical staff, nurses, "sanitary commission" members, and civilian women, men, and children. Arkansas CWRT Current Information Association Federal Artillery Battery originally a militia unit based out of the armory in Chicago, IL. Confederacy Ohio Valley Civil War Association Convention We are NOW RECRUITING!! Monroe County Civil War Civil War Reenactors in New Jersey Channeling the 19th Century Time-Vestites Revisit the Civil War Story and Photos by Melinda Nye Almost 58,000 New Jersey men served in the Civil War. Irwin We are first in,last out on the battlefeild and simply southern everywhere else. 15th. Find yours now! UDC Virginia Division, American Association for State and Local History We are a very family oriented group. The Federal Generals Corps is a non-political, family oriented organization. Promoting Southern Heritage. Green County, MO Historical Society Civil War Round Table Build with reliable, comprehensive data for over 200 countries and territories. High School (NJ) (PA) Street View and high resolution satellite imagery allow you to create more engaging experiences with additional detail. We are a family friendly company that does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, disability, etc. no shoes,no boots,no problem, mule collars and shotguns. Civilian living history unit portraying the ladies and gentlemen of the West Side Soldier's Aid Society (1862-1864)and Wisconsin Soldiers' Home (1864-1867). We recreate this unit over actual terrain and operational area in California. Looking for like minded individuals to join our unit, for info write 1st Lt. 4th SC INF 184 Honeybrook Circle Girard Pa. 16417. Do you enjoy the outdoors, drill and ceremony, camping, and eating over an open fire? We have 243 members from various units all across the Country. If you are interested, drop us a line. for Media and Learning, Center for the Study Civil War Since 1997, The Armies of Tennessee has been a re-enactment organization dedicated to the preservation of American History. If you're not familiar with what "living history" means, this is a term that Civil War reenactors use to describe their hobby of dressing up in Union and Confederate uniforms and acting out . Now Recruiting, Please visit our Info site and consider one of the most authentic units, Recognized by the National Park Service. Gilder Lehrman Institute of We pull our original 1862 3" Ordnance Rifle with our horse drawn team at Living Histories, Re-enactment & Cermonies. Include Your Link Here. A group of Arkansas Reenactors that portray a Civil War unit from 1861-1865.
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