// - always: Always show the folding controls. "terminal.integrated.mouseWheelScrollSensitivity". // Controls whether selections should have rounded corners. // The universal selector (`*`) is known to be slow. // Controls sorting order of editor history in quick open when filtering. // Controls when the debug view should open. // Configure an interval in seconds during which the last entry in local file history is replaced with the entry that is being added. Disabled extensions are not updated automatically. // Controls how tree folders are expanded when clicking the folder names. // Controls the visibility of the activity bar in the workbench. Open the VS Code command palette with Ctrl+Shift+P, and run the Deno: Initialize Workspace Configuration command. // Controls the font size in pixels of the terminal. // The macOS profiles to present when creating a new terminal via the terminal dropdown. // Configure glob patterns for folders that should be excluded from automatic script detection. // Controls if the AltGraph+ modifier should be treated as Ctrl+Alt+. // When enabled cursor can navigate to the next/previous cell when the current cursor in the cell editor is at the first/last line. // - indentation: Use the indentation-based folding strategy. // - warnonly: Only show the warning indicator when a terminal's environment is 'stale', not the information indicator that shows a terminal has had its environment modified by an extension. // Enable/disable auto import suggestions. Remote settings - Apply to a remote machine opened by a user. Changing this setting has no effect on existing local file history entries. "markdown.suggest.paths.includeWorkspaceHeaderCompletions". Serves as the default hash function. // - highlight: Highlight elements when searching. // Mark the current editor selection in the Markdown preview. // - multiline: Turn on Find in Selection automatically when multiple lines of content are selected. // - allOpenProjects: Search all open JavaScript or TypeScript projects for symbols. // - `${sequence}`: the name provided to the terminal by the process, // - `${task}`: indicates this terminal is associated with a task, "${task}${separator}${local}${separator}${cwdFolder}". // - always: Confirm if the terminal is either in the editor or panel. open file's path tree to load your code styling. Accepts "normal" and "bold" keywords or numbers between 1 and 1000. // Font size for the suggest widget. Remove the workbench.colorCustomizations setting code block to return the line number color to the default. // Controls the minimal number of visible leading lines (minimum 0) and trailing lines (minimum 1) surrounding the cursor. // Controls the font size for the input message in pixels. I just find myself managing the tabs in vscode more than anything else. js-beautify in VS Code, AND honouring any .jsbeautifyrc file in the // Configure settings to be overridden for the go language. // Defines the bracket pairs that are colorized by their nesting level if bracket pair colorization is enabled. File -> Preferences -> Settings (for Windows), Code -> Preferences -> Settings (for Mac). // - languageDefined: Use language configurations to determine when to automatically surround selections. To change specifically C# (OmniSharp) formatting settings you can use a json file: Click the Edit in settings.json link and add the following JSON: Here the line numbers in the editor for the settings.json file are now green. Changing this will take effect only in new terminals. This setting will currently be ignored if either `terminal.integrated.shell.osx` or `terminal.integrated.shellArgs.osx` are set. // Control which changes are automatically staged by Smart Commit. If an extension has an update, it is marked as outdated in the Extensions view. "workbench.settings.openDefaultKeybindings". Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. // Length of network delay, in milliseconds, where local edits will be echoed on the terminal without waiting for server acknowledgement. // Enable/disable auto-import-style completions on partially-typed import statements. // - hidden: The cell Status bar is always hidden. // - includeExtension: Prefer including the file extension. from the command line). // When enabled, new running processes are detected and ports that they listen on are automatically forwarded. // Controls whether the editor should allow moving selections via drag and drop. // Controls where the diff view should be opened when comparing changes in merge conflicts. // When enabled, editors with extension details will be automatically closed upon navigating away from the Extensions View. "javascript.format.insertSpaceAfterOpeningAndBeforeClosingJsxExpressionBraces". // Controls the default search result view mode. // - relative: Prefers a relative path to the imported file location. // Whether to include results from a global symbol search in the file results for Quick Open. Extensions using `limited` will always be enabled, and the extension will hide functionality that requires trust. // When enabled, Outline shows `enum`-symbols. // - braces: Insert `={}` after attribute names. "markdown.validate.duplicateLinkDefinitions.enabled". Why is this sentence from The Great Gatsby grammatical? // Maximum number of line breaks to be preserved in one chunk, when `css.format.preserveNewLines` is enabled. // - off: Do not render with reduced motion. // - onlyWithFlag: Only auto attach when the `--inspect` is given. 1) or below (e.g. // Defines space handling after opening and before closing non-empty parenthesis. Another way to customize your editor by language is by running the global command Preferences: Configure Language Specific Settings (command ID: workbench.action.configureLanguageBasedSettings) from the Command Palette (P (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+P)) which opens the language picker. // Configure settings to be overridden for the markdown language. Language-specific editor settings always override non-language-specific editor settings, even if the non-language-specific setting // Enabled/disable autocomplete suggestions. // Controls whether the editor should type over closing quotes or brackets. // When enabled breadcrumbs show `null`-symbols. If your user settings set the editor backgrounds to blue and green: And your open workspace settings set the editor foreground to red: The result, when that workspace is open, is the combination of those two color customizations, as if you had specified: If there are conflicting values, such as editor.selectionBackground in the example above, the usual override behavior occurs, with workspace values taking precedence over user values, and language-specific values taking precedence over non-language-specific values. My Default Formatter was null. Be careful since there will be no way to recover your previous setting values. When overridden in a derived class, controls the binding of a serialized object to a type. // - all: Reopen all windows unless a folder, workspace or file is opened (e.g. // Controls whether or not Workspace Trust is enabled within VS Code. // - visible: Menu is always visible at the top of the window even in full screen mode. // - recentlyUsed: Select recent suggestions unless further typing selects one, e.g. // Suppress type hints on variables whose name is identical to the type name. It may be on "all", scripts, on "top" of the script section, or "never". You can quickly clear a search term or filter with the Clear Settings Search Input button at the right of the Search bar. // Complete functions with their parameter signature. // - fill: The minimap will stretch or shrink as necessary to fill the height of the editor (no scrolling). Is there another hidden JSON file to do that? // - none: Don't save any editors before starting a debug session. // - off: Disables all product telemetry. // - index: Shorten `./component/index.js` to `./component/index`. // - singleTerminal: Show the actions when it is the only terminal opened, // - singleTerminalOrNarrow: Show the actions when it is the only terminal opened or when the tabs view is in its narrow textless state. If a folder or workspace is opened (e.g. "editor.guides.highlightActiveBracketPair". // Prevent the computer from sleeping when remote tunnel access is turned on. // Timeout in milliseconds after which diff computation is cancelled. some extension provided tree view items). // - off: Do not store working changes in the cloud with Continue Working On unless the user has already turned on Cloud Changes. You can scope language-specific settings to the workspace by placing them in the workspace settings just like other settings. // When enabled, the notifications for extension recommendations will not be shown. You can also have more than one root folder in a VS Code workspace through a feature called Multi-root workspaces. // - unicode: Names are sorted in Unicode order. How to react to a students panic attack in an oral exam? // Enable to download and install new VS Code versions in the background on Windows. Links can be slow when working on a network drive in particular because each file link is verified against the file system. // When enabled, Outline shows `typeParameter`-symbols. // Controls whether bracket pair colorization is enabled or not. Language-specific workspace folder settings - Same as Workspace Folder settings, but specific to a language. // When enabled, Outline shows `struct`-symbols. `co -> console` and `con -> const`. Pinned tabs are sorted to the beginning of all opened tabs and typically do not close until unpinned. // Controls whether editor file decorations should use badges. When set to `0`, the value of `editor.fontSize` is used. // Controls whether to optimistically update the state of the Source Control view after running git commands. // When enabled IntelliSense shows `typeParameter`-suggestions. // - panel: Confirm if the terminal is in the panel. // Defines space handling after a comma delimiter. "terminal.integrated.automationProfile.linux". "javascript.format.insertSpaceAfterSemicolonInForStatements". Set to `null` to delete the environment variable. // Controls whether the editor shows CodeLens. // Controls whether the editor should detect links and make them clickable. // Configure settings to be overridden for the search-result language. Use 0 to compute the line height from the font size. Automatic type acquisition fetches `@types` packages from npm to improve IntelliSense for external libraries. How can you create multiple cursors in Visual Studio Code. By default, a prompt is shown before changes are committed to a protected branch. // When enabled, Outline shows `file`-symbols. // Controls whether the editor should highlight matches similar to the selection. // - compact: Menu is displayed as a compact button in the side bar. // Defines space handling after function keyword for anonymous functions. // Customizes which terminal to run on Linux. Visual Studio Code ships by default with English as the display language and other languages rely on Language Pack extensions available from the Marketplace. "editor.unicodeHighlight.includeComments". // Defines the maximum number of sticky lines to show. // Controls whether the Git Sync command appears in the status bar. On Windows and Mac remotes, the `process` option has no effect and `output` will be used. // Controls whether to preview the suggestion outcome in the editor. // Controls the indentation of wrapped lines. // Controls whether to enable the natural language search mode for settings. This setting will currently be ignored if either `terminal.integrated.shell.linux` or `terminal.integrated.shellArgs.linux` are set. // When enabled IntelliSense shows `property`-suggestions. Disabling this will delete files/folders permanently. // Open the merge editor for files that are currently under conflict. // - verbose: Explorer will prompt before all undo operations. // Controls how windows are being reopened after starting for the first time. // Control how many lines of text in a text output is rendered. // When local echo should be enabled. "markdown.updateLinksOnFileMove.enableForDirectories". Then, the Settings editor opens with a language filter for the selected language, which allows you to modify language-specific settings for that language. // Control whether the actions on the notebook toolbar should render label or not. // - auto: Use platform APIs to detect when a Screen Reader is attached. // When enabled, Outline shows `null`-symbols. "scss.format.spaceAroundSelectorSeparator". // List of paths to search for git repositories in. Visual Studio Code User and Workspace Settings Skip to content Visual Studio Code Docs Updates Blog API Extensions FAQ Learn Search Download Version 1.75is now available! // Controls what editors to save before starting a debug session. // - hasChildProcesses: Confirm if there are any terminals that have child processes. Changes to settings are applied by VS Code as you change them. Please open user settings to correct errors/warnings in it and try again. // When enabled breadcrumbs show `typeParameter`-symbols. // - alwaysNewWindow: Always open in a new window. // When enabled IntelliSense filtering requires that the first character matches on a word start. // Controls whether the editor should automatically format the line after typing. // When enabled breadcrumbs show `constructor`-symbols. // - none: Do not show the diff decorations. // Controls whether filtering and sorting suggestions accounts for small typos. User: ~/.omnisharp/omnisharp.json or %USERPROFILE%\.omnisharp\omnisharp.json // Inserting and deleting whitespace follows tab stops. This makes finding settings quick and easy. Files are interwoven with folders. // - toggle: Hide the side bar if the clicked item is already visible. // - beside: Open links beside the active editor. Use the `workbench.editor.sharedViewState` setting to use the last known view state across all editor groups in case no previous view state was found for a editor group. // Use badges for errors and warnings on Outline elements. // - none: Don't run any command after a commit. // Configure settings to be overridden for the csharp language. // - true: Scan for both subfolders of the current opened folder and parent folders of open files. // When enabled breadcrumbs show `function`-symbols. // Controls the max number of color decorators that can be rendered in an editor at once. // Controls enablement of Jake task detection. "markdown.preview.doubleClickToSwitchToEditor". // Controls whether Quick Open should close automatically once it loses focus. // - position: Show symbol outline in file position order. // Controls whether the Explorer should expand multi-root workspaces containing only one folder during initialization. // - short: Show the name of the file followed by its directory name. // - auto: Uses operating system specific path separation character. How do you determine which formatter is being used for VS Code? // Controls whether the workbench should render with fewer animations. // Define profile for specified syntax or use your own profile with specific rules. // When `search.searchOnType` is enabled, controls the timeout in milliseconds between a character being typed and the search starting. Disable this option to prevent macOS from creating a new space when going full-screen. // Controls what naming strategy to use when a giving a new name to a duplicated Explorer item on paste. // Plays a sound when a notebook cell execution is successfully completed. // Controls whether clicks in the scrollbar scroll page by page. // - auto: Insert `={}` or `=""` after attribute names based on the prop type. // Whether to use ConPTY for Windows terminal process communication (requires Windows 10 build number 18309+). Do roots of these polynomials approach the negative of the Euler-Mascheroni constant? // Controls the number of recently used commands to keep in history for the command palette. // - prompt: Ask how to handle untrusted files for each workspace. "markdown.validate.referenceLinks.enabled". Repositories in the Source Control view are sorted in the order that they were selected. "merge-conflict.autoNavigateNextConflict.enabled". // Defines a default formatter which takes precedence over all other formatter settings. // Controls whether text selected in the terminal will be copied to the clipboard. // If enabled, will automatically change to high contrast theme if the OS is using a high contrast theme. // Import statements do not load in parallel. // If enabled, clicking on an inactive window will both activate the window and trigger the element under the mouse if it is clickable. // Controls whether to confirm when the window closes if there are active terminal sessions. Folders are displayed before files. -1) represents zooming 20% larger or smaller. // Controls whether git actions should show progress. // Controls whether leading and trailing whitespace is ignored in Source Control diff gutter decorations. // Set an existing profile to `null` to hide the profile from the list, for example: `"bash": null`. // When enabled, Outline shows `namespace`-symbols. If some number is already part of the name, tries to increase that number. "js/ts.implicitProjectConfig.strictFunctionTypes". // Controls whether to open a repository automatically after cloning. How can I navigate back to the last cursor position in Visual Studio Code? Unset it to inherit the value of `config.inputValidationLength`. Wrapped lines begin at column 1. // - medium: Show the name of the file followed by its path relative to the workspace folder. For example, path completions to a file named `file.md` will insert `file` without the `.md`. VS Code - Prettier is formatting differently for me than others, Formatter for VSCode which puts a space before a colon, My python code is auto wrapping in VS Code, Visual Studio 2022 place curly braces in the same line in javascript. // Create a CodeLens for merge conflict blocks within editor. // Scroll only along the predominant axis when scrolling both vertically and horizontally at the same time. When this is disabled a dropdown will display instead. // When enabled, the diff editor shows arrows in its glyph margin to revert changes. // Controls whether the editor should highlight folded ranges. "notebook.navigation.allowNavigateToSurroundingCells". Is there a solutiuon to add special characters from software and how to do it. Set language for syntax highlighting in Visual Studio Code. Note, this setting is not respected by text search. // Controls whether a new empty window should open when starting a second instance without arguments or if the last running instance should get focus. This setting only effects drag and drop from inside the Explorer. Workspace settings override user settings. // Controls the default Source Control repository view mode. // Controls the width of the cursor when `editor.cursorStyle` is set to `line`. If disabled, clicking anywhere on an inactive window will activate it only and a second click is required on the element. "workbench.editor.historyBasedLanguageDetection". // - toggle: Menu is hidden but can be displayed at the top of the window via the Alt key. // Customizes which terminal application to run on macOS. // - on: Optimize for usage with a Screen Reader. Beautify is good but is always giving me problems. // Control whether outputs action should be rendered in the output toolbar. // Controls whether to confirm when the window closes if there are active debug sessions. // - integrated: Use VS Code's integrated terminal. // When enabled breadcrumbs show `enum`-symbols. // - always: Always ask for confirmation. // When enabled breadcrumbs show `class`-symbols. Can make the font appear lighter overall. // - always: Always select a suggestion when automatically triggering IntelliSense. // Controls if the UI should run in a mode where it is optimized for screen readers. // Controls whether the built-in HTML language support validates embedded styles. // - modifications: Format modifications (requires source control). // - auto: Uses operating system specific end of line character. Useful for Java package structures, for example. // - allDocuments: Suggest words from all open documents. // Global debug launch configuration. 4 comments mcmxcdev commented on Jan 19, 2021 VSCode Version: 1.52.1 OS Version: Ubuntu 20.10 Configure Prettier as default formatter for multiple languages as array // Controls the maximum number of opened editors. Following are multiple steps to configure prettier. // The number of milliseconds to show the bell within a terminal tab when triggered. On Windows, this behaves the same as initial. "javascript.preferences.autoImportFileExcludePatterns". // Controls whether editors opened from Quick Open show as preview editors. Set it to a larger value if you feel it's hard to resize views using the mouse. // Whether the cell toolbar should appear on hover or click. // Enable/disable navigation breadcrumbs. // - none: Never reopen a window. // Controls whether npm scripts should be automatically detected. // Controls how suggestions are pre-selected when showing the suggest list. // The maximum number of editors shown in the Open Editors pane. // When set, the foreground color of each cell will change to try meet the contrast ratio specified. You may need to configure this if your sourcemaps require authentication or use a self-signed certificate, for instance. "editor.find.seedSearchStringFromSelection". Some settings allow you to specify an executable that VS Code will run to perform certain operations. // Controls whether tabs should be wrapped over multiple lines when exceeding available space or whether a scrollbar should appear instead. // The package manager used to run scripts. // - spread: Each cursor pastes a single line of the text. // - selection: Render whitespace characters only on selected text. // - alwaysCommit: Always commit changes to the protected branch. // Ignores the warning when it looks like the branch might have been rebased when pulling. // Convert URL-like text to links in the Markdown preview. // Controls which protocol is used to clone a GitHub repository. // Controls whether to automatically detect git submodules. // When opening a file from the Explorer in a terminal, determines what kind of terminal will be launched. "-apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, 'Segoe WPC', 'Segoe UI', system-ui, 'Ubuntu', 'Droid Sans', sans-serif". We recognize that not every TypeScript/JavaScript project that you might work on in VSCode uses Deno therefore, by default, this extension will only apply the Deno language server when the setting deno.enable is set to true. // Control whether a repository in parent folders of workspaces or open files should be opened. // - false: Disables horizontal bracket pair guides. // - auto: Infer quote type from existing code, // - single: Always use single quotes: `'`, // - double: Always use double quotes: `"`, // The setting 'typescript.preferences.renameShorthandProperties' has been deprecated in favor of 'typescript.preferences.useAliasesForRenames'. // When enabled breadcrumbs show `enumMember`-symbols. Should be used as an alternative to 'launch.json' that is shared across workspaces. Sorry for the vagueness. // Controls whether the terminal bell is enabled. // - false: Files will not be revealed and selected. // Local echo will be disabled when any of these program names are found in the terminal title. // - smart: Adds a number at the end of the duplicated name. // - off: Never show variable values inline in editor while debugging. // - modified: Results are sorted by file last modified date, in descending order. // Validate reference links in Markdown files, for example `[link][ref]`. // Enable/disable strict null checks in JavaScript and TypeScript files that are not part of a project. "git.alwaysShowStagedChangesResourceGroup". // - mixed: All changes, tracked and untracked, appear together and behave equally. // - ctrlCmd: Maps to `Control` on Windows and Linux and to `Command` on macOS. // Preferred quote style to use for Quick Fixes. // Controls the window title based on the active editor. // - removeExtension: Prefer removing the file extension. // Controls whether opening settings also opens an editor showing all default settings. // When enabled, new Search Editors will reuse the includes, excludes, and flags of the previously opened Search Editor. // - both: Shows both the dropdown and toggle buttons. Must be the identifier of an extension contributing a folding range provider. If you have settings defined for the same language in both user and workspace scopes, then they are merged by giving precedence to the ones defined in the workspace. The minimum value is 8. "editor.guides.highlightActiveIndentation". This extension enables running js-beautify in VS Code, AND honouring any .jsbeautifyrc file in the open file's path tree to load your code styling. Run with F1 Beautify (to beautify a selection) or F1 Beautify file. // - never: Disable workspace header suggestions. // VS Code loads custom data on startup to enhance its CSS support for the custom CSS properties, at directives, pseudo classes and pseudo elements you specify in the JSON files. VS Code has builtin formatters for HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, and JSON. This solved my problem because I use prettier for JS and I really . // - visible: The vertical scrollbar will always be visible. // - numbers: A random number between 100 and 999. Preview editors do not stay open, are reused until explicitly set to be kept open (via double-click or editing), and show file names in italics. Extension authors can learn more about adding custom settings in the configuration contribution point documentation. Provided the message is specific enough, this can help automate away common responses. // - always: Always seed search string from the editor selection, including word at cursor position. If you're using a workspace that needs custom settings but you don't want to apply them to your other VS Code projects. // - large: Increases the size, so it can be grabbed more easily with the mouse. // Controls whether the Explorer should render folders in a compact form. // - afterDelay: An editor with changes is automatically saved after the configured `files.autoSaveDelay`. Requires enabling `markdown.validate.enabled`. // Controls whether the diff editor shows the diff side by side or inline. // - name: Show symbol outline in alphabetical order. Use `markdown.updateLinksOnFileMove.include` to configure which files trigger link updates. Note that there are some cases where this setting is ignored, such as when forcing an editor to open in a specific group or to the side of the currently active group. // Show a warning dialog when pasting multiple lines into the terminal. Does ZnSO4 + H2 at high pressure reverses to Zn + H2SO4? // - force: Wrap each attribute except first. How can I explain to my manager that a project he wishes to undertake cannot be performed by the team? For new paths, add file extensions. // Controls whether the editor should render control characters. // - output: Ports will be automatically forwarded when discovered by reading terminal and debug output. The secondary side bar will show on the opposite side of the workbench. // - last: Only show the current symbol in the breadcrumbs view.