Thank you for the great post, B. With erratic Uranus conjunct the north node, youre here to find a calling that shakes you to your core and your job is to help introduce it to the masses. I have the North Node conjunct Uanus Neptune too in the 1st house. These are astrological transit interpretations for Jupiter transits to natal planets, and Jupiter transits through natal houses. In fact, during this time, you may become obsessed with the idea of having a child! realized she has a conjuction between NN, chiron and neptune, so tight, 6th house, aquarius. I often missed the mark in my early attempts at being myself in the world. This fortunate native was made to shine. I trust my intuition. Transiting North Node square natal North Node. Identity is never in question. what it means when someones personal planet (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) aspects their north node. Your thought process is part of the evolution of your journey and will undoubtedly lead to bright ideas. The opposition and square will ask you to center yourself. Ive been finding it again but.. its been a challenge. Ive been sober almost 2 yrs and since then Ive discovered I am psychic and ran with it. My NN is 8 degrees Sagittarius conjunct Neptune at 10 degrees, which is in mutual reception with my Jupiter in Pisces. Scorpio loves to research and Jupiter in the 10th could point to academia with the moon and Venus also there maybe creative writing ? Very similar to the sun-north node conjunction, this person may feel that they are frequently in the right place at the right time, running into the right people or connections. Aphrodite conjunct NN in natal is the same as Venus conjunct NN? Also my daughter has her NN conjunct her AC in Sag and opposite her Gem Moon. Youll feel most complete when in a partnership, and your partner might aid in assisting your souls work and journey. People have asked me for this article, so here goes. Your Saturn energy can be used to settle and stabilise your Neptune in 3rd and the mars and Pluto in first. Typically, the opposition will amplify the energy. We dont know that from the NN placement, but we know that he will, likely, make a big success of himself. Planet transits' are astrological weather; that consists of the highs and lows of the days to come for different times. I also know exactly what is going on with everyone around me almost..and I took the myers briggs test and found i was INFJ type which is rarest in the world. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in 2023 North Node in 2023 More 2023 Tools & Tables The following is a quick-glance calendar of planetary events in 2023. Tr Nnode crossed his midheaven the fortnight he was interviewing (3.5 degrees past, actually). I have the same placements and I feel you described me to a T! Each of us has a zodiac sign. I have the Neptune conjunction NN in my natal chart. See below for transits from other planets. In my case Jupiter in 9H is a manifestation planet/placement and happily sitting in its natural house). There is a teacher aspect with Jupiter, and with the trine and sextile it could indicate someone who would make an excellent mentor or advisor. Astrology has much to say on all these - and many other - concerns. Theres always more to learn. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us! [woocommerce-login-nonce] => We've already gone over what it means when someone's personal planet (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) aspects their north node. For me, it seems to represent manifesting ones dreams as well as being challenged to see through illusions. The square and the opposition can show us that our relationship with significant women in our lives or women in generalalbeit possibly challenging relationshipswill help us grow. I have not seen this placement enough to know. I went through a fair amount of childhood abuse and neglect, and though talented and really smart/intuitive I had trouble with letting myself shine. Hi Kieera! This is incredibly tricky, as Saturn energy is tough. Ive had to learn compassion and tolerance through numerous friendships (Uranus trine Jupiter), coming to understand other people and myself much better. I have it. Hard aspects include both the opposition and square, which can both increase tension. Despit this positive configuration, I have the tension of bad aspects. Transits are the astrological key to self-actualization, understanding other people and brilliant timing. I am so lost! In astrology, the lunar nodes, commonly referred to as the north node and south nodes, represent mathematical points in a birth chart that are connected with our karmic fate in this lifetime. Ive never used drugs or been addicted to anything. I have my Venus,Mars and Jupiter in Leo in 2nd H. So feeling safe and comfortablw is very important to me esoecially now with my health problems. You will be less ego driven now and it is best to do what is best for the greater good, whether it . There can be a tendency to give into gossip, so use your powers for good. So thats trines from Jupiter, Saturn and NN. This planet encourages you to develop mastery and independence in this lifetime. I have not had problems with either, and my psychic gifts were apparent to me at a young age. But I definitely spend more time thinking about proper personal alignment and direction than anyone Ive ever met. Im sure Neptune conjuncting Northe Node epecially in a cardinal house has to do with this confusion and feeling of being lost. The North Node and the South Node of the Moon are known to deal with the notion of . You might find you experiences periods of sudden energy bursts and creativity. thank you for your reply. Free will becomes a contentious concept and the older you get the more you are lucid and its exciting. When you learn to tap into your nurturing skills, you can grow the most. The South Node is akin to Saturn, and may show a point of self-dissipation. A planet aspecting the lunar nodes comes into special focus. It was a painful lesson, a culmination of 2 years of struggle. For the most part, when the planet of luck meets our north node, we can expect a lucky life. This is especially true with Pluto in Capricorn, instigating Crises in the life that can stress the Adrenal/Thyroid and compromise the immune system. Were going to start with the inner planets, or personal planets: the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. One must develop a structure with this placement and stick strictly to critical thinking and discernment. My early thirties I became frantic with regret that Id wasted my gifts, that I needed to realign myself in the world according to my post Saturn Return spiritual nature. Thanks for this post; I appreciate everyones comments and had to add mine as one of my chief challenges since my first Saturn return has been connecting with my purpose. Esoteric Moodboard. With the square as well, you must be careful not to lead with manipulation and let obsessive behaviors rule your livelihood. As the north node progresses into Taurus, however, we are invited to regroup from the devastation. is set as default timezone. My Jupiter is at 29 degrees 55. Theres a lot happening under the surface with this aspect, but ultimately you possess extreme power to bring about change and that is your destiny. I find that i can connect with people very easily. Venus is a moderately nocturnal planet, which means that it is still more outwardly oriented than a show of power. However, note that hard aspects (squares, opposition and quincunx) from planets will make one's purpose MORE difficult to ascertain. Sign up for my free newsletter offering astrology forecasts, tips and tricks! anything artistic i love! However, they are part of a stellium that includes my natal SUN and Cazimi Mercury as well, all within the 19th degree of Pisces, 3rd house(My Jjupiter is 20 degree 12 minute) while NN is 19 degrees of Pisces, 3rd house-Placidus. He wanted to avoid certain things and when I tried to move us to resolution he would attack me. They both have many tight aspects to other planets in my chart. Times in this chart are Eastern Time. I have moments of intense bliss washing the dishes sometimes!! House Witchery The Other strong aspect is mercury sextile the stellium. I experience frustration like everyone else but it passes quickly if I surrender my ego and take initiative to be direct in my dealings with others. So its nice to hear folks sharing their similar feelings on this. I understand what youre saying but I dont like it at all. Matthew 10:22, I learnt recently. It is of a separating quality. We last experienced a Libra south node/Aries north node in 2006 and will again experience it in 2023. While it may feel like a leg up, dont let it hold you back. I have a NN and Neptune conjunction. Rahu (North Node) is a driven energy, but he can take us to our incarnational destiny for this life, but only if we learn to purify his driven energies. At 29 degrees Scorpio in my 5th house is Mars and the Vertex point conjunct. You may find that the interpretation offered here is just one side of how things play out, or that you don't even relate to it at all. Chiron is hovering on my Pisces Mars ( yes, its been a hellova emotional/physical ride ) The sun is our outer most selfits vibrant and joyful. They usually last for about three years and during this time you will likely experience the angel of death at very close quarters. Each person has a soul knowing that he is called to some purpose. Asteroid Angel. His Nessus is at 27 degrees 52 Gemini. Pluto conjunct NN is a very powerful placement and its only present, I believe, once your soul is strong enough to withstand the ultimate earthly trials. its the worst the saturn part. Im very spiritual and feel we are all connected and ONE with Spirit. "I want to welcome you to my website. In fact, we've been on the brink of change for the past few years, but it's all coming to a head as Uranus conjunct the North Node of Destiny takes place on July 31. I definitely know that I came here to this life with an abundance of strength and confidence (also have Mars conjunct Jupiter at top of chart), and am learning lesson after lesson of I do not truly benefit unless We benefit from my strength. You are well aware of the challenges and . Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The nodes are always exactly opposite one another. That is so interesting. Focus on my dreams, my intuition, risk taking, ideas. Thank you. I was thinking this may be what this aspect feels like. The North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius is a KEY astrological transit that will influence you from 2020 until 2022. . The trine and the sextile reveal a strong and diligent mental capacity. I have failed at everything this world deems as successful, yet feel I have made leaps and bounds on my spiritual journey. . The manifestation could be anything from an actor to a teacher. The opposition and square require some type of sacrifice. I embrace my unique look and individuality and my writing is never like anyone elses. Can relate. Ann, So the real work could begin and did ever since. Your capacity to enjoy and explore altered states is innate, you dont need substances. Just found out that Im also a Lyran Starseed, who were supposedly the original inhabitants of Atlantis. The north node triggers you to align your actions with your soul's purpose. Basically they are defined as the two symbolic points where the plane of the moon's orbit intersects the ecliptic of the Earth. All I can say is it gets better with age. UT - Universal Time, formerly recognized as. I think Im what you call a late bloomer. Im always being guided and receive downloads daily. I have this placement, we are subtle to possession so please be pretty careful! Nice aspects Sextile moon in Taurus, 0 orb Trine Venus in Scorpio 1 orb Tricky aspects Square Mercury and Pluto in Libra, 0 orb Inconjunct Neptune in Sag, Jupiter in Aquarius, making a Yod The sextile with the Moon is the base point of another Yod with Neptune st the apex. In a past life, you may have been a spiritual healer. This native was born to be different, usually in the best sense of the word. Please help. Nodes transiting Nodes. They are mathematical locations that are calculated based on the amount of time and space between Eclipses along with the placements of those Eclipses. Uranus is the trend setter. Nodal symbolism - summary Its so painful to remember a dream die No matter the eventual gain of learning astrology, I am so, so sorry what you had to endure. Here are the highlights: Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces - 2022 (new cycle) Pluto enters Aquarius - 2023-24 Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus - 2024 (new cycle) Neptune enters Aries - 2025 Uranus enters Gemini - 2025 7th house NN is cardinal axis you can really manifest the changes you want in life. I cook for my family. Ive spent a lot of time believing I was self sacrificing for others but in reality Im self sabotaging myself for other people. I have all these same placements both Neptune & Uranus conjunct my NN in Capricorn. I have a constant awareness of other peoples energy which can distract me from my own goals and this can be draining. Or even its desirability. I definitely think it was a twenty year toxic dance. The north node in Capricorn is so much about stepping out of being in a child-like vulnerability or confusion, being tossed around by moment-to-moment feelings, and instead, just taking the reigns of our lives both emotionally and practically by tuning into goals we set for ourselves that enhance our ability to take care of ourselves out in the world, and seeing the longer-term picture of why were doing what were doing, instead of being over-concerned with constant comfort and security 24/7, avoiding anything that might temporarily interrupt that. Not adequately anyway. ). This year I bought a house in an extremely expensive coastal city (which took everything I had to accomplish) after the sale closed, I received a totally unrelated windfall of $$$. Fate stepped in at others. Six Planets Changing Signs In March, 2023: Dates & Details, Weekend Love Forecast Leo Moon Mood With Some Dramatic STYLE, Sign up to be notified when the blog updates. (Yeah.. its a lot.) Have you chosen the best career for you? With the conjunction, it is your duty to share your artistic talents with the world. In modern astrology, these points are linked to fate, karmic lessons, and ultimate fulfillment of a soul's desire. To simply explain it to you, transit is the movement of the seven among the nine planets in astrology Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, and the Moon from one zodiac sign to another. Also, when you are used to wielding very little power in life, and suddenly you are in a powerful position, this is another trippy layer of reality to contend with. Under the trine, the influence will be a little stronger than the sextile. Consuming information and knowledge is a full-time job. Easy aspects ( trines, sextile and conjunctions) will make it easier to find. It illuminates the terrain that's calling your name, but climbing to the peak of this mountain is like trekking up Mt. Let yourself be inspired and keep the feeling with you. Youre here to do work and to be the best version of yourself. Nodal Square. Theres much more to be explored underneath the surface. So it comes down to one thing for me where do I value my lifes purpose is it either in my bank account (which is non existent) or is it in the banks deep in my mind where revenue is building. The Sun is at home in Leo so it is very strong. Many of us are drawn to explore our birth charts to access a deeper understanding and acceptance of who we really arethe characteristics and flaws that make us uniquely human and uniquely us. Hey Barbara! Ive been thinking so much about this placement. Who you love and what you desire in terms of monetary wealth may conflict with your value system. You must avoid escapism and drug addictionthere can be problems getting lost in Neptunes fog. placing the Sun in the 7th AND in Leo thats a lot of Individual energy. So I felt lost again bc I had always been so hard on myself for wasting my gifts as a young person. If I imagine your chart you are Aqu ascendant? and that awareness is half the battle won, but admittedly, Im quaking in my boots This native may be an inventor or an artist, but he will make his mark as an individual. Pluto transiting your tenth house awakens your ambition towards success and self-realization, and also the desire to control and dominate. Or if it is unwelcome. He will be in touch with his own heart. Its through the failures that youll be able to access a new sense of self and purpose. From a natal chart reading by an astrologer who specialized in Starseed markings. The house sale finalized with Transit Mars squaring my conjunction (Mars is almost always my friend while transiting, strong natal Mars) to kick off the sweet trines, I guess! In a natal chart, it's the thing we have to address in order to get the nodes working. we must have really similar birth charts for sure! Are you and your love interest meant to be? Birthday Report Package Deluxe Transit Report 1 Year Get A Natal Chart ReportProgressed Chart Report Deluxe Asteroids Report Get A Solar Return Report Get A Lunar Return Report Child Natal Report 1 Year Transit Report Outer Planets, Find Your Soulmate Saturn Transit the 12th House Using Astrology To Get What You Want. Thank you for those excellent points, Georgia and Welcome! I have always been interested in the occult, and reading people comes super easy to me, albeit, there seems to be some amount of confusion sometimes, because im prone to suggestions. June 6, 2012. North Node transiting my 9th house and weeks after I started studying (9th house) traditional astrology which actually made lots of sense to me. This also indicates a harmonious relationship with father figures in your life. Too much neptune or is my imagination in overdrive, I have always wriiten stories and lately reconnected with that side of me, if I allow people to inspire me then my storytelling skills become apparant. The love life suffers and you may have difficulty understanding your emotions when it comes to love. Oh boy Im usually philosophical about Mercury retros etc. I have the same conjunction on my north node, I have Neptune conjunct my north node. I spent my grade school years running away from home and had a suicide attempt at one point in my teens. Hey MiniBubble, I have the same Im Cancer rising, so neptune, uranus and north node all conjunct in 7th house Capricorn, and they also conjunct my descendant/oppose my rising sign like you. It can be occult or famous. Any type of communication work will help you along your path to find your souls ultimate journey. I'm curious about people's experiences with the transiting North Node (NN) conjuncting natal planets or angles (Asc, IC) in the chart. But it is Gemini so does that mean there are two sides? However, note that hard aspects(squares, opposition and quincunx) from planets will make ones purpose MORE difficult to ascertain. Mars rules our animalistic instincts and can often provide clues to our vitality and physical self. You have a life with beauty as a Theme. Moon sextile NN, thank you so much, Angela. Really appreciate your sharing info about planetary aspects of Natal North Node(Btw, do you prefer Mean NN or True NN?). Venus is all about love, comfort, luxury, beauty, and self-worth. Crazy. If we don't purify our rahu we will never get to the destination in this life that he is trying to drive us towards and give us impetus to get to.