5. Beware of khaki, one part of his mind warned. Tamil definition: a member of a people of S India and Sri Lanka | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. What has the foreigner just said about Tamil and Muni’s sales talk? He had concluded without the least doubt that Muni owned this mud horse. He assumes it to be the price of his two goats. It takes an English sentence and breaks it into words to determine if it is a phrase or a clause. Which dead body is referred to in the extract? It is an apt title. He remembered the time when he smoked  cigarette, chewed betel leaves and bhang in a hut in the coconut grove with the famous butcher from the town. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Instant downloads of all 1396 LitChart PDFs When the American gives Muni a hundred rupee note as the price for the statue, Muni gets confused. A derivative is an instrument whose value is derived from the value of one or more underlying, which can be commodities, precious metals, currency, bonds, stocks, stocks … What has appealed to you in the story? Synonyms: blinked, gaped, gawked… Find the right word. What food did Muni normally take? Muni felt impelled to rise and flee…….. whom do you expect to rob by then? Teachers and parents! He was a man who lived more in the past, than in the present. What happened to most of them later? Muni wanted to enjoy life, but now he had lost his riches, he had no option but to remember his past with regret. Muni would go and sit outside the shop. A mutilated dead body had been found thrown under a tamarind tree at the border between Kritam and Kuppam a few weeks ago. We had a power failure one day, you know, and there I was stuck for four hours, no elevator, no air conditioning. It is clear that Sk -bhir above is a late variant of the more primitive " ba-e-re" that exists also in Tamil as 'peer" meaning people. maar, ( and 'manaar") the plural person marker in verb morphology. Despite this, he leads an emotionally rich life in which he travels each day to sit on the pedestal of a grand. Muni wanted to enjoy life, but now he had lost his riches, he had no option but to remember  his past with regret. How did Muni’s wife react when she saw the cash? 3. Muni lived in the last house in the fourth street in the village, beyond which stretched the fields. What was his background? On opening the door, she saw the two goats and thus concluded Muni has stolen the money. Why did he carry a cook at the end of a bamboo pole? dict_files/eng_com.dic This class can parse, analyze words and interprets sentences. At the end of the world the Redeemer would come on the horse statue which would grow bigger and be called Kalki. State what Muni hints at the caste and class distinction between the rich and the poor in Kritam. Child marriage was prevalent as in the case of Muni and his wife. They seemed to be conversing, but in reality, they are talking about entirely unrelated subjects. Bad faith is a philosophical concept utilized by Sartre to describe the phenomenon in which human beings, under pressure from social forces, adopt false values and disown their innate freedom, hence acting inauthentically. He was expecting a miracle food because  he craved to chew  drumsticks out of sauce the same morning. To attract the attention of the shopkeeper, Muni kept  clearing his throat, coughing and sneezing. We can also mention here that Su. The foreigner claimed that he was a modest businessman dealing in coffee. 4. It's a place for … Was that a faint glow he saw on the eastern horizon, a sign of dawn at last? He rowed on. Although no one could say precisely who owned the tree, the only claim Muni had was that he lived in its  shadow. English. Muni had reared the goats in the hope of selling them some day and, with the profit, opening  a small shop on that very spot. From the beginning of the story it is observed that Muni is left with two goats. The red man did not understand Muni. Muni thought that the red man wanted  him to exchange the note for change. The foreigner is concerned about the price of the statue, Muni when through gestures realises that he is being asked  for the statue, rumbles on about its religious value, and how it has stood for generations. peered synonyms, peered pronunciation, peered translation, English dictionary definition of peered. How could he guess that? Check out Peer similar words like Hindu Translation is Samaan Pad Ka समान पद का. When the foreigner flicked the light open Muni was  confused about how to act so he blew on the light and put it out. Muni did not argue because he knew that if he obeyed his wife she would somehow conjure up some food for him in the evening. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. The horse was made long before  Muni was born i.e., it was made sometime when Muni’s grandfather’s grandfather was a young boy. How did the statue of the warrior look? What was Mini thinking as he led his goats to the highway? How did Muni attract the attention of the shopkeeper and win over his goodwill? Describe Muni’s fears and anxieties when he was given the card by the visitor. He was worried what would happen to her after his death. Muni responded  appropriately  at the shop man’s jokes. As a courtesy he offered Muni a cigarette. See more. There are various situations in the story which creates comic effect. Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the TAMIL language with its free online services. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! How did Muni attract the attention of the shopkeeper and win over his goodwill? How would Muni’s wife get money to buy foodstuff? Finally, from where did Muni say that he would get money? Give two examples to show that Muni was curious about the red man. 4. The wind that whipped his hair about had churned the Sea of Galilee into a rage. It is only when the goats are being taken to graze near the highway, that Muni’s chance encounter with the American takes place. 2. The foreigner was wearing khaki clothes. The foreigner assures Muni that he would keep the statue with utmost care in his living room in his house in the USA. It pained him yet he felt it was extremely pleasant. Muni was an old man residing in the Kritam village. In what context does he speak them? When Muni was passing through the village what was his and onlookers attitude to each other? The teachers will also seek resolution of other problems pertaining … (Change in question). “ What was each one talking about? A dictionary file. 5. Peers Meaning in Hindi. Take all the cigarettes or bhang or whatever is offered, but don’t get caught. It was painted yellow and blue all over with carvings of gods. He recalled how good it had tasted. Muni peered closely at the hundred rupees note. The foreigner was a tourist in India. The Meaning of True Wealth Not rated yet The Meaning of True Wealth : There was a girl whose family was very wealthy. Here's how you say it. Under what condition would she oblige him? Change the question. “ When was the horse made? As soon as Muni completed his speech what did Muni’s wife conclude from the scene? Due to his now-impoverished state and bad reputation in the village that makes it impossible to buy goods on credit, Muni barely manages to find enough to eat every day. Only he must be careful not to argue and irritate her… She was sure to go out and work – grind corn in the Big House, sweep or scrub somewhere, and earn enough to buy foodstuff and keep a dinner ready for him in the evening. 3. Muni was asking the red man about his children, if any. Define peer. In his prosperous days Muni had owned  a flock of forty sheep and goats. The judges were passionate about and reinforces the trap of tamil case study meaning in beginning each sentence below. Change the question. Muni’s annoyance was revealed when he questioned the goats, “Where is that man? What does Muni say about the coffee hotel in the locality? The foreigner, owing to the language barrier, assumes Muni as a salesman and offers him a hundred rupee note in exchange for the statue. He took out a hundred rupee note and started bargaining over the price of the statue. He stopped it, got down and went around it, poked under the vehicle because his car ran out of gas. Tamil is also an official spoken language in Sri Lanka & Singapore. Where did Muni live in the village? One day her father took her on a trip to the country where he aimed … The Monkey and The Juggler Not rated yet A Short Story : The Monkey and The Juggler This Short Story The Monkey and The Juggler is quite interesting to all the people. 5. Learned people and officers in Muni’s country know Parangi language. Sisera, the commander of his army, was based in Harosheth Haggoyim. I appreciate the article. What did Muni’s wife give him for breakfast and midday meal? Beware of khaki. Where did Muni live in the village? So the LORD sold them into the hands of Jabin king of Canaan, who reigned in Hazor. Why? There are books piled up too. Who was the foreigner? It is ‘probably the tiniest’ of India’s seven hundred villages. Inchoate means incomplete or lack thereof of peer response and judge the likely response to information better than anyone else. Kritam in Tamil meant ‘ coronet’ or ‘crown’ on the brow of the Indian subcontinent. To put Muni at ease, the other man pressed his palms together, smiled, and said, “ Namaste!”. His wife agreed thinking that  next year, Muni might  not be alive  to ask for anything. At one time, Muni possessed a large and healthy herd of goats and sheep, but the herd dwindled away over time until only two were left. The authors noted that where feedback that he was unfit. The Answer of this question is out of Syllabus so mark it as wrong question. When Muni was passing through the village, he avoided looking at anyone. Duging Pongal Muni and father would  cut the harvest. Muni asked  the red man, “ How many children do you have?

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