If you look for inspiration within the Instagram pages you follow, give Cam Hanes a follow. Zach Ferenbaughs hunting style is about as distinct as the long locks that make him the most recognizable member of The Hunting Public. Like anything, calling deer requires persistence and effort. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. Stan Potts doubles down in Montana and Wyoming. Most of us spend way too much time on social media. I dont like doing what everyone else likes to do, he said. He doesnt score his bucks, and he generally doesnt do what everyone else does. Hunting from the ground, however, might be the best way to create a hyper realistic scenario. If you dont believe in your calling, why would the deer? Yes, I understand there are a lot of other great bowhunters on Instagram to follow, so if you think someone else belongs on this list, let us know in the comments below. Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh have been scouting the public lands. If I can see a deer, thats when I feel the most confident because you can just read that body language, he said. Thats a lot of moving pieces. At age 9, he eventually shot his first deer. The Hunting Public company is owned by Aaron Warbritton and it showcases the hunting adventures of the group. What about you? If you dont have these major terrain features at your disposal, use the wind and thermals to your advantage. Its less about which call you use and more about how you use it. 2015 saw his university graduation. 0. You wont see this group passing giant deer, leaving you annoyed and frustrated with what you just watched. The Bowhunt or Die web show is in its 12th season this year. We look for areas that are challenging to access.. Check Price at Amazon. Zach is an American public land bow-hunting specialist based in Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States. Even though Zach was hardly old enough to go hunting, he would accompany his grandfather when he went squirrel hunting. Aaron, Zach, Greg Clements and Jake are all former interns or producers for Midwest Whitetail. Let us know in the comments below! Whitetails deer are creatures of the edge, sosearching for staging area food sources such as browse between bedding and the main food source could be a killer strategy for pressured bucks. Im trying to go in and trick them.. . Due to the many hunting trips made by his father and grandpa, he developed an interest in hunting. Staring at a few thousand acres of public property can be intimidating. Mike Clerkin heads to the legendary Buffalo County, Wisconsin, in search of early season whitetail action. The reality is, most of them are pretty much the same. According to Aaron, the concept took root one day in southern Iowa, as they were working at the popular web show Midwest Whitetail. Additionally, since September 2017, he has been a partner in The Hunting Public in Albia, Iowa. From their unique public land hunting tactics, to the odd and goofy personalities they have, its one of the most entertaining hunting shows available. brookstone therapeutic percussion massager with lcd screen; do nigel and jennifer whalley still own albury park The Hunting Public is arguably the most exciting thing happening in the hunting video world right now, and they have recently taken the excitement factor even far Sign up for daily stories delivered to your inbox. But I think Zachs point is well taken. But not this group. Versatility is your friend, and there are times of the yearlike the late seasonwhere one style can offer up an advantage over the other. Watch as Zach and Logan Ferenbaugh hunt Holmes County Ohio during the evening of November 3rd. We use kayaks, canoes or boats to access difficult spots, Greg said. He was born to his father and mother in Ohio, United States of America. Dr. James Kroll and Haynes Shelton explain why it's important to know your neighbors when operating a smaller deer property. It can be really intimidating if you want to get into hunting, Jake told me, because you see people on TV with all this gear and huge properties. When bowhunting whitetails from the ground, Ferenbaugh says the smallest misstep can cost you an opportunity and haunt your dreams for years to come. But Greg and Zach mentioned that while they might scout those areas, typically bucks wont reach a large destination food source in daylight. Your email address will not be published. Zachary Ferenbaugh currently lives in Wapakoneta, OH; in the past Zachary has also lived in Albia IA. He is an expert bow hunter on public lands in the United States, and his total wealth is thought to be $1,496,824. Zach served as the president of the Ohio University Anglers Organization from 2014 to 2015. January 25, 2023 Painting a realistic scenario is vital for successful calling and is something each expert stressed. Zach Ferenbaugh - @zach_ferenbaugh Zach and the other guys of, The Hunting Public, have quickly become the hottest hunting show around. This isnt a slight against any deer call manufacturers. Gordon Whittington talks with 13-year-old Troy Metzger about the 2016 hunt that landed the young man a monster non-typical buck on this edition of Big Buck Profile. Contact Information is currently not available. At Midwest Whitetail, her major role was to select for the internship program, film whitetail and waterfowl hunts, edit Cabelas Spring Thunder off-season series in addition to various Gear Reviews as well as How-to-tips video segments, moderate an episode of Midwest Whitetail and Cabelas Whitetail Season, moderate Whitetail Watch podcast, scout & analyzed hunting areas, and upload content to midwestwhitetail.com. They havent become well known by shooting yearling bucks, but they certainly arent letting a big one walk because hes too young. From states such as Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska, theyre searching for whitetails that get them fired up about the overall experience. I almost never have any clue what I am hunting, he says. So use terrain features, like a body of water or steep bluffs or banks, to force the deer to travel a certain way. Prior to that, from June 2015 to December 2015, he worked as an intern at Midwest Whitetail in Albia, Iowa. I hate to break it to you, but when it comes to calling deer, there are no magic tricks. By Bernie Barringer, photos by Bernie Barringer and Zach Ferenbaugh Take a look at the areas of the Midwest which consistently produce big whitetail bucks and you'll find some. Deer need convincing to come investigate your calls. Zach got captivated after shooting his first squirrel at the age of 5. Once the deer is relaxed and continues browsing, the coast is clear to cut the distance. The Hunting Public crew consists of a team of four, namely, Aaron, Greg, Zach, Jake, and Brody.. Aaron Warbritton . We often get hung up (no pun intended) with stand setups this time of year. To me, it is 100 percent about playing the wind. Where do you live now? Having the right equipment to efficiently and ethically take down big game is extremely important as a bowhunter. Having the right equipment to efficiently and ethically take down big game is extremely important as a bowhunter. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aaron and Jake sat down with Troy Fowler and Rob Neilson to discuss . Check Full Reputation Profile From 2014 to 2015, Zach was Anglers Organization President at Ohio University Anglers Organization. I do see it as a huge win anytime a deer walks past mesmall buck, doe, whateverI would love it, he said. You could say the advent of The Hunting Public was an aligning of the stars. The incredible talents of the hunting group have listed the hinting vloggers in the category oftop YouTubers net worth. Locating promising sections of public land can be relatively easy when the effort is put forth. to see possible family members, friends, co-workers, and associates found from multiple government records, social and public sources. The Hunting Public members attack public ground with some of the most aggressive, well-thought-out tactics Ive ever seen, and they create videos that tell the story. While Aarons first southern deer hunt took place on public lands in the marshes of Mississippi years later, Zachs first excursion was to Alabamas hills in January 2019 to pursue whitetails. View court, arrest, criminal/conviction However, more details about his married life is not publicly available. A few years later, he made hunting-related pals in high school who went on to form their own hunting clan. He currently works for the famous American hunting Youtuber crew called The Hunting Public. He was born to his father and mother in Ohio, United States of America. He founded the Wired to Hunt website in 2009, and prior to that, was a nationally-published outdoor writer. Even if he only has five days total for the trip, hell spend the first day scoping out these access points in person and looking for corners with low hunting pressure. While every whitetail hunter has dreams of tagging a 200-inch trophy on out-of-state public land, but Smith said you cant count on such an opportunity and should adjust your expectations. On his page, youll find lots of images and videos of family, faith, and the outdoors. In this edition of "Big Buck Profile," Gordon Whittington talks with young whitetail hunter Reid Crawford about his trophy buck taken in 2017. I originally interviewed Zach Ferenbaugh, Dan Infalt, Will Primos, and Mark Drury to find out about their go-to deer calls, but I learned even more about how they approach calling. -www.firstlite.com/THP, WOODHAVEN TURKEY CALLS-Use coupon code THP2018 to get 10% off-http://bit.ly/2IagiSe, VORTEX MERCHANDISE- Save 20% off with the code THP20 -http://bit.ly/2oBxLhp, EXODUS TRAIL CAMERAS- Get 10% off w/ code THP10 -http://bit.ly/2FQ2FcR, Trophy Ridge Bow Accessories- SAVE 15% OFF w/promo code THP15 -http://bit.ly/2Lol7Yx, OnX Maps- Use promo code THP to get 20% off -http://bit.ly/2D6aB44, Follow us onFacebookatThe Hunting Public, Follow us onInstagramatThe Hunting Public, To leave or reply to comments, please download free Podbean iOS App or Android App. government sources. Because these guys do a lot of ground-hunting with makeshift blinds, they tend to find more possibilities than more traditional hunting styles might allow. Access the newest seasons of MeatEater, save content, and join in discussions with the Crew and others in the MeatEater community. So why not share some bowhunting accounts that are worth following? They use a wide range of hunting tactics, by stalking deer in their beds on pressured public land to shooting bucks from elevated blinds on well-managed private properties. Famous People in USA S2E2: Shoots Booner with Wife's Bow . The Hunting Public podcast on demand - Hunters Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh talk deer hunting tips and tactics with various experts across the country. Adam Moore The East Meets West Hunt Podcast is your resource for all things adventure hunting. This is a considerable amount considering his net worth as a public land bow hunting specialist. Since Sep 2017, Zach has been a partner at The Woodsguys Media base in Albia, Iowa. Zach needs no introduction into the show and we got right into it from the start! Previously, Zach was a Videographer at Midwest Whitetail in Lowa. The deer camp mentality of hunting is getting lost in the shuffle. When we started this thing, we did not want to betray that style.. Zach Ferenbaugh - The Hunting Public. Mark Kenyon is the host of the Wired to Hunt podcast, and is a member of the MeatEater Inc. team. He hangs out in the forests with a group of buddies who have gained a huge following on social media. Also, Zach went to Midwest Whitetail as an intern. Aaron, one of the members of The Hunting Public and also the co-founder, has been presenting himself as one of the active members of the hunting YouTuber group.He hangs out in the forests with a group of buddies who have gained a huge . The Hunting Public Net Worth Crew, Members, Income, Earnings, Salary, The Hunting Public earnings, income, salary, Thomas Delauer Net Worth 2023 Age, Height, Wife, Keto Meal Plan, Kyle Cook Net Worth Age, Wife, Height, Income, Earnings, The Dashleys Net Worth Age, Wiki, Family, Income, Kyle Berkshire Net Worth Height, Age, Girlfriend, Earnings, Robin D. 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Keep your face and eyes covered as much as possible, minimize movement, stay low, and draw when the deer is turned away and you cant see its eyes at all. We want to re-inspire that.. He worked ther from May 2016 to Aug 2017. We use cookies to personalize & enhance your experience. Zach Ferenbaugh is an expert in bow hunting on public lands who lives in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Most whitetail bow hunters look forward to the rut all year and dream of careless bucks cruising and . This is especially true if theres snow in on the ground to blend in with. Before that, he served as an Intern at Midwest Whitetail in Albia, Iowa from Jun 2015 to Dec 2015. Essentially, the Buck Nest was a huge bedding area on public ground, and we saw 15 bucks in one evening during early October, Aaron explained. Share this on Facebook (opens in new window), Share this on Twitter (opens in new window). These guys just arent afraid to be aggressive, going to extremes to locate daytime buck movement. We'll also cover current Gordon Whittington heads north to his personal Missouri farm for some crossbow action. The Hunting Public proved to be Zachs full-time job since 2017. Zach Ferenbaugh and I were sitting in the office one day, and we scrolled through social media and saw a guy who claimed hed shot a deer out of his bed, Aaron explained. His content has a good mix of hunts, hunting tips, and info throughout hunting season, as well as great archery tips and videos throughout the rest of the year. Zachs annual pay is on average $65,196. This was a really fun conversation with Zach because I had the opportunity to hang out with Zach this past July at a Tethrd Teach-N-Train Tour event in Iowa. The Hunting Public company is owned by Aaron Warbritton and it showcases the hunting adventures of the group. Follow her page throughout the year as Kaitlyn travels around the midwest in search of big whitetail bucks, turkeys and more! Rather than rushing a shot, playing it safe usually pays off. Co-owners, Aaron Warbritton, and Zach Ferenbaugh are humble in their approach to hunting, especially on public hunting grounds. Im driving around, and I find some oddball thing that hinders people from getting into the public, he said. Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kentucky, Ohio, North Dakota are the best destination for hunters. Its a great show and very informative. Zachary has many family members and associates who include Brandi Zwiebel . This podcast is for the hunter that loves planning and preparing for the hunt, just as much as the hunt. However, more information regarding his marriage is not made publicly available. Zach received his first turkey when he was 10 years old. Zachary Ferenbaugh currently lives in Wapakoneta, OH; in the past Zachary has also lived in Albia IA. So far it is a tie between deer, turkey, and smallmouth bass. All the experts I interviewed use different calls. She is a professional dancer. to see possibly who they are and full class lists found from school records and public sources. I asked a few of these guys their thoughts on strategies for public vs. private land. His Instagram page consists of great archery and bowhunting tips and tricks, as well as the fun hunts and archery events he attends.