Bambi was an integral part to overcoming issues I was still dealing with from my past. Sedona, Arizona. Having trouble forgiving and healing, or overcoming childhood trauma? Depression can change over time, often affected by seasonal changes and the amount of social contact. This retreat was so much more than I expected. Safety value power! Through this experience, you will meet new female friends, experience memorable fun adventures, and leave with a renewed sense of self-worth and meaning. A special ingredient added is the love and intention put into the food by the chef and cooks. DATE & TIME DETAILS:Starts with dinner on June 3.Ends with lunch on June 8 View Sample program schedule, ACCOMODATION RATES: Includes accommodations, meals, Hollyhock activities, use of hot tubs and campus facilities (does not include tuition). I really believe you attract what you're ready for. All of these negative ideas can be addressed when we look at the core trauma that is connected to them. At Western Spirit Enrichment Center, whether it is personal spiritual retreats or womens spiritual retreats, you will have the opportunity to learn about: Through our special balance of enriching Workshops and exciting, fun-filled Outdoor Adventures, plus time for Rest and Self-Reflection, you will be guided along paths of self-care and discovery, personal growth and inner healing, regardless of your faith, religious background, spiritual practices or chosen lifestyle. *The Saprea Retreat is only available in English at this time. Thank you for the gift of yourselves. Food, flowers, and ocean all support the intention of gathering in community to share stories, develop new friendships, and harness the power of the common ties that connects us together as humans. Estimates from community studies suggest that women experience PTSD at two to three times the rate that men do (4). I loved the non-judgmental support and leadership. Reconnect with yourself through meditative walks, hikes, breathing, and tension reduction exercises. Founder of the educational nonprofit, Nature's Academy (the parent organization of Unbounded Horizons), Dana is working to build a thriving global community of survivors who challenge themselves and one another to reimagine what is possible. The retreat is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Marian is such a bright light and full of love. The Grand Canyon experience was awesome! My retreat experience went above and beyond my expectations. Registration does not imply consent, endorsement or recommendation by the State. Anyone experiencing difficulty functioning in their daily lives as a result of traumatic events. adorn the dining hall, the rooms, the gathering spaces, and the edible flowers that adorn the salads and foods. I will never, ever forget this spiritual and life changing experience. Thanks for hosting such a great retreat. Thank you for this wonderful getaway. When youre struggling with the untreated effects of trauma, its important to choose the trauma treatment center that is best prepared to meet your specific needs. In general, when, individualized care at an effective trauma treatment center, they can identify and address the specific ways. Saprea strives to provide a safe space for survivors to build a community of support while learning about the impacts of childhood trauma and applying healing strategies to help manage trauma symptoms. ", "From the location, the staff, and the content.everything was great. The workshops were so important to my healing and the outdoor activities were fun and exciting; the Grand Canyon hike amazing! I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude and peace for several days afterwards. How Does The Saprea Retreat Help Me Heal? One of the primary ways we encourage community is through support groups. The content, quality, and empathy survivors experienced at the Haven Retreat are continued (and are nearly identical to) the Saprea Retreat. * Exploring the wisdom at the heart of your experience as a woman An advocate for victims of domestic violence and assault for more than 6 years, Iliana has devoted her professional life to helping women through some of their most difficult times. I learned that love is pure, simple and warm. There are no words to describe how well my expectations were met. You will have the opportunity to choose which location you prefer to attend when you submit your application request. The Saprea Retreat is designed for adult women who were sexually abused at or before age 18. I was taken back by the ability it gave to destress and open my mind the other things then work and stress. Praz-sur-Arly, Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes, France. I learned so many important things. Enlightening would best describe Marians workshops. She was able to guide him through past traumatic memories in a way that allowed him to. you can expect to work with compassionate professionals who will provide you with the answers, services, and support you deserve. Anxiety: Anxiety can present itself in countless ways, affecting everything from our ability to meet new people to the ease with which we drift off to sleep. 1:351:50 PM Group Welcome & Introductions, 10:35-11:25 AM Understanding Shame and Resiliency, 4:50-5:40 PM Sexual Health: Nurturing Your Sexual Self-Esteem, 1:301:45 PM Arrive at Drop-off Location. We will provide various resources, including packing lists, preparatory materials, and more, to help you get ready. Therapies Used to Treat Trauma Our trauma treatment center emphasizes person-focused care and evidence-based services. It would have been a much longer road of healing without Dr Bambis. Thank you both for the love, healing and laughter! About Us (877) 868-5730. Saying thank you doesnt seem adequate enough for how much my life has positively changed through five days with Marian and Garrett! I thought I came for one thing, but I left with so much more! You are responsible for any costs associated with transportation to the retreat location in Port Angeles, Washington. If you receive trauma treatment at the PHP level, you willbenefit fromfull days of services provided by experienced professionals. Our spiritual connection with nature reveal truths that withstand the test of time! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your lives with me. In our experience, nothing gets your life back on track as quickly or effectively as a mental health retreat. Throughout the retreat, you will be cradled and nurtured by Olympic National Park, as you enjoy your stay at NatureBridge, nestled on the shores of peaceful Lake Crescent. You restore my faith that there are people out there who truly care (and follow through!). Flowers adorn the dining hall, the rooms, the gathering spaces, and the edible flowers that adorn the salads and foods. virtually all aspects of an individuals life. An incredible an invaluable experience with connections for a lifetime! This will be a co-creation for a safe space to be, to learn, and to dive deep into . Each guest receives personal attention and complete confidentiality. ), my children forgave me for being so checked out for so many years, and I finally got to be a full participant in my life. Participants are responsible for travel to and from the pick-up locations for the in-person experience. As a survivor of domestic violence herself, she is well acquainted with trauma and is uniquely positioned to guide others with trauma-informed care and compassion; providing tools, resources, and support as they navigate the waters of their own healing. jQuery(function(){ jQuery('#footer-bottom a').attr('rel','nofollow'); }); Copyright 2001-2023 Western Spirit Enrichment Center, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We are a team of yogis who came together to put our energy into making the world a better place by connecting you with life-changing yoga retreats, meditation retreats, wellness retreats, and yoga teacher trainings. Our educational classes cover topics such as: Participate in a wide range of experiential activities designed to help you address the effects trauma has on your brain and body. It was undoubtedly a transformative week! I loved Garretts hikes, knowledge of local history and storytelling. * Learning the language of your embodied intuitive knowing These retreats don't quite match what you're looking for, but they're pretty close! Adult women can enter our trauma treatment center directly at the PHP level, or they may step down to our PHP after completing our residential program. Survivors of physical and sexual abuse can experience PTSD, as well as survivors of crime, natural disasters and even fights or car accidents. I am truly grateful for all you do. This retreat offers free cancellation up to 1 days before the retreat start date. The reasons to choose Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center include: Our admissionsprocess is designed to connect women and girls with thecare they need via a stress-free series of steps: Every step of the way,you can expect to work with compassionate professionals who will provide you with the answers, services, and support you deserve. And love. Everything was wonderful! Best part-your own private room and someone else cooking and cleaning! At times when solitude is needed, there is space and place to take solace in solitude. Physically and mentally, it felt similar to when I came home from weeks of meditation retreat. The Ocean provides soothing sounds of waves to encourage mindful presence. I thank each of you for all that you did for me personally in this journey going forward I'll never forget you. Our goal is to be here for you when you need us. After struggling with chronic Lyme disease for 13 years. The retreat far exceeded my expectations! Bambi is compassionate, healing, gracious, sensitive, honest and funny. We welcome you to learn, discover, heal, and grow as a woman through a personal women's spiritual retreat with Western Spirit Enrichment Center in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. When you arrive at our center, youll be greeted warmly by a friendly member of our staff. Respite Retreat. Trauma is the body's emotional response to any event you may find physically or emotionally harmful. The workshop Choosing Love Over Fear provided a strong foundation for the week and I found myself coming back to it often. View our past guest testimonials below. Hope of healing., Ive been slogging through my own trauma as well as vicarious trauma and burnout as a helping professional and this completely refreshed me and turned my week around. Yoga - Perfect for women's peak productive period. The week was great from start to finish, a wonderful experience for mind and soul. There is HOPE. From. What to Expect I will stay in touch! It was such a pleasure and honor to meet 2 amazing people! When women gather to connect and still our minds to reflect, may our hearts reveal what is true, guiding us in what to do. It is a natural coping mechanism for us to feel anxious, depressed, withdrawn or dissociated from our bodies and minds after such an event occurs. My retreat was so much better than I expected and the combination of the workshops and outdoor adventures was amazing. Both sites use the same learning practices as well as the same exercises to help you on your healing journey. Personal assaults, sexual assualt, natural or human-caused disasters, accidents, and other forms of violence can contribute to PTSD. She supported my journey of healing by processing difficult personal memories through the therapeutic lens of attachment and EMDR. That was a very nice thought but I had no idea that it would completely change my life. Can safely live in a social environment for four days with a group of other survivors. My retreat went by so quickly, even while spending 7+ hours with Bambi every day. Quiet your mind through meditation and self-reflection. I would definitely recommend this retreat to others and would enjoy doing it again. When they work together in close collaboration with a team of trauma treatment professionals, women and girls can process their experiences, develop better coping skills, and learn to manage the impact trauma has had on their lives. We are one of the top mental health retreats, combining recent advances in neuroscience and attachment research with EMDR and Internal Family Systems Therapy, enabling us to work with underlying core issues to get right to the heart of the problem so that symptoms are totally eliminated or significantly decreased. I could not recommend this retreat more highly. She brought me through a week-long intensive EMDR retreat in a way that felt safe and productive. She regularly utilizes Internal Family Systems (IFS) during sessions to facilitate emotional processing. Heart of a Woman is a retreat produced by women for women. Marian Carol & Garrett Lowry Wanting to bring more abundance into your life? Prior to starting treatment, you will complete a thorough assessment. They are dedicated to helping you reflect on your experiences without judgement, gain awareness about your mental and physical responses to triggering events, learn new skills to advance toward the life you desire, and--perhaps most importantly--discover how a deepened spiritual connection with the natural world and its rhythms can be a catalyst to help you rediscover your own unbounded horizons. We operate on the universal principle that Spirit (God) is love, all humankind is connected, and we all have our own answers within. Services. Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center offers personalized care and comprehensive support for women and girls who are struggling with the effects of trauma. Home to alpine ridges, temperate rain forest, and rugged coastline, Olympic National Park is home to three stunning and distinct ecosystems. OMG! Our 5-day Healing Retreat at Hollyhock rests on sunny, southeastern beaches bathed by the Salish sea. My sincere thanks to Marian and Garrett. A special ingredient added is the love and intention put into the food by the chef and cooks.