Don't miss it and tell me which one is your favorite.WINX CLUB ENGLISH is your destination to enter the magic Winx world!Subscribe now: DISCOVER:Winx + Specialists Love Stories, the dark side of the Winx to the Winx Club soundtrack playlists FULL MOVIES EPISODES: Season 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Website: Facebook page: The Winx's shoes are often some type of boots or heels. As the Winx strive to put a stop to the witches dark reign, Bloom and Sky face problems of their own due to an odd disdain that King Oritel holds against King Erendor. The Winx rush to Domino to comfort Bloom while Sky, in disguise, tries to explain his reasons to Bloom. Bloom then shares parts of herDragon Flamewith the other Winx girls who will have to perform good actions worthy of afairyto earn a new transformation.The outfits are armor-like, with armor-like shapes and pieces of translucent cloth attached to the outfits and the leggings attached to their shoes. During the battle, both Sky and Helia are wounded before the Winx come out victorious. To increase their magical abilities, they transform into fairies and are able to use their powers with greater ease, gain wings, and new clothes and accessories. Each season maintains its own primary antagonist(s), plot threads and arcs; all of which are mostly displayed as being self-contained as the events of past seasons being mentioned often go completely unmentioned or even ignored in the next one. 3. Some of the Winx Club's hair also change, some grows longer and some changes color. Darkar defeats all opponents and transforms into his phoenix form to absorb the Ultimate Power. After defeating the Trix, Kalshara and restoring the balance of the fairy animals in the Magic Dimension, the Winx once again are at Alfea, preparing for a concert. For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 6. The Trix learn of Bloom's connection to the Dragon Flame. Back in his lair on Andros, Valtor learns of Bloom's true identity. In Obsidian, the Ancestral Witches strive to eradicate the Winx and escape. During the chaos, Radius is abandoned by Cassandra and Chimera, leading to Stella rescuing him at the cost of her own life and earning her Enchantix. Also, the more people believing in the Winx, the stronger and the more powers they gain. There, they meet a younger Faragonda and, With the Tome, Kalshara gains access to the Hall of Memories and absorbs the. Politea completely overpowers the Trix and hypnotizes them along with Tritannus and his mutants. Introduced in the fourth season. The Winx gain more popularity in Gardenia as more and more people believe in magic. The Winx tail Kalshara to her lair and rescue the captured fairy animals, destroying it in the process. When the Trix attackLinphea, the Winx attempt to fight them, but the Legendarium strips them of their powers, except Bloom (because the power of theGreat Dragoncannot be taken from its keeper). Bloom makes it out and uncovers Eldora's diary as the Sphinx is defeated. The Winx and the Specialists mourn Nabu's death as Nebula usurps Morgana, trapping her inside a magic mirror, and trains Aisha and the. Palladium restores the three fairies who were turned into frogs by the Trix as Roxy restores Griffin to her former self. Every transformation up to Cosmix! Their wings are bigger and more colorful than before, and they often have jewels hanging off of them. Synopsis: Season 1 starts with introducing Bloom, an ordinary Earth girl who just started her summer vacation, however, after a fateful encounter, Bloom learns that she is really a fairy. After the battle, the Winx find Faragonda imprisoned within the tree and journey to, While there, the Trix try to foil the Winx's plans and almost kill. Season 1 starts with introducing Bloom, an ordinary Earth girl who just started her summer vacation, however, after a fateful encounter, Bloom learns that she is really a fairy. Avalon, who is revealed to have been an evil clone, kidnaps Bloom and takes her to the. Griffin, as a crow, makes it to Alfea, where the Winx task, Cloud Tower reappears in the sky over Linphea College as Selina summons the. The Harmonix outfits consists of a strapless dress or top, or a one-shoulder strap, with a mini skirt, a type of cape attached to their skirts and a belt. And determined to save talented boys and girls in danger, along with an energetic host named Ace, they star in the talent reality show WOW! "All" transformations outfits of the Winx club, not including Roxy, Charmix, dark Bloom, the 2 sub-transformations (Sophix and Lovix), the 4 additions of Believix (Charmix, Speedix, Zoomix and Tracix), world of winx and 3D animation. The Winx accompanied by Twinkly, have arrived on Lumenia. The behind-the-scenes reason for this is a reboot of the Winx age to prolong the series. They are then met by Politea at the Emperor's Throne and try to fight her only to lose terribly. The Winx then go to Earth to find and keep this fairy safe and bring magic back to the planet to defeat the wizards. The Battle for Magix begins with destruction of Red Fountain. As the Winx travel into the Legendarium World in pursuit of the Monster, Rumpelstiltskin successfully steals Musa's voice and retreats to. Looking for a way off of Omega leads the Trix into encountering and freeing the worst sorcerer to ever plague the Magic Dimension: Valtor. They can be watched separately from the TV series and movies written above. Their outfits are also brighter and more complicated than their Winx and Charmix form. Having lost the Pendant of Eraklyon, Sky begins to avoid Bloom. Enjoy more than 1 hour of Winx transformations!From Charmix to season 7 transformations: Butterflix and Tynix!!! Bloom laments over Sky's fate but, thanks to. Transformations. For information about series and characters, see: Winx Club (Series). The Winx meet Twinkly and discovers she is a Lumen coming from Lumenia. This season focuses on the truth behind Bloom's magical identity and the source of her powers, which turn out to be the fearsome Dragon Flame, the spark responsible for the creation of all magical life. Stella first appears in Una Fata a Gardenia (translation: A Fairy in . The Charmix is earned when the Winx girls overcome a problem or their emotional turmoil, eg: Flora admitted her feelings for Helia, earning herself her Charmix form. The Specialists also attempt to settle down on Earth and find jobs. The Harmonix form is used by the Winx because their Believix form is weaker and less effective underwater. Disenchantix. Although it was a bit underwhelming after Enchantix, Believix is a good transformation. Eventually, Politea and the Trix stop fighting. They successfully convince the freshman witches to become their new underlings as they rip Cloud Tower from its foundation. Darkar has Dark Bloom start up a chant for the Ultimate Power. Selina ambushes Bloom, revealing her true nature to her former friend. Flora Winx Clubbing Aesthetic "Krystal is a fairy who attends Alfea and is also the Princess of Linphea, which is Flora's realm. Winx Club was so successful when it was released that the animation studio that made it was bought by Nickelodeon. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Reunited with her birth parents, Bloom and her friends return to Domino. Rather than reside on Earth like they proposed in Season 4, the Winx are back in the Magic Dimension. Fan Feed More Winx Club World Wiki. The Trix's army of witchy underlings grows. Both of Bloom's families are now complete. Selina makes off with a spark of Bloom's Dragon Flame and flees, forfeiting the fight. It is associated with a temporary evolution and greater Armor Time of second-year fairies: Charmix. Believix is a transformation where the girls can and have the power to reach to people's hearts. Synopsis: Schools back in session under the militant authority of Alfeas former Headmistress Rosalind. I wish each look was as good as Layla and Flora's. Layla's is a solid 7. To prove that they no longer bear any ill will, Using the Gift of Heart, the Winx's Believix morphs into. Seeing the destruction the trolls are causing, Griffin has Selina stop but, by the time she does so, every pixie (minus the Winx's bonded pixies) have been sucked into the Legendarium. The Winx defeat the Trix in a fierce battle. All throughout the Winx Club series the Winx have been through many levels of Fairy Power and Transformations, the first 3 normal forms for Fairies being more (the higher fairy levels) or less (the first 3 normal fairy levels) specific. For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 4. Darcy and Stormy return to Icy's side now that she had been rejected by Tritannus. Once they are later joined by Tritannus, the five villains seek out a pearl hidden within the deepest depths of the Infinite Ocean capable of bestowing its wielder with immense power. With Tritannus banished permanently withinOblivion and the Trix having disappeared long enough for peace to remain after the events of The Mystery of the Abyss, the Winx return to Alfea once more to resume their normal lives as their fame continues to grow. Roxy does not achieve this evolved transformation, despite the fact that it centers around fairy animals and she is the Fairy of Animals. Aisha bonds with Lemmy and Lemmy regains her powers. It is worth noting that even after graduating, the Winx returned to normal school life at Alfea starting in Season 5. To make matters worse, Tritannus frees the Trix and enlists their help in his plans to later seize the Emperors Throne located within the Infinite Ocean. Selina sends the Trix into the Legendarium World as well without telling them of the consequences. But if they fail, they will lose all their powers forever. Winx club did get more child-ish since the show is aimed for kids afterall. Valtor comes up with a plan to trap the Winx by attacking Peripla, using music as a bait. The series is split into the original series that ran from 2004 to 2009 and revived series from 2011 and 2019. Sky proposes to Bloom, which she accepts. ", Back at Alfea, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna and Musa form the, The Winx get acquainted with the Specialists further, forming romances with each of the boys (excluding Musa and, Riven leaves his squad of Specialists, resulting in him dating. The Winx head for Roccaluce to complete the Sirenix Quest and do battle with Tritannus' monster. After the Staryummies attack, Twinkly reveals that she is the messenger of Lumenia and has come to Alfea under Queen Dorana's call for help. The knowledge Bloom gains of both these aspects of herself are what help her overcome her weaknesses and defeat the series antagonists, the Trix. There are eight seasons in total. Bloom, Sky and Kiko are attacked by the Trix in Gardenia. These will only include the main Winx: Bloom, Stella . Bloom fights the Children alone after sensing. The Winx are almost taken down by the chaotic mutated fungi but are rescued by, The Winx then travel back in time to the Medieval period in, Having foiled another one of Brafilius' plans, the Winx save. Witnessing Valtor's humiliation, the Trix ditch Valtor and are apprehended yet again. For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 1 (Winx Club). Darkar thwarts Aisha's rescue mission attempt and confronts her by throwing her off the side of his castle. Preparations for Daphne's coronation are underway in the Royal Palace of Domino. Layla: Whoa, is that Timmy? Proving to be a powerful sorcerer, Valtor devises a plan to escape, to which Icy puts in motion. She then tries to get Bloom to poison Flora by lacing the antidote with lethal poison. The third fairy transformation and is introduced in the third season. Valtor and Bloom meet again, aware of who the other is. Enchantix is a greater and higher fairy transformation first seen in Season 3, the first 3D movie, and the first six episodes of Season 4. The Winx fight against Obscurum along with his Staryummies and Starchomp. Though, despite the continuation of certain plot threads during the series, some will be exempt due to plot holes. Bloom then tells them of her latest plans to track the Book of Fate with the help of Daphne's Mask. It's been used in the first, second and first half of the third season. After gaining Sirenix, each fairy is given a wish whcich she can ask her Guardian of Sirenix to grant. Bloom, aided by Stella, Sky, Brandon and Knut, sneaks into Cloud Tower in an attempt to retrieve her Dragon Flame back from the Trix only to fall into their trap. Because of this being such a huge part of magical girl culture, we've decided to compile a list ranking the fairy's top-10 transformations. The rest of the Winx and Faragonda realize Darkar's plan and head for his fortress to stop him and rescue Bloom. Daphne is captured by the Trix and Tritannus. Winx (later renamed Charmix) is the basic, standard fairy form that a fairy wins by strongly believing in herself. Meanwhile, two magical poachers known as Kalshara and Brafilius plan to capture any and all fairy animals that they believe to be wielding the Ultimate Power so that they (mainly Kalshara) can get their hands on it. This transformation is in collaboration with Ricette a colori, a short form Italian cooking show that featured the Winx. All this is told through eight seasons of the animated TV series, three animated movies, two seasons of a spin-off show, and two seasons of Netflixs live-action TV series. The Winx Club earned their Believix transformation when they tried to make the people of Earth to believe in fairies and magic again. Sky returns, having been freed from Diaspro's influence. Darkar, with help from Dark Bloom, opens a portal into the. As the leaders of various realms remain at an impasse, Tritannus and the Trix make off with the Pillar of Balance's seal. After returning to Alfea, the rest of the Winx. Synopsis: The movie was written to follow the cliffhanger at the end of the first movie, in which the Ancestral Witches are freed from Obsidian as spirits and seek out their descendants, the Trix, in an attempt at getting new bodies. Bloom begins to experience great pains from having given up pieces of her Dragon Flame. The Ceremony of Truth begins and a dark abyss is created in the moment Morgana touches the Black Circle. Throughout the series, the Winx have acquired many levels of fairy power and transformations, starting with the basic level Winx, they currently have the Butterflix and Tynix power, without counting the transformations of World of Winx . Edit the label text in each row. I think that Enchantix is on of the best transformation. Most of the girls' hair are styled in loose ponytails, with hair accessories like seashell tiaras, seashell barrettes or seashells on their foreheads. The Trix also head for Eraklyon under their ancestors' orders to retrieve a magic hourglass from Erendor that contains a bud of the Tree of Life that still holds positive magic. The Winx find the Forest of Flowers and meet Eldora as Selina, afraid of the Trix uncovering her history with the fairy godmother, summons the, The Winx learn of the Legendarium, its author. The Sirenix Book has given each Winx a Sirenix Box which contains their Sirenix Guardian, which allows them to fight in mid-air, on land and underwater. Here, Queen Dorana explains to them that the stars of the Magic Universe are in danger. To change that, Bloom starts up her quest to find and rescue her birth parents, King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino, thanks to the information she got from the Ancestral Witches. All three schools celebrate their historic victory. Aisha rejoins the Winx as Morgana reunites with Klaus, stepping back into her family's life. In order for a fairy to earn Enchantix, she must make a major sacrifice for the well being of someone from her respective planet of origin. He and the Trix then decide to capture Daphne. The Trix, as the Mega Trix, are locked in Relix as it crumbles. The Winx and the Specialists take a flying ship to the haunted city of, During the trip, the Specialists train the Winx (excluding. It's a MtG/Winx crossover, examining the reactions of a Planeswalker with a nasty, dark past when faced with the Winx universe, which is basically a cartoon that's the perfect mix of My Little Pony and the magical girl genre. Synopsis: Following the revival of Domino in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, the Winx have gained major celebrity status due to their valiant exploits. The Winx and Twinkly arrive at Lumenia and meet Queen Dorana for the first time. Sirenix is the first of many bad transformations because everyone looks exactly . Cosmix is the cosmic/universal-derived transformation and of nearly infinite magical power that the six Winx Club receive in Season Eight's second episode "A Kingdom of Lumens" by Queen Doranna of the world Lumenia. Flora follows Icy into the Snow Queen's Domain, rescues Helia and teleports him, herself and the totem into the real world, where the Winx obtain the Silver Spear. The artworks are official with few edits made by WinxClubEnglish. Aisha's "waves" magic simply becomes water magic, Musa is a mind fairy, and so on. For information about the movie and characters, see: Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss. Upon finding the Source, Tritannus creates a monster to guard it from the Winx. Enjoy more than 1 hour of Winx transformations!From Charmix to season 7 transformations: Butterflix and Tynix!!! Drag the images into the order you would like. Nostalgia time. 1 Enchantix. Before she can leave, Bloom is ambushed by the Trix. Fan Art of Winx Club Bloom Hesperix for fans of The Winx Club 43504168 During the night of the shooting stars, the Winx makes acquaintance with Twinkly, a Lumen coming from space. Tritannus and the Trix return to the Throne with the Pearl of the Deep, only to realize that they had been fooled once Politea steals the Pearl away. Mandragora launches an attack on Alfea but is pushed back by the Winx and Alfea faculty members. There is a timeline from the creation of the universe, to medieval times and immediately before season one. Create a Winx Club Transformations tier list tier list. Plot: Some plot changes are made. This leads to Musa breaking up with Riven. Drag the images into the order you would like. Stella is forced out of Downland for her own safety while Brandon stays behind as Amentia's new reluctant fianc. The Winx obtain the Spectrographic Localizer. While the Winx discover what has dried up one of Lumenia's Rivers of Light, the Winx learns that Valtor has returned and meet Obscurum during their first encounter. Musa is fatally wounded as the Specialists stay behind to provide cover as the rest of the Winx enter Obsidian. Part of the Dragon's Flame mixes with the original darkness, creating a dark spark of the Dragon Fire. Bloom returns to Alfea, reunites with Sky, and journeys to Omega with him to aid their friends in finding Tecna. Since Bloom is the fairy of the Dragon's Flame, could it be that her powers are less effective while Aisha the fairy of waves, her powers are more effective in their Sirenix forms. Here is the ultimate order of everything Winx by release date: Also, in Bloom's memories, Daphne also named her "Bloom". Flora also heals Helia but not completely as his heart remains frozen. She then goes on to defeat Icy to free Helia of her curse. The transformations in the Winx Club series. Fed up with her brother's blunders, Kalshara sneaks into Alfea herself and abducts Critty. The Winx are caught but, instead of being punished, learn about, Valtor absorbs the most powerful spells of numerous dimensions as he begins his quest for revenge against the. The Winx and Specialists most common enemies are a trio of witches, the Trix: Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. Believix. Season 2 takes place not long after the Season 1 finale. For information about episodes and characters, see: Season 8. In doing so, the Winx must reach Obsidian, a realm made entirely of darkness where the Ancestral Witches reside. The Winx consider residing on Earth as they pursue a career as a pop-rock band. The day of King Radius and Countess Cassandra's wedding approaches, leading to the Winx disguising as performance bikers to crash the wedding and stop Cassandra and Chimera before it is too late. Marijas expertise includes fiction books, sitcoms, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter, and LotR. Believix. Set immediately after Tritannus' defeat and banishment to Oblivion, the Trix, who have evaded capture, journey back into the Infinite Ocean, where they try to seize the Emperor's Throne for themselves but end up meeting with Politea, the nymph who betrayed Daphne when she needed her the most. The six members of the Winx Club are recognized as the new Company of Light by the Book of Fate. The Winx receive the next Gift of Destiny, the Gift of Heart. Still heartbroken and remorseful over his death, The ceremony is interrupted when an assassin breaks in, making multiple attempts at, An oil spill occurs and, during their attempts at stopping the spread and rescuing the workers, Aisha notices that her. Politea then reveals that the Emperor's Throne will never respond without the presence of a true emperor like. The Winx prepare for their concert during the night of the shooting stars. Videos on Fanpop. La serie fue creada y dirigida por Iginio Straffi. Riven returns to the Specialists. Despite this, "The Lilo" was aired as the fifth episode in Italy and other countries. Having created Valtor, the Ancestral Witches raise him with their knowledge of the magical realms and poise him to become the greatest, Lord Darkar's searchfor the Dragon Flame ultimately leads to the destruction of, Before their raid on Domino, the Ancestral Witches attack, Daphne and Politea fight against the Ancestral Witches to protect the. The girls are wearing high heeled sandals, with ribbons attached to them, going up the Winx legs- there are long ribbon strips loosely hanging around knee-level, the ribbon strips are usually two different colors, similar to the fairy's color scheme, eg: Musa's Harmonix outfit is purple and her ribbon strips are purple and red. Explore Fanpop. Fairy Forms or Transformations are the different forms that Fairies can take to use their magic. The only think that I don't like about it is that They have not shown the real power of the Winx. So far, the Fairy Forms shown in the series are: Standard . As the Trix try to fight Politea for the Pearl, Sky escapes his imprisonment but cannot flee. Here is the ultimate order of everything Winx by release date: To attract an American audience, the creative team assembled a voice cast for Nickelodeon, including Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande. The Wizards capture Morgana and erase her from, In her preteen years, Selina trains under Eldora, who becomes her fairy godmother, and learns of her role as the Keeper of the, During one of Eldora's trips around the world, Selina is coaxed into stealing the Legendarium by, Selina chooses to side with Acheron and steals the Legendarium. Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 Ending, Explained: What Is Sebastians True Goal? Fate: The Winx Saga changes that formula by introducing six core elements that every fairy's magic connects to - fire, water, earth, air, light, and mind. He then plots to destroy the. Charmix. As the Believix form was gained on Earth, their outfits are similar to Earth's clothing.