And how does R. Nehorai interpret the verse quoted by R. Eleazar, 'And Jaareshiah and Elijah'? He promulgated three decrees: (i) That no slave should enter it; (ii) That a man should not enter with two donkeys; and (iii) That no man should enter without furnishing the names of his father and grandfather. Josiae, etc., in the Thes. Although questions of this nature have already been broached, the issue looms ever-larger at this particular juncture. 1:404). Forty years later, on the banks of the Jordan, these proportions were reversed. Joseph became Egypt's food administrator, Pharaoh gave him Asenath, As it turned out, the altar built by Reuben, Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh was a memorial to the Lord God. (13) This punishment is one more reverberation of the tragic sale of Yosef, a ripple of the dynamic unleashed by the enmity between the brothers. The writer deliberately turns away from the history of the days of shame, and not less from the personal biography of the king. SEE MANASSES, PRAYER OF. Are cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and bitpay the begining of one world government in the book of Revelation? Why did Reuben, Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh want to live on the east of the Jordan? The first two tribes, Reuven and Gad, were involved in the negotiations with Moshe from the outset. Men must have suffered and died in that struggle of whom the world was not worthy, and yet no contrast can be greater than that between the short notices in Kings and Chronicles, and the martyrologies which belong to those other periods of persecution. SEE ESAR-HADDON. the daughter of Potiphera the priest of On, as a wife, and she bore The intellectual life of the people suffered in the same degree. And the sons of Gad built Divon, and Atarot, and Aroer And Yair the son of Menasheh went and took its small towns, and called them Havot-Yair. 10:3, 1). Share Report Asked June 16 2017 Anonymous. The most fearful symptom of all, when a prophet's voice was again heard during the minority of Josiah, was the atheism which, then as in other ages, followed on the confused adoption of a confluent polytheism (Zep 1:12). WebJoseph right up until today is represented by his two sons who became the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. The altar of Jehovah was displaced (2Ch 33:16). Web22 1-5 Then Joshua called together the Reubenites, Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh. The position of the tribe of Manasseh during the march to Canaan was with Ephraim and Benjamin on the west side of the sacred tent. Only in their case was the phrase "the land which you have given me" (Devarim 26:10) accurate, while the members of Reuven and Gad would have to say "the land we took," and would therefore be exempt from the mitzvah of first fruits. WebHalf of the Tribe of Manasseh. The Assyrian monarchy was tottering to its fall, and the king of Judah seems to have thought that it was still possible for him to rule as the head of a strong and independent kingdom. Top Six Rules Every Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law Should Follow. 3:676; Tob. Yair was a descendant of Hezran who in turn was from the tribe of Yehuda,(18) his grandmother was from Menashe, nonetheless he felt close enough to build these areas up for his cousins. sons by a Syrian concubine (1Ch 7:14), and Joseph lived long enough (Divrei Hayamim 1 Chapter 2:21-23). In return for this, Manasseh, we may believe, received the help of the chariots and horses for which Egypt was always famous (Isa 31:1). R. Nehorai said: To Gad, for it says, And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the settlers of Gilead, said (I Kings, 17:1). They manage to avoid any specific mention of stirring trouble, though Manasseh was implicated in the spies bad report. Clearly this was not Yosef's intention, but the abuse perpetrated by Menashe was paid back in the future. Clarify 15), and that they could not extend into the plains of Jordan or Esdraelon, because those districts were still in the possession of the Canaanites, and scoured by their chariots. 3. Had they not remained in these wild and inaccessible districts, but gone forward and taken their lot with the rest, who shall say what changes might not have occurred in the history of the nation, through the presence of such energetic and warlike spirits? As it is, the narrative fits in, with the utmost accuracy, to the facts of Oriental history. So far his progress would not be unacceptable. Chroniclers and prophets pass it over, gathering from its horrors and disasters the great, broad lessons in which they saw the foot-prints of a righteous retribution, the tokens of a divine compassion, and then they avert their eves and will see and say no more. 3:675), and for a time the Assyrian king held his court at Babylon, so as to effect more completely the reduction of the rebellious province. Until this point in the story, there are only two parties in the deal with Moses: The descendants of Gad and the descendants of Reuben. on. Of the tribe of Nephthalim [were] sealed twelve thousand. In fact, a civil war nearly broke out when, upon returning from battle, the dissenting tribes realized that they were so far from the spiritual center of Israel that they built an altar on their territory. Joshua 13:8 mentions that Transjordan was the inheritance of "the other half of the tribe of Manasseh, the Reubenites and the Gadites." WebWho was of the half tribe of Manasseh, on the other side Jordan, which inhabited the land of Gilead, and who is the first of the judges that was on that side Jordan; it pleased God, before the government was settled in a particular tribe, to remove it from one to another, and to honour them all, and to show that though the two tribes of Reuben Women dedicating themselves to a cultus like that of the Babylonian Mylitta wove hangings for the Asherah as they sat there (Mayer, cap. WebThen Joshua called the Reubenites, and the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh, and said unto them, Ye have kept all that Moses the servant of the LORD commanded you, and have obeyed my voice in all that I commanded you: ye have not left your brethren these many days unto this day, but have kept the charge of the commandment of the LORD your It is surely a strained, almost a fantastic hypothesis, to assign (as Ewald does) to such a period two such noble works as Deuteronomy and the book of Job. They encamped on the west side of the tabernacle. hand on Ephraim and his left on Manasseh, thereby placing the A positive connection between Manasseh and Benjamin is implied in the genealogies of 1 Chronicles 7, where Machir is said to have married into the family of Huppim and Shuppim, chief houses in the latter tribe (ver. Manasseh had Amstel. It was crushed by Esar-haddon (the first or second of that name; SEE ESAR-HADDON, and Ewald, Gesch. In reply Joshua advises them to go up into the forest (ver. It attacked the whole order of the true prophets, and those who followed them. Jacob laid his right hand on Ephraim, placing Ephraim ahead of Manasseh when he gave them the birthright blessings, so the tribe of Joseph has 2 tribes. Ewald, a critic of a nobler stamp, whose fault is rather that of fantastic reconstruction than needress skepticism (Gesch. features fun online activities for Kids. Messiah will be introduced by a prophet whose own tribal affiliation is completely blurred will return to reunite families and recreate the core of the Jewish community: The Rabbis debated: To which tribe did Eliyahu belong? They either left all that to Ephraim, or were so far removed from the center of the nation as to have little interest in what was taking place. Who were the models in Van Halen's finish what you started video? Otterson Lake Farm also provides a large heated tack room, with saddle racks, blanket/pad racks, personal lockers, feed containment area, and new stairs leading into the hay loft area. In the former there is no mention made of captivity or repentance or return. The Gibeonites were a group of people, descended from the Amorites ( 2 Samuel 21:2 ). "How can you remain behind in comfort while you brothers battle?" His name has been discovered on the Assyrian monuments (Journ. WebWhy is Manasseh called half tribe? At the time of Moses, Manasseh had already conquered and occupied some of the land east of the Jordan. English Standard Version Of the half-tribe of Manasseh 18,000, who were expressly named to come and make David king. Amon. (Bamidbar Rabbah 14:7, cited by Rashi 32:41), In fact we are told that Yair was not even a member of the tribe of Menashe, he was a distant cousin who felt a sense of brotherhood and built something for his cousins:(17), And afterwards Hezron went in to the daughter of Machir the father of Gilead, whom he married when he was sixty years old; and she bore him Segub. At first, things look fairly good for the two tribes. 3:667). What type of electrical charge does a proton have? But, with the one exception of Gideon, the warlike tendencies of Manasseh seem to have been confined to the east of the Jordan. The sacred books of the people were so systematically destroyed that fifty years later men listened to the Book of the Law of Jehovah as a newly-discovered treasure (2Ki 22:8). Like his brother, he was to increase with the fertility of the fish which swarmed in the great Egyptian stream, to "become a people, and also to be great" the "thousands of Manasseh," no less than those of Ephraim, indeed more, were to become a proverb in the nation; his name, no less than that of Ephraim, was to be the symbol and the expression of the richest blessings for his kindred. Separating oneself from the Jewish community is spiritually devastating; the punishment is a Divine quid pro quo - with the result - is to be separated from the community. Here, at last, Manasseh had ample opportunity and leisure for cool reflection; and the hard lessons of adversity were not lost upon him. (Mark 2:15). How are we to account for so singular and unlikely a choice? Download Under 18 yrs Liability Waiver Agreement, Download Over 18 yrs Liability Waiver Then he returned to Jerusalem and lived righteously and justly. We know that the USA is Manasseh for seven main reasons: 1. WebThe Genetic Confusion Between Tribes. From the indications of the history, it would appear that Manasseh took very little part in public affairs. Having authored hundreds of articles on the weekly parasha and holidays with a readership in excess of 10,000, Rabbi Kahn is also the author of Explorations, an in-depth analysis of the weekly Torah reading, and Emanations, an in-depth analysis of the Jewish holidays. "He put captains of war into all the fenced cities of Judah." WebOpinions were literally split about half-half. Because of this ceremony, it is the half Egyptian tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh that gained all the rights of the father after the passing of Jacob. The portion given to the half tribe of Manasseh was the largest on the east of Jordan. According to this approach, they were punished for something which had taken place long ago: And Ya'akov rent his garments (Bereishit 37:34). on 2 Kings 21). Satisfied with the feeling that they were no longer worshipping the gods of other nations by name, they went on with a mode of worship essentially idolatrous. When his rule was established over all Israel, each half had its distinct ruler the western, Joel ben-Pedaiah; the eastern, Iddo ben-Zechariah (1Ch 27:20-21). Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Isaachar, Zebulon, Gad, Asher, Dan, The book of the law of Jehovah remained in its concealment. The Talmud explains that in the case of Menashe, the recitation at the First Fruits Offering ceremony was only true in the case of Menashe. 8:27,40). This mountain clothed with forest can surely be nothing but the various spurs and off-shoots of Carmel, the "mountain" closely adjoining the portion of Ephraim whose richness of wood was so proverbial. To say that his reasoning contradicts our belief in the inspiration of the historical books of Scripture, and is destructive of all reverence for them, would involve a petitio principii, and, however strongly it may influence our feelings, we are bound to find another answer. Gen. 13) it was Menashe who put the cup into Binyamin's sack. (6), Similarly, the Ramban suggests that these two families of Menashe became involved only at this point: When they saw the deal that had been negotiated by the other tribes they jumped on the proverbial bandwagon, hoping to negotiate similar terms. Why Half Tribe? The king is not named there, but Ezr 4:2,10, gives Asnapper, and this is probably only another form of Asardanapar, and this = Esar-haddon (compare Ewald, Gesch. The worship of "the host of heaven," which each man celebrated for himself on the roof of his own house, took the place of that of the Lord God of Sabaoth (2Ki 23:12; Isa 65:3,11; Zep 1:5; "Jer 8:2; Jer 19:13; Jer 22:29). ad Philocr. Share A distinction is made between the area allotted to the tribes of Reuven and Gad in response to their request, and the land assigned to Menashe by Moshe, without a request. The portion given to the half tribe of Manasseh was the largest on the east of Jordan. Report. Retribution came soon in the natural sequence of events. Which attribute would win out? The Tribe of Manasseh received half of their inheritance on the east of Jordan; their brothers, the rest of the tribal clans of Manasseh received their inheritance, by lot, on And Lot lifted up his eyes, and saw the valley of the Jordan, that it was well watered everywhere, before the Lord destroyed Sdom and Amora, like the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt,(3) as you come to Zo'ar. Greenhawk has specialized in mail order shopping throughout North America and around the world for over 25 years. Thus, when the Israelites returned from Egypt to Canaan, each of the two tribes descended from Joseph was given a share of land. The Land must be divided among the tribes; how will the lines be drawn? der Chronik. The slaughter was like that under Alva or Charles IX (2Ki 21:16). The Midrash is teaching that perhaps Yosef had the right to act as he did, but using his son in this position was uncalled for. According to the Midrash, Yosef uses his most trusted confidant, his eldest son Menashe, to set the plot in action, to create the situation, relay messages and serve as his aide. Continue Learning about Religious Studies. Agreement. According to the Rabbis (Tanhuma Buber ed. It is easy to imagine the bitter grief and burning indignation of those who continued faithful. Whence can we infer this? The twelve sons of Jacob are (in order of age): the people. Moshe's comparison of their request to the behavior of the spies is a stinging rebuke: the dissident spies of the previous generation rejected the Land of Israel, and preferred to remain outside her boundaries. We continue to grow our selection to accommodate each discipline of rider. Of the three who had elected to remain on that side of the Jordan, Reuben and Gad had chosen their lot because the country was suitable to their pastoral possessions and tendencies. Indeed, all the soberer German critics accept it as truth, and place Manasseh's captivity under Esar-haddon (Bertheau, ad loc.). Then Lot chose for himself the valley of the Jordan; and Lot journeyed east, and they separated themselves, one from the other. 709) twelve years before the death of Hezekiah (2Ki 21:1). 2:288). But the persecution did not stop there. Promising growth. He said, "Remember what Moses the servant of God commanded you: God, your God, gives you rest and he gives you this land. If he had to content himself with a smaller territory, he might yet guard its capital against attack by a new wall defending what had been before its weak side (comp. Here are guidelines to help facilitate a meaningful learning experience for everyone. He was encased in a brazen image (the description suggests a punishment like that of the bull of Perillus), but he repented and prayed, and the image clave asunder, and he escaped (Suidas and Georg. The whole of these cities are specially mentioned as standing in the allotments of other tribes, though inhabited by Manasseh; and this, with the absence of any attempt to define a limit to the possessions of the tribe on the north, looks as if no boundary- line had existed on that side, but as if' the territory faded off gradually into those of the two contiguous tribes from whom it had borrowed its fairest cities. See TRIBE. Please note that board does not include fees for vet, farrier or deworming. Should the explanation in Genesis on how God created plants before the sun affect the understanding of creation? Gideon was, in fact, "the greatest of the judges, and his children all but established hereditary monarchy in their own line" (Stanley, S. and P. p. 230). Would not a later writer, inventing the story, have made the Assyrian, and not the Babylonian, capital the scene of the captivity; or, if the latter were chosen for the sake of harmony with the prophecy of (233901>Isaiah 39, have made the king of Babylon rather than of Assyria the captor? 9). This makes Manasseh the 13th tribe! 3:665), is probably an indication of the gladness with which the alliance of Psammitichus was welcomed. Is not the whole land before you? Likewise in the case of the children of Gad and the children of Reuben, you find that they were rich, possessing large numbers of cattle, but they loved their money(19) and settled outside the Land of Israel. Lack of brotherhood, otherwise known as sinat chinam - senseless hatred - causes destruction and exile. 15, A.V. One could postulate that it was for this precise reason that Moshe requested that they stay behind with the two "secessionist" tribes: Because of their particularly strong love for the Land, perhaps they could serve as a role model for the tribes of Reuven and Gad. ver. There was, it must be remembered, a special reason for this attitude, over and above that afforded by the condition of Assyria. This first period was the allotment of land east of the Jordan River to the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh, or East Manasseh. The awful words in Isa 1:10 had a terrible truth in them. They also will take possession of the land that God, your God, is giving them. Said R. Philippi to R. Nehorai: What reason have you for saying so? Two questions meet us at this point. The fiercest zeal of Huguenots in France, of Covenanters in Scotland, against the badges and symbols of the Latin Church, is perhaps but a faint shadow of that which grew to a white heat in the hearts of the worshippers of Jehovah. Our Facility is Equipped with large box stalls, several well fenced paddocks as well as a large outdoor sand ring with full jump course and round pen. The genealogies of the tribe are preserved in Nu 26:28-34; Jos 17:1, etc. Rabbi Ari Kahn received his rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University's Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary where he studied with Rabbi Yosef Dov Soloveitchik. As the Book of Bamidbar comes to an end, preparations for the conquest and settlement of the Land of Israel come to the fore. The prophets, and those who were guided by them, dreaded this more than anything, and entered their protest against it. These tribes, the Tribe of Manasseh and the Tribe of Ephraim, were mentioned in Jacob's blessing in Genesis 48. 2. 11. 1. Menashe's inheritance east of the Jordan was not allotted to them in response to their own request. 6. Discover the power of SwordSearcher: A complete Bible study package, with thousands of topical and encyclopedic entries all linked to verses, designed for meaningful Bible study. On them first descended the punishment which was ordained to be the inevitable consequence of such misdoing. 3. R. Leazar said: To Binyamin, for it is written, And Jaareshiah, and Elijah, and Zichri, were the sons of Jerobam All these were the sons of Benjamin (I Chron. The text itself is silent; therefore the commentaries feel free to offer different interpretations. What are the 4 major sources of law in Zimbabwe? Isaiah protested against this step, but the ambition of being a great potentate continued, and it was to the results of this ambition that the boy Manasseh succeeded at the age of twelve. It has been urged in regard to. part 3:5). The reign of Manasseh witnessed the close of the work of Isaiah and Habakkuk at its beginning, and the youth of Jeremiah and Zephaniah at its conclusion, but no prophetic writings illumine that dreary half-century of debasement. "-Ge 41:45, 50-52. This was abandoned and proscribed. 680-667; and Manasseh's captivity must therefore have fallen within those limits. But he goes a step further. WebHALF-TRIBE OF MANASSEH. It seems strange that the tribe with such a strong bond with the Land of Israel would prefer to remain in trans-Jordan. As pointed out earlier, Moses himself handed out this allotment. 17). The reign of this monarch is the larger than that of any other of the house of David. Play free Games, Puzzles, Quizzes. The first three volumes are in print and the fourth is in production. The king thought to himself: ' If I give them to my sons, I will create strife between them: I had better wait till I purchase another two estates and then divide them equally between them.' WebThen Joshua called the Reubenites, and the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh, and said unto them, Ye have kept all that Moses the servant of the LORD commanded you, and have obeyed my voice in all that I commanded you: ye have not left your brethren these many days unto this day, but have kept the charge of the commandment of the LORD your WebHome; About. narrative of Manasseh's reign. we still call it the 12 tribes of Israel, not The only associations connected with it were that it belonged to the tribe which was all but. Even the king's sons, instead of being presented to Jehovah, received a horrible fire-baptism dedicating them to Molech (2Ch 33:6), while others were actually slaughtered (Eze 23:37,39). 459. The exceeding bitterness of Hezekiah's sorrow at the threatened approach of death (2Ki 20:2-3; 2Ch 32:24; Isa 38:1-3), is more natural if we think of him as sinking under the thought that he was dying childless, leaving no heir to his work and to his kingdom. An eponymous Gilead is mentioned in the biblical genealogies as a descendant of Manasseh, presumably implying that the Gilead group was part of Manasseh, and since Gilead is also the name of a specific part of the land east of the Jordan River, the Gilead tribal group presumably refers to the half tribe of Manasseh The worship thus introduced was, as has been said, predominantly Babylonian in its character. Five volumes of "Explorations" have been published in French. Ultimately, these were the first tribes carried off into exile. Because of the sin of Reuben ( Gen 49:4 ), the firstborn, the birthright of the In retrospect, they explained that this altar was not intended for offerings, but designed to be a testimony to their adherence to the God of Israel, and a concrete symbol of their devotion, they explained that their concern was that their children living so far from Israel, will be made to feel as if they have no connection with the God of Israel: Book Of Yehoshua chapter 22:9-29: And the sons of Reuven and the sons of Gad and the half tribe of Menashe returned, and departed from the people of Israel from Shiloh, which is in the land of Canaan, to go to the country of Gilead, to the land of their possession, which they possessed, according to the word of the Lord by the hand of Moses. The Baal and Ashtaroth ritual, which had been imported under Solomon from the Phoenicians, was revived with fresh splendor, and, in the worship of the "queen of heaven," fixed its roots deep into the habits of the people (Jer 7:18). Verse reference tagging and popups powered by VerseClick. "Divers of Asher, Manasseh, and Zebulun humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem." Evil was coming on Jerusalem which should make the ears of men to tingle (2Ki 21:12). Learn, Explore and More! The Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature. Unlike the tribes of Gad and Reuben who officially requested The persecution, like most other persecutions carried on with entire singleness of purpose, was for a time successful (Jer 2:30). All paddocks, pastures and stalls have fresh water cleaned daily and all horses are checked regularly.Otterson Lake Farm offers unlimited trail access at the doorstep of Algonquin Park. Instead, Joseph's line was represented by the phrase "the half tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh." Isr. III. 10. We must, therefore, infer either that there had been no heir to the throne up to that comparatively late period in his reign, or that any that had been born had died, or that, as sometimes happened in the succession of Jewish and other Eastern kings, the elder son was passed over for the younger. This blemish only affected 1/4 of the tribe of Yosef - half of Menashe. Community answers are sorted based on votes. Furthermore, Moshe recognizes that such a separation would ultimately run counter to their collective dream of returning to the land promised to Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya'akov. Pseudojon. The first and perhaps prototype for such a separation returns us to the days of Avraham, when his nephew whom he treated as a son also has "flock" problems: And Avram went up from Egypt, he, and his wife, and all that he had, and Lot with him, to the Negev. Why did Ephraim and Manasseh became tribes? A cedar opens to receive him. It is in accordance with this view that the majority of the towns of Manasseh-which, as the weaker portion of the tribe, would naturally be pushed to seek its fortunes outside the limits originally bestowed-were actually on the slopes either of Carmel itself or of the contiguous ranges. Why is Manasseh called a "half tribe" of Israel? (Bamidbar 32:33,34,41). True References to Joshua's death and the elders that oulived him indicate that these final notations in Joshua were added by another inspired writer, perhaps ___________. This circumstance will explain one or two facts in the contemporary history. When Manasseh was taken captive by Merodach and taken to Babylon (Suidas), he was thrown into prison and fed daily with a scanty allowance of bran- bread and water mixed with vinegar. 11:1, quoted by Patrick on 2Ch 33:13). 2 The first inhabitants to return to 6. Not content with independence, he enters on a policy of aggression. Webnight | 74 views, 3 likes, 0 loves, 3 comments, 1 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Historic Baptist Church: Sunday Night So it was in Jerusalem in the days of Manasseh. The idolatry which was publicly discountenanced was practiced privately (Isa 1:29; Isa 2:20; Isa 65:3). (a) Have we satisfactory grounds for believing that this statement is historically true? Insight on Does the devil have power to make us sick? This was a challenge that could have erupted into big time inner-tribal warfare within the tribe of Manasseh unless an understanding was reached. (Bereishit Rabbah - 71:9). It appears nowhere else in the history of the kingdom of Judah. Isaiah (in a passage clearly belonging to a later date than the early portions of the book, and apparently suggested by some conspicuous marriage), with his characteristic fondness for tracing auguries in names, finds in that of the new queen a prophecy of the ultimate restoration of Israel and the glories of Jerusalem (Isa 62:4-5; compare Blunt, Scriptural Coincid. The morbid desire for widening the range of their knowledge and penetrating into the mysteries of other systems of belief may possibly have contributed now, as it had done in the days of Solomon, to increase the evil (Jer 2:10-25; Ewald, Gesch. and all the house of my father. (b) If we accept it, to what period in the reign of Manasseh is it to be assigned? u Krit. 2 He told them, You have done as Moses, the servant of the Lord, commanded you, and you have obeyed every order I have given you. Immediately Menashe arose, gave him [i.e., Shimon] one blow, threw him into prison, and put him in fetters. The struggle of opposing worships must have been as fierce under Manasseh as it was under Antiochus, or Decins, or Diocletian, or Mary. For the Lord has made the Jordan a border between us and you, you sons of Reuven and sons of Gad; you have no part in the Lord; so your children might make our children cease from fearing the Lord. ; and 1Ch 7:14-19. There are a few Manassehs in the Bible. WebThis territory on the east of Jordan was more valuable and of larger extent than all that was allotted to the nine and a half tribes in the land of Palestine. Although Ephraim and Manasseh were brothers and could therefore logically be called "the tribe of Joseph," remember that there really was no such Old Testament tribe as "Joseph," at least not in a practical sense. The very thought that part of the nation will remain behind is outrageous to him. WebThe tribe of Manasseh was associated with that of Ephraim and Benjamin during the wanderings in the wilderness. The accession of the youthful king appears to have been the signal for an entire change, if not in the foreign policy, at any rate in the religious administration of the kingdom. On the south side the boundary between Manasseh and Ephraim is more definitely described, and may generally be traced with tolerable certainty. sons: Asriel, by his wife, and Machir, by his concubine. (Comp. The city apparently was taken. The three kinds of burnt-offerings therefore which the prince sacrificed were in allusion to the sons of Machir the son of Menashe, while the male of the goats for a sin-offering was in allusion to Yair who did not bequeath his portion to his sons since he had no sons. Despite the practical temptation of remaining on the captured side of the Jordan, we cannot help but be surprised when the tribe of Menashe joins the ranks of the "expatriates".