These massive sharks can grow to 7 to 11 feet long and reach up to 500 pounds. Cancun. Some people watch to many shark moves and freak out.I love sharks hell I love the ocean. The most recent shark attack in Aruba occurred in 2015. Bull sharks can be sighted in both Cancun and Playa Del Carmen and are one of the most common sharks to see if you choose to go scuba diving in the area. The tourists had been denied that any attack by a shark as it was with a Canadian tourist in early February this year, suffered severe bite from a shark on the beach of Park Royal. The tourist was bitten on their foot by a bull shark but survived the attack. All Prosecutors said Friday they. Sadly, these are also the sharks that are enclosed in small pens for tourists to have their photos taken with on Isla Mujeres. 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Metallic rotating cube-shaped UFO hovers over shops in mind-blowing footage, Cats fill with pride as theyre hilariously transformed into lions, Another rare 1909s VDB Lincoln coin sells for $1,498, Inside creepy abandoned aquarium where worlds most miserable dolphin died alone, brutally attack and kill about 1,000 people a year many more. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-32155826', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Cancun shark attack: Tourist bitten after ignoring warning. Bull sharks are aggressive predators that will eat almost anything. This hotel is located in the center part of the long side of the 7. Below is information and knowledge on the topic number of shark attacks in cancun gather and compiled by the team. They also run an optional activity where you can be submegered inside an iron cage as the guide feeds the sharks from within the same cage. Republication or distribution of this content is 15 Tips for Keeping Costs Down, The Perfect Cancun Itinerary [2023]: From 3 to 7 Days + Useful Tips (By Car or Bus), How far is the Riviera Maya from Cancun? Makos grow up to 12 feet (3.66 m) long and can weigh as much as 1200lbs. Non-fatal, includes attacks on vessels and bites where no physical injury has been received. He has posted a link to some pictures here that pretty much dispel the assertion of the wave and rocks cause: This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Since then, there have been no other reported shark attacks in Cancun, Mexico. A tandem parasailor hovering just above the water surface of the Red Sea sustained injuries when a shark leaped out of the water and bit his foot in a bizarre attack in the Gulf of Aqaba. Even so, shark attacks in the area are still thought to be very rare. 17 August 2010: A 31-year-old man dies from serious injuries after being attacked by a shark while surfing near Gracetown in WA's south-west. Bull sharks, along with great white and tiger sharks are responsible for most shark attacks worldwide. The Pacific coast is home to many species of shark. Every year pregnant females come to the area to enter shallow mangroves and give birth. Shark attacks are most likely to occur in September. I was described at the time like a bull in a china shop. Ocean researchers often say that you can tell the health of a coral reef by the presence of apex predators, such as sharks. Biologists from the organization also point out that when we enter the ocean we are entering the sharks habitat, so it is up to us to take care and be responsible visitors. To order copies of A migratory species Whale Sharks can be found off the coasts of Cancun from mid May to September and it is possible to book whale shark tours to swim alongside these graceful giants. Nurse sharks are usually between 7 and 10 feet long. This happened on the beaches close to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, about 10 hours south of Puerto Vallarta. A list of countries in which shark attacks are recorded. The lagoon also needs to be separated better from the people with so many crocodiles in there., Charlie added: I just want people to know that they can die in there.. Shops that do not feed the sharks still know what areas the sharks frequent, so you will still see them without participating in a feeding. He toldGood Morning America: There was nothing I could do. Blacktip Reef sharks are similar to Caribbean reefs except they have distinct black markings on the tip of their fins. I have been living in Cancun for the past 12 years and although I have been roaming around Mexico, Cancun's spectacular turquoise waters and pristine beach draw me back to this popular Mexican beach destination. Shortfin Mako sharks are 12 to 13 feet long, and can weigh up to 1,200 pounds! 5.0 . The documentary is When Sharks Attack by National Geographic, Series 4 Episode 5. Cancun Hotel Deals; Last Minute Hotels in Cancun; By Hotel Type Cancun Motels; Cancun Campgrounds; Cancun Hostels; Cancun Resorts; Lets put that right. They help to maintain marine diversity. Nurse sharks are more of a yellowish-brown color instead of a grey color like most sharks, and they have round heads and very small eyes. The bull sharks arrive in Playa del Carmen around December. Tiger sharks are some of the largest marine animals, weighing up to 2,000 pounds and measuring up to fourteen feet in length. The first attack happened in January 2011 when a Canadian woman went into the water up to her waist. Hammerhead sharks look menacing and are known to follow their prey into shallow waters. This is Isabella, the owner, and writer of this site. Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun All Inclusive, Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun All Inclusive. When people see sharks as dangerous, they are less inclined to stop shark overfishing or shark finning. Hammerhead sharks are a grey color with white bellies. That is why I decided to start this blog, to show you all the beauty you can find in Cancun and share helpful travel tips to help you plan a fabulous vacation in Cancun! Lemon sharks get their name from their yellow color. Adult lemon sharks can grow up to 10 to 11 feet long. Teen surfer bitten in latest New York shark attack. She said she was eating dinner at a restaurant overlooking the pool when her son was attacked. Cancun Tourism Cancun Hotels . It was six feet long and three feet wide. Last Minute Hotels in Cancun; If the idea of all these sharks is making you nervous because you were planning to spend your vacation lounging on the and in the water dont be! very curious comment. Caribbean Reef sharks are not aggressive toward divers- they generally avoid them. It was so strong., The boys mom, Jennifer, 50, toldPeople: Charlie kept grabbing the stairs to try to pull himself up but couldnt.. This shark attack, which left the unnamed boy's arm severely damaged, happened over the weekend. This is because bull sharks enter shallow areas to hunt their prey. Shark preparation is an important aspect of visiting any beach destination, and while shark attacks tend to be very rare its important that you are prepared for whatever you may run into on your travels. You can read my disclaimer policyand privacy policy. Wandering our World is reader supported. 1. Are we safe taking a shuttle from Cancun airport to Riviera . Average for the last 12 months. Unlike the stereotypical-looking shark, they have round heads and small eyes. It is believed that it is the bull shark responsible for two of the three shark attacks in Cancun. There are a variety of tours available that give you a chance to see Whale Sharks and many options for tourists to view them in their habitat. Unfortunately, shark populations have diminished over the years due to the threats that humans have imposed. Because of their inactivity during the day, divers are most likely to run into nurse sharks in reefs. And the implication the shark targeted a Canadian is nothing short of sensationalism. Role of Sea Water in Sharks' Lives Great white sharks can even peak at 50 kilometers per hour (31 miles per hour). While some people shudder at the idea of seeing a shark up close, others want to sign up for the chance to see one. The Caribbean coast of Mexico is home to over 40 species of shark. Whale sharks will travel long distances to find food and typically feed on plankton and use a filtration system of feeding, similar to that of whales. Years ago, when the Sheraton Hotel was still around, there were reports of tiger sharks that could be seen in the ocean's waves..Now it seems for whatever reason, the sharks are getting more curious. Many scuba divers believe the incorrect myth that nurse sharks have no teeth and therefore cannot bite you. Some people say that the Nurse sharks are released and replaced regularly with new captives and are well cared for. No. 5.0. Many divers would consider a run with any of these sharks to be great luck! As with all marine animals, you should respect nurse sharks. Analysis of the number of attacks in Florida from 1926 to 2018 shows people are most likely to encounter a shark in September. Sharks are an important part of the marine ecosystem, and keeping them from extinction is important. From movies to new stories about shark encounters, they paint the ocean as a very dangerous place to visit. These sharks are commonly seen by scuba divers because they live in the shallow waters near coral reefs where they feed on crustaceans, mollusks, and cephalopods. Here are the most common sharks that can be found in Cancun. Their presence is essential to maintaining a healthy coral reef, where so many tourists in Cancun visit to enjoy seeing colorful fish and marine animals. Unfortunately, the victim lost her arm and a large chunk of her thigh was bitten off and had to be reattached later at the hospital. Bull sharks arrive every December in Playa del Carmen. We know that there are several species of shark that lives in the waters off Cancun; however, it is rare to encounter them. You are not allowed to scuba dive with them, but it would not be necessary anyway. Despite this, they are not known to be aggressive toward humans. If you make a purchase using one of those links, I may earn a commission at zero cost for you. 4.9. Thats when they can become incredibly aggressive. Nurse sharks can be seven to ten feet in length and weigh up to three hundred pounds. Cancun has experienced several shark attacks, with at least two unprovoked shark attacks happening over the course of just a few months in 2011. Along with other related topics like: Shark attacks in Cancun 2022, Xcaret shark attack, Sharks in Cancun Hotel Zone, Shark attacks in Mexico 2022, Isla Mujeres shark attacks, Are there shark attacks in Cancun, Are there sharks in Mexico Cancun. It comes after twin sisters Melissa and Georgia Laurie, 28, were mauled by a crocodile as they swam at the Manialtepec Lagoon in Mexico earlier this year. The average shark life expectancy is between 20 and 30 years, depending on the species. Anyone been to Riu Palace Costa Muejers recently? Click on a country to show more information. Caribbean Reef sharks are a dark gray color with white bellies and a blunt snout. The most dangerous and deadly species are the great white shark, the . A lifeguard on a Jet Ski pulled her from the water and took her to shore. Specifically, the sale of fins, which is considered a delicacy in some Asian countries, poses a huge threat to the protection of sharks. 15 Tips for Keeping Costs DownContinue, Disclaimer:This page may contain affiliate links. The Riviera Maya region is located within the same state, Quintana Roo, as Cancun. There will likely be another at some point in the future, as long as sharks and tourists share the same environment. They prefer to stay in the deep, open ocean. But if you are concerned about being attacked by one, stop worrying right now! As a matter of fact, whale sharks are actually the largest species of fish on planet earth. It is dark gray with a white underbelly and is normally harmless. A complete list of the shark attacks that have occurred in Mexico. It follows that attacks by sharks in Cancun are extremely rare and the chances of you being the victim of one are so remote its not something you should even worry about at all. I knew it was real, but I didnt want it to be real.. Some years they stay until February or March. There are many shark species that make their home in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. While the sharks are relatively docile, it is best to avoid touching them as some attacks have been reported when the shark was startled awake by a diver. Whether there are sharks in Cancun and the Riviera Maya is a question many ask, and its an important one too, as youll find out here. If you are scuba diving and you see a shark, do not swim after it and just remain calm. One of the most remarkable things about them is how incredibly fast they swim. They slowly swim, and despite their huge mouths, have tiny teeth and cannot bite you. Strangely, there were several attacks in a very short space of time in 2011. Nurse sharks are one of the most common species of shark you will encounter while scuba diving or snorkeling in Cancun. If you are visiting the area and interested in a tour, there are many options so you can get up close and personal with this gentle giant of the sea. She emphasized the importance of recognizing shark habitat and not feeling threatened by the species. Here's how to find out if you have a secret stalker on Ins Canadian teacher with size-Z prosthetic breasts placed on paid leave, What's next for Buster Murdaugh after dad's murder conviction, life sentence, Murdaugh son collapsed outside court after sitting stone-faced through dad's 6-week murder trial: source, Madonna watches new boyfriend Joshua Poppers fight in New York City, Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore dead at 61 after brain aneurysm, How Ariana Madix discovered Tom Sandoval was cheating on her with Raquel Leviss, Max Scherzer's first look at the new pitch clock, Kellyanne Conway and George Conway to divorce. Caribbean Reef Sharks live along the coast stretching from Florida to Brazil and are typically found in shallow waters and in waters surrounding reefs. Chris Fischer, founder of nonprofit research group OCEARCH, said The Sun's decades-long conservation efforts "collided" during the pandemic, creating the most vibrant oceanic ecosystem since . Shark attacks in Quintana Roo are extremely rare. Shark Attacks in Cancun Nevertheless, shark attacks have indeed occurred in Cancun. The beach was red-flagged all day Tuesday, but not everyone avoided going into the water. Tracking Sharks breaks shark attacks in to two main categories, non-fatal and fatal. To further calm your nerves it seems that all the attacks by sharks in Cancun were provoked. For those that are less adventurous but still want the chance to see some sharks, the Cancun Aquarium is the best option. Disclaimer:This page may contain affiliate links. 1. After a team of surgeons operated on her, she was transferred to the intensive care unit and, although she is in a delicate state of health, doctors say she will live. Kelly Rowat, who had just begun a week-long vacation with her daughter, Brooklyn, 15, two days earlier, said she saw so much blood in the water it made me want to pass out and she left the beach area. Good thing we speak spanish! Unfortunately, the first fatal shark attack off 2022 has been reported. Boats typically leave very early in the morning for 6 or 8 hr duration and have a capacity for up to 6 fishermen. Frequent shark sightings in Playa del Carmen led to a beach closure, which then concluded with experts identifying the sighting as "common and without danger". Some Playa del Carmen dive operations will take out experienced divers and attract sharks with the use of bait. The biologist believes it is unnecessary for people to enable fear towards the natural situation. Answer 1 of 24: Hello, has anyone ever heard of any shark attacks in Cancun? Cancun. This is also a non-aggressive species that poses very little threat to humans. Caribbean reef sharks can be found all along the eastern coast of the Americas, from Florida all the way to Brazil. This is one tourism business I and many others can not support. Cancun Traveler Articles: Written by Travelers, Travelling to Cancun/Riviera Maya with a criminal record, WEATHER & June thru November - Hurricane Season Information. They stick close to the ocean floor have tiny teeth which they use to feed on crustaceans and small fish. The whale sharks that come to the Cancun area do not come close to the shore. Keep reading to find out if there are sharks living just off the coast of Cancun, and how they will affect your vacation! Bull sharks can be spotted in the waters off of Cancun and Playa del Carmen from December to March. She survived but lost one arm and part of her thigh had a large bite. Read more about me and the blog. Cancun has experienced several shark attacks, with at least two unprovoked shark attacks happening over the course of just a few months in 2011. Make sure to confirm with your shop that they do not participate in shark feedings. She said: When they arrived, Charlie was under the water. The media has played a big part in sensationalizing shark attacks. Tourists on the beach at the time said there was a lot of blood in the water but that Ross was conscious when she was taken to shore. The number of licenses granted to boats are strictly controlled by the Govt and there are many rules in place such as no touching the sharks or diving beside them. You can read my disclaimer policyand privacy policy If you are planning your Cancun itinerary you couldnt have landed in a better place! It is rare to have a shark sighting, and you can confidently swim in the water without worrying about shark attacks. "It was terrifying," Valentine said. 27 December 2008: Fisherman Brian Guest, 51, is taken by a great white while snorkelling at Port Kennedy in Perth's south.His son and beachgoers saw the shark attack and swim off with him in its mouth. Hyatt Ziva Cancun or Paradisus Cancun with toddler? The Common, Rare & Dangerous Animals in Cancun You Might Meet! 4 The crocodile approached the man and brought him underwater Credit: Newsflash 4 Rescuers pronounced the man dead after bringing him onshore Credit: Newsflash They are found in warm waters all over the world and can live in either deep water or shallower areas. The explanation comes down to numbers: More men than women surf,. The incident is the first fatal shark attack in the Bahamas since 2019, when a 21-year-old woman from California was attacked by sharks near Rose Island, about half a mile (0.8km) away from . Whale sharks visit the Cancun area from early-June to mid-September every year. They grow up to 19 feet (6 m) in length. Back in 2008, there was news about a shark attacking 3 surfers in less than a month. Postmedia Network Inc. | 365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4 | 416-383-2300. But for Ross, it was too late. Strangely, there were several attacks in a very short space of time in 2011. These beautiful sharks have white spots and stripes all over their backs. They believe these reflections can confuse a shark and make it believe you are their typical food. They often congregate in schools of 20 or 30, sometimes up to 100. As always, take caution when entering the water and be aware of your surroundings. However shark sightings off the coast of Playa Del Carmen are particularly common. Diego Barra, 32, was last seen riding his all-terrain vehicle on the beach in the southern Chubut province in Patagonian Argentina shortly before midnight on Feb. 18. The warning signs have been flashing for several years, particularly in the region's largest town, Playa del Carmen, where an attack on an international music festival in 2017 killed five people. If you see a bull shark, behave carefully since they are hardly likely to attack unless provoked. The Whale Shark prefers warm waters and can be found in all Caribbean waters. This trip was amazing and the whale sharks did not disappoint they are so big and carefree our tour guide and captain were amazing I highly recommend we also paid for the picture package and I am so glade I did they got all of our memories on file for us without me having to worry about it. The second shark attack occurred a few months later in March 2011. Theyre incredible to see and pose no risk to humans, so if you get the chance to see them, take it! Christmas in Cancun: 10 Reasons To Book a Trip in 2023! Jennifer said a group of men also came to the rescue and one began pulling Charlie away from the croc while three others smacked the reptile with their fists and feet and covered its eyes with a pillow from the pool deck. We must understand that they are in their habitat and are part of this environment. Your biologist guide will give you a full safety briefing then it will be time to hop into the water to swim next to these massive creatures. The amount of time they stay in the area changes every year. As tourism has increased throughout Cancun and the Maya Riviera, so has the threat to the safety and well-being of sharks and their habitats. rights reserved. Whale sharks are the worlds largest fish, adults can reach up to 18-33 feet long. He then repeats this a hundred or more times a day, 7 days a week. Answer 11 of 33: Hi all, I'll be in Cancun in a few weeks and just wondering if all the hysteria about the shark attacks has calmed down? It is not common to see a lemon shark while scuba diving or snorkeling in Cancun- so consider yourself lucky if you spot one! There are reports the shark came close to shore to give birth, and the woman got too close. There have been no shark attacks on swimmers in the last few weeks. Sharks are some of the most beautiful sea creatures that you can encounter and have lived for millions of years, and have even outlived the dinosaurs. When was the last shark attack in Cancun Mexico? Crocodiles are fierce, cold-blooded predators whichbrutally attack and kill about 1,000 people a year many morethan sharks. She said the boys terrified screams were heard by a nearby mom who rushed to help. Sharks are critical to the survival of coral reefs. They are more active in the evening and at night when they hunt for lobster and other crustaceans. (Recommended: Your Guide to Culture in Cancun). In March of 2011, the second unprovoked shark attack took place when a tourist waded about 100 meters into the water, even after lifeguards on the beach warned her that there was the possibility of sharks in the water. 2022 LET'S TRAVEL TO CANCUN |Privacy Policy|Disclosure Policy|Disclaimer Policy Lets travel to Cancun is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Now she is an island living dive instructor turned brewmaster, turned mom. Sharks in Panama City Beach:Shark Attacks and Sightings April 5, 2022 by Nicky Hoseck Every year, visitors flock to the white sands of Panama City Beach, and each year they are joined by some 200 different species of shark. Unfortunately, its not available on YouTube, but if you get a chance to see it its an interesting watch. Busuttil said she saw security personnel running to help the woman, but no paramedics until 15 minutes later, when a doctor with a medical bag attended to her. Well, technically the sharks are in the ocean, not in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Hotel staff reportedly tried to "hide" the case by not reporting it to the 911 emergency service They saved his life, but he lost his leg. More on this below. Specific regions to visit include Tulum and Playa del Carmen where shark sightings are more frequent. Tiger sharks can grow up to 14 feet long and weigh up to 2,000 pounds! Charlie Buhl, 12, said he felt like he had been . Not usually known for shark attacks, the waters off Cancun were the site of a couple of non-fatal attacks this year. There are several species of hammerhead. Mexico (the whole country, not just Cancun) scores a lowly 18th registering only 40 attacks over the same 450 year time period. However, Reef Sharks are still considered dangerous and should be viewed with caution. Four lifeguards then jumped on their Sea-Doos and were trying to circle the shark or swarm him or her. Chances are, you will never have the chance to put this knowledge to use. If lifeguards see sharks they ask people to come out of the water so that the sharks can have their space, but there have been no incidents,, She also emphasized the species significance on the ecological system stating They are species that are key to ecological balance.. He said: It felt like I got stabbed. Grimes and a handful of other. Bull sharks get their name from their flat snout and unpredictable behavior which makes them quite dangerous to humans. California comes in 5th with 124, South Carolina 7th with 105, North Carolina 9th with 67, and Texas 16th with 44. You can read my disclaimer policyand privacy policy Looking for the best Cancun day passes so you can soak up the sun and spend the day enjoying the all-inclusive, Read More Top 13 Cancun Day Passes at the Best All-Inclusive ResortsContinue, Disclaimer:This page may contain affiliate links. The best months for spotting them are usually July and August. There will likely be another at some point in the future, as long as sharks and tourists share the same environment. Others, such as hammerhead sharks, are more elusive. There was fatal shark attack off coast of San Diego in past couple of daysit can happen anywhere Read an article that said shark attack was false the Woman was pushed into the rocks by the waves. They are totally harmless. If you buy something through a link on our site we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to yourself. Source. In fact, the country with the highest incidence of shark attacks is the good old USA. Many Cancun dive shops work with dive shops in Playa del Carmen and can take you on a bull shark dive. In recent years, Playa del Carmen has become very popular with scuba divers who want to see bull sharks. A Jamaican fisherman traumatised by the loss of his right arm in a shark attack on the weekend has recounted the harrowing brush with death in what seemed like a 15-minute battle. The city of Cancun and the Riviera Maya region, which includes the cities of Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Xpu-Ha, Akumal, Solimans Bay, Tank Ha Bay, and Tulum are only separated by about 20 miles, and both encompass long stretches of beach access. They come to the area to feast on a plankton bloom, and you can snorkel with them. 16 Does snorkeling require swimming? Cancun. Cancun has experienced several shark attacks, with at least two unprovoked shark attacks happening over the course of just a few months in 2011. They are a metallic blue or grey color with long, pointy noses. That attack took place at the (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? That attack took place at the Park Royal. In fact, the presence of sharks is great news! Cancun Tourism Cancun Accommodation Cancun Bed and Breakfast . Just remember, anytime you enter the ocean you need to be aware of your surroundings. Average for the last 12 months. A monster crocodile chomped on a boy's leg and dragged him underwater as he played hide and seek on a family holiday in Cancun. Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. Communication. This color helps them blend into the sandy bottom, and they often live and hunt for food in shallow waters. And thats something we can all agree on. They said they used their arms to . Keep eye contact with the shark if possible and slowly swim away from it. According to the International Shark Attack File, Mexico has experienced a total of forty-one recorded shark attacks in the past 400 years. Doctors heroically managed to save his leg by stapling the open skin flap, Jennifer said. Sharks are fascinating creatures, and their overstated reputation as man eaters makes them a target for thrill seekers. Gaviotas beach lifeguard Lazaro Magana said. Disclaimer: Not taking away from the seriousness of the injuries these two victims suffered. Fortunately, none of the attacks resulted in a fatality. The whale sharks are in the Cancun area from mid-May until mid-September every year but typically stay an hour or more boat rides away from the shore. When snorkeling in Cancun -- and, indeed, in warm waters in general -- you risk encountering some of the ocean's most aggressive predators. The Cancun Aquarium located at Plaza Las Isla has a large tank that contains several species of shark that can be viewed at close quarters behind the safety of glass. Reasonable shipping cost. After all, sharks are abundant in 90% of the world's oceans. As biologists from the Saving our Sharks organization point out, sharks approach the coast in places like Playa Del Carmen to have their young between November and March. The attack happened just outside their hotel at the Gran Caribe Real Resort. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-32161690', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Cancun. So its best to avoid wearing brightly colored clothes while swimming as that could attract any sharks. Most tours get off Cancun to Isla Mujeres, a small island considered the best place on Earth to see Whale Sharks, as they are abundant there between Mid-May and September. But idiots are idiots, Busuttil said. This Mexican city is a popular destination for travelers looking to get away and enjoy sunny, Read More Is Cancun Expensive? to colleagues, clients or customers, or inquire about It is best to avoid tiger sharks if you see them, as they can be very dangerous to encounter. There have been very few Cancun shark attacks, but those that have occurred have grabbed the public eye. They are generally considered to be more curious than aggressive with humans; however, if you encounter one, use caution.