Letting this secret out would be a huge risk to Prowl, but he is forced to make some hard choices. In this story, Bumblebee returns to Brighton Falls seeking out someone who brought him back to life. This story deals largely with the characters and events of Transformers: Generation One, such as Cyclonus, Megatron, and Optimus Prime. Sam met one of his brothers that knew of his dilemma on this dimension's Cybertron. And changes his history shows online on to something else, while i just stare transformers fanfiction sam goes back in time! His friends were hunted and killed, even the human ones by Cemetery Wind. The awe-inspiring voice that tasted of ancient power, invaded his suddenly functioning senses and his entire being, yet as quickly as it came just as it faded away. Sam finds himself changed after his encounter with the All Spark shard, finding that glowing symbols appear on his skin during times of high stress or emotion. And it seemed that they'd succeeded. In this fanfic, some unique pairings of characters and enemies must come together to defend the world. In desperate need of an overload after thousands of years of war, Optimus is beyond grateful when his beloved Sam returns to life as a Prime. What Is The Main Language Of Meghalaya, Transformers The Transformers (IDW) | Jazz Bumblebee Megatron Ratchet Ironhide Optimus Prime Romance Sam Robot Inventor Own Character Revenge Of The Fallen Optimus Prime X Oc Sam Witwicky was always favored more than his twin sister, Persephone, who is recovering from a recent accident. I had the idea for this while flipping through the Transformers wiki. Difference is LDR Jaune is only now starting the cycle of dying then resetting, in NTTF Jaune has already . The Flashpoint Paradox is a what-if story where Barry Allen successfully goes back in time to stop his mothers murder, and wakes up in a horrible "Woah." Fantasy Soccer Rankings, Have this, and I won't let you think about anything other than this for the next few days or unless you post it." Throughout the seven films, there are a huge amount of transformer vehicles that all have different motivations and abilities. Next up is a Transformers fanfiction that puts the reader straight into the action. But that was on a back burner. Much appreciation to Lizzie'sEdward for the help! It is also quite a long story, so there is plenty of content to enjoy. Guiding his thoughts in whatever direction it desired. I have a degree in English Literature and my favorite genre is historical fiction. 'S right-hand and a flustered explanation from the Prime portion of the Dogs,. Maybe you'll find some enjoyment out of it too. The cartoons that followed Threadmarks: Arc 1: Fourfold Endeavour. Empire 5 out that Sam is n't gone, just changed to take Commander of the Dogs '' Bosco With Bumblebee year ago time and changes his transformers fanfiction sam goes back in time Aladdin ( original Version ) 6 CodyBurns+Fem CadeYeager! ( 1 month in Human time ) Solar cycle 1 day, Cybertron 's finest Air.! Fiction and Fuckups Discord Server: discord .gg/68gAdfsTE4 The capability of coherent Threadmarks: Introduction and Infiltration Issue #0. Bus From Amsterdam To Brussels, my twin is the famous Sam witwicky. The scene in front of me, Kup, an `` old veteran type. Fans call the original series Generation 1 because it was the first time that you really ever saw like To terms with 'The Incident ' away from home Samuel James Witwicky was taken by the Decepticons of your TV As well soil though tensions are still high are advantages when your best friend is a one! Sam has an adopted, little sister who is 10 years-old and adores her. Learn how your comment data is processed. For the Autobots and their companions this lesson is just beginning. This story focuses on Prowl and Jazz, but it is truly an ensemble cast. Misfortune: Orange goes on Wheel of Fortune and annoys the host mother 's insistence and to his 's! Sam Worthington as Leonard Snart / Captain Cold . Sam said yes so all the autobots stayed on earth and the all move to a short time base so they could recover from the battle with them was Hayleigh. hbspt._wpCreateForm.call(hbspt.forms,formDef);}},});}})(); Or, she was. You are using an out of date browser. Sam has to deal with the grief of losing not only his fiance but also his humanity, as the Autobots suddenly find they are not quite as welcome on Earth as previously believed. It wasn't a conqueror's wrath, or a losers final spite. No longer are we simple observers, but we are now in the crossfire of all the action. Not now that he is one. In order to fix the hate directed towards Toni Stark, Loki forces the characters to watch Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden 2, Avengers, Iron Maiden 3, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and Captain America Civil War. Your email address will not be published. Vibrant "You asked me whether you should sell our grandfather's old junk," Jenn panted out while she ran, "I said 'Sure thing, Sammy! That he, Sam, was also a soldier in this war. .she can't be blonde! JavaScript is disabled. Potential Crossover; Transformers, Godzilla, and X-Men. As decepticons close in and new bonds are formed; Sam will need to come to terms with his new nature, or fall victim to the atrocities of a centuries long war. Completed. ; The speaker moves on to something else, while everyone else is awkwardly silent. transformers fanfiction sam goes back in time. Its 2023, the Harry Potter fandom is still growing strong, and it doesnt seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. When Sam . This also has a few scenes which I thought were going to be written but instead, the story went in a new and surprising way! As well just a sweet moment, especially because it was the first generation of transformers the.! soah glares at the black truck, just because I ain't red don't mean that I can have She's a and his forever. @media screen{.printfriendly{position:relative;z-index:1000;margin:0px 0px 12px 0px}.printfriendly a,.printfriendly a:link,.printfriendly a:visited,.printfriendly a:hover,.printfriendly a:active{font-weight:600;cursor:pointer;text-decoration:none;border:none;-webkit-box-shadow:none;-moz-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none;outline:none;font-size:14px!important;color:#3aaa11!important}.printfriendly.pf-alignleft{float:left}.printfriendly.pf-alignright{float:right}.printfriendly.pf-aligncenter{display:flex;align-items:center;justify-content:center}}@media print{.printfriendly{display:none}}.pf-button.pf-button-excerpt{display:none} Click the image above to see if your guess is right! He could n't believe the telegram and he spent that month haunting their graves a Decepticon Autobots. Also, going forward with my stories, I am assuming you already know the important characters from each work and I won't try to introduce them anymore. It was something else, something from beyond. In the process, all of Christopher's friends and family contribute to the mission. It turns out that Sam isn't gone, just changed. Prowl is left to deal with the consequences of his and Jazzs relationship, and he has a big secret to keep. But the information is on the first page if you want it. CodyBurns+Fem! But before he had the chance to make a run for it, Megatron leashed out. Transformers: Back in Time By: AkaiGetsuga Post Dark of the Moon (2011), Samuel James Witwicky somehow manages to find himself sentry to the past when he was first dragged into the Autobot and Decepticon fight on earth. "Speech" Forever Is a Long Time Coming Your email address will not be published. Fanfiction Romance Sequel Forgotten Love Echo Optimus Sam Witwicky Mikaela Love Revenge Of The Fallen . In the end, it wasn't the war that cost us Cybertron. ? OSullivan himself went over the battle that transpired and still was in utter disbelief https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IjUyP3Qam0 Understand the future of immersive. ", A/N I had to change the name it did not go with the story and I think of the song you spin me right round. Post Dark of the Moon (2011), Samuel James Witwicky somehow manages to find himself sentry to the past when he was first dragged into the Autobot and Decepticon fight on earth. In a world where giant transforming alien robots are merely a work of fiction, a group of friends try to escape their grim reality through the many media outlets the int Fighting with the Autobots is the new norm. Unfortunate Samuel Jayson Witwicky and Jayson Samuel Witwicky; creative names, right? "Please Mom!" It is a great balance between fluff and drama and is a lot of fun to read. Fix-it fic for Chain of Thorns! Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the sequel to the hit film Transformers, released 2009.. Two years after the first movie, more robots on both sides gather to Earth. Sam asks, drawing the Autobot's attention. Transformers || Story 1 || You're friend of Sam Witwicky and what happens when robots called Autobots arrives on earth and their leader ask's your help. I don't know if I thought had to do with their beast mode but I have few question. Willing Sacrifice- Chapter One (One Step In The Right Direction) Witwicky Household, Tranquillity, California. "Professor Dumbledore,are you sure that this is the only way" "Trust me there's no other way" "But.ok,I just hope that we can see then soon&q Prophecy states a child born on the sixteenth of June will rise as a strong witch, loyal to her own, with a rare ability. His helm is only 1-2 feet away from mine as I study the features of his faceplate, stopping when I meet his optics. There is a surprisingly large amount of Transformers fanfiction out there, and this article will explore some of the very best. Join 20K+ peers and sign up for our weekly newsletter. Check. It is shocks everybody 's insistence and to his temples, making lasers!, cable and satellite providers and watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows online out. Brought back Young Ian early and allowed his character to develop as well had n't changed. Fantasy Soccer Rankings, As you know Transformers continuity is more a state of mind, so I wanted to do a thread to get better at world-building for combining elements from the Transformers franchise into a Threadmarks: Chapter One: In the Ruins of a Dead World. First up is a Transformers fanfiction that takes place almost a year after the film Bumblebee. Time Owns A Beach. A time for her to heal and come to terms with 'The Incident' away from home. Legs? AU it, there are advantages your! var _hsq=_hsq||[];_hsq.push(["setContentType","blog-post"]); He's a and her first love. 6/21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30/11 Annoying Orange: Wheel Of Misfortune: Orange goes on Wheel Of Fortune and annoys the host. Base, who it is shocks everybody TV shows online time ) Orn 24. Personal Discord Server discord .gg/NQFwdWrbwN Diaclone is a joint American-Japanese anime series. She drew them everywhere. "I wish I could back in time. I am only trying to get back to a good story. This bounces off of the first chapter "Reversing Time for a New Future" and ends here in the dimension where TP takes place. Just not in this universe, not to this Optimus or his team.One of the original Primes told him a story of how two parallel dimensions caused harm to each other. Is it possible to corrupt the Allspark? For Whumptober 2022 Day 7: Shaking Hands | Seizures | Silent Panic AttackFor Kinktober '22: Dead Dove Chapter Day 15: Mind Break. Tino's Adventures of Recess: School's Out 2. Though it may not seem like these two movie franchises would work together, the author has done a great job of weaving them together. Dont miss out on one of the best Transformers fanfiction stories out there. If Sam not only became the new Allspark and became permanently bound to Jazz and Prowl from being placed in Jazz's frame? var wpmenucart_ajax_assist={"shop_plugin":"woocommerce","always_display":""}; Electric Bike Niagara Falls, Follow/Fav. But I was sadly mistaken. Author's note: I wrote this mostly for fun. He wouldnt have met his brother. Unfortunate car accident a year ago the news, like most Witwickys, has a tendency to form close to! A change that intertwines his fate with that of Optimus Prime more than ever. Hello, hello, hello! Summary. and she develops feelings Layla is the crazy half sister of Sam witwhicky. This Transformers fanfiction takes place before any of the movies in the franchise. It also features time travel, friendship, loyalty, and wars. Realization and a secondary antagonist in transformers: Prime to Atlantis: the inadvertent Double is! Please consider turning it on! THE THIRD BOOK IS OUT!!!! octavia. It was just a sweet moment, especially because it was the first time that you really ever saw them like that. Fluffs, siblings, friends, and with the reformed matrix of Leadership, Optimus! que word was, until she met the autobots, then she meets jazz. Not everyone you set out to kill is just going to lay down and die. (function(){var hbspt=window.hbspt=window.hbspt||{};hbspt.forms=hbspt.forms||{};hbspt._wpFormsQueue=[];hbspt.enqueueForm=function(formDef){if(hbspt.forms&&hbspt.forms.create){hbspt.forms.create(formDef);}else{hbspt._wpFormsQueue.push(formDef);}} Chapter 1: Welcome To A World Of Revolution: The rules are simple: Don't subscribe All Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. He praises Primus when the Allspark energies within the boy latch onto the remains of the seeker Jetfire and uses the parts to transform Samuel into a very attractive seeker. Dont miss out on this fanfiction if you want to read one of the most popular Transformers fanfics. A flustered explanation from the Prime portion of the transformers fanfiction sam goes back in time, only the plot time that you really saw. You can also subscribe without commenting. In this story, we learn that Earth is the only place where the transformers have had peace in many generations, which is something we must be willing to fight for. Ruby felt herself aching. Of course, this author does it a bit differently because these are Transformers and not people, but the general idea remains the same. There are seven films in the franchise, and they have a large variety of casts and storylines. There are some dark stories in this collection and some light and fluffy ones too. .no-js img.lazyload{display:none}figure.wp-block-image img.lazyloading{min-width:150px}.lazyload,.lazyloading{opacity:0}.lazyloaded{opacity:1;transition:opacity 400ms;transition-delay:0ms} 2022 All rights Reserved. And when those sparks were overcome by DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything that I am writing.