On Tuesday, Topps announced that it had sold its sports card business to Fanatics, a multibillion-dollar, 10-year-old company whose licensing business was built on sports fandom, technology and . Home Sports Card Sets Soccer Card Sets 2022 Soccer Cards 2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Soccer Cards Checklist. By Soccer Cards HQ. - Errors / Variations External Links | Sponsored. 2022 Topps Gilded Collection Baseball also provides a one-of-one chase via Topps Gilded Collection Cut Signatures. In diesem Video schauen wir uns eine weitere komplette Box mit 80 Cards aus der Deco 2022/23 Kollektion von Topps an Topps setzt auch in der neuen Sais. HAFPA-KG Ken Griffey Jr. - Seattle Mariners. The checklist also has Transcendent Collection Image Variation Autographs (/20). 2023 Throwback Thursday Set #8 - 1960 Topps Sophomores. 2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Base Parallels Breakdown. Boxes per case: Hobby - 18. The checklist isn't overly complex, although it brings in multiple themes and art deco-inspired designs. Want to know what cards your favorite team has in 2021 Topps Transcendent Baseball? document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2008-2023 The Cardboard Connection. Baseball Card Sets Basketball Card Sets Football Card Sets Hockey Card Sets Subsets include: Current stars, Legends, Lineage dual cards, Descendants, Prodigy, Memorable Moments and 'artistry' illustrated cards. - External Links *, PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/99, Blue #/49, Purple #/25, Red #/10, Pink #/5, Gold 1/1, Benjamin Sesko / Luka Sucic - RB Salzburg, Dennis Bergkamp / Martin Keown / David Seaman - Arsenal, 2022-23 Topps Deco UEFA Soccer Cards Checklist. Per the listing, "This is a print-on-demand product, please allow 28 days after the timer expires for delivery.". 2. $19.99. Gallery | 'Deco' designs are rooted 1920/30's style, featuring the best of the UEFA Champions League, past and present. Emerald (/5), Red (1/1) and Platinum (1/1) are the lone parallels for these. - Pricing document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2008-2023 The Cardboard Connection. Underneath that is the full lineup of 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018 releases. Collection includes Series 1 Baseball, Bowman Baseball, Heritage Baseball and Star Wars. - Change Log Your Account has been confirmed and activated successfully. - Checklist However, these did not make it to the Topps USA site. Buy from many sellers and get your cards all in one shipment! By navigating the site, you agree to the use of cookies to collect information. Please check the main checklist in the other tab for parallel specifics. Sort By. Through the Years AutographsRA-71TH Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-82TH Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-88AS Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-90DR Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1952 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1953 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1957 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1958 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1959 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1961 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1964 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1966 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1967 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1968 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1969 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1976 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1977 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1979 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1980 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1987 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1988 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1, RA-1991 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-2006 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-2008 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-2012 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-2013 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-2014 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1992 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1993 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1997 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1998 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1999 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-2000 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-2005 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-2011 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1995 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-2001 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1954 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1955 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1960 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1963 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1983 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1984 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1RA-1996 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-CP Cristian Pache 1/1TSC-FF Freddie Freeman 1/1TSC-HA Hank Aaron 1/1TSC-RAJ Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1, Through the Years Dual AutographsTTY-AS1 Juan Soto / Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1TTY-AS2 Juan Soto / Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1TTY-AS3 Juan Soto / Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1TTY-AS4 Juan Soto / Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1TTY-AS5 Juan Soto / Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1TTY-AS6 Juan Soto / Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1TTY-AS7 Juan Soto / Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1TTY-AS8 Juan Soto / Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1TTY-AS9 Juan Soto / Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1TTY-AS10 Juan Soto / Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-CJ Chipper Jones /20TCA-CP Cristian Pache /20TCA-FF Freddie Freeman /20TCA-GM Greg Maddux /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-CJ Chipper Jones /20TCAV-CP Cristian Pache /20TCAV-FF Freddie Freeman /20TCAV-GM Greg Maddux /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-CJ1 Chipper Jones 1/1GDA-CJ2 Chipper Jones 1/1GDA-CJ3 Chipper Jones 1/1GDA-CP1 Cristian Pache 1/1GDA-CP2 Cristian Pache 1/1GDA-CP3 Cristian Pache 1/1GDA-FF1 Freddie Freeman 1/1GDA-FF2 Freddie Freeman 1/1GDA-FF3 Freddie Freeman 1/1GDA-GM1 Greg Maddux 1/1GDA-RA1 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1GDA-RA2 Ronald Acua Jr. 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons32 Ryan Mountcastle RC /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-BR Brooks Robinson 1/157SFA-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr. 1/157SFA-EM Eddie Murray 1/157SFA-RM Ryan Mountcastle 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-CPJ1 Cal Ripken Jr. 1/1AAR-RM1 Ryan Mountcastle 1/1AAR-RM2 Ryan Mountcastle 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-CPJ Cal Ripken Jr. 1/1, Oversized Cut SignaturesOCS-SP Satchel Paige 1/1 St. Louis Browns, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-EM Eddie Murray 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr. /20TCA-EM Eddie Murray /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr. /20TCAV-EM Eddie Murray /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-CPJ1 Cal Ripken Jr. 1/1GDA-CPJ2 Cal Ripken Jr. 1/1GDA-EM1 Eddie Murray 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons29 Ted Williams /9543 Xander Bogaerts /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-CF Carlton Fisk 1/157SFA-CY Carl Yastrzemski 1/157SFA-NG Nomar Garciaparra 1/157SFA-PM Pedro Martinez 1/157SFA-RC1 Roger Clemens 1/157SFA-RD Rafael Devers 1/157SFA-WB Wade Boggs 1/157SFA-XB Xander Bogaerts 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-RD1 Rafael Devers 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-DO David Ortiz 1/1, Oversized Cut SignaturesOCS-CY Cy Young 1/1OCS-TW Ted Williams 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-DO David Ortiz 1/1TSC-TW Ted Williams 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-CF Carlton Fisk /20TCA-CY Carl Yastrzemski /20TCA-NG Nomar Garciaparra /20TCA-PM Pedro Martinez /20TCA-RC Roger Clemens /20TCA-WB Wade Boggs /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-CF Carlton Fisk /20TCAV-CY Carl Yastrzemski /20TCAV-NG Nomar Garciaparra /20TCAV-PM Pedro Martinez /20TCAV-RC Roger Clemens /20TCAV-WB Wade Boggs /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-CY1 Carl Yastrzemski 1/1GDA-CY2 Carl Yastrzemski 1/1GDA-PM1 Pedro Martinez 1/1GDA-PM4 Pedro Martinez 1/1GDA-RC1 Roger Clemens 1/1GDA-WB1 Wade Boggs 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons26 Ernie Banks /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-ARI Anthony Rizzo 1/157SFA-KB Kris Bryant 1/157SFA-RS Ryne Sandberg 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-KB1 Kris Bryant 1/1AAR-KB2 Kris Bryant 1/1, Cut Signature Bat Knob BookCSB-EB Ernie Banks 1/1, Cut Signature Bat Nameplate BookCSN-EB Ernie Banks 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-AR Anthony Rizzo 1/1TSCR-JB Javier Baez 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-AR Anthony Rizzo 1/1TSC-EB Ernie Banks 1/1TSC-FJ Fergie Jenkins 1/1TSC-JB Javier Baez 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-RS Ryne Sandberg /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-RS Ryne Sandberg /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-GM2 Greg Maddux 1/1GDA-KB1 Kris Bryant 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons13 Luis Robert /9515 Yermin Mercedes RC /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-FT Frank Thomas 1/157SFA-JA Jose Abreu 1/157SFA-LR Luis Robert 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-EJ1 Eloy Jimenez 1/1AAR-FT1 Frank Thomas 1/1AAR-JA Jose Abreu 1/1AAR-LR1 Luis Robert 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-FT Frank Thomas 1/1TSCR-LR Luis Robert 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-EJ Eloy Jimenez 1/1TSC-LR Luis Robert 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-FT Frank Thomas /20TCA-JAB Jose Abreu /20TCA-LR Luis Robert /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-FT Frank Thomas /20TCAV-JAB Jose Abreu /20TCAV-LR Luis Robert /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-EJ1 Eloy Jimenez 1/1GDA-EJ2 Eloy Jimenez 1/1GDA-EJ3 Eloy Jimenez 1/1GDA-KGJ3 Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1GDA-LR1 Luis Robert 1/1GDA-LR2 Luis Robert 1/1GDA-LR3 Luis Robert 1/1GDA-LR4 Luis Robert 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons47 Johnny Bench /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-BL Barry Larkin 1/157SFA-JB Johnny Bench 1/157SFA-JV Joey Votto 1/157SFA-KG2 Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-BL1 Barry Larkin 1/1AAR-JBE1 Johnny Bench 1/1AAR-JBE2 Johnny Bench 1/1AAR-JV1 Joey Votto 1/1AAR-JV2 Joey Votto 1/1AAR-KGJ3 Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-BL Barry Larkin 1/1TSCR-JBE Johnny Bench 1/1TSCR-JVO Joey Votto 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-JBE Johnny Bench 1/1TSC-JV Joey Votto 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-BL Barry Larkin /20TCA-JB Johnny Bench /20TCA-JV Joey Votto /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-BL Barry Larkin /20TCAV-JB Johnny Bench /20TCAV-JV Joey Votto /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-JV1 Joey Votto 1/1GDA-JV2 Joey Votto 1/1GDA-KGJ2 Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-JT Jim Thome 1/1TCA-JT Jim Thome /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-JT Jim Thome /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-EM2 Eddie Murray 1/1, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-LW Larry Walker 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons24 Miguel Cabrera /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-CM Casey Mize 1/157SFA-MC Miguel Cabrera 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-CM1 Casey Mize 1/1AAR-CM2 Casey Mize 1/1AAR-MC1 Miguel Cabrera 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-IR Ivan Rodriguez 1/1TSCR-MC Miguel Cabrera 1/1, Oversized Cut SignaturesOCS-HG Hank Greenberg 1/1OCS-TC Ty Cobb 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-AK Al Kaline 1/1TSC-MC Miguel Cabrera 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-CM Casey Mize /20TCA-MC Miguel Cabrera /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-CM Casey Mize /20TCAV-MC Miguel Cabrera /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-CM1 Casey Mize 1/1GDA-CM2 Casey Mize 1/1GDA-CM3 Casey Mize 1/1GDA-MC1 Miguel Cabrera 1/1GDA-MC2 Miguel Cabrera 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons21 Jose Altuve /9539 Nolan Ryan /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-ABR Alex Bregman 1/157SFA-JAL Jose Altuve 1/157SFA-RC4 Roger Clemens 1/157SFA-YA Yordan Alvarez 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-ABR1 Alex Bregman 1/1AAR-ABR2 Alex Bregman 1/1AAR-JA1 Jose Altuve 1/1AAR-JA2 Jose Altuve 1/1AAR-NR2 Nolan Ryan 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-CC Carlos Correa 1/1TSCR-JV Justin Verlander 1/1, Sketch Cards Originals TSC-NR Nolan Ryan 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-ABR Alex Bregman /20TCA-YA Yordan Alvarez /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-ABR Alex Bregman /20TCAV-YA Yordan Alvarez /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-NR1 Nolan Ryan 1/1GDA-RC3 Roger Clemens 1/1GDA-YA1 Yordan Alvarez 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons14 George Brett /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-BJ Bo Jackson 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-GB George Brett 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-BJ Bo Jackson /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-BJ Bo Jackson /20, Base Transcendent Icons34 Shohei Ohtani /9541 Mike Trout /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-AP Albert Pujols 1/157SFA-MT Mike Trout 1/157SFA-NR2 Nolan Ryan 1/1 California Angels57SFA-RCA2 Rod Carew 1/1 California Angels57SFA-RJ3 Reggie Jackson 1/1 California Angels57SFA-SO Shohei Ohtani 1/157SFA-VG2 Vladimir Guerrero 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-AP1 Albert Pujols 1/1AAR-MT1 Mike Trout 1/1AAR-MT2 Mike Trout 1/1AAR-MT3 Mike Trout 1/1AAR-RC1 Rod Carew 1/1 California AngelsAAR-RJ1 Reggie Jackson 1/1 California AngelsAAR-SO1 Shohei Ohtani 1/1AAR-SO2 Shohei Ohtani 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-MT Mike Trout 1/1, Oversized Autograph Letter BoxtoppersALB-MT1 Mike Trout 1/1ALB-MT2 Mike Trout 1/1ALB-MT3 Mike Trout 1/1ALB-MT4 Mike Trout 1/1ALB-MT5 Mike Trout 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-MT Mike Trout 1/1TSC-RCA Rod Carew 1/1 California Angels, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-AP Albert Pujols /20TCA-MT Mike Trout /20TCA-SO Shohei Ohtani /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-AP Albert Pujols /20TCAV-MT Mike Trout /20TCAV-SO Shohei Ohtani /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-AP1 Albert Pujols 1/1GDA-MT1 Mike Trout 1/1GDA-MT2 Mike Trout 1/1GDA-MT3 Mike Trout 1/1GDA-NR3 Nolan Ryan 1/1 California AngelsGDA-RCA2 Rod Carew 1/1 California Angels, Base Transcendent Icons9 Jackie Robinson /95 Brooklyn Dodgers28 Cody Bellinger /9538 Mookie Betts /9545 Clayton Kershaw /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-CSE Corey Seager 1/157SFA-MP2 Mike Piazza 1/157SFA-WBU Walker Buehler 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-CB1 Cody Bellinger 1/1, Cut Signature Bat Knob BookCSB-GH Gil Hodges 1/1 Brooklyn Dodgers, Cut Signature Bat Nameplate BookCSN-GH Gil Hodges 1/1 Brooklyn Dodgers, Dual Oversized Cut SignaturesDCS-CR Jackie Robinson / Roy Campanella 1/1 Brooklyn Dodgers, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-CB Cody Bellinger 1/1TSCR-CK Clayton Kershaw 1/1TSCR-MB Mookie Betts 1/1, Oversized Cut SignaturesOCS-GH Gil Hodges 1/1 Brooklyn DodgersOCS-JR Jackie Robinson 1/1 Brooklyn DodgersOCS-RC Roy Campanella 1/1 Brooklyn Dodgers, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-CB Cody Bellinger 1/1TSC-CK Clayton Kershaw 1/1TSC-JR Jackie Robinson 1/1 Brooklyn DodgersTSC-MB Mookie Betts 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-CS Corey Seager /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-CS Corey Seager /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-MP2 Mike Piazza 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons20 Jazz Chisholm Jr. RC /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-I3 Ichiro 1/157SFA-SSA Sixto Sanchez 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-IR Ivan Rodriguez 1/1 Florida MarlinsTSC-SS Sixto Sanchez 1/1, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-I2 Ichiro 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons5 Christian Yelich /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-CYE Christian Yelich 1/157SFA-RY Robin Yount 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-CY1 Christian Yelich 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-CY Christian Yelich 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-CY Christian Yelich 1/1TSC-RY Robin Yount 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-CYE Christian Yelich /20TCA-RY Robin Yount /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-CYE Christian Yelich /20TCAV-RY Robin Yount /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-CYE1 Christian Yelich 1/1GDA-CYE2 Christian Yelich 1/1GDA-CYE3 Christian Yelich 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons7 Byron Buxton /9522 Harmon Killebrew /9549 Kirby Puckett /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-AK Alex Kirilloff 1/157SFA-JM Joe Mauer 1/157SFA-PMO Paul Molitor 1/157SFA-RCA Rod Carew 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-DW1 Dave Winfield 1/1AAR-JM1 Joe Mauer 1/1, Cut Signature Bat Nameplate BookCSN-KP Kirby Puckett 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-KP Kirby Puckett 1/1, Oversized Cut SignaturesOCS-WJO Walter Johnson 1/1 Washington Senators, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-HK Harmon Killebrew 1/1TSC-KP Kirby Puckett 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-DW Dave Winfield /20TCA-JDO Josh Donaldson /20TCA-RCA Rod Carew /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-DW Dave Winfield /20TCAV-JDO Josh Donaldson /20TCAV-RCA Rod Carew /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-DW3 Dave Winfield 1/1GDA-RCA1 Rod Carew 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons1 Francisco Lindor /9525 Jacob deGrom /9544 Javier Baez /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-MP1 Mike Piazza 1/157SFA-NR3 Nolan Ryan 1/157SFA-PA Pete Alonso 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-MP1 Mike Piazza 1/1AAR-MP2 Mike Piazza 1/1AAR-PA1 Pete Alonso 1/1AAR-PA2 Pete Alonso 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-FL Francisco Lindor 1/1, Oversized Autograph Letter BoxtoppersALB-PA1 Pete Alonso 1/1ALB-PA2 Pete Alonso 1/1ALB-PA3 Pete Alonso 1/1ALB-PA4 Pete Alonso 1/1ALB-PA5 Pete Alonso 1/1ALB-PA6 Pete Alonso 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-FL Francisco Lindor 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-MP Mike Piazza /20TCA-PA Pete Alonso /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-PA Pete Alonso /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-MP1 Mike Piazza 1/1GDA-PA1 Pete Alonso 1/1GDA-PA2 Pete Alonso 1/1GDA-PA3 Pete Alonso 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons3 Mickey Mantle /958 Mariano Rivera /9519 Babe Ruth /9527 Aaron Judge /9536 Gerrit Cole /9546 Derek Jeter /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-AJ Aaron Judge 1/157SFA-DG Deivi Garcia 1/157SFA-DJ Derek Jeter 1/157SFA-DM Don Mattingly 1/157SFA-HM Hideki Matsui 1/157SFA-I2 Ichiro 1/157SFA-RC3 Roger Clemens 1/157SFA-RJ2 Reggie Jackson 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-AJ1 Aaron Judge 1/1AAR-AJ2 Aaron Judge 1/1AAR-AJ3 Aaron Judge 1/1AAR-DG1 Deivi Garcia 1/1AAR-DJ1 Derek Jeter 1/1AAR-DJ2 Derek Jeter 1/1AAR-GT1 Gleyber Torres 1/1AAR-GT2 Gleyber Torres 1/1AAR-MR1 Mariano Rivera 1/1AAR-RC2 Roger Clemens 1/1, Cut Signature Bat Knob BookCSB-MM Mickey Mantle 1/1, Cut Signature Bat Nameplate BookCSN-MM Mickey Mantle 1/1, Dual Oversized Cut SignaturesDCS-RG Babe Ruth / Lou Gehrig 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-AJ Aaron Judge 1/1, Oversized Cut SignaturesOCS-BR Babe Ruth 1/1OCS-JD Joe DiMaggio 1/1OCS-LG Lou Gehrig 1/1OCS-TMU Thurman Munson 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-AJ Aaron Judge 1/1TSC-BR Babe Ruth 1/1TSC-DJ Derek Jeter 1/1TSC-GC Gerrit Cole 1/1TSC-GT Gleyber Torres 1/1TSC-LG Lou Gehrig 1/1TSC-MR Mariano Rivera 1/1TSC-YG Yogi Berra 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-AJ Aaron Judge /20TCA-DJ Derek Jeter /20TCA-DM Don Mattingly /20TCA-HM Hideki Matsui /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-AJ Aaron Judge /20TCAV-DJ Derek Jeter /20TCAV-DM Don Mattingly /20TCAV-HM Hideki Matsui /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-AJ1 Aaron Judge 1/1GDA-AJ2 Aaron Judge 1/1GDA-AJ3 Aaron Judge 1/1GDA-DJ1 Derek Jeter 1/1GDA-DJ2 Derek Jeter 1/1GDA-DJ3 Derek Jeter 1/1GDA-DM1 Don Mattingly 1/1GDA-DM2 Don Mattingly 1/1GDA-DW1 Dave Winfield 1/1GDA-I3 Ichiro 1/1GDA-RC2 Roger Clemens 1/1GDA-RJ2 Reggie Jackson 1/1, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-MM2 Mark McGwire 1/157SFA-RJ Reggie Jackson 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-MM Mark McGwire 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-RJ Reggie Jackson 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-RH Rickey Henderson /20TCA-RJA Reggie Jackson /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-RH Rickey Henderson /20TCAV-RJA Reggie Jackson /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-MM2 Mark McGwire 1/1GDA-RJ1 Reggie Jackson 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons2 Bryce Harper /9518 Alec Bohm RC /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-ABO Alec Bohm 1/157SFA-AM Andrew McCutchen 1/157SFA-BH Bryce Harper 1/157SFA-JT2 Jim Thome 1/157SFA-MS Mike Schmidt 1/157SFA-RHO Rhys Hoskins 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-ABO1 Alec Bohm 1/1AAR-ABO2 Alec Bohm 1/1AAR-AM1 Andrew McCutchen 1/1AAR-AM2 Andrew McCutchen 1/1AAR-BH1 Bryce Harper 1/1AAR-BH2 Bryce Harper 1/1AAR-BH3 Bryce Harper 1/1AAR-RH1 Rhys Hoskins 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-BH Bryce Harper 1/1, Oversized Autograph Letter BoxtoppersALB-AM2 Andrew McCutchen 1/1ALB-AM3 Andrew McCutchen 1/1ALB-AM5 Andrew McCutchen 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-ABO Alec Bohm 1/1TSC-BH Bryce Harper 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-ABO Alec Bohm /20TCA-AM Andrew McCutchen /20TCA-BH Bryce Harper /20TCA-MS Mike Schmidt /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-ABO Alec Bohm /20TCAV-AM Andrew McCutchen /20TCAV-BH Bryce Harper /20TCAV-MS Mike Schmidt /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-AM1 Andrew McCutchen 1/1GDA-AM3 Andrew McCutchen 1/1GDA-BH1 Bryce Harper 1/1GDA-BH2 Bryce Harper 1/1GDA-BH3 Bryce Harper 1/1GDA-MS1 Mike Schmidt 1/1GDA-MS2 Mike Schmidt 1/1GDA-PM3 Pedro Martinez 1/1GDA-PM6 Pedro Martinez 1/1GDA-RH1 Rhys Hoskins 1/1GDA-RH2 Rhys Hoskins 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons 30KeBryan Hayes RC /9540 Roberto Clemente /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-AM2 Andrew McCutchen 1/157SFA-KH KeBryan Hayes 1/1, Cut Signature Bat Knob BookCSB-RC Roberto Clemente 1/1, Cut Signature Bat Nameplate BookCSN-RC Roberto Clemente 1/1, Oversized Cut SignaturesOCS-HW Honus Wagner 1/1OCS-RCL Roberto Clemente 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-HW Honus Wagner 1/1TSC-RC Roberto Clemente 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-KH KeBryan Hayes /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-KH KeBryan Hayes /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-AM2 Andrew McCutchen 1/1GDA-KH1 KeBryan Hayes 1/1GDA-KH2 KeBryan Hayes 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons6 Tony Gwynn /9548 Fernando Tatis Jr. /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-HK Ha-Seong Kim 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-FTJ Fernando Tatis Jr. 1/1TSCR-MMA Manny Machado 1/1TSCR-TG Tony Gwynn 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-BS Blake Snell 1/1TSC-FTJ Fernando Tatis Jr. 1/1TSC-TG Tony Gwynn 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-MMA Manny Machado /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-MMA Manny Machado /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-DW2 Dave Winfield 1/1, Base Transcendent Icons10 Willie Mays /9512 Kris Bryant /9523 Buster Posey /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-JBAR Joey Bart 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-BP1 Buster Posey 1/1AAR-JB1 Joey Bart 1/1, Oversized Cut SignaturesOCS-MO Mel Ott 1/1 New York Giants, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-WM Willie Mays 1/1 New York GiantsTSC-BP Buster Posey 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-JBA Joey Bart /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-JBA Joey Bart /20, Base Transcendent Icons33 Jarred Kelenic RC /9535 Ken Griffey Jr. /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-I1 Ichiro 1/157SFA-KG1 Ken Griffey Jr. 1/157SFA-RJO2 Randy Johnson 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-I1 Ichiro 1/1AAR-KGJ1 Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1AAR-KGJ2 Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-I Ichiro 1/1TSC-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-I Ichiro /20TCA-JKE Jarred Kelenic /20TCA-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr. /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-I Ichiro /20TCAV-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr. /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-I1 Ichiro 1/1GDA-KGJ1 Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1GDA-RJO2 Randy Johnson 1/1, ase Transcendent Icons11 Nolan Arenado /9542 Dylan Carlson RC /9550 Yadier Molina /95, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-AP2 Albert Pujols 1/157SFA-DC Dylan Carlson 1/157SFA-MM1 Mark McGwire 1/157SFA-NA Nolan Arenado 1/157SFA-PG Paul Goldschmidt 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-DC1 Dylan Carlson 1/1AAR-DC2 Dylan Carlson 1/1AAR-PG1 Paul Goldschmidt 1/1, Cut Signature Bat Knob BookCSB-RH Rogers Hornsby 1/1, Cut Signature Bat Nameplate BookCSN-RH Rogers Hornsby 1/1, Oversized Cut SignaturesOCS-DD Dizzy Dean 1/1OCS-RH Rogers Hornsby 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-BG Bob Gibson 1/1TSC-DC Dylan Carlson 1/1TSC-MM Mark McGwire 1/1TSC-RH Rogers Hornsby 1/1TSC-SM Stan Musial 1/1TSC-YM Yadier Molina 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-DC Dylan Carlson /20TCA-MM Mark McGwire /20TCA-NA Nolan Arenado /20TCA-PG Paul Goldschmidt /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-DC Dylan Carlson /20TCAV-MM Mark McGwire /20TCAV-NA Nolan Arenado /20TCAV-PG Paul Goldschmidt /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-AP2 Albert Pujols 1/1GDA-DC1 Dylan Carlson 1/1GDA-DC2 Dylan Carlson 1/1GDA-MM1 Mark McGwire 1/1, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-WB2 Wade Boggs 1/1, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-AB Adrian Beltre 1/157SFA-NR1 Nolan Ryan 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-AB1 Adrian Beltre 1/1AAR-NR1 Nolan Ryan 1/1AAR-VG1 Vladimir Guerrero 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-AB Adrian Beltre 1/1TSC-ARO Alex Rodriguez 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-AB Adrian Beltre /20TCA-NR Nolan Ryan /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-AB Adrian Beltre /20TCAV-NR Nolan Ryan /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-NR2 Nolan Ryan 1/1, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-NP Nate Pearson 1/157SFA-RC2 Roger Clemens 1/157SFA-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-NP1 Nate Pearson 1/1AAR-VGJ1 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 1/1AAR-VGJ2 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-GS George Springer 1/1TSC-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-GS George Springer /20TCA-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-GS George Springer /20TCAV-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. /20, 1957 Topps Superfractor Autographs57SFA-VG Vladimir Guerrero 1/1 Montreal Expos57SFA-JSO Juan Soto 1/157SFA-SST Stephen Strasburg 1/1, Active Autograph RelicsAAR-JSO1 Juan Soto 1/1AAR-JSO2 Juan Soto 1/1AAR-SS1 Stephen Strasburg 1/1AAR-SS2 Stephen Strasburg 1/1, Juan Soto Through the Years AutographsJS-71TH Juan Soto 1/1JS-82TH Juan Soto 1/1JS-88AS Juan Soto 1/1JS-90DR Juan Soto 1/1JS-1952 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1953 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1957 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1958 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1959 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1961 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1964 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1966 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1967 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1968 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1969 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1976 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1977 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1979 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1980 Juan Soto 1/1, JS-1987 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1988 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1991 Juan Soto 1/1JS-2006 Juan Soto 1/1JS-2008 Juan Soto 1/1JS-2012 Juan Soto 1/1JS-2013 Juan Soto 1/1JS-2014 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1992 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1993 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1997 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1998 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1999 Juan Soto 1/1JS-2000 Juan Soto 1/1JS-2005 Juan Soto 1/1JS-2011 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1995 Juan Soto 1/1JS-2001 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1954 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1955 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1960 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1963 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1983 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1984 Juan Soto 1/1JS-1996 Juan Soto 1/1, Original Sketch Card Patch RelicsTSCR-JS Juan Soto 1/1TSCR-MS Max Scherzer 1/1TSCR-SS Stephen Strasburg 1/1, Oversized Autograph Letter BoxtoppersALB-JS1 Juan Soto 1/1ALB-JS2 Juan Soto 1/1ALB-JS3 Juan Soto 1/1ALB-JS4 Juan Soto 1/1, Sketch Cards OriginalsTSC-VG Vladimir Guerrero 1/1 Montreal ExposTSC-JS Juan Soto 1/1, Transcendent Collection AutographsTCA-SST Stephen Strasburg /20, Transcendent Collection Autographs Image VariationsTCAV-SST Stephen Strasburg /20, Transcendent Icons Gold Deco AutographsGDA-JS1 Juan Soto 1/1GDA-PM2 Pedro Martinez 1/1 Montreal ExposGDA-PM5 Pedro Martinez 1/1 Montreal Expos.