I hate this stupid beach! That's not how it works in the hotel. Lori: "The bigger question is, how did you get inside? "What do you kids want?" This Fanfic is a MASSIVE critique on every fanfic that is targeting the Episode "No Such Luck" of the Western Animation Series "The Loud House." No Such Luck Alternate ending (Bad) Deviation Actions. * The fact that you locked me out of my own home all because of superstitions ithurt, it really hurt it felt like a jab inmy heart." Some sisters those ghouls are. No Such Luck, No Such Love is a The Loud House fanfic written by SpartanXHunterX which can be read here. (The employee obliges, and the police arrive to arrest Lincoln, just as the rest of the Louds arrive.). "WELL, NOW THAT I KNOW HOW YOU KIDS FEEL ABOUT ME! The siblings began agreeing with that statement, but Lynn Sr. and Rita were frightened. In this Loud House Alternate universe a man made virus force's mankind to abandon earth.all except one 11 year old Lincoln Loud was accidentally abandoned by his parents and five sisters as an infant and was forced to fend for himself 11 years later Lincoln has adapted to his new hunting and gathering lifestyle and. Im sick of everything thats happened to me! Bad luck never happened before when he was there..but he said all we do is just mess things up..we really are the worst family ever Rita: We're sorry kids. Ronnie Anne: Happy Valentines Day, Lincoln. And even if you don't always succeed, your a good at it. They were thinking that they should've told their kids no and that they were going to stay at Aunt Ruth's for the weekend. Ever again. He helped hold us all together and outings just won't be the same without Lincoln. More information No Such Luck - Lucky Carol by TriassicLane More like this House Cartoon Cartoon Fan Cartoon Shows They were wondering how could this room be these three idiots, they were booked until tomorrow. Felix looked at the door and saw a number 5 on it. ", (and that did it. Lincoln: That's what i always say. "But she's still family," Rita added in, "And family stick together no matter what." The important thing is that we learn from them. Looking up from the soaking wet floor, the man said, in an unamused tone, "No. Cuts back to now. he turned to the three men, who started sweating nervously, afraid of what would happen to them if they didn't say anything. Lynn Sr.: Look, son, families will have bad days every now and than. Maybe I should just stop playing softball for a while. News flash; I live here!". Pre-Story Notice: It's amazing. "Lori!," Lynn Sr. yelled, "You should better then to stop suddenly in traffic!" turns her attention to Lincoln) "Get out! (Tugs at it), (They tug and pull while the rest of the family backs away nervously). ", Lucy: "We don't care, we'll watch anything you want. She opens it, revealing all of the siblings' love interests.] Understood?!" I kinda have mixed feelings on this alternate ending, though Im leaning more on the approval side. Lincoln: I don't believe it! After half an hour, Lincoln begins to sweat like crazy and lose his mind. Of course, it's not like the parents could them there anyway. Luna, Luan, Lola and Lisa were just about ready to ram these three rude jerks with the couch in the room. Lincoln: AND I NEVER, EVER WANT TO SEE YOU UNLUCKY PARASITES IN MY LIFE AGAIN!!! NOBODY!!! I hate gator wrestling! None of the kids wanted to talk to their parents and the parents didn't know what to say to their kids. ", [Later, they arrive back in their house.]. Don't fight now! tears began to fall out their eyes. WE MAKE EVERYTHING WORSE!!! That response caused an immediate reaction of confusion from the kids. Can you please just come down here? YOU'LL BE HAPPY TO KNOW YOU WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT DEALING WITH ME OR MY CATS OR MY DISGUSTING PUDDING OR MY BUNIONS ANYMORE! "I can't even find anything funny to say because I'm that mad with both of you," Luan said, her parents becoming uncomfortable with the glare on the young comedian's face. (The other sisters come over onto the main couch. AND I'M GOING TO GET A RESTRAINING ORDER JUST TO KEEP YOU AWAY!" QUIET! Spell it out alt ending7. Except for Lynn). Lynn: (clenches her fists) Say That Again.. Lincoln: No. "Now I want an explanation," the man started with, as he stomps a few steps toward them, "As to all of this. Lisa: (with a broken voice, but not as loud): "Even an intelligence person such as myself fell for such bologna. After spending a good 10-15 minutes unpacking and putting everything back in the respective places in their rooms, the siblings walked into the living room and saw their parents were in fact still sitting on the couch. All rights belong to Nickelodeon. After one loss, she claims that Lincoln is bad luck. I hate that you put your own lame pride and wants above everything else! You're supposed to be grounded to the hotel room, remember?" One of the Boys alt ending4. He brought the talkie down to his level and said into it, "Wait. *Cries* It's going to take me days to fix this baby! Wow, Lincoln, I'm really sorry. nickelodeon nosuchluck theloudhouse # 11 The Black Cat's Curse by 890 7 4 ", Lynn: (smiles, more tears come down her eyes,) "What did I do to deserve a brother like you?" Leni: Like, I don't like it here anymore either! "I can't believe you kids just did that," Rita said, tears running down her face like a river. Lincoln then explains to the viewers that with ten sisters, his schedule is always filled up, and . NO!" My own family, locking me out. loud. Taking the device out of the girl's hand. I hate golf! We need to follow them, they have to be Lincoln's! We don't know what we were thinking! Morag: well, if you insist I suppose. I don't want this stupid bunch of brats in my life anymore! Everyone winced at the final words out of Lola's mouth, but not the woman on the other end. The minute after those words left Luna's lips, the security officer leaned his face in front of Luna's and responded with, "You can help me by letting me into your room. Lincoln: Well, this was cool. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. "We promised you wouldn't notice we were there while had a nice relaxing weekend, right?" And she knew it wasn't about any massive gathering of one group for some kind of event because she would've been notified way ahead of time. ", Leni: (with a sad look on her face) "No. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. DeviantArt Protect. I hope you enjoy, please try to be as gentle yet honest as possible as to what you think about the story (this is my first fanfiction in general). I feel like a fool!" Lynn Sr.: (with a broken voice) "And we were horrible parents to you, locking you out! (Lincoln picks up the head and jumps up and down on it several times.). I already told you, I live here. Rita: Okay Lincoln! nosuchluck loudhouse Well here is an alternate ending to No Such Luck that ends on a happy note. Just so you know, in case you ask about that). Upload your creations for people to see, favourite, and share. A rather large family that sticks together through thick and thin. Bad. Lincoln asked, as he started crying yet had an angry look on his face, "What's really lousy is that you guys had the nerve to make us feel guilty for the stuff we did when the reason we got kicked out of the hotel was because you two decided to act like irresponsible teenagers and go for a late night swim in the pool without any swimwear on!" He even then flips over and smashes the trophy case. Luna: (with a broken voice) "We're really sorry bro! (sniffles) I'd better make a home fast. (Lisa turns to him) Whatever happened to Woman of Science, huh!?! (He gathers up a sleeping bag, pillow and snacks. In order for him to not have "bad luck", his sisters forced him to wear a squirrel suit from Lynn's baseball game. (Inhales, then exhales) "I. I have failed as a human being. Lincoln yelled, "WE HATE YOU!" the goth girl added. But we have to know, how the heck have you been able to scoop us?" Katherine: With help from my boyfriend. They knew they not only had the bill from the hotel to worry about, but also the possibility of getting sued. "Yeah Felix," she said, concerned hearing the pain in his voice, "What's wrong?" Lana said, glaring at her parents. ", Lincoln: "Just hear me out." Fade to the sisters all waking up from their nightmares. (They keep searching the house. After he said that, he finally saw his kids' faces and immediately started backing away, but the kids stomped forward, towards him and Rita and they completely surrounded them. Rita tried to say something, but she couldn't. Everything is going wrong with the Squirrels today. The Loud House Re-Write - Linc or Swim. Thats what my problem is! Lucy: (shedding tears) Me too. (He walks back and forth to get attention) You guys have spent the whole weekend obsessing over this ridiculous good luck/bad luck thing at my expense! Felix turned to the clock on the wall, it was almost 1 in the afternoon, why were these kids still in a room they were supposed to have been long gone from. Lincoln: (crying berserker tears) NO!!! Lincoln grabs 11 squirrel mascots and put them on his parents and sisters, minus Lily.]. Get me arrested. "Okay," the woman says, "Surprisingly enough, it wasn't something those kids did." Lincoln: I'd like to keep this in private, but i got a question for you angus. Maddie herself hid underneath the desk and she could hear the sounds of things being tossed and breaking or getting smashed on and breaking. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite, and share. What if one of the neighbours saw Lincoln when he was sleeping outside and called the police? You love baseball. ", Lincoln: "Well what are we standing here for? I hate that you never listen to reason! "Hi, Aunt Ruth," Lola said, in a fake sweet tone, "it's your niece Rita's kids." The moment she said that, Lynn Sr. and Rita's faces became shocked with horror, their kids knew about what they did and that they got kicked out because of it. Lincoln: "Did anything bad happen, something life threatening that I would be deemed 'bad luck'? Rita asked. Lincoln: Lana. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Things were starting to get intense in the Loud family hotel room. Lynn: Stop being such a baby and just put that suit back on! ", [It's revealed to be Lincoln in the runabout costume], Lincoln:[to the viewers] "My plan is simple: I watch the game in disguise, and when the Squirrels win, everyone will see I'm not bad luck. Rushing to the balcony door, he opened it, getting the girl's attention. He had a glare on his face and he was tapping his foot on the ground repetitively, showing that he was serious. "It looks like the room is being occupied by a Mr. Todd Fowler, Kyle Dawson and Miguel Diaz as of this morning."