Count / Graf Antonia Clemente Alberti di Poja . 8A Thurloe Place, London SW7 2RX England. (Noble of The Holy Roman Empire), GROPPLERO DI TROPPENBURG In 1850, he was Minister of War and General Lieutenant of the Papal Armies, and also Senator of Rome. This is important because it is a key to identify Satan and his agents elsewhere in Revelation: Rev 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. Baroness / Freifrau von dem Cherso . Although nearly identical in description, it is not Satan, because verse 2 says this beast power gets his power from the dragon a clear reference to Satan. Touring the world with friends one mile and pub at a time; the happiest days of your life by jamie field Newsletter . Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Duchess of Filottrano and of Monte Conero , H.S.H. Prince / Furst Don Filippo Rospigliosi. Countess / Graefin Joanna Nicole Steinhurst von der Steinhorst , Origin Story. Count / Graf of Montaldeo . The family produced three popes, about thirty . H.E. (Princess of The Holy Roman Empire), H.R.H. Mars family Mars $90 billion. Countess del Monte Titano , Countess and Baroness Johnson In FIDES left hand is the golden cup (in front of the cross), and behind her right shoulder is the pagan sunburst image. (Prince of The Holy Roman Empire), IMPELLIZZERI Baron / Freiherr Vittorio Emanuele Salvadori di Wiesenhof. For this reason and this reason alone The Names We commonly know Them by in the Main Stream are merely monikers of much Older and more Powerful Names. Not all of them, however, were partisans of Boniface. The second southern line Improve this listing. An accomplished condottiero, he was however also a ruthless figure who had his wife Isabella de Medici murdered. Meanwhile, Alice Rothschild, whose mother was a member of the Guinness brewing family, married Zac Goldsmith, a baron and a former conservative MP who ran for mayor of London in 2016, while her sister Kate married Ben Goldsmith. (*Cadet Line), H.E. H.H. Princess Mafalda of Savoy . [5] Some members used the surname of Bobone-Orsini. The most distinguished of his sons was however Giovanni Gaetano (died 1280): elected pope as Nicholas III, he named the nephew Bertoldo (died 1289) as count of Romagna and had two nephews and a brother created cardinals. This is one of the more secretive families of the Illuminati bloodline. (Prince of The Holy Roman Empire), PRINCE ELECTORSHIP OF LOMBARDY Prince Ralph of Etruria, H.E. (Noble of The Holy Roman Empire), DUCHY AND COUNTY OF FRIULI H.E. Prince / Furst Giorgio I of Seborga , The most important member of the Monterotondo Orsinis was Giovani Battista Orsini, who became cardinal under Sixtus IV (1483). Prince Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Apulia . See: Count and Baron von Reinheim and This branch of the family moved to Rome in the 18th century, where Duke Domenico (November 23, 1790 April 28, 1874), married Maria Luisa Torlonia in 1823. His Imperial and Royal Highness H.E. (Noble of The Holy Roman Empire), PRINCELY HOUSE OF ROSPIGLIOSI H.E. Indeed, and it would seem that no other Christian denomination but the Catholic Church has depicted itself in this manner. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. relates to secret societies like the , The Priory of Sion is a secret society created around the, As for the sun-cult adepts, hills symbolize the way to get closer to their. Romanos stance was markedly Guelph. Count / Graf Mariano Ugo Windisch-Graetz Bertoldo's son, Gentile II (12501318), was two times Senator of Rome, podest of Viterbo and, from 1314, Gran Giustiziere ("Great Justicer") of the Kingdom of Naples. (Count of The Holy Roman Empire), PRINCELY HOUSE OF CARACCIOLO Here is another sculpture of FIDES, titled The Triumph of Faith over Idolatry by Thodon Jean Baptiste, in Romes Chiesa del Ges, the Jesuit Church of Rome. (Princess of The Holy Roman Empire), H.R.H. Count / Graf Pieralvise di Serego Alighieri. So in Rev 13:2 we can possibly substituteRomefor the wordDragon. (Count of The Holy Roman Empire), dal VERME The first members had in fact always doubled surname of Boboni-Orsini. After Carlo's death, he enlarged the family's tenure with lands inherited by his wife, another Orsini from Salerno, and most of all he was amongst the favourites of Ferdinand I of Naples, who appointed him as Great Constable of Naples. Chat : (M-F 8am-4pm EST) Email : . (Noble of The Holy Roman Empire), ___ Brought to you by the CDC, The Orsini (Maximus/Orso) family are the Zoroastrianist shadow hierarchy of, You will never read any article about her, she is a, The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of The Illuminati, All controlled through the Jesuit Order and their. telex and smart phones run on. Count Wetter-Tegerfelden , Patrician of Naples , A younger brother of Giannantonio one of Sergiannis daughters. Having died without legitimate sons, much of his possessions were absorbed into the Royal Chamber. The above verses make clear, in even superficial reading, that the Great Red Dragon is Satan. His son Giangiordano was Prince Assistant to the Papal Throne. Prince / Furst Don Maurizio Gonzage. Prince / Furst Don Nicolo Francesco Boncompagni Ludovisi. Baron / Freiherr di Santa Croce . The last cardinal from the family was Domenico. H.E. (Noble of The Holy Roman Empire), BUFFA What does that tell you? (Princess of The Holy Roman Empire), H.R.H. Antonio Raggi. His brother Alessandro was cardinal and Papal legate, and another brother, Ferdinando (died March 4, 1660) acquired the assets of the other line of San Gemini. Le grandi famiglie di Roma. (Noble of The Holy Roman Empire), BONACOSSI Margrave and Prince / Furst of Verona. Countess of The Holy Roman Empire , H.E. Giangiorgio Barbasetti di Prun. Bracciano line BRITISH RIOT PHOTOS: The Brits Finally Begin to Take Back Their PowerBIG TIME! (Prince of The Holy Roman Empire), DUCHY OF LUCCA 0.8 miles from Hyde Park. (Duke of The Holy Roman Empire), SCIORTINO Raimondo Claricini di Dornpacher. Prince / Furst Don Mario Pignatelli Aragona Cortes. Sinclair (St. Clair) Warburg (del Banco) Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe) (Personally, I suspect that this may not be the complete list and some very powerful lineages are still unknown to us). Frank Orsini, the founding . Princess di Santa Croce, Princess del Monte Titano , Possible members . Knight / Ritter Gian Andrea Gropplero di Troppenburg. Prince Keith Patrick Steinhurst of Westphalia , orsini family runs the world. This first known members is one Bobone, in the early 11th century, father of Pietro, in turn father of Giacinto dei Boboni (1110-1198), who in 1191 became pope as Celestine III. Another real head of this isHenry Breakspearwho resides now in Macau in China. The House of Farnese established the Jesuits as a military order through the papal bull; Regimini Militantis Ecclesiae under Pope Paul III or Alessandro Farnese. Names have Power over, or in relation to, those Beings being called by PROPER Name. In addition, the family included 34 cardinals, numerous condottieri, and . H.E. It includes also a palace, designed by Baldassarre Peruzzi, begun in 1525 by Gian Corrado Orsini and finished by his son Vicino. The last cardinal from the family was Domenico. H.S.H. (Prince of The Holy Roman Empire), PRINCELY HOUSE OF CARAFA DELLA SPINA Please go and studywho funded Elizabeth Ithat astronomical amount of money to fight the Spanish, yesPallavicini. Part of the Imperial Patrimony of the Emperor. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree. He only serves and works with the shadow Jesuits being the Papal Bloodline Orsinis, Breakspears, Aldobrandinis, Farneses, Somalgias. Thanks to the strategic positions of their fiefs, and to their famous castle built in Bracciano in 1426, they were the most powerful Orsini line in the Lazio. (Sovereign Prince of The Holy Roman Empire), di SEREGO ALIGHIERI The House of Orsini has held prominence in the world dating back many years, so it's no wonder that many people have a fascination with its members. Marquis / Margrave Don Camillo Aldobrandini. The former was the founder of the first southern line, who disappeared with Camillo Pardo in 1553. (Count and Baron of The Holy Roman Empire), PRINCELY HOUSE OF MELI LUPI Fearlessness and athleticism run together in the Orsini family. Part of the Imperial Patrimony of the Emperor. The latter's nephew Pier Francesco, who had renounced the succession in favour of his brother Domenico to become a Dominican, was later elected pope with the name of Benedict XIII. A follower of the Italian revolutionary leader Giuseppe Mazzini, Orsini participated in the uprisings in Rome in 1848-49, thereafter serving as Mazzini's agent in . Franciotto Orsini was created cardinal by Leo X in 1517. (Knight of The Holy Roman Empire), STRASSOLDO In today's educational animated cartoon we look at the world's most wealthy and powerful families. Little is known about their genealogy or history, but it's suspected that they wield enormous power within the Cabal, with extensive connections to New England Satanists, meaning they are key to the Cabal's Satanic rituals and worship. The Orsini are also known as Orso and the ancient Maximus family. The coat of arms of Gregory XIII shown here is one of two that can be found above the doors in the Gallery of Maps in the Vatican. de jure Prince of Tournai , Napoleone Cardinal Orsini, partly for family reasons, sided with the Colonna and the French, and it was he who promoted in 1305 the election of a French pope, Clement V, the first of the popes of Avignon.. Lady / Frau Lucrecia Cozzarelli. They received the ducal title from Pius IV in 1560 and held Bracciano into the 17th century and Gravina to 1807. H.E. There is no one more powerful than this figure who is really the Grey Pope. de jure King of Italy / Lombardy. H.E. Count / Graf Ettore Valvasone. Formed by America and Europe's most elite (both in terms of wealth and power) with historical roots that date back centuries. de jure Princess of Tournai , In the fourteenth century, when the papacy was returned to Rome from Avignon (France), the present-day Vatican became the residence of the popes, and the word came to refer to the enclave in the middle of Rome that had become the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. This line was initiated by Guido Orsini, second son of Romano, who inherited the county of Soana. Ignatius LIEola became their first general. Outer Doctrine = What They allow out to Us or allow Us to know even if it is supposedly Back Channel COSMIC Level Info. L'Idole (R. Merle) also has Paolo and Lodovico Orsini as main protagonists, since the book is about Vittoria Accoramboni's life. In the 17th century the Dukes of Bracciano moved their residence to Rome. (Prince of The Holy Roman Empire), PRINCELY HOUSE OF ORSINI The Orsini (Maximus/Orso) family are the Zoroastrianist shadow hierarchy ofthe Jesuit Order. Two of Francescos son, Marino (died 1471) and Giovanni Battista (died June 8, 1476), were respectively archbishop of Taranto and Grand Master of Knights of Rhodes. His son, Napoleone, became a cardinal in 1288 and remained a prominent member of the Curia until his death at Avignon in 1342. Hereditary Duke / Herzog of Florence , de jure King of Lombardy . The Orsini also carried on a political feud with the Colonna family until by Papal Bull it was stopped in 1511; in 1571 the Chiefs of both families married the nieces of Pope Sixtus V. The Orsini were related to the Boboni family existing in Rome in the 11th century. Duchess of Filottrano and of Monte Conero , Duke del Monte Titano, Marquis del Monte Titano . (Count of The Holy Roman Empire), ALDOBRANDINI H.S.H. (Princess of The Holy Roman Empire), PALLAVICINI PALLAVICINO Baroness / Freifrau di Santa Croce , (Mrs. Anderson). They first became important in the late 12th century with the election of Giacinto Orsini as Pope Celestine III (119198), whose generosity to his nephews founded the territorial fortunes of the family. Get Ready For The First Pluto Return in American History, OPERATION JAB INDIA: A Slow Motion Genocide, JOHN POULOS: LIAR-IN-CHIEF FOR DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS, MEDICIDE: How American Hospitals and Doctors Methodically Murdered Covid Patients. (Noble of The Holy Roman Empire), MARESCA This line was founded by Rinaldo, third son of Matteo Rosso the Great. Prince Rutherford of Etruria , List of Mass Shootings in the United States in 2021, CLICK FOR RECENT POSTS, SEARCH & ARCHIVES , There is no one more powerful than this figure who is reallythe Grey Pope. H.S.H. Both this Black Pope and the white Pope arent of Papal Bloodline, they are bothcommoners. In 1724 Pietro Francesco Orsini was elected pope as Benedict XIII. In 37 B.C. The real people in charge, you have never heard of them. (Marquis of The Holy Roman Empire), PARETO SPINOLA (Marquis of The Holy Roman Empire), MARULLI DI SAN CESARIO Skip links. H.E. Paolo Giordano was created first Duke of Bracciano in 1560. Two of Ludovico's daughters married relevant figures: Geronima to Pier Luigi Farnese, illegitimate son of Pope Paul III and Marzia to Gian Giacomo Medici of Marignano, an important general of the Spanish army. In 1582, by decree of Gregory XIII (Inter Gravissimas), 10 days were dropped from the calendar, and a new system of leap years was inaugurated. Duchess of Florence, de jure Queen of Etruria. Signup for our newsletter to get notified about our next ride. Ferdinand II had his fiefs confiscated and imprisoned him in Castel dell'Ovo, where he was poisoned in 1497. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! He was probably among the promoters of the failed plot against Cesare Borgia in 1502, being assassinated as retaliation, together with numerous members of the family. However, at his death in 1406 the southern Orsini fiefs were confiscated. His son Romano (1268-1327), called Romanello, was Royal Vicar of Rome in 1326, and inherited the countship of Soana through his marriage with Anastace de Montfort. H.S.H. The family moved to Rome in the 18th century, where Duke Domenico (November 23, 1790 ? He and his father are major depopulationists. de jure Charles VIII I.R. If you find our videos helpful you can support us by buying something from amazon. family=======Image-Copyrigh. (Count of The Holy Roman Empire), ZORZI GIUSTINIANI Boccaccio describes the soldiers acting to spite of the Orsini's. The most powerful man right now in the conspiracy over this World is a Roman by the name of PEPE ORSINI of the powerful Roman Papal Bloodline the Orsini also known as Orso and the ancient Maximus family. Apart from the Bracciano castle, other notable buildings and structures associated with the Orsini include: The Orsini family was briefly mentioned in Boccaccio's book The Decameron in the 5th day, 3rd story. H.S.H. Prince / Furst Landi of Valditaro , . Count / Graf Don Francisco Acedo Fernndez Pereira . The House of Orsini is an Italian noble family that was one of the most influential princely families in medieval Italy and Renaissance Rome. This line was initiated by Guido Orsini, second son of Romano, who inherited the county of Soana, on the western side of Lake Bolsena in southern Tuscany. H.S.H. (The Millennium Report) According to their family lore, the Orsini are descended from the Julio-Claudian family of ancient Rome. For most peopleZion is the name for Jerusalemas well as for the nation of Israel (Isis-Ra-El). While this is not an exact family tree, it does show a list of many popular members of the House of Orsini. The Original Names are for the most part only known to Them, and believe me Thats a very select group.. Baron / Freiherr Giuseppe Guidobono Cavalchini Garofoli. H.S.H. vodafone zuhause festnetzflat; senior project manager salary munich The most important member of the Monterotondo Orsinis was Giovani Battista Orsini, who became cardinal under Sixtus IV (1483). Noble of Rome and Patrician of Rome . Matteo Rosso, called the Great, was the effective lord of Rome from 1241, when he defeated the Imperial troops to 1243, holding the title of Senator. (Countess and Baroness of The Holy Roman Empire), H.E. Count / Graf Ferrante Mercurino Benvenuti. H.S.H. This is fanciful, as well as the alleged connection to the German families of Anhalt, Baden and Rosenberg sporting the same name. Princess / Furstin Donna Alyssandria Alonzo di Ancona , (Baroness of The Holy Roman Empire), H.R.H. This article was most recently revised and updated by, From this time on, apart from the brief interval of Borgia rule (late 15th and early 16th centuries) when the Orsini were dispossessed of their castles and three of them were put to death, the Orsini retained their dominant place among the Roman aristocracy, providing soldiers, statesmen, and prelates to the church. (Knight of The Holy Roman Empire), PRINCELY HOUSE OF BONCOMPAGNI LUDOVISI The Orsini Palace in Rome, including the Theatre of Marcellus. Later, the attempt of Alessandro (died February 9, 1604) to obtain the title of Monterotondo was thwarted by Pope Gregory XIII. H.S.H. Ive named the Grey Pope the one in-between the white and black but unseen. Count del Monte Titano , Count and Baron Johnson , The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of The Illuminati relates to secret societies like the Priore de Sion or Priory of Sion (meaning: priory of the Sun), which lost some of its secrecy because of the fact thatthe Rennes le Chateau mysterybecame so popular among certain circles. The links with the court increased further under Sergianni Caracciolo, Joan's lover and Great Senechal. He controls the banking system, Freemasonry and the Secret Services (CIA, FBI, NSA, SIS, MI6, Scotland Yard . (Baron of The Holy Roman Empire), CASTELBARCO ALBANI VISCONTI SIMONETTA In 1571, the heads of both families married nieces of Pope Sixtus V as an act of reconciliation. Pope Celestine III (ca. Hidalgo of Navarre and Castille. (Baron of The Holy Roman Empire), CAPPONI Princess of Venice and Piedmont . H.S.H. The first members had in fact always doubled surname of Boboni-Orsini.