Do you feel that it is holding you back and keeping you from enjoying life the way you were once able to, especially when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors? I'm 5'5' and 68 years old and yes, I can lift it in and out of the car. For added safety a seat belt is included and each chair is equipped with locking rear wheels. { font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; }. Is you are shorter, they are too high and uncomfortable. And worse, the handbrakes don't work and because Mobile Mobility Co. has no phone service, you have to write an email and then hope a tech respond! Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs. I will never be able to put this in the back of the car which means I'll have to have a second one. for a nominal fee that acts as a backpack and hooks on to the back of your chair. but I would get a cushion if Mum was regularly sitting in it for longer periods of time. There was a problem completing your request. The lightweight aluminum frame (25lbs.) Excellent product at the correct price point. NOVA Medical Products Transport Wheelchair Adjustability and Customization Overall Comfort Level Versatility Ease of Use 4.5 Summary The NOVA Medical Products Transport Wheelchair is an outstanding all-purpose transport chair, supports an impressive 400 pounds of user weight, and handles well on a variety of terrains. However, the rollators brakes are right under the grips and typically more extensive than bicycle grips. Take our transport chair with you. It was small enough to manuver around the hallways doorways and to make tight turns. ; Folded dimensions: 27D x 10.25W x 31.5H; Back height from seat: 19; Arm height from seat: 12.5. I haven't gotten to use it much yet. I will never be able to put this in the back of the car which means I'll have to have a second one. Yes except for the foot brackets, which attach easily. The removable and retractable armrests are a definite plus. If you plan to do most of the wheeling around yourself, pay close attention to the passenger-controlled brakes. First and foremost. Its rear wheels are 12 in diameter, and wider than its front wheels, enabling it to navigate evenmoderately challenging terrain. Going places? We recently purchased this for my father, and I am pleased to report the chair is AWESOME! Steel Wheelchair. If its a transport chair, though, this wont be as essential since youll only be using it for short periods of time. A: Ships from and sold by Rivermount Ventures. Considering it gets packed into a trunk 4 to 8 times a week I can accept that. endstream endobj startxref Having a travel bag to keep all the pieces together makes transport much more convenient. This is useful to gain more stability if your rollator has a seat. This would consist of wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and more to gain back the independence of moving. Es una gran silla de transporte, muy bien pensada en muchos detalles de diseo . 4. This will help make a sharper turn to the left. But, beyond this, the chair folds up in a very smart manner and fits smaller trunks. The NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair will cost you at least $100 more. Doing this would make it even more versatile when used in an outdoor setting, especially on slopes. All the features on your wheelchair wont matter if it wears out only a few months after you buy it. Our trained professionals will give you a great explanation to any questions you have. Our website is designed to help you find the wheelchair parts you need and we give you the prices you want. This is so much better. Let Ocelco make it to your specifications. Our transport chair is presently in its box being stored, so I cant go measure it. There are plenty of after-market enhancements and add-ons available for both wheelchairs and transport chairs. This chair is used for my wife and safety is my overriding consideration. 7000 Series Wheelchair User Guide; Since 1993. Algunas Es una gran silla de transporte, muy bien pensada en muchos detalles de diseo . and finds this chair comfortable. Never miss a show, Tuffcare attendant transporting made easy. We then create one easy-to-understand review. Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2023. Some difficulty pushing/turning the occupied chair on deep pile carpet. We are sorry. Recommended for anyone looking for a great all-terrain transport chair and bigger, taller, or heavier patients. The NOVA 332 HD does offer a small storage pouch on the back of the seat back, which is where most wheelchairs and transport chairs locate storage if its offered at all (and a surprising number of chairs dont offer any storage whatsoever). The type of material is important for comfort and durability. According to the MFG specifications the seat width is 18.5". A smooth riding experience and feather-touch handbrakes make navigating a breeze. If youre big and tall and weigh between 300-400 pounds, or if youre looking for a big, roomy chair that can handle most any outdoor terrain, we highly recommend it. Disclaimer: Content on this site is for reference purposes and is not a substitute for advice from a licensed health-care professional. NOVA isnt one of the industry Titans. P4218B), by NOVA To add the following enhancements to your purchase, choose a different seller. Here are the simple steps to loosen a rollator brake. Learn more. To make moving in and out of the chair easier, all Nova wheelchair users have to do is flip the chair arms away, slide in and out of the chair, and when theyre done, they can swivel the arm right back into place. Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs; . If youll be spending hours in your wheelchair, comfort is essential. Will it need to be used to sit at a desk or table all day? He simply wears these chairs out. Hand Brakes provide optimum safety and control. If you weigh less than 300 pounds and dont plan on much outdoor use, then this is almost certainly more transport chair than you need, and youd be better served looking at some other model. If you plan to carry items around, you should also consider adding on a wheelchair bag, which acts as a backpack. Theres no way you can adjust the tension in the seat or the seat back, so what you see is what you get. 4202C, by NOVA You can find cushy, comfortable chairs designed for hours of sitting or lightweight, basic models for short-term use. NOVA Lightweight Wheelchair with Flip Up Desk Arms (for Easy Transfer), Adjustable & Easy Release Footrests, Safety Anti-Tippers, Choose from 3 Seat Widths - 16", 18"& 20", Weighs only 32 lbs. But, beyond this, the chair folds up in a very smart manner and fits smaller trunks. Others may not be the most comfortable, but they can handle any terrain, which is a huge benefit if you plan to use it outside of your home frequently. C4203CB), by NOVA Look for a wheelchair with a frame that resists rust and can handle years of heavy use. While many wheelchairs can support up to 300 pounds, youll find that some have an even lower limit, such as 250 pounds. Nova Medical Products - as unique as you are! My husband is unable to walk due to a stroke and I needed something maneuverable to get him in and out of the car. I spent a while looking at the various designs and styles before picking this one, and I am very pleased with my choice. What you Should Know, How to Choose a Knee Scooter: Important Aspects, How to Choose The Best Walker (Wheeled & Standard For Seniors). If we don't already have product information on a medical product you're looking into, just let us know. The NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair is 30 pounds. Seat belt is very short and requires extender if you are not slim. I have used several of these during the past 3 years. any product or service from SpinLife. They both will adjust the same way. A: This guide will explain how to tighten and or adjust your brakes on a wheelchair so you can adequately stop yourself while moving a wheelchair. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Wheelchair you should buy. Often, it is possible for the user of the chair or their assistant to do this . Sorry, we were unable to perform your search at this time. If you ever need to pack your wheelchair up, its important to ensure its easily foldable. Hand Brakes provide optimum safety and control. Especially in NOVAs case, given the presence of the crossbars under the seat, it seems that it would be a trivial matter to hook a basket or some type of removable storage compartment there, but alas, no such option is available. Check Price - Chair Institute - Help And Wellness | Overall Product Rankings 1. 2023 MobilityMedicalSupply All Rights Reserved, How Do Rollator Brakes Work? The comfortable padded upholstery and arm pads are reinforced to prevent stretching or ripping. Weight capacity: 300 lbs. For example, what happens if they stop working, how to lock them in place, and more. Disclaimer: Content on this site is for reference purposes and is not a substitute for advice from a licensed health-care professional. Some wheelchairs come with seatbelts, which add an extra layer of safety as you move around. Rust resistance is another factor youll see on some wheelchairs. Open Box products are items that have been returned, mis ordered, or clearance items and have been greatly reduced. Its even trickier in the transport chair market. The desk arms also comes in a Flip Up option so rather than walking to and from the transport chair, you can just scoot or transfer in and out. Because its a daunting engineering challenge to create a chair that can support heavier folks while at the same time, keeping the chair light enough to be easy to move from Point A to Point B. Wheelchair is completely assembled. I have to use it whenever I take him to doctor's appointments. We were impressed by the NOVA Medical HD transport chair, and regard it as an exceptional value for the money. Some wheelchairs are built to last, with frames that can hold up even with constant use. The fact that it is smaller than a standard wheelchair did not matter to my family member who found it comfortable enough to remain in the chair long after the test drive was done. MobilityMedicalSupply is a free resource that offers in-depth guides on medical equipment and products to assist and help with mobility issues. The right side footrest is continually falling off when I go to lift it into the back of my car! The pin, which anchors the strap to the front of the footrest, is placed in such a way that it makes it difficult for the a person with swollen ankles to place their foot on the footrest. Pay particular attention to the material and level of padding on the back, seat and armrest. If youve ever shopped for a wheelchair, you know there are different types: there are wheelchairs designed for use around the house, and others meant to be used for transportation from one place to another. The only thing I find at fault, this is why I give a 4 star and not 5 star rating, is the armrests are not adjustable and are too high even when using a 2" high firm seat cushion. To secure the brake handle. About the only thing to add here is that you will want to spend some time using it in the field to decide what, if any after-market extras you may want. Also, as mentioned in a response earlier, Id love to see a way to angle the back of the seat. Pull up on the brake levers again. Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2022. If the wheelchair will be used outside the house infrequently, this probably wont matter as much as other features, but its still worth considering. The Nova Medical Products 332 lightweight transport chair is delivered mostly assembled, so theres not much prep work to get it ready for first use, and since there arent many adjustable features on it, theres no learning curve to speak of. Brakes become loose over time, and anyone familiar with using a manual wheelchair will go through this. C420311), by NOVA Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2011. My husband is unable to walk due to a stroke and I needed something maneuverable to get him in and out of the car.