Let this be a season where the Spirit of Holiness comes upon you and leads you on the path of the redeemed. Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel, Until I, Deborah, arose, Arose a mother in Israel. The NIV translation puts it like this; Villagers in Israel would not fight; they held back until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose, a mother in Israel.. God is releasing a zeal over His people right now like Jesus had, its not a zeal to tear down the church but to build her. (Isaiah 35:8-10 NIV) I knew this was the Lord speaking over us: that we are entering a new path and journeywe have turned a corner! Before Calvary, death meant eternal separation from the Father but now because of the finished work of the cross, our resurrection will not be to this world but to the next. Every time Im on the precipice of change I notice that suddenly I am inundated with options and diversions to the pure call and path Ive been given. About Nate and Christy Johnston. I also love reading this life changing word that has marked my life deeply.. He gave me the most humbling advice not to repeat some of his mistakes, and was a man who had been through some tough years that God was doing a new thing in and through. Rogue misfit voices are about to spring up from the least likely of places with a message that will ruffle the feathers of the complacent and asleep church and usher in a new day and with an unmistakeable authority, anointing, and alarm they will break her out of the rut of dead religion and lead her forward. Join us! These people are scammers and this is the test - they wont put this post on their fake profile, or will they? In defending Bill Johnson and Bethel Church, Dr. Michael Brown once told me, You do not know them, they love Jesus. It has always saddened me that people who call themselves Christians seem overly focused on protecting the wolves and show little to no compassion for the sheep being devoured. Link in bio, To those who are pioneering healthy after many broken generations.. - Hearing the new language and themes on Gods heart for the church and for the world. I looked up her name meaning just now, Olive Alayne. One night as I came home at 2am I felt the presence of God in my home waiting for me and it freaked me out but I knew I needed to get things dealt with, so I ran into the lounge room where I felt His presence so strongly and I fell in a heap as He ministered to me for 3 hours, broke many lies off my life and showed me a picture of what my marriage and family was going to look like. After living the majority of her life plagued with insecurity and fear, she came to learn the power of her identity in Christ. Thankyou Jesus! Ground zero for the false teachings of the NAR is Bethel Church in Redding California. The greatest work before us to build the family and rebuild the kingdom culture of family again from the ground up. Let us reason through the above linked article from Charisma and see how Kalley Heiligenthal has been victimized by Bethel. Suddenly this loud roar sound came out of me and I begin pushing back the darkness trying to get us to throw in the towel so close to the finish line. Wounded warriors : The enemy will trigger wounded people around you to spew on you from their woundedness. How then can we say to him the child is dead? For now, let this snippet encourage you. Nate and Christy Johnston Everyday Revivalists Email: everydayrevivalists@gmail.com Website: www.everydayrevivalists.com Nate Johnston is a revivalist and worshipper who has a heart to see sons and daughters unleashed into passionate friendship with God and an effective supernatural lifestyle. Can God resurrect Olive? But I feel it - a pent up flood is coming and we are about to see a wave of righteous voices rise up and take back major ground where we were silenced in battles we were called to. Group activations. In a few weeks we kick off our third season for the year - House of Acts. This is why many people have been experiencing unusual and unexpected warfare that they have been unable to trace and track. nate christy resources contact itinerary PROPHETIC WORD - YOU ARE ENTERING YOUR ESTABLISH & BUILD SEASON! Praying this interactive journal from the wild ones brings you back to wonder and adventure with Jesus again. They are moving with the courageous mantle of Deborah to tear war off this spirit. To those facing endless obstacles and mental bombardment today.. Their NAR dominionism values this world. Nate & Christy are on mission to revive the hearts of Gods sons and daughters to their royal identity in Christ, equipping through. To read the rest of this go to the link on my bio.. So grateful to @lou.engle and Therese Engle for championing us and others as we go and strike the ground this Saturday in Red River New Mexico. It may even be insulting to pagans to call this paganism. We have to heal and pick up our swords again. We pray that God uses it to reveal Himself to those lost in the Bethel haze. We mourn for Kalley. What does that look like for your pathfor your life and for your family? So this is for those in the same shoes in this season who are pioneering the family into greater health and intentionally breaking the generational cycles they were handed - you are setting the stage and foundation for a move of God. Stifled. In this season, I'm flipping the script and I'm overturning the tables where you had enemies constantly at your doorstep trying to prevent you from entering into the promise. Why should I fast? We have no power to declare or decree anything beloved. Join us! People didnt expect it to reach much of an audience and even distributors in my own country didnt even stock it(until people consistently asked them to ) but then in the middle of that Walmart and my publisher started talking about an interactive journal from the chapters of the Wild ones.. something that would reach even the secular without losing the potency and language. Rebuke her and command her to leave! Saw this in my memories from a year ago and wanted to share it. THE DEMONIC ASSIGNMENT TRYING TO ROB YOUR DELIVERY SEASON. We must deal with the things that are no longer working and crumbling around us and rebuild according to the word not according to popular Christian culture. Jehoiada and his sons brought out the kings son and put the crown on him; they presented him with a copy of the covenant and proclaimed him king. Thanks! Where the table always has seats, a feast is always prepared, and no voice is shut down. Do you need your voice back? We are in such an occupy season where territory previously usurped by the enemy is up for the taking and the violent are taking it by force. Bethel worship leader and songwriter Kalley Heiligenthal asked for urgent prayer yesterday after doctors pronounced her daughter dead. What do you need to let go of? www.myyeartogrow.com. - Discerning and interpreting what God is speaking. Join us for season 3 starting in just over one week! There are 3 professionals named "Christy Bethel", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. Join us for our most powerful season yet.. House of Acts starts September 12th 2022 Please, this is not an exercise in being insensitive to the family but in protecting the sheep everywhere who will see this story and be led astray. Discern the game at play and sever the ties! Jeff mate, we are going to miss you.. A place where no one is outcasted and where healing oil is always flowing. It wants to give you the second-best options. Forfeit and failure : When you are tired the enemy knows this is a prime time to take the throne off you. Dont stop now! Link to full word in bio. I wanted to encourage those building, pioneering, and dreaming with the lord right now that you are on the pulse - keep going! Gods reformers are actively rebuilding the, foundations of Gods Word in every mountain of. Im tired of seeing people stuck in pews when they could be on the frontlines of this new thing God is doing. Devastated to hear today that my friend @jeffjansen passed away. Do you want to know how to piece together revelation so you can walk it out? Last week I was putting out the trash when the voice of the Lord boomed into my spirit these following words.. Rogue misfit voices are about to spring up from the least likely of places with a message that will ruffle the feathers of the complacent and asleep church and usher in a new day and with an unmistakeable authority, anointing, and alarm they will break her out of the rut of dead religion and lead her forward. I wanted to raise the white flag, I was done. The spirit of Athaliah is so afraid of your seed that she seeks to usurp the true thing that God's given you, the true assignment, the true call, the true tribe that you're called toand it wants to assassinate them. Its building and rising to the surface and you cant ignore it. [3] [4] The church has grown in membership from 2,000 when he joined in 1996, [5] to over 11,000 in 2019. I feel this so deeply. The tragedy they suffered four days ago is bad enough without compounding it with false hopes in this world. When Dr. Brown defends them by claiming they love Jesus he cannot see that the jesus they love is false. Bullying phone calls and messages. I was in worship when the word of the Lord came to me; "In the next six months you're gonna wake up settled in the land that I promised to give you long ago. Their jesus is wing man, not a Lord. It's going to be a time and a season when we're able to focus completely on what He has given us. Last week I pressed record on my phone and just spoke what God was saying and then noticed a swirl over the weekend into the new week. His voice calls out to His daughters, rise up my daughters, rise up! I want to specially speak to those who are trying to advance forward with that crazy idea and dream and you have been hit on every side. God is building you and getting you ready to build what you never imagined you would be called to. There has been some delay and warfare against people settling and being established but HE WILL DO IT! It sweet talks its way into your inner circle, and then it disassembles your life from the inside out. Jesus we give you glory for what you are about to do! But then the wineskin burst and I have felt Gods heart that it is time to create space and talk about it, see lives and families healed, revive hearts, and restore destinys. The location of this palm tree between Ramah and Bethel means 'heights of the House of God.' God is finishing up what he started. Often we can stay in connection with people who have drifted from the path because we feel a sense of loyalty to them and dont want to see them in a bad place, but in doing so we can hold ourselves back from the path and even drift from the path ourselves. Repost that really spoke to me today. In this new wine season I believe God is raising up the church as a prophetic company to lead the way forward into her best days and most effective days. I do not know who Christy Johnson is but she declares she is a prophetic revivalist and has now decreed that Olive means evergreen and evergreen means life in every season and therefore the two-year-old must come back to life? Jael, knowing who stood before her, allures Sisera into her tent. The parents of dear little Olive will also be reunited with their precious daughter, when they are allowed to find true solace from their pain and grief, by turning and trusting in our great Saviour Jesus Christ, and not the god that holds Bethel in such dark deception: And the Lord afflicted the child that Uriahs wife bore to David, and he became sick.David therefore sought God on behalf of the child. I want to specially speak to those who are trying to advance forward with that crazy idea and dream and you have been hit on every side. I see revival coming to the family of God. This is not a season to hide, a season to be quiet, a season to run, or a season to put your calling on the shelf for another time. Ever since we heard yesterday morning, I have been praying prayers of resurrection over this little girl. Google to read the stories of those who have escaped the cult of Bethel Church the next time you think there are no victims. You are the spiritual protectors, nurtures, and defenders over your families. It was too precious to Him and and He wanted it seen. They operate a dead raising team that claims they have resurrected 15 people, with shockingly no witnesses. At first it feels like mess coming to the surface but its actually the justice and deliverance of the Lord coming to wipe your slate clean for the new day dawning. There will always be counterfeits and counter offers on the road of faith and constant triggers trying to pull you back into the old you or the old thing where you in bondage and silenced. It has always been said that everything is bigger in Texas yet what God is doing there is even beyond what we can comprehend. To our friends and family all around the world, we are thankful for each and everyone of you. The blindfolds have been removed and the spell has broken. Link in bio. - Writing out the blueprint of this new wineskin. It was for those who've been in transition for a long period of time and have been walking a certain way, they have now become familiar with the different aspects of the roadthe different enemies, the different hurdles, the different issues, and the specific terrain. Are they freeing you and empowering you or policing you and forcing you to submit to a false sense of covering that actually lacks true Kingdom covenant connection? But the reveal is coming. "They [the former tyrant masters] are dead, they shall not live and reappear; they are powerless ghosts, they shall not rise and come back. ATHALIAH SIGNS & SLY TACTICS This assignment has come at this moment to cause there to be a spiritual stillbirth and to frustrate you into giving up. Nate & Christy Johnston With love, Nate, Christy, Charlotte, Sophie, & Ava xxx, God is doing some cleaning up right now and bringing closure for so many who have been dealing with situations that have been hanging over their heads and people who have been mercilessly attacking. Lets keep going! Season 4 - Legacy Payment Plan $160 usd Includes: Payment plan of 2 payments of $160 over 2 months. This means watching what we watch, what we are listening to, what advice we take on, whose calls we are answering, and what we are entertaining and letting influence us. Thinking he was safe, Sisera lays down to rest, and asking for a drink of water, she gives him milk lulling him to sleep. You know who you are. Such a great time to be alive. Last week I pressed record on my phone and just spoke what God was saying and then noticed a swirl over the weekend into the new week. It takes conviction and boldness in this day to go against the popular narratives and only have Jesus in your sights. Pay attention to the strategies the Holy Spirit releases in dreams, visions, and in His Word, these are the strategies we are to release in prayer and intercession. Were asking for prayer, she wrote. Kids sick nonstop for months. They are fierceness, love and strength combined. One guy years ago we led to the Lord. Dont believe the lie that nothing is moving or happening for you. [6] On the seventh day the child died. I have never done that nor will I ever do that. King Jabin appointed an evil commander of his army named Sisera who lived in Harosheth. Thankyou Jesus! The bible says that we are either gathering people to Christ or scattering them away. This miraculous feat was done by God through the prophets and Apostles (there are ten reported cases in the Bible, other than Jesus). Christy Johnston was born and raised in Australia. Christy Johnston This will be the season where you foiled their plans and you lead many others into their promise. A tribe of people who will get you wellyou don't have to explain yourself to them anymore and you don't have to beg them to be in your life to do things with and run with. The greatest work before us to build the family and rebuild the kingdom culture of family again from the ground up. They have come to rebuild the ancient ruins, to repair the cities destroyed, to revive and redeem the devastations of many generations. It also destroys some popular false Bethel teachings. Dont let the fake lion win when you have the roar of the lion of Judah inside you! Who has been sensing this? Baraks name means lightning. I believe this speaks of fathers arising alongside mothers to defend and protect the family together - and in doing so, God will QUICKLY respond with lightning power to strike the principality of Sisera. Your hands were tied and your tongue was numb but now you feel the hum of a new song and and the roar of recompense in your belly. It wants you to birth something that is not your assignment. No lion will be there, nor any ravenous beast; they will not be found there. The places where the door is open and never shut. Good morning! Just as David had his season of being alone in the wilderness having to defend his sheep and fight bears and lions, we have been in this season too, wondering when the purpose would meet us and when we would finally leave the wild goose chase of spending all of our energy on putting out fires and defending ourselves and our families against invaders. - Discerning and interpreting what God is speaking. Beloved, there are victims all over this story. This year we have three different journeys to take with us but the end goal is the same - healed, delivered, transformed, equipped, and sent out. Fear caught the tongues of many and sent prophetic voices underground for a season but now they are coming back to set the standard and shake the church out of mixture. Months before I was married in 2006 I was not in a good place. FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ON THE PATH OF CONFLICT, I AM LEADING YOU TO A PATHWAY OF MY VINDICATION! Maybe all year? A charge to arise as a mother over the land and territory you have been assigned. Im so grateful for the heads up revelation God gives. When practicing discernment regarding false theologies we often here the lament, whats the big deal? Joel Osteen has encouraged millions of people, leave him alone. Ive had scammers and trolls apologize many times before after I prayed. We see a world where God's sons and daughters are awakened to the truth of who they are in Christ establishing the Kingdom of heaven here on the earth. Roe V Wade has been overturned and the Goliath has fallen! You will have the infrastructure, you will have the plans, and you'll know that it is a season, a grace, and a time to be able to establish what I've given you. 59.3k Followers, 771 Following, 2,566 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Christy Johnston (@christymjohnston) christymjohnston. Stay close to the king wherever he goes. (2 Chronicles 23:7) Protect what you are birthing, for some this may mean a season of closing your gates and focusing on the one task at hand. Rich Wilkerson? It is the same sin he then tempted Eve with in the garden; to be like God. Take back the promises of God that were stolen: the whole assembly made a covenant with the king at the temple of God. What I was drawn to right away was that Gods magnifying glass was ENLARGING and MAGNIFYING what He was doing - causing the world to look and see something that shouldnt be hidden. He is the buddy jesus not the Savior Christ. - Reviving lost connection to Gods voice and guidance It takes conviction and boldness in this day to go against the popular narratives and only have Jesus in your sights. Years ago he gave a warning word to me through a friend and it saved us years of potential heartache. www.myyeartogrow.com, Throughout my life I have seen God so faithfully deal with the enemies assignments and injustices against me and my family over and over and while sometimes there are seasons where it feels delayed, it does come. Focus! explore words Dont let people buy you or let your anointing be sold. Join us in 2 weeks as we begin! It makes you question the very destiny that's on the inside of you. What does this speak of to you? Does it feel like your hearing is dulled or blocked? Its time to take back YOUR ground. Get ready for a wave of righteous voices rising up. God, Thankyou for your resurrection power flowing upon everyone who reads this In Jesus name! God is seeking out His daughters who will choose to come up higher, above the noise, and listen to His voice. No matter the event, we speak on topics that empower and release people to walk in the fullness of identity: from intimacy with God and inner healing to hearing Gods voice, the prophetic and more. Link in bio. What has become an idol or entry point to this assignment when God is wanting to bring you onto this delivery season? We pray that she comes into the light and finds comfort and salvation in the true Christ. He can see that while he thought you were out of the game God was rewiring you and preparing you for the next chapter and he is throwing all he can to get you to cave in to the noise, fear, and pandemonium.