We try to keep it as up to date as possible, but cannot be held responsible for any changes made to the law since the last update. Head to Zahara de la Sierra and follow the spectacular CA-9104 road to Grazalema, which climbs to the Puerto de Las Palomas (Pass of the Pigeons), at 1180m its a spectacular drive and worth the fuel to get there this is what motorhoming in southern Spain is all about! Turn back under the main road, across the round-a-bout and at the next take the first exit on the D401. Another beautiful city to fall in love with! Continue to Pont-de-lArche where you cross the river and keep going, still on the D6015, for 4miles to a round-a-bout. This tranquil and beautiful nature wetland nature reserve is known for its birdlife and encompasses rivers, dunes & beaches. On the other hand, if you have 10-14 days or longer, you can get a lot further south, certainly as far as Costa Blanca or Andalucia and possibly even get to enjoy motorhoming in Portugal if youre happy to drive every day. In our opinion, southern Spain is the perfect European winter destination. Go straight on and in just 500 yards take the slip road towards motorways and Evreux. You can find out more informationhere. You will find some petrol stations with additional facilities for motorhomes, like waste disposal, water (NOT always drinkable!) We havent travelled any further than the south of France and as were working at the time we used the motorways. This also includes a motorhome sat-nav- program it before you leave and dont touch it unless youre parked up safely. Route 2 is straight south from Calais, skirting around Paris and then down to Clermont Ferrard and Perpignan on the A75 (which is largely free from tolls). Do not drive until you are happy you comply with the local laws. Guided wildlife tour in Jasper National Park. (stuffed aubergine) when this mediterranean vegetable is in season and youll be blown away. Always observe the speed limits whencampervanning in Europe. Motorhome with children Motorhome with animals Surftrip motorhome Wedding VW combi. b) Short crossing to northern France, motorways to Perpignan, then the Spanish AP7 coastal motorway to your destination. Motorhome touring in Spain- Other useful things you might need, Speed Limits in Spain (unless otherwise signed! With this in mind, we've asked our campsite assessors to come up with their suggested route through France to the Catalan border. This has not changed since Brexit as the information-sharing agreement with the DVLA continues. The Peaks of Europe, so called because they were the first landmark to be seen by sailors of old on approaching the continent, are well worth a visit. 9 Motorhome Ferry Routes to and From France Dover - Calais Dover - Dunkirk Newhaven - Dieppe Plymouth - Rostoff Poole - Cherbourg Portsmouth - Caen Portsmouth - Cherbourg Portsmouth - Le Harve Portsmouth - St. Malo Motorhome Ferry Routes to and From Spain Plymouth - Santander Portsmouth - Bilbao Portsmouth - Santander With short breaks, and sharing the driving, we usually arrive at the overnight stops around 4pm (ish) after a 7am (ish) crossing, and after leaving Poitiers around 9am. Read the article below for other things to check as well before you agree to hire. We're driving a big vehicle on the wrong side of the road, so avoiding city centres is also preferable. The long road south - a motorhome route through France to Spain You may be surprised at how many motorhomes from northern Europe travel to campsites in Spain for the winter. TOP TIP: Buy these essentials for driving in Spain in advance. There, we visit some of its brightest jewels: Granada, Malaga, Seville, Cordoba and Ronda. Update August 2021 you no longer require a green card to prove you have vehicle insurance cover when travelling in Europe. Or, get to France any way you like and take a slow meander south using non-toll roads and spend some time exploring France as you travel. Hi looking for ideas of routes and caravan sites. Valencia then the N340 where the A7 goes peaje. You may be surprised at how many motorhomes from northern Europe travel to campsites in Spain for the winter. Free camp in the car park atCoripefor the Via Verde de la Sierra, a really stunning ride. The load must be indicated by a. With the fantastic beaches of the Costa Brava and a beautiful old town, this makes a great final stop on your motorhome tour of Spain. The Valencia region passed a new law which came into effect on 8th May 2021, which prohibits motorhomes from parking or camping, unless in designated areas. Read our blog post about hiking in the Ordesa Valley here. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a0d3bb0083595b6364da5d620cb66011" );document.getElementById("fe07b4a206").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Motorhome aires in France are so well located - we've stayed in inner cities, within castle walls, at the bottom of ski pistes and steps away from a lake's shore. We recommend you dont drink this water and also clean out your motorhome freshwater tank thoroughly before refilling it to get rid of the particles found in de-salinated water. The Pyrenees form the natural border between France and Spain and are richly blessed with natural beauty. Visit La Rbida to see the amazing full-scale models of the three ships in which Columbus and his crew sailed across the Atlantic to discover the New World. In this post, youll find all you need to know about touring Italy by motorhome. Theyre not often allowed on public transport, even with a muzzle, which made visiting places difficult. Caravan & Motorhome Holidays Abroad ; Trip along Spanish Pyrenees to . These zones are indicated with Area de prioridad residencial and are banned to anyone without a permit (or special exemption.). This quintessential Andalucian city is perfect for wandering, with cool bars and cafes on every corner, perfect to enjoy tapas and a glass of crisp white wine whilst watching the world go by. Its one of the warmest places in Europe in February average temperatures in Malaga are 17c (but only 12c in Madrid- that extra bit south does make a big difference). As a result I'm looking for as much help as I I can get. This post may contain affiliate links, from which we earn an income. Dont try and wild camp in busy/ popular areas- like the Costa del Sol- unless youre visiting in the lowest of low season. Users rate their experience with 4.8/5! If youre planning to stay to the north, youll need to bring warm clothing. Avoid cities if youre driving in a motorhome- many of them are too crowded and the streets are just not cut out for large vehicles. Calais-Alicante via Paris Clermont Ferrand then Perpignan and the coastal AP7. Thus you are parking not camping which is allowed and considered a legal activity, even if you intend on sleeping in your van. In Spain you can visit the Spanish National Park Aigestortes. When planning a motorhome tour of Spain, the first thing you need to do is to figure out where youre going (and how long you have for your road trip!). The load must be indicated by an aluminium panel with diagonal red and white stripes, manufactured to ECE70 standard. Motorhome routes through France France is the perfect place to plan a motorhome route, for example along the country's southern coast . From the green north side to the rugged south side and back again, ending at the foot of the Pyrenees. Many shops and businesses also shut for a long lunch (between 12-2pm) and some will not open on Wednesday afternoons. Whichever is your bag (and there is a lot of choice), if youre heading south in your camper in Spain for several months of the winter and a long site stay, make sure you book in advance! This is designated motorhome parking, well-lit and manned with CCTV and services but no EHU. You can pay with cash or credit card, or with an electronic tag system likeEmovis, which also covers you in France and Portugal. There are many aires along the coast south of Bordeaux and many motorhomes only come this far for the winter. Your options for driving to Spain from the UK in a motorhome are these; Sailing from Portsmouth or Plymouth to the northern Spain ports of Santander of Bilbao (depending on which day of the week you want to depart) is the only way to avoid France. This will be my first time in the van into France,Spain and Portugal. Many places have a sign saying NO motorhome overnight parking, but you are fine to park during the day. Spain has a number of different languages. Or check out our motorhome beginners e-book and find all our resources and guides in one place! Dogs allowed | Compare RV and motorhome campgrounds in Yecla, Spain, read trusted reviews and book with confidence on Pitchup. We stopped atCamping Osunain the east of the city, close to the airport. Anything with a screen (television, video, DVD etc.) Most of the routes i have seen on the forum have avoided toll roads. You might get parmesan cheese in a vegetarian dish for example, or prawns in a vegetarian salad. Gasoleo B or Gasoil B is the equivalent of red diesel for agricultural vehicles do not put this in your motorhome! Mealtimes in Spain are noticeably different to the rest of Europe. If you love adventure and raw nature, then Norway is for you! With the colourful traditions, good food and wine and fabulous architecture, you have all the ingredients for an amazing tour. Top Motorhome Destinations in Spain The Pyrenees Picos de Europa Len Santiago de Compostela Madrid Huelva Tarifa Seville Via Verdes Crdoba Ronda & Grazalema Caminito del Rey Sierra Nevada Almeria Cartagena Valencia Serra d'Irta Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre Barcelona Resources for Motorhome Travel in Spain Can't decide? Broadly speaking from the UK you have three options. Bigger supermarkets may be open, but will close at lunchtime. Book with Eurocampings for the best deals on over 520 campsites in Spain. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It can take some time to get all the documents together and the vaccines organised, so make sure you start the process well in advance. Our hand-selected campsites for a super staycation Holiday park profile: Rockbridge Country Holiday Park (Discover Parks). Its warm for one thing, and theres nothing like a little sunshine to chase away those winter blues. Be prepared for amazing scenery, an abundance of wildlife, unspoilt Atlantic coastline and Spain's stunning 'Picos de Europas' mountains. You will fall in love with this captivating and romantic city. If a vehicle is blocking the road, use hazard lights and put the red warning triangle 30 metres from the scene to warn approaching traffic. The motorhome route costs: 14.99PRO users will pay: 11.99. The festival commemorates San Jos, the patron saint of carpenters and is held from 15th-20th March every year. Ile de Re and La Rochelle This is one of our favourite Spanish national parks, for its dramatic landscape and fantastic hiking. Things you need to drive in Spain- safety gear, Road trip accessories you MIGHT need when campervanning in Spain, Motorhomes or campers with a total train length of over 12m. You will also be within easy walking distance of the Casco Antiguo, the old town. We'd love to cross some mountains but just need to be advised by people who have already done it. If you are road tripping in Spain, then visiting Seville is a must, follow our Seville one day tour here! Its easy to find motorhome campsites in Spain and theyre much like campsites anywhere else in Europe. The new decree aims to level the rules whether youre in a motorhome or tent but there is some acknowledged ambiguity around the wording, you can find out more inthis article. You will be crossing the notorious Bay of Biscay- and it can get ROUGH. The best times to visit are probably the shoulder seasons of Spring and Autumn. Motorhome Aires in Spain All You Need to Know, whether you should take your motorhome to Spain for winter, SIM Cards in Morocco: How & Where to Buy + Best Deals, Driving from Lisbon to Porto: Itinerary, Route & Tips, Route Napoleon: A Historic French Road Trip, Austria Road Trip: The Best Itinerary, Map & Tips, Switzerland Road Trip: The Best Itinerary + Map & Tips. Spain is not as finished as you might be used to. Unless you are in an absolute dive or the service is dreadful, it is expected that you will leave a tip, usually around 5%. For Spanish gas bottles, you will need a different regulator, available from most DIY or camping shops. These are surprisingly effective! Occasionally, some sections of road have a fixed fee, so you pay when you enter. So instead turn right on the N12 towards Alencon, leave most of the traffic behind, and enjoy the mainly fast dual carriageway for 34miles to Mortagne-au-Perche where you turn south. They are old, disused railways lines that have been converted to cycling and walking tracks, often through stunning scenery with few other users. When you click on an affiliate link in a page or post, at no cost to you, we earn fees by advertising and linking to our affiliate partners. Once in France, head down the west side of the country, via Le Mans, Tours, Poitiers, Bordeaux and Bayonne, crossing the Spanish border at Irun. The Arige in the heart of the Pyrenees 4. If you dont have your own vehicle, you can easily fly into Spain and hire one. Of course, if you only have a week for your holiday, travelling from the UK and back leaves only a few days to explore the country, and the further south you go, the less exploring time you have. Make sure you have proof that you can take the vehicle across a border into another country if thats what youre planning to do. This dramatic and wild space is iconic Andalusia; it seems like everyhillside cradles a pueblo blanco. Castilian is most common, but there is also Basque, Catalan and some smaller dialects. Use an app likePark4Nightto locate motorhome and campervan services. Always have a second choice in reserve, one of the best resources to use isAll the Aires Spainand Portugal. Spend a few days wandering the old townand Barrio Santa Cruz; admire the architecture and enjoy the typical Spanish ambience. We have an 8m motorhome and are travelling down to Barcelona but wanted to take a detour through the mountains. If youre not sure, read, Spare bulbs for all lights in the vehicle, be yellow in the centre with a red outline, Vehicle V5 logbook (which must show your correct address), Green card (get from your vehicle insurer), a licence issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man, Solar panel- perfect if you want to wild camp in Spain with your motorhome, Driving in flip-flops or open-backed shoes is illegal, Speeds are in km/h, not mph (you might want to change the setting on your sat-nav). Weve spent months touring in France and from tips about driving, budgeting, where to stay overnight and off-grid and wild camping, to motorhome services and a round-up of the best motorhome destinations, youll find all the information you need for an amazing road trip in France. The landscape changes from the rugged north, with mountains and scenic views to rival anywhere else in Europe, to the desert and arid areas, to the sparkling azure blue of the Mediterranean. The AP7 on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol retains some charges, but they are minimal and are no longer decided by the weight of your vehicle, making them even better value for motorhomes. such products do not require refrigeration before opening. If you only see one thing, it must be the Cathedral, where all roads seemingly lead, includingthe famous Camino. The following kit are things you might need to carry in your car, motorhome, caravan or campervan, depending on when you are planning your road trip in Spain. motorhome routes through france to spain The highest quality of care for individuals with developmental disabilities ferry or tunnel from UK to France (there are pros and cons to both). Find out how she went from stuck in the rat race to being a digital nomad and inspiring thousands of people to have their own epic adventures here. You can either have two small boards or one large board but they must be placed at the back of the outfit between 50cm and 150cm off the ground. Utilise the campsite bar a glass of wine and a beer will typically cost 3, a bargain! For Spain motorhome rental best if youre travelling with a family or need more room check out Motorhome Republic, who have over 40 pick-up and drop-off locations in Spain, meaning you can plan a one-way drop-off, or access the bit of Spain you want to see really easily. A perfect and peaceful escape for you and your touring caravan, motorhome or tent, or you can purchase your Editor's picks - ideal campsites for Christmas holidays. Although this was in late February, wefound all the bars and restaurants open and welcoming. The (pass) roads in the Pyrenees are sometimes not too wide, but are easy to drive with some mountain experience. The minimum driver age for campervan and motorhome hire in Spain is 21. Look out for Ainsa, a beautiful medieval hilltop town inAragn, with incredible mountainviews. If you prefer to stay on campsites, few are open in winter, so your route and driving time will be dictated by those that are. This route is available in the Campercontact app. If you wear glasses you MUST carry a spare pair! For us, we find it too hot during high summer, especially as we travel with a dog and keeping a dog cool on a road trip is never easy (especially when theyre a cocker spaniel who doesnt understand the meaning of the word chill! Weve been touring Europe in our motorhome for several years. Dont forget to grab your FREE motorhoming in Europe checklist below to help you stay organised and remember everything you need. Motorhome Route France, Spain and Andorra - Straight through the Pyrenees Developed by: NKC - travel guides (the NKC is the Dutch parent company of Campercontact) Described route: 15 travel days The Pyrenees form the natural border between France and Spain and are richly blessed with natural beauty. Hi we plan to take a trip to Spain and Portugal for two months starting the third week in March. Want to rent a vehicle for your road trip? Check out our guides to travelling in France where you'll be sure to find lots of ideas and inspiration, get our 2 week motorhome itinerary France complete with a motorhome route map of France, or check out our French destination ideas. LPG for refillable systems is available in many garages, use the myLPG app to search near where you are. John, we did that trip last year, although we had longer and set off earlier. You must have at least three months remaining on your passport (issued in the past ten years) at your intended date of departure from Spain. There arent quite as many aires in Spain as in France and theyre often a little more out of the way, but the network is still very useful and easy to use. This corner of Spain, including Galicia, is known as Green Spain because it rains so much! Variable landscapes, impressive mountains and picturesque villages. UK citizens can only stay in the Schengen Area (a zone in Europe where countries have no internal borders and allow the free and unrestricted movement of people) for90 days in every 180 daysin the Schengen Area. Its common to tip other services, like taxi drivers. View Larger Map. If under 3,500kg go straight on, otherwise the inside lane swings right down to a bridge, after which you turn left returning back to the main road. Menu Skip to . A gorgeous city, full of colour and atmosphere. Headlight beam converters (unless you can adjust yours automatically). You may carry a load, such as bikes on a rack, extending by up to 10% of the length of the vehicle to the rear. An editorial review of South Lytchett Manor Caravan & Camping Park Sandy Lane, Weybourne, Holt, Norfolk, East of England, NR25 7HW. Yellow diamond signs mean you have priority. Breakdown cover documentation (not compulsory). Yes, you can take dogs, cats and ferrets to Spain. Rent a motorhome between individuals. Our recommended Spain campervan hire company is Indie Campers and they have depots in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville and Bilbao perfect starting points to see all the best bits as you road trip Spain. Abbeville, Rouen, Chartres, Tours, Poitiers, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Hendaye, Pamplona, Zaragoza, Sagunto. OK I admit, not quite a toll free route to Spain! See Route guide - Calais, Rouen, Orleans, Clermont-Ferrand route Toll May 2022 ~ 85.20 Distance: 1162 km Driving time: about 11h. Essential if your car, caravan or motorhome has a GB plate. The beautiful capital city of Spain has to be visited. Motorhome Route France, Spain and Andorra - Straight through the Pyrenees. c) Short crossing but drive across country through France and Spain. Two days from Dunkerque to Biarritz. The huge highlight from this route is crossing the Millau Viaduct in your motorhome or camper- its well worth the experience. TOP TIP: If youre planning to stay in one area for a long time (30+ days), negotiate a special rate with the campsite directly. As someone who gets seasick (hilarious considering Im ex-Navy and lived on boats for 15 years), I avoid this crossing and prefer to drive from the UK through France to Spain, but its entirely up to you. Legally, youre only allowed to stay on approved overnight motorhome spaces or campsites. Top Tip: Even if you book a standard class cabin, its possible to book into the Commodore C-Club lounge, where free hot drinks, water and wine are served, along with generous snacks, meaning you dont need to pay for expensive food on board. The 90 in 180 day rule works on a rolling basis and it can be difficult to work out whether you are within the rules or not, especially if you have visited the Schengen area on several occasions in the preceding 180 days. A similar scheme to France Passion, Espana Discoveryprovides motorhomers with stopovers at over 206 off-the-beaten-path farms, bodegas (vineyards) and producers. Routes to avoid it go too far inland and are slow, so stick with it. In January 2020 and September 2021, many motorhome tolls were removed. You join the bottom of the A10 motorway for the free section towards the city. Sometimes we take three, but in the winter there is not much point stopping, we prefer to get to home quicker. GUIDE For a step-by-step guide, with video walkthroughs of aires, motorhome set up, checklists and more, grab our France Road Trip & Motorhome Travel Planner, CHECKLIST Dont forget to grab your FREE France motorhome travel checklist HERE. There are lots of failed projects around and many, many half built houses and buildings. The use of winter tyres in Spain is regional. Location: Gerard's Lane, 14 / 15 James St, Fortitude Valley Brisbane. The editorial team's campsites of choice in the north of England Editor's Pick - The best campsites in Dorset. Spanish people live a more relaxed life than perhaps any other country in Europe and this is reflected in the organisation of the day. (If you do need an IDP, heres anin-depth guide on how to get an International Driving Permitand which one(s) you needfrom a UK post office. This tiny country packs one hell of a punch; wild coastlines, lively buzzing cities and exquisite wines. We are Phil and Izzy. Continue to the arid and wild Cabo de Gata national park, 71,500 acres of protected land since 1987. You need lights on in the tunnels (there are signs to remind you). Cartagena is a city we really enjoy for its eclectic architecture andunexpected cosmopolitan feel. Motorhoming in Spain- what gear do you need to carry? ive been looking through some discussions about driving down but none that fit my criteria; The author is giving their chosen route from the ferry port. Here is a list of things we highly recommend when motorhoming in Spain, but which are NOT essential: Ok, lets deal with the basic rules and some tips for motorhoming and road tripping in Spain: The Spanish road network is pretty good and has a mixture of paid and free roads. When we travel, we kind of end up with a happy medium of both. Campsite review: South Lytchett Manor Caravan & Camping Park. Thanks. Is there a straighf. This final stretch towards Bayonne now has toll points which are difficult to avoid unless you go out to the coast. NEWS : The Spanish authorities have (for the time being) removed the tolls from the AP7 motorway between the French border and Alicante. For a more authentic Spain, head to inland rural areas away from the Costas and enjoy everything the mountains and gorgeous interior cities have to offer. If youre going later and youre in a popular town or city, expect to wait for a table or book. Discover incredible deals for motorhome/ camper rentals, 10 essential questions to ask before you rent a motorhome, aires and approved free overnight motorhome stopovers across Europe, step-by-step guide for motorhome wild camping. If youre planning on dinner, expect the restaurant to be quiet and soulless before 9pm. When you sign up to our FREE newsletter, we'll send you the latest Are you new to motorhoming? Book this hike well in advance and go with a guide, for an extra few euros you will learn so much. Spanish supermarkets are generally ok, all offering the basics and some a bit more upmarket, such a Carrefour. This journey requires you to travel from the place that you entered France across to Rouen. The most famous of these is the Mezquita; the grandest and most beautiful mosque ever built by the Moors which is now a stunning Cathedral. MMM is Britain's best-selling motorhome magazine and it has been for over 55 years. human resources job scope; holland america cruise cancellations due to coronavirus It looks horrible, smells disgusting and its a real bummer when you tread in it. Ronda is surrounded by mountains and is split in half by the gaping gorge of the river Tajo. There is no obligation to buy any produce, but our experience when we have bought has been really positive. Autopistas are marked red on the map and they will have the letter P next to the number, Toll-free motorways are marked with the letter A and are marked blue on the map, Main routes /dual carriageways (green on the map). See below for best route avoiding Spanish tolls. It's almost Toll free (more on that a little later . Many people move on after. Among its many Roman ruins are a 1st-century B.C. Expect to show your passport or identification on arrival and many places require you to leave one passport behind the reception. If you only have a paper driving licence or a licence issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man then you will need an. You may find that if youre in the mountains in winter, this mix causes your boiler to sound like a freight train unless you have a specific altitude setting which some models of Alde boiler have as an extra. Get the permission of the landowner if possible. There are speed cameras just as in the UK, and the Spanish (and other EU) authorities have been known to pursue Brits for non-payment of fines. The bullfighting season runs from March to October with fights usually taking place on Sunday afternoons. (Yes, you will see other people do it- some areas are stricter than others. We loved Tarifa with its laid-back surfer dude feel and abundant opportunities for activity. Take a list of what is legally required with you and check it off one by one as you are given the handover. There are also sites open at Tours and Bordeaux (two) if you are not making good time. Brit Stops collects the best alternatives for parking and overnight stay in an easy-to-use catalogue, ideal for those who want to design their own route and depart into an adventure as soon as possible. This doesnt apply to a sat nav but you must not touch or program your sat nav unless parked in a safe place. If you wait until youre at the ferry/ tunnel, you could spend THREE times as much! But the Spanish government . Morocco is the perfect post-Brexit escape if youre looking to spend three months out of the Schengen area. Valencia is a green and vibrant city, with great nightlife. READ MORE: Discover the best & warmest places to enjoy winter in Spain. Youll find great hiking and bird-watching trails here. Mileages where quoted are approximate, road signs in kilometres can seem very high, just remember 50km is 30 miles, 100km is 60 miles, etc.