And with 103 RBIs on the year, he became the first Reds player since Dave Parker to post back-to-back 100-RBI seasons (1985-86). Votto reached base in the team's first 27 games, finishing April with an eye-popping .370 batting average. The Sox finished at 79-83, out of the playoffs for the third-straight year. The Bat On Shoulder and Bat Off Shoulder would then follow. That card was later sold for $250,000 in 2007. The most valuable baseball cards in the hobby can easily fetch six and seven figure price levels these days. But, Joe Jackson is instantly recognizable on this card depicting him as a member of the Cleveland Naps minor league team, the New Orleans Pelicans. Cobb is pictured is his Detroit Tigers uniform leaning on his bat atop a multi-colored background. His .250 batting average reflected the lack of discipline and experience but his .474 slugging percentage hinted at the kind of power he could bring to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Cheapest, In addition to the Satchel Paige and Stan Musial rookie cards, Robinsons rookie is key to the set. The postseason drought would only get longer, but Sale's transition to a starting role in 2012 was the dawning of a new ace on the Southside. His 3,000th hit was a solo shot in the 3rd inning that tied the game at one. By 2014, Rizzo had settled into his role as the Chicago Cubs' everyday first baseman and earned his first trip to the All-Star Game that season. Read our methodology. It would fetch much more than that today. After spending 1908 and 1909 with the Philadelphia Athletics, they quickly gave up on him and traded him to the Cleveland Naps for the 1910 season. The 1917 Collins-McCarthy candy cards are some of the few card issues that were printed during the mid-teens of the 20th century. While a PSA 10 Gem Mint copy sold for $432,690 in 2012 a PSA 9 copy sold for an even higher amount, $478k, in 2016. The E300 issue is one of the scarcest prewar sets and had relatively been unknown until the 1960s. By Ryan Cracknell. 10 Most Valuable Sammy Sosa Baseball Cards 10. Collectors got a glimpse of what it was like to be a pitcher in that era with Cobb intensely staring them down before the pitch. Click on any card to see more graded card prices, historic prices, and past sales. The most expensive 2022 Topps Heritage baseball cards feature the likes of Wander Franco, Shohei Ohtani, Julio Rodriguez, and even Nolan Ryan making an appearance. As with pretty much any pre-war set that features Cobb, his card is the heart and soul of this legendary set. In 2016, seven copies of this card were miraculously found in an old paper bag. The Boston Red Sox finished a game out of a playoff spot in 2011, losing out on an AL Wild Card spot to the Tampa Bay Rays with a 4-3 loss to Baltimore on the season's final day. However, there are a handful of his T206 cards that were produced with N.Y. The most important post-war card in the hobby, price movements of the 1952 Topps #311Mickey Mantle baseball cardare often seen as an indicator of the health of the sports card market overall. Cracker Jacks cards are wildly popular and the serious-looking Cobb is one of the keys to this set. National League manager Bruce Bochy was not looped in on Pujols' condition heading into the All-Star Game selection deadline, leaving the San Francisco Giants skipper little choice but to look elsewhere to round out the depth chart. The Angels recalled him for a home stand against the Baltimore Orioles on August 19, 2011, and he would finish the remainder of the season in the Majors. Interestingly, the same image is used on both cards. As with most early candy or tobacco issues, this card with the image of the Georgia Peach ready to swing is the most valuable and sought after in the set. This card is as visually stunning as it is rare. After slumping to start the season, the hulking St. Louis Cardinals first baseman returned to All-Star form before suffering a fractured left wrist in mid-June. Download Price List, SportsCardsPro 2019-2023 From Pittsburgh Pirates Hall of Famer Honus Wagner to Los Angeles Angels standout Mike Trout, here are nine iconic cards of star players that were sold or auctioned for significant sums: 1. Over the first seven games of his MLB career, Altuve had at least one hit, tying him with Russ Johnson for the club record for most consecutive games with a hit to begin a career. Anthony Rizzo made his MLB debut for the San Diego Padres on June 9, 2011, against the Washington Nationals, going 1-2 at the plate with a triple and a run scored. Its so rare that only a handful exist and not many collectors have even seen one in person. It should be no surprise that this card is the key to the entire set with the Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson cards coming in second and third place, respectively. Not only did he help the team to a World Series title, but Martinez also became the first and only player in MLB history to win two Silver Sluggers in the same season, one as an outfielder and the other as a DH. In PSA 8 condition, this card would likely sell for $1 million or more. The cream of the crop. The famous Pittsburg Pirate shortstop is shown ready at the bat with his name Hans along the bottom border of the card. The 1952 Andy Pafko card is so expensive simply because it resided at the #1 position of the most important set of the postwar era. Ungraded & graded values for all '06 Topps Baseball Cards. Young appears three times in the epic T206 set with this being the most desired and priciest of them all. The base set from Bowman holds little value. Another obscure and rarely seen card, the 1915 E106 American Caramel Honus Wagner Throwing variation is just as much of a classic. So, if you can get your hands on one of these cards in high grade then you are looking at some big bucks. And that first season with the Red Sox in 2018 has been the greatest of his career so far. His career cut short by arthritis in his pitching arm, he went on to become the youngest player ever elected to the Hall of Fame in 1972. Cobb was known as a ferocious competitor who was determined to be the best day in and day out. Rizzo soon earned a reputation as a guy capable of smacking 30 home runs and driving in 100 runs to become a fan favorite at Wrigley. However, Cabrera's top-five finish in the AL MVP race and sixth All-Star campaign was a warning shot of epic proportions, followed by back-to-back MVP years (2012-13). Jackie Robinson, Mike Piazza, Hideo Nomo and, you guessed it, Fernando Valenzuela each took the league by storm as soon as they stepped on the field. On the surface, the 1948 Leaf card with its use of color appears to be more attractive than the 1948 Bowman card. For some reason, collectors had to send in for the card a year later in 1934 by contacting Goudey if they wanted to complete this set. 1986 Topps Tiffany Ryne Sandberg Chicago Cubs Card 7. Trout exploded during his official rookie campaign the following season, earning AL Rookie of the Year honors and finishing second in the MVP race. Followed by HBO documentary cameras during his rehab process, Jeter opened up about himself and his pursuit of baseball immortality in a way he'd never done before. No More Secrets Puzzle Game, Ungraded Because Mantle was exclusively signed with Bowman in 1954 and 1955, you won't find him on any of Topps' cards in either of those two sets. The Say Hey Kidwas arguably the greatest all-around player to step on the field. Though he may not have been MLB's hottest rookie in 1990, he certainly turned into one of the biggest superstars of his era. And then, his season came to a screeching halt with a play that changed the game of baseball forever. Any collector lucky enough to get his hands on Mathewsons card is sure to be ecstatic. A PSA 10 1954 Topps Banks rookie card sold for $142,836 in May 2012. Interest in the Dodgers/Giants rivalry was skyrocketing, and Kershaw's brilliance was a big reason for it. That was the most any Houston Astros rookie had ever driven in during one month as a rookie. Cabrera was consistently brilliant from start to finish in 2011, posting an MLB-best .344 batting average for his first of three-straight AL batting titles. 1978 Topps Andre Dawson 72 PSA 10 Rookie Cup PSA 10 Image Credit: ebay While most of these newer A&G Topps cards were baseball players, you can also find other sports represented (wrestling, soccer, MMA, basketball, softball, beach volleyball, boxing, and car racing). As you already know, there wasnt much difference between the 1914 and 1915 Cracker Jack sets except that 1915 Cracker Jack cards are usually found in better shape since they were a redemption set. Most Expensive 2022 Topps 1st Edition card list & price guide. This is the first Topps card to feature Willie Mays, putting it high on Mays collectors wish lists and making it a key card in the hobby overall. That production boosted his legend and popularity making him one of the most highly collected players in the hobby. Exact prices are available to subscribers. Of all theTy Cobb baseball cards, this is by far his most expensive. If youre a collector, just stick to what you love and collect only what you love. With so many greats, how do you choose between them? 2010 and 2011 were two of the most emotionally draining years of Chipper Jones' Hall of Fame career. And, unfortunately, Goudey mailed the card with a paper clip on it that left indentations on the card. PriceIt Game | Anson was arguably the biggest star of his era but unfortunately, there are very few cards from those days that show him as a player. What's worse was that his (relative) struggles were coming at a low point for the Mariners organization. In 2014, MLB instituted rules that prevented a runner from initiating "an avoidable collision" at home plate. But, that doesnt necessarily mean its his most expensive. Although not as popular as his 1948 Bowman rookie card, his 1948 Leaf rookie card is the tougher of the two. This is the keyJackie Robinson baseball card you should add to your collection. Seldom seen at auction, the 48 card set distributed by the American Caramel Co. of York, Pa. released some of the rarest type cards in existence. 1914 Cracker Jack Joe Jackson The 1914 Cracker Jack Joe Jackson has a staggering value of $200,000. There are 11 different backside variations in total each with The George Close Co. printed on them. Youll typically find that #160 shows whiter borders and a lighter blue background, too. The Reds' fall from contention cost Votto at the ballot box, though, as he followed up his 2010 MVP triumph with a sixth-place finish in 2011. Ungraded & graded values for all '20 Topps While Posey would recover and play an MVP-caliber role for San Francisco's 2012 and 2014 title teams, his injury in 2011 forced the hands of baseball's decision-makers. Like Jose Altuve, J.D. You can imagine the wear and tear that children put on the cards by comparison. Two hits shy heading into a July 9th home game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Jeter took his spot as the 28th member of the 3,000-hit club with a 5-for-5 day now etched in Yankees lore. Click on any card to see more graded card prices, historic prices, and past sales. 1989 Bowman Tiffany Ken Griffey Jr. 2. Unfortunately, as with most high-numbered cards in the set, Mantles rookie card often suffers from print lines, poor centering and wax stains on the back. buy stuff after clicking links on our site Some collectors go for the base set. The cards design is beautiful and easily distinguished from others of the 1950s. And I attempted to estimate their current values when graded in PSA 10 condition so their "raw" or ungraded values may be wildly different. #1. 1985. Most Expensive 2021 Topps Chrome card list & price guide. On it, Gehrig is shown with a huge bright smile atop a yellow background giving the card tremendous eye appeal. It is by far the most important of allHank Aaron baseball cards. Kimbrel led all NL relievers with 46 saves, pitching to a 2.10 ERA with 127 strikeouts in 77.0 innings. And with cameras rolling from every angle, Jeter made sure to give HBO a show worth airing. He missed 36 games in 2011, slashing .275/.344/.470 with 18 home runs and 70 RBIs in 455 at-bats for Cox's handpicked successor, Fredi Gonzalez. In 49 games for Padres that season, Rizzo slashed a less-than-impressive .141/.281/.242 with one home run, nine RBIs, and nine runs scored in 128 at-bats. Click on any card to see more graded card prices, historic prices, and past sales. Halladay was great, giving up just one run on four hits in eight innings. Most Expensive 2022 Topps card list & price guide. In early 1914, Jack Dunn of the minor league Baltimore Orioles signed Ruth to a professional baseball contract. So, there you have it: the most expensivebaseball cardsthat youre ever likely to encounter. Most expensive baseball cards in history Here is a look at the baseball cards that have exceeded a million-dollar price tag, including two by one of the sport's top active players: 1. Baseball Cards. Prices are updated daily based upon 2005 Topps listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. So those that remain are some of the most sought after in the hobby. Those that have been found in high grade are thought to have never been packaged and instead left the factory by hand. It just goes to show that scarcity and condition can have just as much of an impact on the value of a card as the player who is on it. By 2008, Altuve moved from Venezuela to Tennessee to play for the Greeneville Astros, who were the Houston Astros' Rookie-level Appalachian League affiliate until 2017. inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971. Many in the hobby feel this card is overlooked in importance but what no one can deny is just how rare it is. So, whoever says that baseball cards are no longer valuable simply doesn't know what he or she is talking about Sure, the massive print runs during the late 80's and early 90's killed the value of most post-1980's cards. While not as pricey as the Yellow or Red Ruths of the same set, its still a very expensive card and a key member of the Ruth quartet. Because of its position on the print sheet and the fact that many kids wrapped rubber bands around their stacks of cards (this one on the top), finding Pafko centered and in good shape is very tough. 2022 Topps Baseball Rookie Cards Guide. Especially his American Caramel E90-1 rookie card on which he is shown leaning on his bat against a purple backdrop. Heritage Auctions sold a copy of this card graded in PSA 10 Gem Mint condition for a jaw-dropping $612,359 in August of 2016. This is my favoriteSandy Koufax baseball cardand one of the best-looking cards of the 1950s in my opinion. In his fourth year with the club, Miguel Cabrera helped Detroit silence those laughs. Considered the Holy Grail of all trading cards, the 1909 American Tobacco CompanyT206 Honus Wagner cardremains the symbol of trading card collecting today. The potential for caramel stains doesnt bode well for collectors of this card. The card is key for three main reasons: 1) 1952 was the first year Topps entered the sports card market so the set itself is wildly popular and even common cards in mint condition can fetch over $1,000. 1984. 1. And by 2016, he'd solidified his place as a Cubs legend when he helped the franchise win its first World Series title since 1980, finally breaking the "curse" that had haunted them for over 100 years. Ross is the founder of Old Sports Cards and has been collecting sports cards for over 30 years. Mays put up monster numbers over his career and shares the record for most All-Star Game appearances (24) with Hank Aaron and Stan Musial. However, as mentioned earlier, the 1914 Cracker Jack cards were packaged directly inside the boxes so theyre usually more difficult to find in good condition. However, Bochy picked Florida Marlins standout Gaby Sanchez as the final first base pick to ensure Florida had a representative in Arizona. Not many baseball cards possess as much elaborate and ornate decoration as those of the 1909 Ramly Cigarette T204 set. Centering can also be a challenge as with most cards of the era. That is unless youre talking about the Red Portrait with the Ty Cobb back that was showcased earlier on this list. These are the Top 3 Most Valuable Baseball Cards Worth Money. While currently ranked as the 5th most valuable baseball card, when Trouts 2009 Bowman Chrome Superfractors autographed card serial-numbered 1/1 sold in August 2020, it became the most valuable baseball card . His record for most games played in a season stood for decades until 1995 when Cal Ripken, Jr. played in his 2,131st straight game. Over twelve seasons, Martinez has played for the Astros, Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Boston Red Sox, with whom he's been since 2018. Along with the Killebrew and Koufax rookies, theRoberto Clemente rookie card is an anchor in the 1955 Topps baseball card set and the most expensive of the three. Altuve went 1-5 that game, but little did he know then he had kicked off a piece of Houston Astros history. Produced in 1915 by the American Caramel Company of York, Pennsylvania, the E106 set consists of 48 different cards, including two varieties of the legendary Ty Cobb. 1953 Topps #82 Mickey Mantle RC #3. One of the rarest pre-WWI candy issues ever distributed is the 1912 Plows Boy Candy set that included 69 different baseball players. Jose Altuve's relationship with the Houston Astros began in 2007 when the club evaluated him at a camp in Maracay, Venezuela, when he was just a teenager. Centering that favors the bottom and slight angular cuts are usually the factors that prevent these cards from reaching higher grades. 4 Hank Aaron #660. Jackson dominated the minors that year and the Naps called him up late in the 1910 season. 15 Most Valuable 2011 Topps Baseball Cards More. Between the Reggie and Rollie rookie cards, Bench and Ryan's second-year cards, the variations, the variety of stars and Hall of Famers, and Mantle's last card, there is just so much to appreciate. Whenever manager Ozzie Guillen needed him to get a few outs, Sale performed. To commemorate Posey's 2010 Rookie of the Year honor, Topps released this card in Series One packs and you can see the "2010 Rookie of the Year" along the bottom just above his name. Their glossy obverse surface usually results in creasing and cracking issues making it tough to find these in high grade. 1968 Topps #177 Nolan Ryan RC Once the owner of the career mark for home runs (755), Aaron possessed some of the strongest hands and wrists that produced some of the quickest bat speed the game has ever seen.