Do you have any advice? Any help would be of great use! There are 112 connections per day, with the first departure at 06:16 and the last at 22:30. Central station Milano is not the best option to go to Monza. To arrive in 8A (prima variante) you can enter from Biassono or Costa Alta. The promoter responded on Twitter to say this issue was due to a big reseller in the UK, who apparently decided not to proceed with buying allocated tickets. Good luck and enjoy the atmosphere of Monza! Merci pour ces information si je pars trs tt le dimanche matin en voiture pour monza, a quelle heure des difficults commencent ? All the entrance will be with unofficial salesman; be aware that sometimes tickets are not real and valid, so you not be able to go inside the track. Have you considered leaving the car in the center on Sunday and taking the train to the circuit? Ask a fellow passenger or have Google Maps open on your smartphone. How much can i trust google maps for getting around from Milano to Monza? Hi Derek, thanks for the compliments! Thank you! I think it runs till about 7pm. Yes your plan is good. Otherwise, you will be worried the whole day about missing your flight and wont enjoy the race! Hi Amanda & Andy, Im not sure there is an easier way to pre-book parking tickets. So we went back to the inside to the end of the main grandstand. Wish we had done that for the race, we could have spent some time in Monza. Have a look at the Milan City Pass, mnore info below. As a first time visitor, I cant help be sense Italy is struggling with its economy, so when you walk up from train platform, there are about 15-20 metro police waiting to check your to metro. Thank you. Hi. The circuit website hasnt confirmed and there seems to be conflicting info? 1)How long after qualifying or the race do you recommend staying to avoid crowds? Many thanks for this website. Return tickets cost 4.80. Hi Chris, take the train from Milan to Monza, as per instructions on this page. And if you bought from some other ticket company (like, I think the entrance where you collect your tickets is Vedano, which is close to Mirabello, but the main circuit entrance with entry sign etc. What time is your flight after the race? Hi, Alternatively you could come more Westerly via Paris and Geneva. Im travelling from Milano Centrale by train to Monza next week. thanks Jo. Andrew and I havent even started on the nonsensical security arrangements at Lesmo. Hello! thanks in advance, Karen. As for the best entrance, you can check the circuit map here. Our seats are in grandstand 26C. From there, you can walk to Gate G, which is close to Grandstand 21c. I have seen it is advised to buy a return ticket at the start of the day to avoid needing to queue at Monza on the way back. Most carparks cost around 25 per day on race weekend and are serviced by shuttle buses which will take you to the circuit entrance. Hello, I will visit monza for the 2017 Grand Prix and I would like to ask if the transport info are still valid. Otherwise, the Lesmo bends are all General Admission. Thank for all the info on this site. Hi Renato, there is no direct connection. This will lead you am at least 35 minutes walk to the ingress B (gate B). Also could I kindly ask you to comment whether there is anything to do on Thursday, like autograph session? Many thanks! I am going this year and I would like to watch the race rom the inside of Parabolica how do I get to this point coming from Milan. I think we are going by train from Milano to Monza and take the black shuttle bus. Enjoy the race. After the race, if you dont want be travel in crowds, you can stay one more hour and eat something there. A few comments. Otherwise, I would recommend calling an Uber or taxi to take you back to your hotel. Hi Jo, sounds like a cool trip. On all 3 days the car park was barely half full. Another option would be a taxi to the north of Milan, to Sesto San Giovanni, followed by the 221 bus to Monza. Seems to be a train direct from Como then hoping for shuttle buses. Hi Jeff, the good news is that Grandstand 24 is very close to the main circuit entrance. I am going on Sunday, General admission and was wondering the nearest official car park to the entrance. Is it actually possible to walk to circuit from Monza train station? So looking at the map can we drive to a car park on S.Maria area? However, once in the grandstand they will sell you a bottle of drink with a lid for a small fortune. International high-speed (and night) trains generally need to be booked in advance and offer limited allocations for Eurail pass holders. Were staying in Parma. The metro has four underground lines and trains run from 6am to midnight. We plan to get there early so hopefully we avoid the peak times. Hello, dont you know when the parking tickets will be available to buy? Please read all the 8 parts of our guide and you will find lots of tips! Do you think Monza train station is the best way to travel to for us? Please help me plan how to come the closest possible to our seats, I would really appreciate. Hi Kaare, Google Maps says it will take around 40 mins on the motorway, but lets say around 1 hour. The local traffic was very bad all weekend. To Monza and shuttle bus, or too Biassano and walk to prima variante. Im coming from Bergamo Not 100& sure, sorry. Very useful! It's called Monza Circuit, but the two main gates, are not in Monza. Did you try to buy these tickets for 11 September? We have tickets for 4 Laterale Sinistra (and really hope to have made good decision). Please note that express trains (which only take 23 minutes) only run on race day. They will wait, watch (through fences etc) and listen to the race. Ill likely have a hire car which I will need to park somewhere as Im in the area for a couple of weeks. Hi all struggling to find out how late the black shuttle buses back to Monza station run any ideas? Also where is the entrance to the paddock as I may have some paddock passes coming my way? It can be a good idea to stay at the circuit a little longer and avoid the peak crowds. Once you have arrived, seven gates (Ingresso A-G) provide access for fans to the circuit. The 70-100 Euros for the weekend near Biassono seem like much less hassle than going by public transport, even If we will be coming from the direction of Como. Autodromo Nazionale Monza is placed within Monza Park which belongs to the cities of Monza and Milan. We are staying in Como for the 2018 Monza GP and will be travelling down by train each day. I am staying in Milano, close to station Certosa. On this page it says if you take the black shuttles you get dropped off about a 20 min walk to the entrance near the Parabolica. Great website love it. I looked at maps on my phone, and noticed that there is Arcore train station less than 3 kms from the Lesmo exit. The trip only takes around 20-30 minutes and trains run fairly frequently, at least every 15 minutes. Hello, the train to Monza station, followed by the Black Shuttle is the most popular way of getting to the track but not the only way. Search on Google Maps for details. I am coming from an international flight at 10 am race day and i need to check in at hotel, will i still have time to reach the circuit? Do You think that i would have enough time to get to the circuit? So, be warned that although there may be 90000+ ticket holders inside the circuit, there will be several thousand OUTSIDE getting in at the end. Monza train station is around 5km from the circuit entrance, but you can take the Black Shuttle bus service to get you closer to the circuit. The closest entrance is Sta Maria d Selve but the black shuttle bus stops further east. i have a train from Genoa to Monza, how easy it it to get from Monza train station to the circuit? The best way to get to the circuit is to take the train. Your email address will not be published. What would be your suggestion for the best parking area and access gate, respectively? Woke up later than planned on race day but still, somehow, made it to the grandstand in time for the GP3 race from Biassono. They offer an option to collect your tickets in person at the track: they have a booth near the main entrance. Heres the map with the gates and also the drop off point for the shuttle. Take it monza station would be easier to use, thanks in advance. Im a bit confused by that, too. For the days it does not run which is the best bus to catch I am in stand 26a Just one word of caution to all our fellow F1 fans in that some of the Italian websites take a little work to fathom. Hi Adam, you dont have to pre-book the park and ride. We have seats on Tribuna 1 Centrale and are arriving by car. My wife & I have been to 6 Monza events. I do think you can get in via Gate G. Most other gates should also be open to GA ticket holders. Last time I went for the main straight bleachers, which are excellent value for money and great for the start/finish of the race and pits action, but unfortunately they are already sold out this year. the Green Pass (EU Digital Covid Certificate); What Gates are open to GA entrants? The Z221 will also take you back to Monza station from the opposite side of the road you get off on. Very useful and helpful information provided here. great website and article. Ive read through this page and a lot of the comments and was hoping you could clarify a transportation question. Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes and go explore Monza, its a magical place. We are from Adelaide as well and after having been to every race in Adelaide & Melbourne, twice to Singapore and once to Brazil this is our first time to Monza. Hi Alex, there are no specific motorbike parking areas at Monza. Before arriving More info in our Tickets guide. Going to Monza this year. We will be taking the train from Milan to Monza, but Im unsure what is the best route. You cannot buy in advance, only on the day. If we get the Milan travel card can we use it all weekend to get to and from the circuit? Its relatively easy to get to Monza on race weekend via the local network of motorways, but make sure you have a GPS with up-to-date maps. Were heading to Monza this year and very excited. More info here. We only managed to get general admission tickets in the end, so where do you think is a good place to be based to 1) still see some good action but 2) be mindful of being able to get in and out of the track as seamlessly and possibly quickly as we can. Saturday 7,00/20,00 Please give me some advice. Do you know if, with reduced capacity for next weeks GP, shuttle buses from Monza train station will be running at the same times as mentioned above? We have paddock club passes and dont want to get all sweaty getting to track. I guess we need to be at the airport max 1h15 before, so before 19h30). Ill probably just be getting General Admission tickets, I dont like being tied down to a seat. Better to take the train. There are regular trains from Como San Giovanni to Monza, some taking as little as 30 mins. Facilities should be ok but dont expect luxury. On Saturday we would prefer to take train to the circuit. I cant comment on the price of trains. I know the track is open for bikes on mon and wed butI am talking about race day. It will be chaos and you are liable to be stuck for hours, especially getting out. Better alternative is Gibraldi station. There is a second train station to the north of the circuit, that is operational on race weekend. See the article above Vivi, theres a section about the best taxi app and a link to the map where the taxis will be waiting near the circuit. thanks for the info Jerome, I will update the post soon. Do you know, with half capacity this year, if shuttle buses are running at the same times as mentioned above? These are confirmed for 2022, check this link on the Monza website. Thanks for the information, by the way, very helpful! I noticed that on Thursday in addition to the pit walk session in monza there is a parade later in Milano. The Black Shuttle buses run on Friday (07:30-20:00), Saturday (07:00-20:00) and Sunday (06:30-20:00). Is there any ticket kiosk in milan or monza? Entrances A and B are indeed best for Grandstand 8b. Thanks a lot Mirela, glad you enjoyed your experience at the Italian GP! What is our best choice to get from the train station in Milan to our seats? Where is the best parking area as close as possible as my wife cannot walk long distances easily. Id consider driving to Milan, finding some suitable/safe parking and then taking the train or the bus to the circuit. The Black line runs from the Monza railway station to the circuit, the Blue line serves carparks to the north and east of the circuit, and the Purple line serves carparks to the south and east. Hi (Brown area, but very busy during this last years). Sander, Yes for sure you will make it, provided your flight is on time. The best way to get to the circuit is by train, from both Milan and nearby cities such as Bergamo. More information here. You dont need to arrive that early on Friday and Saturday, as there is less people on these days (say 9-10am?). Hi Oliver, thanks for the compliment. Regular train services connect Monza to the centre of Milan, as well as nearby cities like Bergamo. I intend to check out Thursdays proceedings. Kind regards, Lieve. As for the drinks in the paddock club; you normally get around 1.5 to 2 hours there with as much food and drink as you can handle, plus cool simulators to try out and you also get to meet a driver (in our case, Esteban Ocon). Hi Andrew! I wouldnt be driving to Monza and trying to park on race day. I would still take the train. The queues to get the train from the circuit back to Milan on the weekend can be long and disorganized. we have general admission tickets for the sunday. This time I arrived in Milan Porta Garibaldi just after 8pm, only because I missed the previous train by a few minutes, and had to wait half an hour for the next one. Next time, Im renting a car. Return tickets for the Black Shuttle can also be purchased in advance for 6 each day. I was in grandstand 8 that year. Then you have to walk into the park for Parabolica (easy to find). Do you have other recommendations? Then the token system, watering stations, queues.. Oof. Thank you very much in advance. (we have a rental car which we will park at one of the parking lots mentioned in your guide. You shouldnt have an issue finding the entrance :). When there isnt much English directions/signs and most people speak poor English with inpatient and unfriendly attitude, visiting Italy, especially some small towns and cities, you need to be very careful with their ways of getting you fined. Hi, i will arrive at the Milan AirPort (MPX) at 09:45. Grandstand 6c is a good choice! Hi there I have tickets for Monza this year but ideally need to get a 19:40 flight back from Linate airport afterwards. Milan has an excellent public transport system. All the information you need is in the content. I think you can take the risk of driving and parking, but its always a good idea to try to avoid peak times arriving and leaving. Take the train to Monza station, followed by the Black shuttle bus. if the destination doesnt fit their needsOr very often they are raising the fees (x1.5 / x2 times the normal fare). thanks in advance. we have got tickets for Variante Ascari. As for race morning, Id be looking to get there before 9am to beat the worst traffic. I have a question about taxi to Bergamo airport after the race. Second best option is to take the train, but that will take close to 2 hours. Be some time before we are back. We stay at Novotel Milano Nord (Zone Ca Granda). I heard that it would also take very long with the trains after the race? But bus and train are fine ways to travel. The pick up point for taxis is located at Via Cesana and Villa in Biassono (near the gas station). First of all, overall experience was the worst by far. Authorities began looking for land to create a circuit to test their cars and demonstrate to the rest of the world their superiority through sporting success. So its a bit chaotic when you get to the station. I live in Vedano (one of the main entrance), and I know very well the surrondings of Monza GP (and how to avoid traffics and closed roads to move faster). The info on Shuttles / walking times was very informative. Also, which grandstands on the main straight do you recommend? I would like to say a big thank you for all the wonderful info. Do they have wheelchair service ? Sorry to bother you again, but I think this information could be useful to some people. Thank you thats a great help, I really appreciate it. The map is confusing; it looks like the only gate entrance for GA holders is Gate B and maybe C which is colored Orange (orange is not shown in the legend). Wear comfortable shoes though, as its still a long walk. You can try CampingF1, they have a campsite thats around 30 minutes walk from the Lesmo entrance of the circuit. It is a goldmine of useful information. The circuit port area is just a few minutes' walk away from the station. But I would personally buy in advance, save you having to line up. In my opinion, your flight is really departing too early. Also silly question but what are general facilities like at the track, ie female toilets, food? 7 singular taps. And how long will it take to get from Milan to the track in traffic? The trains run regularly and seem to be on time. The Trenord Day pass is valid for travel from all stations in Lombardy to Monza Station (and Biassono-Lesmo station on race day) and costs 13 EUR return per day. Thanks for the quick response! What is the best way to go to the circuit? Ive checked the Italian verison of the site where their phrasing correctly states this promotion is valid for 9-10-11 september: Lots of support races are happening on Sunday morning if you want to watch those. Thanks a lot! hi we are coming to monza this year and driving from the uk. Sorry but you need to read the post as its all spelled out there for you. great website and article. Everyone offered so much help for directions, suggestions and anything we asked. Thanks! Like many staying in Bergamo and whilst the Monza / Station Shuttle seems to be popular looking at getting off the train at Arcore Station and then walking (maybe Taxi) to Gate F (next to San Giorgio I believe). Sounds good! I suppose that the logical thing is that I get the 10 ticket for the train+shuttle bus, right? Which entrance should we use at the circuit ? Not helpful if you were planning on taking 4 or 5 bottles in to get you through the day. Click here to download the Monza map Gates A, G & F: on the eastern side of the circuit, closest to Parabolica. It costs 2.80 one way between Milan and Biassono-Lesmo. Im a bit confused about the black line shuttle bus. #8 of 106 things to do in Monza Sights & Landmarks, Auto Race Tracks Viale di Vedano 5, 20900 Monza, Italy Open today: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Save Monza F1 racetrack, the Royal Palace, guided tour 12 Book in advance from $109.78 per adult Check availability View full product details Andy10109 Buckingham, United Kingdom 62 189 Recommended Train, bus Take the train from Milano Centrale to Monza Take the bus from Monza to Biassono My questions are 1) do you have to pre-book the park and ride before you arrive? If this is the case does anyone know where this is likely to be? About one hour, its 4.5km. You will still have to work, but thats the best option I think. Getting off the train at Biassono now is a lesson in nonsense.