That, for me, meant more than anything else. The storyline in full is easily more disturbing than anything in the flagship series, made all the more so by its basis in reality, with Nieves humbly telling CinemaBlend that she initially didnt think it was within her to represent her family and culture through Teonnas story. In 2022, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland directed the Department of the Interior to do an investigation into the lasting consequences of the Federal Indian Boarding School system. Have you, Mo? Seeing that, seeing our faces be represented on such a grand scale, and seeing our voices be heard, I think that hit me the most. He fully understands our cultural ways. Wildfire: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse. And, Rainwater is a great character. And neither will our own children. Were also available onSpotifyand wherever else you can listen to podcasts. And she's currently halfway through her year-long "Road to Healing" listening tour. It wasnt just about our ancestors, even though that was a given. Nieves: More than anything, it gave everyone a chance to see her as a child. Brings Plenty (b. We call him my mini-me. Our Yellowstone:The Soundtrack Playlist, featuring every song from every episode, updated in real time, every Sunday night. I wanted to get it right., Nieves credits her mother for ultimately pushing her to tackle the role, which carries with it generations of trauma. What does it feel like to have the U.S. government finally take accountability for these systemic abuses of Indigenous people? Then it hit me, they are right. I am the land and I am killing you. I did that scene in Crow on tape, and I think thats when it all kind of hit me, and that it wasnt really my decision anymore. Look up what a tribal enrollment number is. Yellowstone: Mo Brings Plentys Real Family Made Appearance in Season 4 Episode 3. Discover Mo Brings Plenty's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, Family and career updates. I really dont know. "Project Lighthouse brings warmth to those on the reservation. All I can say is that I hope Im incredibly grateful for the work weve gotten to do so far, incredibly proud all I can say as an actor is job security is very rare and very precious so I wanna play this character as long as theyll let me. But above all, he is a man who wholeheartedly believes in human kindness, and he trusts the good in humanity still exists and feels it just needs to be dusted off a bit. Was there one thing you learned that stuck out to you the most? If Mo and Birdie werent there, making me feel safe, and if Ben and the entire crew werent so gentle, I dont think I could have done what I did. I remember getting a haircut in third grade and going through that because that era and that moment didnt just end when those boarding schools closed. We were all kind of on a high that night. Nieves: We had conversations beforehand. Mo brings a great stability and a great loyalty, and you just have a sense that you're being . Here's how he put it: What was most important to me was to support the storyline that [1923 creator] Taylor had written. Because truly, even when this ended, there was still so much going on. Ask yourself this question if you are a Yellowstone fan. His name is one he shares with his descendant Brings Plenty who was a warrior. The flute, for instance, is something they use in their music, and we imagine its quite good. Thanks for reading! Mo loves to post pictures of his horses, who he calls his family. Nieves: No, and I wish that we did. In Sunday's season finale, "Nothing Left to Lose," Teonna was still on the run with Pete and her dad by her side about to enter Wyoming on their way to find sanctuary with a Comanche tribe to the south. There are so many spiritual predators out there, always looking for their next item they can utilize in their sales of considering themselves a spiritual leader or whatever the case may be. Pam Grier reflects on her most iconic roles, from, a real-life reckoning about the country's systematic abuse of Native and Indigenous children, Kevin Costner finally gets to deliver Golden Globes speech from the comfort of his bed. As an actor, he has worked in television, film and theatre. We cannot wait. For all the reasons that Yellowstone still sticks out as an episodic drama, even in the midst of an overstuffed TV-scape, one that stands to be the most meaningful is the neo-westerns inclusion of indigenous culture and characters. And I understand where a lot of people come from. Its a lifestyle. Nothing. Taylor Sheridan says its all about reinventing the wheel again: Were in an interesting time in scripted drama and TV because everyone is attempting to find this new way in to tell a story. Its my brothers son, but I look to him as a son, too. Im left in the dust over here. 2023 Oscars predictions: See who will win at the 95th Academy Awards. So I think about a week after I got the call is when I was introduced to Mo and [cultural adviser] Birdie Real Bird. A post shared by Mo Brings Plenty (@mobringsplenty) While "Yellowstone" star Mo Brings Plenty claims some people might not like his post, many in the comments actually agreed with him. In that moment when she kind of buries her head on the priest's body, I think that was a flashback to Sister Mary, and also a moment of, "How could you do this to Hank?" Everyone was very aware of what we were doing, and I think they were very spiritually aware, too, of what was being conjured and brought up, which made us feel that much safer to go there. I would witness them just be on, you know? He said, Im so proud of her. Mo is an adviser, enforcer, and driver for Broken Rock Tribe leader Thomas Rainwater. . Im curious about the process of finding Aminah and why was she right for it. There are so many things I wish for her. Life is still life. She knows what shes doing and so I can just see a lot of that. 1 drama, airs Sundays at. Mo Brings Plenty has portrayed Native American characters in many films and TV shows AMC Mo Brings Plenty comes from a historically notable Oglala Lakota family (via Outsider ), and makes a. Brings Plenty. And he has spent a fair amount of time in the biopic world twice portraying Charlie Soap -- the husband of the first woman elected Chief of the Cherokee Nation, the late Wilma Mankiller-- in The Cherokee Word for Water and Gloria Steinem's The Glorias, respectively.Mo Brings Plenty is an actor, horse stunt rider, rancher, and American Indian storyline consultant. He acted in Rez Bomb, considered to be the first movie with a universal storyline set on a reservation. In this Yellowstone prequel starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, the Dutton family fights to hang onto their ranch during the rise of Western expansion, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. Copyright 2023 Meredith Corporation. I wasn't expecting it. Photo Credit: James Minchin III/Paramount+, Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton of the Paramount+ series 1923. The 6666 is synonymous with the merciless endeavor to raise the finest horses and livestock in the world, and ultimately where world-class cowboys are born and made.. Nieves: My mom. Mo, what was the message you thought was most important about telling the story of these boarding schools through the character of Teonna? It felt so nice! She doesnt get to express being a child. And understanding and knowing our language, our culture and traditions, and being an example of that. My entire family now watches, and theyre obsessed, but I still havent. He also appeared in the sixth episode of the fourth season of AMC's Hell on Wheels. Mo, were you involved in Aminahs casting process? She had a brief scene in the series, but it warmed the hearts of many viewers. The character is easily likable because he is protective, strong, and he has an obvious moral compass and sense of right and wrong. And, its accurate. Brings Plenty: Taylor and the rest of the gang, they have great taste and they know what theyre looking for. How Marvel went big with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. "I spent time on all three reservations, so I always say I grew up in the Lakota Nation," he said. Just like giddy children on set that night. The fine line is so fine that, at times, you have to double-check to make sure youre near it. These days, the ranch is a staggering 266,000 acres, on three different properties, as previously mentioned, it was purchased by a group spearheaded by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. Brings Plenty: You know, I live with the concept Im a realist that if you do not witness something, then it cant be true. Go to Appearance > Customize > Subscribe Pop-up to set this up. And I was very excited because Ive seen that inner strength within her, and I just wanted to be a good support and be able to be there in the moments when she had to allow herself to go down into that darkness. Rez Bomb has been part on the international film festival circuit instead of playing strictly to Native American film festivals, which is a major breakthrough for Native cinema. Aminah, how familiar were you with Yellowstone when the role of Teonna Rainwater came to you? Tell us what's wrong with this post? Of course, his role in sharing Native American stories is a centerpiece of the series: Taylor Sheridans Yellowstone universe is growing. The Broken Rock Tribe serves as one of the core groups being overshadowed by the Dutton family, as partially headed up by star Moses Brings Plenty, whose stoic Mo is arguably the shows most morally grounded character. The talented actor lends himself to the role of Mo, and youll know him by the name Mo Brings Plenty. What makes you want to tell these stories, even if its within a show that has white and nonwhite characters? She's one of the students of the church-run boarding school who suffers abuse at the hands of those who are meant to protect her. [1] Background [ edit] Moses Brings Plenty was born on the Pine Ridge Reservation, in South Dakota. What goes up must come down," said "Yellowstone" costume designer Johnetta Boone. And were all living together right now. Thats why I braid my hair. Every character in there is so amazing to follow, and just making sure we can maintain the spiritual capture that Aminah and others have brought to the screen. A Kayce? We have to be able to find a way to allow people to heal so that way we can begin to figure out our [current] situations and our circumstances and most importantly, find a space to be able to work together. So I think I have a duty to share our stories, and to be a voice. I just need to catch my breath. Or, Hey, I think Leenah and I should have our own space that we could go to between setups.. Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan definitely doesnt sugarcoat the harsh realities faced by native communities, with Thomas Rainwater, Mo, and others having to fight tooth and nail just to gain an inch. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Out of respect and honor for those who have come before us, Mo knows we have a profound obligation to leave a livable planet for those who will follow after we are gone, and he starts and ends every day, with thoughts of how he and we can make the world a better place while we are here.When Mo isn't working as an actor, he can be found ranching or seeking ways to give back to his Lakota communities and Indian Country -- ways that include preserving culture, tradition and seeking cultural truth in diversity. Mo Brings Plenty is happily married to Sara Ann Brings Plenty. The bottom line for me, at the end of the day, is if you want to walk beside Taylor Sheridan, hes so fearless that you, too, have to be courageous to do what needs to be done and tell these stories in a good way. I think that really helped. So its relearning and continuing to share and be open about stories, and to broaden our knowledge. When we are born, we are enrolled. Mo, how do you find that line of showing the brutality but not being gratuitous or saying, is this too much violence? [Laughs] But I was in tears, not only for Teonna's story but for everyone's story, too. Brings Plenty, who plays Mo on the flagship series, explains why 1923 couldnt shy away from the horrifying reality of Teonnas plight: If you want to walk beside Taylor Sheridan, hes so fearless that you, too, have to be courageous to do what needs to be done and tell these stories in a good way. Michelle Shining Elk, Other Works But the game-changer for me to get involved and to get in-depth in all of it was the fact that, if we dont tell these stories, then society will not know what weve been through. The median salary of an actor is around $40,860 per year. Brings Plenty: Yeah. A mindset. And to play that for her was, it was great. And Mo, its your nephew, Cole Brings Plenty, who is playing Aminahs love interest? [3], Brings Plenty is concerned about providing accurate representations of Native peoples in mass media. Mo, did you attend a government-run boarding school? He knows better than any of us.. We see Teonna suffer physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, all of which were common at these boarding schools. Hes been called steady, he keeps things grounded, many love seeing his traditions and what he does for his people by showcasing their own lives, and many just adore him because he is so intensely likable despite his readiness to kill he only kills when its necessary and for the greater good. Let's start with recurring actors Mo Brings Plenty (a.k.a. It is a lot to carry, and also I think its our duty to carry it. The mentality carried through. And she called me and told me, partially. Nieves: No. And so our people said, OK, we just want to live in peace. But we were confined into these reservations, aka prison camps. Believe it or not, this strong, quiet, serious man is also a model. Barrett Emke for. Promoting the series through linear sampling on the Paramount Network during their latest record-breaking season of Yellowstonefurther enabled us to introduce Sheridans loyal audience to this fantastic new series. Mo serves various roles within the Native American Tribe and acts as an advisor to Tribal Chief Joseph Rainwater. That would be wild. Can you tell us a little bit about what your responsibilities are in that role? And it was a healing phase for a lot of people. A post shared by 1923 Official (@1923official) In addition to Nieves, Mo Brings Plenty had a massive part in the storyline of Indigenous Peoples in the early chapters of western expansion, not . He and Birdie were standing there during every scene. People kind of like to ignore it, but they can't ignore it anymore. Those familiar with the battle will know the strengths of those names and understand why Mo sees the world through the lens of the forces and sacrifices his family and ancestors made so that he could be here today. Apparently, the roast beef sandwich is for him. I had a nun oh my gosh, I will never forget her. After studying business in college, Tiffany embarked upon a career she never dreamed of. But for us, we didnt view them as prison camps. I want to watch it, Im very excited to watch it. We talk about it all the time, because I dont think the audience really knew that Leenahs character died. And that had nothing to do with him getting the role, thats all him! In addition to the new arrivals, fan-favorite cast members Mo Brings Plenty (Mo) and Wendy Moniz (Governor Lynelle Perry) have been officially promoted to series regulars. He has played "Crazy Horse," "Sitting Bull," and many other historical Indian notables who have solidified their place in this Country's history. Im stuck on that story. Because we are born prisoners of war due to the treaties that were implemented back in the 1800s and even before then, they were peace treaties. He's proven himself a capable enforcer on more than one occasion. Really, the beautiful thing about this show and crew is, if we needed a moment, we could take as long as we needed. He is a man who likes to live his life outside of the public eye. As far as the spinoff goes, I dont think youll be surprised that I, Jeff/Jimmy never have any idea what the fuck is going on, and any time I think I do, Taylor does something better and cooler than I ever couldve imagined. And not just our stories but all peoples stories. And when it comes to language, to make sure that we have the proper fluent speakers of the language. His traditional name -- given to him as a young boy -- is Ta Sunke Wospapi ("catches his horse"); it befits a man who spends more time on his horses than anywhere else. Moses Brings Plenty was one of the experts who tested/displayed the weapons and tactics used by Oglala Lakota war leader Crazy Horse on an episode in the third season of Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior. The rumor is that the show will shoot in May and episodes will air in the fall. There have been articles explaining the historical accuracy of the church-run boarding schools like the one Teonna escapes from in 1923, and an audience who may not all know the history. That means so much. Because you dont get to see her as a child. And can you explain what it involves? He likes to work on his ranch alongside his wife, and he likes to immerse himself in the things that are most important to him. [1] As a horror fan, 2022's representation-heavy Predator offshoot Prey definitely sparked my curiosity for a similar genre-geared spinoff to happen within the Yellowstone-verse, though I never would have expected 1923 to get as close as it has to delivering on that. Since they've been on . Snatched from her family and forcibly enrolled in a prison-like Catholic boarding school run by the cruel and exacting Father Renaud (Sebastian Roch), Teonna endured physical beatings, sexual assault, and other forms of dehumanizing abuse. As Mo Brings Plenty eloquently cites, today is the anniversary of a tipping point. But most Native Americans aren't happy with the casting of Kelsey Asbille as a Native woman married into the Dutton clan. Taylor is so gifted, and he has the ability to share things that some people won't even think about. Here, Mo Brings Plenty discusses how his character has changed. (Laughs.) Hes participated in a lot of our ceremonies, and so he knows theres a fine line in that we can reveal some things to give a general idea to the audience, but also continue to protect these ways. [8], Floriano, Rachel. The Brings Plenty family certainly has their fair share of four-legged creatures. NIEVES: That was real. After spending four years on the Yellowstone which is a fictional ranch, it was a real eye-opener to go down to the Sixes which is a real life, incredible, sort of goliath, cattle ranch. It was kind of a lot for her to move through all of those emotions at once. I utilized it to become exactly what our ancestors were told they could no longer be. When viewers first meet the teenager of Crow descent, she is being physically, emotionally and sexually abused for her refusal to culturally assimilate, shining a bright light on the Indian boarding-school era when Native children were sent to government-funded schools run by the Catholic Church. It's hard to ask those questions sometimes, because in those moments you are also bringing up the trauma for them. But in reality, it's not over. But Ben, the crew, everyone was so amazing, that it was reassuring that were not in this alone. Were all human beings at the end of the day. Or even if Alex and Elizabeth and Teonna got to meet? Michael Spears told me on set that Crow nation has the highest population of native speakers, which is about 85 percent. So, we have to allow the audience to witness. Aminah is a great representative of us as the people not just onscreen but offscreen as well. Country is more than just a steel guitar. All the extras were mostly from reservations around [Montana] and seeing them smile and be so full of glee every day when they showed up on set for weeks at a time. Mo Brings Plenty plays "Mo" on "Yellowstone. So, Im just really proud of Aminah and what shes done because I was a little nervous as well. The name Moses Brings Plenty is one you know if you are as equally obsessed with Yellowstone, as the rest of us. Thats basically what they call it, enrollment. Nieves: And I want to say that Mo was such a light for me. It made it easy because we're all family. Mo tells him to eat fast, and later we see Mo and Chairman Thomas Rainwater deliver the man to John Dutton. I can't wait to watch it. But thats in all aspects of life, so we just have to stay in the positive aspect of everything and continue to look at our children and see what we can do to continue to influence or inspire them. Speaking with EW as tied to 1923s finale, the Oglala Lakota actor described his role by saying: In that role what it means is we have to make sure that we're accurate as far as the time period that we're in, and on a cultural level what we can show and yet still keep the protection over the original ceremonies. Ive never heard that from him before, so even hearing it from his mouth while he was sick, and that last thing (getting emotional) it hit. I try to look at everything in a positive light, because we are still here. He also owns cattle, which he just moved a few weeks after weaning them from their mothers. Then we come to March somehow, and then we go to July. He is best known for his portrayal as "Mo" in the television series Yellowstone.[1]. Is there a timeline of when you shoot season two? So while Im browsing around Reddit, I come across a post in the Yellowstone subreddit that shares my appreciation for Mo as one of the unsung heroes of the show. Sara is an actress whose appearance in Yellowstone made people notice and talk about her. So for me, it was just to get the message out in a good way and with accuracy. Its a choice. I think after the second time I did the scene [for the audition] where Im with Sister Mary [played by Jennifer Ehle] and I do, Know I am the land. I've experienced rulers, eating soap, getting my hair cut, all of those things, but I utilized that differently than some of my peers did. But I was. And I have a great deal of respect for her and people who take the time to represent us; its so vital and important. The entire first season of 1923 is available to stream with a Paramount+ subscription, with Yellowstone returning to Paramount Network at a later point in 2023, though it's still unclear how things will shake out after all the rumored messiness with Kevin Costner. People dont know that behind the scenes Mo was there every second of every single day. And so, everything went into secret. #YellowstoneTV. So, yes. Honestly, I dont. Moses Brings Plenty was born on the Pine Ridge Reservation, in South Dakota. But its too fairy tale its not going to happen! We have to be able to find a way to allow people to heal so that way we can begin to figure out our [current] situations and our circumstances and most importantly, find a space to be able to work together. Welcome to the Quantum Realm. Can we just get some love for Mo Brings Plenty and the job he does for the show?, Mo is the man and I will beat that drum all day!, I love Mo and hope we get to see more of him in S5., Hell yeah, I mean, I hope his back gets some serious rest between Season 4 and 5 because he must have quite a bit of backpain from carrying the whole dang show last Season., Show would be significantly less without him.. It all happened so fast. I'm thankful because these stories need to be shared with millions of people. My mom and, really, Spirit. We did have a feeling the first time we saw Mo in Yellowstone that his character might be as honest and equally stoic as the man himself, and we are not wrong about that. His relatives long passed are an intrinsic part of everything he does: every decision he makes and everywhere he goes.As an actor, Mo is best known in his self-titled role as "Mo Brings Plenty," Chief Thomas Rainwater's enforcer on the Taylor Sheridan/ViacomCBS record-breaking juggernaut series Yellowstone. Moses has appeared in several episodes of 2018's Yellowstone (U.S. TV series) series on Paramount Network. The most important thing about his work in his minds eye is being able to accurately portray his native people. According to the rest of the world, Mo is their favorite. And people like to ignore the fact that we do exist. He is a stage and screen actor, horse stuntman, and producer, and is best known for his role as "Mo" on the hit series "Yellowstone," and for his portrayal of "Ottawa Jones . We see Checkers, the party planner from the casino whos connected to the attacks on the Duttons, beaten and tied up. I read the script and I felt all the feelings. Most of all, I just wish for a little bit of ease. Personally, I believe that the real star of the show is Beth. When it comes to. Aminah was such a powerful actress that there were moments I had to walk away from the monitors and regather myself, or allow an emotion to flow. Subscribe to our newsletter for new stories, tips & events. So what do you say can somebody get Taylor Sheridan on the line and give us a Mo spinoff? She and Mo were introduced to us about a week before we got to Montana for cowboy camp. Of course, he is, because why wouldnt he be? And [1923's Crow language translator] Birdie Real Bird shared so much with me, and Leenah Robinson [who plays Teonna's cousin Baapuxti] and her parents. Im sure youve seen the reports about Yellowstone and Kevin Costner, and the situation there seems fluid. While he prefers peace, Mo is not someone you want to mess with. It's healing, just for the fact that we know that we have people who are courageous enough to stand by us. Moviegoers can now catch him playing "Shep Wauneka" in the newly released Jurassic World Dominion (2022) and as "Ottawa Jones" in Showtime's Peabody award-winning limited series The Good Lord Bird (2021). 1.8K 211K views 2 years ago Mo has evolved past just being Rainwater's driver. Broken Rock Tribe leader Thomas Rainwaters (Gil Birmingham) righthand man, Mo (played by Mo Brings Plenty) starts out as just a driver and bodyguard, but as the the series moves on, he becomes a significant player in the story. And on the other side with Hank, feeling that and seeing that happen in real time destroyed me. Drink with us. Its ancestors moving constantly one at a time, moving and doing it with me. Nieves: It was a mix of both. What was it like to play that bit of happiness for her after she went through so much pain this season? That's so incredible because during these assimilation processes, they wipe out your language, your food, your culture and language is so vital and so important to connect you back to who you are as a human being. Did the 1923 story of Teonna Rainwater stem from Taylor Sheridan wanting to show the origins of the Rainwater family and Broken Rock tribe?