The Mike Douglas Show Filmed: Filmed Sunday 2 November 1975 Location: Aviary, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, USA Broadcast: Thursday 4 December 1975 at 4pm (EST) on Channel 2 (CBS), USA Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD Shown in: USA Additional information Notes Lyrics Related links Credits Mike Douglas was a singer and entertainer, and most notably the host of the popular Mike Douglas Show, a syndicated talk show that began in Cleveland and moved to Philadelphia in 1965. Roberta sings, "Zigeuner". DVD-R. Mike Douglas Show 10/26/78. singer Lou Rawls 21Aug1975 14.224 [3412] The Mike Douglas Show Paul Williams, Gabriel Kaplan, Barry Williams, The Spinners, Mason Reese Also: a Kung-fu demonstration. brought his golf clubs on to the set and hit a few chip shots in the studio with 10Jan1975 Guests: Charley sings, "Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town". surgeon Dr. Wayne Decker of the New York Fertility Carmen Valldejuli actresses Karen Valentine 14.200 [3388] The Mike Douglas Show John Nance author of "The Gentle Tasaday" Jack Klugman, Dick Haymes, Gloria Vanderbilt, Gabriel Kaplan, Anne Murray, google_ad_slot = "9933775245"; Stephanie Mills (Dorothy) 2/21/72 with Don Ho, Arthur Murray, Hawaii Governor Burns and Miss Hawaii. Pro basketball player Rick Barry baseball great Hank Aaron Milt Kamen, Oscar's Elephants, Marilyn and Norm Krause Pinky Lee Totie Fields co-hosts 14.80 [3268] The Mike Douglas Show The show, which aired live until Zsa Zsa Gabor Gladys sings "Too Young". use. singer Vic Damone w/o/c. A program on psychic phenomena. 90 minutes. actress Raquel Welch from the film "Wild Party" actor Omar Sharif actor Vincent Gardenia 14.185 [3373] The Mike Douglas Show Dyan Cannon concludes her co-hosting duties Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for. Guest Stars: Burt Reynolds, Olivia Newton John, Kenny Rogers, Dom DeLuise and Hal Needham. Flip Wilson co-hosts 05Feb1975 [Press-Telegram] Joel Grey co-hosts Guests: it was shown. His warm, Mike & Dyan sing, "We've Only Just Begun". comedian Sandy Baron 11-Aug-2006) Barbara Mandrell sings "Show Me a Man". comedian Milt Kamen 14.211 [3399] The Mike Douglas Show and author George M. Stone with a discussion of wolves and wolf lore. Also: A belly dancer and a demonstration of making music with a saw and tools. and Federal Trade Commissioner Elizabeth Hanford. George Kirby co-hosts Golden Age of TV, which is missing from any episode guides on the web. Good Quality. Also: a large-scale example of sand-castle architecture. Peter Falk co-hosts Sportscaster Don Meredith 14.168 [3356] The Mike Douglas Show 17Feb1975 [Press-Telegram] Guests: Sonny & Mike sing, "Sweet Gypsy Rose". Joining Douglas as part of the everyday lineup was the Ellie Frankel Trio, a local jazz group. 27Aug1975 comedienne-actress Esther Rolle 90 minutes. baseball's Leo Durocher, coauthor of "Nice Guys Finish Last" actor Don Stewart singing group Fallenrock Highlights: Guests: Highlights: singer Buffy Sainte-Marie and Dr. Kenneth Edelin convicted of manslaughter in a Boston abortion case. singer Sonny Bono Oliver, a former hollerin' champion from Spivey Corner, N.C. bandleader Les Brown 22May1975 Highlights: Here is a classic 1969 Mike Douglas Show Episode from 1969 with Co-Hosts Sonny and Cher and there guests Jan Peerce, Arron Williams & Freddie, Dr. Joyce Brothers, An Old Fashioned Walk with. The 5th Dimension co-host Guests: and Salty a trained sea lion. Highlights: google_ad_height = 90; Country singer Roger Miller Highlights: Mike & Reggie team up to sing, "Busted". From Miami Beach 01Jul1975 Guest Stars: Kenny Rogers, Donny & Marie Osmond, Frank Zappa, Elayne Boosler and Whatever Happened to the Class of 1965. Mason Reese co-hosts Get this The Sun Times page for free from Friday, December 12, 1975 ec 15 12:45 pm 8 Movie: TBA 1:00 pm 2 Match Game 3 Daybeat 4 Concentration 5 Mike Douglas Show 9 Dick Van . 03Jan1975 [rerun 08Aug75] Mike sings, "She's A Lady" Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods 30Jun1975 composer Marvin Hamlisch M*A*S*H actor Jamie Farr (1978-79) From Miami Beach Guests: All rights reserved. Highlights: Highlights: Guests: Bobby Vinton, Ken Norton, Nelson Rockefeller and Henny Youngman. comedian Louis Nye and Lawrence Kutche. comic Dap Sugar Willie and ballet dancers Valeri Panov and his wife Galina Ragozina. Johnny does "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown." Color. Guests: Evel Knievel co-hosts choreographer Edward Villella Roger Miller co-hosts Dyan Cannon co-hosts Good Quality. singer-actress Carol Lawrence Highlights: dancer Juliet Prowse comedian Professor Irwin Corey teams up with Mike on "United We Stand". Guests: actor Maximilian Schell Joel Grey sings "Travelin' Boy". actor Roy Scheider and George Raft 1) (Synd) model-actress Jennifer O'Neill Robert Goulet co-hosts actor Scatman Crothers Joey Heatherton co-hosts DVD-R. Mike Douglas Show 10/22/71. Melissa sings "Party Music" and "Midnight Blue". Guests: singing group Labelle remain intact. and "He Don't Love You". and Anne-Marie Rasmussen former wife of Steven Rockefeller Jr. 14.148 [3336] The Mike Douglas Show Highlights: 23Apr1975 Mike sings "At Long Last Love". 14.164 [3352] The Mike Douglas Show 14.154 [3342] The Mike Douglas Show mime Marcel Marceau airplane pilot T.W. singer Barbara McNair 14.159 [3347] The Mike Douglas Show The Mike Douglas Show was on everyday when we got home from school. Jerry Lewis co-hosts actress Pam Grier Aside from films, he made guest appearances on such popular '80s shows as Knots Landing and The Greatest American Hero. Mike sings "The Moment of Truth." EMBED (for hosted blogs and item <description> tags) . 14.86 [3274] The Mike Douglas Show 14.73 [3261] The Mike Douglas Show Joe Harnell Sextet 1967-73 Good Quality. comedian Dick Shawn magician Peter DePaula actress Kate Jackson Charley Pride does "Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town". and Burt Ward singer-songwriter Kenny Rankin 90 minutes. Guests: and Phyllis Eliasberg with a discussion of centers The Mike Douglas Show aired from 1961 to 1981. Highlights: 14.104 [3292] The Mike Douglas Show 14.81 [3269] The Mike Douglas Show Shecky's wife Nalani, Johnny sings, "See See Rider", "Just Get Up and Close the Door". TV director for CBS Sports Tony Verna Co-host: David Janssen. August 26, 2021. CTVA film director Roger Vadim [--] The Mike Douglas Show music-related events. Highlights: The University of Miami women's intercollefiate volleyball team and a toy buyer and Pro bowler Judy Soutar. 70 minutes. Guests: comedic actor Jimmie Walker impressionist-singer Marilyn Michaels Below is a complete The Mike Douglas Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. John Davidson co-hosts 30Jan1975 The Four Tops perform "Seven Lonely Nights" and "We All Gotta Stick Together". Guests: 1,906 The Mike Douglas Show Premium High Res Photos Browse 1,906 the mike douglas show stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Johnny Cash co-hosts organist-comic Stan Kann Bob Bonney, James Mizelle, Ken Miller, Harry Steinberg, Below, Lieberman performs "Killing Me Softly" on The Mike Douglas Show . 14.12 [3200] The Mike Douglas Show 17Sep1974 Donny and Marie Osmond Co-host Guests: actor Christopher Connelly The Lettermen Former Deputy Special assistant to the President Bruce Herschensohn "Planet of the Apes" makeup artist Dan Striepke and Chimp Marvin the Magnificent and his trainer Bill Hampton. 14.209 [3397] The Mike Douglas Show Vic sings, "Never Can Say Goodbye". PHILADELPHIA, June 20"The Mike Douglas Show," one of the more popular television talk shows, has been broadcast from Philadelphia for the last 13 years. [--] The Mike Douglas Show 25Jun1975 [repeat from 14Jan75] Also: a bridal fashion show. Guest Stars: Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, David Soul and Patrick Duffy. composer Marvin Hamlisch 20) (Synd) Mike sings, "Moon Over Miami" Highlights: Rufus sings, "Tell Me Something Good" and "Stop on By". 14.183 [3371] The Mike Douglas Show Hoping to attract more famous guests - including those unwilling to travel to Ohio - the production relocated to KYW's former studio at 1619 Walnut St. in 1965. Miracle" The Carter Family ########### The Mike Douglas Show ############ Highlights: Gene Tierney ("Laura"), Dizzy Gillespie, Bobby Burgess and Cissy King Grandpa Jones performs "Baby-O". Guest Stars: Ron Howard, Leonard Nimoy, John Houseman and Cliff Richard. Duke Ellington's son Mercer marksman Tom Fry Highlights: Dr. Jose Froimovich researcher of the aging process Guests: The Mike Douglas Show (season and actor Gene Hackman (in a pre-recorded segment). and bathtub races featuring Art Lalone. and Warner LeRoy, the designer of Great Adventure. 14.119 [3307] The Mike Douglas Show Guests: and defense attorney F. Lee Bailey, author of "For the Defense." 14.101 [3289] The Mike Douglas Show 90 minutes. 26Aug1975 singer Tommy Leonetti Good Quality. boxing great Rocky Graziano Tommy Leonetti sings "I Won't Last a Day Without You". w/o/c. Jose Feliciano co-hosts 16Apr1975 Good Quality. "Welcome Back Week" Baseball catcher Johnny Bench 27May1975 Re-Numbered, The Mike Douglas Show (season Highlights: Guest Stars: Vic Tayback, Gary Collins, Mary Ann Mobley and Robert Klein. From Opryland USA in Nashville, Tennessee Highlights: actor Barry Williams 05Jun1975 Pretzels, a musical revue w/ some original ads. comic Stan Kann singer Caterina Valenti. Guests: and veterinarian Terri McGinnis. million dollars in a year", 90 minutes. singer Vic Damone Guests: Moved in 1978 to Los Angeles. Robert Goulet co-hosts Shecky Greene concludes his co-hosting duties imanac ir Statesman-Journal, Tuesday, June 14, 1983 births SALEM HOSPITAL (General Unit) BIERER To Wendy Bierer, 2500 Lancaster Drive NE, a daughter, June 10. 60's. In 1963, the show was expanded to Pittsburgh, Boston, Baltimore, and San Francisco. google_ad_slot = "3735484596"; Get your first month for 1 (normally 3. Highlights: Sherill Mel Bailey & his remote planes David Brenner co-hosts Co-hosted by: Gabriel Kaplan. 15Apr1975 Film historians Mert Koplin and Charles Grinker whose vintage clips recall the Mike and Vic sing "I Got Love" Playgirl magazine centerfold coordinator Toni Holt Color. Highlights: Maybe someone can reach out to Kristy McNichol on social media. Highlights: 14.141 [3329] The Mike Douglas Show and "Where Is the Love." Totie and Mike do "You Make Me Feel So Young". Tony Randall co-hosts singer-songwriter Don McLean 24Jan1975 *NOTE: Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda who was found in the Philippines in March comedienne Julie DeJohn 14.87 [3275] The Mike Douglas Show Vic Damone co-hosts He drew a dizzying array of music Guests: actress Karen Valentine Buddy & Mike sing, "Sweet Georgia Brown". Guest Stars: James Darren, Nancy Lopez and Michael Johnson. Guests: Included are an African fashion show and a demonstration of African cooking. Joan Rivers co-hosts tv series guides on this site? The Golddiggers *NOTE: actor George Hamilton From Miami Beach Guest: Rascals. and E. Howard Hunt spymaster and the ultimate keeper of secrets. When Westinghouse won a court case against NBC in 1965, they opted to own and Richard Humphrys and his trained animals. and The Whiteclouds, a knife throwing act. Al sings, "The Prince of Soul" and "God Blessed Our Love" comedian Pat Cooper 30 minutes. and swimming instructor Claire Timmermans, author of "Teach Your Baby to Swim." Latest; Featured posts; Most popular; 7 days popular; By review score; Random; The Mike Douglas Show Lennon, Ono, Rubin Talk About 'Mike Douglas Show,' Feb. 14-18, 1972. . Carter and Joanne Williams. Guests: Cliff Robertson and Julie Nixon Eisenhower. Sarah sings, "Someone To Watch Over Me" and "The Man I Love". Mike Douglas, the genial television host whose afternoon talk show was a beacon of popular culture in the 1960's and 1970's, died Friday in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. His death came on his. DVD-R. Mike Douglas Show 10/29/76. Comedienne Valeri Bromfield comedian-impressionist Bob McDonald 14.106 [3294] The Mike Douglas Show memory expert Harry Lorayne author of "How to Develop Super-Power Memory" 04Feb1975 DVD-R. Mike Douglas Show 7/9/73. actor Ernest Borgnine Guests: entertainer Bob Hope actor Bill Bixby sportscaster Frank Gifford 08Apr1975 Mike sings "Pigalle". George Kirby co-hosts singer Enzo Stuarti 02Jul1975 Highlights: 14.227 [3415] The Mike Douglas Show Highlights: Carol sings "Don't Rain on My Parade". 14.109 [3297] The Mike Douglas Show Be the first one to add a plot. Guests: Frankie Laine, Lillian Gish and tribute to Louis Armstrong. His first job in broadcasting was in Oklahoma City, and in 1953 be became host comedian-actor Rob Reiner singer-actress Rita Moreno Highlights: 01Jan1975 [rerun 06Aug75] 23Jun1975 [repeat from 17Jan75] Also: a demonstration of a sensing device for people with impaired eyesight. 7) (Synd) Michael Olatunji director of New York African Cultural Center [--] The Mike Douglas Show Comedienne Valeri Bromfield Guests: Eastwood. Highlights: Jose Feliciano co-hosts 28Jan1975 Guests: Guests: and Chaka Khan and Rufus. Harry sings, "I Want to Learn a Love Song" and "Jamie". Guests: 14.110 [3298] The Mike Douglas Show from the 1st season of 'HARRY O' were shown. Color. and Juliet Benita Colman daughter of Ronald Colman and author of "Ronald Colman, 14Jul1975 [rerun 26Dec75] Robert Goulet co-hosts columnist Ann Landers Well-being". Highlights: 14.194 [3382] The Mike Douglas Show Jazz bassist Al Hall singer-composer Harry Chapin In his three-hour Archive interview, Mike Douglas (1925-2006) talks about his start in television as the host of the local Chicago series Hi Ladies and discusses his career as a singer and a voiceover artist (he provided the singing voice for Prince Charming in the Disney classic, Cinderella.) singer Fran Jeffries B.B. Philadelphia's Channel 3, taking "KYW" and Karen Morris, the 1974 Junior Miss. singer Sonny Bono Rhonda Fleming, Robert Goulet, Jack Jones, Tony Randall and Connie Stevens. Dyan Cannon co-hosts and Vincent Bugliosi coauthor of "Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson 14.115 [3303] The Mike Douglas Show Dinah Ayensu with an African cooking demonstration. and Sandra Harmon author of "A Girl Like Me". and his wife actress Anne Jackson actor Vincent Gardenia and freestyle skier Bill O'Leary teaches Mike to ski on a machine. Guests: Guests: Highlights: Color. Highlights: Highlights: The Mike Douglas Show started December 11, 1961 in Cleveland as a local show on Westinghouse's KYW-TV (now WKYC-TV), it proved popular and, in July 1963, was syndicated by Westinghouse to all five of its owned-and-operated stations. singer Jimmy Dean actor Robert Shaw singer Nancy Ames Hiroo Onoda, Japanese army intelligence lieutenant who fought in World War II Jose sings, "Take Me Home Country Roads" and "Light My Fire". Guests: The Mike Douglas Show began in Cleveland, Ohio in 1961. 11Mar1975 Guests: 02Jan1975 [rerun 07Aug75] actor Richard Dreyfuss Highlights: The Lettermen [--] The Mike Douglas Show Executive Producer Roger Ailes 14.72 [3260] The Mike Douglas Show The 5th Dimension co-host and his Emu comedian Marty Allen Singing City 14.222 [3410] The Mike Douglas Show 10Jun1975 [repeat from 18Nov74] Highlights: Reggie Jackson co-hosts Guests: Guests: B&W. Highlights: 19Mar1975 Mike sings "Falling in Love with Love". Highlights: and King Charles Troupe. [--] The Mike Douglas Show 24Dec1974 Adrienne sings "A Taste of Honey". George Carlin co-hosts 31Jan1975 boxing great Rocky Graziano regulars on "Your Hit Parade" Liberace co-hosts singer-actor Bing Crosby [--] The Mike Douglas Show Guest Stars: Sonny. 02Apr1975 14) (Synd) Vibraphonist Lionel Hampton comedian David Brenner Also: trained animal talent. 07Feb1975 Ted Mack co-hosts Jimmy sings "Back Home Again in Indiana" Ron and Sharon Carey, Arthur and Kathryn Murray, Larry and Sheena Bowra singer Johnny Brown and psychic Kenny Kingston. 20Mar1975 actress Arlene Dahl Guests: Harry sings "Cat's in the Cradle." 28Jul1975 14.89 [3277] The Mike Douglas Show singer Johnny Mathis and Signa Joy and Susan Edwards members of the cast of "The Magic Show". singers Gloria Gaynor comedian Redd Foxx and naturalist Roger Caras. Roger Miller co-hosts 90 minutes. No open or close. singer Jean-Paul Vignon 24Jun1975 (German for Gypsy) corporations. Country singer Tanya Tucker actresses Sylvia Syms Mike Douglas Show 10/29/76. Good Quality. Co-hosted by Captain & Tennille. From New Jersey's Great Adventure Safari Park 06Jan1975 Guests: Also: an ice-skating demonstration. Also: a display of snakes. . 09May1975 Estra Matthews comedian Pat Henry Highlights: trainer John Baker & Fury the cat Highlights: naturalist Roger Caras 28Mar1975 [Naples Daily News] DVD-R. Mike Douglas Show 12/8/78. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band the 5th Dimension co-host singer-songwriter Steve Goodman and banker Louis Kelso, who discusses a proposal for employee-owned CBS Sportscaster Jane Chastain and Ma Ho Pin a tightrope walker. Good Quality. Country singer Tanya Tucker 06Mar1975 14.176 [3364] The Mike Douglas Show at least in March 1981..I just did hit-miss searching in the Plain Dealer Archives..Dont know how long Douglas lasted on Channel 61.. J. johnnya2k6 Leading Participant. Opera singer Anna Moffo 29Apr1975 consumer advocate Ralph Nader sculptor Peter Edstrom comedian Marty Allen 14.170 [3358] The Mike Douglas Show and Gary Burghoff and psychic Matthew Manning author of "The Link" 07Jul1975 90 minutes. consumer advocate Ralph Nader Peter Falk concludes his co-hosting duties comic Stan Kann talents Guests: 07Apr1975 14.228 [3416] The Mike Douglas Show Selections from the members of the cast of "Jesus Christ Superstar". 14.181 [3369] The Mike Douglas Show [--] The Mike Douglas Show TV game-show host Richard Dawson . The Spinners sing, "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love?" and softball pitcher Rosie Black. Dee Dee Bridgewater (Glinda, the Good Witch) Jimmy Dean does "Stay All Night". 14.77 [3265] The Mike Douglas Show and Samurai swordsmen. 14.202 [3390] The Mike Douglas Show Jose sings, "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone" 10Mar1975 John Raitt and his daughter folk artist Bonnie Raitt 21) (Synd) Robert's wife actress-singer Carol Lawrence Anson sings, "Another Night in a Lonely Town". choreographer-dancer Peter Gennaro Fran and Bob do "Show Me the Way to Go Home". Highlights: 18 minutes only. comic Morty Gunty 1974. and The Humbugs. and violinist Itzhak Perlman. Guests: google_ad_client = "pub-4955165530873922"; 9) (Synd) Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. Alex Stein & Ashley Whippet the Wonder Dog Alan Alda guest host boxing great Rocky Graziano The Mike Douglas Show Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Roberta Peters co-hosts; guests are pianist-organist Earl Grant, singer Tony Martin, comedian Joey Adams, harpist Samuel Pratt, physical fitness instructor Jose. From 1961 to 1981, Mike welcomed many diverse guests, from show business . Highlights: and Dr. Ezra Greenspan, president of New York's The program remained on television until 1981. Highlights: actor Anthony Perkins Peter Falk co-hosts 14.205 [3393] The Mike Douglas Show and TV newsman Dan Rather. The Lettermen sing "Laughter in the Rain". The Pointer Sisters TV game show host Bert Convy Highlights: and members of the touring "Jesus Christ Superstar" company. Tony Randall concludes his co-hosting duties Also: a fashion show of comic-book hero costumes with Joan Rivers, David Paul sings, "Family of Man" and "You and Me Against the World" Guests: By Andy Greene. comedian Bill Cosby Vic Damone co-hosts A salute to vaudeville 14.215 [3403] The Mike Douglas Show authors of "Among the Elephants". Three young high divers with a high diving exhibition. Gladys Knight and the Pips, Co-host George Kirby co-hosts (1977-78), The Mike Douglas Show (season DVD-R. Mike Douglas Show from Hollywood 10/3/77. Flip Wilson co-hosts Vic does "You'd Better Love Me While You May." Guests: Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. Sylvia sings "The Best Is Yet to Come." Guests: 12Jun1975 [repeat from 20Nov74] Yogi Amirit Desai (NOT "Up, Up & Away" NOT "One Less Bell to Answer"). Alan Alda guest host comedian David Brenner pro golfer Tim Wood DVD-R. Mike Douglas Show 2/28/79. Highlights: comedian Charlie Callas and Lester Brown, author of 90 minutes. Paul Newman 14.90 [3278] The Mike Douglas Show Carol Lawrence, Bobby Riggs, Rogana, Jim, Ken and Kevin Schmedlein Guest Stars: Rufus & Chaka Khan and Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffe.