He later served in the detective unit and during WW2 was on loan to the FBI. A resident sent a riot call to headquarters as the shooting continued. (This chapter goes into detail on the death of Officer Baldwin.) J.H. Lane left a fianc, his parents and a brother. July1905 to 1911. The Dade County school administration building at 275 NW 2 Street became a deadly scene during the early morning hours of December 14, 1959. machine gun shots. John Brubaker, 30, died in a motorcycle crash on March 31, 1933, as he and Officer C.E. Walter Combs, long time Miami funeral director, said in 1965 that Wever's funeral was the "most lavish funeral" he ever conducted in Miami. (This vicious crime described in the book resulted in the hanging of the offender. At the next two council meetings, Mayor Sewell and Chief Hardee recommended the following permanent police officers to be hired. Christ was later defeated in his election attempt. (First person story of wounding of MPD officer Ray Parker by member of Cash gang.) In May of 1950, a police precinct was established at 480 NW 11 Street to provide a station house for black policemen and a courtroom for black judges in which to adjudicate black defendants. This is the first photo of that patch (worn until 1964) that was found. Hardee, J.J. , Appointed in January 1908 for the holidays. September 15th -All MPD officers were required to take a job knowledge exam that covered subjects taught to them at the recent police school program. In early December that year, a contract was awarded to D. Merritt to build a city jail at the cost of $771. It was noted that there were 572 applications on file to fill this position. (Miami News/Miami Metropolis/News- 1/17/1920). In an Emergency or to report suspicious activity 911 | To report a crime or non-emergency 602-262-6151 | Silent Witness 480-WITNESS . The reward money was eventually returned to the donors when no arrest was made. PSTD is prevalent in the police departments of America just as much as in our military. (2,433 words), 27. Smith, Charles H., Appointed December of 1905. Chief Quigg did not give details of the organization, saying that details were being worked out rapidly and that the best experts obtainable would be placed in the squad. They were jailed, later fined and sentenced to suspended jail sentences, which brought these unlawful actions to a halt. Quigg passed the order to Huttoe. The department was then reorganized into four divisions: traffic, detectives, vice squad and motorcycle corps. (Miami Herald, -7/6/1954, MPD Vets newsletter). In order to retain the 'flavor' of their stories, we have not edited their stories. I bluffed him by advising that I think we should go talk to the Captain back at the station, to resolve the dilemma. My fellow motorman made no statement at the time and has made none since. July 5th -Officer Jesse W. Campbell got his jaw broken by an irate husband when the husband located Campbell in a movie house with his wife. NOTE: The police rules and regulation booklet, the first ever issued to MPD officers, was quite comprehensive, detailing the duties of each rank as well as providing much finger-tip information for each officer. On March 8, 1967, eleven MPD police horses died in a fire at the city's stables, temporarily ending Miami's popular police patrol. (At times, there is more danger from inside than on the street -even for the Chief.) In February of 1933, Crews was one of the Miami officers who arrested Guisippi Zangara for the murder of Chicago Mayor Cermack during the attempted assignation of President-Elect Franklin Roosevelt in Miamis Bay Front Park. A new era began, led by the uniformed Task Force, a group of mostly young uniform officers, who were allowed to enforce all laws in all areas. From 1934 to 1937, only male Miami police officers were assigned as radio dispatchers. You had to be thereWell I didn't wear the vest again. The editor has obtained an original issue of this booklet from the granddaughter of deceased police Captain Barrick. Marsh, H.H. These four, along with Marshall (now Chief) Frank B. Hardee, were the first five uniformed police officers in Miami Police history. Dade County Sheriff Dan Hardie accommodated Zangara last request and the button was pushed. The same evening, MPD Officer William S. Scott was killed by Officer M.C. Leavitt died in 1953. A hearing was held by the City Council and Hardee explained the situation. (Chief Headley received world-wide attention in 1967 when he issued his famous when the looting starts, the shooting starts Interesting story in this chapter.) McCreary, who had been both Chief and Safety Director. Permanent officer in December of 1905. Chief Quigg hired Leavitt, a 340 pound Georgia hillbilly, to be a traffic officer on Flagler Street. The wounded man and his companion then got into the machine and drove off. (Around 10P.M. Well, I had fallen asleep and was drooling. Stevens (Stephens) from 4AM to 12 noon. He provided details to police that convinced them that he was being truthful and his palm print matched. (Story on the murder case of Officer Ron McLeod) (401 words), (Boys will be boys. He has since retired to the quiet hills of South Carolina. Kavanaugh issued an order that allowed drunks to call the police for a free ride home if they thought they were too tipsy to drive. He was highly praised by his bosses. Carver and C.G. J. D. Dorman was also moved up to the Lieutenant rank in (Miami Metropolis/News-12/1915), June 2, 1915 became a sad day for the Miami Police Department. Others are identified. This is one of the most sweeping changes the Miami department has known in years. (A funny story about the authors police academy experience.). July 6th -Officer Harry Bouterse was fired by Chief Reeve for an alleged extortion attempt. While, at the MPD practice range in Opa Locka, things got exciting. Frohock, John-Marshall, Oct. 1899 - Nov. 1900. This was Gardners second (and last) offense. (Miami News- 1/10/1937). (174 words), Did you know that Charlie Chan was a member of the Miami Police? Although Miami is now the hub city of a major national and international metropolis, it is relatively young compared to most large U.S. cities. Thirty years after politically correct police administrators disbanded the highly effective MPD crime prevention squad, The Task Force survivors, sixty strong, gathered in Ormond Beach, Florida in 1999 for a one-time reunion. Both were charged for Loitering with the charge later dismissed by the judge who disagreed with the constitutionality of the ordinance. If you would like to join the team and become a police officer now is the time. The Police Benevolent Association was born in the midst of all the instability in the department. After Reeve's MPD service, he was the Chief Deputy in the Dade County Sheriff's department (1933) and was appointed as the U.S. Marshall for the South Florida district in 1935. The Miami PBA hosted a party for 1,600 school children at their 3rd annual picnic at the Biscayne Kennel Club. Johnson, working the traffic detail downtown, fired four shots from his pistol at two jaywalkers on Flagler Street today. The attorneys appeared before a Miami Justice of the Peace to charge Miami Public Safety Director, Sam McCready and Mayor Ritter, for the false arrest of Capone. The motorcycle officer was to issue tickets to anyone exceeding the 12 miles per hour limit, the law at the time. Driggers fired three more shots and was reloading when a rifle bullet ripped into his right side, knocking him down. STILL HAS ELECTRIC CHAIR. Editor's Note: Although the principal subject of this book revolves around the City of Miami Police Department, many incidents and events will also involve the Dade County Sheriffs office, the Miami Fire Department and the Coral Gables Police Department, due to the intermingling of personnel, responsibilities and actions of these entities with the Miami police force, particularly in the formative years of the late 1800's and early 1900's. On March 7, 1972, two black males hi-hijacked a Chalk's Flying Service Grumman 73 from the MacArthur Causeway dock adjacent to Chalk's terminal. No details offered. In the early 1940's he was again demoted and an attempt was made to discharge him due to the fact that he originally joined the department under a name other than his birth name. The Spanish-American War, lasting from April to mid-August 1898, had a significant affect on Miami. He was survived by his mother, Mrs. R.L. Harris ran to the street where Lane was sprawled and radioed for medical assistance and back-up. MPD is the largest municipal police department in Florida. Chief Dillon oversaw the establishment of 18 police call boxes and the hiring of the first policewoman, Mrs. Ida Fisher, who was hired to work with delinquent young girls. Gardner missed his hourly call in and was found by Captain V.H. A few arrests of the attendees for various minor violations were made according to Lt. Jimmy Knight, but. The case was hampered by the change in State Attorney's. The trend continued into Viet Nam which funneled many GIs into the MPD. These are just a few antidotes to highlight the political interference of politicians which can be observed in most police departments nationwide. Barker and former MPD officer, W.W. Davenport, at the home of a woman Huttoe was visiting. "Be careful about what you ask for?" In November of 1950, Chief Walter Headley proposes a state-wide police officer certification program. 305-4-POLICE. Jesse Campbell, a probationary Detective, replaces Huttoe as Vice Squad C/O. His wife survived him by many years, recently passing away in Marathon, Florida at an age of 101. UPDATE: Miami-Dade Detective Cesar Echaverry has died, the department announced Wednesday night. August 24th -New uniforms were issued to all uniformed MPD officers. Looking up, I saw a citizen pointing up to the East Side of the Court House. Forty-five year old Officer Augustus McCann was killed when his police car crashed and overturned while chasing a speeding truck on September 28, 1928 at SW 27th Avenue and 14th Street. Note: Retired MPD Vet Ginger Jones is the granddaughter of Officer Croff. A crowd of witnesses immediately converged on the police station protesting the officer's action. I had the pleasure of working for this quiet-spoken leader on special projects in the 60's and 70's and had a great admiration for his integrity and dedication. Dismissed Miami officer, Joseph Liquori, 31, was found guilty this week in Federal Court for conspiracy to ship Anti-Castro arms to the Dominican Republic. We hear much these days of PTSD in the military and how the battles affect the soldiers for years after they end their service. A Miami PD officer, L.M. MPD Officer Johnnie Young was one of several officers who responded to a burglary-in-progress at 400 NW 4 Avenue on March 7, 1947. Campbell sped toward a burglary call. He was rushed to a Miami hospital, but never regained consciousness, and died on October 15th, 1931. He was reported to have said, If other states followed Floridas example of speedy trials, crime would certainly drop quickly all over our country, (Fresno Bee-2/17/1933, Nevada Journal-2/18/1933). (The interesting story of the 1952 Dora Pinder case is contained in this chapter.) Check out our recruitment page that has all of the . Detective Norman Coplin, born in Nebraska on November 25, 1919, served in the U.S. Navy prior to and during World War II. After years of legal arguing over Garrett's mental capacity, he was finally sentenced to life imprisonment plus 10 years by Judge Ellen Morphonios. Both suspects were shot dead in their car. The Case was the cause of later riots in Miami), (Personal friend of author dies in the McDuffee riot. Dorman, Edward McDade, Harry Starling, Harry Morris, J. Robertson and two unidentified officers. C.E. Carberry heard a pick-up call for a green Pontiac believed used in the Grand Union robbery and spotted the car at SW 3rd Street and 12th Ave. July 12th -City Manager Arnold announced that a police gym is being established in the City Hall annex. His remains were buried in Boston, Georgia. Chief Howard, and detective district commanders, J.C. Williams, Charles Schwelm, Ray Tanner and Lt J.D. Other photos of officers in the next few years did not show the patch, suggesting that initially only the Motor Squad was issued the triangle patch. The list is many, including Chiefs Garmire, Denham, Klimkowski, Dickson and Watkins; staff officers Ken Fox, Gene Gunn, Bill Harries, Newell Horne and Charlie Price; commanders John Ross, Raul Martinez, Jack Farr, Dick Witt, Emory Putman, Paul Shepard, Don March, George Green, Paul Oboz, Kelly England, Jim Reese, Mary Stair, Harvey Bach, Carolyn Smith, Bill Starks, Billy Riggs, Larry Boemler, and many, many others. A local news editorial remarked on what action Curry was taking. Chief Curry furloughed three police officers to reduce expenses. "Divorce Police from Booze & Cards is planned". Haynes. In June of 1915, Lt. McDade was forced to resign by Mayor Watson for conduct unbecoming an officer as a result of displaying his weapon while drunk and disorderly on a train in Key West while off-duty. Steve is now deceased. Five other men and one woman were not yet in custody. Elaido Del Valle, a person of interest in the assassination of President Kennedy, was murdered in Miami in February of 1967. LOL)( 278 words), 189. The money was turned over to store employees. (The case dragged out in the courts for years). The fire department was called to provide a net for the men to fall into but before they arrived, one of the men decided to try to jump down. Fairbrother, who had recently been suspended for firing his revolver through the floor of a nightclub, was again suspended by Assistant Chief Nelson and will be booked into the city jail as soon as he is dismissed from the hospital. It was also reported that Chief Hardee announced that 256 arrests had been made in March of 1906. The Chief sent Captain E.W. The department, in conjunction with the Dade County Schools, also has opened the Miami Police High School with a curriculum focusing on Law Enforcement, CSI forensic training and Law, focusing on the youth of the inner city population of Miami. The 1979 parade. Brubaker, a Pennsylvania native and a Army veteran, joined the MPD in 1928. C.O.Huttoe was promoted to Lieutenant. Barker became Chief of Detectives replacing Asst. Fame is fleeting though, as a few years later he was beaten and tossed out of the police station by Detective Mitchell. The NFL called a mid-field meeting before the coin toss to discuss possible crowd (80,000 plus) evacuation in case of chaos (bombs, etc) in the stands during the game. After the death of Miami-Dade Police Det. This is the story about a wild Burglary-in-progress by eight burglars that the Miami Police department responded to at that location. ), (Story about O.J. Schel returned to duty several weeks later but soon after he left the department. Note: Testimony during the Scarboro hearing brought forward the notion that Chief McCarthy had stepped down from the Chief's job because of too much politics on the job and he wanted to return to his traffic command in order to 'do well' for the citizens of Miami. Chief Mitchell, Lt G.E. A hearing was set for the following month. Whitman, William J. Motes was one of the recent graduates of the 30-man Academy class in August of 1946. Lt William B. Curry assumes the office and duties of the Chief of Police this morning, succeeding William J. Whitman, who resigned last week after having been subjected to a long period of public criticism because of the lack of efficiency in the police department under his direction. The gang, thought to be from Hollywood, escaped. Clinton had run for City Commissioner in 1937 and was fired for becoming involved in politics. Kid, have it your way. The 'package' Hepburn was carrying was an old copy of "Our World Today", belonging to the Florida Library. MPD Zone cars and a Dade helicopter searched the area and soon arrested one man, James Ingram, in the market area. Officer Harley found Stathers patrol car across the street from Abrahams home, engine running and still in gear. (Bennie) Palmer is investigating. Whitman has been under much criticism due to the inability to solve the Kinsey murder and the bombing of the Odd Fellows hall. The headlines read, "This is what happens to pickpockets in Miami". Knight, a brilliant, hard working officer, had a reputation of a stormy figure in the department, with occasional judgment problems. In April of 1914, Clarence Daly was hung for the rape of an elderly woman that occurred in June of 1913. rifle and killed Hepburn instantly. Russell, Edward D. Appointed May of 1911. He stopped the auto, searched it and found burglary tools in the trunk. Officer Driggers ran out into 7th Avenue, but as he passed under a street light a sharp command barked out; you had better get out of here..get back. Edward White, 54, of 2044 SW 2 Street, was very happy to be arrested last night on bad check charges. Col. Pomerleau cleaned house at MPD, reorganizing the detective division into Burglary, Robbery, Fraud, etc units. Off Scott worked the train tower at 20th Street. On Sunday afternoon, September 25th, 1927, 40 year old MPD Officer Albert Johnson was accidentally shot and killed while on duty at N.W. It was a one-act play, showed on a screen only a few inches square, featuring only head shots of the two actors. Rogers, J.W. Holton grabbed the on-duty officer's gun from the holster and attempted to shoot the other guard with his own gun. Governor Broward signed the death warrant for Edward (Cady) Brown to be hung on June 5th for the December 1905, murder of Mrs. Dora Suggs. var addy_textf8c7179f01f0232d36019b24ca80cace = 'MPDVET' + '@' + 'aol' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloakf8c7179f01f0232d36019b24ca80cace').innerHTML += ''+addy_textf8c7179f01f0232d36019b24ca80cace+'<\/a>'; The judge sentenced Jacobs to 30 days in jail. The following story is how one call - yes, just one call - affected one officer for decades after his service. But I often wondered if the real volunteers were outnumbered by Castro's agents. (395 words), (School Superintendent nailed for building home with materials paid for by the school department. Pfender, F.H. A couple of minutes later the other driver woke up and left the scene. The woman was injured as the car swept by. Valiton leaned out the car window and fired four shots at Wever, who was rushed to the hospital, dying an hour or so later just as his wife came to his bedside. Sources for this story were from interview and correspondence with retired MPD officer, Ray Parker, who passed away recently as the book was being published. He was fired in 1930 by Safety Director McCreary. Rebecca Nudel, a shop owner's wife, was brutally murdered at a SW 37th Ave store she operated with her husband, one quiet mid-morning day in June of 1961.