You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. In April of 2021, she announced that she was engaged to boyfriend Ethan Tenney. Raise your hand if you're overwhelmed Fans of Unexpected are used to watching McKayla Adkins' tackle drama involving her ex Caelan Morrison; however, the 19-year-old is currently facing challenges unrelated to baby-daddy drama.. McKayla shared a video update with fans to her YouTube channel on Monday where she revealed that her "life has been crazy lately." However, she previously revealed that she and her husband, Ethan Tenney, were expecting a baby boy. "He was just over my house and left bc I told him he's not seeing our kids outside of my home bc I don't trust him," she wrote. Apparently, she became a mother not once but twice on the show. Required fields are marked *. The TLC star shared a snapshot of her husband, Ethan Tenney, holding their newborn son. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. She also revealed that she got a second job as a bartender that starts on Monday, November 7. The hospital staff would make anyone stay away if she requested. In contrast, some fans suggested that having a cigarette packet in the house doesnt mean she has been smoking inside. McKayla Adkins from Unexpected welcomes baby #3. BOTH Caelan and McKayla spoiled brats in my opinion. var sc_invisible=1; Why did I do it for three seasons? She really needs to grow up and realize(again from what I see on TV) that her kids dad os trying and isnt this monster she had in her head. McKayla Adkins became the youngest castmate to be a part of TLC Unexpected at 15 years old. Adkins and Morrison were definitely an item again in late 2019, because theyshared a video of the whole fam shopping for their new place in October that year, but by January 2020, they'dcalled it quits again. Adkins announced in May she was pregnant with her third child. Something will happen and she'll move: (Not only that, but she must have someone that can inspect and close on homes pretty fast. These people [behind the show] wasted my time, she said, later adding, After I gave birth, these TV people rushed me out of the hospital so they can film and get GoPros in the car. She was 18 when her daughter Gracelynn was born in 2019.). She never pays the price. What terrible journalism lol. She and her husband-to-be had planned to have the baby. So far, MyKayla has not reacted to the outrage. McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison have two kids together:Timothy James Allen (born July 2017) and Gracelynn Ann (born January 2019.) She made Calean stay away. I was told Id be rich by Season 3, McKayla wrote. LOL, She didnt care as long as she was getting a check now its abuse. The man who will work himself into an early grave just to keep McKayla happy, was not worthy of a visit. #TLC #Unexpected., Imma go live on Instagram rn. But she went on to defend herself and say that it "gives her all of this," as she showed off her beautiful house. He was being lectured for being a human that cant be at work and at home at the same time. The fact yall are [blaming] minors bc we knew what we were getting into when the network recruits young pregnant girls and exploits their lives, sexualizes us and makes us do things were uncomfortable doing. She missed a good thing! Now, almost two years after they tied the knot (they wed in May 2021), fans are questioning what is going on between the couple. I think Caelan tries but is still a kid himself. Honestly, if it werent for the children having to suffer, Id say these two deserve each other. Her grandparents have raised a fragile, entitled, brat, with zero coping abilities. Just as I mentioned, Starcasm has an article about McKayla and her "new" home!! Your email address will not be published. McKayla needs to grow the hell up, act like an adult, and be a parent. Lately, McKayla has taken to her social media to reveal that she is struggling. Billy Ray Cyrus Didnt Propose To Firerose With A Ring! Life After Lockup Did Sara End Up With Her Ex? Morrison has been part of Adkins' Unexpected story from the start, but while the two used to live together and planned to marry after their first child's birth, the stress of a second unexpected pregnancy may have taken a toll on the couple. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. According to McKayla's Instagram, she's now engaged to her boyfriend Ethan, who proposed to the former TLC reality star . While Adkins has supposedly hinted about quitting the show on multiple occasions, Soap Dirt reports that she may not have left on her own accord. The Real Reason McKayla Adkins Left Unexpected, Adkins has manufactured drama just to remain relevant. She joins another alum McKayla Adkins, who is also a creator on the platform. She cancelled moving in w/her mom after promising she would. Hes present, hes working, he has a very nice home for themit seems like hes stepping up to his responsibilities and trying to make a family, but McKayla is only interested if someone caters to her every desire and bends over backwards to make HER life easier. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Keep track of all the latest TLC Unexpected news only through TV Season & Spoilers. Says the girl who makes a living off of p0rno videos on Only Fans. I dont think shes depressed I think shes slow (learning disabled). I planned to embed McKaylas full gallery post, but her Instagram account is set to private and does not allow embedding. i hope to god he sees through her BS! Nobody really told me how much is going to be taken out me., NEXT SENTENCE: In a second video uploaded to TikTok the same night, McKayla openly wondered if anyone from the TLC team may have downloaded the footage of her and the other underage girls naked while giving birth. Cal wan deserves to see his children. (She had just turned 17 when she gave birth to her son Timothy in 2017, just FYI. Tags: Mckayla Adkins, News, Reality TV, TLC, TLC Unexpected, Unexpected, Your email address will not be published. Being a entitled spoiled brat is not hard. She has a profile on a adult oriented site. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as Trash. Fans of Unexpected wonder which ex took thousands of dollars from her. However, fans are now struggling to understand her current marital status. Not even the birth of her children could stop her from bitching and complaining about anything and everything. McKayla Adkins left quite an impression on the audience during her TLC Unexpected debut. And, her grandparents need to stop saying Caelan is never there but every time he tries to come see his kids, they say not now. When she was five centimeters, she was told that she had to finish a bag of fluids before they gave her the epidural. She does, however, plan to eventually return to school once her children are older. She didnt know she could get pregnant a 2nd time, and now shes saying nobody warned her that nursing school was going to be hard?? It is what it is though. In fact, she is in her postpartum phase. School is hard. McKayla Adkins To Retire From Social Media Unexpected fans may remember that McKayla Adkins had a shotgun wedding this past May. 7 Little Johnstons Anna Takes Fans On Tour Of New Home, Ariana Madix Speaks Out Amid Tom Sandoval Split, AMCs Sentai Filmworks Snags A Major Anime Deal, Pokmon Detective Pikachu Sequel Finally Gets Its Director, Survivor Offers Medically Evacuated Player Rare Second Chance. Are yall the same idiots that are confused about the difference between someone sharing a photo of a woman in her underwear and her willingly posting a photo of herself in a bikini?!? As an original cast member of TLC's Unexpected, McKayla Adkins has experienced her fair share of ups and downs. June 17, 2022 kogan robot vacuum mapping kogan robot vacuum mapping It seems he has taken to fatherhood quite naturally and quickly. (and most of you are 12-18 yrs old that believe her B.S.). document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Her passions include music, animals, Disney, iced coffee, summer, and bad reality TV, especially Housewives and Vanderpump Rules. Are yall serious? Then dont sign up to be on a show that is focused on you being a teen, having a kid? Keep reading to know more details. Yet, her Facebook has her married name. And McKayla is a TOTAL Grandpas Girl (she can do no wrong in his eyes). Sounds like this chick is getting the wake up call she desperately needed. Now, she has her rainbow baby and happy ending. McKayla Adkins has been having an eventful time out of the spotlight. All of which stay within her own comfort zones. She treated Kalen so bad! It can AND will definitely take a toll on you. Gee, maybe choosing to be a teen mom of two was a bad call. Go to school, raise your kids. They moved in together and thought about getting married but that did not work out so well. "I know I did what was best for me and the kids. McKayla is a 19-year-old mom of two and YouTube vlogger. McKayla and Ethans baby boy arrived Thursday, April 28th at 615 am, according to Starcasm. This house for rent is located on Nesciokade in Leiden. McKayla told her TikTok followers that she knew shed probably get in trouble for revealing some of the things that happened behind-the-scenes of the show, but she stated she was tired of being threatened with lawsuits in order to stay quiet. McKayla told fans that her third pregnancy was not unexpected. "); Unexpected 's McKayla Adkins says that people look down on mothers that do certain things for money. If she owned a house records would pop up with her as an owner. This interview would sound more valid if she wasnt posting half naked pictures for money on Onlyfans. Thats because her storyline on the show was quite eventful. She uses her children as an excuse to not do anything. Jessica Almeida has 2228 posts and counting. Id prefer to hear it from one of the young ladies with a better reputation. She also stated that her grandparents sometimes help her babysit the kids because they are the only people she trusts. Your email address will not be published. McKayla also claimed that she was disturbed when she saw one of the kids private parts shown on an episode, prompting her to tell the shows producers that she didnt want her daughters naked body shown on TV after her birth. This led them to think that she and Ethan simply had a disagreement and she archived the pictures to make a statement. And, when she got the epidural, it didnt help. What's her record for being in a house/apartment and living with someone? And I dont think its a nursing program shes in I think shes in a nursing assistant program to be an STNA (state tested nursing assistant). This spoiled brat never did anything she didnt want to do, shes just complaining now because she didnt get the riches she thought she was going to get from showing off her stupidity. She had been dating Ethan for a little over a year and made it clear that their pregnancy had been planned. "https://secure." From two unforeseen pregnancies to her mental health and financial challenges, Adkins hasn't had an easy time. Adkins alsoclaimedMorrison "was being obsessive" and that she "wasn't really allowed to do anything without him with me. Sickening. People said this school Im going to is going to be extremely hard and its going to be pretty much sucking the life out of me, but with two kids, its sucking the life out of me even more. Isnt she on Only Fans? However, they soon reappeared. But, she said she wouldnt recommend getting a nose job to everyone due to how tough it is mentally. Did Tom Sandoval Address His Split With Ariana At Concert? For those of you who love TLCs Unexpected, I dont know how.. Yes this is true but he can seek help. She revealed that the newest addition had arrived at 6:15 in the morning. She ended up getting pregnant again by Caelan and they welcomed a daughter named Gracelynn. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Makes Big Changes Despite fan comments, McKayla Adkins said she is so happy with her new nose. McKayla's post-Caelan plans include going back to school. They asked us what our vaginas felt like after giving birth. Teen Mom: Farrah Abraham Confirms Low Brain Activity. i cant with this entitled little brat. The pregnancy announcement comes just two weeks after she told her followers that she got engaged to Ethan, her boyfriend of one year. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. But the fact that so many people have issues with TLC and their production teams seems incredibly telling . She couldnt get an epidural until she was six centimeters dilated. we love him! However, she and her husband have kept the details about their third baby under wraps for not. She said, we have a baby.. Keep her promises. That girl is broken! I feel like she is trying less to project her real life on socials since she uses those to promote her OF and all that stuff. According to McKayla, they wanted to get pregnant and that is why they found out about the pregnancy early. Thomas Rhett Celebrates New Milestone: 20 No. Guaranteed. Even if what she is saying is true; its unfortunate that its coming from her drama queen mouth. Learn how your comment data is processed. She spills all the details about the birth of her newborn. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. It really f**ked us up, doing that show.. As you would expect, McKaylas comment about having a near death experience inspired a lot of concerned comments. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Its A LOT of hard work and if her program is anything like the one I was in then shes getting up early in the mornings sometimes, shes spending hours & sometimes almost the whole day away from her children. Therefore, I have a very hard time believing McKayla is in one, especially since she isnt even smart enough to recognize a good thing when she had it (aka Caelan. McKayla Adkins is showing signs that she and her husband, Ethan Tenney have parted ways. Now, the gender had already been revealed back in October, and apparently, McKayla was going to let Ethan choose the name. sHe HaS aN oNlY fAnS wHy Is ShE bItChInG? Search Live Science lowes kitchen appliance packages. scJsHost+ She has been quite verbal about her struggles with postpartum depression. Agree completely. Just never again., McKayla told her TikTok followers that she is tired of staying quiet about her experience on Unexpected., Ill probably get in trouble for this but it needs to be said, she wrote on the TikTok video. The Apple doesnt fall very far from the tree. Whatever she decides to do next, here's hoping she finds peace and clarity in her choices. 304,682 available rentals right now in our housing search engine. McKayla, who began taking college courses just last month to become a nurse, explains that her busy schedule has hindered her from making videos on YouTube, leaving her broke, pretty much. She says shes in need of a jobYouTube or otherand has already begun applying at different places. However, she ended up quitting and also criticizing the production crew for making her uncomfortable. Get a job and quit laying around smoking. She is also a blogger and social media influencer who has earned an estimated net worth of between $1 and $5 million. I mean, hes not perfect, but hes a heck of a lot better than a lot of young dads; hes better than a lot of the other dads on this show! Probably doesnt go much deeper than that. Finally, one noted: She deleted all their pictures but now theyre back so really she probably archived them in a fight.. So, theres a good chance people wont be seeing a picture of the little guy. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. But she went on to defend herself and say that it gives her all of this, as she showed off her beautiful house. McKayla Adkins was one of the very first teenagers to join the TLC Unexpected series. McKayla Adkins may not be sharing the name of her son. Amy Halterman Ditches Kids Amid Split For Girl Trip With Tammy? "'>"); We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Me and Rilah are both uncomfortable with half of the s**t that they put out there, so who knows who else [from the show] is also affected by what they did. From what I see on TV she is so childish and needs to grow up, even more so since she has 2 children. She brings the trouble to her own doorstep and then wants to play the sympathy card. PTSD caused by having 2 babies. She won't be there too long. She said she hired an assistant for her business so she can spend more time with her kids. life is hard. Unfortunately though, she says shes been having pretty bad reactions to the medications shes tried and that they havent seemed to help her. I'm not defending her lies and terrible life choices. So she knew. In an exclusive clip of Sunday's episode . And, worked a lot to take care of them. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Like why choose me to be on this dumb show if you barely show my footage? The two were trying to make it work but struggled. Be careful she might try to have a 3rd baby to stay on the ahow. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Mackayla needs to get it together. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". I was in a contract. Subscribe elevate bunk bed sofa sleeper. Looks like she succeeded. I started taking pics of her and Timmy joined in, this was the result , A post shared by Mckayla Adkins (@mckayladkins) on Sep 26, 2019 at 4:18am PDT, Ive just been mentally not good. The couple made the announcement back in October that they were expecting a baby together after suffering a miscarriage. She is. Now, she has her rainbow baby and happy ending. If her grandparents would tell her to grow up, be a parent, and consider herself lucky to have a boyfriend who WANTS to parent and support his children, this story would probably be very different. YupThis for sure wreaks of a money grabshe even said it herself, she thought she would be rich by season 3, and that didnt happen and now here she comes with these crazy allegations. A Reddit thread was started to try to solve this mystery. : "http://www. Today Al Roker Slides Away From Co-Host Sheinelle Jones, Why? The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Fragile Hope Loses Her Line And Her Son Will She Crack? RHONJ What Is Melissa Gorgas 2023 Net Worth? Former Unexpected star McKayla Adkins is opening up about the disturbing things she says producers of the show forced her and the other cast members to do and say, despite many of them being under 18 at the time. She revealed that the newest addition had arrived at 6:15 in the morning. After McKayla was done with the show, she continued with her YouTube channel but also had some words about her time on the series. Stop playing games little girl and own up to your mistakes. As an original cast member of TLC's Unexpected, McKayla Adkins has experienced her fair share of ups and downs. Glad to know Im not the only one who thinks she is a spoiled brat. Caelan Morrison and McKayla Adkins, young stars of Lifetime's 'Unexpected,' recently had yet another explosive breakup. Idon't have time for literally anything." It went by so fast. But, it was also very painful. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. I just feel like with my mental health and stuff it just wasnt a good time for me.. McKayla didnt share any details about her newborn. I couldnt even enjoy time with my baby. Unexpected Spoilers - McKayla Adkins Announces Her Third Pregnancy On Social Media. You think she cant take up for herself. We all needed the moneyI was told Id be so rich by Season 3 [that] Id be able to buy a house and a car. She also explained that though she is only five weeks pregnant, she was quite eager to share the news with her fans. When fans asked her why she changed her mind, she stated that her bad experience during her previous pregnancies had caused the former decision. Since their breakup, Adkins and Morrison have had an on-and-off romance while co-parenting their children. And that means keeping the identity of her newborn off the internet. 6. In 2017, McKayla welcomed her first son, Timothy. "There should be two people in the home who love each other." McKayla fought to keep them on it. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Unexpected star McKayla Adkins is under fire for spending $2500 on a wig. In fact, she continued to star in the show for the first few seasons until she finally quit. If I were sexualized. Almost like they didnt want to share McKayla with them. Hence, a lot of TLC Unexpected fans were in awe of her post and cheered her on. She shouldve thought about that before popping out 2 kids before the age of 18, thinking life was going to be sunshine and roses, and that her grandparents would raise the babies. No doubt! What I have a hard time understanding is, how does that justify the inappropriate behavior she endured by adults? "Thank you for all the support and love over the years but I'm ready to quit now.". 2-3 months? McKayla clarified with a brief video posted in her Instagram stories that shows a black Honda badly damaged on the front after an apparent accident. Are they still married or have they parted ways? The producer or director or whatever she is, is f**ked up, and theyre evil. The update came in the form of an Instagram gallery and caption. Maybe it was because of the contract but you can take me to court and sue me, you wouldnt be exploiting my children under any circumstance. We reviewed it against our policies and conducted a legal and human rights assessment. I agree. Not that I doubt there is profit, but especially with the new regulations that came down with Bella Thorne I wonder if this is possible? And she said she can take care of herself. Until youve been in a nursing program you cant judge those who are. During this time, the duo tried to live together, plan a wedding, and make the relationship work but it failed. deleted tik tok First she signed up for 3 seasons. Maybe she'll end up being richer than the Trump family all together due to the fact 85% of you think she's all that and more. In fact, this reality TV star garnered some controversy for her pics, since she used to be against women posing for sexy photos - and is now firing up the internet with her own. American Idol Season 21: Meet Contestant Aiden Adair, SW: Maddie Brush Says She Only Has One Sleeper, Today Al Roker Warns Viewers Of Dangerous 72 Hours. I thought it was funny how everyone was so disgusted when Caelan didnt immediately go to the hospital for her false labor. The Unexpected former cast member welcomed her third baby on April 28th. McKayla Adkins said shes going to do what is right for her. I do feel bad for her though because her white trash mother has basically ruined her life. Veronica Sharp has 1683 posts and counting. Why dont you better teach them to go to school and get a decent job? And, her using the kids to justify potentially dropping out of college is extra pathetic. I cant wait to one day experience a life with my husband when all the kids move out, the freedom and peace I feel is so fulfilling.. Im tired of being scared of them. That girl will never finish college. Read on for more details. A Redditor pointed out that she has a job as a bartender so that could have been the reason she took it off. So living up to him in her eyes wont happen. Shes a miserable human being. In any case, TLC Unexpected fans were quite upset at this reveal and shunned her through their social media handles. Though she is not showcasing the baby just yet, she did share a short clip of Ethan holding his son on TikTok. She treated everyone around her like garbage and Im sure she was no different with the staff of TLC. Adkins didn't divulge any additional details, leaving the real reason open to all sorts of fan theories. She has welcomed her third child into the world. When Can You Visit US National Parks For Free In 2021? And, McKayla behaved like she didnt want him to share in his own child. So, she couldnt sit up properly. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Tweet from McKayla about her OnlyFans content being leaked. It is the reality stars first with her husband, Ethan Tenney. During Season 1 and 2, we followed the couple moving in together and their plans for marriage, to the eventual breaking up and moving apart. They let the girls and their privacy be exploited wishing theyd end up rich like the TM girls. Plus that pic doesnt even look like her lol, Yeah.. surprisingly had that vid pop up on my fyp page a couple of hours ago and its def not her tiktok. Now they can mess up their Great grandkids too! var sc_project=9095613; We were played. She says that he always tells her how happy he is and how amazing she is. Yet, McKayla is grateful to have her husband by her side through the whole birthing experience. I would normally agree with the apple doesnt fall far from the tree saying, but there comes a time when a person is accountable for their own selves. Hey, we all get sucked into believing "fake news" okay.I get itbut how many of you have to SAY the same fucking thing? ", After discussing her 2020 breakup on YouTube, McKayla Adkins reportedly took to social media to announce that she was "deleting all social media and quitting YouTube," per theDaily Soap Dish.) Some fans asked her how she wants to keep uploading pictures on OnlyFans when she becomes bigger as a result of the pregnancy. Your email address will not be published. Yep. I hope they kick Mckayla to the curb, just like they did to their daughter. Also, both kiddos totally look like Caelans mother which Im sure drives mckayla crazy, lol! Although they briefly tried to rekindle their relationship, in February of 2020, McKayla released a YouTube video entitled "We broke up. Im getting lip injections I want plastic surgery etc! Here's everything we know so far:, Just a couple months after giving birth, McKayla had her tubes tied. Unexpected spoilers and updates tease that the former cast member of the TLC show, McKayla Adkins is almost five weeks pregnant with her third child. Can definitely understand why she would be feeling like this. For instance, the Unexpected star recently went under the knife and got a nose job. She says, its been rough for her. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ), They asked every single girl who has breastfed on the show if they could do it for the camera, McKayla said in the second video. Come on now. After sharing her news, McKayla also addressed some questions that her fans sent. She shared the news on her TikTok but declined to give a name or anything of that nature. All I know is that its a really f**ked up situation. For her family talking so much crap about when he arrived and how long he stayed, they seem to have forgotten that when Tim (grandfather) was hospitalized McKayla didnt even bother to go see him. This girl feeds off drama. However, McKayla did not give up on love when she met Ethan. She has been in an on-again/off-again relationship with her boyfriend Caelan. So BS. They all enable each other. Some believe TLC wants to make space for new cast members, while others allegeAdkins has manufactured drama just to remain relevant. Okend rant! Congratulations to the new parents. That was followed by this bullet point list: Obviously, none of that happened. Theyre doing her no favors. She was not too happy with the way the cast was treated and went on a TikTok rant. McKayla is an OG of the Unexpected docu-series, which documents teen mothers. The Unexpected star was in a lot of pain. You would think that if what McKayla says is true that her grandparents would have put a stop to it if she was being sexualized. Also, McKayla is so exhausted that she cant make YouTube videos?! Less than two weeks later, McKayla revealed that she was pregnant with her first child with Ethan (third overall) and the couple planned to get married in two weeks time! Shes not the brightest so going to school probably would take it out of her more than someone else in the program. Her family needs to realize she is an adult and treat her like one instead of tip-toeing around her and encourage her to grow up.