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Jennie Weckelman: He was Mark's very good friend. Erin Moriarty: And, so, people thought, "Maybe you had just had enough? Although its still unclear what information Wright provided to prosecutors, Mark Sievers was subsequently arrested for his wifes death. Why would Wayne Wright want to kill his best friend's wife? Mark Sievers said he had a lot of insurance on Teresa Sievers and could offer around $100,000 to have his wife killed, Wright said. More: Mark Sievers murder trial begins with jury selection. Tyler Juliette and Jeff Conway hired him to work at a contracting company. That question led investigators on a wild chase that ended up more than 1,000 miles away in Missouri with the shocking arrests of Jimmy Ray Rodgers, a career criminal, and Curtis Wayne Wright, the look-alike best friend of the doctor's husband. what kind of evidence could they possibly have, 'cause I didn't do anything?". Sandra Hoskins | Dr. Sievers' longtime medical assistant: He was the computer guy that looked just like Mark. "I'm here beside you for what it's worth," Mark Seivers responded. She was bludgeoned to death, and her body was discovered when Mark asked his friend to go check up on her after she failed to show up for work. Testifying again is Jimmy Rodgers former girlfriend, Taylor Shomaker. Mark Sievers reads a statement to the judge asking for his life to be spared before he was sentenced to death. Jennie Weckelman: I think it was in the back of his mind that there might be some dangers to his daughters because of what happened to their mother. Then, almost 8 months after Teresa Sievers' murder, Wayne Wright Mark Sievers' look-alike best friend suddenly turned on him and took a deal. Frank Pais: And she expected perfection. A Lee. Sandra Hoskins: A little bit I can't explain it. Sievers' defense claims that the court overlooked the possibility that the jury improperly used the testimony to corroborate Wright's testimony as to Sievers motivation. A fiber from the jumpsuit worn by Rodgers was found on Teresa's body. He detailed his anger and frustration about his distrust of his wife, accusing her of almost cheating on him and betraying him. He first met Wright in the third grade. Where is Mark Sievers now? Greg Bolin: He actually ran for and became our class president. teresa sievers daughters 27 Feb. teresa sievers daughters. what happened to the blonde girl on tmz. He also claimed that Mark was going to pay him $10,000 as a murder-for-hire payment. The sentence for Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., 51, of Missouri, was previously agreed upon via a plea deal in 2016 when the man pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. "I won't ever do that to my girls.". Jessica Lipscomb: they found his car with the car keys still in ignition in a car wash in St. Louis. The jury was shown images of checks Wright received from Mark Sievers. After she pulled into the garage, retrieved her luggage and walked into the house, Wright and Jimmy Ray Rodgers beat her in the head with hammers. Jimmy Ray Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright were the first two to be convicted for the murder of Dr. Teresa Sievers in her Bonita Springs residence. Wright has never been charged in Ronnie Bolin's disappearance, but he is listed in a police report as a person of interest. Jessica Lipscomb: So, when this happened, everyone wanted to know what happened with the alarm. She was a well-known holistic medicine physician and even operated a clinic with her husband. He doesnt have a lot to say. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The Florida Supreme Court has denied the appeal of Mark Sievers for his first-degree murder conviction for his involvement in the death of his wife. Even worse, many such slurs aren't from men but As Charles Bronson faces a parole hearing on Monday Will Britain's most violent prisoner soon be painting Meet Madonna's (not so material) sisters! Even his neighbors were not surprised and said that he bragged about the hit. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. Mark feared she was going to take his two daughters away from him and said he could not afford to fight for custody. Investigators also photographed Dr Mark Petrites - a friend of the Sieverses who Mark Sievers called to check on his wife. It just didn't make sense. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. She identified that blue jumpsuit and told the jury Rodgers confessed to her: TAYLOR SHOMAKER: And then I asked him "how" and he said, "with a hammer.". He was transferred to Collier County Jail from Lee County Jail. Jennie Weckelman: He thought "Why would they? Among the photos released on Thursday by the State Attorney's Office are images of a vehicle rented by Wayne, crime scene photos of a blood-spattered kitchen and Sievers' clothing and jewelry. Back in June 2015, practically everyone in Hillsboro, Missouri, knew that Wayne Wright was planning a weekend trip out of town. Though Sievers still maintains his innocence, a jury convicted him of hiring the men who killed his wife. Sandra Hoskins: We would have patients from all over the world they would come to us after they failed everything else. This article originally appeared on Fort Myers News-Press: Death row inmate Mark Sievers' reversal hearing denied in wife's death, Mark Sievers, convicted in 2015 murder-for-hire of wife Teresa, denied death row appeal, How authorities in Florida failed to protect a mother allegedly killed by her abusive ex, Death row inmate Mark Sievers' reversal hearing denied in wife's death, Thailand's 'most beautiful transgender woman' and husband wear $580K in attire at extravagant wedding, Desperate mountain residents trapped by snow beg for help; 'We are coming,' sheriff says, U.S. court won't require FAA to make airplane seat size, spacing rules, Convicted killer Alex Murdaugh's new mugshot revealed after double life sentence, Rebel Wilson says she was banned from Disneyland for 30 days for taking a bathroom selfie, SoCal in for cool start to weekend, but light rain makes brief return, Ryan Coogler Built A Multi-Million Dollar Empire, But His Brothers Work On Creed III Proves Its A Family Affair, Peoria's year of adversity turns into 4A basketball championship in win over Deer Valley, Pioneer residents come together as they brace icy weather and power outages. Rodgers had let Wright know before Teresa Sievers was killed that he had been involved in similar criminal activity previously, Wright said. Wright thought they had more time before she actually arrived. ", It was on June 29 that Dr. Teresa Sievers was discovered bludgeoned to death with a hammer inside her Florida home and it didn't go unnoticed to investigators that Jimmy Ray Rodgers had a unique nickname. Teresa Sievers' family audibly gasp at the verdict. Curtis Wayne Wright pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and got 25 years, a lesser sentence because he was willing to rat out the mastermind behind the massacre. While the family was on vacation, Mark had asked his mother Bonnie Sievers to feed the family pets. While Teresa took care of her patients, Mark managed her office and took care of their daughters. Sandra Hoskins: Even if it was 9:00 and three seconds after, you would hear her heels coming in. Jessica Lipscomb: You kind of put yourself in her shoes rolling your suitcase through the door, and then to be attacked by someone from behind is it's hard to imagine. She was found dead the next morning, wearing the same dress she had worn that weekend in a family reunion picture with her mother, two brothers and sister. And we're glad that it's over. "And the full video shows that Wright was being coached by the investigators, which goes to how the investigation unfolded," the motion read in part. A jury convicted Mark Sievers,. WAYNE WRIGHT: Just started hitting her over and over. Death row appeal denied:Mark Sievers, convicted in 2015 murder-for-hire of wife Teresa, denied death row appeal, Mom allegedly killed by abusive ex:How authorities in Florida failed to protect a mother allegedly killed by her abusive ex. ANNIE LISA [police interview]: You may not like your boss, but you don't bad mouth them to patients that are coming in the doors like "Dr. Sievers, you know, she's a-she's a bitch. Mark Sievers reachedfor a tissue to wipe his eyes of tears Thursday afternoon asCurtis Wayne Wright Jr. explained in detail how Wright and Jimmy Ray Rodgers killed his wife Teresa Sievers. August 22, 2020 / 11:01 PM No one had ever heard of the suspect Jimmy Ray Rodgers, but it was the mug shot of the other suspect, Curtis Wayne Wright, that struck everyone. One photo released by the State Attorney's office this week showed four baskets filled with various suppliments, Another photoreleased by the State Attorney's office this week showed several prescription drug containers found in the home, The front of the Sievers' house features several bushes, potted plans, and large, rounded windows, An overhead view of the neighborhood in which the Sievers lived shows sprawling lawns and large houses next to a large main road. She went on to claim that Wright hired Rodgers to help with the murder, something she said Mark Sievers did not know. Wright was at Teresa's funeral, he had celebrated Mark and Teresa's wedding with them, and just two months before the murder, Mark . Authorities found her lying face-down on her kitchen floor with most of the back her head completely bashed in. On the morning of June 27, 2015, Wayne Wright got into a rental car in Hillsboro, Missouri, and then went to pick up Jimmy Ray Rodgers. DETECTIVE: You can't, you cannot blame yourself. Both his stepmother Jennie Weckleman and stepsister Connie Reiss Landy vowed to support him through the trial. Greg Bolin: They didn't look alike when we were younger. The episode depicted the gruesome act of a husband "Mark Sievers who murdered his wife along with his friends. The authorities were able to backtrack their movements because Rodgers and Wayne did not remove their digital footprints, and the presence on Teresas address in the GPS of the rented car was the first sign for authorities. "I panicked," Wright said. On January 3, 2020, Mark Sievers, now a convicted killer, returned to court to find out if he will get life in prison or be sentenced to death. Erin Moriarty: At least in pictures, they look like twins. Investigators in Florida believe her husband, Mark Sievers, orchestrated the murder to cash in on her insurance policy Though he hasn't been charged with the murder, two of his friends have. In 2017, Teresas brother also filed a wrongful death suit against Sievers, and his complaint listed himself and her daughters as the representatives of her estate. It worked. In June 2015, his wife was brutally murdered. Sieverss personal diary revealed that there was, indeed, trouble in their domestic life. You could just you could hear it in his voice. PROSECUTOR: Mr. Rodgers came from somewhere and he started hitting her, what did he do? Jimmy didn't have a hammer. Wayne Wright and Mark Sievers had grown up together in Missouri. Six months later their first daughter was born. The state's first witness was Kevin Stout, of the Lee County Sheriff's Office. According to authorities, Mark Sievers was the mastermind behind the killing who orchestrated the entire incident. He is now on the death row, awaiting execution. Wright testified that Mark Sievers told himthat the only option that he had wasfor his wifeto die. Teresa was bludgeoned to death by a hammer, and the police stated that the impact of the blow crushed her skull. DETECTIVE: where was the money supposed to come from? Wright, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in February of 2016 in connection to Teresa Sievers' death, said Mark Sievers asked him to kill his wife. On the day of Dr. Sievers funeral, a witness who wants remain anonymous said they spotted Sievers at his wifes medical practice tossing out computers and and related materials into the trash. / CBS News, Produced by Marcelena Spencer, Susan Mallie and Lisa Freed, [This story previously aired on February 15. Jennie Sievers. Maybe, just maybe our relationship is already overI want intimacy! Frank Pais: She was there to help you get better didn't have what they call the bedside manner. Wright, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in February of 2016 in connection to Teresa Sievers death, said Mark Sievers asked him to kill his wife. Photos of the dumpster were also included in Thursdays document release (above). The first image of the set is a surveillance footage snap of Sievers walking through Southwest Florida International Airport on June 28 at 11pm, rolling her suitcase behind her. Teresa Sievers' mother and siblings were in the courtroom. She had returned a day early to return to work in Estero. "I hope you guys are having a great trip," Wright stated in the email. Erin Moriarty: Dr. Sievers would yell at patients? When high-profile physician Teresa Sievers was found murdered in her Bonita Springs, Florida, home bludgeoned with a hammer there were no immediate suspects and her husband had a rock-solid alibi. Connie Reiss Landy | Mark Sievers' stepsister: And that's that's when I started to believe, you know, that definitely there is not something right with Curtis Wayne Wright. Teresa's brother: take care of the girls and give them the love and support that they need. After their mother gave birth to him, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and developed a drinking problem. The families gathered in the court for the verdict: guilty of first-degree murder. Erin Moriarty: Why would anyone think that you did this? A judge denied Sievers' death row appeal last month. In the early morning hours of Monday, June 29, the GPS again shows Rodgers and Wright on the highway headed northbound for the 17-hour drive back to Missouri. Mark Sievers was born in 1968 in Missouri and was married to Dr. Teresa Sievers. In her police interview, Dr. Sievers' sister, Annie Lisa, said she heard Sandra Hoskins was a disgruntled employee that's the same Sandra who seemed so upset by Dr. Sievers' death. Eight days after Dr. Teresa Sievers was murdered, friends and family came together for her funeral, including Mark's stepmother Jennie Weckelman. 'This murder was committed in expectation of Wright getting paid an undisclosed amount of money from Mark Sievers and then in turn, he was to pay Rodgers $10,000 for his involvement,' detectives said in the probable cause statement. The comments below have been moderated in advance. When Rodgers and Wright arrived around 6 a.m., authorities believe they turned off the house alarm. The last stop they made before returning to the Sievers address was at a local beach. Connie Reiss Landy: I will do everything that I can [nervous laugh] to be there. Mark Sievers, who was married to Dr. Teresa Sievers, was born in Missouri in 1968. Tyler Juliette: You could just tell he needed a job. TAYLOR SHOMAKER: And then asked him how he was going to make money and it was murdering Mark's wife. Fryer said she was introduced to Sievers through her mother, who worked with him at a 7-Eleven. Jimmy Ray Rodgers and Wayne Wright as seen in Walmart surveillance video, Evidence in the murder of Dr. Teresa Sievers, Police learn details of Sievers murder from suspect's girlfriend, Mirror image: Curtis Wayne Wright, left, and Mark Sievers. Greg Bolin: How much they morphed into each other over the years if it was by chance or by their plan, I don't know. And as it turns out. DETECTIVE: Did you ask why, or you just did it? They bought, among other things, trash bags, flushable wet wipes, black towels, black shoes and a lock picking kit. Court records indicate the plot began weeks earlier, when Mark Sievers traveled to Missouri for Wright's May wedding. 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Train fares will rise by 5.9% TOMORROW - but travellers can still get cheaper tickets if they buy them What happens when classic cars sell for too much? They were Jimmy Ray Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright. Weeks after Rodgers and Wright returned, detectives from Florida showed up in Hillsboro, Missouri. There were signs of a forced entry, pry marks on a side door, but Mark's extensive gun collection and $40,000 in cash discovered inside the Sievers home hadn't been touched. Wright is deeply sorry for the pain and lifetime of suffering that he had caused those who were affected by his actions in this case, including his family and most importantly Teresa Sievers daughters.. Resolved: Release in which this issue/RFE has been resolved. While in Missouri for Wright's. Greg Bolin: It does but it doesn't to a lot of people looking at it, it kind of makes it look like these guys were just dumb and dumber, but that's a lot of how he operated. Talking about the doctor still makes Sandra emotional. PROSECUTOR CYNTHIA ROSS | PROSECUTOR: Is this how you found this jumpsuit on the side of the road in Cadet, Missouri? Eventually, Wayne was convicted of second-degree murder and was given a sentence of 25-years behind bars at the Lee County Jail. Curtis Wright (left) and Mark Sievers had an uncanny resemblance to each other ( Image: CBS News) Both men were arrested for Teresa's murder. Images of key evidence - including a photo of a bloodied hammer - connected to the murder of a beloved Florida doctor have been released to public six months after she was killed.