CONTENT OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE! Sam: >to Simon and Lincoln< From now on, you boys don't ever look, speak or hear each other anymore if you want to keep arguing. With each desperate attempt to escape only sending them deeper into a world of illegal activities. Lincoln's actions result in the sisters (except Lily) collectively turning on him and giving him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that results in him getting hospitalized and developing a crippling fear of his sisters. Lincoln: Oh trust me, I've done a lot of girly things in my time, like playing tea parties, dress-up, watching "The Dream Boat" Simon: >exclaims in disgust< That's what happens when you hang out with girls, they try to change you. Luna: Say, after Fro-Yo, would you like to hit the video arcade? "Dang it. (The boys then grabbed their snacks and tasted them, they drank the tea sets, and ate the Cookies and Muffins, but not all at the same time, Luna and Sam were waiting for the results). Lincoln: This is my favorite superhero, Ace Savvy, the most savviest crime fighter, he's also one of the greatest superheroes ever. (It then cuts to Lincoln's room where he is reading his Ace Savvy comic, until Luna peeks her head through his open door). Lincoln: I promise, I'll do it for you and Sam. Lincoln: I guess we were both idiots when we realized that it wasn't right for us to argue over something we don't have in common. "I'm not, Mom," said Lincoln, "I'm a mistake! Lori held up her phone, which had a big crack on the screen. "Luke: "Sure! Later, Lincoln arrived at a railyard depot where he saw Zeke from whenthe family went to Piperville, Vermontloading up a freight train to take back to the Green Mountain State. I really didn't mean it, honest. Luna: I know you don't like me anymore but I don't want the "Moon Goats" to split up forever. ", "Indeed," said Mark, "all their sandwiches are good. Luna: >interrupts Lincoln< You don't have to apologize, I already forgive you, I had no right to be mad at you and I don't want to stay mad at you, you are my little brother and I love you very much. In fact, it was the pillow decoy Lincoln had set up, along with a folded-up piece of paper on top. Reads 87,364. Sam: Count me out, I'm done with the "Moon Goats" if you're still in it, go get someone else to harass will you? He then leaves the house and slowly starts heading over to his, thinking about what to do. (Lincoln, Luna and Sam all gasped as Simon made a comment about Lincoln). ", "I think you should try calling them," said Albert, "wouldn't hurt to,". (It then cuts back to Lincoln and Simon arguing while in the Den). Sam: Consider you boys lucky that Liam's Memaw isn't here to give you boys a spanking, as I will give both of you a spanking. Lincoln: >to Simon< Then it's settled, by the next weekend, I'll come over to your house if you get permission from your parents. Simon: >angered, to Lincoln< How dare you call her "Bland and Unsympathetic"? Luna: Guys, this is ridiculous, stop fighting and put aside your differences. Lincoln: I really don't know who to choose as my favorite, I used to think of Lori before you know she started dating, then I turned to Leni and Luna >to audience< which some people think I'm more closer too because of how nice they were to me >to Simon<, but now, I love all of my sisters in general, except of course Luan when it comes to April fools day. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Leni: I wonder if they watched a really scary movie at the theater? (They both looked at each other and blushed, it then cuts to Simon and Lincoln as they both seen their sisters talking to each other calmly). This is what Luke looked like. Lana just got up and ran out of the house crying. "Hey eldest sister," said Lisa, "I have some fantastic news for you.". Lincoln's POV:The first thing asked was "What do you like, Luke?" Liam: Well shut my mouth and call me a Jack Rabbit, you two boys did great so far, my chores is done and I owe you two to thank, now tell me in your own opinions, how did you like the chores so far? Parts 12. Lincoln: One time, I had a nightmare that I had all ten brothers, and then I realized that having brothers is not as fun as having sisters. Simon: >to Lincoln< Sorry not sorry Lincoln, if you'll excuse me, I think we should watch Spon--. She was about the only sibling who had nothing in common with Luke. "Luke: "Hmm, I'm also really social. Lincoln stirs awake from his bout of unconsciousness to the full realization that he was back at the hospital. "That's it," said Lincoln, "I'll go to Piperville!". How's that sound?". He seemed to faintly remember feeling lightheaded and passing out, but everything else was a blur. ", "Well," said Butch, "we better be getting back to Piperville.". Luna: >to Sam< I'm sorry this had to happen Sam, maybe we'll see each other tomorrow. He was about to open the door when Lana spotted him. Almost as if they heard my conversation with you guys maybe they did! (Lincoln then turns on the TV and he tunes into the Cartoon channel to find some classic cartoons, the only cartoon that was on was "Scooby Doo Where Are you! I think red and white matches be best. Lincoln: What about Playstation? The letter read"Dear Lincoln, I take a pen in hand to write this letter to you to express my feelings of sorrow for what I did to you. ", "Not that big of a deal," repeated Lori, "not that big of a deal?! Lynn Sr. called Lori and Rita downstairs and put Butch on speaker. Fiona: >sarcastically, to Leni< I don't know and I don't care! "Linc," asked Butch, "what's the matter?". This fanfiction is set 7 years after the events of the current episode and includes you as a siblin. The Blast A cool breeze blew through the open windows into the classroom, sending a refreshing sensation through the warm afternoon air. - Lincoln said (They look at a photo of him and Leni bathing in the bathtub) LENI: Aw, you look so cute as a baby! Lincoln: >interrupts Simon< No way we are watching one show of the same channel or program we are on, I say we watch the classics. (Simon notices Lincoln's chocolate vanilla swirl and it's covered with Oreo crumbs and Dinosaur gummies). Brother Fight Protocol Chapter 1: Loss Respect, a loud house fanfic | FanFiction A/N: This story was an inspiration and idea I got the day I got April fooled by my relatives (i don't want to talk about it, it's embarrassing), but sometimes I wondered if the pranks luan made are basically safe, or based on rules? He looked somewhat like this. This is a lost episode of The Loud House, which is titled as "Enough Is Enough". "All of the other siblings rolled their eyes.Lola: "Do you like anything else? ", "Well," said Lincoln, "let's see what it is. Lincoln: >to Simon< i can't say I disagree, because I agree. Lincoln: >annoyed< Poor graphics and clunky controls? Luna: >to Lincoln and Simon< That's right you two, so we are going to try again, now then, let me see if Clyde is available to help you two out. "Mmm-mmm," said Lincoln, "this is the best maple taffy I've ever tasted! Simon: >to Lincoln, confused< What do you mean? ", "I've tried to," said Lori, "but they don't wanna talk to me. Simon: Chocolate is not even that good you know, besides, I think any food with fruit or nuts taste better than chocolate. Talisman Brother. "Lola," said Lynn Sr. in a calm tone, "I know you're angry at Lori, but don't throw your shoe at her. In this Loud House Alternate universe a man made virus force's mankind to abandon earth.all except one 11 year old Lincoln Loud was accidentally abandoned by his paren. 2 hours passed and still Lincoln hadn't come down. ", "Lana," said Lincoln, "don't tell anyone, but I'm running away.". Simon: >angered, to Lincoln< Same as our show when our show is running completely downhill. Luna: Yeah, had to watch it on my laptop while I'm babysitting my siblings, Leni's gone to work, Luan is at a birthday gig, Lynn is at Baseball practice. Lincoln: I have a few consoles hooked up to the TV, I got a Super Nintendo, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch and a PS4, and yes, I do have some portable consoles like a 3DS, well technically speaking the SNES and Wii belonged to Lori before she taught me how to play videogames when I was like five. Lincoln: >to Luna< I think we both had a bad day! "Lincoln," she yelled. Only ten more minutes until the end of the school day and Lincoln could go home and read comics in his underwear, and play video games. Lincoln: Wow, I didn't know you liked gummy Dinosaurs. (Sam was adored by this and left a small tear on her eye by his comment). ", "A mistake," gasped Rita, "Honey, you're not a mistake. "I just didn't know they actuallymissme," sobbed Lincoln. Liam: Tarnation, now this is even more cheesier than the time Lynn tried to get me into Baseball, but it was fun while it lasted. Simon: It's fine, but what about the Peanut Butter cookies or Blueberry muffins? Language: English Words: 6,157 Chapters: 1/1 4 Kudos: 8 Bookmarks: Hits: 605 by Long Lost Loud is a one shot The Loud House fanfic written by Bouken Dutch 2.0. Lincoln: HmmmLipton's does taste good, but PG tips kinda taste awful, The Chocolate hip Muffins and the White Chocolate chip cookies are delicious, even more so than the other Muffins and Cookies. Simon: Like Abraham Lincoln? ", "Hurry," called Lynn Sr., "the hot dogs are becoming cold dogs!". Lynn: (whispering) You're NOT bad luck, Stinkoln. (Lincoln and Simon handed Clyde their notes, Clyde reads them and he both gave them a concerned look). "Hey," said Lincoln, "this isn't Piperville! It was the Loud family's new friend James. Luna: No Sam, I'm sorry for harassing you, I want us to be two peas in a pod. Maybe you could find something to watch together for a change. (Hops starts popping up from the tea cup scaring Simon). 30K Views. Luna: >to Simon< Sorry dude, if you can't get along with my brother, than so be it. ", "YOU'RE GROUNDED, YOUNG LADY," yelled Rita, "GROUNDED, GROUNDED, GROUNDED, GROUNDED!". Leni: >to Lincoln< Because you deserve it, and I love you very much, I really hate it when any of my siblings are mad at each other. 87,364 87.3K. View source. Add to Favourites. Ronnie Anne: Oh sure, and according to the schedule, I have the same classes as you. Luna: I understand, we got to get them to respect each other's opinion. Luna: It's like a sister protocol that usually happens in this house at some point but the exact gender opposite, it's when certain siblings fight over stupid things like how Lori and Leni fought over the dress, and the restyou don't want to know. "Your jokes are better than Luan's," said Lincoln as he put his bike in the trunk of Butch's car and got in. James then removed a pair of noise-cancelling earmuffs he had on. Leni: >to Luna< She said she feels sorry for you, her son says that he's a real big fan of your music. ", "And James," said Rita, "we're sorry for all the yelling.". Luna: Great, I'm watching "School of Rock" on my laptop. Then, he got on his bike and rode away from the house. "Is everything OK here," asked another voice. After events of "No Such Luck" Lincoln is treated by his whole family as a living talisman. Liam: Yup, that's me, I used to play Baseball but my time has passed. (Luna then turns to Lincoln in a more angry expression and slaps Lincoln on his cheek). Butch then collected the mail and noticed the envelope Lori had sent. (Luna shares a big hug with Lincoln and Lincoln returns his hug to Luna, they both looked at each other in sorrow as they both felt sorry for each other, Luna then sits right next to Lincoln by his bed, she then ruffles his hair while he reads his Ace Savvy comic, then they went downstairs to watch an animated television film "Rockin' with Judy Jetson" on Boomerang, then they sang some classic rock songs on the karaoke machine in Luna and Luan's bedroom like "Africa" by Toto and "We will Rock you" by Queen, just then, Leni appears after the song was done). It slipped! Sam: >to Simon, angered< How can you talk to someone who has a sibling you can't get along with, as of now I forbid you to talk to Luna or any of her siblings, >to Luna< Goodbye Luna, see you never! And you're right, it's just a phone. Sam: Well it hasn't, my passion with you is gone, if these two want to end up arguing and not bother to respect one's opinion, then I don't want to associate with you anymore. "Almost," said Lincoln, "I just need to pee first.". Sam: Wellat least there is something they had in common about what they both disliked. ", "Alright," said Lincoln, "I love you, Lori.". ", "I just wanted to know if you'd all like to go to the mall tomorrow," said Lori, "I wanna show you this really cool store I found. Guess we have to share Luke, hope it doesn't go chaotic like most of our plans do. Lori then charged over to Lana and slapped the former across the face while everyone else gasped. "Luan: "Then you're in the right family! (They both high fived each other, and then all four of the siblings had some Fro-Yo and then they all went into the Arcade, Lincoln and Simon were playing what appears to be a "Muscle Fish" arcade, while Sam and Luna are playing Air Hockey, Simon and Luna have their time playing Basket Ball hoops while Sam and Lincoln play Ski balls, it didn't take Luna long for her to beat the high score which hasn't been broken in years until today, then it was now Luna and Lincoln as they were playing an Ace Savvy fighting game while Simon and Sam are playing "Dance Battle", they all had a lot of fun until they realized that they were out of tokens, they all left the arcade and they sat down on the bench). Apologize to Lincoln. Lori tried to walk away, but James saw her. Simon: >to Lincoln< YES IT IS, ADMIT IT, YOU DON'T HAVE A BETTER OPINION THAN MINE! Sam: Wait, what is Simon doing with Lincoln? "Yes, officer," said Butch and Mark as the cop left. Lincoln: While I do enjoy the Ace Savvy cartoon most of the time, one of the greater cartoons I enjoy was "Scooby Doo Where are you!". A minute of awkward silence was soon followed by a familiar voice. Butch saw this, came outside, and joined Lincoln on the branch. ", "OK," said Rita, "Take all the time you need to think about it. "Why would Lori say that to me," cried Lincoln. "Well," said Rita, "I suppose it'll be OK if we had you two staying with us. Lincoln: >to Liam< Sorry you had to see that and sorry about your farm. (It then cuts to Sam and Luna still bickering). Lincoln: >annoyed, to Simon< Uh, you do know he has bad episodes as well. Sam: >to Luna< Yup, i'm happty that they are happy. You kind made Sam act like a jerk, no offence. Simon: I think one sister is good enough already. (They all shared a hug, until from a distance, Leni was clapping very slowly while smiling). Sorry to break it to you, but Playstation is such a bland console, if you don't have a cooler console like Xbox, you are out of the leagues, that's my verdict. Sam: I guess the tables did turn after all, I mean ironically they argued about their opinions on their first meeting and on their second meeting we are arguing. Sam: Please, stop talking to me, I want nothing to do with you. Luna: >to Sam< To think, jut like us at the "Royal Woods quest" it just took us a while to find something we had in common, but it was a little difficult to have our brothers to trust each other. Luna: Good idea Leni, maybe I was a bit harsh on him after our breakup. "We all sat down and greeted Luke.Rita: "Luke was born just after Luan. Votes. She knocked on his door. Simon: I love the switch, but not as fun as Xbox though, I think Xbox is the best console ever. I'll see if I will get you the best dress to wear on your date with Sam and--, (Luna cries harder when she hears the name "Sam" and plants her face on her pillow). After 5 minutes, he heard another knock at the door, this time it was Rita. These episodes can be fanmade mode and my version mode. Simon: But our opinions matter too you know. ben suarez bread / joseph wiley kim burrell / loud house fanfiction lincoln loses his memory. Simon: Buti want a brother to play with, I never want to be involved in girly things. Nevertheless, Lori knew she had to apologize to her brother, so she knocked on the door. Of course, while I don't know what Lincoln's favorite kind of cake is, I imagined it could be white cake. Chandler: BOOOOOOO, go back to Great Lakes City, BOOOOOO! Everyone has lost someone's trust at one point or another and this time won't be any different; Lincoln Loud, a fifth grader in Royal Woods Michigan will soon know what's it like to lose trust. Back in Piperville, after having a dinner of franks and beans, Lincoln gathered all of his things and got ready for the journey back to Royal Woods. Instantly Sweet. All except for Lincoln and Lucy who were sitting in their rooms and reading comic book and poetry dairy respectively. (The brothers and sisters all high fived each other). "OK," said Lori, "but do you know about what happened? What if there's an unknown sibling??? Luna: If you two can't get along, then we will never pair you two again, but for now, we are going to have to try a little harder won't we? Guess he likes more than one thing.Luke: "Hmmm, I also enjoy music. "You don't sound OK," said Lana, "are you sure you're OK? Simon: I'm the quite opposite of what Lincoln says about the other tea, Cookies and Muffins, I liked the PG tips tea better than Lipton's, the blueberry Muffins taste more delectable than the chocolate chip ones, the Peanut Butter ones are also more tastier than White Chocolate chips. When she was just two years old, Chiara Rose Bernardi was taken away from her family by her mother [Mafia Fiction] (Ephesians 4:32). ", "It's alright," said James, "I understand. Phone," repeated Lori, "just a phone?! Lincoln was reading an Ace Savvy comic when Lori burst into the room. Liam: So, you two haven't been getting along huh? Commentary is acceptable, The Story (It shows Lincoln and Leni are in the living room, looking at a scrapbook of their childhood memories) LINCOLN: There we are, Leni. The link didn't work. loudhouse # 11 The Fastest Man Alive - A Loud Hou. Simon: >angered, to Lincoln< If you would have agreed with me, we shouldn't start fighting in the first place.