Learn how your comment data is processed. Go back to the main part of the lobby and click on the front desk worker. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Run in opposite directions for sharper turns. May climbs to the ceiling and continues to move like that almost until the very end. The abilities of the heroes will change with each new level. Cody needs to rebuild May's bridge. Ok I have a red key and the pen and toilet paper I cant figure out how to write help I cant figure out how to write the receipt or check in front of blue curtain help:(. Having done this, you will find a robot you are already familiar with, which needs to be activated using a battery and a lever. Once in the arena, you need to fight a toy bull. Home Collectibles It Takes Two Guide & Walkthrough The Tree Deeply Rooted 04/19/2021 672 Video Guide Deeply Rooted Minigames: 1 Secret Achievements/Trophies: 1 Secret Achievement/Trophy: Struck a Pose This Achievement/Trophy is unlocked in the room where Codys polaroid is. Just minutes from the George Washington Bridge and Lincoln Tunnel and down the road from the I can figure the clock out, what was the sequence? May stands on the manhole cover on the right side of the location, and Cody sprays resin on the barrel tied to it to raise the cover higher. Driving me nuts :0). These will move the platforms up and down and left and right, while also switching which side the handles for the green dinosaur is on. Subsequent puzzles involve a marble maze, quick wall-jumping, propelling each other with whoopie cushions, and gliding through a difficult obstacle course with fidget spinners. May moves her pencil to the right and left. (double underscores denote 2 digit number positions and single underscores denote 1 digit number positions). These get completed as you progress through the game. Assuming that its a game glitch and I need to start over if I didnt get anything . WebPSNProfiles PSN Trophy Tracking, Stats, Guides & Leaderboards At this moment, several swarms of wasps in the form of military bombers will start attacking the heroes at once. It Takes Two Roses I have a wrench a socket and USB cable yet I can do nothing with them. Dodge the spatula and falling nails. It will drop or roll over from time to time, so you need to try not to fall down. It Takes Two All Minigame Locations. Posted On 7, 2022. Here you will see yellow plants blocking the passage. I have up on these games a while back and I forgot why but now I remember its like you have to hit one damn pixel for it to operate. Thats just the tip of the iceberg. Below is a video walkthrough for all 20 achievements with timestamps: Timestamps: 0:03 Minigame 1/25 - Whack A Cody (The Its a game that allows you to reap your rewards even after not playing it for some time. Here is the correct procedure: The first player grabs the pipe from below and begins to suck in incendiary spray cans that are scattered around the location. Subscribe to our newsletter Share Tweet Share Share U need to get the screw driver socket first from the drawer which needs password. Check out my recommended list for other games you might like. All of these wont be possible if we dont have the proper trains to do the job for us. Hey I am guessing these numbers correlate with the ones displayed on the computer monitor after you hook up the security camera to it using the USB cord But where did you find the note? Pick up the scissors from the desk. You need to unscrew the four corners to open. Webit takes two train station walkthrough; fresh baked long beach strains. Gems are mainly acquired by unlocking achievements: obtained via finishing enough quests and completing upgrades. Repeat the actions until the Wasp Shield dies. Many thanks for sharing! 8-Main room, place oil pump on water on floor, get the pump running a few times. Gems, on the other hand, can only be obtained by finishing achievements. It also stands for 12 on the big clock youre standing on. It actually takes some time to get that amount of steel, taking into consideration that forty pieces require five minutes to process. razer blade 15 60hz vs 144hz. If you come across a pipe, one end of which is lowered down, then one of the players must pick it up and hold it until the partner moves to the other side. Cody gets to a broken lever with a hook, rewinds time and holds it for May. The left platform should be slightly higher than the right for both of you to climb up. The Queen is a mechanical robot protected by living insects. The player controlling Cody must activate them in the required sequence: When the top of the first tower is destroyed, you can find lights in the sky and throw them at the device that supports the central dome. One portal will take you straight to a toy robot, although you will have to complete several puzzle trials to obtain lightning bolt statuettes that will complete an electric current to let you access the toy robot. From time to time, the player playing as Cody will need to spray resin on wooden objects to make them heavier. Cant figure out what to do with the key or the ladder. Throughout the game, the heroes will receive their unique abilities, with the help of which they can interact with each other and overcome various obstacles. The total amount of resources you need to make four hundred steel pieces is one hundred pieces of iron ore and three hundred pieces of coal. For a game that is built around time constraints, most of TrainStation 2 revolves around optimization and finding ways to lessen the amount of time we do between actions. The dispatchers make everything happen for you. the forth square is big circle> u may fill on 5 or 25 It Takes Two Walkthrough - Bosses and Puzzles at All Levels, Passage of Duskwood (1-10 episodes): all the answers and forks in the dialogues. Bounce up some platforms and team up for some childish school activities. Before starting the game, select the character you will control. Parts and gold are the currencies used to upgrade trains. I also decided to buy the games on PC to experience the awesome mods that people in the community have created since the launch of these games. Repeat the steps and get rid of the second castle so that the enemy moves to the next phase. What do I need to do to get the note from the mystery man? it takes two Having one maxed out common train will allow you to harvest and deliver twenty resources at once. Please click or tap the links below to jump to different sections of the walkthrough: Collectibles: All Minigames and Where to Find Them, Xbox Game Pass Is Having its Best Stretch Ever, The Simpsons Hit and Run Designer Wants to See a Remake - IGN Daily Fix. See all 23 photos. When you get out of the tree trunk, the leader of the squirrels named Chief will attack you. This is a circular saw that moves back and forth. Cut open the box with the scissors to get a USB cable. Its best to make sure that you already have all the necessary materials to be delivered before you even start to make deliveries. Place the railway worker on the gear, two halves of a couple on the larger red circle to have them kiss, and the conductor in the stall, which is opened by the couple. With all the recent craze about Fallout 4 coming out later this year, i got back in deep with I have a love/hate relationship with these games! Pull two levers for the platform to move. Help! Your trains would just be covered in dust and rust if it werent for these guys. Take a ride on the rails to the platform suspended in space to get to it. After fighting the bug, get on horseback and run along the only path with obstacles. All I have is the red key and the nite with the clock thing so can u just tell me the code, Good evening! Hrm, got as far as giving the mystery person a receipt. 5. Climbing onto the platform, Cody grows in size and lowers it lower so that May can also climb. The player who distracts the monkey runs behind the raised platform so that the boss breaks the glass platform and takes damage. Forty pieces of steel requires ten pieces of iron ore and thirty pieces of coal) with a given timer for each smelt. 4-Right, right corner under window with curtain(Sorry for my english) get socket. I cant get the socket and the wrench to go together to get the bolt cutters. Now the second player grabs the hose and uses air to move the platform for a friend. The finale of this long segment will take place in a trippy kaleidoscope. Now the queen has only one weak point - this is the chain that holds the mechanism. They plan to kill Roses elephant queen toy, but the two will have to go through the labyrinth known as Roses Room to get all the way to the top of the shelf. I dont know how to turn on the computer or get into anywhere or find anything!!! The mission to assassinate an elephant doll is now clear. Now that were done talking about the basic functionalities, lets dive right into the first country. Another way is to open boxes bought using gems. At this moment, a passage will open, where you will see another broken statue of a bird. May hits them with a hammer and Cody throws nails. Otherwise, pressing the nail return button will return the last installed nail to your inventory! are there any other codes that will work?? anyone found out? Or maybe I'm just not bright enough or clever enough to figure it out, Im in the same boat. The #s on the computer stand for letters: a simple substitution where A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. After watching the cut-scene, the heroes will again have to perform different functions. Thanks a lot for sharing! This train covering 228 miles in exactly 2h32, this is the sum of the times the 2 other trains will take to cover the distance. 10-Activate ladder, climb to camera cut wires, get camera. Generally, look for paths with glowing stars on them that May can walk on, and Codys large size will come into use for large buttons and switches, or for anything that needs weight similarly, only tiny Cody can fit through small holes. In the next scene, Cody has to go through a test. Lol, use the ladder to get screw driver ontop of window with nail on it. The level locks on each region increases as you progress, so you will end up spending more and more time with each region. This trick will need to be done several times, but you have already understood the principle and you can continue the passage without any problems. Maybe I'm making it too hard somehow and it's so easy I just can't see it I have the ratchet, socket, USB cable, and the scissors. This adventure will take Max and Cody to all sorts of locales at their house ranging from a shed with an evil toolbox to a tree that stands as the backdrop for a war between squirrels and wasps and more. WebUnfortunately, your shopping bag is empty. I have black pen, roll of paper and red key but they all seem to do nothing. Also put the ratchet and socket together to loosen the bolt where the wire cutters are. The latter throws nails and fixes the required platforms so that Mei can pass the test. To reach it, operate the lifting mechanism using the arrows. Cody sprays resin on her and May sets it on fire. I have no idea what Im doing, can somebody please help me!? When you manage to knock down the first lock, the Crate will start making holes in your platform and will also use a saw. Since, the game gives little information as to how to optimally play it, were here to help you with a bunch of tips and tricks in order for you to progress faster. The device reverses the air supply, so the first player can climb into the pipe and get out on the opposite side. Im stuck, and dont know what to do or get next. WebBoth players continue to the right to find two levers. When May reaches the two vertical platforms, Cody first activates the left platform. In flight, Cody throws a few nails into the can on the top of the Crate and destroys it. big tick can be 10 or50, so according to the note, the first square is small tick>37 One player (for example, May) stands on a cushion, to which a red hose fits. When the hero hooks on a magnet of the opposite color, his partner turns the main platform so that a magnet of his color is under the first player. Now, please do keep in mind, I explain everything, the path to take, the mini mission you have to do to unlock the station and so on. It Takes Two: All Minigames Locations. The first player grabs the break point immediately after the button. After sucking the water on floor u can switch the computer on too. They cost a lot more gems than permanent dispatchers do, but thats because they have no level limits. 3D Walkthrough. Having reached the machine gun in the form of a robot, Cody again shrinks in size, enters the machine through a small hole and interacts with the battery. After getting out of the tower, destroy both dome defense devices and open the gate to the central tower. Then Cody shrinks and both heroes get to the platform with the robot. On the next level, you need to lower the bridge that leads to the Elephant Castle. So you will find yourself in the main settlement, which you need to unfreeze with the help of three towers. The partner places a clone next to the entrance and goes back. You can just set your actions and forget about it, and return to it later on with some juicy rewards. Alternate to reach the toy robot. oleproduce.com/__media__/js/netsoltrademark.php?d=fleetrepairshops.com2Fmercedes-camper-van-repair-shop-near-me2F. So to deal with duplicate trains, go back to the train depot and disassemble them for train parts. Cody jumps onto the pump, Mei is thrown into the air and she grabs the hook above the ceiling (this hook activates the turntable for a while, which can also be hooked on). Each of them opens a certain lever. To anyone: What do I do with the paper? Wait for the circular saw to move away from you and run towards the platform. 4. Head over to Lucas, the train navigator, and speak to him. Learn more about Redfin Premier. This will optimize the amount of time we spend on a task while the rest of our trains can finish other work for us. The Impossible Quiz Stupid Test: All Answers and Solutions to All Questions, Zombie Royale: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide, (GT9I>6}) Hi! Get May to stand on the larger planets while giant Cody pushes them May will then walk on the wall and ground pound buttons to create blue platforms for Cody to climb. There are some goodies and interactive bits in the Pillow Fort, though this is mostly a transitional section. This will allow you to finish delivery quests that have no train type restrictions easier. I've tried all manner of substituting the clock numbers, or adding them, have tried using the minute values and the hour values and rearranging the other numbers and pretty much have tried everything my brain can think of no matter how simple, complex, or just plain bizarre an idea is and I just can't seem to figure it out! TrainStation 2 is a fun building simulator which, instead of building a city, you create a functional railway system. From the video you will learn about the new abilities of the heroes. At this time, your partner follows the rails and tells you the pictures to stand on. Webit takes two train station walkthrough. The third figurine is to the left of the robot. Can quickly travel long distances (overcome large cliffs); Hits the ground and causes enemies to burn; Ultimate Ability: Mei creates a cloud of fire around her that deals heavy damage to all enemies within range. It Takes Two has many achievements and trophies for completionists waiting to be unlocked. Mitch have you sucked up the water off the ground with the oil pump or have you went over to the camera click the ladder on the camera the use bolt cutters to cut wires then use wrench on camera or the USB cable to get it down. Look for the Plastic Prison Breakers achievement in this section, along with the Tank Brothers minigame. It Takes Two Walkthrough It Takes Two is a cooperative platform/adventure game developed by Hazelight and published by Electronic Arts. If you cant get to the lizard, move the bottles out of the way. At this time, Mei controls the flying saucer. 20-Use blue key to open small safe above big safe, get paper roll. At this point I have a red key and the note. Use cubes to open paths and follow the story. The only non-obvious mystery here is the repainting of the tiles to open the passage. How do I get it out please. May uses the hammer on the mechanism to lift another platform for Cody. The upper part of the train station is used for housing. The first one will either cost you around a hundred gems or four hundred steel pieces. Puzzles, platforming segments, bosses, and more must be solved together. Webit takes two train station walkthroughharvey korman net worth at death. I have all the stuffs with me, but I cannot write a receipt with the paper and pen. 1. In the next room, Cody controls the umbrella-shaped apparatus and moves Mei around the room so that she can open the next passage. Maybe the 7 & 20 are the numbers on clock eg. *there is a hand drawn circle over the 5 o'clock (or 25 minutes) position. You will soon find yourself at a large door with three levers to spray resin onto. Webit takes two train station walkthroughharvey korman net worth at death. You need to use a pencil together: When you get out of the classroom, you will find yourself on a table with two platforms. If you played the PC version for a while and modded the hell out of it, you know what Tale of Two Wasteland is and it rocks. Wait for awhile and you can collect those from your station factories. The partner moves to the other side and presses the button. Then combine it w the wrench to install the knob properly to the only door needs it. Use the abilities of the heroes to the maximum to reduce the time to complete the level. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Currently the game has 9 countries to build through, each locked with a level wall. Once inside, the game will want to kill the heroes. The rest is already posted If anyone finds out about the automatic door or the big safe, please let me know , Thank you soooooooooooo much.. After your last step i just used to open the same door with red keys and it opened and they story ended.. Cody needs to stand on one button, and Mei uses the clone to press the other two. Then look under the telephones and pick up the socket. When the trains come back, youll get experience, coins, and other goodies. Whats a mobile game without some gacha elements? The first figurine is to the right of the platform. Repeat the steps four times, then hit the boss's hands. Cody rewinds time and May places a clone under the statue. If Cody gets everything back in place, the platform will rise and push May forward. Share this: Tags: The two will have cool powers, though May can walk on walls or ceilings through special starry paths, while Cody can either grow or shrink in size on command. Ive been gutting my way through this one and have gotten most of the way done and am more than happy to help anyone who wants some hints and help on it (just tell me where youre stuck and Ill help all I can) but I am really hoping that someone else out there has also made it as far as the note for the door with the code involving greater than and less than signs (with the check marks and circles over some of the values) cuz I am SOOOO hopelessly stuck on it. I tap everywhere and cant figure it out.. After you lower the first bottle, wasps will start flying out of their nests. How do i use the pen on the reciept book anybody no? Cody lifts the ruined bridge for May. Cody must control her, and Mei must destroy various dangers. , 1-On table in front of you, get socket wrench. $4,757/mo Get pre-approved 3 Beds 3.5 1,848 Sq Ft If you have come across additional helpful tips, then please let us know in the comment area below! Pick up the scissors from the desk. Everything is very open with a precise description of the issues. After reaching the frozen settlement, you need to climb the central tower and ring the bell. I dont know how to access this or what I can do with the 3 available drivers / conductors? One essential tip: remember that the green dinosaur can hold on to handles to prevent them from switching sides, even when the red dinosaur hits the switch. What am I missing?? And be sure to open your free containers as soon as they become available. Having overcome it, Cody stands on a yellow platform, and May hits it with a hammer. These six puzzles will test your logic and problem solving with your gravity-defying and size-manipulating abilities. To attach the socket to the wrench you double tap on the wrench and then tap on the socket. Click on the dialogue options. Trains are classified into four different types: Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common. TrainStation 2 is a fun building simulator which, instead of building a city, you create a functional railway system. Share. Ive plugged camera to the monitor but i cant use the monitor, You need to press play on the camera first. When the arrow points to a specific color, the corresponding platform will be active. TrainStation 2 is all about collecting materials from harvesting spots and then processing or delivering them. Now you will find a small corridor with obstacles. Watch for bubbles to appear over the tracks. Ok ok im also over thinking but im baffled. Thats just the start of it, however. The hand cart will then be able to pass. TrainStation 2 has 9 countries for you to unlock and build a successful train business in. 13-Connect USB to camera (needs a while) 14-Connect camera to computer, press play button. it takes two train station walkthroughspring ligament tear recovery time. After the cut-scene, your characters acquire special skills, and the gameplay itself will more resemble an isometric role-playing game. Escape Game: The Dark Train Station The camera will rise above the heroes, and you will need to dodge these attacks by all means. Better not to bring this up! Please help. When the heroes realize that their method has not worked, the Book will offer them to undergo "family therapy" and send them to the Gate of Time, endowing them with new abilities. This is the gameplay walkthrough of IT TAKES TWO. it takes two train station walkthrough. 15-Read numbers on monitor (equal letters of the alphabet)station. Instead, the red anklo can ground pound instead to activate switches. Once you reach the candy factory, you need to fix three generators. I then soaked the paper in the spilled oil on the table of tools which revealed a clock face where: When Cody hooks on one side of the red box, Mei shoots at the targets and turns it in the desired direction. In the room, you will see three wire breaks and a button to start the power. Its up to you now on the pace you want to build your worldwide railroad empire. I have the note with the numbers 7, 5, 20, 23, 5, 20 which doesn't match up with the correct positions for 2 and 1 digit positions in the door code. How do you connect the camera and USB chord??? There are clues in each line that Player 2 needs. To overcome wooden obstacles, you should spray the resin directly onto the obstacle, then ignite it with a match shot. Gold is easily harvested by sending your trains to towns acquired gold is measured by the cargo your train can carry multiplied to a multiplier that is dependent on the town the train goes to. I am still hopelessly stuck. In the next location, you will get to the cage. When you find yourself in a time loop, you will need to smash all the clocks on the platform. Train Station 2: Tycoon Sim is a new iOS and Android game where you run a train depot and collect trains, use them to ship goods back and forth Sign it, hand it out and youll get a note. Try to save your keys! Here you will see several chains that hold the grate in the center of the arena. When May hits the platform again, Cody must throw a nail into a special hole and temporarily hold the platform in this position. The monkey uses a laser to attack. It is a good guess, you discover later that there are very interesting places under and behind the station, but first you need to solve many good puzzles, get many items and figure out how and where they can be used. Posted On 7, 2022. Open the door and then swipe down to go to the basement. The second player climbs onto the platform and directs the pipe towards the boss. Any player uses a small platform with a blue magnet to rotate a large platform that holds the blue and red magnets. 4 train platform at the 59th Street station about 12:30 a.m. Place the railway 3m perfect it 3 step system. Then u get the hint to deal with the tick n circle on the door n use red key at the end, Now I have a pen but still Im lost. There are three lines of text to find here. Using her ability, Cody raises the bell above the right button, and Mei uses a clone and interacts with two buttons at once. Oh man I did originally think the computer numbers stood for letters and then WAY over thought it and didnt realize that I should just unscramble the letters haha I kept waiting to find another clue to give order of letters! If at this stage both heroes die, then you will have to start the passage almost from the very beginning. The first one blows out the air and the second one sucks it in. the code spells out get wet so dunk it in the oil. Be sure to catch a portal to the Space Walk minigame before doing the first set of three puzzles; look in the middle of the space lift you used to get up to the three portals. The tactics of fighting her are quite simple: When the queen has less than half her health, she will enter the second phase. In the next location, wasps will attack you for the first time. To deactivate the fans, you need to press the dedicated buttons at the same time. I feel like I have everything but that. After a few hits, the monkey will surrender, and you can go to the next level. Follow to the main hall with the statue. Pick up the fuse and return to the generator. Navigate the pillows to the center platform. Its a fun way to chill and relax while watching your trains go round and round. In front of you on the table are nine numbers from 1 to 9. Go to the shop Go to the shop. Y = distance 50 kph train moves to that same point. May launches the ball with Cody on the machine and opens / closes the dampers at the right time. Press the buttons in such a sequence that Cody can climb up. There you will find a screwdriver piece that can be attached to the socket wrench in place of the actual socket and then used in a couple spots. This way, a friend will be able to move you over the cliff. The third step is to go back to the main country area, look for people who give you quests, which involve shipping the refined resources, then put your trains on the job and ship them out. Use the oil pump to suck water at the corner to melt the ice, u will get the door knob from it. It will be simple at first, but the last two platforms can be tricky. Mei has to open the passage for Cody, then rotate the platform inside the capsule so that Cody gets out and presses the button. For this, the supply of resin should be sufficient. Each player controls one blade, so your movements must be synchronized. When the bird is destroyed, Mei teleports to this area, and Cody lifts his partner up, rewinding time. The more effort you put into the game, the more gems the game will reward you with. Repeat these actions until the heroes get rid of the laser on the monkey's flying saucer. Was I supposed to do something with the camera when I got it down from the roof? In the end, you will get to the Queen of the Wasps, with whom you also need to fight. Use them to continue driving. 3-Right: Cut cardboard, get usb cable. Repeat these steps three times, after which the bull will be defeated. Next, Cody throws nails into the yellow pieces of wood so that May can get over to the other side with the hammer. if so you have to take off the first socket first . Each of them is a small challenge. Red key is in the wall plate. After this, Cody will use a gravity gun to move May to where she needs to be, while May stands on buttons to deactivate lasers preventing Cody from wall-jumping. What do you do with those faces that you get with some awards. The more you upgrade them, the more stuff theyll be able to haul. There are two platforms in front of you. They are all challenging, albeit straightforward keep in mind that giant Cody has to ground pound the big red button for upside-down May to get the last statue under the floor. You say that the mystery person is supposed to give you something? One of the players stands on the platform, and the second presses the button. Here is the procedure: After reaching a location with large fans, any player interacts with the wheel and moves the fan blades so that the second player can get over to the other side. Train Station 2: Tycoon Sim is a new iOS and Android game where you run a train depot and collect trains, use them to ship goods back and forth from various countries, collect resources, and complete quests for various people in each country. May jumps to the second ball, and from it to a special platform. It Takes Two Guide & Walkthrough Video Guide Train Station Minigames: 0 Secret Achievements/Trophies: 0 Source: Supersoluce Soluce It Takes Since May cannot "spam" with shots, and each recharge takes a long time, Cody will have to help his comrade and keep the insects back for a while. There is a precise "typed" check mark over the first number position, a "hand drawn" check over the first "greater than" symbol, a "hand drawn" circle over the 4th number position, and a precise "typed" circle over the "less than" symbol. Am I the only person who cannot combine socket and wrench?!?!?!?!?!?!