New Series Announcement! Link below! Which is an unfortunate climate to be in, because I intend my criticism only positively. I also was a little turned off by that same romantic subplot but my biggest nitpick was that the authors (or editors) missed that every time they wanted to write the word quiet they wrote quite. A few rules & reminders: Chapters will be dropping as Bryce completes them. I wish it was told in a tighter third person limited perspective but it is pretty loose bordering on third person omniscient but without head hopping. . Both authors have multiple series going on including some with multiple authors, it could be a WHILE before book 2 is released. I assume the authors were using viv as a sort of tie in between the them needing a mauler at the end. So it wont be long to wait! As is tradition here I like to do a bit of a wrap up to see what we've done for the year so far and to take a look at what will be coming down the pipe ahead. Hopefully we can get it out by the end of the year or early next! iron prince warformed book 2 release date. Hey there! I loved the friendship and Rei as a character just blew me away. Try again. Warformed: Stormweaver is a sci-fi, fictional series written by Bryce O'Connor and Luke Chmilenko. The fall series epic, Most recent info from Luke is here: seems like everyone has this covered, but we're shooting for book II launch by the end of this year! These ebooks can only be redeemed by recipients in the US. vitalik buterin portfolio; internal medicine residency ontario; abandoned house horsham; grand designs south london paul and penny Would love to be updated on Rei's matron that raised him, in the second book, Hello! Great start to what looks like an epic legend *some spoilers*, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 26, 2023. So, we will definitely be starting 2022 with a bang once we get the logistics of their launches figured out! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 30, 2020. That's my worst critique I was expecting fast paced no extra or little padding to the scenes . The audiobook was awesome! Yes it felt a little odd/off but I expected way worse than what it actually was. I finally got to this one. Hi Willn I agree, I really enjoyed it and I was very glad you reccomended it! quite vs quiet, missing prepositions, etc.) While the story of students going to military school isn't new, the way this story is told is. Guild Guide Get the latest on my new works! Here is to another awesome year to come, filled with all the exciting stories we could ever hope for. November 2018 Unable to add item to List. There may be a better trope label for mentally invented excuses for plot holes in ways that are actually plausible, but I can't think of it and don't spend enough time on tvtropes to go searching. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 15, 2020. February 2017 1. Progression and pacing are well executed, and because Im a sucker for mediocre sci-fi Ill likely read a sequel, but this was not really a notably good book in my view. So lets hop to it! My Epic Adventures Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2020. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 18, 2020. February 2022 2023 Luke Chmilenko. August 2021 ** But I disagree with your final nitpick. October 2022 I read the story and honestly loved it I can see Lukes ability in the fight scenes and would love this book in audible is there any chance this book will join those others on your list of audible books? Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2023. It's well worth every minute. Wait, so Read it. I like Iron Prince, Will. Tbh I didnt mind the romance sub plot really. Click above for unlimited listening to select audiobooks, Audible Originals, and podcasts. Laris. Not all of them did. House Of Blades Just wondering if you had any updates. December 2017 The first book is set in the Astra system and follows the life of Rei Ward. Basically we all know Rey will win in the end because he has S class growth. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club thats right for you for free. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. It's just annoying. Another common cause for Item Under Review is when buyers complained about your product doesn't match the description or the product quality is below they expected directly to Amazon." Thank you. This novel is a fun and entertaining read even when considered outside of its genre and entirely on its own merits. This is just my take on it, I could be totally wrong :). All rights reserved.Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. : Try again. Though Bryce and I need to finish book 2 of Shattered Reigns first, plus a couple of our other cowrites/projects along the way. Checking for updates almost daily for new releases :( :( :(. Only that we are working away on it! Previous page. Same genre . I wanted to ask if we could be receiving any updates on your sci-fi litrpg series. I was only disappointed when I finished it and there was no 2nd book yet. October 2016 I wish it was told in a tighter third person limited perspective but it is pretty loose bordering on third person omniscient but without head hopping. I don't know if it will have other trilogies or not, but it's clear from the little quotes at the beginning of each chapter that Stormweaver isn't going to just be what he's called in his cadet years. Was very entertaining. Im about to start this book but I was wondering if there are any sequels in the works or if its a standalone book? My favourite read of the year. I agree with your opinion on the romantic subplot between the antagonist and Rei's friend, I would have preferred to see that cut out personally. But more importantly the basic premise is confusingly flawed; in the distant future, to prepare soldiers for war with an incredibly advanced alien enemy at the edge of the known universe, they engage in 1-on-1 exhibition combat with swords and axes with _zero_ study of the alien enemy. And yes, voice to text is really the only way I get anything done at the moment though I do feel I am a bit faster while typing. I think the antagonist has major emotional issues, but he also has a code. Graduating from Ithaca College with his Bachelors in Creative Writing and Doctorate of Physical Therapy, O'Connor currently resides in Rochester, NY. Is this going to be a series? I kind of wish I had never read it because I didn't want it to end. February 2015 Agreed on all points, both positive and negative. So begins the ascent of the Stormweaver. Then Iron Prince came out and blew me away. 5. Guess that means he's destined to be a LOSER (you know, in spite of what a basically omniscient presence we base our entire society around says). April 2016 I have shared it with almost 100 other readers and we have all listed/read this book at least 6 times. Iron Prince (Warformed: Stormweaver Book 1) Kindle Edition by Bryce O'Connor (Author), Luke Chmilenko (Author) Format: Kindle Edition 8,580 ratings Book 1 of 1: Warformed: Stormweaver See all formats and editions Kindle $0.00 Read with Kindle Unlimited to also enjoy access to over 3 million more titles $4.99 to buy Audiobook 15 Oct. 2020. April 2022 The ones who did were wrapped into the snobby school mindset, and he was a poor, orphan, who was short, ill and well below their standards. This is a great book. like. It took me three days to listen to the complete audiobook and I absolutely loved it. I was, however, wondering when I might be able to get a physical copy of both this and Glory to the brave. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved . August 2014 ", #1 in the US (Cyberpunk, Genetic Engineering, Military, and more! Does this item contain inappropriate content? I talked to Bryce and he said it's coming but there will probably be other books first. will hopefully be out in December/January!". iron prince warformed book 2 release date. There are still difficult people, but there are more reasonable characters with better criticism thinking skills than one would expect from this kind of story. A lot of easily correctible stuff that will hopefully get fixed by the time anyone else reads the book. That said though, at the moment though we do not have a timeline on when the audiobook will be out, but as soon as we do, we will let you all know! December 2016 2) Defense - measurement of a CADs total defensive ability. The second part is the mental strength. That means anywhere from every 1 to 2 weeks on average, though sometimes waits may . ALL OF THE ABOVE. Would you give your stamp of approval to any other books of Bryce O'Connor and Luke Chmilenko? Honestly agree with all of this. : And it really killed any enjoyment I got from her character cause now I'm just like.. but he wants to murder your best friend. Really impressive stuff. Is it offset, because he has that growth stat maxed out? I could say it's like Starship Troopers meets Lord of the flies and be just as accurate. October 2015 Don't read if you haven't read the book**** Aria also makes an excellent addition to the friend group. You could say that, but in my opinion it was a far cry from the first book. The stats for the devices seem to be based off the person who gets the device. I'll probably still get the book on audible when/if it comes out on there (I assume it will but you never know). Visit Fandom's Community Central! My pet peeves are that MIND didnt pop up a little more, that there was no more movement towards the fact the devices maybe kind of have personalities (the way Dent talked to hers), that there wasnt quite enough emphasis on the bad guy having a background but I cant talk about it, its his story, but he has his reasons, and we know next to nothing about the Archons, and even Dent didnt really talk about methods to fight them. Coming to your kindle on October 15th, Iron Prince is a Progression SciFi book (with no LitRPG elements) and is easily the funnest book that Bryce and I have written so far and we have little doubt that anyone who gives it an honest shot will love it! I liked that some of the epigraphs came from the future, really helped me get through the emotionally rough parts of the present. Thank you so much! In any case, its my hope that I will be able to finish and release both of these books this year, though I do not have any sort of timeline at this point that I feel comfortable to committing to if only because of how unpredictable and overworked my hand has been over the last few months. But you really need a break! Can I ask how collaborative efforts work in regards to writing books? August 2018 One credit a month to pick any title from our entire premium selection yours to keep (you'll use your first credit now). Hey! The first book only covers half of his 1st year in military school that means there will either be a massive time jump or we will only get 1.5 of his school years in the books. , Print length Devoured the whole thing in two days. Im just here waiting for you guys to contact Netflix and have them make Book One into an anime already! I very specifically super agree with Will about the one romance. They also talked constantly about how Rei trained more than anyone at the academy. Possibly a lot if that what it takes for me to properly heal, or if failing that, not fall apart any further. I like how the people around the main character are more positive than you expect them to be. If the Growth was more emphasised as possible mutation, as it was mentioned at one point that someone had grown in an unpractical way, then it would help more. And yeah the detail in those fights scenes, especially the ones between combatants that had no bearing on the storyline whatsoever. Not on audible? As soon as you said there was a lot of crunchy combat I knew I wanted to get it on audiobook so I was disappointed when there wasn't an audio version available. So I go to alternate dimensions to find good books. They're teenagers, hormonal and kinda dumb and it's not soooooo farfetched that someone might a) let their hormones take over their good sense and b) be willing to accept that someone who they are attracted to physically might be willing to change their actions. ;). I will definitely have to agree that the relationship between his best friend and the douche master really was illogical. This is BY FAR the best book you've written Bryce. As to the romantic subplot, it didn't bother me. To me thry put all that stuff in to increase page count. July 2019 a month after 30 days. I felt like the authors put that into the narrative to justify MC's rapid progression. Every detail was fleshed out to make sure that while Rei's climb to being an OP character is looking to be amazingly fast, it's not just plot armour - it was explained in great detail how he worked hard to become stronger. The thing is it's really a college sports story. I am also now realizing I maybe should have paced myself instead of experiencing it as fast as I could. Even if it only gets half of what you say right, that still saves your hand. 20 votes, 24 comments. Reidon was born weak, sickly, and small. The problem is that there are too many of them. You broke their amazon listing. I agree on all points! Its unfortunately too early to say right now just when that book will be ready. Thanks for the gud rec btw. November 2021 This book had me from the beginning and never let go. However, this issue is only prevalent toward the very end. May 2021 When MMOs become fantasy novels, stats and all. Will's statement feels lightly over-warned, yes, but at the same time it feels like something that should not happen. For those of you who have backed the project please keep an eye out for your surveys which will be going out sometime next week! The odds of passing and being assigned a CAD are 1 in 12. It's a good read, plenty of potential. Lots of other books coming out soon need to read. The book was great! I love this book. It was she who originally appealed to the student selection board to admit Rei into the school. We're shooting for late next years since Iron Prince only went live in October, and the books are uh on the longer s, Tucker has the right of it! June 2013, All But overall, really really enjoyed it! The cover and initial chapters put me off a little; the sci-fi setting and body-enhancing Devices reminding me a little too much of a Japanese manga kind of story, which I wouldnt usually be a fan of. And the main character wants the former Primary Antagonist to join their team for the External School Tournament. I'm excited to let you know about all of my upcoming endeavours! how to recover stolen cryptocurrency from trust wallet; nc state hockey; firehawk aerospace dallas; brenda lowe baby name; observatory hill, pittsburgh crime; buying cigarettes in corfu 0 $ 0.00; 1981 high school basketball player rankings; January 2023 I can really appreciate this book as it has substance to it and I wasnt able to read in in 2 days. I'm loving it so far. Reidon was born weak, sickly and small. Ive heard nothing but good things about Iron Prince. Thank you so much for everyone who snagged it last month and all the reviews that youve left! They arent out just yet but will be soon. Therefore, I blame you for my having to wait for the next book in this series. I'm almost a 3rd of the way in and I'm enjoying it. Afflicted with a painful disease and abandoned by his parents because of it, he has had to fight tooth and nail for every minor advantage life has granted him. April First I pretty much agree with all points but will personally wait with recommendations until there is a book two. Thanks for this recommendation, Will! It feels a way to pad and fill out the book so it can be said to be first book on its genre to have that length . - Too much fighting towards the end. So i just finished reading iron prince, or stormweaver book 1, per y'all recommendations. The growth was too random and not under the characters control. I absolutely could not do any of this without your support! Chronicles The Primary Antagonist also beats the everliving crap out of his own hanger ons after they ambush the main character. November 2014 There is no release scheduled just yet, but Bryce does frequent updates over on r/Warformed and you can read the early patreon chapters as well! ", "Things I'm a huge sucker for: training montages, plucky underdog protagonists with a relentless will to keep fighting, combat tournaments, scifi swordfights. But I regret that choice, it is a great story. December 2014 Ill be following that series going forward. I found the best part of this book to be the writing, it is absolutely top class and while this is a very long book, there is not a sentence or a word that does not belong, and so the book feels perfectly paced. Afflicted with a painful disease and abandoned by his parents because of it, he has had to fight tooth and nail for every minor advantage life has allowed him. And its not like they act on it until its clear their friend is ambivalent. As for it killing the conflict, I meanwe already knew the main character was eventually going to win in the long run. But over the years I eventually managed to get in touch with the original author and we did a partial rewrite of the series to give it new life! There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. 1 thezazzmaster 2 yr. ago Bought the book yesterday and read it in between working hours, just finished it about a day and several focus induced headaches later. Iron Prince ( 2020) (The first book in the Warformed: Stormweaver series) A novel by Luke Chmilenko and Bryce O'Connor Buy from Amazon Search Sorry, we've not found any editions of this book at Amazon Find this book at Reidon Ward will become a god. Beyond that you wont see stat sheets and no game like system that runs the world, Arcane Ascension (wiki)Iron Prince (wiki), About | Wiki Rules | Reply !Delete to remove | [Brackets] hide titles. December 2015 October 15, 2020. Thanks! To be honest this book would have to cut 400 pages of fluff to do the same . Ask the Author. And we will be getting these sorted out for iron prince in the next few days/weeks! Then afterwards our plan is to jump right into Stormweaver book 2, which will hopefully be completed by the end of the year or early 2022. Additional gift options are available when buying one eBook at a time. January 2022 Maybe they see something we dont. Hi everyone! Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations. February 2014 It was allright. My normal policy is to only review stuff I really, really like. Famous fighter Gobta Rimuru! Bryce and I post there all the time with week to week and month to month updates specific to the series! You should post your super critical, tear down my competition type reviews under a super tricky pseudonym that no one would figure out like "Will's Remnant". A lengthy page turning young adult science fiction with training, powering up, and action galore. I *kinda* liked it. "I was blown away. Check out Bryce's imprint, Wraithmarked Creative, on Patreon for early access chapters and books, exclusive art, and unique hardcopies! You're points are completely valid and I get it, but I just didn't feel all that terrible for it and I feel that it actually fit with the feel of the character even if it was kind of shitty. Fight with your new high level trainer, get little to nothing. You can find the link here: You can also find a bit of a sneak preview of the cover off of a post on reddit here: How many times can her hand rest on his leg, leaving a warm and tingly spot, before two teenagers take some action? why is it under review by kindle it says you can't even purchase it because its under review. The moments happen off camera, and from a different characters perspective. He has super growth speed but a low starting point so he could claw his way up. September 2022 I thought this was some well written progression fic, but after looking up some reviews, I see that Luke Chmilenko was the LitRPG author that accused someone of plagiarism with no evidence and then bullied him with his platform of fans off of Amazon. Hahaha, i can relate to being lazy abt that fam. September 2019 Badass robot fight scenes are always awesome! Likely early next year! March 2017 Release date October 15, 2020 Details updated March 3, 2023 Luke Chmilenko Born in 1987, Luke Chmilenko grew up in the city of Mississauga, Ontario spending the majority of his life within the city. I think the romance thing was a bit more over warned, than necessary. Similarly things like counting 1, 2, 4, french fries turning into mashed potatoes mid-meal, and the 1-D vs D-1. July 2020 Thanks for the recommendation. So when I sat down and read this book all in one day it made me horribly frustrated with the writing and characters. I also don't like that the authors seem to be going for a standard 'earn the tough but fair asshole's respect' thing by the end. While I DO consider myself a Will Wight Fanboy, I didnt catch your recommendation, so hah! The many characters are well fleshed out and toward the end of the book it felt the pace was decent and not a page wasted in build up and execution. 5 Shonen-Style Books to Read if You Wish Your Novels Were More Like Anime. On the hand front, have you tried any speech-to-text programs? File size. He shoves his foot in the door and slams it into your face and responds with, "But they're great!" Page Flip. I've never been clear on it, but apparently if you put an endnote in the first page that takes you to the last page, that counts as reading the whole book. I have really enjoyed the Ascend series, and this seems right up my alley. He isn't the only one either. It surprises me that the authors dont address any psychological effects of teenagers feeling the (real even if artificially induced) pain of being stabbed, crushed, burnt or dismembered on a regular basis. February 2021 I started last night and finished about an hour ago. This is speculation, but they might be objecting to how many pages/filler it has. Weekly Post. Rei is quick to attract the attention of other staff and students at Galen's being the lowest ranked student ever admitted. Have you ever read the Reborn Apocalypse series by L M Kerr? June 2019 I'm curious what you would think of it. I want to thank you all again for all of the support that youve given me and my projects over the year(s). To me the biggest issue was the inconsistent growth. This sounds super exciting! As King says, "Kill your darlings." Hopefully this helps! On the bright side, it's always a risk to do these things, and I think the two pulled it out sort of well considering that the plot could have ruined the whole thing. You can pose questions to the Goodreads community with Every character, whether it's the mc or a minor one, is fully fleshed out. March 2015 If they want to preserve the "why does he hate Rei so much" they should have been more total in doing so and also in obscuring the interest between the hater and the friend. Which means that were due another monthly update and boy is it going to be an exciting one! August 2019 I had to exit to google to find a way to find the book. Any similarities are so superficial that you could pick just about any books in existence and use them with the same authority as comparisons. Hi Bryce/Luke it would be great to know when the next book in the series is coming out.. Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2023, So I read the first paragraph and skipped the book for 2 months as I read other things. So I read it and loved it. Definitely worth a read. June 2014 Were back again with the final update of 2021 here as well as a Happy 2022 to everyone! Hi Will, We're 'hoping' to have it out towards the end of next year if the stars align. However, his perseverance has not gone unnoticed, and when the most powerful artificial intelligence in human history takes an interest in him, things began to change quickly. : Your email address will not be published. It will! May 2016 I'm excited to let you know about all of my upcoming endeavours! No matter what the sob story was, who really gives a damn? 2 days! : Audiobooks Reidon was born weak, sickly, and small. , X-Ray Or is it a stand-alone book? Sign up below. This story most certainly will scratch the itch for anyone who enjoys seeing the scrappy hero clawing their way up from the bottom while gathering and helping a group of friends do the same. I read and really enjoyed the book, and I doubt very much I'd have found it without getting prompted by this blog post. One guy focuses on plot, one on characters, or something like that? I read the book! ** Bryce O'Connor Tucker has the right of it! February 2020 1. December 2021 ;). Don't go in expecting cradle and you will enjoy more than I did that's all that let me down it's not as well paced and takes it time to hit it's stride, I expected the characters to be a lot further ahead after a 1000 pages that soured the experience. **SPOILERS! Polls Yes. Less sometimes is more, I want to be eager to read about favourite characters fights but the pacing of having to read a couple pages of where people are sitting and announcement to begin a fight were tedious. It felt like a betrayal to me, even though the relationship didn't go that far by the end of the book (not yet at least). From all of the hints given she pretty much flips her opinion of him the instant he goes out and beats the shit out of his "friends." Its still too early to have a set date yet. where does ron desantis live. Granted a CAD - a Combat Assistance Device - with awful specs but an infinite potential for growth, Reidon finds himself at the bottom of his class at the Galens Institute, one of the top military academies in the Collective. I gave it five stars, because I really enjoyed the story, but there were a fair number of typo's, missing words / incomplete sentences, etc. I mean I read the whole book, so that's saying something, but I dunno. Iron Prince: Warformed: Stormweaver, Book 1 Bryce O'Connor, Luke Chmilenko Bryce O'Connor, Oct 15, 2020 - Artificial intelligence - 811 pages 1 Review Reviews aren't verified, but Google checks. Say what you want, but it is a betrayel of their friendship. I significantly enjoy fights including Rei as compared to the others Thanks for making me totally unproductive this week. September 2021 Wow thank you so much for responding! Plus, why doesn't everyone has high growth, as that is obviously OP. I agree with Will that if youre a fan of Cradle, or just progression fantasies/Sci-Fis youll enjoy this book, but Im not so sure I agree with his stellar review of the book. 4. Combat Assisted Devices (CAD) give users various measurable physical advantages as well as certain user abilities. February 2016 If you're interested in getting all the news about Luke's upcoming work, check out his website at: About the S ranked growth: I could be wrong on this, but it seems as though the AI doesn't actually get to control all the initial stat load outs, at least not completely, otherwise everyone that it likes would start out with one stat or another much higher than all the rest, simply because of the fact that it is easier to raise lower stats, meaning that it is objectively better to have one stat much higher at the expense of all the others. I like a thick book and disagree with other reviewers who complain about repetition. Happy Holidays to you all and see you all again in February! If he loses for good, the story ends. Not to worry, Bryce is working away on it! Required fields are marked *. Can't wait for book two. June 2022 As they explain it in the book they cause massive amounts of damage when struck unless of course you are equipped with the same tech. Finished the book and gave a 5-star review on Amazon. But that may have been my version of epileptic trees to explain away a plot hole in my own mind. . 4) Growth - measurement of a CADs ability to adapt and upgrade itself and its User over time with input of combat information. Nothing in the book indicates she has moved beyond the gazes at his giant pecks from afar. Whew, thats even more stuff than I thought when I lay it out like this! Been waiting for their sequel to a mark of kings solid book but only really gets good at the end and there was no book 2! You would get no complaints from me if you decided to switch focus to completing Ascend Online book 5. I hope to have a more comprehensive update come November on what I will be working on for the next little while. Raised on the tall tales of Brian Jacques' Redwall and J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, he fell in love with reading when he realized that one's imagination is the only place where dragons might actually fly free. Thanks ! Things that, has in absurd quantity? Press J to jump to the feed. I understand the ones that don't know his stats but the ones that do should be treating him as an investment not a risk or long shot.