In 1972 Metropolitan Body closed. New and Used 4x4 INTERNATIONAL Trucks : View our entire inventory of New Or Used INTERNATIONAL Trucks. Cookies are used on this site to assist in continually improving the user experience and all the interaction data we store of our visitors is anonymous. [64][51][63], The 9000i is a heavy duty semi-tractor introduced in 2000. Cab Configurations Day Cab Engines Cummins B6.7: 200 - 300 HP, 520 - 800 lb.-ft. torque Cummins L9: 260 - 380 HP, 720 - 1,250 lb.-ft. torque Transmissions Eaton Manual 10-speed, 13-speed The L-series was replaced by the R Series in 1952. The TranStar was used as a semi-tractor for local construction, regional hauling, and long distance over-the-road trucking. Our story concentrates mainly on the truck division of IHA and, in particular, how its trucks were an integral part of the burgeoning road transport industry in Australia during the 20th Century more than any other truck brand. International trucks have been built and sold by the International Harvester Company (renamed Navistar International in 1986) from 1909 until the present (2022). The 8000 Series was replaced by the New Generation Vehicle 8000 Series in 2002. [68][69], The LT Series are heavy-duty semi-tractors introduced in 2017 to replace the ProStar. Learn more about your rights on our Privacy Policy page. Today, International Used Truck Centers will touch on the most popular International Truck models and their specifications! Cab-over-engine models were available. The International DuraStar was the most popular truck in the DuraStar series. The new LT series starts at $160k, and the new HX models start at $320k. This merged corporation grew to become one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural and construction equipment, as well as manufacturing refrigerators and air conditioners, light commercial vehicles, bus chassis and trucks. Debuting in 1990, the International 8100 used the same cab as the International 4700/4800/4900 models. International's severe-duty trucks are built to work for a living. International Truck brochure, 1956 (Robert Tate Collection). Over the years, the models began appearing on highways and rural roads throughout the country. 1950 was also the year that the International Harvester Company decided to bring back the cab-over-engine models for the consumer market. But no more please, too uncomfortable. During the last 20 years IVECO has transformed the organisation into the modem 21st Century company it is today, with truck products that bristle with technology. The HX uses the same cab that and hood the PayStar used. The WorkStar was replaced by the HV in 2016. In America, 100,000 K-series were produced for the US military during WWII. International engines dominated this market already thanks to their deal with Ford on the PowerStroke, but the TerraStar was their answer to the truck side of the equation. Inter was serious about testing, as you can see in this 1950s video: The Dandenong plant the first IH truck plant outside North America moved quickly into gear and in August 1952, four months after the first trucks had been produced, was officially opened by the then Premier of Victoria, J.G.B. These were often a heavier spec and could be built up to a class 8 truck if the customer desired. After WWII, Australia needed to create jobs and develop its industries and trucks had an important part to play, to conquer vast distances. The slanted design windshield gave the truck models that popular aero-dynamic look which most consumers thoroughly enjoyed. IHC places Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on all the trucks since 1980. All these products were distributed through several of its allied companies since well before the turn of the century, as far back as 1852. The 4200/4300/9000i design remained largely unchanged from their introduction in 1970 until replaced by the new generation 9000i series in 1999. [38][39][40], The D-Series was a light duty conventional introduced in 1969. It was intended for regional use and has no high-horsepower or sleeper models. You could also order it with two drive axles to make it a 64 configuration while the other sister models could not. The International LoneStar is a Class 8 semi-trailer truck manufactured by International Trucks, powered by the Cummins X15. Essentially the International Trucks 4700, 4800, and 4900 all had the same cab and were built during the same years. ALL MARKS ARE TRADEMARKS OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. The International PayStar 5900i came out a little later than the 5500i and 5600, as the first model came out in 2001. Let us see how we can help you save both time and money! The Scout was designed to be a utility truck with four-wheel drive, but most were sold as personal recreational vehicles with full-length roofs. [4][5], The C series was a range of trucks introduced in 1934. 1997 INTERNATIONAL 2674SF Dump Trucks For Sale Price: USD $42,900 Get Financing* Stock Number: 24 Rear Axles (Include Lift Axles): Tandem Mileage: 209,434 mi Engine Manufacturer: International Contact Us (843) 901-2470 Sold By: 4M Iron St. George, South Carolina 29477 This truck fits various applications such as bucket trucks, boom trucks, snowplows, utility vehicles, van bodies, and towing applications. In total there were 42 models, 142 different wheelbase lengths and load ratings ranging from 1/2 ton to 90,000 lbs. They introduced a new all-steel cab. The ProStar was replaced by the LT in 2017.[65][51][63]. All types of bodies were used, models R-190 and above were available as semi-tractors. Finally, during this difficult time, I hope everyone stays safe and continues to stay home. Privacy Policy |Terms of Use. Fuller manual transmissions with 5 to 15-speeds were available. It carried all the standard engines, including the Cummins N14 & ISM, Caterpillar C12, and Detroit Diesel Series 60. When used for long-distances an external "box" type sleeper could be fitted. The D was available in both conventional and cab-over style. Through the years, youll find common Caterpillar and Cummins engines installed, along with the International MaxxForce in the last year or so of its life. A26 - UP TO: MAX HP 515 | 1850 LB-FT TORQUE. In 1966 a bogie-drive 64 version was launched, with a five-speed main gearbox and three-speed Joey box. $108.50. They have the "New Generation Vehicle" (NGV) all-steel cab available as day, extended, and crew cab models. CV Series Resilient across all seasons, the CV Series is built to help your business flourish. The new CV International truck provides powerful performance and unbeatable customizations so that you can perfectly tailor it to your business needs. The majority of people on-the-land and the local transport operators bought from these dealers, whose business principles and support as equipment suppliers, were akin to the towns bank manager. MacDonald. The truck had a squarer nose feel that fit with owner-operators. The S series continued with minor changes into mid-1957, when it was replaced by the all-new and larger Model A series, introduced by IH to celebrate 50 years as a truck builder. The IH truck brand became a common sight on Australian roads, with its heavy-duty prime movers in the 50s and 60s. With sub-models of HV507, HV513, HV607, & HV613, the International HV series which intended for the most rugged applications. Cab-over-engine models were available. It Features a 113 bumper to the back of the cab. For more information, contact your IT dealer or email In I937, I9 hectares of industrial land was purchased in Geelong, adjacent to the Corio North Wharf and IHs first Australian manufacturing operations opened in May1939, to produce agricultural equipment and, later, tractors. Learn more about your rights on our Privacy Policy page. my 4900 was manufactured in 93 and sold in 94 in canada as a tractor S/A got converted to a dump later in its life your list should be updated cheers, Your email address will not be published. The International LT Series sets the new standard for driver appeal, fuel efficiency and productivity. During the 1930s, a time when Americans were experiencing the Great Depression, the styling of the popular International Trucks was changing. Drove these trucks for years. The ACCO is synonymous with the waste industry and is arguably the greatest vocational truck this country has ever seen. In 1964 it was modernised with a new mesh grille and one-piece windscreen. In 1974 the improved raised cab CO4070B TranStar II was introduced and the low-cab version was discontinued. [1] They are best known for their durability, prewar design in a postwar era, and low price. Founded in 1902 by the merger of McCormick Harvesting Machine and the Deering Harvester Company, the company has produced various products ranging from farming equipment to refrigerators to pickup trucks to commercial trucks. With operations in Australia since 1903, International Harvester established the Dandenong vehicle assembly plant in 1952. Cookies are used on this site to assist in continually improving the user experience and all the interaction data we store of our visitors is anonymous. To translate, an HV507 would be an HV series with a setback axle and a 107 bumper to the back of the cab. International trucks have been built and sold by the International Harvester Company (renamed Navistar International in 1986) from 1909 until the present (2022). It had a set-back front axle with a butterfly hood and flat diamond plate fenders. The International TranStar is a regional haul tractor that came in the model year 2003 and produced through 2018. It's what we call DriverFirst. International Trucks ad, 1950s (Robert Tate Collection). At 2,314 lbs., it's the lightest engine you can get over 12-liters which allows for an increased payload capacity and better fuel economy. They were used for delivery services for many businesses and retail stores. Your load is heavy and unpredictable. The KB was replaced by the L series in 1950. Big enough to tackle the toughest jobs. HISTORIC VEHICLES PO Box 667 Moss Vale NSW 2577. The next engine in the fuel-agnostic series, the X10, will launch in North America in 2026. It is intended for long-distance use and has high-horsepower and sleeper models. Australian manufactured trucks were working on three continents, in nearly 30 countries. . The International 8000 series intended for tractor configurations, which meant they had a 5th wheel. 2023 NAVISTAR, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In 1988 medium-duty production ended, replaced by the 4000 Series. Prior to WWI not many Australians knew how to drive cars before they bought them, so the International Harvester Company sent out an instructor for a week with every Auto Buggy or Wagon purchased. They use the improved NGV cab with single door windows. The DuraStar 4200 was last built for the model year 2007, presumably due to the more stringent emission requirements that International needed to meet. International Harvester became International Trucks in 1989. The International DuraStar 4200 replaced the 4700. They were introduced in 1984 as an update of the TranStar 4200/4300, which they replaced. X15 - UP TO: MAX HP 565 | 2,050 LB-FT TORQUE. Start tracking your electric truck fleet with OnCommand Connection. This helps drivers identify issues right away. 5 bids. What separated it from everyone else was that it had a 107 bumper to the back of the cab, which was the shortest time. While it originally came with both the MaxxForce 13 & MaxxForce 15, it is not only available with the Cummins X15. The popular D-300 model was viewed as a very modern design by many historians. With a can-do attitude and the reliability to back it up, International Trucks spec'd for dump applications are on the job whenever you are. Hauling. By the late forties, IH had set up branches in all interstate capitals, built a dealer network 550 strong and had become a major competitor to other agricultural equipment manufacturers. In I947 IHA invested 1,630,000 to expand the Geelong factory, to produce, for the first time, locally made tractors and motor trucks. The International A26 has shown it's more than up to the task since its introduction in 2016. IT came only equipped in single-drive axle configurations, and the only engine available was the VT365 6.0L, more popularly known in the Ford models as the PowerStroke. One of the most memorable Inters was the K-series, available as a van, utility or cab/chassis truck. Truck production had started in 1915 in the USA and some of the early models in the 1930s were the C- and D-series ranging from half- to seven-ton capacity. Built only with their MaxxForce 7 engine, it was first available in the model year 2012. Drive confidently with factory-installed roll-stability and traction control that keeps you on task and on track. In July of that year, Chicago architect Walter Burley Griffin won a worldwide competition for the best design for Australia s capital city in Canberra. The International PayStar series is well known for its ruggedness and history in the commercial truck market. Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel engines were available with up to 480 horsepower (360kW). Light duty B Series models were replaced by the C Series in 1965. These trucks were launched in 1947 and were available in three different models, including the 3100 half-ton, the 3600 three-quarter-ton, and the 3800 one-ton model. Explore George's Collection Truck Photo Archives Explore the gallery of old antique trucks, dealerships and more. A 1959 update changed the name to B series. Big horsepower. After the war ended, the K series went back into production. Introduced as the successor to the International 4000 series of 1989-2001, the 4000 series was renamed the DuraStar in 2008. Most were set-forward front axle models but in 1989 a set-back front axle with a lower-profile hood was introduced. These trucks more commonly had dual drive axles and could handle larger engines such as the Detroit Diesel Series 60 11.1L. IH was formed in the USA by the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and Dearing Harvester Company, along with three smaller agricultural equipment firms that merged to create the International Harvester Company (IHC). Even tighter budgets. Neither snow, nor potholes, nor recyclables, nor refuse will keep your from your appointed rounds. Let us see how we can help you save both time and money! The slightly larger International 8200 had the same production run as the International 8100 from 1990 to 2003. After civilian production resumed in 1947 in the US, the K-series evolved into the KB, with a wider bonnet and only minor changes to the 1947-49 models, although the barrel-shaped grille sprouted little wings at the bottom. International Truck Models Heavy Duty Lonestar Series Up To: 605 MAX HP | 2,050 LB-FT. Torque AVAILABLE ENGINES: Cummins X15 GVWR: 60.6k LBS. The International A series (or A-line) replaced the S series in April 1957. $30.40 shipping. The DuraStar 4400 is the largest of the DuraStar family. In 1947 the K was updated as the KB. I grew up in a cabover. The then flagship model, the R 190, was undisputedly the King of the Road. Come to one of the South Florida Rechtien International Trucks locations, and find out how this incredible truck can take your business to the next level! Our expert staff can . DURASTAR | PROSTAR | TRANSTAR | WORKSTAR, TERMS OF USE & PRIVACY POLICY| CONNECTED VEHICLE PRIVACY POLICY |FOR DEALERS|SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER| UPDATE NEWSLETTER PREFERENCES. Youll find it with either the Cummins L9 or B6.7, and it marks the first medium-duty International Truck *not* to have an International engine option. Introduced in 1909 it was designed for farmers using poor rural roads but soon became popular in urban areas. The HX Series are severe duty trucks introduced in 2016 to replace the PayStar. by Antonio Zimeri | Jul 20, 2022 | Repair Guides. The electricity, the gas, the cable: When you've got people counting on you to keep things up and running, you need a proven, dependable truck designed and built to do the same. ALL MARKS ARE TRADEMARKS OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. This was a loophole around emission-related truck engines for several years before it was closed by the government, and gliders were no longer allowed. It uses the NGV cab introduced in 2001 and a low drag hood. Description. The International LT625 is the only model currently offered in the LT series by International. The 1950s brought exciting new changes to the International Truck line. Since then International trucks have been sold worldwide and built or assembled in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, the Soviet Union, and Turkey. International WorkStar 7400 & 7500 = These two models could be speced almost the same, but the 7400 was meant to be slightly lighter duty than the 7500. Todays models offer both the Cummins X15 and the International A26. The models broke down as follows: Built and marketed to owner-operators, the International LoneStar replaced the 9900i/9900ix series starting with the model year 2014. Cab-over-engine models were available from 1950. Up until the model year 2009, the PayStar 5900i was only available as a set-forward steer axle. If you compare it to an International Trucks 4700, youll note the International Trucks 4800 cab sits higher off the frame rail. International Cabover - A 1974 model, powered by Cummins 400, 13 speed transmission, owned by Mark Johnson. Cab-over-engine models were also available until replaced by the CargoStar in 1971. In continuous operation ever since, the facility has assembled over 225,000 trucks and bus chassis. They were commonly used for local delivery and vocational work but there were also semi-tractor, service, and specialty models. They had rounded styling and a new cab with a two-piece V-shaped windshield. The original presses were still in operation at the Dandenong plant, until 2019, having punched out in excess of 80,000 AACO and ACCO cabs since the late 1950s. Easily and comfortably navigate even the roughest worksites and take command of any project. The new models were called the C series and successfully introduced to the public. [15][16][17][18], The L series was a complete range of trucks introduced in late 1949. They can have a high-power engine and are meant for long-distance highway use. International 360 is a groundbreaking service communication and fleet management tool from International Truck. This was built without any chrome plating. The International 4000 series covers the medium-duty truck line from International. 2937 E. Grand Blvd.Detroit, MI 48202Phone: 313.259.3425, A Look Back at International Trucks, 1929 - 57, By Robert Tate, Automotive Historian and Researcher. These trucks intended to handle various applications such as towing, fire & rescue, construction, mixer trucks, and many more. Schedule a demo today and get access to a FREE 30-Day Trial of our Diesel Repair Pro Plan! Add to that International's legendary fuel efficiency and keep more money in your pocket with fewer stops at the pump. [38][46][47], The PayStar was a severe service conventional introduced in 1972. International Trucks, now owned by Traton, has a long history. Severe-Duty Trucks. From fuel economy to maneuverability, durability to performance power, its more than a truck; its your partner. [57], The 9000i Series are heavy-duty semi-tractors. Models: Auto Wagon AA, AW, MA, MW, MAX, MWX, The Auto Wagon, a variant of the Auto Buggy of 1907, was the first truck built by International Harvester. Our heavy haul semi trucks have the power, but they also have the safety features and easy serviceability that keep them on the road. [58], They used an aluminum day-cab also used by the PayStar 5000 conventional and had a long rectangular hood. At the outbreak of WWII the factory ceased production of its own products and put its skills into the war effort by manufacturing guns, tanks, planes and other war equipment. While the cabs were the same across the models, the hoods often had different looks. A four-speed transmission and 7.50 x 16 tires were also available. International Truck 4700/4800/4900 from 1995 to 2002 (Generation 2), International Truck DuraStar 4200/4300/4400 from 2002 to 2020 (Generation 3). This truck was about the same size as a Ford F550. We are skipping over military trucks, empty chassis, and bus applications, as this post intends to cover commercial trucks. 3d 16h. International Truck advertisement featuring all models ,1940 (Robert Tate Collection). The TranStar was replaced by the RH in 2017. Trucks | International Trucks Whatever the job, there's an International Truck that's built for it. The HV series is a model that sits between the HX and the DuraStar (Which became the MV series). These conventional model trucks came with the well-known International DT466 7.6L engine, but customers could upgrade to have the DT530 8.6L engine for several years. You need trucks that can take a beating and still come back for more. In 1985 the TranStar was renamed the 9370. The truck was first offered in the model year 2018 and is still available today. Tough enough for any job, it's also built to work smarter, with an interior built around you. [10][11], Models: D, K/KB, L, R, S, and A .mw-parser-output .frac{white-space:nowrap}.mw-parser-output .frac .num,.mw-parser-output .frac .den{font-size:80%;line-height:0;vertical-align:super}.mw-parser-output .frac .den{vertical-align:sub}.mw-parser-output .sr-only{border:0;clip:rect(0,0,0,0);height:1px;margin:-1px;overflow:hidden;padding:0;position:absolute;width:1px}12 to 1+12-ton (4501360kg) chassis with an "M" in model number, The Metro was a range of step vans introduced in 1938. The International PayStar 5900i was the only series to survive past 2014, as it made it through the model year 2017. Album was created 1 year 8 months ago and modified 1 year 8 months ago. New 2022 International CV Series truck specs, 2022 International CV Series images, truck videos, 2022 CV Series manufacturer PDF info. It can be ordered as a day cab or with a 56 sleeper. It's in a commitment to listening to what drivers need, so we can build the trucks that they want to drive. In 1963 the original-style bodies were replaced with flat-panel models. Two all-new models engineered to take on the most punishing of job sites, and ask for more. Tight deadlines. Year Make Model Odometer Price Stock Sort by: Sort by: 1993 CHEVROLET TOP KICK . It also had a redesigned interior that improved driver comfort and other various changes to save on fuel economy. The International PayStar 5600i featured a setback front axle with a front bumper with two sharp angles. A set-back model was introduced in 1988. This truck had a wraparound dash, lavish (for the time) interior trim and was marketed as a top-of-the-range, line-haul prime mover. A similar mid-range 7100 was available in 1989-1990. The LoneStar is alone, the only star truck model still available today. By Robert Tate, Automotive Historian and Researcher Images Courtesy of the Robert Tate Collection Published 4.1.2020, International Trucks advertisement 1927 (Robert Tate Collection). ALL MARKS ARE TRADEMARKS OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. The HX Series of trucks was released to replace the WorkStar series. It had a setback steer axle and 50-degree wheel cut, which was common for these model trucks. TERMS OF USE & PRIVACY POLICY| CONNECTED VEHICLE PRIVACY POLICY |FOR DEALERS|SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER| UPDATE NEWSLETTER PREFERENCES. [72][73][74], The CV Series are medium-duty trucks introduced in 2018, and developed in a joint venture with General Motors, which markets the vehicle as the Silverado 4500HD, 5500HD, and 6500HD. The PayStar was commonly used for straight trucks like heavy-duty dump trucks, concrete mixers, and off-road fire apparatus. In 1975 the range was expanded with the addition of light-duty variants, to combat Japanese competitors and with a heavy-duty 3070 model with Cummins 903 V8 diesel grunt and Eaton-Fullers nine- or 15-speed Roadranger transmission. The truck had sub-models such as the HX515, HX520, HX615, & HX620. The TranStar lineup would eventually replace the 8000 series. In order to capitalise on this situation and capture a slice of the business, IHA was set up to control the Australian distribution and sales of International Harvester products, including trucks. It was an update of the L series, with the same cab, cosmetic changes to the front end, and more engines available. They were replaced in by the FleetStar in 1968. Also, International Durastar can be your partner in every delivery or pick-up duty. Trucks could be class 7 or class 8. International WorkStar 7600 = Built only as a class 8 option, this model was built with the 12-to-13-liter range of engines. The International MV607 is the direct replacement of the DuraStar line and is available mainly as the MV607. They were also the first trucks with the Raymond Loewy "IH" insignia that was used into the 1970s. Replacing the cab-over-engine LoadStar models, the CargoStar had an improved cab and heavier models. Other models were replaced between then and when the last Schoolmaster was built in 2004. 2022 New Truck Models ; International LoneStar . The IH truck brand became a common sight on Australian roads, with its heavy-duty prime movers in the 50s and 60s. Then International 9900ix was also introduced with the model year 2000 and featured a mind-blowing 130 bumper to back of cab for the owner operator that wanted to stand out. So in 1961, 1030 hectares of land was purchased at Wormbete, near Anglesea and close to Geelong. It had a "Renault-type" tapered hood. One of the most memorable Inters was the K-series, available as a van, utility or cab/chassis truck. Balance it out with a truck that brings lightweight strength and consistent performance. Although the new L series was introduced in 1949, the models for 1950 set the tone for where the company was going. It used a new cab with flat panels and forward tilting hood in different lengths. In 1947, the models received a revised design known as the KB series. But the long-serving ACCO lineup had unlikely beginnings. Ready to explore International Trucks models for sale? An open architecture solution that delivers remote diagnostics for your entire fleet, regardless of make or model*, integrating data from over 30 telematics service providers. They work to improve their models year after year in order to maximize uptime. With cabs that keep drivers comfortable, block out distracting noise and still ensure maximum visibility, these severe-duty trucks pack a . All types of bodies were used including semi-tractors. Learn more about your rights on our Privacy Policy page. The TerraStar had the same cab as the DuraStar, but the International TerraStar ceased production after the model year 2017. Used. Today, there are almost 1,000 International Trucks dealer outlets throughout North America and Brazil. For example, International Trucks models offer onboard diagnostics. Aimed towards the customers wanting the long and tall trucks, the International 9900, 9900i, and 9900ix pulled owner-operators heartstrings everywhere. IHC stayed with this styling until 1950 not the most competitive course to pursue in a market where rivals were shedding their pre-war designs. [61], Star nomenclature was added to the thousand number series in the 2010 model year. It was followed shortly by their M-2-4 One-Ton 44. The plant also had a foundry that produced agricultural components and, later, engine blocks and associated components. By the spring of 1941, the company introduced the K series, however, these models were unfortunately delayed due to World War II and the shift in production efforts. It is only available as a day-cab. The other essential item is that we do not include gliders in our year ranges. The LoneStar brought a hood and grill combination never seen before on a commercial truck, and it leaves no doubt that it is for those wanting to stand out. Some 1230 vehicles were added to the original 100. This version was also a setback axle, but the hood had a more aerodynamic look. They offered a great design with flowing lines for the front fenders, along with redesigned radiator shells, which were now slanted and had a slight V-shaped design. The 190 as it was affectionately known, was the backbone of many a transport operators business and was a truck drivers delight. It was also only available as a single axle. It comes as a 125 bumper back cab and is available as a day cab and sleeper with 56 and 73 sleeper options. This VIN number can be used to find almost all the information about these international trucks. The FleetStar was replaced by the S-Series in 1977. Their transport tasks were many and varied: transport operators, building industry, shopkeepers, warehouse distributors, market gardeners and farmers. GCWR: 140k LBS. [1] The name stood for "Anniversary", as 1957 marked the fiftieth (or Golden) anniversary of truck production by International Harvester. (The A designation was used for all Australian built trucks.). The Commonwealth Savings Bank opened its doors to customers and Australias first automated telephone exchange was officially opened at Geelong in Victoria. The iconic International Harvester brand has travelled a long way since its foundation in North America in 1902.