She was the only friend I had left. The day I accidentally killed a little boy. I found her decomposing. It was two weeks before they could get him in. In these dogs, ivermectin can pass directly to the brain and be toxic or even lethal. I was so weak with my hurtful day. His brother Duffy got very depressed and died a month later of a heart attack. My Dog Killed my Other dog - Part 1. Grieving the loss of a pet is often as painful as mourning a close friend or relative. He must be hating me for giving him such death. I feel like I killed my dog and I miss her so much she was so unique so free spirited and she adored me she loved sleeping with me but she was dirty so for the last week I didnt let her in my bed I feel like a horrible person how I was with her I feel like I didnt take good care of her and she did its my fault for hanging out with friends instead of taking care of her. Because I think you have well proven to yourself that you are not responsible enough for that, and personally I dont think you deserve a pets love but that my opinion, but maybe you can volunteer at a shelter or something to help animals in need. Anyone reading this Im here to grieve, and to give my story because yours have helped me. I noticed there was still some unsteadiness in her back legs, but she walked up the stairs herself and lay down in her bed. I cant live in this house anymore, I threw out everything. They took 3 but would not take the 4th one. He slowly, slowly went into the house and into our backyard. Itll help you deal with guilt when you caused your pets death. We didnt have a personal vehicle , my phone also off. Her visit last November left me feeling good as long as her hyperthyroidism was under control. Shes 11 years old and i feel so useless i should have done it earlier i feel like i did not do anything for her im so dumb i cant stop crying im tired of crying day and night but i cant help myself to cry the pain in my chest was unbearable i cant stop blaming myself for what happened. I know it's been a long time but I don't think I ever accepted the loss, and I still blame myself and our carelessness. The dog was nowhere to be seen and I thought she had gone to the back yard to where my husband was. I felt awful. Complete accidents, no fault at all really, but that guilt that will just eat at you and makes it even harder when the people are down about it because it just solidifies that they are good people for caring. I didnt want to shatter her world. @JoshDM I wouldn't know whether to expect a lick or a bite. The little thing would follow her around the whole house. - JoshDM. I betrayed my friend, and I will never see him again. Then I told her to watch him and I went to bed, she woke me up in the morning and I came down not knowing or hearing her tell me he was dead in the bed, so I looked for him thinking he was alive and pulled the blankets back and went to grab him and he was dead, stuff eyes open. Good luck, You need to get a grip before this becomes your life. Im a truck drivera rookie. Sorry. 849 votes, 650 comments. But I dont blame her neither, since its COVID and I think she was also wary of going in at times when our sitter was already intending to. Nov 2, 2013 at 0:43. but the guilt kept eating me up as I KNEW she wasnt ready yet. Either way i still feel the blame comes back to me What if I wouldve taken him to the vet? How he cried for help when I couldnt do anything. This book will help you understand why your feelings are so overwhelming, and help you cope with the guilt you feel about your pets death. He died not even after 3 days. She failed to alert me to any seriousness of condition. I put my finger through the mesh to stroke her ears. I learned that they initiated a class action in US and Canada against the company coz many dogs died or has major secondary effects and FDA keeps adding secondary effects. On the way, I started to smell iron - like rust, and I knew it was blood. Blood started oozing out of his mouth. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. How will I ever be able to forgive myself? Not understanding why this is happening to him. I don't want to go into it but it was the most horrible thing I've ever seen, and I still feel so guilty. She died because she had to have surgery to remove some of her colon and she got an infection gone the following morning. I am here today because my sweet kitten Zoe died today. I cried a whole roll of toilet paper and asked god to tell me where she is, and my head turned to the right, where the sump pump in the floor is. Our EIN number is 94-2681680. Her cheery smirk's becoming more familiar to the other dogs prancing with her. my dog was dead. I stood in the kitchen. I didnt think my friends dog would viciously kill my beloved baby girl Raiderette I knew they would not be best friends but this dog mauled my baby and I couldnt stop it. Shes the one who usually make noises in our house. Not just lifeless but, decaying. I am at fault for my 12 year old golden retrievers passing. He was on my lap on the backseat and could barely move. I actually didnt want her at my place because of the responsibility. Short answer: cover your entire hand in a light coating of peanut butter and offer it up to your dog. Investigators at the scene where L.A. County sheriff's deputies opened fire on a dog, accidentally striking and killing a teen, officials say. Although Bella's new, the other dogs have taken a liking to her, especially the Golden Shepard everybody else calls Kion. I continued with rescue breathing. How will I ever be able to forgive my dog? Healing after you had to put your pet down often requires forgiving yourself. She just wanted tummy rubs and she was happy, I wish I could trade places with her. Two people are responsible for my cats death, the veterinarian and as a result of her incompetence subsequently myself. I really did and I know thats probably hard to believe in reading this but, she was my baby. This book will help you understand why your feelings are so overwhelming, and help you cope with the guilt you feel about your pet's death. Sadly at 5pm Single Dot left me infront of me. Love you and may we meet again. He died!! I chalked it up to age. I know that supervision is the answer for future contact with the rest of our pets, but I want to know how to deal with the fact that she actually killed something, even though it was (I hope) an accident. For a few weeks I tried to help her heal. Animals cant always communicate their physical health;pet ownerscant see inside their bodies and brains. We came home and found him barely clinging to life. She always had food in her last year but, water was far between. However, at 4.15 Single Dot started to breath heavily After vomiting and I called my husband to go to the vet. This is all my fault. Im seriously not going to buy the game if the dog dies. None of it would have happened if the vet was not so complacent and careless. Maybe it would help to talk to your parents about it, ask them how they feel about the incident? There was litter caked on her feet and also in the water dish. 3.1K. I feel so guilty for not checking the machine first and knowing she suffered. The bundle of love he was just breaks my heart in tiny pieces. I simply believed if she was on the right dose of her medicine, that she would be ok. Had the vet seen her in a timely manner that day, she couldve gotten the hypertension under control. Anyhow im struggling my beloved kid had gone away from me. In dogs, orally ingested NSAIDs are rapidly . If there is a heaven, its certain our animals are to be there, says Pam Brown. The bottom line is that my vet missed these disease processes that there was evidence for. I thought as long as she didnt have an empty tummy shed be fine. (Yuma az degree is 110.) The Animal Legal Defense Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. That means a dog of 20 pounds or 9 kilograms may survive if the dose is . Thats when I heard him really cry. Balance your real guilt with the real ways you loved your pet. I didnt see him so I called out for him, he called out for me and he his voice while calling made me cry and panic. Jesus Christ, that's fucking rough. She was so healthy and full of life, and theyd given her a thorough check-over two weeks before. Maybe you didnt make the best choices. He hopped in the car - he was able to walk, I don't know how and we immediately went to the vet. And I was so dumb to think I could even leave it open as an access point because its such a narrow gap to squeeze through. I blame myself because I should have known. We all really, really loved him. I understand I would not have had much time with her, had the fluids not been given, but AT LEAST me and Buttercup wouldve been spared the trauma. She then began to have spasms of her extremities. On my way to the bedroom I felt her go limp. He did it so many times over the years that my wife and I just got used to it, and took it for granted that he would always come back safe. [AMZN] Jeff Bezos Joined 15/09/2018 Posts 80,103 06:24 PM 25/06/2019 I was busy doing house work today and I briefly remembered her in the laundry room with me, but she always is so I didnt think any more of it. Her head was not available as I had her tested for rabies. I fed on the counter like I did my other Yorkie. I did not hear from them, I called, blood was drawn but was not reviewed yet and the doctor did not examine her yet. You should also think about suing in small claims court. She needed an companion that she could cuddle alot. :( I've been ignoring my puppy's snuggles for the past hour to browse Reddit. I accidentally killed my cat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I heard a thump and I immediately knew what must have happened. I quickly laid her on the bed and realized she wasnt breathing. Its a fucked up confession but what therapist treats their patient by telling them how awfully they are? I am feeling awfully guilty about this and I know I should. But also, the sitter said she was still warm when they found her so it was likely that morning and not during the night. I worried about her dying if I kept up with this. My wife was on the call too. I was selfish and kept leaving it up to myself to get it right. I run 2 businesses and I feel I have not taken the needed time to love on this absolutely sweet dog God gave meand 2 days ago I was running a fever of 102 up til today. I encourage you to share your experience below. And definitely don't get another dog yet! She was 13.5 years old and just died on Wednesday of septis which was caused by gum disease, an abcess on her gum due to a cracked tooth. Maybe you should attempt to be helpful / constructive before hateful and useless. We were just pulling into my in laws driveway after a few days away. 2 days ago I thought I had a healthy 5 year old beagle mix named Pima. His head was between two bars. 3 days later im filled with guilt because I could have gotten more help from people at the rest area. When I took him out and carefully laid him in the hole I had just dug, he appeared to be sleeping. I administered her 1 unit of Insulin and gave the first dose of Enalipril. He looked particularly smart as earl My cutie. Please get help and don't get a dog at least not for now. It happens that instead of just tapping him in the ass and letting him go the rest of the way I accidentally use too much force and make him do a 180 around his leg and he falls on his back and head. We all really just got use to Gwen and she seemed to like us. We couldnt get him into his normal kennels, and so had to book him in to a new one it had been recommended by another kennel and great reviews. I know he doesn't fully understand, but he's just adding more to my already broken heart. Id clean them up every day. He was physically not much active and several times got sick and weak. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I should have just returned home. so this saturday i came home to a messed up house and i snapped. Love at first site. Instead of dying cold and alone. A US Navy research ship accidentally travels back in time. I keep trying to find every excuse in the world for what I found but, I know she died because of my neglect. Or deliberately made the decision to do it tomorrow. So many regrets, and so many opportunities to change the outcome. It happened in a split second. But there was no progress until 4.00pm then I wanted to go the Vet. He seemed happy and comfortable for all these years and let him out on his lead to play in the grass/roll basically to get him off the concrete from time to time. And I could have asked that the neighbour go in morning and night just to double check they werent wanted to be in or out. i cant stop crying. I thought she was quiet because shes never stayed at another house before. And I overlooked the threat that it could pose. I feel terribly guilt and sad because I assumed he died by over eating during last week and also i didnt not take immediate action. i was a horrible owner but i truly loved my lil guy. Forum Off Topic Accidentally killed my dog!! My wife (30F) and I (30F) have been together for a few years, married 6 months. The doctor fully supported me in that decision. During the ordeal I made several phone calls. I feel so sick with grief and that its my fault my cat died. Im just really afraid he hates me for the abuse previously. Life can be cruel. I try to apologize to him but I notice that his head was fixed at his left side , so i think I may have broke something. Yvonne in memory of Siamese cat Raiderette. When I noticed I tried to grab him by the collar, he thought I was playing and ran out onto the road right in front of a bus. When I picked her up at 530 and asked if the meds were given I was told no. She follows me everywhere and if I'm in bed, she will meow obnoxiously until she can snuggle up on top of or around me. It might be that they also still carry guilt and shame around, but haven't talked about it to anyone either. So I hurried up and put one of the meds in his mouth and waited, then called the vet and she said that it doesnt sound like seizures its sounds like something else but she said to watch him. It wasnt a far fetched thing as she would vomit hairballs a few times a week but there was no hair. How did you love and take care of your pet? (Before you ever have a family of your own, for Gods sake). Shes always crazing to come indoors after short spells outside. When we met I had 3 dogs, all rescues. For instance, I now cringe when I recall how angry I was at my beloved cat, Zoey, for scratchingthe basementdoor (I didnt realize the door to her litter box was shut tight, and she couldnt get in). Logging off now. After the recording I removed . She stopped eating and her energy totally changed. Slug Bait. I could have moved his head and neck when I saw lifting the chair was hurting him. I wish I could get justice for Buttercup and for myself. He died at 10 and a half and was otherwise a healthy and strong cat. Bella's having it pretty sweet right now. I was not allowed to go inside due to Covid. Darling Lolly, I love you so much. It's been 5 years since he died. Im here because last week my little 6 lb baby Zoey went out in the yard to do her potty before bed like always my husband is usually here and he goes out with both dogs but this time it was me i turned all the lights on and watched both dogs go out and everything seemed fine 10-15 minutes later i go looking for her i looked everywhere house rest of the yard and then i seen her in the pool drowned i immediately jump in to get her and laid her down and tried to give her cpr it didnt work i was in a deep shock and Im still so devastated i cant stop blaming myself on top of missing her so much weve had her for 14 years after the kids were gone and she was our baby so loyal and sweet she was a big part of our lives for so long.i dont know how i will ever get over the blame. The necrposy showed severe heart disease and thyroid hyperplasia and adenomas, moderate kidney disease, vascular changes and lung damage consistent with hypertension. Definitely get help!!! I hate myself, and Im saying all this here because otherwise it might fall out of my mouth in front of my wife and I CANNOT do that because shes making her peace with it in her own way and the food thing hasnt come to mind for her. What I notice was that both of them were trying to rape / compete for sex with the female puppy , they were fighting eachother and when I saw that I got really mad. He was perfect! I caressed his little head for the last time, scratching his ear as I often did, and then I shoveled the cold earth over my tiny dude, my buddy weasel bear. I washed it all out and and lined it with bath towels. If this helps anyone cope than Ill be happy please rest in love my Sophie birdie. Its just so sad and I hate to think how long she was in there stuck and struggling and suffering. You have no excuse. Trust me, that's what Bella would've wanted. If you killed a dog with a knife by accident, unpleasant events are waiting for the dreamer and his family. Our older dog, didnt pay him any attention at all and our younger dog was curious and only wanted to play. She seemed to have some level of coming to when I would resume cpr. But Im not that that stupid I know I should have or could have acted quicker. One day at a time. After an hour 45 mins, she regained spontaneous circulation but was not breathing well. She is also strong and healthy and has a younger cat named Fern to keep her active.