Stanley offers a 5-pack that costs about $1, making it about twice the cost per blade, and it doesnt come with the case. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned. ***Follow me on social media below: Playlists:Overall Top Picks Knives of the Past me:I enjoy spending time outdoors and doing everything from fishing, hunting, and hiking. A more handy feature for the casual user is the gut hook, which allows you to cut string and other thin objects without having to open the blade. In total, there are three blades provided to every customer once a purchase is made. This may seem like a lot of blades, but it doesnt make economic sense to get smaller packs, since they can go for as much as $3 for five blades. The Husky Compact Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife features a compact design and a quick-change blade mechanism that accepts standard size utility blades. Some areas, such as New York City, have extremely prohibitive knife laws. With any medium-duty or aggressive cutting, the knifes metal edges dig into the hands. If youre looking for a budget-friendly model, then its important to keep this in mind. Pros. I purchased two because I want one as a spare because I'll never be able to get a replacement at the store. This is a deep cutaway at the back of the handle that exposes a small portion of the blade when the knife is in the closed position (dont worry, its nearly impossible to cut yourself on it). Your email address will not be published. Some cities and states have extremely strict laws concerning the ownership and open carry of knives. In our experience, those cheaper tools are simply marred by poor manufacturing. You can solve this whole problem by using Stanley Heavy-Duty Utility Blades (100-pack), a healthy supply that should last most people years. The best husky compact utility knife is a great knife for those who need to quickly and efficiently remove small objects or obstacles from your work area. A good value: The best value, in our opinion, is a knife that works better than expected for as long as possible. Item: 265905031139 On the other hand, if youre going to use it regularly, you need to ensure that youre getting the best value for your money. Here at, we pride ourselves on our five star reviews. itll be some time before you have to worry about picking up a new one, Included blades: 3 disposable blades come with this unit, Mounting: keep this mounted to a wall in a workshop, garage, or basement with the onboard screw holes for easy access for you or your workers. See what other customers have asked about Husky Retractable Folding Utility Knife 99734 on Page 1. We found the American Knife & Tool Institute, a knife-advocacy group, to be the most reliable source of information on this topic, but we also recommend checking in with local law enforcement to get the most up-to-date information. The Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife comes with a3-in-1 blade, a key ring and a data ring. Besides the quest to create the worlds most affordable and dependable cutting tool, manufacturers of the Workpro knife seek to deliver incredible value through the use of their product. Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife (3-Pack), (4) HUSKY Folding Utility Knife Razor Blade Folding Pocket Belt Clip Quick, Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife (Set of 3), Husky Folding Utility Knife Box Cutter Sure Grip Lock Back Multi Pack Of 3 NEW, Husky Lock Back Combo Blade Folding Pocket Knife W/Wood Handle - Great Condition, Husky COMPACT FOLDING LOCK-BACK UTILITY KNIFE QUICK-CHANGE BLADE Aluminum Handle, Husky 2-in-1 FOLDING UTILITY KNIFE & SPORTING KNIFE | QUICK-CHANGE BLADE Wooden, HUSKY Compact Folding Utility Knives - Lot of Five: 4-Silver and 1-Black, Lot 6x Used Husky Sheffield Kobolt Folding Utility Knife Preowned working Blades, HUSKY Folding Utility Knife Razor Blade Folding Pocket Belt Clip Quick Change, Husky FOLDING SPORTING KNIFE | LOCK-BACK WOOD HANDLE DUAL EDGE STAINLESS STEEL. current price $26.14. To keep your edge secure when in use, the Stanley knife features an interlocking nose engineered to hold your edge in place securely. The Workpro utility pocket knife is made from stainless steel and as such is not susceptible to rust. It comes with a lanyard hole, easily slides into a pocket, and the blade locks in the open position. In general, the fewer moving parts, the better. You can use this knife with a single hand, thanks to its liner lock feature. current price Now $15.35. To use it, hold a wire in the notch with a thumb and spin it. Husky Folding Utility Knife Lock-Back Compact 1 Blade Aluminum handle for non-slip 265905031139. Avoid having to cut with a dull knife by keeping spare box cutter and utility knife blades on hand. Husky 21113 Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knife w/ 10 Disposable Blades Included (Co When compared with the speed of the Fastbackss blade deployment, the DeWalts thumb slide seems like an unnecessary extra step. As soon as you let go, the blade vanishes. They usually need to be replaced. The Alltrade Utility Knife has been through a series of tests to ensure that durability is assured for all potential users. In addition to that, several other featuresthe massive finger hook, the overall ergonomics, the gut hook, the blade storage, and the easy blade changemake this the tool to beat. 3/4-in 1-Blade Folding Utility Knife with On Tool Blade Storage & Carbon Steel 3/4-in Utility Razor Blade (10-Pack) Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Operator Panel Fanuc Operator Panel Missing back Cover Hard Drive Failure 500 ton Husky Injection Molding Machine 1998 M/N GL500 Expedited shipping services are available. *At the time of publishing, the price was $10. There is no better toolbox staple than the best utility knife that is trustworthy and durable. The handle of this unit is also designed for durability via the use of wood and steel accents. Once the candidates were in hand, we put identical blades in all of them and proceeded to break down and slice up a pile of about 50 cardboard boxes of varying sizes. 2023 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company. I love my Husky Utility knife so much I created a video for replacing the blade. Its very comfortable to hold and has an internal auto-load feature that feeds in a new blade once a dull one is removed. The users of this utility knife praise it for its ergonomic nature and ease of use. Debris and gunk can get into the nose of the tool and make it difficult to move the blade in and out. And the tool offers a simple blade change and a sturdy belt hook. You can store this compact, lightweight unit anywhere you please, be it in your pocket, tackle box or your purse. View cart for details. Today, it is great for doing small tasks or cleaning things up. Before you purchase a husky compact utility knife online, its important to check out customer ratings and reviews to see how well-liked a model is. keep it locked straight a Quick blade change system: directions are printed on the knife to show you exactly how to activate the quick-change system to maintain a steady, fast-paced workflow after y Sturdy metal construction: bring this to your more rugged jobsites and feel secure in the fact that this metal construction will hold up to drops and other impacts, Blade storage: three utility blades can be stored at the base of the handle. On this channel I will be helping all of you take a look at different knives and other products that are useful and worth buying. This knife features a quick-change blade mechanism that locks a standard utility blade in place for safety and efficient cutting. Wirecutter is the product recommendation service from The New York Times. Keep it locked straight ahead for wire stripping and other precision applications, or keep it locked at a sharper angle for rug cutting and box opening, BLADE STORAGE: Three utility blades can be stored at the base of the handle. The handle is made of lightweight, durable aluminum for strength and features a convenient folding design. Add to cart. The Husky Multi-Function Folding Knife has a durable aluminum case with stainless steel 5-in-1 painter's tool. Press and Flip Folding Compact Utility Knife Red 1 pc . DeWalts Folding Retractable Knife is an interesting model in that it is both folding and retractable. We use cookies to personalize ads for you. Along the inside edge of the blade pocket theres a plastic clip that swings out to reveal a storage spot. 3/4-in 3-Blade Retractable Utility Knife with On Tool Blade Storage & 36-ft Self-Leveling Outdoor Line Generator Laser Level. The Stanley Fatmax is a unique creation from the Stanley camp. The provision of three blades means that your knife will operate continuously for an extended period, without the need for extreme maintenance and repairs. and many under $10. The blades inside are held in place by a magnet. The data ring has a U-shaped key end. From hacking through bones and crushing spices to mashing pastes and making thin, precise cuts, the Chinese cleaver is the ultimate do-it-all tool. PACKOUT Tool Bag with FASTBACK 6-In-1 Folding Utility Knife and FASTBACK Compact Folding Utility Knife Set in USED. Utility Pump Pumps, Husky Utility Knives, OLFA . Someone using this as an EDC knife may already have strong opinions on how the knife should be oriented while clipped on a belt, and the Fastback may not fit into those parameters. Cheap utility knives, like the classic Stanley 10-099, dont cost much, but they offer nothing more than the most rudimentary functionality and safety features. The storage of blades for this unit is found in its handle for easy access by the user. You can make use of this unit with a single hand or both hands depending on your preference. (16) C $7299. When you buy blades in smaller amounts, it costs a lot more per blade. Folding Pocket Knife Compact EDC Straight Edge Utility Knife Tactical Knife ad vertisement by SmilingByTan Ad vertisement from shop SmilingByTan SmilingByTan From shop SmilingByTan. Husky Folding Utility Knife Lock-Back Compact 1 Blade Aluminum handle for non-slip usage If you are looking to upgrade your knives collection, check out our guide to the best craft knives. The Stanley 10-499 is a common inhabitant of pro tool belts nationwide. Changing blades is very simple, and a sturdy belt hook helps make the Fastback portable. In total, the Alltrade utility knife comes with six heavy-duty blades and a lifetime warranty that supports its durability. Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters (12-Pack Bulk, 18mm Wide Blade Cutter) - Retractable, Compact, Extended Use for Heavy Duty Office, Home, Arts Crafts, Hobby for Cutting Boxes, Cartons, Cardboard. The 100-pack, which typically runs between $10 and $15, also comes with a nice little case that stores the blades safely and allows you to slide one blade out at a time. It can be used for cutting through materials such as cartons, paper, carpet, PVC, leather, cloth, bags, and many more. This item Husky Compact Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife. The Husky Compact Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife features a compact design and a quick-change blade mechanism that accepts standard size utility blades. This makes the changing of blades very simple and time efficient, unlike other knife models that have separate blade storage. Also, changing the blade out requires undoing a flathead screw and cannot be done quickly or easily. One of such products is the Klein Kurve Utility Knife, a product developed and designed by Klein Tools, a leading manufacturer in the industry since 1857. $17.99 16% off. Our handy guide to the best boot knives features more great products like this. The Husky Compact Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife is a great knife for those who are looking for a foldable lock-back knife that you can use for a variety of tasks. There is one standard razor blade included in the total package once a purchase is made and this blade is made from robust stainless steel. The blade changing ability is superior and has a magnetic guide to securely hold the blade when swapping it out. by Michael Sullivan and Christine Cyr Clisset. The Klein Kurve knife is extremely easy to identify in any location, thanks to its bright orange color, an intentional color choice made as a brand statement by Klein Tools. The Workpro knife is a multiuse product that is preferred because of its versatility. The entire unit is manufactured with high-quality materials such as glass/nylon composite materials as well as sturdy stainless steel. Handle Swivel-Lock Retractable Utility Knife, DEWALT 10 in. Easy blade change: For replacing the blade, we recommend knives that are simple and keep your hands away from the cutting edge of the blade. This holds tightly, but at the same time, theres enough spring so you dont have to force the knife down over a belt or struggle to get it free. It is a convenient tool that undertakes all its intended functions and many more. Since there are razor blades involved, we emphasized safety features in our search. The Husky 21113 Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knife is a great value for the customer who needs a tool that can do the job well. Husky Folding Compact Utility Knife small size Lock Back w / belt clip. However, you need to remember that its important to look at the price of the husky compact utility knife over the entire lifespan of the product, as opposed to just looking at the cost of the husky compact utility knife today. Manufacturer Husky : Parcel Dimensions 25 x 18.6 x 2.3 cm . Condition: New, Brand: Husky, Type: Utility Knife, Number of Pieces: 1, Model: 1000032781, UPC: 820909997337 The Best Karambit Knives in 2022, Making the Cut: Best Benchmade Pocket Knives of 2022, Hearty Cuts: The Best Butcher Knives for 2022. "Amazon, Amazon Prime, the Amazon logo and Amazon Prime logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates". To change your blade when it feels dull and weak, you only need to press the release button located on the knife, where two additional edges have been stored. 18, 24 and 32-TPI Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade (3-Pack). For the drywall cuts, we really sunk the blade into the material and tried to work it around to see whether the blade would disengage from the knifea constant annoyance during longer projects. This unit is an excellent addition to your tool box or your kitchen drawer. Compare. You are the salt of the earthYou are the light of the world Husky Folding Utility Knife Lock-Back Compact 1 Blade, Husky Folding Utility Knife Lock-Back Compact 1 Blade 2, Husky Folding Utility Knife Lock-Back Compact 1 Blade. Husky Retractable Auto-Loading Rubber Grip Utility Knife BLADE Cutter. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We update old articles regularly to provide you the most current information. The general frame of this unit is lightweight, and it makes transportation from one place to the other more comfortable and hassle-free. This utility knife seeks to take on every workshop cutting task with ease. . Folders are smaller, so easier to store, and tend to come with convenient belt hooks. Ships to: US, The downside is that its simply not as comfortable or grippy as the Fastbacks. 0% negative feedback. It features the use of a single, disposable and reversible blade that can be used for a very long time before its replaced. This knife features the use of three unique blades all manufactured from stainless steel. Our one gripe about the Fastback 48-22-1502 is that the belt clip is not reversible. Its purchase comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Theyre all designed in such a way that no extra tools or special skills are required in their operation. Because blades are disposable, sharpness wasnt a criterium, so we looked at overall ergonomics, ease of blade change, leverage on tougher cuts, and ease of the folding mechanism. Its a solid knife, but we prefer the Fastbacks. The Irwin utility knife is an all-American knife made for comfort and performance. Theres no question that its a solidly built tool, but its cumbersome. This knife has the same features as our main pick, but it lacks the blade storage. Other tasks can include sizing a small patch for a linoleum floor, trimming a rug pad, or even freeing a toy trapped in a blister-pack nightmare. 1. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Knives & Blades. Milwaukee is a pro brand geared toward plumbers, HVAC guys, and electricians, so this is a useful feature for them. Rankings are generated from thousands of verified customer reviews. YES - there are instructions on the knife, butFor the Sure-Grip Folding Loc. Call 1-888-HD-HUSKY for customer service and support. The blade locks with a wheel thats a little fussy and slow. But the finger notch is only one portion of the handles overall superiority. Fiskars Pro Utility Knife. Husky 21113 Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knife w/ 10 . This is heavy weight and cuts well. This pack may amount to being a lifetime supply of razor blades, at a price much cheaper than smaller packs. One-handed open: We much preferred knives that can be folded and unfolded with one hand. Remember, these are razor blades, so even a brush against the edge can do some significant damage. Its handle has been manufactured from stainless steel and can be used as both a money clip or a pocket. Copyright 2008-2023 PicClick Inc. All Rights Reserved. What if we told you that the Alltrade utility knife offered all these features and many more? Husky Compact Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife. The Milwaukee 48-22-1906 Fastback Compact Flip Utility Knife is designed to improve user productivity. Find My Store. This tool comes with 10 disposable blades, which makes it easy for the customer to do the job without having to worry about the perils of a traditional tool. The Stanley Heavy-Duty Utility Blades come in a pack of 100, along with a nice little case that can be hung on a peg board or nail. Stainless Steel Joint Knife With 1-Piece Handle. Manufacturer: Husky. The storage area for blades in the Stanley utility knife is located in its handle, an easy-to-locate area. After conducting our research and interviews, we sought a folding knife with a decent grip, one-handed opening, easy blade change, onboard storage for additional blades, and that was a good value. itll be a long time before you have to worry about picking up a new one, Safe design: this blade folds in on itself, so you can keep you and those around you safe when its not in use, Included blade: 1 disposable, reversible blade comes with this unit. $ 4.97 $ 3.33. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. The only difference is that there is no additional blade storage. This . This knife forgoes the construction-ready vibe of the others in favor of a sleek, stylish, urban look. Lock-Back Textured Grip. By continuing to browse this site you're agreeing to our, Quick-change mechanism locks the blade in place, Lightweight aluminum durable body construction, Easy portability with its compact and convenient folding design, Aluminum textured handle provides non-slip usage, Ergonomic: the shaft of this knife is built with your comfort in mind, making it as easy as possible to maintain a grip for accurate cuts, Safe design: this blade folds in on itself, so you can keep yourself and those around you safe when its not in use, Wooden handle with steel accents combines power with a robust design to provide maximum utility, Tough belt clip on the side of the unit keeps this safe on your pockets or work belt for when you need it most, Included blade: a single disposable, reversible blade comes with this unit. The Husky Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knife is a great value for the customer who wants to have a reliable and consistent grip when working. I definitely favor folding.. Basically, the Fastback 48-22-1502 is the only knife that combines the fast, one-handed operation of a retractable knife with the safety of the flip style. Product information . Designed by a team of seasoned engineers from the best materials around the world, this knife can be counted on for a variety of cutting actions. I spent most of that time as a carpenter, foreman, and job supervisor at a high-end custom builder in the Boston area. I love all types of knives and sharpening them until they are razor, hair popping sharp. The blades are Sure-Grip Lock back and forth folding knives and also have a quick-change mechanism for easy blade change. Other features this knife has been built with include its safe liner lock for the razor-sharp blade and a tapered shape that helps with scraping or scoring. The Fastback also has a spot for stripping electrical wire and an added gut hook, so you can cut string or open a bag of bird seed without ever having to unfold the knife and expose the blade. It is well suited for jobs such as the slicing of rope or the opening of boxes. It comes with many features that enable it to live up to the strong reputation created by the Irwin company. HUSKY FOLDING UTILITY Knife Lock-Back Compact 1 Blade - $14.98. Brand New. This isnt to say that you want a light grip, but with your fingers even slightly hooked into the tool, theyre far less likely to slide off. Available in a variety of colors, the knifemade of anodized aluminumis very thin and casts a smaller shadow than a credit card. clallam county pud rebates; best foot massager for neuropathy 2021; Related articles; raspberry pi pico ssh The husky compact utility knife has grown over the years because it has been designed to meet the needs of the average person. The blade has a V-shaped blade end and the key ring has a V-shaped key end. Husky Compact Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife. 10 BestHusky Utility Knivesof January 2023. L x 1/8 In. 10-Drawer Garage Workcenter, 24 in. This Husky 21113 Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knife has 10 disposable blades included. CRAFTSMAN. See More. According to Lyman, Ive never used a retractable with a mechanism that doesnt eventually get really crud-filled and clunky. 3. Utility blades are disposable and not all that durable. We do not accept free products from any companywe only review products we love. Without any Retail Packaging." . Theres more to a husky compact utility knife than just its price. Dull blades are dangerous, and they require more effort to cut with. This can be easily done with your hands coming at the tool from above the blade, increasing the safety level. It undertakes several activities, and thus, it must be extremely robust and durable. It is a member of the Klein family company, an all-American family brand that promises to be here till the end of time. at the best online prices at eBay! To change your blade, youre only required to push a button to gain access to your stored edges. One of the most utilized tools by DIY enthusiasts and other tradespeople is the utility knife. For more handy products like this, check out our guide to the best craft scissors. In addition to being a very credible and honest tool expert and reviewer, Lyman is also a self-confessed knife snob. Day after day, we commit ourselves to providing only the highest quality customer service experience possible. Some of the unique features of the husky compact utility knife include being lightweight, having a sharp point, and having a comfortable grip. All extra blades are stores on-board this knife, a handy solution that is loved by many users of the model. Trust Husky to be at your side while you take on the toughest of jobs. This knife features a quick-change blade mechanism that locks a standard utility blade in place for safety and efficient cutting. And despite this knifes thin profile, you can store five additional blades in the handle. No matter how regularly you make use of this unit, it has been engineered to last for an extremely long time. The Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Knife is an incredible utility knife and the best product you can ever have in hand. The lock-back design locks the blade in place for safe and efficient cutting while the compact size, convenient folding design and lightweight aluminum handle with clip makes it easy for a user to safely store the knife in their pocket. If youre thinking about durability, the Klein replaceable blade knife should be at the top of your list. Folding makes this unit more compact, and as such, it fits comfortably into your toolbox or pocket. This Husky 3-Position Flip Folding Utility Knife has 4 included blades that make it a quick and easy way to defend yourself. This line of products is their most extensive as it features hand tools and other essentials meant for expert enthusiasts and pros who require durable, high-quality tools for their respective jobs. The Gerber utility blade has an extraordinary design that features improved elements that were not included in the plan of its predecessor, the EAB from Gerber. CRAFTSMAN. Here Are the Best Utility Knives. Designed with an aluminum handle and a belt clip. The 48-22-1502 Fastback can be quickly opened and closed with one hand, and it provides a secure grip and a spot to store five extra blades. Other knives create the grip with a textured area, curved handle, or finger ridges at the grip, but none of these are as effective or easy to use as the finger notch. Something went wrong. Also, the inclusion of a wire stripper in this unit makes it a relatively convenient tool to use job sites for different purposes. New. It is a great knife for trapping and cleaning up work areas. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2022 TheWrenchFinder is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The Sheffield Lock-Back is an attractive knife, but it requires two hands to close, so its not as efficient as some of the others. You may also like some of these best glue sticks for your projects, so check them out. Check out our husky utility knife selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. 34. With this Husky knife, you can do so. took about a week and a half just to get one but hope next time it takes a few day. Just by lightly pinching the tool with a forefinger in the groove, we found it nearly impossible to pull the knife out of the hand. For some it makes more sense to carry a utility knife when faced with constantly opening packages or having to cut various things here and there. It cuts with a removable razor blade, so the edge is both incredibly sharp and very disposable. itll be some time before you have to worry about picking up a new one, Lanyard loop at the base of the handle allows you to keep this on your person when you dont have enough room in your pockets, Textured handle allows for increased friction between the unit and your hand, allowing for greater control, even in slippery conditions, Included blades: 10 disposable blades come with this unit. Milwaukee Fastback 6.15 in. for pricing and availability. In three seconds or less, users can change from a dull, used blade to a fresh and sharp cutting edge for a series of cutting jobs. Its versatility is impressive, causing it to be among the highest purchased units around the world. Lifetime Warranty with no questions, no receipt required. Theyre the best products with the best engineering youll ever come across. Another benefit of this knife is that it can be used as a working knife as well, so it is perfect for those who need to work with multiple items. W x 24 in. Works great, easy to carry and no scratches or anything missing from it. Its manufacturers realize the importance of comfort during the cutting process, and as such, they have designed the group with a perfect grip for more precise cuts. After more testing, weve added the James Brand Palmer and the Stanley 10-499 to the competition section. You may also like to check our guide to the best tactical knives. Theyre very useful, but before you invest in one, make sure you understand your state and local knife lawsespecially if you intend to carry your knife in your pocket or hooked to your belt. The best utility knife. 3 position blade adjustment: depending on the application, you may need to tackle it from a different angle. Every tradesperson is aware of the high-level quality always delivered by Irwin Tools. This may seem like a no-brainer, but its something to think about when buying a husky compact utility knife. The knife is also reversible, so you can hold it both ways. was $24.13. The Slidewinder knife features a built-in flathead, a bottle opener, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a pocket clip. the product ships with all relevant accessories. Also, the comfort of the handle is nowhere near that of the Fastbacks. Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Free shipping. Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters (12-Pack Bulk, 18mm Wide Blade Cutter), Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife (Set of 3), Husky 97211 Wood Handled Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knife w/ 1 Disposable, Husky 21113 Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knife w/ 10 Disposable Blades Included, Katzco Multipurpose Utility Snips - 4 Pack - 5.5 Inch - Finely Serrated Wire Cutters for Home Improvement, Linesman, Sheet Metal, Tin, Carpets, Wire, Gardening, Fishing, PVC Siding, and More, Katzco Retractable Utility Knife Set - 5 Pack - 6 Inch - Heavy Duty Carbon Steel - for Cardboard, Rope, Carpet, Linoleum, Plastic, Leather, Wallpaper, and More, Kicko Self-Loading Cutter - Set of 3 - 18mm Snap-Off Blade, Rubberized Handle, Hard Plastic Body - Tool for Precise Cutting and Improvement, BLACK+DECKER Utility Knife, Folding, 2 Pack (BDHT10001), Husky Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knife w/ Single Disposable Blade Included, Husky Compact Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife, Husky Folding Sure-Grip Lock Back Utility Knives Multi Pack, Husky 667648 Heavy Duty .024 Carbon Steel Utility Blade Dispenser w/ Mounting Hole, HUSKY 99732 Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife (3-Pack), Husky 1001594945 Metal 3-Position Flip Folding Utility Knife with 4 Included Blades, Get exclusive articles, recommendations, shopping tips, and sales alerts, Sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly recommendations about seasonal and trendy products, *By submitting your email address you agree to our.