To hide the retweets from an account on the website, you first need to open the account page or the relevant account. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. If you don't see a Quote Tweets option below your tweet, nobody has quoted your tweet. Father. Select the first option in this menu labeled "Turn off Retweets. All Rights Reserved. Second icon from the left, it will say " Retweet " if you put your cursor on it. More than ever before, people look to Twitter to discover breaking news. 18. We hope you enjoy retweeting this week. You could use this to ignore politicians, musicians, staff writers from technology sites, orjust about anyone who gets under you skin. But whatif you dont have any particular problem with Whitsons retweets, but specifically want to avoid seeing a specific person he keeps retweeting? Fortunately, these always include some sort of commentary from the person you follow. Join 425,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Because of that we can filter them through with this phrase. Sophie Putka is a freelance writer and reporter for Insider's Tech Reference team. Step 2: You now need to select hide reply and confirm. There are also ways to hide comments if you think a certain reply can generate a bit of heat. The accounts you manually set to no retweets will still work like before. @ambertozer summed up her feelings in a tweet a few weeks ago: I wanna make fun of people who retweet their own tweets but I also wanna retweet my own tweets GODDAMN THIS LIFE, "I think it's hilarious that people do it, like, This tweet is too good to not tweet it again. Does someone you follow on Twitter retweet constantly, flooding your timeline with nonsense? Tap on the 3 dots next to the person's tweet or open his/her profile and click on 3 dots on the top right. While Twitter prohibits you from retweeting your own tweets, there are no limits to the number of times other users may retweet one of your tweets. Score discounts on our favorite stuff for working from home, from computer monitors to standing desks. Easy, right? The provisions against joke theft, for example, are similar to real life, as is the idea that repeating yourself too often makes you a hack. "Your honour, all I did was retweet an article that was published in The Washington Post. ; Protected Tweets will not appear in third-party search engines (like Google search). It can be done through the browser or an app. The ire comes from two places. Twitter started testing in September, and announced it was rolling the feature out for all web users on Monday. Click the triple-dot icon just under the header picture, then click "Turn off retweets". If you are a Twitter user, youve no doubt encountered the scenario where you are following somebody in tech, and they wont stop retweeting political stuff or other things that you have no interest in. They wont be able to see your tweets, but they will still be able to follow and retweet your tweets if they wish. Getting spammed with random tweets from strangers? Here's how to turn off retweets from accounts you follow, using Twitter's desktop website or app. The company doesnt offer you a specific option to turn off comments, but there is a simple trick to do that. Group Mention List the users that retweeted the content and include a comment or thank you. TurboTax service code 2023: Up to $15 off your purchase, Extra 20% off sitewide - Dyson promo code, GoPro promo code: 10% off all sitewide purchases + free shipping, Samsung promo code - Up to 40% off sitewide, Enjoy $1932 off Precision 5570 Workstation with Dell coupon code, Deal of the Day - 50% off Best Buy Coupon, 2023 Cond Nast. We select and review products independently. How to Save Your Smartphones Battery Life. 1. Thanking someone for retweeting is usually a pointless exercise. Previously, if a Twitter personality wanted to resurface a joke, either because they thought it wasn't seen by enough people or for a fleeting hit of e-serotonin, the process was unwieldy. This week Twitter started rolling out a new feature that lets users quietly remove followers without resorting to blocking them. Scroll down to the "Tweet. Select "Quote Tweet" 4. A Twitter bug is baffling some of the social media platform's users Wednesday by inserting tweets in their timelines from people they don't follow. All you have to do is go to his or her profile, click on the gear, and then select "Turn off retweets." Don't: Ignore People When someone tweets at you or mentions you, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Install Ruby, create a Twitter app, run this script:, Scroll through all your followings and execute a javascript script in the browser console:, Instead of turning off retweets for each account, you can mute retweets through the Twitter settings. Click on Mute, and confirm it. It could be a link to a blog post, product page, landing page, or opt-in offer you want . Alternately, you can also start your own tweet with "RT" and then "@username" and the text of the tweet you're sharing. You simply add the usernames of the users you want to block, and the Retweet Shield will prevent them from retweeting your tweets. 1 - With a web browser (Mac, PC, Linux - no difference) go to and sign in. 1. It could be an image, gif, or video you want to share. If you only want to stop a specific user from retweeting your content, you can simply block or mute them. You may be retweeting tweets . Step 1: When you are drafting any tweet, you will notice an option at the bottom, which says Everyone can reply. You just need to tap on it. After all, there are many other ways to access information feeds. It is an efficient micro-blogging platform, an up-to-the-minute news service, a cocaine-pellet-dispensing operant . Its easy, its fast and if you dont like it, you can reverse it with a single click. Here's how Rand Fishkin did it.. Note: If you want only select people to reply to your comments, then you should select the third option Only people you mention. So, no one else will be able to comment on your post. Many artists already had "No QRT" (for "no quote retweet") or a similar request in their name, bio, or . The new option has stripped away some of those steps, but the result is the same: Self-retweeting is a desperate cry for attention. Select "Settings" from the menu options. Find the three dots icon on the . You can identify a protected Twitter account by the "lock" icon next to the user's name in their tweets or on their profile page. wachstumskurve zwergdackel celebrities with virgo sun leo venus how to stop someone from retweeting your tweets These tips from sleep experts will help you stay awake till the credits roll. Mix it up. Step 1: From a reply to one of your Tweets, you simply need to tap on the three-dotted icon. His terrible retweets, like the one above, will disappear into the ether, never to grace your timeline. Click the circular icon with three horizontal dots to the right of their profile picture. Once you're on the page of the account, click the triple-dot icon just under the header picture and click "Turn off retweets". Select. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. To be clear: Twitter prohibits any attempt . There are too many great features turned off by default. Sure, you can unfollow them, but did you know you can prevent them from retweeting entirely? Fortunately, Twitter has a setting that will block all of that user's retweets from your feed. Get our best tips. The ideal solution is to quit Twitter. Switching your Twitter account from "protected" to "public" will make any previously protected tweets available on the Internet. How to bookmark tweets on Twitter so you can reference them later, How to find your Drafts on Twitter and create or delete them, How to limit replies to your Twitter posts, so that no account or only certain accounts can reply, How to make Twitter appear in dark mode to reduce battery strain on your computer or mobile device. Do particular accounts you never want to hear from keep popping up anyway? Soft, Hard, and Mixed Resets Explained, How to Set Variables In Your GitLab CI Pipelines, How to Send a Message to Slack From a Bash Script, The New Outlook Is Opening Up to More People, Windows 11 Feature Updates Are Speeding Up, E-Win Champion Fabric Gaming Chair Review, Amazon Echo Dot With Clock (5th-gen) Review, Grelife 24in Oscillating Space Heater Review: Comfort and Functionality Combined, VCK Dual Filter Air Purifier Review: Affordable and Practical for Home or Office, LatticeWork Amber X Personal Cloud Storage Review: Backups Made Easy, Neat Bumblebee II Review: It's Good, It's Affordable, and It's Usually On Sale, How to Block a Twitter Users Retweets (But Still See Their Tweets). Simply take a screenshot of a note on your phone and add it to your tweet. If youd like to get a bit more creative, you can use a tool called the Retweet Shield. If you access a native retweet through the API you will see that they full_text starts with RT @username. Can You Prove Those Colonists Weren't Witches? Stopping someone from retweeting your content isn't an exact science, but with the right tools it can be done fairly easily. If you use the official apps it works across all of them. While many apps will let you adjust Twitter settings, to make sure your changes are universal, head to Open Twitter on the web or the iOS or Android app. Automation and the use of multiple accounts. A pop-up window will appear, which will look like this: Now that the advantage of the comment space provided. Click the circular icon with three horizontal dots to the right of their profile picture. ", "I'm totally fine with it, as I was with 'bumping' or 'favstar in the bio,'" said @NicCageMatch. Once you've logged on to Twitter, find the tweet that you want to delete. If you set your profile to private when you were setting up your Twitter account and you want others to be able to retweet your tweets, you can change your profile to public. Twitter allows you to turn off retweets for a specific account if you dont like what they share. Any pending follower requests will be automatically rejected when you change your account from "protected" to "private," requiring the users to follow you again. as well as other partner offers and accept our, Fabian Sommer/picture alliance via Getty Images. Twitter rolled out the "soft block" for all web users on Monday. How to turn off retweets for everyone | by Luca Hammer | Medium 500 Apologies, but something went wrong on our end. A good example of retweeting comes from a friend I follow, Kevin Greene. On Twitter, go to "Settings", then "Privacy and safety" Then click "Mute and block" Click "Muted words" Click the "+" icon Add "RT @" as the phrase Click "Save" Enjoy your Twitter timeline with no retweets clogging your feed Here is how to mute retweets screenshot by screenshot Click the "+" icon Add "RT @" as the phrase, then click "Save" You wouldn't go on stage and tell the same joke at the beginning and end of your set, so why would you do it online? This won't stop you from seeing manual retweets -- the type that begin with RT or have quotes around the text of the original tweet. I didn't put any comment or make any statement. Whether you decide to disable retweeting altogether, block or mute certain users, or use the Retweet Shield, there are plenty of options for preventing people from sharing your tweets. To borrow a. How to Make your Tweets Public. If you're on an Android, you'll see a three-dot icon to the right of their profile picture.. retweet() The API.retweet() method of the API class in Tweepy module is used to retweet a tweet. Use the Menu in the right upper corner Remove my tag from photo You can also adjust that feature in your privacy settings, to avoid being tagged in different cases. 1. The online hacking activist, or "hacktivist," group Anonymous, whose adherents often disguise their identities with Guy Fawkes masks, is claiming responsibility for disruptions to Russian and . But even those who do find it corny said they would probably give in from time-to-time. how to stop someone from retweeting your tweets. Your email address will not be published. Use the Menu in the right upper corner Remove my tag from photo You can also adjust that feature in your privacy settings, to avoid being tagged in different cases. The Quest 2 and Quest Pro VR Headsets Are Dropping in Price, 2023 LifeSavvy Media. It removes native and original retweets. Since we launched in 2006, our articles have been read billions of times. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. Hypothetically, lets say you follow someone who, while generally insightful, occasionally retweets nonsense from your mortal enemy. You'll be presented with all the people (or brand robots) you follow on Twitter. Your email address will not be published. 2: Enable tweet approval.tap "Tweet Approval Disabled" and Then tap on "Require Approval For All Tweets". People plagiarize on Twitter for the same reason they plagiarize on other social media, their blog posts and elsewhere: They want to seem clever and talented. Retweet from different profiles to keep it interesting and to acknowledge different kinds of accounts. Go to the profile of the person whose retweets you want to turn off. To go back to having your tweets public, all you have to do is follow the same process for protecting them. The team consists of distinguished Corporate Financial Advisors and Tax Consultants. You can still click or tap Retweets to see a list of people who've retweeted your tweet without adding their own thoughts. This is colloquially known as a "soft block." Roberto test drives electric vehicles for WIRED. To disable a person's retweets from others, click on the silhouette to the left of the blue Following button. Simply go to the tweet you are tagged in. Open Twitter on your desktop computer. A menu pops up. Justin Pot has been writing about technology for over a decade, with work appearing in Digital Trends, The Next Web, Lifehacker, MakeUseOf, and the Zapier Blog. Quote tweets were a sore spot even before this week's update was put in place. Ultimate goal is to use the tweepy api search to focus on topics (i.e docker) and to EXCLUDE retweets. Now when that person (or brand robot) retweets every single update about an intense curling match, you'll only see their excited tweets about a wicked eight-ender. Note: If you want to view your hidden replies, then you will have to click or tap on the hidden reply icon, which will be available in the bottom-right of your original Tweet. I have tried to incorporate what I've learned into the code below but I believe the "if not" piece of code is in the wrong place. Thankfully, the blog How to Do Various Techy Things has found five ways to stop seeing other people's likes in your timeline. How can you untag yourself from a post on Twitter? When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission. Advertisement Step 2: You now need to select hide reply and confirm. Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. "Imagine someone in real life reminding you of a joke they made 11 months ago," added @ceej. If you come to the conclusion that Twitter is actually better without retweets, you may want to use one of the other solutions. If you're on an Android, you'll see a three-dot icon to the right of their profile picture. The first step is the same in both the cases - Click on the double arrowed retweet icon beneath the tweet. It makes it "easier to be the curator of your own followers list," Twitter said. When you protect your Tweets You'll receive a request when new people want to follow you, which you can approve or deny. Blocked users cannot: Add your Twitter account to their lists. literally stop retweeting "you won't BELIEVE what gen z said about sex this time!" tweets you people are so fucking annoying. Lowell is the founder and CEO of How-To Geek. Continue Reading 94 Sponsored by Karma Shopping LTD Stop overpaying on Amazon! It's great for sharing tweets that you love. How to Run Your Own DNS Server on Your Local Network, How to Check If the Docker Daemon or a Container Is Running, How to Manage an SSH Config File in Windows and Linux, How to View Kubernetes Pod Logs With Kubectl, How to Run GUI Applications in a Docker Container. 11 Tips for Getting People to Retweet Your Content 1. You can turn off retweets from Twitter accounts you follow, so you only see original tweets from them. Continue Reading 94 Paige North Twitter 4 y Related "Retweeting myself keeps me from adding to the digital trashpile, by dredging up one of the few things I said that was good.". By retweeting, people are sharing your content with their followers, which implies that they find some value in what you tweeted . Always review follower requests before switching your account settings. Join 425,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. This means that you should not retweet your own tweets because they may be retweeted, so you should not retweet any tweets you find that have already been retweeted. Highlight a Row Using Conditional Formatting, Hide or Password Protect a Folder in Windows, Access Your Router If You Forget the Password, Access Your Linux Partitions From Windows, How to Connect to Localhost Within a Docker Container. He also runs the Hillsboro Signal, a volunteer-driven local news outlet he founded. Try doing these 10 things and see how it makes your brand thrive. Log into Twitter. There will be some false positives. Find the tweet you quote, then hit the retweet icon which looks like two arrows forming a square 3. He is currently enrolled in a Master of Arts program in writing popular fiction at Seton Hill University. Sure, you can unfollow them, but did you know you can prevent them from retweeting entirely? Anyone you remove as a follower will no longer see when you post or retweet things, and Twitter says it won't notify them that you've removed them. Prior to starting How-To Geek, Lowell spent 15 years working in IT doing consulting, cybersecurity, database management, and programming work. ", Tap the first option in this menu labeled "Turn off Retweets.". The New Outlook for Windows Is Opening Up to More People, 2023 LifeSavvy Media. This is how to retweet yourself on Twitter, as of today: Go to one of your own tweets, click the little loopy "retweet" button, choose whether to quote yourself or simply retweet your own. A menu pops up. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It could be a joke in a tweet. 5. There is no option for turning off retweets for all users at once. Twitter Tries to Solve Its Single Biggest Problem, Donald Trump Wants to Make 'The Jetsons' a Reality, Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads. how to stop someone from retweeting your tweets. If you find users can't retweet you, it probably means your account got switched from "public" to "protected." Discuss Current Events: According to HubSpot's "Science of Retweets" research, nearly 80% of retweeted content is about news, and more than 50% of retweeted content is entertainment-related. Option #1. Make certain you're comfortable with losing this level of privacy before making the change. 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The author of the tweet can unhide replies through the hidden reply icon, which shows up on the original Tweet when there are hidden replies. You can change the text, use different pictures, or even use different hashtags to give a slight variation of your tweet., "I have said 60,000 things on here, and most of them are just awfuldated beyond recognition, insensitive and unfunny, or nonsensical out of context," said @bronzehammer. Speaking of Jeb Lund: "Like quoting or bumping or threading your own tweets, self-retweeting is something that everyone thinks everyone else should be forbidden to do, except them, and every one of them is wrong. The Indian Express website has been rated GREEN for its credibility and trustworthiness by Newsguard, a global service that rates news sources for their journalistic standards. framkalla filmrulle sjlv . And hey, additional commentary is good. Here's how to cut down on the noise in your Twitter feed without unfollowing interesting people. Here's what it used to say, according to Google Cache and Windows 11: How Much RAM Can Your PC Have? Click the three. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest tech news and scoops delivered daily to your inbox. 3: Change the tweet format to "Native Twitter Retweet". Dial back your tweeting for a week, to see if your results actually improve as you are more discerning. Not everyone draws such a hardline. First, head to his profile page, then hit the gear next to the Following button. This tool is a simple browser extension that allows you to block certain users from retweeting your tweets. Her work frequently focuses on the health and wellness, science, tech, and food beats. Posting too much Windows 11: How Much RAM Can Your PC Have? "It's kind of the worst," said @behindyourback. Click the icon with three dots in a horizontal line in the top right corner of the tweet. Twitter is many things, both good and bad (mostly bad; almost all bad). Please and share the article if you enjoyed it. Add your comment 5. Here are the steps to quote a tweet on Twitter: 1. "There's a handful of people that can get away with ita secret list of accounts that are above the lawbut for the most part, it's a clown move, and I would rather die than do it.". Turning them all off manually is a pain. Whenever you want to retweet your best-performing tweet, go to your Twitter Analytics' Top Tweets. 2. Here's how to retweet from an account: Step 1: Find a tweet you want to retweet, and click the button that looks like two arrows making a circle. Change These Settings on Your New Samsung Phone. We select and review products independently. You'll be taken to a list of the applications you've authorized to post to your account. Twitter offers several options to give you more control over your tweets. Visit the particular user's profile page and click the "person" icon to access a drop-down options menu. But, she added, it's also great, "because fuck yeah we didn't get enough attention, and why try to be cool? You could explicitly state your purpose"ICYMI here are some good tweets I did"or reply to your own tweet with responses of diminishing humorous returns to bump it to the top of the feed. SocialPilot (Budget-friendly and easy to use) Tweethunter. This seems like a radical step, but in the age of fake news and manipulated content, maybe it isn't so extreme. Whether you stick to the 30/30/30 rule or just retweet a few times a day, retweeting often keeps the communication flowing. Have their @replies or mentions show in your mentions tab . If you see me tied to a horse please know I don't own one so whoever robbed me has gone out of their way to make me look like a fool. 6. If you're on an iPhone, you'll either see a gear icon next to their profile picture, or a three-dot icon in the top-right corner. You can leave the . Twitter has set what they believe are reasonable limits for personal tweeting. Navigate to the profile of the account you'd like to stop seeing retweets from. It's just too broken," @bronzehammer continued. "We're all already shouting into the void, and now we have an amplifier to whine when we feel like we didn't get enough attention from the void."