I would totally do it. Mainly Holstein heifers bred to our Guernsey bull, stated Robin Marsh of Oregon on an internet chat site recently. Registered hereford bull was put in with cows June 3rd (ish) asking $3,000 for him. Selecting beef bulls based on their Genetically Enhanced Expected Progeny Differences (GE-EPDS) for carcass traits may be one of the first steps necessary to achieve acceptable results in a beef on dairy crossbreeding program. 2023 meat production expected to decline 1%, Protect your grazing cattle all summer with extended-release deworming, Cattle industry honors environmental stewards, Cattle on feed and beef cold storage stocks, Allowed HTML tags:

. While it may be tempting to go straight to indexes for growth and carcass characteristics that are listed on the pedigrees, caution should be taken when attempting to apply these indexes as a selection tool in beef sires used for dairy cows. Featured. ( Holstein Jersey Xcross) $1,234. These beef on dairy crosses are adding another genetic combination into the commodity beef system, creating a problem for the beef industry as it determines what to do with these carcasses what box they fit in. Angus Bull $300 Jersey Heifer calf $200 Jesey Bull Calf. Please enter your email address below to create account. Main navigation (extended config) DNA Tests. They grazed in mountainous terrain other cattle wouldnt climb, and thrived in harsh conditions wintering on native grass until it was snowed under, then fed grass hay through calving and breeding, breeding in 32 days (during April) before going to summer range in May. Calf *This heifer was sired by a Classic size registered Hereford bull and is out of a mid sized Mini Hereford- Dexter cross cow. Informa PLC's registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG. A good Hereford bulls progeny will equal that of a continental.. Click below or email us on hello@herefordcattle.org. We raised a few before. Find Holstein Cross in Pets | Find or rehome a dog, cat, bird, horse and more on Kijiji: pets offered by humane societies and shelters, owners and breeders locally in Ontario. Appearance is where the similarities end however, the Guernsey cross cow is equipped to be a more profitable animal in todays dairy industry. This article is about the terminal crossbreed. #3. *** These 3 bull calves are all sired by a Classic size . typically born on dairy farms, making it easy to acquire them and begin training As far. as performance, I think you'll find they'll do as good or maybe better. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. calves on dry summer range and first calf heifers often wean 500-lb. ***Full Credit for this article is given to Michael Geary, Agriland.ie, published on 24th December at 6:00am. Their calves were only a 1/4 Simmental, which was just right for our mix. We want to get as much production from the cows as we can from as little as possible.. You get what you pay for and I want a good bull to last. What do you recommend putting over them? Hereford Holstein Cross Cattle Essential T-Shirt Designed and sold by Jane Stanley $23.34 $19.84 when you buy 3+ Style Essential T-Shirt Everyday tee, crew neck, slim fit Explore more styles Color White Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL View size guide Print Location Front Back Add to cart Delivery Express by February 14 Standard between February 14 Tom Ripley states, we started out breeding all the heifers to Guernsey sires for calving ease, but we were pleasantly surprised by how well the crosses performed, and we have not had any problems with the second and third crosses (most to Guernsey sires). read more. The dairy influence might produce a bit leaner carcass is another. A lifetime daily gain of 0.8kg is required to ensure that the calves are finished off grass. You must log in or register to reply here. I was hoping to keep them for sucklers? . In this way, related animals could stay in the herd without inbreeding. So I'd consider them as one of the better breeds to cross with a Holstein. But should perform well as a suckler plenty about, and as of late seem to be growin in popularity again!! Arr . It is appreciated. Agree with above but I would go blue on them as heifers. After spending 2 million on putting in the infrastructure for the dairy unit, Oliver and Jo have been milking the Rosehip herd of pedigree Holsteins since 2014 and have consequently expanded their farmed area to 283ha (700ac). Polled cattle breeds have been selectively bred to lack horns. Heather Smith Thomas is a rancher and freelance writer from Salmon, ID. Holstein is a dairy breed; Hereford is a beef breed. Enterprise. ox: 2,200#. Kappa-casein is an important gene for protein yield and percentage in milk. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. She will make a great replacement heifer. He comments: I have had a couple of Angus bulls over the last few years, but the Hereford calves do really well for us.. Beef Magazine is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC. However, because not all packers are purchasing these steers, Holstein fed cattle are often priced about $10/cwt below prices paid for native fed cattle. 2 Baths. . bull: 2,000#. On the bulls and steers asking anywhere from $600-$800. Research conducted in Johnstown Castle has shown that steers finished off grass are more profitable than their shed-finished counterparts. Eve Fox writes for Modern Farmer, "Beef from a four- or five-year-old, grass-fed cow will have a distinctly beefy flavor, unlike the comparatively bland flavor of meat from a . Cat Tests; Dog Tests; Horse Tests; Additional Species Tests After pulling every calf from a Holstein sire rated 6% for calving ease, I decided to breed all our heifers to Guernsey sires. Terminal indexes have not been widely developed for beef on dairy crosses yet. The key to keeping the mix of breeds the way we wanted it was that whenever new blood was added, it was usually in the form of crossbred bulls, not purebred; then, with selective breeding, we focused on the desired traits from each breed. In other words, packers want carcasses that are uniform in weight, muscling, marbling, and back fat thickness. If beef on dairy crosses perform in the feedlot and on the rail, buyers will come looking for your calves. Crossbreeding Dairy Cattle to Fit the Beef Market, Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Cyclicity in Dairy Cows: Defining the Issue, Dairy Repro 101: Anatomy and Function in a Dairy Cow, Added Fat in the Ration of Beef Cows to Enhance Reproduction, Forage production as it relates to Beef Cattle, Transporter Quality Assurance Certification. http://www.thecattlesite.com/breeds/beef/89/hays-converter/overview, http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/cattle/haysconverter/, Birthing, Weaning, and Raising Young Sheep. Good luck (any pictures?). Quarterly scoring is carried out, covering mobility, cow cleanliness, antibiotic usage, mastitis and carbon. Hereford is a breed of beef cattle originated in Herefordshire of England. A third-lactation crossbred has over 100,000M already and a top record of 3-03 365D 31,750M 1,252F 1,023P. How to Fully Register Male & Female Hereford Calves. X bred Heifer calves ( Holstein Jersey Xcross) $1,234. This can be supplemented with 1.5-2.0kg of concentrate daily, depending on silage quality. Angus Cross. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. When it comes to taste, Holstein beef tends to have a milder, more subtle flavor than Angus beef. As ox teamsters in New England strive for larger and larger cattle Hereford, Polled Hereford. We can farm grass in this area of the country and we can push it, but it doesnt grow well enough to rotationally graze. that could work well as a beef sire in a beef on dairy crossbreeding system. Why is bull selection to improve growth and carcass characteristics of these crossbred animals so important? Most of our herd is Hereford or Angus x Holstein. We always had plenty of younger ones to take their place. Hereford, Holstein and Brown Swiss: Macttle: Posted 1/6/2017 11:59 (#5748725 - in reply to #5748711) . In that day they primarily worked as draft animals, although surplus calves and oxen past their prime made a final . The Hereford would be one of the better crosses as they are not the most milky breed and are very easy fleshing, almost the opposite of the Holstein. Downloadable EPD Trends 35 TB Res Holstein Friesian Cross Dairy, Breeding Cows 26-55 mo Sir Benfro. Add to favorites View detail Compare listing. Black and White Hereford Cow Duvet Cover. ProCross heifers produced more milk solids at 4.1% butterfat and 3.54% protein compared with Holstein heifers at 3.75% and 3.21%. Many different reasons for the X. We decided to calve earlier so we could breed everything at home. Fillet Steak with Creamy Garlic Mushrooms & Sweet Paprika Roasties, Tannery Style Succulent Fillet Steak served with Creamy Garlic Mushrooms, Succulent Fillet Steak with Creamy Garlic Mushrooms, Rib Eye Steak with Ramiro Peppers, Crushed Avocado & Rocket. As with any good breeding program, you will not reap the results overnight. The crossbred herd has had 20% less calves born dead during this same time span. Our herd was a nice blend of several breeds. Having seen how well the Holstein-cross Hereford cow works, we are now also looking to keep some of our Hereford-cross females to build up a suckler herd of 30 to 40 of these females, he says. For a lifelong Guernsey breeder, it was a disappointment to give up the high component premiums he had been receiving for his quality Guernsey milk prior to the move. Research on random regression of Hereford percentage intramuscular fat on geographical coordinates. Not a free Martin. In a study at Manyberries Research Station, Canada, groups of Hereford, Highland and Highland/Hereford crosses were tested. Hereford seems to be amongst the few that will fetter the Holstein genetics down enough to allow them to be somewhat functional as a suckler. Phone: (731) 393-2004 Email Seller Video Chat Longhorn Crriente cross cows bred to a nice Char bull some heavy, 1 with steer calf at side already. and many teamsters are attracted to the cross for its temperament, striking This is because Holstein cattle are typically leaner and have smaller muscle fibers, which can affect the meat's flavor and texture. When I am selecting a bull, I start by looking at its figures. It is popular for its striking solid black color, Poll Hereford Bull. Calves are Just as breeding decisions are carefully considered for dairy replacements, so should decisions be based on genomics when selecting beef bulls. All cattle basically possess one of three basic colors: black, red or white. Edmonton 09/02/2023. Santa Cross Heifer 350 kg, recently served by Speckle Park Bull. He says: We are working to establish three streams of income to future proof our business in the form of milk, arable cropping and beef, of which Hereford sires are a big part. 12 Registered Hereford Bred Females Listing # 32146443 Class/ Category Bred Heifers Location Powell, TX Breed Hereford, Polled Hereford. We also operate with much larger field sizes here, as opposed to some of the more traditional milk producing areas and are nearer ports for feed.. Unfortunately, the answer is not clear on this issue because research on the topic of beef on dairy cattle is limited. The Black Hereford is a crossbreed of beef cattle produced in Britain and Ireland with Hereford beef bulls with Angus. In June and July, the heifers go out to graze while milking cows are in all the time. Had some Holstein and angus/Holstein cross in the same pen last year, just sold them this spring. 20 Photos 0.21 mi . If you have a commercial group of cattle that need to test higher to take advantage of inviting component premiums and you are spending too many nights assisting with difficult calvings, read on, because the Guernsey breed has something more to offer you. There has been good news again for Hereford on the Dairy Calf-to -beef system! Terminal indexes are based on beef breeding programs only and research has not proven these indexes will correlate to beef on dairy crosses. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Meat from steers had higher intramuscular fat content and was tenderer and juicier than meat from bulls. Ripley Farms in Cortland, New York, milk . Some AI companies and stud providers have done research attempting to find out what bulls will work the best on Holstein cows. Those red calves may not have sold quite as well as black ones in the past, but I think that day is over. However, the beef industry has a box for native cattle and a box for Holstein cattle. Tammy Pevler 0 comments June 27, 2022 Holstein & Holstein Cross Steers Monday - June 27, 2022 - Holstein Market Results Holstein/Holstein Cross steers & heifers market report June 27, 2022 Market demand is another - I worked in a beef packing plant years ago that had customers who preferred beef produced by this cross. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Always fighting to keep flesh on cow. Canadian-founded. The Highland group produced 2000 pounds more beef than the Herefords. The markers reported include the 12 ISAG-recommended markers for cattle. We are in a position to take waste commodities, we dont have problems getting our hands on straw and we can get rid of slurry freely. The latest Teagasc Green Acres factsheet confirms that Hereford cross animals can play an important role in driving both cash flow and profitability within any calf-to-beef system. Both Ripley Farms and Spencer Dairy have increased their protein percent by a full point while increases in fat percent range from two to four points when compared to the purebred commercial strings. Guernsey cows experience very few calving problems. For sale Holstein x hereford Bulls and heifers $300 each Born throughout February ***** Update AVAILABLE::: [[The 2 heifers are black with white face]] single, separate. Got to be at least a cross or two away from the Holstein to get a regularly consistent good calf, depending how extreme the Holstein cows were of course. The American Hereford Association (AHA) measures 11 traits and calculates four profit ($) indexes. Half of the purebred calves will, of course, be male these are mostly not needed for breeding, and are generally unsuitable for beef; they may be reared for veal. For the black colour variety of the Hereford cattle breed, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Black_Hereford_(crossbreed)&oldid=1139784297, Articles lacking sources from October 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 16 February 2023, at 21:51. Hereford Cattle Society Hoping next generation with more beef bred in will find happy medium of easy fleshing, good milking mums.True hereford x british friesian are in short supply but a much quicker route to decent suckler cow. If calves dont want to suck, they are tubed.. The indexes also incorporate economic data that also relates to beef breeds only. Mini Hereford Cross Bull Calves *** Only the black badly is left. Technically our homegrown mix wasnt a true composite because we didnt have the numbers and generations to create a uniform blend. That in fact occurred. JavaScript is disabled. A lot of people put Herefords down due to some connotations of the past, but the modern breed will compete with anything. Taste. 700 pounds that I'm asking $1,200 for. Irish Pedigree Cattle All-Star Awards 2023. Register with SellMyLivestock to see breeders and farmers with Holstein Friesian Cattle to sell. Without the competition from a local livestock keeping community for additional grazing and the areas supply of straw and close proximity to ports, the farms location poses nothing but advantages for dairy production. After several generations of keeping only the heifers that could breed in 32 days (and almost all of them did), it was a very fertile herd. When selecting a beef bull, of any breed, carefully consider the growth and carcass characteristics that bull will bring to the cross. On average, the crossbred bulls were more athletic, structurally sound (with no breakdowns, reproductively), more energetic, and always eager to do the job. Holstein/Hereford crosses won't be easily mistaken for Angus/Hereford by anyone that's seen more than a couple. Not a pet hasnt been broke to a stantion but could be easily trained. Add to favorites View detail Compare listing. To improve this estimate, remove homes that are not similar in the table below. Registration takes less than a minute but gives you full control over your orders. 18 Holstein Friesian, Simmental, Hereford, Norwegian Red Cross Calves 2-3 mo North Yorkshire. Born March 2021On full grass and free choice hay.Cash payments only. Holstein nurse cows. Now milking 350 Holstein cows plus followers, Oliver originally started his farming journey by breeding pedigree Herefords, under the Rosehip prefix, and built up a herd of 100 cows, purchasing foundation stock from some renowned breeding lines, including Clipston, Haven and Dendor. More will be discussed on this point later, but first one needs to understand why it matters. There is much interest these days in attempting to increase income on dairies by crossbreeding bottom end dairy cows to beef sires. For instance, in the Angus, Simmental, Hereford, Charolais, and Limousin breeds, each sire is listed with GE-EPDs for Yield Grade (YG), Marbling (MB), Carcass Weight (CW), Ribeye Area (REA), and Fat Thickness (FAT). cow: 1,400#. More info on the programme available HERE! In addition 800 tonnes of hay, 2,500 tons of forage rye and 1,500 tons of fodder beet are made each year. Arch Med Vet 48(3): 261-267 Hot Carcass Weight and Longissimus Muscle Area in F and F Nellore-Angus . Having left school at the age of 16, for a long time Oliver worked on other farms, including dairy units where he discovered a passion. One an all black angus/Holstein cross. Highland cattle are a perfect selection for crossbreeding. $120.70. Do not fall for the fads that promote tons of marbling. The crossbred string of 71 cows is averaging 22,747M 4.2% 952F 3.1% 699P compared to the 102 Holsteins output of 23,141M 3.8% 888F 3.0% 689P. Are you working towards net zero emissions by 2040? The gene underlying this coloration is independent from the other major gene (MC1R) that controls black and red color in Holstein cattle. Superior Livestock Auction hosted their Feb. 16 video auction live from the Superior Livestock Auction Studio in Hudson Oaks, TX. Grazed grass, silage and concentrates will account for: 52%; 26%; and 22% respectively of the animals overall diet. The Hereford Sire Summary, which is distributed each spring, provides breeders with a tremendous amount of information on a large population of Hereford sires. 3 Offa Street Purebred dairy calves are not needed from the rest of the herd, and a beef bull is run with the remaining females to produce crossbred calves suitable for beef these females will be the poorer-quality cows, the heifers (first-time calvers), and any of the other cows which have not settled (become pregnant) successfully by a bull. So, just breeding for a black hide will not guarantee that beef on dairy crosses will bring the CAB premium. Cattle producers offered over 38,500 head of calves, yearlings and bred stock from 25 states for this auction. Keep in mind what will push your Holsteins towards making a carcass that fits the box. Oliver says: When silaging, I like to leave a long stubble length to generate re-growth. Selling Price: $15.00. Shop high-quality unique Hereford Holstein Cross T-Shirts designed and sold by independent artists. Steers are stored during the first winter on grass and silage ad-lib. Milking through a 30:30 Westfalia herringbone parlour, the parlour and other infrastructure was installed in 2014. 1 steer: Teddy Bear. Wed backed the cows up (from April calving to January) within just a few years, thanks to the exceptional fertility of the crossbred females, able to rebreed quickly without pampering. If you can get beef on dairy crosses to resemble native breeds by selecting for high growth, carcass-type bulls, your calves will realize more value in the market. Black Herefords are intermediate in type between their beef sires and dairy dams, making them hardy and healthy, and suitable for rearing on grass. The American Black Hereford is a black colour variety of Hereford cattle, originally developed by crossing Hereford and Angus cattle to produce an F1, which results in a Black Baldy then bred those F1 females back to a registered Hereford bull and selecting for black hair color. Registered Angus Bull for Sale (AAA) Listing # 32146544 Class/ Category Bulls . He says: We asked ourselves, why milk other peoples cows when we could milk our own?. Approximately 250,000 Hereford male calves come on to the market annually. Ripley Farms in Cortland, New York, milk over 300 cows three times per day. They were 47 percent Yield Grade 1, and . Just some advice to consider, and good luck with your future plans. We have been crossbreeding Holsteins with Guernseys for a while now. $137.80. Number 8860726. Grazed grass, silage and concentrates account for 63%, 19% and 18% respectively of the animals overall diet. Lightboxes. Chianina, the largest breeds in the dairy and beef industries. However, the simple guidelines below may help you solve some of the problems facing the beef on dairy crosses being produced today. Then we were able to breed every cow selectively, and have all the cows bred before they went to the range. Its easy-going temperament makes it desirable among young teamsters. A little Simmental was added to the mix (in the late 1970s and early 1980s), using two halfblood bulls produced by artificial insemination from a couple of our own Hereford-Angus-Holstein heifers. Selection of quality bulls will help improve the growth and carcass performance of crossbred beef on dairy calves. Hereford-Angus cows produced better than straightbreds but by adding some Holstein to the mix we improved weaning weights even more. We focused on accentuating the strengths of each breed and minimizing the weaknesses. Almost always black and white, it will be of similar frame size to an average to small commercial animal. Hereford House Red Angus has a lot going for them. The steers were harvested December 29, 1999. This video has been made by request. Polledness is a dominant trait: all offspring of a bull with 2 copies of a polled-associated mutation will be polled themselves. I am also rather fresh at raising cows. Oliver adds: We want a bull on the easier side of both calving ease indexes seeing as some of these females are going for suckler systems. and matching them up at a young age. *MediumFramed Black &White Cows Fit Existing Facilities, * Black & White BullCalves Sell for FullPrice, * NorthAmerican Selected Udders,Frames & Type. Featured. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Save up to 30% when you upgrade to an image pack. We raised most of our own bulls, keeping crossbred bulls from our best cows, using detailed records on bloodlines, cow traits, etc. They had much better dispositions than their Angus mothers, and had excellent fertility and longevity, raising good calves well into their teens. There is a wide variety of breeds to choose from when creating beef on dairy crosses. Terminal indexes will combine all the carcass characteristics and place a dollar value on them. The resulting heifers have made very nice cows. Holstein Heifer For Sale - 22 Months Old. The average days open for the Holsteins is 216 with a 15.9 month calving interval while the crossbreds average 175 days open and a 13.5 month interval between calvings. Hereford HR1 2LL Holstein is a dairy breed; Hereford is a beef breed. There are four dairy farms left in Cambridgeshire, and Oliver says they need to run a system which competes commercially focusing on maximising output per hectare on the back of a low input. Utilizing several breeding pastures, we could breed every cow to a bull chosen for her. They were the most dependable breeders, sired exceptionally good calves, and we didnt have to buy them. Keane [ 11 ] found that F1 crosses of Holsteins with beef breeds were superior to purebred Holsteins in beef production. by New England Ox teamsters. And we've found that the 3-way cross cows are more fertile than the average beef cow. For example, in the Angus breed, the terminal index is the $Beef (or $B), in the Simmental breed it is expressed as a $terminal index ($T), and in the Hereford breed as Certified Hereford Beef (CBH). It's neat the way they keep the coloring pattern. Since the move, Spencer has used Guernsey clean-up bulls across the herd and, for the past six months, has bred all heifers on the farm AI to a Guernsey sire. is leaner than the Hereford and more muscular than the Holstein. Early herd rebuilding could happen through the bred cow market, Selecting your replacement heifers to meet long-term herd goals. Hi Seb, any cross from the Holstein used as a suckler cow will have similar negative traits with regard to excessive milk and udder issues but you should expect them to last longer than 4/5 lactations as an average. AI your Shorthorn cows to a Shorthorn sire, but clean up with a low birthweight Brahman bull. Registered in England and Wales. The genetics make a difference, says Spencer. Avoiding the need for a second winter feeding period within any calf-to-beef system helps reduce costs while, at the same time, maximising the margin that can be generated from early maturing cattle. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Hereford does well around here on this dry ground and have great growth rates. For Sale. Crossbred Guernseys may be registered in the Genetic Recovery Program. An Arla farmer and owner, Oliver is also on a subsidiary contract with Tesco, meaning they get an extra 1.1p on top of their standard milk price, with the requirement of data input. They are well looked after here and get their feet trimmed twice per year.. First of all, let me say, Red Angus is my favorite breed of cow. They all were bought and came in the same day, Holsteins were 475-500lbs. Her milk is really lovely. color, gentle nature, and good muscling. It's difficult to get well shaped calves out of them unless you have a really good bull. Impregnating cows during breeding season. I think she has about 15 in milk at the moment but only milks a couple and leaves the rest to the calves as she . Oliver explains: It is easier to find land to graze over here than some of the more livestock dense areas of the county, and there is a selection of short and long term cropping agreements available. The first cross Hereford would likely grade O+\R and a Charolais terminal cross I would expect to be R/-U. Hello everyoneI'm new to this site so forgive me if this topic has been previously discussed. Achieving this target will require a lifetime daily gain of 0.8kg. They grew great, and tasted wonderful. Because of the selection pressures put on the Holstein breed for milk production, and the use of genetically superior sires for milk production, the carcasses from Holstein steers can be extremely uniform when fed a grain-based diet and managed similarly from birth to harvest. Over time Oliver changed his farming strategy to focus on optimising turnover per hectare on the 101 hectare (250 acre) farm. All these timeframes confirm the opportunity to maximise grazed grass intakes with early spring-born calves. Lim on heifers, then a blue on cows! This animal Hereford and Aberdeen Angus-bred animals represent 35% of all the calves born to dairy dams in Ireland. FENDT MT 1167 VARIO with 6M TWB ALTERNATOR. All semen catalogs carry information on sires used for artificial insemination. They are easier to settle., Diane Miller of Chesapeake, Maryland, echoed these sentiments on the same site. Apr 28, 2012 #3 I Icp7147 Just born Joined Apr 28, 2012 Messages 9 On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. The milk price was low in 2015 and 2016 but a sustainable level has now been found, and Oliver says he is now working to refine his system in response to that. "The aim is to quantify benefits of Hereford bulls over Angus cows, and . Makes you wish your humans looked that happy every time you fed them, eh? $1800 No gst NK 501577 . Consult your AI rep for information on their studs; but, do not be afraid to ask for proof as to why they are promoting a specific bull for use on Holsteins. Angus beef, on the other hand, is known for its rich, beefy flavor and juicy, tender texture. Great beef! Crosses went out at 1625, Holstein barely over 1500. Since, I have trusted Robert to send to us what we need for our job here and we have not been disappointed yet. Private Treaty Details. All rights reserved. A freemartin is a female that is born as a twin with a male and is sterile as a result of exposure to masculinizing hormones produced by the male in utero. Financial Calculator. The cross with Charolais considered that a high marbling but lean carcass might be the result. Twenty-five of the crossbreds currently milking are by AI sires, with the balance sired by home-bred bulls used naturally on the heifers. Although Oliver is the first in the family to pursue a career in dairy farming, the family has run Windy Barn Farm since 1918, having originally moved from South Wales, and since this time has mainly farmed beef and arable. Took to her instantly and grew up to be a nice calf.