Some were renowned for their speed while others were famous for being heavy hitters. Greatest of all time, Rocky Marciano. He has done it all from being a boxing sensation to enjoying a successful career as an actor and a rapper. #8. He was a pressuring fighter who wasnt afraid to exchange. And Jersey Joe Walcott, who made him look amateurish and dropped him at like 39 years of age. The legendary Joe Louis was named the best of the best across all eras of boxing, with BoxRec awarding the 'Brown Bomber' a whopping 1,012 points. Larry Holmes won the WBC title in 1978 after he defeated Ken Norton. Simple yet effective. 6. Mike Tyson was in an awfully weak era. Before he went to jail, everyone ducked him. Henry Armstrong 10. Im Dimitar Ivanov. Leave Iron Mike out, Mike Tyson Likely Deserves Mention For His Impressive Wins Over Numberous Belt Holders Including Larry Holmes Trevor Berbick Frank Bruno James Bone Crusher Smith Bruce Seldon Michael Spinks Tony Tubbs And Tony Tucker. Thats a really cool technique. Amazing speed, unsurpassed ring intelligence, plus astonishing courage, durability, and will to win, not to mention longevity, make Ali a cut above the rest, the best big man of both the 1960s and 70s, and in truth, as he liked to say himself, The Greatest Of All-Times.. Joe Louis Knockouts - Best of Brown Bomber (Tribute) 2. Top 19 Heavyweights of all time - The Grueling Truth Today we rank the 20 greatest Heavyweights of all time, some on this list may surprise you while others may not. Alexander Povetkin (2005 - present, 35-2-1): 148.3, 28. After a standout amateur career, he turned pro in 1934. So for Holyfield, the only way to beat such a monster was to fight from the outside and to outpoint him. Scoring a pair of second-round TKOs of Joe Frazier and Ken Norton are a sample size of how terrifying Foreman was in his era. This is the website where I share everything Ive learned. After that, he finished the combo with a powerful lead hook to the head. No Tyson in the list? Look at the fear Tyson compounded with ferocious punches for Trevor Berbick, Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks, Frank Bruno and Donovan Ruddock to name a few amidst his reign of terror during the mid to late 1980s and early 1990s. Applause for not ranking Tyson. Required fields are marked *. Reviled early on in his championship reign, he eventually became nothing less than an American icon. Frazier at #6 ABOVE Foreman? Remove altitude and behavior, he is the greatest. Muhammad Ali's comic line - "Earnie hit me so hard, it shook my kinfolk back in Africa" - was meant in part for laughs but you get his point. He was light on his feet, moving around George a lot, and using sharp body-head combinations. 28 Jack Britton. Muhammad Ali: Why is Ali number one? Who is the Greatest Boxer of All Time? That way his opponents didnt see the punch at all. Lennox has to be top five easy! No iron Mike on top of the list? Thats very similar to what Mike Tyson did when he was close to his opponents. The Ring magazine ranked him the No.53 of the 100 greatest punchers of all time. Eventually he would be being hit with pinpoint left hooks and right crosses. Following in Alis footsteps, Holmes could be as cold as Ali was charismatic but he could fight. Floyd Mayweather 6. Youre the only one with sense. And if the other boxer continued to move forward, Johnson punished him by throwing quick but powerful uppercut (or sometimes hook) to the chin from the inside. 8. Hasim Rahman (1994-2014, 50-9-2): 115.1, 46. He should be considered as one of the best Lightweights of all time. He was doing that by keeping his lead hand low, making himself vulnerable for crosses. Before he went to jail and before Cus DAmato died, he couldnt be touched. A gift and a curse. Tyson, maybe, but I have no issue with him being left off. Shane Mosley couldnt beat Vernon Forrest, but who had the better career? Holyfields great defensive skills and toughness allowed him to withstand Tysons punches and eventually to knock him out inthe 11th round (in their first fight). US legend Louis made a record 25 heavyweight title defences and only lost once in his prime: to Max Schmeling, who picked out a flaw in Louiss technique. Top 50 fighters of 21st century named 50-31 50: Andy Ruiz 49: Ray Mercer 48: Frank Bruno 47: Jack Sharkey 46: Paddy Ryan 45: David Tua 44: Ron Lyle 43: Gerry Cooney 42: Michael Spinks 41: Roy. Holyfield held his own, 15 rounds, against a young Lennox Lewis (who destroyed Tyson), and, beat (not on the scorecards) Nikolai Valuev LATE in EVs career. You can see that in his fight against Joe Frazier. A jab and a right hand. Famous fight: Archie Moore vs Yvon Durelle I. Holmes style was similar to the style of Muhammad Ali (a classical out-boxer). Kudos on not putting Tyson in the top 12. Well, at least Foremans hands. Brawlers arent the most technical boxers, thats why they rely mostly on their power and their chin. Riddick Bowe Anyone know Bernard Hopkins? Often titled the greatest boxer of all time, Leonard was also regarded as "Boxer of the Decade" back in the 1980s. Montreal is The Fight City. When he was fighting with infighters, he just pushed them away as they tried to close the distance. If only Cus would have lived ten more years I think Tyson would be top 5. He fought a total of 81 fights with 76 stunning wins. Joe Louis 4. Modern heavyweights are often ridiculed as being a pale imitation of the legends of the 20th century whose legacies have been immortalised. Chris Byrd (1993-2009, 41-5-1): 142.9, 30. He is like Morrison, as Stevey below says. Big George knocked the hell out of Frazier twice and Smoking Joe is ranked over Foreman? Whoever made this list is a Damm fool if you dont put Mike Tyson either 2 or 3 and to not even have Evander Holyfield on the list but Lennox Lewis have to be the dumbest people ever.I mean ever, Youve got to be the dumbest. 12. Here, DAZN lists its 10 Best Heavyweights of All Time, in no particular order. MUHAMMAD ALI 56-5 (37), 1960-1981 ENJOYED three reigns as world champion during a 21-year-career. He was known for his deadly hitting power throughout his famous boxing career. He became a national hero at a dark time during the nation's history and a symbol of anti-Nazi sentiment leading into World War 2. His duels with George Foreman (Rumble in the Jungle, 1974) and Joe Frazier (Thrilla in Manila . Your email address will not be published. In 2005, Joe Louis was named the greatest heavyweight of all time by the International Boxing Research Organization. They usually, stay at a mid-range, in position dangerous for both for them and for their opponents. He was a very patient fighter who wasnt always taking the risk to finish his opponents off. Foreman demolished Frazier in both their fights, the only man that did or could. Tyson Furys second title defence a sixth-round knockout of Dillian Whyte followed his October trilogy rematch victory over Deontay Wilder and kicked off more discussion as to where he stands among the greatest heavyweights of all time. Ken Norton should get at least an honorable mention. To make sure you never miss out on your favourite NEW stories, we're happy to send you some reminders, Click 'OK' then 'Allow' to enable notifications, .css-n1h13z{color:black;color:#fff;}@media (prefers-color-scheme:dark){.css-n1h13z{color:#fff;}}Published14:07,30 August 2020 BST.css-qdg7d1{color:#72B97D;}@media (prefers-color-scheme:dark){.css-qdg7d1{color:#72B97D;}}| Last updated15:48,12 August 2021 BST. Primo Carnera (1928-1946, 89-14-0): 111.2, 48. Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis didnt fear Tyson and were able to subsequently bully the bully. The best American pound for pound boxers right now, named and ranked, The best super-middleweights in the world, named and ranked, The best lightweight boxers in the world, named and ranked, The best British pound for pound boxers right now, named and ranked. Does tag team boxing have a future in the sport? This is supposed to be joke right? Top 100 greatest boxers of all time: 70-61 70. To be The Greatest, Ali needed rivals to push him and Frazier was one of his best. Cant understand this fixation with Tyson, all these guys mop the floor with Tyson. Pure sweet science, master class boxing skills on display from Lewis across his brilliant career. In a real fight with Smokin Joe, it was really hard to see the punch coming, because of the way he moved. Many people think that Lennox Lewis was a boxer-puncher, but I think he was a combination between an out-boxer and a brawler. Amazingly, he defended his title on 14 different occasions against 13 different boxers from the year he won it until 1974. Everyone, maybe save Sonny Liston and Vladimir Klitschko, overcame tough situations in a fight and found a way to win. Famous fight:Jack Dempsey vs Jess Willard. Joe Louis won his first world heavyweight title in 1937 and held that title for . MF & DAZN: X Series 005 Jay Swingler v NichLmao, Who won the PFL Challenger Series last night? Henry Cooper (1954-1971, 40-14-1): 118.8, 42. But thats not the reason why he is on that list. Tyson should definitely be in the top 10. Bonecrusher Smith happened WAY too early. In more recent times, Deontay Wilder and his 10 consecutive title defenses demonstrated his own feared punching power and greatness that shouldn't be overlooked, either. Sonny Liston (1953-1970, 50-4-0): 625.7, 3. He wasnt the fastest boxer with the greatest footwork his feet were planted most of the time, so he can punch as hard as he possibly can. Marciano 4. And inane. But in 2021, he made a comeback with BKFC, then had a boxing . You have been beaten and know it but then train to overcome this adversity. He was always moving forward, fighting in aclose distance, pushing and bullying his opponents. Holmes was well old by then and took the fight with only a few weeks to train after a long lay off. The fighters, listed chronologically, are John L. Sulllivan, James Corbett, Bob Fitzsimmons, James Jeffries, Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe, Lennox Lewis, Vitali Klitschko and Wladimir Klitschko. A one-dimensional fighter. As did fights from the greatest of the greats, from Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali to Larry Holmes . Because if you want to walk somebody down, youre probably going to get some punches in the face, so you need to know how to deal with them. He was an aggressive counterpuncher (someone who pressures his opponents, to make them throw punches, so he can counter), but he was also skilled infighter a boxer who likes to fight at a very close distance. He was much bigger and longer than most of his opponents (which is normal when youre 6 6 tall with 81 in reach) and he used this advantage very efficiently. Sorry. In boxing history, Gerald Arthur Cooney came as the one who gave contenders the most powerful punches. They plant their feet so they can generate as much power as they possibly can. The Brockton Blockbuster owns the most famous heavyweight record: 49-0. The top 10 heavyweights of all time Matt Christie lists the history's finest heavyweights 1. When it comes to the best heavyweight boxers of all time, the name Larry Holmes shines brighter like the sun. Jeffries 15. But The Easton Assassin (Larrys nickname) was faster and more explosive. Even one punch was enough as long as it connects clean. A boxing enthusiast who is always eager to learn something new about boxing and share it! Holmes was 38 when he fought a 21-year-old, peak Tyson, same age as Ali was when he fought Holmes. DAZN uses cookies to help us deliver our services and improve your user experience. Even so, Wills holds wins over a host of top heavyweights including Luis Firpo, Big Bill Tate, Kid Norfolk, Sam Langford, Billy Miske, Sam McVea, Battling Siki, and the also criminally underrated Joe Jeannette. All eyes will be on Jon Jones at UFC 285 as arguably the greatest MMA fighter in history makes his long-awaited return as a heavyweight after three years away.. Expectations are high as Jones, 35 . Ali was definitely the most famous but also the most successful out-boxer. Ali is a three-time heavyweight world champion and is widely considered the best boxer of all time. Unarguably the divisions greatest comeback. But that was way easier to be said than done. Marciano was a classical infighter. Max Baer, Max Schmeling, James J. Braddock and Jersey Joe Walcott all felt Louis wrath. Ken Norton. & Lennox Lewis could? In an era when segregation was still legal, Louis' athleticism made him one of the few African-American celebrities of his time. Biggest Boxing Knockouts in the heavyweight division? Maybe that was the reason why he has such a knockout power. Other Links > Boxing > Top Ranked Ranked Boxers by State Visit Our Patreon Page to Create Your Own All-Time Fantasy Teams and See Other Bonus Material . Pro boxing record: 23 wins (20 knockouts). And at the end of the day, the effectiveness of the technique is much more important than its appearance. Very impressive. Mike Tyson was the best fighter I ever saw. Holmes had been out of action 2 years and was 38. On his first night as a . Deontay Wilder! Antoni Nogueira is one of the most accomplished fighters in the history of the heavyweight division. Muhammad Ali. Even I know THAT! He was also fightingcomfortably in both boxing stances orthodox and southpaw and was switching between them to get a superior angle during the fight. Posted below are the top 50 heavyweight boxers of all time. I think he is one of the greatest because of how better he was than his competition. Watch the DAZN Boxing Show and live fights on DAZN. The next time he changed levels like he is going to throw a body shot, but then he sprang up with a hook to the head. For example, they both had knockout power and they both used their size and strength to control their opponents in the clinch. 6. His famous defeat six years after to Jack Johnson has, over time, obscured his achievements, but theres no arguing with victories over James J. Corbett, Bob Fitzsimmons, Joe Choynski and Sailor Tom Sharkey. His right overhand was a really had punch, because Luis was able to transfer the power from hisfeet, through the body, to the fist very efficiently with a crisp technique. He was a powerful puncher and the most relentless fighter ever. Holmes was a deadbeat along with Klitschko. 26 Eder Jofre. The idea is to distract your opponents attention with the jab. Yeah, Holmes lost twice to Michael Spinks, while Tyson knocked out Spinks in 90 seconds. It is a damn shame and TRAGEDY what happened to Mike. Behind that crisp, piercing jab of his, Holmes enjoyed an eight-year run as world heavyweight champion, defeating the likes of Ken Norton, Earnie Shavers and Muhammad Ali along the way. 9. Second, since we have chosen to rank fighters in one division only so we can spread the glory around, you will not see Gene Tunney, Ezzard Charles orSam Langford here, as they are on our list of the all-time best light heavyweights. But Wladimir beat better boxers and has much more title defenses and thats why is ranked higher in this list. Signature technique:Lazy Jab -> Powerful cross to the head. When Louis first retired in 1948, he did so as champion with a 58-1 win-loss record. Roberto Duran 8. Haha he was falling all over the place, shaking his head like the little bitch that he was!! With his 25 title defenses,Klitschko has one of the longest title reigns in the heavyweight division. He spent five years of his prime in jail and then people fought him. What time is Shevchenko vs. Grasso tonight? Peak Big George demolished unbeaten Frazier inside two rounds, then did the same to tough Ken Norton. Frazier 6. If a new fan asked me what Johnsons best win was and why, Id have a hard time convincing them. Boxing record: Total fights - 22, Wins - 20, Wins by KO - 14, Losses - 1, Draw -1. Once boxers lose their quickness, theyre never the same. Thats why Joe was usually setting his overhandup with a jab to the head. And that was exactly what he did. A former champion in PRIDE and the UFC, he had an extremely impressive run from 1996 to 2006, where he went 28-3-1. And a peak Tyson would have obliterated a peak Lennox Lewis too. Only 2 losses, and he came back and rectified them. Click Agree to accept our use of cookies or you can choose to opt out of our use of cookies by following the instructions in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Notice. The Philadelphia icon couldnt cope with Big Georges otherworldly power - but he gave every other boxer he faced, including Ali, absolute hell. This site is owned and operated by Dimitar Ivanov. Why Boxers can Bet on Themselves (but Not Against Themselves), How Many Heavyweight Boxing Belts are There? Famous fight:Jack Johnson vs Frank Moran. - Graeme Souness admits he was WRONG about Man United prediction and makes a stunning U-turn, Trent Alexander-Arnold outlines plan to stop Marcus Rashford ahead of Liverpool vs Man Utd, Fans cant believe this South Sudan goalkeeper is only 18 years old, Oleksandr Zinchenko tipped to win Premier League 'Player of the Season' award, Fans claim Saudi Pro League is 'scripted' after Cristiano Ronaldo and Martin Campana's 'bizarre' one-on-one encounter, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has not changed his clothes on touchline since mid-February, who is often considered the best boxer of all time, The Result Of The Greatest Boxer Of All Time Has Been Revealed, DAZN Name Top 10 Heavyweight Boxers Of All Time, The 50 Greatest Heavyweight Boxers Of All Time Have Been Named, The Result Of The Greatest F1 Driver Of All Time Has Been Revealed. Jack Dempsey: Fast, aggressive and powerful, The Manassa Mauler revolutionized boxing with his swarming, all-action style. That way it was really hard for them to catch him. Give me a break. Eventually, he knocked out Louis with a devastating uppercut putting an end to one of the best heavyweight boxing fights; still remembered by the people. Mike Tyson 5. Joseph Louis Barrow (May 13, 1914 - April 12, 1981), best known as Joe Louis was an American professional boxer who competed from 1934 to 1951. Both ruined the division for a decade. Tyson should be number 2 or 3. Sonny Liston, Floyd Paterson (twice), Foreman, Frazier (twice), Norton (twice) and many more hall of famers around that. He destroyed Holmes. That way he stopped the punches even before they were thrown. Well, at least Foremans hands. He developed one of the hardest jabsin boxing history. Most great boxers have done this and Lennox Lewis only lost twice and then won in the rematch. MF & DAZN: X Series 005 Jay Swingler v NichLmao, Who won the PFL Challenger Series last night? He could do no more than beat them but, perhaps wisely, he didnt wait to face any up-and-coming boxers! Are you guys kidding me? Since then Im always trying to improve my skills, by finding and testing new strategies, and training methods. And both components of his fighting game have been on display in all three of his fights against Deontay Wilder one of boxings biggest punchers of all time and his unanimous decision points win over Wladimir Klitschko. Evander Holyfield 7. Because all the danger comes from his left hand, so if his opponents are aware of that, they can easily defend his most dangerous weapon and beat Frazier pretty handily. Archie Moore deserves to be in this list, not only because of the fact that he held the heavyweight title for 10 years but also because of his unique style. Three time champ and he was the king of the 90s, which was a very good generation for heavyweights. Most of the knockout blows came from his right hand. Go play somewhere else, child. Tyson is in the top 5, hands down. Of course, he has a great strategy for every different opponent. Many have failed at this. However, Louis was able to take revenge for this match after two years. No one could take him, bigger fighters were not given the room or the time to punch. Obviously, Liston has, by far, the longest reach in the heavyweight class back then. No. And as we know, the sport never stops toevolves so Joshua has an unfair advantage over Ali. Click Agree to accept our use of cookies or you can choose to opt out of our use of cookies by following the instructions in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Notice. Eddie Machen (1955-1967, 50-11-3): 157.1, 26. Beating Sonny Liston to win his first championship as a 7-to-1 underdog, defeating chief rival Joe Frazier two out of three times, stopping the undefeated George Foreman as a 4-to-1 underdog (to regain the title), outpointing Kenny . That list is crap. Look at the fear Tyson compounded with ferocious punches for Trevor Berbick, Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks, Frank Bruno and Donovan Ruddock to name a few amidst his reign of terror during the mid to late 1980s and early 1990s. The Top 10 Seattle Mariners of all Time. His defense was just as impressive as his offensive skills. 29 Bob Fitzsimmons. Both fighters liked to jab their opponent while circling to their left. Max Baer, Max Schmeling, James J. Braddock and Jersey Joe Walcott all felt Louis wrath.