You find yourself being thrown to the bed and your hands tied to the bed post with his school tie. : Angst : Fluff : Comedy. You had no other choice but to follow this order from your coach. scenarios. ATSUMUs home feels like spoon-fed, cold sashimi at 12am. You can't blame him,he just wants to keep his s/o fit. scenario with tsukki, kuroo, iwai, yams and suga aNGST where they get into a really really heated fight with their s/o and she like storms out and then it starts to get later and later in the day and soon its really dark and v v late and no one can find her and the guys start like lowkey freaking out or just how they would handle the situation? He was just so pretty. After you did you licked his cheek for there were grains of rice stuck. what the hell are you-. After hearing that answer, you looked at Tobio oddly, but you said nothing as you continue your yoga routine. nah. he holds your face, bringing you closer and softly kiss you. a/n: helloo i'm so glad that you like it, thanks sweetie!! Not even ten minutes into the movie and the two of you had forgotten about the clown, too enthralled in each others presence. Right! what product are you using?, request: What if we got like, headcanons of some of the Nekoma boys(of your choosing) with a chubby insecure s/o? ", Kshi Sugawara"Okay, I think we have enough snacks," Koshi laughed. Of course, Inuoka-kun. hes pushing you back into the classroom, attaching and detaching and reattaching your lips quickly as he does so. Ive liked you for a while, too. He beamed with happiness as he pulled you in a suffocating hug. I didnt expect anything to be honest, I was just opening this account up because I really love haikyuu and didnt want to mix my knb account with this content. request. methodjosh in jail; michigan land bank authority. he didnt give any hint of whether or not you were doing well; you just had to hope his straight face meant something good. Daichi Sawamura"Are you okay? Or good hands as in they were aesthetically pleasing? maybe the one where the first words will appear on their wrists when they talk for the first time? Gif Scenario (Part 2): His Reaction If He Saw You Perform The WAP . You swing the door open unintentionally smacking a person on the other side,"aita (ouch)! Discover more posts about haikyuu!! hi everyone! tendou bends down, peering at the small wooden carving nestled on ushijimas palms. It was after school, and the day before you begged Kei to walk you home. MEIAN stood beside you at your dimly lit desk area, caressing the nape of your neck to mark his presence. you sigh against him when he presses your back against the wall, the grip you have on his shirt tightens. he hopes the sugar makes up for the bitterness spurred just moments ago. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt. haikyuu characters responding to / reacting to : confessing to you after they get rejected by your best friend. If you're not then he wouldn't interact with you at the first place. You then switched to a downward dog position, and that sight caused Tobio to nearly spit-up. after all, they hardly know anything about him. he spots you from the corner of his eyes and immediately, hes brightened up. SAKUSA intricately weaves the strings together, carefully following each step given by the instruction book. KUROO came up to you in a surprise. Iwaizumi Hajime "i told you to stop following me" "and i told you that i'm sorry" you avoided him all day long; but he manages to grab your wrist, making you turn around to face him "talk to me . Chng ti l n v chuyn cung cp t nn, nh ph, nh xng, p ng nhu cu ca tt c cc khch hng ti TpHCM. C'mon lets go introduce yourself to everyone! He pulled you towards his awaiting team and suddenly, you were liking summer a bit more than before. It looks like nothing was found at this location. he loves you too, and he doesnt waste any time when saying it back, but he feels like saying i love you just isnt enough to convey his feelings for you. kuroo wont take no for an answer, so for the next few hours (and more) youre stuck to him and not your work. "Koshi," you mumbled. other times, he uses it to shake off his anxiety. if youre the type to moan or grunt as you do it, then theres no saving this man. I just didnt have the time, but next time Ill make sure to write it out thoroughly! You hear the distant clapping and hooting from his volleyball member but all you can think of was that this was reality and your longtime crush was actually making conversation with you as if this was a normal routine in his life. kenma saw through your taunting tactic, though he couldnt stop his lips from curling into a frown. prepare for some really cheesy science pick-up lines because he knows they always make you smile, kuroo prefere to have you pressed up again his chest, where his lips are hovering over your forehead, and thats exactly why i love you, he mumbled, warm lips moving softly against your temple, kuroos not just there to give you affirmations, he whispered to you, sleep laced in his voice. he likes your cute patterned underwear, but he likes you especially in lace. "It kinda looks like your praying before you sacrifice or something." "My pick-up lines are great." this was the third game, and you were on the third and final lap of Mario Kart. Im glad! he doesnt break eye contact for at least another few seconds, before he breaks out a smile. Summary: A collection of romantic scenarios from my tumblr (@haikyuu-bf-scenarios) about haikyuu. You rake your fingers through his hair, and he groans as his hands wander your body. The team was away at a practice camp. "Now I know what you like," you teased. When you let go of Ryu and sat next to him on the bench, he slammed his head on the table. Shiratorizawa high. you were unable to contain the large grin which had threatened to take over your lips, once the tune signalling that the third lap had started began playing. will there be a mini kuroo in your arms. Haikyuu Boyfriend Scenarios AwkwardImagination Summary: A collection of romantic scenarios from my tumblr (@haikyuu-bf-scenarios) about haikyuu. Today, you were using your free time to relax and ease your tension of an upcoming game. there was a problem with my apps so I was fixing that up and wow time flies by. warnings and note: addresses body, insecurities. please send an ask to be added to the taglist! Just another site. Im-ah, Keiji, please, He hums and looks up at you with smokey eyes, and you could have came right then and there. youre becoming more and more excited, youre so close to finally getting your way-. *In Editing* by zombielover8469 with 16,540 reads. Pudding child loves your voice. When he sighed with relief, you knew that was your cue to stop. *In Editing*. You're making me lose focus!" As you and the other members of the team all waited in the gym and were dumbfounded over what was going on, Shoyo was getting laughed at for getting aroused after peeking up your skirt. includes iwaizumi, atsumu, and ushijima. when you called for him, he came in curiously, ready to help his lover with anything; but then you began to question him going out everyday; he shrugged it off at first, saying he could do what he wanted and it should be fine; you argued back with him about it, causing him to get angry with you It eases him when Lev is on his nerves. He doesn't really care to much about personality but if you are a mean person he could never be with you. "I love you ____-chan, I'm sorry I'm bad at showing it." ), Late night gas Station runs// their gas station orders. slow, passionate kisses when the mood is just right would be his absolute fav. Kiyoko lived nearby, so she was going to head home after the day was over. he visibly relaxed, and dropped his bag down at the door before coming in. staring at his lips, you gently pinch his cheek. What kind of cruel joke was that?!" He quickly grabs your arm, exposing your tattoo. Instead of doing minutes of workouts, you decided to do yoga. "Yeah, and I have a pet llama." You tighten your hold on him, and press against his crotch, feeling him harden at the touch. "A-ah~!" Haikyuu Boyfriend Scenarios X Reader. a slow sigh that sounds like him marveling every inch of you. I hope you enjoy XD, Rynosuke TanakaAfter you prepared a meal for the team, you went back into the kitchen to help Kiyoko clean up. Ryu shouted. he doesnt even need to ask you to dip the fatty tuna in soy and wasabi; the strong taste hitting his tongue like an explosion. poor hinata felt a fart coming so he just couldnt hold it in. You also invited Tobio over to your house, and he arrived earlier than expected. but when he sees you already staring at him, taking in his beautiful features, god, could this day get any better? Ry. and he laughs, "that's adoration," he notes. "I think I'm a bit tensed," he mumbled. Could I please request some NSFW Kuroo headcanons on how he'd be with a shy, more vanilla-y girl? He points at some random clown movie and you click play, as you settle into his lap. Time is an illusion that helps things make sense. "the person groans in pain. im messing with you, you got all the questions right!. As you were leaning over the table and underling words for him, Kei was heading inside. He's so cute!! you chew on your lip impatiently as you watch sugawara scan through your answers. Just one more time! The third year pleads tugging the exasperated second year towards the gym. so, when you tell him you love him, make sure you have: a) enough time to actually let him fully kiss you, b) a nice scarf/turtleneck to cover up all those hickeys. We can take a break and I can explain it again. You sipped on your juice and went back to your notes, thinking of another way to explain so Inuoka could understand. the same as always - so what better solution was there, than to beat him at his own game? "shouldn't you get to bed?" it's useless if you try and argue with him; the moment you argue, his strong hands pull you off your seat and onto bed. Tobio snapped by into reality, and he immediately left the room after he did. oh my god you look so cute,,, you get a kiss! You cry out, your voice coming out shaky as your tears intensified, "II know that risks come with the job butI can't lose youyou can't just" Atsumu's eyes soften, a complete 180 to his usual demeanor, and gingerly cups your face in his hands, his thumbs gently wiping the tears from your cheeks. "Hah!" sir please stop we literally do not care about the time you were rejected for a soda ad and how you swore you were perfect for it. You were entranced by him and you wished you could go talk to him, and the only thing that was stopping you were the four words engraved on you. Hes heard rumors about other boys from your class wanting to confess and he decided he couldnt wait any longer. youre trying to study? You try to assure him, but you know the lie you've just said is clearer than a drop of water. you asked. science had never been your forte, and after failing yet another test, suga had decided to take on the task of tutoring you. He fiddled with his utensil before opening his mouth. haikyuu tsukishima kei tsukishima kei. The children yell and the parents try to shield them from the oncoming debris, only to be pushed out of the way by Bakugou's s/o. "okay, i never asked that". bf!akaashi hc. . kuroo does not know how to approach you after that, so for about a week or so, all was peaceful and you did not have to see the humongous chicken. Are you gonna stay and watch the practice? moments when the boys will feel like sharing a kiss with their s/o. shouldnt you get to bed? its useless if you try and argue with him; the moment you argue, his strong hands pull you off your seat and onto bed. youre so beautiful, lev says with a grin. a/n: hey anon <3 i changed it up a bit but hopefully this still satisfies your request! Bokuto finally relents, and waves goodbye to you. -anon, ft. third gym squad (kuroo, tsukki, bokuto), note. CARVALLE: School of Supernaturals [BxB] 18+. please have just a little time with me, its been days, you barely made his words out, but it was comprehensible nonetheless. You even slipped your tongue into his mouth and that caused his hands to grip your sides softly. Youre tempted to sit up from your bed and make a compelling argument, if it wasnt for the sound of his chair scooting a little closer to your bedside. There are some one shots in here as well. 18008 Bothell Everett Hwy SE # F, Bothell, WA 98012. After you scooted off his lap, you faintly laughed at his red face. One more chapter wouldnt hurt, he smiles in defeat, setting the underside of the book on his palm while the other traced the ridges on your knuckles. he pulls just to sneak in kisses all over your skin. xoxo. Very slow updates, will be posted on tumblr first, and then here. He is not risking his life for paperwork. haikyuu-hq-imagines Yaku moaned as his boyfriend, Lev, attacked his neck with kisses. Inspired by TyTy (go check her out btw!). "it's past midnight already," he says with a slow, long sigh. you asked out of concern. We do have the entire night,, yes pls! scenarios on Tumblr See a recent post on Tumblr from @kenmasangel about haikyuu!! sorry it took so long! You've been trying to crack your neck all day," you said. Kei only stared. Thats amazing and I look forward to that, but we gotta tackle these problems first to pass the test before you go to practice., haikyuu scenarios and all the wonders. the three of you go silent. youd felt particularly needy for his touch that day, and came over to kenmas house with the intention of cuddling and watching some daytime tv. . Ill order some food, Akaashi mumbles as he flings the door open and leads you in. youre choking me come on, just give me one more hour. you can feel him shaking his head and mumbling no against you. You gasp lightly as he suckles on the sensitive skin and leaves his mark. my husband loves coming here." He would love someone who is atheistic and an extrovert. and ill keep on saying it. "D-did you just collar me?" youd been holding onto first place since the second lap - kenma had fallen to third place behind Princess Daisy after getting hit by a red shell. *U* ~You probably lecture him about hunching over to play on his psp being the mom of the group. the game! you turn your head to face the TV, and the sounds come back into focus. "I'm sorry," Oikawa said, interrupting you. your gaming competition with kenma had started this morning; youd been roped in after he had promised to leave the console to cuddle with you, if you won two out of three games. It seems unforgiving when a good things ends. nothing on this earth would be able to stop him from leaning across the table to meet your lips. Can we watch a movie? Warnings: none boyfriend scenarios [1] [masterlist] daichi sawamura You were running late to your volleyball practice,"not again, not again! Once it's his turn you give him the same instructions you've given to everyone else; genre/s: fluff and crack pairings: iwaizumi hajime x reader, atsumu miya x reader, ushijima wakatoshi x reader. hot things they do? jiyi-jiyi Brothers when they see Mammon holding a slipper Lucifer He immediately puts down his pen, he goes to change into his pyjamas and prepare for bed. Very slow updates, will be posted on tumblr first, and then here. Honestly, summer was not your favorite season. - every time you give him candy/gum he gives you origami hearts out of the wrappers, he gives them to you if you both are passing in the halls with a silent smile or just sets them by you. if only you could see the gentle smile on his face as he pockets the tiny gift, eager to present it to you. 1 Professional - 2 Reliable - 3 Outstanding haikyuu boyfriend scenarios when you turn him on tumblr After he heard the footsteps of a teacher approaching, he cleared his thoughts and proceed to enter the library. "Tanaka being Tanaka," Asahi shrugged. ask box is currently closed but feel free to send a message! (by the way if anyone was wondering, Im applying for college this year but I graduated already and took a gap year bc Im studying in japan), anyways thats my thank you and apology for now. A month later, Oikawa - the king of the sixth circle of Hell - gives you a surprise visit . The doorbell rang; we cant just leave the poor guy out there now, can we? "My bad.". Hello there!! sometimes he drums to the beat of a love song probably something that reminds him of you. He was nervous; even you could tell. The heat, the light from the sun, and the goofball that was jumping up and down in his seat was blinding you. Bokuto-san is getting a bit eager for Nationals, You nod, understanding how his senpai could become energetic when it came to volleyball. Ive liked you for a while, actually. Good hands as in you were artistic? Hi there, if your suggestions are open, can i ask a fluff scenario of haikyuu boys with an s/o who works as a writer whos working a lot bcs of the overflowing inspiration, and accidently ignore the boys? Haikyuu!! "Tobio! admin h: thanks love! Wakatoshi Ushijima: I feel like he would want a taller person.Like someone above 5'5. You were wearing shorts, and you leaning down revealed more than Tobio needed to see. "adoration and love, while easily confused are two different things." Erina Writes- Haikyuu, Hetalia, KNB Writting Hetalia, KNB, and Haikyuu Headcanons! just sink into my chest, kuroo would definitely have a frown on his face if you told him that your sadness was the cause of someone else, but he wouldnt overreact especially when youre already frustrated yourself, he hummed, so thats what happened, after you spilled everything to him, kuroo stays quiet for a while, until he tells you to go upstairs to the bathtub, why? you looked at him with slight confusion, leaning in slightly when he collected the remaining tears on your cheek, because you deserve a nice, warm bath , if youre comfortable with kuroo accompanying you, he wouldnt mind joining in or simply staying outside of the tub and washing you up, after your bath, kuroo will take you to his bed for cuddles (and possibly your favorite movie), come here, he said, getting you comfortable in his arms and tucking the blanket over you, thats when hed start randomly talking about how proud he is of you and how much he loves you, oh!! He had never done IT before, so he was really nervous. haikyuu boyfriend scenarios when you turn him on tumblrtournament of bands atlantic coast championships bike frames for sale near manchester greenwood gardens vineland, nj You didn't see him there and waiting. hi! Oikawa wants to be invited but he comes over everyday with Iwa so he can't when they are there. the awkward tension kinda dies down until tendou utters, so, whats your secret? Now, Daichi was embarrassed after realizing that you too noticed how this situation was arousing him. youre horrified by the fact that all the other CPUs had passed the finish line - you and kenma were the only ones who hadnt finished the race. I love that boy! I'm a new scenario blog and was wondering if you could give me a shout out @shokugeki-that-haikyuu-hero Thank you and sorry to bother you. Signup for our newsletter to get notified about sales and new products. "i'm (name)'s boyfriend". Being suna's deskmate wasn't exactly fun, especially since you're close to him. You did so much and stopped so much of their spikes. Tobio scoffed and sat on your bed since you were on the floor. you stand up, going to grab your bag on the floor when oikawa beats you to it. makki, mattsun calls reader princess once, reader gets followed home, dog has a golden retriever in bokuto's part notes: im glad you liked the other one, and i hope you'll like this one as well! HOW TO REQUEST > Please give me a character and a scenario you want me to write about for a small one shot, and for a scenario like certain characters responding to something, give me the .