The Reach is yours, Naago. We must prepare an official, and above all accurate announcement to quell these pernicious rumors. Fordola: Father, what did that man call us? (Outside Uldah, near one of the refugee camps.). Guaranteed. I beseech you, then, Lord Loloritoshare with us your mercantile wisdom. Arenvald: Aye And Ive found something new to think about too. Rebuild Ala Mhigo! The danger is too great! Dont give up! That bitch has spilt enough blood to fill a loch! So what say you: shall we call on Alphinaud and go adventuring? I do hope he was still there. The Warrior of Light has put far better men than me in the shade. Watt: I see youve returned in one piece. Wiscar: Right away, Commander. Relentless. I shall give you one. Until next time, my friends! My request was sudden, and you were kind to make yourself available at such short notice. Well, Diana? The ssslayer has come. When all the rest are clamoring for me to stay, I trust youll send me on my way. (Note: Its not in the chat text, but he definitely says it!). He or she clenches a hand into a fist, then walks away.). Arenvald: Speaking of help, I almost fell over when Fordola turned up. Nanamo Ul Namo: Our course is decided. You dont know a godsdamned thing about the life Ive led! Its no wonder people listen to him and not me. I say to you, it is our responsibility to give these prisoners a fair trial, that they might answer to all of Ala Mhigo! But upon matters of governance, I cannot turn to bodyguards and maidservants for counsel. (Near the gate to Ala Mhigo Palace. Arenvald: Ill round up our comrades, and send them to the Ala Mhigan Quarter. There would be no one left! Why would you want to become a soldier!? Youd never be the same again. But I hated the animal Id become. Lakshmi: Why? We could not hope to carry even a fraction of it out on our own. Ironworks Engineer: The Ironworks received a request from the Alliance to analyze these devices, and Ive been recording everything of interest. (Nanamos eyes are also filled with tears.). The seeds which we so carefully sowed have begun to quicken, my friends. I should be happy to arrange a meeting for yousay, at the Scions former headquarters in Thanalan? synagogue liberale cannes. Sorry Are you allowed to talk about your audience with the sultana? After all, we were adventurers before we were Scions, were we not? After all that has happened, he is the very last person I would expect her to turn to for advice. She understands that you have responsibilities here, but asks that you visit the palace at your earliest convenience. Ive been searching all over for you. Lyse moves to stop them as Alphinaud summons his Moonstone Carbuncle.). Pipin: You may be getting on in years, Father, but youd struggle to find a band of sellswords who wouldnt snap your hand offyourremaining hand. He used to hold public executions up on the Divine Audience. Ill be back as soon as I can! But I have known the man a long time, and beneath that steely gaze, I spied a flicker of doubt. Some dialogue may be slightly different for your character. I beg of you! Alphinaud: Tis a long and arduous path you have chosen, but one well worth walking. And this, believe it or not, was the site of the ancient city of Skalla, which rose and fell during the Fifth Astral Era. (The device in which Krile was held seems even more ominous now you know its purpose. Lets be about it, eh? Itll be hard. Fordolas shield holdsbarely). Shanti: Lady of Bliss! We know who youve got in there! Citizenship means nothing to them. The first step will be to get our representatives back in the throne room. And unless blessed by the hand of Nald Himself, no refugee could ever hope to afford a dwelling in Uldah. There is to be a meeting of representatives from across Ala Mhigo, so she is sure to be in the city. Did you think me oblivious to the anguish in your eyes when you spoke of returning to Uldah!? v d e Then I should be glad to tell you my theory on the resting place of the mad kings troveif you are minded to hear it? Lyse: If only it were that easy. Wrathful Resident: Calm down!? We can meet afterwards at Gylbardes Gate! Nanamo Ul Namo: Are you in the habit of gossiping about the affairs of royalty, Master Leveilleur? Will you join me? Ive also adjusted the format slightly from the one I used for the main Stormblood questline text files. (Alphinaud looks to the Warrior of Light). Soon, I will return to Uldah, and take my place at the sultanas side. ), (The Warrior of Light looks at Fordola, and an Echo flashback kicks in. And that is but one of their crimes. (A single tear drops from Fordolas eye. Tell us, Arenvaldhave we any clues as to where we might begin our search? Dont let your emotions color your judgment when she does. Once youve got their measure, you can tell me what to do, and well see how well I get on! ), Raubahn: Your Grace!? (Yotsuyu looks at him in surprise, then gets up and scurries after him, treats in hand.). If my attempt at philanthropy is obliged to reap a profit, it would seem wise to consult someone with a knack for business. Are any of us? Arenvald: We may have a problem, sir. 1,500 Million Final Fantasy XIV Gil $2927.07. Yet one good thing did come from that ignominious chapter in my life. And my royal wish was duly granted. You have to do something! Yet more evidence that I dont know what Im doing. Arenvald: Ill get to the point: might you be interested in a spot of adventure? Am I understood? Arenvald: Speaking of which, how should we deploy ourselves? Lyse: Oh? Nanamo Ul Namo: I remember full well the consequences of my naivety! The guard must be strengthenedideally with people who know a thing or two about primals. They need someone with the Echo, and by the gods, I wish I had it. Are you friends? Nanamo Ul Namo: What trust can there be between us when you withhold the truth from me!? A fair journey to you, Dianaand a swift one, if you please. Ill try to stab it right between the eyes, then! It starts with insults most often, then someone picks up a stone Some industrious souls even thought to seek out the graves of Zenos and his officers. Ala Mhigo is a city-state in Final Fantasy XIV located on the eastern corner of Aldenard in the region of Gyr Abania, along the salt lake of Loch Seid. My thanks again. With the Scions and the Alliance at their side, my countrymen have reclaimed what many thought lost forever. Lyse: Yes. Hmph. Securing the Saltery Lv. Id have you at my side. (Lyse Limit-breaks all over Lakshmis face. Ffxiv ala gannha ala ghiri or the saltery Ala Ghiri's primary export was Arak, however, the date trees needed to produce more arak are just now being replanted. To finish what you started? Nanamo Ul Namo: Raubahn, I am no longer a child. Precisely where and how to allocate the necessary funds is, of course, another question. And may I say that Tizona has never felt heavier upon my back. Yshtola: A primals servant is betrayed by his aura. I daresay you remember Yuyuhase and Laurentiusthe fugitives who conspired with Captain Ilberd in the Crystal Braves betrayal. Guild Wars 2 US. Raubahn: As of yesternight, I have been relieved of my post in the Immortal Flames and the Syndicate both. Tis indeed unsettling to find oneself seated across from an impassive mask. I could not have done it without you. I swore Id do whatever it took to make them pay! And then we must consider Uldahs own poor and downtrodden. Shell not be getting her wish. Next, lets hear from Shanti of the Qalyana. But yes, you do make a good point. Her Grace the sultana would have my opinion on how best to invest the wealth of Uldah? And when Conrad passed his command on to me, that authority only extended to the freedom fighters based in Rhalgrs Reach. We have a fortune at our disposal, after all, and allowing Uldah to provide the entirety of the capital will afford Lolorito too much control. Now, let us be on our way. Lets find something else! Lakshmi: Why? The lies, the betrayal, the endless fightingyet there you stand, unbroken. I must confess to some excitement! I picked the saltery as the first choice, because the quarry town already was resolved after I came through, and they were planning on starting it up on their own terms. Should they hear of you spending the nations coinnot to improve their lot, but to nurture the distant citizens of Ala Mhigoit is unlikely they will applaud your generosity. Did I mention that I encountered the sultana in the palace? If others of Theodorics blood were prone to share his madness, then mayhap it is a kindness that the monarchy ended with him. The liberation of Ala Mhigo will have far-reaching consequences, and there is a matter upon which I would seek your counsel. Fordolas Mother: Oh gods, what have you done to your face!? Have you aught to report? Those were terrible enough. I could scarce keep track of the battle, let alone land a telling blow. Lyse: You can say that again. Too often of late, I hear tales of folk over in the city, drunk on victory and hungry for revenge, their heads stuck firmly in the past. Can we rely on the Scions? Thanks for the advice, Diana! A scene from Fordolas past appears.). If youre not a pureblood Garlean, youre no different from any other savage. Nanamo Ul Namo: So you have. Raubahn: Ill return to my other duties, thenweve barely begun to investigate the facility where they gave Fordola her powers. The work of terrible magicks, I fear. Theres just one small wrinkle in your plan: it doesnt account for all the nasties queuing up to eat anyone who goes near the shore. I have kept the promise made. Ive got a spyglass here you can use to take a closer look at these pests. But it is no concern of yours. Fordola: Am I, though, Mother? 70 . I will see you in the palace. We will take this as a lesson, and watch our own more carefully in future. Walk with me. Alphinaud: Quickly now, while the primal isLyse!? And after a while, even watching his enemies die wasnt enough to coax him out of hiding. Nanamo Ul Namo: As to the purpose of my visit, I would have your thoughts on how the crown might best aid the refugees residing in Thanalan. Ala Ghiri Rebuild Lists Click here to see NPCs found at this location. Arenvald: Right then, lets go and find Master Leveilleur. Lolorito: A personal summons from the Scionsthis must be important business indeed. My friends are fighting her, but they need help. ), Lyse: My thanks, Raubahn. No king. Listening to their anger, I could feel myself being swept away. I would make of this an investment which shall enrich Uldah and Ala Mhigo both. Unlike the others, the interiors been fitted with an array of sensors to measure aetheric wave forms. So it'll be a few years before they become a major exporter. Lyse: Thank you all for coming. Shes a traitor and a murderer! He has an important announcement to make. We must speak of the men Arenvald and his comrades apprehended in the Peaks. If you hadnt been there, the rest of us would be worshipping her by now. And so he ordered that every soul with a claim to the throne be executedincluding his own family. (We enter the building to speak with the prisoner.). 70) Widargelt - The Peaks - The Last Forest - Ala Gannha (x:22.5, y:5.7) 216,000 2,600. What did Nanamo Oh! Godbert will be expecting us. I further surmise that the mad kings unfortunate kinsmen were cast down there not simply out of a desire to punish them, but to discourage exploration. Alphinaud: Alisaie will be eager to hear of recent events, so I shall join you, if youve no objections. Hm Ordinarily, I would not trust any agent of the East Aldenard Trading Companybut if you hold this Hancock fellow in high esteem, I am content to be led by you. My parents were returning from an inspection of our interests in eastern Thanalan when an untimely rockslide crushed their carriage. Alphinaud: Well, the question of how to put the mad kings treasures to good use shows no sign of answering itself. She justshe wanted to fight for her country. But why settle for a lowly apprentice, when you could have the master! My dear Diana I have you to thank for thisrecognition, I am sure. I share your thirst for justice. Arenvald: Youre kind to include me, Lyse, but we both know who did most of the work. Arenvald: Diana, do you know of the rear entrance to the palace? Diana, tell him about the deal! Middle-aged Highlander: In the palace? If unconditional charity is all we know, then we begin to rely upon itto expect it. Pray see to it that we have the appointed room to ourselves. As others have said, we were lucky to have our Echo-blessed champions nearby this time, but well need to keep a closer eye on the Qalyana. The representatives will be here soon, and Ill be damned if Im going to give up before Ive even begun. Mnaago: Aye, and its not just hereweve reports of mobs forming all over. In the meantime, the two of you can track down those who worked as palace servants and officials in Theodorics day. Regardless, she can suffer on for now. And then I had my blade. Fordolas Mother: Come along, Fordola! Nanamo Ul Namo: And it has served me well. And Im pretty sure youre going to like the answer. To work, then. May your new station garner you still greater glories! It strikes Fordolas father square in the head, and he falls. Allow me a moment to change into something a touch less conspicuous, and I will join you outside. Lets go. The guilt must be unbearable. Alphinaud: An audience with the sultana! There are others who care deeply for my well-being, of coursePapashans love for me is as that of a grandsire for his grandchild. Yet if Ala Mhigo is to move forward, we must needs acknowledge the misdeeds of the past. NPCs ( 35) There are 35 NPCs in this location. Fordola: Shes building up to something big! Its about bloody time. Lyse: Come to see how were getting on? We are not ssso foolish as to place ourssselves entirely at the mercy of our tormentors, Resistance Captain: I reckon thats the closest were going to get to a compromise. Isnt that right, Diana!? Alphinaud: Of course. Mnaago: Then lets execute her and be done with it. For it was during an official visit to the Coliseum that I first met Raubahn. Theyll be more compliant once theyve tired themselves out. We have rights! Arenvald: Allow me to explain. Raubahn: It is. Lakshmi: Leaders of Gyr AbaniaAccept my love. I, meanwhile, have discussed the next steps with Master Watt, and completed my inspection of the site. Dianaare you perchance acquainted with any successful merchants? Did you believe him, Diana? Come. Well do whatever it takes to be free! I would have this parting be a joyous one. As I grew, she would check my brow over and over, convinced that a spot on my skin was an emerging third eyelike the kind you see in pureblood Garleans. Violence will ever beget violenceas the Empire has learned to its cost in recent times. (Off to Kugane and the Ruby Bazaar Offices). Wiscar: Dont worry, Grandadwell take care of all that. I pledged my sword. This apparent reversal in attitude is most curious. Arenvald: Waityoure sayingthey were meant to guard the mad kings trove! It would seem Her Grace has come to Gyr Abania to oversee the final stages of her relocation project. I drew steel on ordinary folk for a measly crust of bread. Together, we have laid the groundwork for an endeavor which promises to benefit the peoples of Ala Mhigo and Uldah both. Surely it is not Your Graces intention to foster new resentments, but to spread good will? Do you remember what I said? Arenvald: Since were all here, why dont we share what weve learned? Prior to the great flood of the Sixth Umbral Calamity, the salt lakes you see before you were yet dry ravines. Why do you deny my blessing!? Raganfrid stops dead on seeing Fordola.). From the way Fordola kept wincing, though, I get the feeling shes having them almost all the time. Depending on the nature of her consultation, this might be the perfect opportunity to inquire about the Generals future plans. (The Malcontent walks up to Fordolas family). Truth be told, it was a dark chapter in my life, and one Id sooner forget. Raubahn: Apologies for the wait. Lyse: Diana! We have piqued Loloritos interest and secured his invaluable expertise. To be frank, Id welcome the Scions expert assistance, if you have time to lend a hand. Nanamo Ul Namo: Indeed. Nanamo Ul Namo: Welcome back, Diana. Pipin: Diana! Alphinaud: Theyve done a fine job of blocking our retreat. I am still reeling at the sight of that mountain of riches. Lyse: Thats not why were here, no. I cant hold her off forever! The Domans had Lord Hien ready and willing to take the throne, but weve got no one like that here. In the end, she turned me out into the street, and I was left to haunt the alleyways of Ala Mhigo, a feral child who got what he needed through begging, cunning, or worse. Godbert: Most emphatically. The envoys have chosen to instate a government modeled on Ishgards House of Commonsa ruling body of representatives elected by the people. Arenvald: That he was. Fordola: Thats not true! For vengeance. A group of Ananta has arrived at the main gates. General Aldynns there overseeing the investigation. Arenvald: Diana! Nanamo Ul Namo: Profit? Tell us, how do your people feel about the idea of a republic? After a furious battle, he is hailed as victor to the wild cheering of the crowd. We found the mad kings trove, and that is all that matters! The soldier who first spoke up in favor of the Qalyana keeping their weapons springs to mind. Mature Maid: You want to hear an old maids stories, do you? And theres a sentry at her door, night and day. Ala Ganha [] A settlement that in it's heyday was a prime supplier of cut granite for use in building. I want you fresh for our little adventure. Places of interest [] The Ziggurat [] 4.0. An adult Fordola walks up to a pair of Imperial soldiers. (Lyse vaults over a spear-wielding enthralled guard and bolts through the doors. You may move the camera as well as zoom in and out. Welcome home, Raubahn. Ah! Have you found anything here which might explain why its so different for her? Arenvald, pray try your luck in the Fringes and the Peaks whilst Diana makes the rounds in the Ala Mhigan Quarter. To what do I owe the pleasure? The guard there should have been instructed to let us pass. Lyse: I understand. Alphinaud: Indeed. Now thats settledArenvaldwhat news? Lyse: You still have time, Fordola. Dianayou and the Scions are to stand down. Ala Mhigan Malcontent: Oh but they were quick to help themselves and their bitch spawn, werent they? Godbert: Exactly so! The guards were already turned! To this day, it is not certain if the incident was simple misfortune or an expertly planned assassination. (Raubahn cuts down Shanti as people run for the door. I already explained why we wouldnt do that! How do I defeat one of those? Pipin: By their uniforms, the captives were first judged to be imperial troopsbut after further investigation, their true identities came to light. It looks like centuries of fear and mistrust really cant be washed away in a day. But we do not have years. I was merely informing my companions. The true villainsthose who plotted to put me on the throne as a biddable puppetwere ever beyond our reach. FINAL FANTASY XIV . Salt has ever been a transformative ingredient. In any event, I thank you for your honesty. Raubahn: I swore an oath to you that day on the sands. Nanamo Ul Namo: Raubahn Aldynn. The best I can say about the years that followed is that I survived. You should go. And you know what my only regret is? Alphinaud: We, however, have certain advantages which they did not enjoy. And there I was thinking I was the party leader. Id like to hear what Watt thinks of the idea before agreeing to anything. Raubahn: Tis a difficult tide to stem. Shes wide-eyed and smiling.). There are 1 Post-Stormblood Main Scenario Quests in this location. Aye, wellit would seem they followed him all the way to the Wall. Lyse: Id welcome the company! Wrathful Resident: Were not leaving till you hand her over! She drops her sword.). Cant you see? Would any of you like to take their place? I thought it was a myth! You three look pleased with yourselves. You are one of the few people to whom I feel I can speak my mind. Twas not my intention to draw out proceedings. I am glad to see you found amusement in my little jest, Lord Lolorito, but shall we proceed to the business at hand? Fordolas Father: There you go again with all your questionsLord Gaius is a great and honorable man who looks after all of Ala Mhigo. Gallery . It makes me realize how much we rely on his authorityand how much I still have to learn. Alphinaud: Well, that was unexpectedthough you seem distinctly unsurprised. ), (The choices are: Ala Gannha, Ala Ghiri, and The Saltery). In-game description Alphinaud: Do not be so hastyErnolds anecdote may very well have told us where the trove is hidden. Alphinaud: Thank you, Arenvald, and I apologizethat cannot have been pleasant to recall. For all our potential, we are indolent creatures by nature. Apologies for the interruption, miss, but the General would speak with you at your earliest convenience! And what better way to spend it than by returning to our roots? I conclude that our prize either does not exist, or that the imperials somehow overlooked it. Dianawould you be so good as to swim down to the bottom of the loch and search for an underwater route into the ruins? Her powers out of control! I don't remember at all, was that even a town? (An Echo hits the Warrior of Light suddenly. And I dont mean the Vira. They could give the Echo to anyoneto an entire legion. Lyse: That explains her request to be executed. Very well! Imperial Tribunus Militum: Deplorable. Lets go and pay him a visit, shall we? Mnaago: I was patrolling the palace grounds with Thancred and Yshtola when we heard the report of a primal in the throne room. Shanti: We will do as you assskbut you will not have our weapons. He catches her and sets her on his shoulder.). His Majesty ordered the court thaumaturge to unleash a vile curse upon the remaining members of the royal familya magic which transformed them into fiends of hideous aspect. Lyse: Well fought, Diana. Alphinaud: Arenvald told me of the arrival of our unexpected guests, and I agreed that it would be prudent to call upon Yshtola and Thancred as well. I surrendered my blade to secure what few coins we have! But what of you, Diana? Weve got a problem! Thus did I plan to strip the merchants of their power and place our nation in the hands of its citizensquite unaware of the consequences my actions would have for you and yours I shudder to think how many goodly souls paid the price of my naivety But I am no longer a child reciting words with witless obedience, and I will not be used as a pawn in the Monetarists damnable games!