2014 - jun. Orla Chennaoui ( born 13 November 1979; Age 42 years) is an Irish television reporter. Join, donate, volunteer or be involved in our inspiring campaigns and projects. In May 2019 Orla joined Eurosport as the lead presenter for their cycling coverage alongside Sir Bradley Wiggins. But gradually the negativity piles up. Most recently, Laura has also worked for ITV Sport, as reporter for their snooker coverage at the Players Championship and Tour Championship. No one. Yes! And bits of music. Would I like to fill Radio Norwichs early morning slot? Een bericht gedeeld door Jos Been (@tourdejose). The Vuelta a Espaa has always been my favorite race. Stats dont lie: womens racing viewership on the rise, Van Vleutens signature solo move won her the Grand Tour trilogy, Austin Killips is making waves in the cyclocross peloton. While McColl puts down his notebook and gets back to reading Carlton Kirbys Magic Spanner, by me, Carlton Kirby, let me tell you a little bit about the book. No oh no! Hard and all as it is to believe, there was a time when people laughed at British cycling commentators. Kirby has more than two decades as a . Heres Kirby serving up the story of Bernard Hinault striking a protester at Paris-Nice 39 years ago.. I thought the negativity came with the job and that I had to accept it. Furthermore, Orla commenced her vocation with radio channel, 2 ten FM in reading. 2 Minute Showreel JEZ COX 2021 UCI Cycling Commentary on Eurosport x GCN. One day it will all come full circle again when I return to this race I love most, as a commentator. 29,690. Jos lives in. Ronnie O'Sullivan. 28,180. While youve been away lots has happened and . Welcome back to todays live reading of Carlton Kirbys Magic Spanner here at the second home of cycling, Podium Caf. We are on our way to a cycling media landscape where women will be equal to men and to a place where the adjective female really doesnt matter. Presenter / commentator ITV jun. Yes! I can remember . Hello and welcome one and all wherever you are to the Podium Caf, the second home of cycling! gbrrrrrr. I said I ignored them but of course I didnt always. One of the Pantheon Marbles of the sport. Im sorry William and David and Thomas and Mark and Linda, I really am, but we have no control over the images we bring you here at Eurosport, the rest home of cycling commentators, thats down to the host broadcaster and they really shouldnt be showing us this, they really shouldnt. She is former presenter for Sky Sports and currently working as Cycling presenter for Eurosport. Talking about the days events and doing analysis with the touchscreen TV. Usually heard doing .Pro level races (and the odd WorldTour one too), it would be great to hear him able to do some more womens cycling commentary on Eurosport as well. But theres much more suffering in line for McKey today as he attempts to tackle in a single sitting all 28 chapters of Carlton Kirbys Magic Spanner, written by me, Carlton Kirby, and brought to you by Bloomsbury books (available in all good charity shops, pay no more than 75 pence). Hold on, my producers just handed me a note. As coverage was cut back to studio, the panel were shown pictures of Kopecky and Vollering in the post-race area and Blythe remarked looks awkward now., Lloyd added: Its not all hugs and kisses at this point is it? #5,905. It would be really interesting to know what team orders were when it was just the two of them and Demi did a lot of work. We are within reaching distance of our next goal: to send reporters to all the major races on the womens racing calendar. Cycling UK is more than just a membership charity, which provides you with excellent insurance, information and a magazine. - Kenny keen to learn if there were SD Worx team orders for finish, Vollering: 'Lotte's a killer' but 'I was a bit surprised by her action'. Ha! This doesnt mean the fight should stop. Simon Richardson I doff my cap to you Brendan. Its a purely aural medium. There werent any options left in Dutch and frankly I didnt want to go back to Dutch media outlets anymore. I used to hate her voice, and her argument. She has also been grid reporter for the World and European RallyCross Championship for the world feed and presented the highlights show for ITV, for Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival. NBC Olympics commentator notes: Mike Tirico serves as NBC Olympics' primetime host for the second time, after hosting primetime coverage at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games. And I do that by talking about the Italian town of Barolo. He won a stage in the Tour de France in 1998 for GAN and after retirement, ran development teams in his adopted country the UK. A former F1 aerodynamicist, Bigham has turned his attentions to cycling and helped his track team beat national teams. Maggy will often be heard on lower-level Belgian classics although not exclusively. I could go to Majestic Wine round the corner from my home and get exactly the same bottle for significantly less without having to lug it around Italy for a few weeks. I learned to develop my own style instead of copying others. Ronnie occasionally puts his best foot forward in the commentary box. Carlton Kirbys Magic Spanner The World of Cycling According to Carlton Kirby, Eurosports Legendary Tour de France Commentator written by Carlton Kirby and published by Bloomsbury book, Strade Spectacle, Jumbo Yumminess, and a Weekend of Throwdowns. Theyre always paired with an ex-pro to provide the colour commentary, with insights about the racing, learned through their time in the pro ranks. He just rolled on. Here at CyclingTips we have some very talented female writers and at Eurosport, GCN+ and Discovery+ more and more women are picking up the microphone. Orla Chennaoui Biography, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Parents, Ethnicity, Height, Net Worth, Husband Orla Chennaoui Husband Mourad Chennaoui Details, Orla Chennaoui Body Measurements & other info, Family Background/ Dating/Spouse/Boyfriend, Andrea Espada Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Biography & Net Worth | 2022 Updated, Janette Manrara (2022) Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth | Updated, Cameron Chapman Age, Net Worth, Wife, Family and Biography 2023, Sylas Sullivan (Tiktok) Bio, Age, Height, Wiki & Net Worth, Image, Laura Lee Watts Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Family and Biography 2023, Who is Denise Julia? Radio Norwich has been in touch and would like to know if Id be interested in hosting their early morning slot. All padding and filler. A quick note to my friends in Barolo: technology has caught up with you guys. After a brief rest in January 2022, McCrossan has been back behind the mic once again. Hello Carlton! It has years of history; it has the stories. I knew that it wasnt the job or the sport that was the problem but I needed to step away from that spotlight and the big podium and to choose a smaller podium with less prominence and fewer viewers. I stopped engaging and started blocking. I enjoyed those hours in the booth with my colleagues who became friends. For mine, Carlton is the perfect commentator for the early shift on long, flat grand tour stages. About Us - Follow the Road race - Women stage and see which riders are dominating the Strade Bianche. A rugby fan from a young age, Laura is a reporter for the Autumn Internationals on Prime Video Sport, broadcasting alongside rugby legends at an international level. She has done a lot of races paired with Magnus Backstedt this season. 59 minutes ago. The 41-year-old TV presenter, from Draperstown, Co Londonderry, is currently hosting Eurosport's coverage of Cycling's Three Grand Tours. Get access to more than 30 brands, premium video, exclusive content, events, mapping, and more. 01/03/2023 at 01:50. Maestro! Is he going to quit, is he really just going to stop there? A snooker legend, O'Sullivan is vying with Stephen Hendry for the highest World Snooker Championship wins. Your membership will enable us to have a louder voice to lobby government, campaign for improved rights and inspire millions more people to cycle. I am back in cycling commentary but mix it with writing for CyclingTips and doing other freelance jobs. I thought most of them would be about having a female lead commentator but my gender hardly mattered. Everyone else is measured against him. Thankfully youve got an index in yours and I immediately turned to the pages I was mentioned on, pages 142, 143 and 144! Insightful and knowledgeable, Laura has been commentator and reporter for the NBC coverage of the Womens Tour of California as well as contributing to BBC Newsnight, BBC World Service The Bradley Wiggins Podcast, BBC 5 Live, BBC 5 Live Bespoke podcast and BBC Wales on cycling stories. Blythe said: I think whats interesting is how you talked about belief, she came in knowing today was a target for her because she said then that in past years she used to work for team-mates but she came in today knowing it was her day today and she was one of the leaders. There are many different ways you can get involved with Cycling UK and help us support many more people to cycle. hold that thought just a moment, weve got some action! Hatch is often on the biggest races and usually covers the race finishes too. And there are more of them too! Often paired with Marty McCrossan, youre most likely to hear Dani Christmas covering womens racing. Oh boy, I talked a lot those first two stages alongside Danny Nelissen. And no matter how tired I am sometimes of pointing out the glaring sexism in our sport and experiencing it many times myself, I still keep finding the power somewhere to keep doing it. Hell often be heard covering non-WorldTour classics and stage races with his distinctive Irish accent. From talking about spring classics to grand tours, hell also be seen in the studio after races. He also was known to race on the road during US races. Having a microphone in front of you is a daunting thing. nb: this goes on for three pages in the book. There was never anything measured about his attacks. You used to hear Declan Quigley covering the Giro dItalia but now seems to find himself part of the B-tier. Like our dear, departed monarch, the Queen Chapter is a rather serious and sombre affair in which I explain by example what a slow day at a Grand Tour is like. 2022 showreel Jez Cox Cycling Commentary. Speaking afterwards Vollering alluded to being surprised by Kopecky, but she didnt make it clear as to what moment she was referring to. Later on in the post-race show, the team heard from Kenny and Sander Kleikers, who were on the ground at the finish line. Ha! He initially started combining riding with Eurosport work in his final season in 2019. Hatch is often on the biggest races and usually covers the race finishes too. He won a stage in the Tour de France in 1998 for GAN and after retirement, ran development teams in his adopted country the UK. Talking about orlachennaouihusband- She married Her husband Mourad Chennaoui. for Cycling, Triathlon and Running events both live and for television. Cycling. Cycling. Another former National Road champion, in 2016, Blythes relaxed style has seen him move from the studio to behind the mic. With the joining up of GCN and Eurosport, hes now regularly seen across all coverage. My close friend and colleague Brian Smith professional dour Scot, twice British Champion, and the former DS of Team China in Your Dreams has said to me he thought it was a little bit like Ned Boltons duffers guide to cycling, How I Won the Yellow Jumper. When I joined Eurosport, it was well known that I loved cycling but I was also told straight away, on the day of my interview, that for a woman without a past in professional cycling there would not be an opportunity to become a cycling commentator. I have to tell you, we do not need to be seeing things like this. Time flies when you are having fun, as the old saying goes, but its true. She is also the co-host ofa monthly cycling podcast, The Cycling Podcast Feminin, a monthly show dedicated to women's cycling. 83 minutes and 19 ads for Ineoss antisceptic handwash later . The difference between how women in cycling media were perceived in the Netherlands 10 years ago, compared to the Anglo-Saxon world I now work in, is very remarkable. 642 Orla Chennaoui ( born 13 November 1979; Age 42 years) is an Irish television reporter. registered in England no: 25185. Now, where was I? With the Olympic road race course looking particularly hilly this. He was initially mixing his GCN duties with the odd spell of commentary but soon changed the balance towards commentary. I apologise to our viewers. The 2012 winner of the Tour de France, Sir Bradley Wiggins, joins the Eurosport team for all three Grand Tours this season whilst also continuing to work on his podcast, The Bradley Wiggins Show . And then there were threats about how they would come and find me at work because when everyone hates her so much, we can do something about that.. Very fast. He helped develop the Endura, NetApp (became Bora-Hansgrohe) and MTN-Qhubeka teams in their early days before becoming a staple on Eurosport. Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 Mathew Mitchell Published on March 7, 2022 in Women's Cycling The voices of the cycling commentators on Eurosport are beamed into our homes. Hes a familiar voice to anyone who stayed up late to watch racing in Australia, hosting with Matt Keenan and Bridie ODonnell. but I do not see it myself. A former national track champion, Hannah Walker spent years on the road racing as well. Copyright 2015-2022 ProCyclingUK - All rights Reserved, 2024 Womens WorldTour Promotion/Relegation Standings, Demi Vollering wins Strade Bianche from teammate Kopecky. She retired from racing after 2018, a season where she finished 3rd in the Womens Tour. Kenny Albert - Fox 1994-present Jason Bell - BBC Sport 2015-2022, ITV Sport 2022-, Chris Berman - ESPN 1985-present Allen Bestwick - ESPN 2014-present Rocky Boiman - BBC Radio 5 Live 2012-13 & 2015-2017, Absolute Radio 2013-2014 Terry Bradshaw - CBS 1984-1994, Fox 1994-present Greg Brady - BBC Radio 5 Live 2006-13, Talksport 2017-present Ha! No more distinction; no more mens or womens cycling. He initially started combining riding with Eurosport work in his final season in 2019. The voice of cycling, alpine skiing and athletics. As well as his global work as a host and commentator Anthony is a campaigner for the development of women's cycling and has founded two successful media businesses, Cyclevox and . WBD also own Eurosport, and under the merger both BT Sport and Eurosport are set to disappear from 4 March, Bath UK - GCN+, the home of year-round cycling content, will take cycling fans even closer to the action than ever before with the addition of former professional racer and iconic sprinter, Robbie McEwen, to its roster of expert commentators. Blythe was a consistent lower-level classics racer and sometime sprinter. If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. And hes oh no! The stations of the cross only had 14 stages, as Henri Pelissier famously told Julie London at the 1942 Tour. I assume she was referring to Kopecky maybe accelerating slightly after Faulkner had pinned Vollering against the barriers. An Olympic, World and European champion on the track, Dani Rowe can now be heard covering womens cycling on Eurosport. I can remember to put my trousers on, most days. McGhee has entered the room and hes carrying his copy of Carlton Kirbys Magic Spanner, along with a mug of coffee and what looks suspiciously like a packet of Neurofen! And now hes standing up! Terms at draftkings.com/sportsbook. And, just like Biniam Girmay's podium prosecco debacle at last year's Giro d'Italia . The criticisms were about me being a fangirl and how I was probably after a quick night of fun with riders I mentioned too often; how I elbowed my way into the cycling world, leaving more knowledgeable people in my wake; how I probably performed sexual favors to the boss because how on earth could I be in that position any other way; how I was a bitch and a horrible person; and, yes, how I talked too much about cheese. Here at CyclingTips we have some very talented female writers and at Eurosport, GCN+ and Discovery+ more and more women are picking up the microphone. stoc 2022 accepted papers; the forum inglewood dress code; to what extent is an individual shaped by society; astragalus and kidney disease; lake wildwood california rules and regulations; female eurosport cycling commentators. Lets play back the finish and theres McCann sitting in his Pong armchair from Ikea not the sort of chair Id choose to sit in myself and looking world weary and worn down by it all as the words slowly ebb and flow, weaving and wefting their way across the pages. Hell often be heard covering non-WorldTour classics and stage races with his distinctive Irish accent. The lead commentator for cyclocross and womens cycling on Eurosport. Orla Chennaoui is part of Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling 2019 list for her broadcast career in cycling, including the hugely popular Cycling Podcast Feminin that exclusively promotes and celebrates women's cycling. Read more on podiumcafe.com. and Mackey has stopped reading! - Riders (twitter, insta) - Teams - Races - Podcasts and commentators - Shows (GCN/Eurosport, Peacock, etc) Who are the commentators on Eurosport cycling? Lets go reading! You know, in all that drama, Ive completely forgotten! Shes heard covering non-WorldTour classics most often where she can use her native Dutch to pronounce riders and place names perfectly. Join CAN our network of local campaigners and speak up for cycling in your neighbourhood and wider community. Orla Chennaoui is a immediately recognisable face and voice tofollowers of professional cycling, with a clear passion to promote women's cycling in particular. Much has changed. . Although I think George Clooney would be a closer fit. His daughters, Zoe and Elynor are currently emerging talents in womens cycling. Stream the 2023 cycling season live on Eurosport and, Strade Bianche 2023 highlights - Britain's Pidcock clinches memorable triumph, Watch Pidcock receive trophy on podium after Strade Bianche triumph. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. It's a discussion on tackling personaldemons and finding inspiration in the pursuit of excellence anda chance to get to know some of the biggest names in sport, going behind the headlines and media profileto learn a little more of the motivation, fears and discipline that drives the ordinary to become extraordinaryand to the very top of their game. WikiZero zgr Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumann En Kolay Yolu Usually, in the studio leading The Breakaway pre and post-race segments, she leads and guides the other presenters to discuss the stage or race of the day. He is now a consultant for high-profile teams like Canyon SRAM and the Danish national track team. Many races are now shown on the internet or the big television networks. You should not read it all but you cant avoid it when they tag you or email you directly. I have a memory like those things with holes in them, what-do-you-call-thems, thats it, fishnet stockings. Mr Paris-Nice won that race 7 years in a row during the 1980s. . 28/02/2023 at 23:52. She also has her own podcast, Lessons Learned, interviewing star sportsmen and women about the key lessons life has taught them. Registered office: Parklands, Railton Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 9JX. nb: Sean Kelly calling stockings ladies panty-hose is actually in the book. Menu. I told myself I hated cycling. Every single bike race we watch has some commentator giving their spin on the action. Wiki, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Net worth, Boyfriend, Parents & More, Shaquan Roberts Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Net Worth, & Parents, Instagram Info, Sophie Fergi Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Ethnicity, Net Worth & Parents Info, LookingForLewys Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth & Parents Info. Only joking! The likes of Hazel Irvine, Seema Jaswal and Jill Douglas have made a living as some of the leading female snooker presenters but commentary is still male-oriented. It was all I had, meaning that every critical word was directly and indirectly pointed at who I am instead of what I do. "To be honest I thought Demi was chasing for Kopecky to obviously jump across but I think because they both caught [Faulkner] itll be interesting to know what the team then said over the radios whether they could just race it out. The remarks were about my knowledge, my style of commentary, my pronunciations, my personality and my humor. That was always easier said than done. She perform a dance at Dancing with Skys Stars and fact is she learn dance in only 6 week. But, really, its up to all of you. The science overwhelmingly shows that commuters who cycle to work are healthier, happier and more productive. Anyone whos watched the Tour Series/Womens Tour/Tour of Britain in person or was at the Harrogate Worlds will have heard Jez on the mic. Ive been Carlton Kirby and Ill be back later in the year with Carlton Kirbys Sticky Bottle The Cycling Year According to Carlton Kirby, Eurosports Legendary Tour de France Commentator, the hotly anticipated follow-up to Carlton Kirbys Magic Spanner The World of Cycling According to Carlton Kirby, Eurosports Legendary Tour de France Commentator, both written by me, Carlton Kirby and brought to you by Bloomsbury books, the childhood home of Harry Potter. Who is the English female tennis commentator? Maybe hell sprint through the chapters like Mark Cavendish eager to get to the finish line and get a hug from the fragrant Peta. The commentary line-up will include regular voices Rob Hatch and Carlton Kirby, who will also joined by cycling legend Sean Kelly at all three major races. . For me, Carlton is the perfect commentator for the early shift on long, flat grand tour stages. What Dan doesn't know about pro cycling, and who he doesn't know in the sport, probably isn't worth knowing. She brings insider knowledge of the womens peloton to the race commentary. There seemed to be something about each and every one of them stored in my brain. BT SPORT will be renamed as TNT Sports following a merger with Warner Bros Discovery. Hes sitting down now and hes started reading again. With a couple of exceptions, almost everyone on this list will be Tour de France commentators 2022. Eurosport's Olympics coverage has been branded a "shambles" after it accidentally showed a presenter saying she did not want to "go near" cyclists at the centre of a coronavirus scare . We did see the hug after the race but the television producers need to go to the third rider across the line and Faulkner was only a handful of seconds behind those first two in the end so we dont get to see the immediate aftermath like Sander and Laura would have done. Ive no idea what sort of day McKee has in store today. That reminds me, I must get the gas boiler serviced. I wanted to share a little throwback on the good times and the bad times because wow the world has changed in 10 years for female cycling commentators. It means Eurosport will screen over 290 days of live men's and women's cycling throughout 2021, which also includes extensive coverage of cycling's three Grand Tours - Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and La Vuelta, and over 35 UCI World Tour events. Bigham helped to give deeper insights into the world of aerodynamics during the opening time trial of the 2021 Giro dItalia. This is where my passion is and I would fight to find a new place where I could share my love with the sport again. It was a lot to take in and completely overshadowed the nice reactions I got. Meanwhile the flame in me was rekindled. The first race I remember hearing him was during the Vuelta CV Feminas at the start of 2021 but hes now a regular across the board on cyclocross and stage races like the Saudi Tour at the start of the 2022 season. Vollering said: Lottes a killer and I was a bit surprised by her action but yeah it also made it very exciting I think. In 2018 Orla launched her own podcast "When Orla Met" a conversation with people from the world of sport focussingon thestories behind the person, in thefrailties of those who push themselves to the limit of theirability. I dont think it was so Id like to know exactly what she meant about being surprised by Kopeckys actions but we saw the hug at the finish line Im sure all is well as much as wed like to build up the drama between them.. She retired from racing after 2018, a season where she finished 3rd in the Women's Tour. On average, Barolo can be found 40% cheaper in the United Kingdom. Carlton Kirby's Magic Spanner, by Carlton Kirby. I used to think Murray Walker in F1 was over-excitable, but CK makes him seem positively tranquil. You can watch (and bet) on the WTA Qatar Open live streaming with bet365.com. A former rider who has stepped up to lead commentary after initially being a colour commentator. With little over a month to go until the @DaveRaynerFund dinner, make sure you've got your tickets for a special evening of raising money for the next crop of talent, & a chance to look back on a brilliant 2022 season together! I dont know if Roger Federer had actually died but my announcement of his win at some tournament surely sounded like he had. Hes stopped reading! At the moment of the story being published we have not yet had confirmation whether there were team orders or not. If people say I am fat, dumb, and stupid I start wondering if maybe there are right. After those two stages of the Vuelta I thought my time in commentary was over. Thats what I want to do. She covers many famous story such as 21/7 attack, serial murderer Levi Bellfield (Yusuf Rahim) hearings and rage over Muhammad & the Sudanese Teddy bear. That last climb doesnt lie and if you were already in front for so long on your own that last climb is really hard and Lotte and I were doing really good together so I knew we could save a little bit for the last climb and I also knew that Lotte and me are really great climbers so I knew that we could catch her but it was a bit exciting of course!, Listening on The Breakaway on Eurosport and discovery+ afterwards Dani Rowe said she found it interesting that she said that she was shocked by Lotte Kopeckys action.. Fantastic! The first former rider to jump into lead commentary from GCN when it was just a humble Youtube channel! I was prepared for the praise to end but not for the harshness of what was next. Ten years ago today and the first day I ever commentated live on a cycling race. McEwan, 49, enjoyed a distinguished career on the bike . She initially was heard commentating on womens cycling races but has also been seen in the studio during coverage of 2021s Giro dItalia. If you are looking for cycling insurance, training courses, help to run an event or if you'd like to be a Cycle Friendly Employer we can help. [4] In 2019, Chennaoui left Sky to join Eurosport as the lead presenter for the station's coverage of cycling events. Hell usually be heard paired up with Dani Rowe for womens cycling and Jeremy Powers for the cyclocross. I didnt even know I had so many facts about the riders taking the start. Once you click onto hearing his penchant for listing riders, you cant un-hear it! After becoming a consultant for high-profile teams like Canyon SRAM and the Danish national track team, Bigham moved to Ineos Grenadiers for 2022. Odds & lines subject to change. Eurosport commentary Page 233 - Get up to date with the latest news, scores & standings from the Cycling News Community. We spoke to Jos about why an increase in coverage of womens cycling is important: Why it matters? One of the most prominent cycling websites had a message board with a thread dedicated to commentary that started to be 99% about me. Now look at the place. I started with Eurosport Benelux in 2011. Other books are available. Its rare to watch either without hearing Martys voice in recent years. 20151 jaar 1 maand UK Women's Tour For Sweetspot and Century TV I. I knew I had my place in this cycling media world. Extreme E - ITV / BBC/ Sky Sports Mix / BT Sport (presenter), ITV Sport - Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival (presenter), Eurosport - Tour de France 2021 (presenter), Prime Video Sport - Autumn Internationals (reporter), BT Sport - European Champions Cup / Premiership (reporter), ViaPlay - European Challenge Cup (reporter), England Rugby - Six Nations / Premier 15s (presenter / host), BT Sport / world feed - FIA World Rallycross (grid reporter), BT Sport -Henley Royal Regatta 2016/ 2017 /2018 / 2019 (presenter/reporter - live), Eurosport -2018/19 British Cycling road season (presenter), ITV 4 - National Road Cycling Championships (presenter - live), ITV 4 - Womens Tour of Scotland (presenter), BBC Sport - NationalCyclocross Championships (presenter), BBC Sport - Swim England Winter Championships (presenter/commentator), BBC Sport - 2018/19 British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships (presenter), Eurosport -British Cycling National Womens Road Series 2017 (presenter/voiceover), Eurosport, Bike Channel, TV2, Super Sport, Cycling Central - The Voxwomen Cycling Show (presenter/voiceover), Eurosport - 2017 British Cycling National Time Trial Championships (presenter/voiceover), Eurosport - 2017 and 2018British Cycling National Cyclocross Championships (presenter/voiceover), NBC -Womens Tour of California 2016-2019(roadside presenter/commentator), ATV -Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge 2016/2017(commentator), European Tour Productions -BMW PGA Championship / GolfSixes / Dubai Duty Free Irish Open (presenter), Rio 2016 -Paralympic Games Road Cycling (commentator/host), England Netball / England Cricket (stadium host), Prime Video Sport: Autumn Nations Cup Third Place Play-off - Ireland v Scotland.