The WSJ report cited anonymous sources. L*%.%3v8;;z}} 0aEK.Ayz=um [eL&4:Dh@r,Lf?^f-E} SLL FpS9 $p% $ #1Kplr WXi6F:XoF`-\ Steven Groves is Margaret Thatcher Fellow in the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, at The Heritage Foundation. How Durham County Council is addressing the gender pay gap.. 10 Analysis of Durham County Council's data 7 4. @VD'" p1H "6e~e 4<<<>$Z%"t1T]`0yJVw*`(#0|m]Q1LS='uHdP#qRUD]Uom;TIHFo6d~ hDcMV}i 82 endstream endobj 704 0 obj 545 endobj 705 0 obj << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 704 0 R >> stream The second major component of Hillary for Americas disinformation campaign was its effort to smear then-candidate Trump with a false allegation that the Trump organization had a secret channel of communication with Alfa-Bank, the largest private bank in Russia. Indeed, after conducting a 22-month investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller stated that the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.REF, Igor Danchenko. In October, Fritsch and two other Fusion GPS employees visited Foer at his home to brief him on the Alfa-Bank allegations. \ S7q9|V#LKgE-kDZ In addition to exploiting the public and non-public data held by Internet Company-2 and Internet Company-3, Joffe tasked Lorenzen and two Georgia Tech computer researchersManos Antonakakis and David Dagonto search through Neustars Internet data for any information about Trumps potential ties to Russia.REF Joffes goal, according to Durham, was to support an inference and narrative regarding Trump that would please certain VIPs., From the beginning, Antonakakis was dubious about the alleged connection between the Trump organization and Russia. Durham had become the Governor-General in Lower Canada in 1837 but soon submitted his resignation because of his conflict with British Parliament mostly because of his progressive nature. On May 13, 2019, I directed United States Attorney John Durham to conduct a preliminary review into certain matters related to the 2016 presidential election campaigns, and Mr. Durham's review subsequently developed into a criminal investigation, which remains ongoing. According to Durham, the French culture in Canada had changed little in 200 years and showed no sign of the progress that British culture had made. Report: 1. t]dKeX)Q\tO=4{yG h[#fF _KQ/PUg8Iizs(Ni:g7a=|5;6Xv\+P j You had assigned it reference number #FOIA-2021-01633. Its major recommendation, responsible government, originated with the Baldwins and other moderate reformers rather than with . [citation needed], Durham resigned on 9 October 1838 amid controversy excited in London by his decision of the penal questions[17] and was soon replaced by Charles Poulett Thomson, 1st Baron Sydenham, who was responsible for implementing the Union of the Canadas. Marc Elias resigned from Perkins Coie on August 22, 2021, less than a month before the extent of Elias alleged role in the Clinton disinformation campaign was revealed in the Sussmann indictment.REF, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch (Fusion GPS). It was sort of an anti-Mueller Report, whose results promised exoneration for Trump and criminal convictions for those who had wronged him. We will contact you again once the litigation in this matter allows. Washington, D.C. 20530, Russian National Indicted for Making False Statements to the FBI, November 4, 2021, Grand Jury Indicts D.C. Attorney with Making False Statements to the FBI in 2016 Regarding Alleged Communications Between Trump Organization and Russian Bank, September 16, 2021, U.S. Department of Justice This Legal Memorandum is an effort to unravel the joint venture and place each of the parties to Clintons disinformation campaign into the proper context. Report all fires and smoke to Duke University Police Department by dialing 911 from any campus phone. For print-disabled users. Lock Manos told Joffe that his findings do not make much sense with the storyline you have.REF. According to documents filed by Durhams team and other published reports, which serve as the basis for the factual assertions in this Legal Memorandum, the effort was funded, approved, and briefed to the highest level of the Clinton campaign. The United States of America, by and through its attorney, Special Counsel John H. Durham . The Steele Dossier paints a picture of a highly placed source in the Trump campaign relating inside information regarding Manaforts resignation as campaign manager and former campaign manager Corey Lewandowskis dislike for Manafort.REF Dolan informed Danchenko that he received the inside information about Manafort and Lewandowski over drinks with a GOP friend of mine.REF In fact, Dolan had never met with a GOP friend but rather obtained the information about [Manafort] from public news sources.REF. Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann (Perkins Coie LLP). In 1840, the population of Canada East was estimated at 670,000, while the population of Canada West was estimated to be 480,000. iHOA]/]uK9bXqAn.SoE'6r1)7dfaoN:1 W196>K c+X0 > stream A locked padlock 0000003935 00000 n 0000106946 00000 n Durham, appointed by then-Attorney General William Barr to lead a review into the Russia investigation, made the claim in his investigation that brought charges against an FBI attorney and former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, who is currently charged with making a false statement to a federal agent. I would not impair a single prerogative of the Crown; on the contrary, I believe that the interests of the people of these Colonies require the protection of prerogatives, which have not hitherto been exercised. %PDF-1.6 % Antonakakis e-mailed Lorenzen and Dagon: Joffe himself expressed doubt about the Russian Bank Data that started the whole project. FACTS A. Overview of the incident On March 11, 2017 at approximately 12:59 a.m., 911 received a call regarding a disturbance at 18 Edgewood Road in Durham, NH. in, Morissette, Benot. The notable British Whig politician John Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham, was sent to the Canadas in 1838 to investigate and report on the causes of the rebellions of 183738. According to the Durham investigation, with the active participation of Michael Sussmann of Perkins Coie, a group of computer researchers cooked up phony Internet server data in an attempt to create an inference of secret communications and create a narrative regarding Trump.REF, April Tea Leaves Lorenzen. "Banishment to Bermuda: Gender, Race, Empire, Independence and the Struggle to Abolish Irresponsible Government in Lower Canada. Durham report proves Hillary Clinton not Trump was Putin's puppet By Rebekah Koffler February 17, 2022 5:24pm Updated Vladimir Putin's endgame of destabilizing Washington got a boost from. The report did not see any of its recommendations come into force in the African and Asian colonies, but some limited democratic reforms in India became possible that otherwise would not have been. 1 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:: v.: Criminal Case No. It was pointed out that many of the Patriote leaders were of British or British Canadian origin, including among others Wolfred Nelson, the hero of the Battle of Saint-Denis; Robert Nelson, author of the Declaration of Independence of Lower Canada, who would have become President of Lower Canada had the second insurrection succeeded; journalist Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan; and Thomas Storrow Brown, general during the Battle of St-Charles. Whatever Durham uncovers, the Clinton campaignincluding Hillary Clinton and her foreign policy advisor, Jake Sullivantouted the fabricated Alfa-Bank allegation in the days leading up to the 2016 election. 6/7 - Durham Tech Installs Fifth President J.B. Buxton The meetings were represented as nonpartisan, respectable, loyal, orderly and deserving of parliamentary support. 0000090351 00000 n It is one thing to dredge up a political candidates youthful indiscretions or shady financial dealings, but it is quite another to fabricate false and sensational allegations, present them to the FBI as fact, and serve them up to a willing media in the weeks leading up to Election Day. 0000011210 00000 n 0000010627 00000 n A lock ( 0000127373 00000 n When interviewed by the FBI in 2017, Danchenko said that when he related the Ritz-Carlton allegations to Steele, he (Danchenko) characterized Trumps alleged activityas rumor and speculation.REF Danchenko further characterized the salacious information as statements made in jest.REF Regardless, Steele reported the allegations in his dossier.REF, Dolan also appears to be Danchenkos sole source in a report relating to Trumps former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. 0000005874 00000 n 0000010649 00000 n Marc Elias was a partner at the Perkins Coie law firm and the lead attorney for Hillary for America at the firm. Rogue Prosecutor Steve Descano Drops Case Against Criminal Who Crashed Car Into Familys Minivan, How DNA and Cell Phone Evidence in Idaho Murders Complied With the Fourth Amendment. hb```e``*b`a`Rcd@ AF~. Indictments filed by Durham show that the Steele Dossier and Alfa-Bank allegations of a conspiracy between Trump and the Kremlin were entirely concocted. Lord Durham's Report on the Affairs of British North America abridged to highlight constitutional defects and recommendations with context REPORT TO THE QUEEN'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY YOUR MAJESTY, in entrusting me with the Government of the Province of Lower Canada, during the critical period of the suspension of its constitution, was . The goal was to convince London of the widespread popular support in Canada for the report proposals. Special Counsel Robert Muellers report mentions the Prague allegation only in the context that Cohen denied that a such a meeting ever took place.REF The name of Igor Diveykin does not even appear in Muellers report. Read Here. This report has been prepared to satisfy Section 11 of Ontario Regulation (O. [9] Those suggestions would be put into place decades later, during the Confederation of Canada. The assertion that the so-called "French" Canadians had no history and no culture and that the conflict was primarily that of two ethnic groups evidently outraged Papineau. Indeed, from 1791 to the rebellions, the elected representatives of Lower Canada had been demanding control over the budget of the colony. The full story may never be known. I entertain no doubts as to the national character which must be given to Lower Canada; it must be that of the British Empire; that of the majority of the population of British America; that of the great race which must, in the lapse of no long period of time, be predominant over the whole North American Continent. To better enhance this relationship, we are providing clarification and information on our Use of Force policy. Both Canadas were in a state of distress. Durhams indictment of Danchenko shows that other significant parts of the Steele Dossiersuch as the allegation that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen travelled to Prague to meet with Russian conspiratorswere invented by Olga Galkina, a Russian national living in Cyprus who had ambitions of joining the State Department under Hillary Clinton if she won the presidential election. Durham may be investigating whether and to what extent then-candidate Hillary Clinton had knowledge of the disinformation campaign. In an August 2016 e-mail to Lorenzen, Dagon, and Antonakakis, Joffe stated that the data was not a secret communications channel between the Trump organization and Alfa-Bank, but rather was a red herring.REF. Durham brought along a small but highly talented staff, most notably including Charles Buller and Edward Gibbon Wakefield. Legal Fellow and Manager, Meese Center for Legal Studies. Trump had hoped that Durham would deliver a report before the 2020 election that could help Trump's campaign. "Histoire de la rsistance du Canada au gouvernement anglais", in, This page was last edited on 13 December 2022, at 11:26. The purpose of this report is to summarize the Attorney General's findings and conclusions with regards to the incident, which resulted in the death of Michael Barrett. Special Counsel John Durham's Office Special Counsel John Durham About On October 19, 2020, John Durham was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to serve as the Special Counsel by the order below. As was the case with other significant Steele Dossier allegations, no evidence has arisen to indicate that either the CohenPrague or PageDiveykin meetings ever took place. But there is no evidence that Galkinareferred to in the Danchenko indictment as Russian Sub-Source-1was a Kremlin insider. %PDF-1.7 stream The report provided. After the Upper and Lower Canada rebellions of 1837, Lord Durham was sent from England to investigate the cause of the unrest. Lambton, John George, Charles Buller, Edward Gibbon Wakefield. According to Durhams indictment of Igor Danchenko, Dolan was connected to the most sordid allegation in the Steele Dossierthat in 2013, Trump had engaged in salacious sexual activity while a guest in the presidential suite at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton hotel.REF, At the time, Dolan was employed by KGlobal, a Washington, D.C.based public relations firm.REF Prior to that, Dolan held several senior roles in Democratic political circles, including as the state chairman for President Bill Clintons 1992 and 1996 presidential campaigns, adviser to Hillary Clintons 2008 campaign, and a volunteer for her 2016 campaign.REF As a public relations executive, Dolan interacted with senior officials in the Russian government, including the press secretary of the Russian Presidential Administration, as well as the Russian ambassador to the United States.REF, In June 2016, Dolan traveled to Moscow and stayed at the Ritz-Carlton. Durham's investigation is still active and is presenting evidence to a grand jury. 0000009663 00000 n French Canadians were opposed to a union that threatened their nationality. As Fusion GPS began to receive Christopher Steeles salacious and unverified (in the words of former FBI Director James Comey) reports, it endeavored to widely disseminate the reports to journalists in the hope that the content of the reports would be published.REF.