Domain 4 "Reflecting on teaching encompasses the teacher's thinking after any instructional event, including planning, implementation, assessment, and follow-up to instruction. As I reflect back on my pre-student and student teaching experiences, I can see the growth and progress that I have made in becoming the type of teacher I want to be. This years project surrounded the creation of satirical stories after reading Gullers Travels by Jonathan Swift. <> Another way to do reflective teaching is to start a classroom observation routine. Learn more about our academic and editorial standards. From a third grade Special Education teacher: Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities Reflecting on teaching encompasses the teacher's thinking that follows any instructional event, an analysis of the many decisions made in both the planning and the implementation of a lesson. This ensures thatstudentsare contributing to what is being sent home. Domain 1: Content Knowledge and Pedagogy 2. Reflection brings lived experience to the surface and works to resolve seeming contradictions among diverse lived experiences and between lived experience and more abstract theories. Please refer to the Teachscape (2011) . reflective wiki. These domains and their components are outlinedin a following table. For the past four years, I have served the school as the head yearbook advisor, maintaining accurate financial records and helping students and my co-advisor create a quality product. If the potential of reflection to improve teaching is to be fully realized, teachers must use their reflections to make adjustments in their practice. We cite peer reviewed academic articles wherever possible and reference our sources at the end of our articles. I participate in a PLC with another 9th grade English teacher and with two of the Special Education teachers, but I also discuss curriculum and other school business with other teachers as well. ~ Platos Apology and Evidence-Based Claims. Teacher and student reflection of lessons, learning, or feedback (written or . While PED. 5LPs4R?lc[3!YpRu#?|/^x>_f<>z_tG-LF. Are you open-minded and participate in (or even help. I was forced to resign my position due to family responsibilities mid-way through the year. This worked very, very well at the beginning of the year as I was introducing the different types of writing that we would be doing during the rest of the year. 4a: Reflecting on Teaching Written reflections on lesson implementation and changes to make in the future Documentation of discussion with principal/colleague/PLC team Reflection related to data analysis, student surveys, parent surveys Reflection from a conference or workshop attended When the Enriched classes were working with The Odyssey in the second quarter, students analyzed Homeric similes and explored various motifs (such as Land of the Dead tales from various cultures). The teacher has a general sense of whether or not instructional practices were effective. From my own funds, I purchased a networking classroom website from that I used with my Enriched students. I work hard to maintain my integrity in my chosen profession. Uploaded by api-377134183. Standard 7. Danielson Domains Teacher Reflection Sample This is likewise one of the factors by obtaining the soft documents of this Danielson Domains Teacher Reection Sample by online. Cite this Article in your Essay (APA Style), Privacy PolicyTerms and ConditionsDisclaimerAccessibility StatementVideo Transcripts. Possible Artifacts for Domain 4: Professionalism In regards to Domain 4, principals should look at documents that support the six elements. The conversations and dialogue in podcasts help me to feel immersed in a conversation with close friends. It is a critical reflection, in the sense that it "offers alternative ways of knowledge" (Morley, 2008). As you read through each bullet below, take a moment to reflect and see whatyourlevel of participation is at this point in time. The model focuses upon the complex activity of teaching as defined by the four domains of teaching responsibility: 1. Their completed book, Through the Telescope, features twelve stories. Because I believe that all assignments are important and should be completed, I have given students incomplete grades on report cards until all work has been done. Knowledge of prerequisite relationships- Not all disciplines have this element, but it refers to the ability to know prerequisites for a certain subject and being able to include it in lesson plans. Copyright 2023 Helpful Professor. 4 a R E F L E C T I N G O N T E A C H I N G The teacher considers the lesson but draws incorrect conclusions about its effectiveness. One of the easiest ways to do this is to give students a post-it note at the end of the lesson. k>kO84&D` L a Through reflective practice, you can also develop a stronger sense of who you are as a teacher and what your personal teaching philosophy is. In the 2008-2009 school year, we read real-life stories of heroes. The Danielson Framework for Teaching is one of the most widely adopted comprehensive approaches to teacher professional learning throughout the world. Having a mentor has been invaluable for me in my career. As I look back on this 2013-2014 school year, I can see some things that really worked for me and for my students, and I will not be changing those. endobj These methods can help a teacher reflect on how the class went . stream There is a process that you must follow and there are also some tips to help you with it. 4 0 obj General Reflective Teaching Statement. Components 4d and 4e share a similar relationshipafter all, the more you participate in aprofessional learning community, the more you take on a leadership role in aprofessional learning community, the moreOWNERSHIPyou have on your growth as an educator. 4e: Growing and Developing Professionally Working towards a Master Degree in Instructional Technology Library Media Specialist Track Networking with other In addition, I make use of the Infinite Campus grade book online. The students used the app, and it turns out they didnt like it! endobj The teacher may, for example, identify a specific math challenge that the majority of the students had trouble with. Criterion 2: Demonstrating effective teaching practices. While PEDdoes not prescribe the articles of evidence in any of the domains, we do suggest a quality over quantityapproach. On the positive side, parents can see what a child is missing and encourage him/her to turn the work in, or if the child does poorly on a quiz, the parent can intervene with the child. I have also served as a ski club chaperone for the past nine years, and I was a class advisor for three years from 2007-2010. This can help you edit and refine your chosen layout in order to maximize student learning and figure out the best location for each student. Later, on my drive home I usually self-evaluate and. In summary, reflective practice incorporates reflection in, on and for action as well as a reflection within. Lets start by taking those student-friendly rubrics/checklists that we explored above. I did like how the worksheets reflected work that I was already doing with my students. After trying out the Plato module from Odell Education last year, I decided to try it again this year with some of my own modifications. For example, one semester, I decided to implement a tech intervention (I let students use an educational app in class). 4e-Growing & Developing Professionally: Before we dive into 4e, think back to our conversations on 4b & 4c, and on how our routines to support these two components impact one another. A personal teaching diary can help teachers to identify trends in their behaviors (and the behaviors of their students) that can help teachers to improve. Using these exercises helps to focus writing, especially the See/Think/Wonder exercise for coming up with Concrete Details (CDs) and Commentary (CMs) for writing. Any student that is living below the line requires a returned form with parent signature. The components in Domain 1 outline how a teacher organizes the content of what students are expected to learn---in other Measures of success will include student work products, observation, and student and teacher self-reflection. x]mOH)V*xl&" 9n,p`fzf|Yi =~M&B5(^l,]eEde1=o/*]{P|{u\ogW,>\~5 /r\_\,_>W'~DntU ++_=9W_A$EAb/,JE.C9*&JB|,j8}8$v2g!@xS E,]g0 I[|w1t`0x1K^$?N$$=S(cY6ftX;dE"IB@_@6A'E;Oro?TxT&&P?Y/e#NUsM+|:o=5I-+e`H:(ka&7=\|g After speaking with my co-operating teacher, the lesson went, and what I need to work on. Domain 2: Learning Environment 3. Domain 4 has six sub-domains that further explain the component. The reflection journal artifact is aligned to the following Danielson domain and component: Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities 4a Reflecting on Teaching. These podcasts help me to reflect on my own teaching practice and continue to learn new things that I can compare to my own approaches and integrate when I feel they offer new insights that are valuable. Reflective teachers also try to obtain formative feedback from students in order to gather data that can form the basis of their reflection. What about taking it to the next level? Note: Any reference to "all students" includes culturally and linguistically diverse students, ELs, and SWD. Changing Lesson Plans Based on Previous Experiences, What do Portuguese People Look Like? The books that were purchased were free to me and they were funded by my family, friends, and strangers that felt that this grant was an effective use of their funds. Experienced teachers reflect on their lesson accurately and provide specific examples to support their choices. Like books, podcasts enable us to consume information that can help us pause and reflect. Keep reading below for more information! This article is going to aid you on how to write a . Another way to establish a regular routine for communicating with families can be to send home a weekly reflection/goal setting form thatstudents & familiescan complete together! Overall, deep reflection leads to better teaching and learning. (LogOut/ explain, give an example Teacher has a procedure to ensure that all students are participating in discussions Teacher uses follow-up . Despite how much we may despise student evaluations, they can contain important tidbits of information for us. Incidentally, teaching diaries can be extremely useful for performance reviews. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. PnStl8*J3T ,. ~ Using Visible Thinking Exercises. All information about the course is sent to the parents over the summer so that they are informed about what their child can expect. Domain 4A is Reflecting on Teaching, which means the teacher is analyzing and thinking back on the decisions that they have made in planning and implementing the lesson in the classroom. Understand and apply the key principles described in codes of ethics and conduct for the teaching profession. If a parent does not respond to my email I follow with a phone call and log the call on Infinite Campus. OneEASYway to make this happen: student friendly rubrics/checklists. Reflective teaching also helps teachers to understand the impact that their teaching has on students. _________________________________________________________________. Domain 5: Assessment and Reporting 6. domain 4 reflection - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. I worked with the owners of FlashPoint Interactive to publish my Root of the Week project that I began here in the district in 2008. Seeking information from various lenses serves to further strengthen reflective practice. An analytical framework of reflection quality in this study contained the . Reflection on occurs once the lesson is over. Similarly, you could make observations about students interactions after changing the classroom layout. In doing this we ensure that our families have ongoing feedback on their childs progress & our instructional programming! <> Domain #1 & Domain #4 Professional Responsibilities Teacher Artifacts Listed within this are suggested examples of artifacts aligned to each component. Contents show Reflective Teaching Examples 1. When an assignment is completed online, it is dated and time-stamped, so I know exactly when it was done. Reflective Teaching Statement Template. but teachers can provide specific examples from the lesson to support their judgments. Reflection as a Learned Skill Characterized by accuracy, specifically, and ability to use the analysis in future teaching Cite specific examples from a lesson to support the assessment of it (successful or not) Become more discerning and evaluate both successes and failures Demonstrate through professional conversation with colleagues This skill is transferred to close reading as we examine specific passages from text. Examples of reflective teaching include keeping a journal, gathering feedback from students and colleagues, and recording a class. My Philosophy of education requires me to ask myself questions on why do I teach, what do I teach and how do I teach. Required fields are marked *, This Article was Last Expert Reviewed on November 4, 2022 by Chris Drew, PhD. (LogOut/ My class has benefited from this grant in a multitude of ways. Some other ways to demonstrate proficiency in 4a are outlined below: Feel free to share your reflections on 4a via email or social media! Criterion 4: Providing clear and intentional focus on subject matter content and curriculum. If you really want to knock it out of the park, enter and submit your reflectionsBEFOREreceiving feedback from the observer! Accurate Records. It prompted me to. I often like to compare my evaluations from one to the next to see if there are changes in the student trend. The teacher offers general modifications for future instruction. The curriculum domain refers to all elements of the teaching-learning process that work in convergence to help students understand the curricular goals and objectives, and to attain high standards of learning defined in the curriculum. The possibilities were many, so students had the opportunity to be creative all the while honing their research skills as the settings must reflect the region and ancient culture. Use the Reflective practice questions to support reflection in action. Students solved tasks that were designed to involve programming, and they were encouraged to engage in activities of prediction and reflection. Domain 4. RUBRICS FOR THE FRAMEWORK FOR TEACHING, 2013 EDITION (OBSERVABLE COMPONENTS) 4a: Reflecting on Teaching Level 4 The teacher makes a thoughtful and accurate assessment of a lesson's effectiveness and the extent to which it achieved its instructional outcomes, citing many specific examples from the lesson and weighing the relative strengths of . Clip-it, Homework check list- Weekly I send home an overview of each students performance. I have seen two parent conferences where we needed to speak to parents about, behavior. who has over ten years of experience in early childhood education, and is a major part of my, personal learning network. Instruction 4. As we did close reading of materials, I found that some weaker students benefited from having a strong reader in the group to kind of lead them along. Each book was published online and is currently available worldwide. I have said it before, and Ill say it again: This technique has been the single greatest tool I have gotten in the past several years through Professional Development. 3 0 obj color chart, notes to parents, etc.4B: Participating in a professional community Agenda and notes from grade-level/PLC/departmental meetings, evidence of participation in adjunct duties, notes from peer mentoring, student work that has been generated as a result of collaborative work, teachers reflection on participating in site or district collaborative events, etc.4C: Reflecting on teaching written reflection after teaching a lesson, amending lesson plans, teachers written response to observation feedback, post-observation conference notes, does teacher incorporate suggestions, etc.4D: Demonstrating professionalism teacher information system reports regarding teacher arrival on time, evidence of teacher supporting campus expectations, i.e. The sample consisted of 112 general science student teachers. Each year, the short story project dovetails one of the units that we have worked with. 7.3 Engage with the parents/ carers. 4E: Growing and developing professionally completion and progress on PDP, professional development participation reports/rosters, reports generated from on-line PD providers (Teachscape Learn, PD360), review of PLC, grade-level or departmental meeting minutes/notes, etc.4F: Maintaining accurate records grade book, attendance data, lesson plans and other curriculum materials, discipline records, parent contact log, analysis of student achievement results, team meeting notes, agendas, and reports. By contrast, the reflective practitioner spends a moment at the end of the lesson or unit and thinks about what changes might need to be made for next time the lesson is taught. Note: Any reference to "all students" includes culturally and linguistically diverse . The Framework For Teaching Our work is grounded in the Framework for Teaching (FFT), a common language for teachers and a vision of instructional excellence. :h5F$. Maintain a focus on instructional practices & next steps during data review meetings. Your email address will not be published. In this paper, I discuss undergraduate students' engagement in basic Python programming while solving combinatorial problems. Criterion 3: Recognizing individual student learning needs and developing strategies to address those needs. I have both positive and negative reactions to this. The bottom line is that when we are look at 4c, our focus needs to be on establishing regular routines for familyoutreach(which is proactive in nature) rather than communicating as needed or only during conferences (which is reactive in nature). If we work smarter and not harder, we will notice that this is true for 4c as well! The purposes of the research were to (1) study the quality of reflections among student teachers in the categories of self-reflection and peer feedback and (2) compare the level of reflection between groups of teachers with less and more teaching experience. 4c-Communicating with Families: Above, we saw how one little component in Domain 4 (4b: Maintaining Accurate Records) can have overarching affect throughout Danielsons FFT rubric (impacting 1c, 1f, 3c & 3d). Because I have the same Consultant students, I can build on the work we have done this year. From logging daily attendance, to maintaining our benchmark data spreadsheets, behavior referrals, CAST interventions, etc., Bullock certainly has system for maintaining information on student completion of assignments, student progress in learning, and non-instructional records that is effective (YES, thats right from the rubric!). Engage in a dialog based on walk through and/or lesson plan feedback. This is certainly true for our customer base in iAspire education as well. As you read through the bullets outlined below, reflect on the role you play within your team and throughout the school/district and ask yourself. Professional Growth. Self-reflection worksheets are a good cheat for figuring out how to do self-reflection for people who struggle. Teacher provides examples of student work Optional . Just tod, organized even when handing out a treat. I constantly debate with my own thoughts, I change my mind and sometimes even strengthen my viewpoint on something. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. By reflecting and making revisions teachers can find better methods for teaching their students. -KL. As a result of my presentation, the Joseph Campbell Foundation has asked me to serve as one of the lead teachers on a committee that is creating an international database of lessons for use in the teaching of mythology. On the flip side, some parents check the portal constantly and question grading practices for every little point in an attempt to raise their childs grades. Despite the evolution, its purpose remains . Domain 3: Diversity of Learners 4. every day to be signed by a parent. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! In order to resolve this problem, you might choose to get the students all to stand up and play heads or tails for questions you ask them.