Darius Bowman (younger brother) Kenji Kon (adoptive brother) Born Before 2000 Brandon Bowman is the older brother of Darius Bowman, the adoptive brother of Kenji Kon and the first son of Fredrick Bowman and is a recurring character in the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous series. The six, Mae and Pierce see a group of BRAD-X's, Kash and the boss approach them. However, the dinosaurs break free from their enclosures and the teenagers must find a way off the island and to safety. The group is distracted by the sound of a dinosaur and decide to head to the observation tower to try to determine where the roar is coming from. Kenji tries to intimidate him, but Darius doesn't intimidate him and they are interrupted by Brooklyn. Before bedtime, campers see the herbivorous dinosaurs as they are led to their enclosures, and everyone gets a chance to zip-line and settle into their camp bunks that night. Darius along with Sammy and Yaz leads the pair to a herd of Brachiosaurus. After being reunited with Ben, he is overjoyed that he is still alive. Brooklynn and Sammy voice their frustration to Yaz for not listening, and Yaz apologizes for her mistake, and both Brooklynn and Sammy forgive her. Kash then notices the other tests fails, which makes Kash wonders if the chips will work on more impressionable assets, much to Darius's horror. Just Another Site Does Darius Like Brooklyn In Camp Cretaceous Darius bowman is the main protagonist in the netflix series, jurassic world: She is likely american due to her accent, however she tells a friend on the boat that she used to live in london, the capital of the united kingdom. Upon entering, the children look at the old place covered with plants and vines, then they see that the friends have placed the compass on the second level and decide to go up there. Color: Multicolor . They briefly exit the gyrosphere to try to get closer to it, but quickly re-enter it, just before it attacks them. As the night progresses, the campers feel lost as Sammy still has a high fever. She tells him that Darius did what he did because she asked him to. They then see up ahead, that the Pteranodons are attacking another monorail that has broken down in the middle of the track. To their surprised, the copter they followed actually carries a couple of mercenaries and Dr. Wu. does darius like brooklyn in camp cretaceous. However, she finds documents referring to the 'Indominus Rex', before Wu discovers her. At Hap's prompting, they untie him and he defends against the dinosaurs, but quickly realized that they cannot escape, so he jumped off the bike and sacrificed himself to stall the Baryonyx trio long enough for Brooklynn to escape. As they argue, Brooklynn hears the buzz again but is ignored. Kenji and Darius arrive to help, but they are also in danger from dinosaurs. They decide to head to the dock to try and find supplies to repair the ship. However, the animal charges the cart, sending the tanks flying everywhere and starting a fire. Later, Ben and Darius follow Bumpy and find a group of Ankylosaurus who eventually adopted her into their herd. After the sandstorm ends, Brooklynn and Kenji reunite with the group. Despite there being tension between him and Kenji for putting Brooklynn's life at risk, their friendship is restored after Kenji saves him from the Mosasaurus. While they are attacked by a BRAD, a frightened Yaz successfully hits it into the water. After boarding the boat, Brooklynn notices marks on there and remarks that Tiff had unwanted visitors, and the six learn that the boat is low on gas. The group wanders into a desert as a sandstorm begins to form. Darius and Ben head back to Mae's. As Darius becomes disheartened, believing he will never find the beacon, Yasmina encourages him not to give up. Darius watched the rexes eating with fondness. However, they are shocked to learn that there are two Scorpios rexes. Mitch and Tiff begin to desperately fight Darius and Sammy for the guns, even when Rexy attacks them. The children conclude that they are not here to rescue them, then spot another helicopter and follow it, hoping it is the one carrying the other campers. As Darius, Kenji and Brooklynn go down the elevator shaft, the dinosaurs try to attack them. The group decides to try and sneak away while his back is turned, as Darius creates a diversion to lure him out. As they run, the speakers turn on with Brooklynn's voice even though they can't hear them, then Darius and Sammy try to inform the others through charades that Mitch and Tiff are headed to the watering hole to kill the dinosaurs. Portrayed by While taking Rebel and Angel to the desert biome, Brooklynn tells Yaz and Sammy about her and Kenji, much to their (Sammy in particular) happiness and thanks Yaz for pushing her. It is revealed that a flock of Pteranodons are attacking the monorail, and the group arm themselves with flashlights as they attempt to destroy the lamps to try to prevent the attack. Darius (Paul-Mikl Williams), Yaz (Kausar Mohammed), Brooklyn (Jenna Ortega), and the rest of the teens who traveled to Isla Nublar one summer for the Camp Cretaceous summer camp found. Sometime before Season 3, Brooklynn has fixed up her messy ponytail; it's bigger than the original size in Season 1 and her hair dye is still slowly reverting back. Darius helps Brooklynn get to the top of a cage to seek shelter from the animal, even as she tries to climb. Fans of her call themselves 'Brooklanders', a name which has come to stick with her. With Brooklynns life on the line, Kenji realized that he has had a crush on her the entire time and season 4 explores if Brooklynn feels the same way back, all while Yaz plays Kenjis wingman. When the ship gets stuck in kelp, Brooklynn reveals this to the others and Darius goes in the water to remove the kelp. Darius and Ben head back to Mae's, while Yaz breaks down before the others, and talks about her nightmares and desire to go home, with Yaz being comforted by Brooklynn, Sammy, and Kenji. Kenji jokes with Brooklynn about being abducted by aliens, and then acts awkward around her. Darius decides to see if there are any medical supplies at a nearby clinic and tells Yaz to rest. When the group hears a whisper in the jungle, they initially seek to hide, before it is revealed that Bumpy is a baby Ankylosaurus that was born in the Genetic Lab and was named after Ben. The 6 then take Mae somewhere where they won't be seen. On their way, they come across a Monolophosaurus. $9.99. Bowman (mother)Brandon Bowman (brother)Kenji Kon (adoptive brother) Trying not to let go Darius tries to lift Ben however his grip slips and Ben falls off the monorail. The first three episodes of Camp Cretaceous took place before the movie, and Darius, Kenji, and Brooklynn's encounter with Blue and the Velociraptors happened two days before the scene with Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio) that introduced them all in Jurassic World. The Gyrosphere is knocked from many directions by the stampeding herd and it powers up again and they sprint forward. Darius and the others use the food chain to save Yaz but he sprained his ankle after the Mosasaurus broke the food chain. Two years later, Darius now older, is seen making a presentation about his jurassic experiences and how he and his friends known as "The Nublar Six" survived on the island, uploading videos to the internet and having so many followers. The ceiling collapses, crushing the Scorpios inside it to death while the kids and Blue managed to get out in time. Kenji turns on the gas burners on the stove, causing the animal to roar in agitation, as they try to leave, only for Blue to lunge at them. If these heights are real then the adults are giants. As originally conceived, her name was going to be Jules and her hair wasn't as pink. During this time, Darius tries to confide in Ben about the latter's problem, but he is generally brushed off. Brooklynn then sneaks away with Darius and Kenji to the Raptor Paddock to what they assumed to be the Compsognathus pen. The cliff falls out from under him, but Ben saves him just in time. The group decides to take the monorail to get to the docks in time, but they are interrupted by Toro's arrival. His guilt over not saving Ben is still present. The other campers lack of coordination causes the Sinoceratops to push Darius and Brooklynn's gyrosphere into the herd, causing a stampede. Darius is comforted by Ben, who tells him that it wasn't his fault. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Dino Escape Darius & Gallimimus New at the best online prices at eBay! While Sammy and Yaz distract them, Darius sneaks into Hap's shop, even as he finds weapons such as knives, machetes, and booby traps inside. Dave and Roxie encourage Darius not to give up when he is discouraged about his chances of bonding with the group, encouraging him to pair up with Brooklynn. However, Darius stands his ground even when the pair approaches him. One lunges at Darius, but falls landing near Brooklynn, Darius landing next to her, even as Kenji is forced to drop his father's artwork on the Monolophosaurus to knock it down for a few seconds and allow them to exit the elevator. Although told that Wu's office is private, Brooklynn tries to sneak into it, but runs into Sammy. The Pteranodons break free, crash the helicopter, and proceed to chase the group. Elsewhere, the Scorpios rex attacks a group of Parasaurolophus near the camp, when the rain begins. Darius is then reunited with the others, much to their happiness. After eventually deciding to leave, they are approached by what they believe to be Darius's BRAD-X who tells them that Pierce is in danger. Darius warns Brooklynn not to touch the yurt, even as Brooklynn calls another group meeting about her suspicions. This feels like the simplist way the directors could find to fix the whole Darius and Kenji argument and it seems dumb. Wu forces the rest of the group to leave after this incident and they return to the camp. Just then, two park staff members approach the tower and attempt to alert them to the out-of-containment asset. Despite wanting to catch the plane, the group agrees to help get Pierce out of this area, upon Darius's request. They run through the jungle, chased by a stampede of Brachiosaurs, as they try to escape but fail, and Darius narrowly escapes being trampled by Ben. What happened to Darius's dad in Camp Cretaceous? As the campers gather supplies, Yaz is sent to the yacht to prepare it, but she rushes back to report that the storm is too dangerous to go out. As Darius, Brooklynn and Kenji exit the Penthouse they are saved by Ben, Yaz and Sammy driving a limousine found in the garage, they manage to escape the dinosaurs with Bumby and return to the dock. It is revealed to be a pair of Ouranosaurs. Narrowly escaping the predator, the group manages to escape to the tunnel branch closest to the docks. The tower begins to wobble and Sammy nearly falls over, only to be saved by Yasmina and then picked up by Darius and Kenji as well. At that moment, two employees arrive and alert them to come down. When Brooklynn returned home it is unknown if she again started uploading videos for her fans from the first season, as she said in the second season that her fans might be worried. The three are confronted by a stampede of Parasaurolophus lux, but manage to escape. Darius mentions the possibility of an antidote, and Brooklynn remembers a video of the lab, where there is a potential antidote, and Yaz volunteers to go find it. While the five head to the Med bay to save the younger dinosaurs with Darius's assistance, Darius keeps Kash busy with video gaming. Darius and Sammy start to run, when they notice Rexy approaching. While Kash turns the BRADs against Mae and orders them to kill her, Brooklynn and the others save Mae and fend off the BRADS, though they were then sourrounded by Velociraptors, with one injuring Mae. The rest of the campers decide to follow them out of curiosity. Yes, some interesting dynamics occur between the other characters this season as well. Darius (Paul-Mikel Williams) and Brooklyn (Jenna Ortega) were racing to get away from the T. Rex when the creature heard the sounds of Jack (the guy who gets swallowed whole by the Mosasaurus in . They decide to use the Kayaks on the attraction to navigate the river and get to the main park. As the kids go to the next level, they see the Compys running away just as the Velociraptor, Blue, enters the Visitor Center that Darius and Kenji saw her on her first night at camp and that the Visitor Center has become her new home. The predator chases the children through the tunnels, until they manage to evade it using a grate. He states he wants to support Rebel, which causes Brooklynn to remark that he wishes his dad was there for him.