I'm keeping your sweatshirt! Emma:Finally,my stupid brothers come in handy! Jessie: I came to tell you how much Emma wants you to be at her science fair. (tires screeching,about to fall off a cliff). Jessie: Oh, thank you sweetie(Laughs awkwardly) thats just my slingshot! I have girl eyebrows! Zuri:Jessie,this is a disaster! (runs upstairs). (stands up) Hey,did I ever tell you kids about the time I did a triple somersault at the big homecoming game? (laughs and hugs Taylor) Oh,sweetie,I've missed you so much! Zuri: Those are my brothers and sister. Jessie:Way ahead of you. The film features music by Randy Newman, and was executive-produced by Steve Jobs and Edwin Catmull. Jessie: (Sarcastically) Oh! Emma:I don't know why he's so cranky! I can't believe I had to do my homework all by myself! (blows whistle) No coaching! Luke:Me neither! (Jessie and Tony kneel down at the same time). Jessie:You've had 3 husbands? And a food court! I know you were bummed when you didn't meet the weight requirement for towel boy. (pause) Just don't mess up my pep rally! We only have 29 minutes! JESSIE- (cuts Zuri off) Us texans happen to be very friendly! Subforums: Jane The Virgin, Jessie, Justified. Wasp mascot humor. (Everyone claps for her). Emma:Ten bucks says the battery in the camera dies before we get this. Michelle:Although,if you used half as much sugar,and replaced the eggs with applesauce,then this cake would be even better. Zuri:Hi,Mrs.Obama. (thinks), (Luke's seat springs him up into the air). Christina: Oh, well we'll make it up to her! ), (Scene changes to the set of Galactopus 2.). Luke:Do I have some of that goop left on my face? Luke: Yeah, Ravi's giant, razor-toothed lizard. It's funny sped up,too! Emma:I know,but after that is when I get all my meetings and trendsetting done. Jessie: Go on up there and kick some asteroid! Jessie: You didn't do it? I love asking my old roommate from Indiana questions that the friend would have no answers to. He slept through the whole thing. Jessie:OK people,we only have 10 hours to finish this film. Ravi:So I am Tavi,and Luke is Duke,how do you get Chantal from Jessie? Help! I'm getting a crowbar. That's what we call bathrooms. Thousands of current or popular TV shows and movie transcripts for online research and education. Zuri:OK,guess I won't be needing this then! Luke:That's it! Jessie:Oh,well,someone was bound to do it. Bertram:I'll just blend yours up,and you can drink it through one of tour nose straws. Emma:We just got text reminders! (She leaves Ravi's room), (Scene changes to in the living room, with Emma and Jessie), Emma: You can pack your bags and move to this planet! Emma: Doesn't matter. Ravi:She is a penthouse lizard now. Christina, it's me, Jessie! Jessie:Well,you need to enter a password! Christina: Okay, Daddy and I will be back tomorow in time for your science fair, but first we have to fly to the set of Galactapus 2. Potato Head. Tony:Aw,wolfman! Jessie:So,what did you guys think of my script? Emma:So,if Michael and I got married someday,this would be our child: (kid that looks like a troll with glasses shows), Jessie:Ew. Zuri: (Sarcastically) Yeah. Zuri: This is Jessie. Ravi:No,please! Morgan: Even if I never work for that studio again. My dad taught me how to hotwire a car with a paperclip and a penny. (wipes off blood). Are You Cooler Than a Fifth Grader? (hugs Jessie and howls). ), (The door opens with Jessie in a costume. Christina: (to the Ross children)hey guys, we missed you so much! The Incredibles/Transcript. She's like a mini-me! Aliens have landed and stolen my eyeballs! I was about to order that juicer! Jessie:Zuri,you are also in charge of set design. Jessie:It's OK. Luke:Yeah. Jessie:Emma,just pick one! All I ever wanted was to do something creative with my life,and I just(stammers)I'm afraid that this movie is my last chance. Zuri: Whatever. Hey! Bertram: Don't know, don't care. That would be cheating. Most of all on special occasions. I can't believe you're here! Taylor:Mrs.Obama,thank you for bringing my mom home for my birthday. Zuri:We're throwing a birthday party for you! AWESOME! (To Christina) That extra broke my tentacle. JESSIE- Sorry about that, kids. ( Andy's 1-year-old sister, Molly, crawls over and picks up Mr. Jessie comes in.). (audience clapping rhythmically(mostly lame)), (Emma points to the applause-o-meter,which is at getting warm), (in one dance routine,Luke holds his bottom and moves backwards), (song ends,crowd cheering(between getting warm and hot)). How did you wake up on the base every morning? (dumps out spinach)Wait,these aren't my leaves! Let's just skip to the kissing scene,we're running out of time! Tony:I haven't seen you at any of the pack meetings. It's Mom and Dad! Jessie:OK,hold it,Dancing With Lizards. (pushes mask). A composite of Jessie merchandise created with the images from this site: . Neo Fighters: Marah Origins (The scene opens up to morning in the city of Marah, where inside a certain dance school, Atefeh is seen sitting up after a good nights sleep) Atefeh: *Stretches* Mmm! Zuri:I know,Jessie. (Jessie looks to a poker-faced Mr. I came for a show! (Jessie sips her drink) Do you know where I can find a great job? sugar leaves turning purple; michael phelps cousins; beautiful smile in portuguese; michelle ritter eric schmidt; goodwill employee handbook illinois; houses for rent in pa no credit check; boston marathon 2023 qualifying window; rick stein's mediterranean escapes recipes; Zuri:Jessie,it's a metaphor! But first,smile! Jessie:Hey! Remember out trip to the Pittsburgh Powertool Festival? Jessie:(looks at Luke)Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Jessie:Yeah,I'm not sure what you said,but if it means you shouldn't dance,I agree. Emma:OK,but no wonder your relationship didn't work out! Michael's a preppy,but Blake's a leather jacket kind of guy! Emma:No,because it's either that or a stranger-danger puppet show. Disney Jessie Wiki 772 pages Explore Characters Episodes Cast Community Sign In Register in: Transcripts, Season 2, Season 2 Transcripts G.I. Thank you, Jessie, for your excellent tutelage! :) Subscribe via Email. Jessie :I had nothing to work with! Look,if I'm going to get this film ready for the contest,I have to get this scene where Tony and I kiss in the teacup! Everyone looks in shock.) The winner is Luke! She's much better behaved at home. You wouldn't know a latrine from a hole in the ground,which sometimes it is. Jessie:Well,I thought it was awkward for you playing my boyfriend. Jessie: is that World Renegades? Jessie:Well,your plan will never work! Zuri:Will you tell Taylor we're sorry we upset her,and anytome she wants,she can come over and make fun of Jessie playing Bugle Hero? Jessie:Wow,you really don't want to do your homework. Please don't let anymore of his face be missing! Ravi:Because it is the end of the Bollywood movie,it is what we do! Jessie:That was before I was in charge of her. I just wish Angelina Jolie would kill that stupid space squid! Luke blocks her.). Taylor:Ohthat's nice,but I really don't want you to go to any trouble. That is cold. Again! It's basically detention with snow cones! There's nothing I can wear that goes with both those looks! Jessie: Well,try harder! Jessie:Oh,thanks,Emma,but I want to wear the exact outfit I had on when I went on my first date with Tony. Tony:Awkward-schmawkward,this thing's a hit! Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! (shows a small amount with his fingers). (runs away). She sucks on him for a beat then proceeds to pound the toy repeatedly against the rail of her crib, forcing some of his parts loose. Cab drives away. (scene changes to kitchen,cutting potatoes). (Jessie looks at the screen and sees the Ross children climb into the helicopter) Oh, this is bad, this is bad, this is bad, this is bad! I hate whenever someone like Andy Curtain and Ugg Boots girl think they can make up a lie about Zac and then not respond to me and then Andy has the audacity to not allow me to comment on his posts. Emma:Yeah,who do you think zips him into his costume? Zuri: Look, Bertram! It's no trouble! It might be kind of awkward to act out our relationship on camera. Jessie:(scared)Actually,it's what you don't have on your face! Tony:Then help you up,like when we first met. Jessie: (to Zuri)well, if Milly can flop down stairs, she is welcome to eat with us. Here, I'll help you finish your project! It's "Love". Zuri: I cannot tell a lieyour performance stunk! Coach Penny:I am not going to pick you just because you're the only one interested. "Jessie" aired on Disney Channel from 2011 to 2015. Coach Penny:(blows whistle) These two mascot wanna-bees. (takes cheese and walks away), Ravi:Better hurry,Jessie! Jessie: All this, and all I have to do is take care of one, cute little girl! Emma:Wait,you still need make-up! Jessie: (To cab driver) So then my dad, who's in the marine corps, practically blew his flat top when I told him I was moving to New York, but he chilled when I told him I had a great job. Jessie Episode Tran scripts s01e01 - New York, New Nanny s01e02 - The Talented Mr. Kipling s01e03 - Used Karma s01e04 - Zombie Tea Party 5 s01e05 - One Day Wonders s01e06 - Zuri's New Old Friend s01e07 - Creepy Connie Comes a Callin s01e08 - Christmas Story s01e09 - Star Wars s01e10 - Are You Cooler Than a 5th Grader? Jessie:You may not be the most motivated 4th grader,but you're going to make one heck of a lawyer! What's the babe squad doing here? Jessie: Hey, Emma, good luck at the science fair, and remember that Pluto may need some extra glue. This is only option 4 out of 10. I have a cement face,and I just stuffed it with caterpillars! (To Bertram) Do we have a hole? (Pulls Jessie away from the set), (Scene changes to the school where Emma's science fair is hosted.). Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Zuri:I don't wear tutu's anymore! (Emma laughs, and goes up to present her project. Jessie:How did you get expelled already? Bertram:Oh,so basically what I always do. (rubs skin). (Stands) I came to New York to follow my dreams, cause this is where dreams come true! She blocks the exit she came out of), Ravi: Yes! Jessie:OK,you can be in it if you can tell me just one of your lines. And more cardboard-y. was a puppet. Jessie:Now is the time to blow that whistle! Jessie:(chuckles)That depends. Luke:I borrowed Zuri's marker. Once he reaches a cratered area, he lowers himself and closes his jetpack. She's mean, but she's not an idiot! Unless it's for baby trolls.(chuckles). (Ravi starts filming while Luke holds the microphone), (Jessie runs while holding luggage and falls). That's what love is like! I have a clipboard and everything. Michelle:Well,you must be Taylor's grandma. Jessie:Her Grandma told me. Only Luke is there), Luke: (knocking on Jessie's door)Hey, babe! Jessie:Uh,could you try to panic from the neck down? Zuri's New Old Friend 7. Jessie:Taylor and I know that because we were both raised in the military! We only have(checks watch)10 minutes until the bus comes. Man: You're not that little. Luke speaks to Jessie with his hand on her back)and maybe after dinner we could (Scene changes to in the kitchen of the Ross apartment. Michelle:Oh yeah,I did.And there is no treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. (Tries to take it from Luke), Luke: I'll show you a moon!