Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks! Thanks, Ian, i have kodi 18.2 installed every time i try to watch a film or a tv show i get no picture all i get is sound i can hear it but theirs no picture is their anything i can do to fix this, Hi Ryan, can you try going to Settings > Player > Videos and disabling hardware acceleration? Hi Frank, theres actually an addon in the official Kodi repo called Backup. It worked find when I purchased it and installed it. But before doing it I looked it up to see what was involved and it said that using the clear data option would remove all of Kodi and that Id have to a reinstall. This is annoying, but since youre using a TV, Id advise against messing around with the file system too much theyre expensive, after all. 5. I have Kodi 17.6, with Real-Debrid, using a VPN and build No Limits Magic v9.0. Hi Ian, I have the same problem with Kodi 18.2 audio fine / no video. I used the option. For this reason, wed advise against installing them in the first place. Help! You might also want to try changing your location using a VPN to see if region-locking is behind your error. Ian. What are some of the most common Kodi problems? Ares Wizard will not allow you to select a destination folder path. I doing wrong? We check for these repositories frequently and update them accordingly. Im hoping you can help me get my Kodi working again. A non random crash though is when using Cinema Vision, it works great but when it goes to play the the actual movie file Kodi crashes. Unlike many Kodi addons, it will never cease working. I can also save them to favorites and they show up in favorities. Hi, Ian. If you go to Settings-> File Manager, you should be able to remove any added sources. I was using it last night and now completely busted, is there an easy fix? Ian. This way, we can rule out your internet speeds as a possible cause. Says Network connection lost. Kodi 18.0 Alpha3 runs through providers but every time I select a source it instantly freezes. 1. Luckily, the Indigo addon has a factory restore option that should just reset everything anyway hopefully this fixes your problem. Hi Jo, this could be an error with the premiere year. It stores so many important things and many people use it. I tried locating cache and preferences files, but no success You can create a Kodi 19 build yourself. One of the best points is that Aurora fetches free and premium Debrid links to stream HD videos. If Kodi is consistently crashing or freezing, its a sure sign that something has gone wrong. Im really struggling with Kodi at the moment. Hi Rachelle, does this happen randomly or when Kodi boots up? The thumbnail next to the title is a blank rectangle. I keep getting this message when trying to log on to Kodi The last time you opened Kodi, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. I have an android box and just recently Specto Fork starting showing the wrong episode year. Ive tried doing the Kodi Force Stop and that had no effect. That said, addons that have these dependencies are not official and pose a significant risk to your systems security. An example of incorrect video settings in Kodi. Downloaded everything as instructed, but when I go into Neptune rising and placenta, I go to movies and click on something and nothing happens at all. I dont know what he did and neither does he, but can you please help me to reconnect as my passwords, etc are now not valid, how can I reconnect. Ian. This is partly why we dont recommend using unofficial addons, but I dont think this is whats causing Kodi to crash. I cannot get my Kodi to not crash after certain instances. Any idea why? All you have to do is click Add-ons on the home screen, then select the box icon in the top-left, then choose Install addon from repository. To install ES File Explorer, follow the steps outlined below: A box will pop-up to declare warning, select. Im fairly confident thats what is causing this problem. First, does this happen with one specific addon or several? my kodi will not start logo comes on and i wait and nothing happens it says kodi not responding menu comes up click on kodii and stays a black screen is my kodi dead? But then again streaming live tv keeps stop working or freezes and reopen the tv channel. In addition, you can install it on Android, Firestick, Firestick Lite, Firestick 4K, Windows, iOS, and Smartphones. So I tried adding a build that was put up today on youtube and that one did install and is working just fine. HOWEVER, when I go Videos and click on a anything (such as a movie channel) it goes to a screen where it list several items, I click on any one of them and then the screen comes up with nothing listed on the bottom right it show 0 items of Page (1/1). So any new episodes are going to be grouped into season 1, while everything else is still broken into the 5 seasons, unless I somehow rename everything to match themoviedb, losing all watched markers, etc. I am running 18.6 and everything is basically going fine. What gives? and ive been using my external harddrive without any issue. Some scientists working at one of Russias top-secret nuclear research facilities have, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is able to route your internet connection to, Someone accessing applications on your smartphone and getting their hands on your, {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}. The Build has many add-ons like CoCoDab, Dont Bink, DaBscope, and Shadow add-ons. Ian, It seems to be happening with both, I tested running a DVD on kodi with no build installed and it had the same problem. I have an issue just in passed few days. The Build has fresh content, which is updated regularly. I am currently using a durex build with some add ons like tv zion, cinema, terrarium, all are having same issue. I am running Kodi from a Fire TV stick thing. Now, to disable hardware acceleration, hover over Videos, move across to the right, and turn off the option labeled Allow hardware acceleration DXVA2. However, if your monitor is properly configured, there are other possible solutions. Thanks, Hi Andy, if this problem only started after installing Exodus, its likely the addon itself is the problem. Click on Add-ons and then enable Unknown Sources 4. Hello, Im having an issue with every kodi build Ive installed on both my Galaxy Note 9, and my Firestick, Ive even downloaded SPMC and tried loading builds on there to have the same issue. Hey Orion16, this is a weird but intriguing problem. I also emptied the cache on my mac.. Kodi wont open at all.. You might also have installed a build of some kind in my experience, these are more trouble than theyre worth, particularly as they make Kodi more difficult to debug. Ian, Oh, I should note as well, Ive added Yoda and supremacy instead of exodus, and all of them do the same thing, I installed the log viewer for kodi addon, I cannot open newer movies at all. Same thing; great movie watching but absolutely no TV shows. There is a Kodi cleaner for 19 called Kcleaner from the Lanik (Python 3) Repository. So what happens is that I see the movie list in Kodi. It might be that the file format is incompatible, although its strange the issue only happens with two of the ten files. This should hypothetically help if, as you thought, your device wasnt powerful enough. Been using Kodi for a little while now, but personally just getting to the point where I need to learn as much as I can about all of the features on the different Kodi builds. Cant navigate to root. I was able to restore an older Titan skin backup and that seemed to work fine, but when I try to update my library, it crashes. for some reason it wont keep no limits. After all, Kodi 19 changed a lot under the hood and developers will be designing with the new architecture in mind moving forward. Can you advise on fixing the problemthanks, Hey Gina, it could be your internet connection but I think more likely its a problem with the durex build. Hope this helps, Ian. Would you like to add it anyway? This happens on a Huawei Mate 9, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and on a Samsung Tab A, all with the latest updates. And all the addons I had deleted were still deleted! Everytime is the same , i deleted and when i reinstall it , i open it and after 10 secs again stuck, dont give you even time to go to settings or to add the source, Hi, is it a Windows laptop? Or another way I can easily back up my configuration on one firestick and transfer it to another firestick? I tried to do a Rejuvenation from the Indigo addon and it said there was an error and to just check the logs, which is what you probably noticed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. My issue is that on every show, be it tv or movie, the program will play for approx 48-55 mins then give a stutter and just stop and return to the provider screen. It will say the database log install failed or similar. A warning message will appear, but you can simply ignore it by tapping on the Yes button. Help. On some apps Im getting no streams at all, others Im getting steams but they are the wrong episodes. Kodi 17.4 Git 20170822-7fc6da0 Choose "The Chef Wizard." If, however, you're using Kodi 19, click on "Chef Matrix Wizard" and if using Kodi 18, choose "Chef Leia Wizard" Click on "Install" at the bottom right corner of the screen. Assuming we cant get Kodi working, you might want to try a fork like SPMC. Thankfully, Kodi addons can be deleted from outside of your Kodi interface. Diggz Xenon covers everything that you need while getting started. This time I selected not include addons. Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. I can restart the show, FF and get back to where I was and it plays fine through to the end. Please help! HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!!! On the main page, click Addons, then click on the box icon in the top left and choose Install from repository. I uninstalled and installed version 18.9, same thing. Install the Diggz Chef Wizard Addon from the Repository is the next step. Tried again, and the same thing. With the screen being black I cant see where to click to delete recently installed addons. It often means that the addon youre trying to use has been moved or taken offline. the screen looks just like when you do a kodi fresh install. Hi Ian! Working fine for me. The good news is that the Fallout Build contains powerful add-ons, viz. By the way, if youre running into issues with Kodi on a Fire TV Stick, weve got a troubleshooting article just for you. This article has shortlisted the best Kodi Builds working on Kodi 19 Matrix. If youre looking for suggestions, we have a list of some of the best here: Hi Darrell, builds are really just collections of Kodi addons. I deleted kodi and re installed it and i re installed the add ons as well. I am using Krypton 17.6. Ive reinstalled Kodi twice on the Firestick, and reinstalled the addons numerous times. Is there another choice? Moreover, it works well with Android Boxes, Android TV, Mac, and Firestick devices. Cosmic One belongs to the TheCrew repository; another Kodi Build works perfectly on Firestick, Android TV Box, Kodi Box, Firestick 4K, Firestick Lite, and many Kodi-Supported devices. Hi there, can you check your debug log and see if there are any errors in there? However, this issue has been with different builds I believe and maybe even just a native version of Kodi. Hi Stephen, Id recommend a fresh installation to see if Kodi works properly without the MQ8 skin. You can find addons related to live tv, music, live sports, kids content, documentaries . Is this a known is? This is because Kodi looks for this folder and if it cant find it (because youve renamed it, for instance), it creates a new copy. hey Ian, I even deleted Kodi off of my Firestick and reinstalled everything and have pretty much the same problems? Also moving the mouse left a trail across the screen. Using V17.6 with updated Kodi version and using Kodi no Limits. Are you able to clear the Kodi cache from the boxs settings menu? Colussus is the best Kodi Build for users who regularly stream on Kodi. If you dont have many addons installed, it may actually be worth deleting your userdata folder the log shows several different databases, and conflicts here can easily cause Kodi to crash. Hi Ian, In the past, I would always use Ares Wizard to make a complete back up for my firestick. Hi Ian, Mostly hosted on the internet, the data of Kodi repository are usually accessed by Kodi users via the internet connection between Kodi and the internet. Everything is available and accessible to you with just a few clicks and taps, like live TV, sports, TV shows, movies, and more. Thanks, Ian, Hi Ian I have also tried these builds: Warlock, Titanium, Colussus, Durex and even tried adding the Ares Wizard, all gave the same message. If this doesnt help, Id recommend installing a fresh copy of Kodi. No idea what could be taking up 1+ GB of space on it. I used disk utility to clean paths etc. I cant watch anything at all. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Consequently, the fix for this issue is to delete yourAddons.db file, which just caches information on your addons. What exactly isnt working? Im using Kodi on my notebook using Windows 8.1. I just fresh installed Kodi 19.3 from the Troypoint App and choose Diggz Xenon for my choice of add-ons. Also, does this happen without Durex installed? In fact, the most commonly seen Kodi problems can be solved relatively quickly. I dont know you will get to my explanation. Step 2: Add the Exodus Redux File Source Like most third-party addons, installing Exodus Redux is a three-part process. As such, the easiest way to get Kodi working is to reinstall it completely. 2. Hi Jason, glad you enjoyed the article! Click the Kodi icon again and instead of the first run screen, the screen would just be black and then Id be back at the main menu. Yesterday Ive launched Kodi and it couldnt update any addon. We have a step-by-step guide to using Indigo here:, Hopefully this helps you but if youre still having difficulty, feel free to leave another message. - Go back to your Home Screen and select Add-ons- Select Select the Add-on Browser Icon- Select Install from Zip File - When prompted with the following Warning message, click Yes.