Even with scheduled appointments, some customers may experience a wait due to a high volume of customers, system outages/processing, and complexity of service. DEERS/RAPIDS ID CARD OFFICE. If you have lost your identification card or it was stolen, you must complete the below form, file a report with the Provost Marshal's office in Building 819, and have both a Provost Marshal representative and someone from your chain of command sign the below form before you may have a new identification card issued to you. spencer.e.atkinson@usmc.mil Wed - 7:30 am - 2 pm. Activation/Deactivation: Orders (cannot be added to DEERS/Rapids until the Effective Date of Orders)/DD Form 214 (Member 4) Closed Weekends, Federal Holidays & USAFA Resiliency Days. Nina was very friendly and helpful. Step 1: Sponsorship & Eligibility. The MPF is located at 135 Dover St., Bldg. Walk-in service will be limited Monday through Friday and appointments are highly encouraged. POC: (760) 830-4193. From August 1 to 28, the 6th FSS DEERS & ID Cards Office helped 3,986 customers. The central source for identifying, authenticating . UNIFORMED PERSONNEL ARE A PRIORITY FOR ANY WALK-INS. Walk-Ins Select a State (Florida) - Click "Go" 4. Please note that if the name is not yet updated on the social security card, the current name on the card will be used. Civilian Employees must have their Civilian Personnel Office enter their information into DEERS. Marriages - A marriage certificate, birth certificates, proof of ID, and social security card or passport with SSN are required for new marriages. Individuals will be scheduled based upon the priority of their. Appointments take priority and walk-ins may be subject to varying wait times. Add Joint Data Model Applet. 0800-1600, Wed. 0800-1600, Thurs. APPOINTMENT INSTRUCTIONS At this time, we ask that customers communicate with us via email. MCC: 015 Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) Army Active & Reserve Project Office: 888-276-9472 Air Force Project Office: 210-565-2089 Navy Project Office: 901-874-3425 Marine Project Office: 703-784-9188/9189/9190 Coast Guard Project Office: 202-795-6642 PHS Project Office: 240-453-6038/6131 Newborns are not required to be present for enrollment. ID Card Scanning It's actually faster to get a new CAC at Edwards (2 hours away) then it is to get one here. For lost CAC Cards, documentation from sponsoring agency reporting it lost. If visa is required the passport application will be submitted no earlier than 120 days and no later than 80 days prior to departure date. You must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). I was very pleased with the efficiency and speed of this operation. All Adult individuals requesting ANY type of Military Identification Card will NEED two forms of Identification: One Primary and One Secondary or Two Primary forms from the list below, Cards are issued within 30 days of the expiration date on the front of the card, PRIMARY FORM OF IDENTIFICATION REQUIRE CANNOT BE EXPIRED: Current Military ID Card, Current State ID Card/State Drivers License or US Passport, SECONDARY FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED: Original Social Security Card or Original Birth Certificate. is also needed. Please schedule one appointment slot per each individual requiring service. 0800-1600, Fri. 0800-1600, ALL ID CARD SEEKERS: The Uniformed Services assist each other in verifying certain categories of eligible persons, even if they belong to another parent service. The Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)/Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) Office provides services for . No rhyme or reason on who or what they prioritize. Mon Thurs: 8 AM 3 PM 3. Eligibility - AFID cards are issued to Active Duty, Reserves, Retirees, Dependents (10 years of age or older unless dependent is not residing with sponsor), and 100% Disabled Veterans (DVA) from all military services; DVA sponsors MUST have their letter of entitlement issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Drivers License and Social Security Card). CAC Pin Reset hours remain unchanged at this time. Hyperlinks and the information contained within do not constitute an endorsement by the DoD. Failure to do so will result in a Direct Care suspension through TRICARE. If you cannot fill out the DD Form 1172-2 at the ID Card Center, it isrecommended the sponsorprovides aPower of Attorney in order for their family member to received services at the ID Card Centerwithout the sponsor being present. Scheduling for Multiple IDs/Transactions Also need a copy of DD 214. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the DEERS Support Office at (800) 538-9552. Sponsors are responsible for all actions of their family members. I recommend you never come to this office because I never will again. JBSA-Fort Sam Houston: All Adult individuals requesting ANY type of Military Identification Card will NEED two forms of Identification. We reserve the right to refuse service if a situation is considered inappropriate. (504) 697-9734. Questions/concerns should be emailed to99FSS.FSPD.Retirments-Sepations@us.af.mil. The ID Card Center in Building 59 may be contacted by phone at (910) 451-2727/4223, and the ID Card Center Satellite Office at Stone Bay may be contacted by phone at (910) 440-2061. Sponsors must also certify on the 1172-2 form they provide over 50% sup. Update ID Cards, DEERs & Awards/Decorations/Appointments, 99FSS.FSPD.Retirments-Sepations@us.af.mil. To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call the center or visit: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/#/locatorCustomers will need to know their confirmation number to cancel/reschedule an appointment. There is a verification and application approval process that needs to be completed through the TA before the personnel record is added/updated. All foreign documents MUST have a certified English translation (if applicable) AND an Apostille or Consular certification. Closed on federal holidays/holiday liberty periods, Emergency:Command Duty Officer, Bldg. Sponsor is present with their dependent(s) for ID issuance. Among its many roles, DMDC is: The leader in joint information sharing and support on DoD human resource issues. (On SBD1 Training Days Walk-ins end at 1000) The MPF is closed on all federal holidays, Family Days and during SDB1 Training Days. Walk-ins: Monday through Friday 0800-1200. Force Management(Evals/SDAP/Duty Status/UIF & Adverse Actions, etc. you getting ID Cards or requesting DEERS updates for more than one family member) 1. Appointment Web Site: https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil/ ;if Day is Green, Appt is Available. If you are a newlywed, have a newborn child, have adopted a child or have a dependent over 21 and under the age of 23 in college, you will need to provide proper documentation. 0730-1600 Monday-Friday Final outs are conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 0900 1100 and 1300 1500. Contact information includes your address, email addresses or phone number (s). All College students 21 to 23 years of age must bring a letter from their school registrar's office stating that they are enrolled full time in an accredited college in pursuit of an Associate Degree or higher. Bldg 409 - 7:30 a.m. to3:40 p.m.weekdays If you have a confirmed appointment, please arrive before you scheduled time. If you are watching someone else's children, please do not bring them to the DEERS/ID Card Center. Once handled exclusively over the phone, the one-person office sought a more modern solution to serve their customers better, which led to the use of the RAPIDS scheduler. Call or text to get quick answers to your questions: PHONE: (813) 796-5272. We can no longer enter any information into DEERS for civilian employees. Table of Contents Getting a new military ID card can be a simple process if you're on active duty. PHONE: Find a deers office locations near you today. Building: 452 Room 105 Phone Number: (228) 871-4271/4269 Fax Number: (228) 871-4272. Go to the RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler Website by clicking on Link below, or by going to www.Google.Com then typing: RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler in the search box. This means that a Dependent (Family Member) can come into the RAPIDS ID Card office, carrying with them a printed, digitally signed DD Form 1172-2 from their sponsor, and/or notify us that the form is available via their DEERS record. Little Hall Select a City (Eglin AFB, Zip 32542 . When issuing DoD ID cards to customers, we are required to enter an expiration date for most identity documents in RAPIDS. New Hires (must be already added by authoritative service feed). Welcome, our mission is to ensure enrollment in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), and provide Common Access Cards (CAC) and/or Official Identification Cards to. New ID cards can be reissued once the social security card is updated with the new last name. Questions/concerns should be emailed to99FSS.FSPD.Assignments@us.af.mil, Retirements and Separations: Arrived on 13th at 8a.m. All Dependents without a Sponsor present must have a valid DD Form 1172-2 pre-printed by a DEERS station that has been signed by the Sponsor and a Verifying Official ahead of time. State exceptions are not permitted) forms of ID, one of which must bea photo ID. Provides support for Officer Assignments and directorate administrative/budgetary support. For more information, please reference https://www.cac.mil/Coronavirus/ or https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2647714/department-of-defense-extends-uniformed-services-identification-card-expiration/. Monday-Thursday,7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.& Friday,7:30 a.m. to noon, ADDRESS: To remove a spouse the divorce decree is needed to remove them from the sponsors record. All CAC Pin Resets on MCB Camp Lejeune are conducted at JRRRC. 5000 Series: Administration and Management, 11000 Series: Facilities and Activities Ashore, Civilian Awards, Retirements & Recognition, Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs, Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)/Lean Six Sigma, Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) Account Management, Sexual Assault Contact Information and Resources. Changes to your DEERS record All DOD Contractors must have their personnel status added to DEERS through their respective Trusted Agent (TA) of their sponsoring organization, via the Contractor Verification System (CVS), before a CAC card can be issued. Due to limited working cubical spaces, parents with children (regardless of age)will have to remain in the lobby with the child/children if receiving services atthe DEERS/ID Card Center. JBSA-Lackland: 802fss.fsmps.idcard@us.af.mil, JBSA-Randolph: 802fssol-b.customersup@us.af.mil, HOURS: Appointments take priority and walk-ins may be subject to varying wait times. For Maui personnel, our HING location is not listed, you must call 1-808-789-0637 and make an appointment. In order to receive quicker service, please take advantage of our appointment system. An official website of the United States government. If you feel sick, stay home as your health and our health is extremely important. Sponsors requesting to add their parents/parents-in-law, stepparents and parents-by-adoption, must contact the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) for their respective service branch, as follows: US Navy: DFAS-CL/PMMACB, Dependency Claims Branch, 1240 E. Ninth Street, Cleveland, OH 44199-5500, telephone (216) 522-5567. Combat Center Personnel Officer/SNOIC: (760) 830-1800, DEERS Site Security Manager: (760) 830-5365 For an overview of all of the requirements forDEERS enrollment and IDC issuance, please refer to the following PDF. They are in high demand and your early cancellation will give another person the chance to schedule an appointment. Dependents without Sponsor present Effective Sept. 1, 2022, the Camp Lejeune DEERS/ID Card Center will be open onFridays from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. for appointments. https://rapidsappointments.dmdc.osd.mil 2. If ordered to a MCC not listed above, report directly to the command indicated on the orders. All foreign documents must be originals with an Apostille and translated in English. steven.kennaugh@usmc.mil, Alternate APC Name: Douglas Aparcio Those who are unable to access the website can still call the DEERS/ID card section to make an appointment at 703-696-2188. . Details on each option are available at the links below. Hickam Joint Base Pearl Harbor ID Card/DEERS Appointments Available, M-F: 0800-1530 Self-schedule your ID appointment at: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/#/ . We will do our very best provide a solution for your situation. Or, set up an appointment online. ID card offices can no longer accept the following: Student ID, Expired IDs (including Drivers Licenses on Military Auto-extend). At no time can a dependent receive an id card without proper identification or documentation. This letter will also be needed during the issuance of the ID card, if the dependent is getting it issued at another facility, or at a later time. NOTE: A valid power of attorney is acceptable when sponsor is not present to sign for a family members ID card application. Call for further information, ADDING A SPOUSE TO DEERS Stepchild:Marriage Certificate of Parents, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card. TA/TAMP Eligible: DD Form 214 (Member 4). Stepchild: the Marriage Cert. POC: (760) 830-7551. DEERS/Official Passports/ID Card Center 2034 Barnett Avenue, Suite 102 (Little Hall) Quantico, VA 22134 703-784-2750 DSN: 278-2750 For CAC, DEERS and ID Cards: Walk in Hours Monday-Thursday 0700-1500 Friday 0700-1330 Appointments Monday-Thursday 1300-1500 Friday 1300-1400 Passports are "By Appointment" only. JBSA-Fort Sam Houston: 2410 JessupRoad Either revise the message - or return the calls. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, you will forfeit your time slot and be placed on the walk-in customer status. Please note that some schools on this website do not place an expected graduation date on their documents. 2034 Barnett Avenue POC: (760) 830-6570. Directions Beneficiaries (DEERS record, DoD Benefits and Entitlements or TRICARE) 800-538-9552 800-477-8227 dodhra.dodc-mb.dmdc.mbx.webmaster@mail.mil www.dmdc.osd.mil (Government Site) Resource Address Social Share: Share Email We do not provide door access or security access for any buildings and do not handle RFI issues. Dependent must present the original DD1172-2. Call first to verify business hours or to set up an appointment. Adding children to DEERS We had tried to schedule appointment via the web, but none available until mid August. Spouse:Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and current photo ID. Of that total, 1,954 were dependents and retirees, which is the largest demographic that will benefit from the new online renewal process. If no days are displayed in green on the calendar, it means all appointments are booked for that month. We are still under COVID-19 restrictions IAW CDC guidelines and will enforce whatever is necessary to make the IDCC a safe place. The Uniformed Services have agreed to assist each other in verifying ID card eligibility. This section is responsible for: Evaluations, Duty Info Updates, UIFs, myDec, myEvals, SDAP, OS Tour Data, IEB, Awards and decorations. The oldest version this office will accept will be dated "JAN 2014"Once signed, the DD Form 1172-2 is valid for 90 calendar days, and can only be used for one service visit. Effective Sept. 1, 2022, the Camp Lejeune DEERS/ID Card Center will be open on Fridays from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. for appointments. Office hours, appointment information, ID issuance,list of acceptable identity documents, and other information can be found on our DEERS Information Flyer. 1. Appointments can be scheduled by phone or online at: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/#/locator After you book your appointment, you will receive an email with your confirmation number and a list of conditions for attaining your ID card. ID Card Office Online. Members are not authorized to be in partial uniform i.e. Officer & Enlisted Promotions: 99FSS.FSPD.Promotions@us.af.mil Per the Directorate of Executive Travel DOD Passport and VISA Office regarding no-fee passport and VISA processing: Military personnel, Government Civilians, and command-sponsored dependents on PCS orders to OCONUS locations who require a Special issuance passport (no-fee) per the foreign clearance guide will submit their passport applications to local DoD passport acceptance facility no earlier than 90 days and no later than 60 days from OCONUS departure date. Click. Appointments are required. . DD Form 1172-2 is not an acceptable form, if the document wascompleted on ID Office Online and the form is printed blank. Our mission is to provide enrollment in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), issue Common Access Cards (CAC) and/or official Identification Cards to all active, reserve and retired service members, service member families, and civilian and contractor employees. The ID Card Center is located at the Camp Lejeune Joint Reception Center in Building 59,located on Molly Pitcher Road. HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- The Defense Manpower Data Center recently released their DEERS appointment system known as "ID Card Office Online." With this new system rolling out faster than planned, the previous RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler will now shut down with current appointments transferred into the new system. As a reminder, DEERS/IDCC does not handle questions with regard to TRICARE. Best ID renewal experience we have had in years. Provide assistance to active duty personnel within Headquarters Battalion and civil service personnel APF or NAF assigned to MAGTFTC. To ensure the appropriate amount of time is booked to complete multiple ID Cards or transactions, please book back to back appointments. POC: (760) 830-7551/7450. Appointment Services: Walk-ins . I left a voice message 2 days ago and have not received a return call, as your recorded message says a caller would. All CAC Pin Resets on Camp Lejeune are conducted at JRRRC. For initial enrollment, please see Child and/or Step-Child DEERS Enrollment under Resource Downloads. Email DEERS at smbplmsg-1deers@usmc.mil. More Info. Keeping your DEERS records current helps speed your TRICARE medical benefits.