LMGTFY it for them! This item is purely used in the craft command to bond items together! See your total command usage per command! You can use the coins to buy items from the shop. work Using this box also gives you a 15 minute 50% xp boost Normie Box Loot Box Not For Sale Can't get more basic than this Meme Box Usage Youll now have a window pop up which will ask you to assign some permissions to the bot. Get an invite for the bot or for the support server. They can be viewed using the /help categories command. Click on the authorize button when you have seen the permissions. This command is used to use a currency item. The goal of GT is to be the best source of easy-to-understand tips and tricks, reviews, original features, hidden cheats and gaming tweaks that will help players worldwide. Take your chances and test your skills at blackjack. Each day you can get an injection of coins and maintain a risk. Try to win something on Scratch-Off! Discord Dank Memer is an excellent bot with multiple features you can utilize to create fun on Discord. See who the richest users in your current server are! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Get the links to vote for Dank Memer in exchange for cool rewards. Discord provides users with the option of adding bots such as the dank memer bot to their servers to make their social interactions more fun and engaging. They probably wouldn't want to be involved with another malicious API that . All the commands are available on its website. There are also more detailed stats to see if you use the select menu! See who has made changes to Dank Memers config in your server, Decide whether to enable or disable certain auto responses on this server, pls disable [command | all] [#channel | role]. Add or remove the current guild as a premium server, or leave the arguments blank to list all of your premium servers. This list is still incomplete and needs further verification, if you have any information regarding the. search. . You make a bet, and you try and get snake eyes (which are two ones on the dice). TypeScript 1 Apache-2.0 66 0 0 Updated on Mar 25, 2022. statuspage Public archive. Anyone with correct brackets at the end of this tournament get an exclusive title "Bracket Chad" unlocked in game! This chart shows a view of problem reports submitted in the past 24 hours compared to the typical volume of reports by time of day. Teams. Returns basic information and statistics about Dank Memer for support staff to help with. I recently haven't been able to use any dankmemer commands in my own server. This command provides a simple way to earn quick coins, by guessing if the number is higher or lower. Search various places for items and coins, with some risks. Cooldown(s) Answer some trivia for a chance to win some coins. Roll your dice against the bot, if you get higher than the bot youll win! Go to your terminal/command prompt/command line and type in pip install pynput. See whats in the currency store! For the bot to work correctly, accept all permissions. You need to add the dank memer bot from Melmsies (The Creator) official Dank Memer website and then assign the admin role to it in your server after which you can use it by typing in a bunch of commands. Config. Now you just have to find the commands that you require from the section where I have mentioned all dank memer commands. You can disable things per channel, role, or user. If you win, you get a winning lottery ticket collectable item! Remove an active item that is currently affecting you. Shows pocket and bank, if you are using it for yourself it also shows your bankspace available. Dank Assistant is a companion bot of the largest currency bot on Discord, Dank Memer. Are they dad jokes, or are they puns? All. There are various ways that you can lose your hard earned coins. For the bot to work correctly, accept all permissions. This command is a virtual hunting game! We recommend bookmarking this page so that you can have these commands available at hand. At certain points in the streak youll also get free meme boxes! Purchase or interact with your own virtual pet! This command is a virtual fishing game! 6,978. Step 7. Dank Memer Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. This command will reset nearly your entire currency profile (wipe coins, items, and more) in exchange for a higher multiplier, an exclusive badge, and a few items to get you started fresh with. So please help me understand. Disables are overridden by enable! I will be providing the complete list of each command along with the most popular commands and guide to categories wherever required. How Do I Fix Error Loading Media on Messenger? GamerTweak is where passionate gamers like you will find everything they need to know about video games - new and old. But now I'm back and I've noticed whenever my self or a friend tries one of those commands nothing happens the bot dosnt respond. All expand_more. See some partner servers where there is a lot of Dank Memer usage. Check your coin balance, or someone elses. I have mentioned all the commands with their description. After you've read it through, click on authorize. Users can earn virtual currency by . For example, if you've got a promotion which is +100 coins and you've got fired, you have to get promoted again to earn 100 coins more than the base salary. Normie: 3sPremium: 2s. This command is used to use a currency item. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. See a tutorial for a specific command or system. Drop a comment again if face the same issue. Unequip or remove an active item. You can also ask an administrator to add it for you. See some s1ck new comics from the past week, See what memes are being invested in the most today. Leave the user argument empty to view your own. 19.3k upvotes in March. We can easily set up dank memer bots on our discord server with the help of an invite link that you will find on its official website. Overall, Dank Memer is a great way to easily create and share meme-worthy content with your friends. (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier), Take your chances and test your skills at blackjack. Set up a channel to automatically post memes every x minutes in your server. This will not allow any other member to rob or heist. Also, you can make your server more interactive by using Truth or Dare Bot. Permissions Needed Check various lootboxes for some fun stats. pls abandon , Am I the only one that didnt know minecraft had achievements, pls brain . If you win, you get a winning lottery ticket collectable item! See Dank Memer currency progression features. Withdraw money from your bank into your pocket. If you face an issue while using Dank Memer Bot then you can join the Dank Memer Bot official discord server and mention your problem in general chat. You cannot deposit past your bank space allowed, which you can see in balance. Change Dank Memers prefix for this server! Get a job and work for coins and some random rare items. Required fields are marked *. The economy system grew popular because it was fun to have money and loot other users from different servers. You can select a job from the list, and work on that job hourly for a payout! If someone is not showing up, they arent cached. Make sure to run this at least once a week to maintain your perks! If you like to have some dank memer feature explanation added to this guide you can mention that in the comment section below. That's kind of an odd thing to do to your own work. If there are any areas I can improve on, please let me know in your feedback below! Warning, I am very good at stealing your money. All Rights Reserved. You can also use arguments like max and all. Get the links to vote for Dank Memer in exchange for cool rewards! Beware, there is also a chance to encounter a boss and its mini-game, which can have bad results upon losing. Randomly on each command, there is a chance you will have an exploding meme (big payout) or a dead meme (possible punishment). Moreover, Dank Memer has plenty of memes for everyone to enjoy. Dig in the dirt to see what you can find! See how dank you are, 100% official dank score. Select your Discord server and click the " Continue " button at the bottom. We will understand what it is and what you can achieve with the bot. This led Dank Memer to become the biggest meme bot. These multipliers can be boosted by . Description Find all the information, including required permissions, regarding the extensive list of commands available to you with Dank Memer. Make the bot say whatever you want with sass. The dank memer bot will be successfully added to your server!! Youll need multiple friends to join the heist. Work Normie: 7sDonor: 5s If you want to understand how to get hired to work in Discord Dank Memer, this post will guide you through the following steps. You are now ready to use the bot to apply for a job. Also, you can read other sections about economy and games. So I went to the join the official discord server for the first time to get support, but still I cannot message there either. Take a short break from Dank Memer and not worry about your streaks, pet, or marriage. This filters out some items if family friendly mode is set to true. There are 26 different jobs in Dank Memer that you can apply for . Name Use the /work apply command when applying for a job. There are also multiple shop items (and pets) that can defend someones wallet, so be weary of that! See a multitude of animals from various subreddits, See some danger noodles, nope ropes, and sneks. If not, try to repeat the steps from STEP 1. Learn to play blackjack [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB-6MvXvsKo). Before you go ahead and look for commands you have to know what a prefix is. If not, try to repeat the steps from STEP 1. (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier), Sell one of your items back to the shop for a fraction of the shop price. Yes, these 4chan posts come from reddit. The bot has a wide range of commands, including commands for making memes, generating gifs, creating emoji packs, and much more. Subsequently, select a server from the list. Set up a channel to automatically post memes to every 5 minutes. Your email address will not be published. Following the slash command rewrite, this page has been edited - All Command articles will be going under rewrite in order to adapt to changes being made in how they are used. If you want a list that is a little more robber friendly, get the robber wishlist! See upcoming drop sales and buy any that might be active. In addition, lots of servers have this command disabled or people can be in passive mode. Sick of someone asking dumb questions? Learn more about Teams Use the table argument to see possible win rates! The Dank Memer is a Discord bot that acts as a global currency game, allowing people to collect items, rob friends, get rich, gamble, etc. Typing in the command /advancements, You will be given three different options to choose from, the three options are: To create a giveaway for items, you can use the command /giveaway create items, from here you are required to input: You can choose a server to start the giveaway in, note that this requires the server to be partnered with Dank Memer, and you can also include a message of your own, note that this requires you to be a donor. Each month, you can run this for a large sum of coins. Community content is . Note that you will not receive the item back after removing it, and you have to pay a fee for some items. Get over it, reddit is better. Dank Memer Typer Windows and Linux only DISCONTINUED Because half of the commands aren't compatible with the button update. See a complete list of commands available! Get an invite for the bot or to the support server. I will not be using the bot because I know my friends will not be able to avoid using the banned words and we will all just be in here every day asking to be unbanned. Discord Dank Memer Bot: How To Add And Use Commands. STEP 3: Click on the Continue button for the required server. Aliases After applying for a job, you have to make sure that you've run the required amount of shifts per day, otherwise, you'll get fired from your job, which will have a cooldown of 6 hours before you're allowed to apply for another job. Command Example 2: You can use dank memer bot to fetch memes from reddit r/meme directly to your server by typing 'pls meme' command. See a multiude of animals from various subreddits. Giveaway (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier). To add a cooldown for a command you need to use the @commands.cooldown () decorator. Q&A for work. Hope you like the Dank Memer Bot discord Guide. Also, you can make your server more interactive by using, The dank memer bot should be properly set up on your discord server. This command is a "work" mini-game! Ensure you successfully handle your shifts. See who the richest users in your current server are! Utility. It might have been that the bot did not get added into the server in one go or might have been down for some time. Use this command to enable disabled commands or categories. If you like playing around with Discord Bots, heres a list of the most useful Discord Bots. Showcasing gives you the ability to display one's valuable items on others, "flexing" on users in a way. To apply for a job, run the '/work apply [job name]' command. Now open up your discord server and youll see that the bot has been added to your server. Currency Each of you will get the turn to mark their symbols which will be decided by the bot. You can view your hours worked by typing "pls work info". m!divorce - Divorces you from your current partner. You can type the user name with whom you want to play this game. Executing the /work list command. To get a job on the Discord Dank Memer bot, you need to deploy the 'work' command. You have a random chance to either gain some coins (and sometimes items), and a random chance to get nothing at all. For the higher tier jobs, you will need to work a certain amount of hours before being able to unlock them. Simply type this and the instructions will follow. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lets explore these games one by one. If so, this article will help guide you through the process. Dank Memer Commands is a collection of dank memey commands sure to make you say, wtf? This list includes the likes of dank memes like foodporn, blacktwitter, and even tifu. With this list, the possibilities for your next discord chat are endless. Some pets have better stats than others, which are reflected by their prices. Before you can work in Discord Dank Memer, you must apply for a given job. Dank Memer Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Rated 4.6 by 3.82k users. Once you get the job, you must meet the shift time requirement for the job to ensure you dont get fired. Post (fake) memes with the chance to earn some coins. I will keep on updating this guide depending on demand. any way to contact or appeal for a ban. Prefix This command is used to share items with someone! You can resign if you want to by running the /work resign command, but you'll have to wait a full 3 hours until you can get another job. Shows the last edited message from a specified channel. But it said I've worked 275 hours today even though I just started last night (15 hours ago) & probably only ran the "pls work" command about 2-4 times. Get a job and work for coins and some random rare items. Use this command to disable commands or categories you do not wish for your server to use. Dig in the dirt for bugs and other fun items. In order to keep track of all the commands as well as customizations that you can add to your bot, head to the Dank Meme Commands Page. You can provide the feedback about the article in the comment section. You can select a job from the list, and work on that job hourly for a payout! After purchasing a pet, you are required to take care of your pet either by feeding, washing, and . Bet on whether you'll get "snake eyes" or not! Commit a (fake) crime for items and coins, with some risk. work, job Select the one you wish to add the Dank Memer Bot to. In order to get the best out of the bot, assign admin permissions to it. This also extends to temporary multipliers. pls pet [list | feed | pat | hug | wash | play | name | train | disown], Use a laptop to post memes. You can also use this command to see more detailed info on a specific item with the pls shop . Grab a rifle from the shop and go hunting for some fun items! pls facts , the floor is using commands in the right channel. Ask the magic (and kinda rude) 8ball about your future! Step 3: Click on Continue for the server that you chose. This command is a virtual fishing game! They need to earn or lose the item in question to show up. Each job has its shift time and varying salary, and you must meet the required daily shifts for the job you are applying for. This also extends to temporary multipliers. In this guess game you have to guess the correct number from a given range provided by dank memer. All I have done is provided the dank memer commands list in tabular format which you can refer to easily. All. As Dank memer is one of the largest meme bot having over 100 and more commands dedicated to meme only. One of the ways we support development on our (mostly) FTP bot is through selling lootboxes! See how dank you are, 100% official dank score, pls emojify . Some commands have been moved to other commands, like Images, Meme, or Animals. Q&A for work. 2018 - 2023 - Gamer Tweak. Sellable. Dank Memer is a Discord meme bot that helps you make and share awesome memes. Not all items in the game are purchasable in the shop. This command is used to gain coins and sometimes items! Fill out this bracket. The more that join, the higher chance of success! Now the dank memer bot will ask you to provide sufficient permissions which are needed for proper functioning of the bot. I assume that the majority of the people using Dank Memer don't use it for the NSFW. Dank Memer related calculators, such as tax calculator, prestige calculator, daily . Deposit money into your bank account from your pocket! Add the Brazzers logo with this command to make it spicy hot. Simply type as you normally would, inside the text space. Commands Changelog Store Items Community. Get your monthly injection of meme coins. See the top 10 gamers in your server You can provide the name of any of the games in theGamescategory to see leaderboard information on that specific game. Beg for coins to bolster your pocket balance. It's mainly to manage your job within the bot, like applying, resigning, doing work shifts, checking your work stars, and checking out other types of jobs. Now you just have to find the commands that you require from the section where I have mentioned all dank memer commands. I hope you enjoyed this list of dank memey commands for discord bots. You can use this command to start a giveaway that anyone can enter. Marriage. So I went to the join the official discord server for the first time to get support, but still I cannot message there either. If you want a list that is a little more robber friendly, get the robber wishlist! Take your chances and test your skills at blackjack. You have to use this prefix before each command. You can die of various reasons such as bank robbing someone, robbing someone and their pet attacks you, your pet killing you when you dont take care of it, from an active landmine from someone you rob, 10% chance of dying from using tidepods or 5% chance of dying from alcohol use. It allows you to monitor your websites performance in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and identify issues, as well as receive notifications about. There are 6 games that are present in the dank memer bot when i am writing this article. The other features include image manipulation, utility commands, fun commands, animal commands and config commands. You can use this command to check your current coin multipliers within the bot. . Other ways to lose coins include someone robbing you, you have called the cops when there is no heist, the auto lottery can take out money from the bank, and many more. Subcommands. Prefix Example. I think I might have gotten banned from dank memer I used a bot and I mightve gotten banned for it! Dank Memer Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Here are the list of some of Dank Memer Commands: Each place has unique chances for coins or items, and a few also have the ability to kill you! Shows pocket and bank. Command Example 2: You can use dank memer bot to fetch memes from reddit r/meme directly to your server by typing pls meme command. Power-up. Also, when the amount of coins in the bank increases your status increases in the server which you can show off to other users by being rich.