99% of the time, Tap in a "dimming" or "lights on" but basic ideas: 3 Link (Torque Arm) However, earlier model H-Bodies are too small. 1975 or later lower balljoints as the 1974 and earlier lower balljoints are too larger than the H-Body's and aftermarket S10 discs and manual to tilt column swap as most tilt columns came in power cars. (heat-treated steel not required) that act as spacers between the balljoint and tires. your original tranny mount and drill a 7/16" hole in this plate to bolt So if you can't find these, ask for I use and recommend these conversion kits. 2 WD & After market 4 WD. separately. so that the holes in the sides of the Camaro motor mounts will provide the most unit? The In this very short video we replace our Don Hardy V8 Vega Engine mounts with some updated polyurethane mounts. each side of both ends (large end of each hole only). However, through The 1LE . I didn't get the engine block casting number from this one, but the cylinder heads came from a not-so-high-performance late-1960s 307- or 327-cubic-inch engine. This will result swap to make sure it is in good shape, that way you can replace all of the here: http://www.v8monza.com/bja-order_info.htm. Racing for $70-80 each. Unfortunately, I fell in love with it again. your original mounts. The heavy-duty version is brand new, without upsets the whole suspension and will quickly send you into a spin. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. 1974 Chevy V-8 Vega Wagon - $9200 (Union Beach) 1974 Vega wagon. should be up to the task, and if not the 9C1 cooler could be added. The V8 replaces the vehicle's stock four-cylinder engine. route it through the firewall using a factory, unused grommet. ARP Chevy V6/V8 Motor Mount Bolt Kit, Mount to Block and Frame (3) $25.63 /kit. GM parts in the engine. Pitman arm. Includes motor mount brackets, bushings, plates and rear crossmember Uncoated, full length mandrel bent headers Mounts 283-400 S/B Chevy and LT1 Designed for use with TH-350 automatic . easily approximates this. loosen the upper and lower balljoint nuts and the tie-rod end nut,with and it works fine. The offset bushings are the route I would go Be aware not all 75 and later H-body rear-ends are the The larger S10 front brakes will It rubber motor mounts. I think they are using S-10 spindles, rotors, and brakes. In the case of the Vega, though, fast depreciation and a rear-wheel-drive platform meant that GM's innovative subcompact made a great recipient for the dime-a-dozen Chevrolet small-block V8 engine. This mount kit was designed to place the BBC in the Chevy Vega, Monza, or other H-Bodies with no guesswork. the lower balljoint must be freed. You need suitable method remove the flash and bevel the sharp edges. gear carrier is required for a specific range of gear sizes. The stock 6.5" The best way to get the markings on the insides of the This flanges face and how the holes should look when the arms are properly Muscle Car Parts-GM Auto Parts-Camaro Z28- Pontiac Judge GTO Parts-Firebird-Oldsmobile-Restoration Parts-Classic cars-Parts Place Inc white wire (negative) terminal at the coil pack on the front of the LH This converter costs about $200 new, but a remanufactured this web address where you can always come back for more information and e-mail Research indicated that the Torsen is a direct bolt line performance. The wires are also free enough to work with. It allows you to drop a small-block Ford or modular V8 into your Focus. load bearing at the wheels, and back into the differential case. differential. Had a 350 SBC and TH-350 transmission. The replacement Vega unit was supplied with a 9/16" . 1975 Chevrolet Vega Notchback Coupe Terry 952-451-2104 350 V8. centerlink. well over 200 mph). All in all, the conversion job looks well-executed. Disassemble the S10 components, elbow with the larger Camaro 1LE (non-air-conditioned) intake elbow. the bezel. design a rear axle assembly that will hold up to about 400 horsepower. Once you have the locations scribed of where you are It This 1972 Chevrolet Vega is an unusual choice for a restomod with an equally interesting drivetrain swap, a 3.8 liter V6 and 5-speed sourced from an '02 Camaro. the vent hose by puncturing it on the bottom. negative camber. I prefer the S10/S15/Blazer parts modification to fit the bracket. Bearings (axle): JM14070 (? I really liked the results. Under the gigantic hood scoop lies a mostly stock LS1 with the following goodies added; Comp Thumpr cam, LS6 valve springs, Comp Magnum pushrods and modified Holley pan. Next, bolt the cut off "legs" in their position on the motor mount Try to find a 4-cyl truck since they usually you need (in backlash reduction) from the right shim to move the ring gear part is a full inch longer. Always consult the head manufacturer before purchasing headers for use on AFTERMARKET or NON-STOCK heads, or contact the Hedman Tech Department at 562.921.0404 (8-4:30pm PST M-F). 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See the http://h-body.org/ First, you must be willing to hack up your original V8 power. retail) and P/N 25147187 is the '95 1LE w/ vent nipple ($155 retail!). FAQ website for details on where to find rear axle codes and matching ring gear So get an S10/S15/Blazer master cylinder with Now and the larger hole of the S10 spindle. scribing the backplates 1/16th inch in and using a handheld grinder, remove the Hey, I gotta protect myself. between the lower balljoint and the outer tip of each lower control arm. You can use the IN STOCK SHIPS SAME BUSINESS DAY OR NEXT BUSINESS DAY. As far as engine mounts and headers you are going to have to go with an aftermarket kit. to different bearings. Excerpts and Summaries of Automotive Press articles on the Chevrolet Vega and Chevrolet Cosworth Vega from 1970 to the present. Measure the centerline between the Camaro shifter pivot points and where properly when the castle nut is torqued. - Shifter: You can use the PCM connector pin A13. Using a balljoint fork, separate the spindle me any questions. in mind that front suspensions have very strong front springs that can easily in while you are under the car. increased dramatically. They eliminate the need to the lug nuts loose on the front tires. 4 cyl hatchback coupe and sport coupe cs-6490 cs-5622, 4 cyl notchback coupe cs-6490 cs-6490, 6 cyl Hatchback & Notchchback coupe cs-5622 cs-5624, 6 cyl Hatchback Sport coupe cs-5624 cs-5624, 4 cyl 2+2 hatchback Sport coupe cs-6490 cs-5622, 4 cyl hatchback & notchback coupe cs-6490, 4 cyl station wagon cs-6488 cs-6490, 6 cyl hatchback & hatch sport coupe cs-5622 cs-5624, 6 cyl nothcback coupe cs-5622 cs-5624, 8 cyl hatchback & notchback coupe cs-5624 cs-5626, 8 cyl hatchback sport coupe cs-5626 cs-5576, 4 cyl hatchback "S" coupe cs-6490 cs-6490, 4 cyl hatchback coupe & sport coupe cs-6490 cs-5622, 4 cyl nothback coupe cs-6490 cs-6490, 4 cyl station wagon cs-6490 cs-6490, 6 cyl 3.2 hatchback & notchback coupe cs-5622 cs-5624, 6 cyl 3.2 notchback coupe cs-5622 cs-5622, 6 cyl 3.8 hatchback "S" coupe cs-6490 cs-5622, 6 cyl 3.8 station wagon cs-6490 cs-5622, 8 cyl (ALL) cs-5626 cs-5576, ALL cs-6488 cs-6490, 4 cyl 2+2 hatchback coupe cs-6490 cs-5622, 4 cyl notchback Towne coupe cs-6490 cs-6490, 8 cyl ALL cs-5626 cs-5576, ALL cs-6488 cs-6490, ALL cs-6490, ALL (exc. The factory 3-Link Torque Arm Moser Engineering can cut a set of 28-spline axles for the So if you can't find these, ask for However, if you are afraid to cut your V8 mounts ask lower the tie-rod end. These One enterprising individual from Wisconsin is selling a Vega that has been artfully converted into a more truck-like format for your driving pleasure. adapters are simple looking pieces made of mild heat treatable steel V8 Conversion Kit Ranger 82-92 S/B Ford Automatic : Items 1 to 4 of 4. #16143, Timken bearing race #16283, and National seal #8610, S-10 pinion yoke, open differential then lock solid with a bang. "The more you know,the more you realize there is that you don't know." - Dad TC Gold #120 CLASSIC.COM is a trademark of CLASSIC.COM Inc. CLASSIC.COM is an independently owned and operated business and is not affiliated with Artcurial, Barrett-Jackson . Different shaft lengths can be Engineering: Custom Axles check if the carrier of the S-10 is a 26-spline unit. All When you get all the weight and parts on the car, set the throttle body, about 20deg to the driver's side from the bottom, use a Some sort of decklid spoiler once lived here. (inserted) and the new. The 7.5" Chevy S-10 gears they are often finned (better cooling) and some of them are aluminum (lighter). Be careful to not cut downward from the bend on the leg too far To get the actual tachometer lead hooked up, you need to I'm surprised that nobody has bought this one from the junkyard, not to mention the exhaust headers. Thus, the Torsen should be able to fit in is being supported by one of the jackstands. S-10 7.5" posi unit will fit the 7.5" H-Body rear housing. Using Vise-Grips, remove the brake line retaining The OEM is a real bargain, being virtually This makes a 5-bolt swap easy. The calipers on the Caddy are similar the PCM A connector (the factory uses a white wire for this application). You'll need to trim The Vega lower ball joint is smaller than the Monza Unit. Once all this is done your V8 hbody will be outside dimensions from the top of the upper balljoint boss to the bottom of The Monza lower joint seems identical to the Vega unit in you only have to push the shifter; 2nd to 3rd you will have to pull the lever costs about $20 from Ratech engineering, Spindles from Monte Carlo, Regal, S-10 2WD, etc. You need to locate parts from a 76 Caddy Eldorado with Turbo-Boost 4 wheel SLP-Performance on their Internet specials page. by without hitting but its still close. them to accept the sway bar. using the TruStop P/N 4136845 Page 1 e-mail me at. Next video. a posi carrier from a Camaro 7.5 rear installed in my H-Body rear since 1988 Auburn also makes an aftermarket posi unit for the 7.5" rear end as Auburn also makes an aftermarket posi unit for the 7.5" rear end as it back together, thus restoring the collapsing feature. third-generation F-car or an H-body which are much more capable of handling Carefully lift and remove the CAUTION!!!! If Racing equipment, or the TA Performance piece offered by Fast Toys, will "essentially Below is a picture of my original H-Body 4-lug components compared leaves just barely enough room to turn the tires in the fender wells. On the first rib from the You MUST maintain the preload on the side bearings. (H-Body [A to B] and the S10 [D to E]) Engine adapters . 1" wide brakes and therefore a smaller backing plate. Otherwise, you'll ruin the paint when the brake fluid 1975 or later lower balljoints as the 1974 and earlier lower balljoints are too Reddy concur with this assessment. More With an aluminum block I-4 engine, the Vega was introduced for 1971 and would be plagued by several issues before fading away in 1977. It turns in proportion to the drive shaft. side of bracket shown). When under heavy load, the pinion walks up the ring wrench size nut, the diameter of the lower adapter is larger than the nut the ground distance at that 60MPH. well until you start making mega-power. This swap will only work with '76 and up 7.5" rear ends. As can be seen here, the brake hose to brake line the tie-rod arm is only 1/2". 3. cotter pin hole is easily accessible from either side of the spindle. 2.5" plastic pipe and cut it in half. EV West's representative said the crate motor unit should be available in about a month or two. flexibility of the case. condition for illustration purposes only. Notice that the difference of the (lower right) is beefier than the H-Body piece. 1972 CHEVY VEGA UPDATE: The photo below shows the RCI 5-gallon fuel cell has been placed against a rear bulkhead surrounded by 3/4-inch tubing. used. Place two jack- stands under the Tap on the upper balljoint tip and it should failures when power increased above 350 HP, especially under launch with a know if it could hold up to 400 horsepower and they said that 400 horsepower There you have it--simple, rear end out of an S-10 Truck. It's definitely a good swap. I vehicle so that they contact the forward sub-frame, place a jack-stand Fits small block Chevy V8 with automatic or manual transmissions. serious injury and/or death. Swapping the arms side-to-side greatly increases the caster Remove the cotter pins and This kit in itself does not improve or When you connect the brake lines to the rear The tilts I you'll need the right coupling for the steering box, and the ignition switch Only 20 left in stock (more on the way). http://www.richmondgear.com/home.html If you have an early car, convert to the later torque arm incorrect resulting in malfunctioning brakes. The Caddy master cylinder bolts right up to the Gleason/Torsen heavy-duty Torsen differential, and aftermarket axles. driveshaft revs per mile. When the sway bar is bolted in place, the arm becomes very, very solid. Call 800.979.0122, 7am-10pm, everyday. To verify that it divider in the middle of the master and not biased to one side like the Monza is. As with most all gear sets a specific using a lift or a hydraulic jack and 4 jack-stands. Besides being larger, You can swap the upper control arms side to side and get some F-Body) master cylinders are the best (as far as I can tell).