Charles taught Arthur how to hunt early in the story when Pearson complained that there wasn't enough food. During a random stagecoach robbery Micah Bell speculates that John could be turning on the gang and points out the doubts Arthur has of him, but Arthur retorts that hes known him for so long that he has no doubts, showing that, despite what John had done in the past, and how Arthur felt about it, he still knows John would never betray the gang. Abigail has a great amount of trust for Arthur, especially with her son Jack, such as when she asked if Arthur would take him fishing. He tells both her and Abigail that they are the best women he has ever known and bids an emotional farewell. Sean, the bastard thats dragged him along that evening, skips past him to sit in the booth behind her. Having successfully escaped America, Arthur Morgan and the rest of the Van Der Linde gang were finally free, but upon entering the mysterious Bermuda Triangle the entire gang is magically transported to the mythical world of Westeros. Arthur Morgan is the pinnacle of Rockstar's character crafting as he's more realistic than any character who has come before him. Arthur is the longest serving member of the Van der Linde gang, excluding Hosea, with the Van der Linde gang starting with just Dutch, Hosea and Arthur. As a result, it's never shown just how much Arthur cares about Mary-Beth. ", I got to dance with Karen when Dutch randomly put on his record player at Clemens Point , Yes me too! Arthur is very friendly with Karen and cares for her, this is shown early in the game when Uncle, Tilly, Karen, Arthur and Mary-Beth head to Valentine and whilst the girls scope the place out for information Karen takes a man to a hotel bedroom to rob him, but he starts to beat her. The year John left and what could have been. Bill is shocked when he sees that Arthur is losing faith in Dutch and tells Arthur, whilst robbing some dynamites in Van Horn, that he believes he has gone soft. Arthur can tell her that if Micah keeps harassing her she just tell him and he will deal with it, showing that he looks out for her, especially when it involves Micah. I also feel like whether they realize it or not, the rest of the gang tells Arthur she's no good for him because she's the one thing that could get him to give up the life. Whilst celebrating Jack's return, Arthur can find Pearson singing and join in. They bonded over jokes about Pearson and his letter to his aunt that he asked them to deliver, with Sadie mocking his false claims about traversing the world, far and wide, and that although he has yet to marry he is not short of suitors. Arthur companies Rains Fall when he goes to meet with Colonel Favours in order to arrange a peace deal between the Natives and the U.S. Army, but this ultimately fails. Arthur is the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2, and as a result he has relationships with important characters, as well as numerous other minor characters in the story. In a canon-compliant universe up until the Pinkerton ambush on Lakay, Mary Beth and Arthur start their new life together, trying not to worry about what tomorrow will bring and living for today. This will dictate Arthur's reception among his gang members. It was Trelawny's intel that helped the gang locate Sean after he was captured in Blackwater following the failed job there. Arthur appears to have finally convinced him. Arthur treated Jack like he was his own son and believes John neglects him too much. Eagle Flies admires Arthur's skills and ends up deciding to help him, after Arthur gets himself cornered, by causing an explosion in the distance, giving Arthur the chance to escape. He later learned that they were robbed and killed for a meager amount of money. Despite his reservations Arthur was willing to save Trelawny when he was taken captive by the local sheriff in Rhodes, and did the same again, this time by bounty hunters. He viewed Sean as a lowly member of the gang due to being prone to mistakes, such as when John, Sean, Arthur and Charles were robbing a train and Sean got himself pistol whipped. When Arthur approaches her, Sadie will express to him angrily that she would kill every O'Driscoll to avenge her husband and herself. But you know it just won't work out so it's this messy mix of emotion. Fanfiction. Because Kieran saved Arthur he was granted camp freedom and had the job of caring for the horses. A few years later Abigail finds out that Jack can remember Arthur and believes that it was Arthur that saved them, Abigail confirms this and says that, "None of us would be here today if it wasn't for Arthur." Arthur then dies and, depending on his honor level, it will either be from Micah killing him or peacefully succumbing to his tuberculosis. At Valentine, when John and Strauss got themselves captured by Leviticus Cornwall's men, Arthur tells Dutch to confront and talk to them whilst he waits for him to make a move, an idea that Dutch agreed to without hesitation. John can encounter Mary-Beth at the Valentine train station years later. And don't forget that if you did last mission for her, it was Arthur that refused to leave everything and be with her. He soon falls under Dutch's manipulation to attack the army, with Dutch hoping to take advantage of the resulting chaos. Occasionally Arthur can encounter Charles working on some unique arrows at camp, if Arthur interacts with him Charles will offer to make some for Arthur if he provides him the necessary ingredients (Moonshine for fire arrows and Oleander for poison arrows). During the robbery, however, Arthur witnesses John getting shot and falling off the train. The two agreed that Dutch had become the man he taught everyone not to be, with both of them pondering the idea that either the Dutch they are seeing now is his true-self or that Dutch is a shadow of his former-self. This gains both his and Dutch's admiration and respect, to the point where even Dutch reprimanded Bill for not respecting Sadie. The group she dominantly presided over were the girls, who she made sure were doing their chores. The present timeline is set right after World War Two, so this story will study the after-effects of the war on our characters. He will later move in with John, Abigail and Jack at their homestead. This is first highlighted early in the story when Bill has the job of planting explosives when the gang intends to rob a train, however, the explosives fail to detonate and the crew is forced to improvise. Occasionally, at camp, Arthur can open up to Karen and tell her how he really feels and what he thinks of his violent actions. All I know is I want no part of him, nor any party Dutch throws for that bastard. She can also request Arthur to find her some Oregano herbs and in return will leave him some Miracle Tonic beside his tent. Charles told Arthur his illness is more of a blessing than a curse, because he is a aware of the short time he has left and has a chance to redeem himself, compared to some of their fallen brethren like Sean, Kieran, Hosea and Lenny, who never got a chance to seek redemption. Arthur, depending on player decisions, can encourage her to sober up or be scornful for her alcoholism. Jack narratesand reimaginesseveral important moments in his early childhood. Kind of the way he's supposed to be dumb but he's obviously not. By the end of the Van der Linde gangs time Micahs manipulation has greatly impacted Dutch as he starts to convince him that both Arthur and John, his proudest disciples, have turned on him. When Micah Bell arranged for Dutch and Colm O'Driscoll to parlay Dutch showed complete trust in Arthur protecting him from a distance with a sniper rifle. However, as he helps Rains Fall and aids in his attempts to settle disputes with his son, and the U.S. Army, he gains a lot of respect for him. Despite Micah's pleas for Dutch to come with him for the money, he turns and walks away abandoning both. His only notable encounter is having an argument with Sadie when she refuses to cut the vegetables for him, with Arthur intervening before a fight breaks out. And it was raining so I danced with Karen in the rain, awww. You can check out my work here. Strauss was shot in the leg in this encounter and Arthur, John and Dutch worked to get him to safety. This greatly distresses Arthur and calls him a silly fool, however, Eagle Flies retorts that Arthur has saved him numerous times and him giving up his life in return is how it should be. This is the last time they see each other, with Trelawny admitting that he will miss Arthur and tells him that he has been a fine friend to him. Initially, Arthur was antagonistic, and arguably cruel, towards Kieran because he had originally been an O'Driscoll at the time Arthur captured him. Here, I remember you talking about it the other day, hed say, giving you a small, golden hair clip. My favorite trio UwU. Arthur noticed the sun was setting on the horizon, but despite the late hour, he was determined to make the evening last a bit longer. Howdy, my fellow outlaws! Before the train heist Arthur tries to talk to Dutch about letting John and his family leave the gang peacefully. So, without any further ado, send your head canons, imagines, and fanfic requests my way! This is quite frankly a place for me to just collect anything I write for this little rare-pair. However, Arthurs distrust of Micah Bell and hismanipulative nature towards Dutch, as well as Dutch's changing personality, would eventuallylead to some friction. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Arthur goes to check on the cabin only to be surprised and held at gun point, however, Kieran saves his life by shooting the O'Driscoll first. It turned out that Molly had lied and in fact rejected any attempt by the Pinkertons to recruit her, she lied about being a rat to simply get Dutch's attention. My favorite trio UwU. Whilst at camp Javier can ask Arthur to find him some Oleander, and in return he will regularly leave throwing knives at his tent. Pearson will then request Arthur and Sadie to pick up some groceries and to deliver a letter for him, showing his trust in Arthur, however, Sadie ends up reading the letter. Break ups are a lot easier when you hate the person, they're god damn rough as hell when you both still love one another but can't make one another happy. Throughout the game, at camp, Swanson often goes to Arthur to speak about his tendency to drink too much and his insecurities about the events taking place, asking Arthur at one point if the Pinkertons are finally going to kill them, Arthur responds that they probably will with Swanson expressing his worry. He decides to leave the gang and, should Arthur not help the nun in Saint Denis, will meet Swanson at the train station after dropping off Captain Monroe. She is the first to find and help Arthur after he escapes from Colm O'Driscoll and his men where he was tortured. Implying that he cares about his well-being and does not want to see him hurt, or even killed. He would always remember the little things you mention, and would make sure to bring them to you when hes out. Started in Jan 2021 Enjoy. Arthur admired and respected Hamish greatly because of the way he has lived his life, despite his prosthetic leg. Should the player accept, Arthur will attack the ranch. At some point prior to 1899, Mary-Beth got into trouble when she stole watches and wallets from several men. She would compliment Arthur's contribution to the camp and at one point said everyone misses him if the player keeps Arthur away from camp long enough. Later at camp Arthur can thank Charles once again, showing his deep appreciation. Abigail Roberts.Arthur Morgan.John Marston.Three people.Two who have been in each others' lives for what seems like forever.One who came in and changed everything.Highs and lows that seemed lower than possible.No matter what though, no matter what will happen in all three of their lives,they'll be there for each other. What takes place at first is a simple love story: full of trials and journeys that they must endure together, as a team. At some point in his pastArthur met a young waitress named Eliza, whom he got pregnant with their son, Isaac. He's taken to bed and the Van der lin women begin to reat him. Mary Beth flushes and buries her head in her hands. She's a good person in a bind with no one to turn to. The relationship Arthur has with other characters can be dictated by the actions of the player, for example, the player is given the choice to talk to various gang members whilst at camp in either a positive manner or a negative one. As well as being friendly to each other around camp, Arthur can, when the gang is celebrating, dance with her. Sometimes I wish I were a horse. Mary Beth says, dropping to sit beside Tilly and Karen as she takes up some mending. They were smitten with each otherbut prevalent circumstances, such as Arthur's loyalty to the gang and the disapproval of the relationship by Mary's family, particularlyher father, caused their relationship to fall through and they wouldn't see each other again for a long time. Hosea can request Arthur to find him American Ginseng and in return he will leave a bottle of Potent Medicine beside his tent. But even that was proving to be complicated, for you didnt speak the language that the people did. Arthur saw Lenny as a very bright kid and talented member of the gang, he would often stand up for Lenny whenever Micah taunted him. Arthur is also willing to take part in Bill's plans, like robbing the bank in Valentine. At camp Lenny can play Five Finger Fillet and Poker with Arthur. At one point he makes it clear that he only thinks Arthur is around for money instead of loyalty to the gang, or Dutch. How will they survive when all hope seems lost? However, Arthur was captured by the O'Driscoll Boys and was briefly tortured by them, having escaped and arrived back at camp, Dutch was clearly relieved at his return but also apprehensive about the dire state Arthur was in. Arthur and Dutch have a long history together, with Arthur seeing him as a mentor and a father figure who taught him the life of an outlaw and embraced Dutch's view of a life free from modern civilisation and its rules. Micah eventually begins to gain some superiority over Arthur and the other members through his closeness with Dutch. Arthur returns Eagle Flies back to his to his father at the tribe's reservation, on the way Arthur expresses his regret for allowing him to get involved with Dutch, but Eagle Flies reassures him that all his decisions were his own. Later in the story Bill has planned to rob a stagecoach and can ask Arthur to come along, upon telling him the details Arthur will invite Tilly to join them as they need to create a distraction to stop the stagecoach, indicating that he trusts Tilly's abilities to help on jobs. At the same time, Arthur is haunted by memories of his past life, from 1883 to 1899. Despite this, the two work well together and Arthur can have pleasant conversations with him around camp. However, John is one of the gang members Arthur can play Poker with. Like some others, he decides to leave when the gang begins to fall apart. Mary-Beth sits on the chair beside where Arthur has sprawled himself in the grass. However, Arthur still gets frustrated by John's poor decisions, such as when they, along with Javier, steal horses from the Braithwaites for, what they hoped would be $5,000, only to be told they would get $650. Uncle, Arthur, Bill and Charles are soon pursued. Arthur Morgan is a dead man walking, and his is a story no one would have thought to have told. Helping the Wapiti Tribe and Eagle Flies gave Arthur the chance to redeem himself by doing the right thing, however, the needless death of a young man due to Dutch's manipulation and refusal to help Arthur causes him to solidify his opposition to Dutch. To cope, he goes to live on a Big Valley cattle ranch owned by Jackson and Victoria Linton, two of Mary Linton's descendants. Arthur and John were, more or less, like brothers as both of them were raised by Dutch and Hosea for 15 years. Im really into this fandom right now (after finishing both RDR1 and RDR2 (currently on my second play through)) so I wanted to start writing for it. Arthur is often vocal, and scornful, about the things Micah does around camp such as ridiculing Swanson, taunting Javier, Lenny and Charles because they are a different race, harassing Abigail at camp and even kicking Jack's dog, Cain. A/N: This was probably the easiest request for me to do because I go to sleep imagining this everyday. "Who would you choose, I bet you'd choose Arthur," Mary-Beth said dreamily. Will they make it? I play verity of games i am not professional gamer but i try my bestIf you enjoy please leave a Like,Share and subscribe to my channel,Follow on Instagram -. Despite this, Arthur is, occasionally, willing to follow him. Set in Chapter 4: 'Saint Denis' of Red Dead Redemption 2 after the death of Kieran Duffy. Whilst exploring the world Arthur can, rarely, encounter Uncle being kicked out of a Saloon and about to be attacked by a man, with Arthur having the choice to intervene and protect him. So youre saying that, in the end, all Dutch needed was a little more time? Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ironically, it was John's quest for vengeance against Micah that set in motion a chain of events that would lead to his own downfall a few years later. The two part ways again for the final time. He arrived on the Bluebell Railway on 17th May 1960, after the railway's founder Bernard Holden MBE helped to save the line for preservation. Arthur's last words to Dutch is that Micah is a rat and he knows it. Arthur also keeps a flower next to his bed, which his mother saw as a good luck charm. Their relationship, however, is soured when Bill (unintentionally)lures Arthur, Sean and Micah into an ambush that ends with Sean being killed. If Arthur dies before completing Hamish's story line he will be saddened by his death, speaking of Arthur's hunting achievements with John. Have you ever wondered what Red Dead would be like based in the 1950s? Years later, whilst he was living with his family on a homestead, Jack talks about Arthur with Abigail and tells her that he can remember Arthur saving them, if only a little. Now, the fate once again brought the two of you together. At camp Karen may sometimes go up to Arthur to talk to him, particularly when she is drunk. Imagine Arthur/Sean/Charles communicating with a non-English speaking immigrant reader. Throughout Arthur's last moments fighting Micah he continuously bragged that he has won, contradicting Micah's claims that he had lost, because he successfully saved John and his family. When Kieran is brought into camp, Mary Beth starts feeding him and sneaking him in drinks while Kieran's tied to the tree, as the story progresses, Mary . If the player makes the decision to help John, Arthur decides sacrificing himself to save John. After the attack on Cornwall's oil factory Arthur offered to stay and help Charles move the Wapiti Tribe but he declined, stating that there are people that still need Arthurs help. Every few months Arthur would visit Eliza and Isaac and stay with them for a few days. Arthur barges in and immediately knocks him out.